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tv   Real Money With Ali Velshi  Al Jazeera  March 3, 2015 10:30pm-11:01pm EST

10:30 pm talk to us on facebook and twitter. come back, we'll have more of "america tonight" tomorrow. the prime minister of israel just used one of the biggest platforms on the planet to deliver a warping about -- warning about iran and the nuclear weapons. but the real story about binyamin netanyahu's speech to congress was little to do with iran and more to do with american policy was it worth burning a bridge with president obama. would israel be better off with no deal than a bad deal with
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iran. israel's former deputy defence minister and outspoken rabbi join me with their distinct perspectives right now. i'm ali velshi, this is "real money". israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu warned of the perils of a bad deal with iran over its nuclear programme. but the fact that the prime minister came at the invitation of congressional republicans and not the white house the way protocol dictates was a calculated move that binyamin netanyahu chose to gloss over during his speech. >> i know that my speech has been the subject of much controversy. i deeply regret that some perceive my being here as political. that was never my intention.
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i want to thank you democrats and republicans for your common support for israel year after year decade after decade. [ clapping ] that applause did not include the many democrats who chose to boycott the speech. leaders like senator patrick lay hi elizabeth warren of massachusetts and tim kane of virginia joined dozens of others sitting out the speech accusing republicans of a calculated insult against the president and averted the politicking in washington ahead of an election on march 17th. listen to tennessee representative steve cowan. >> it was political theatre. worthy of an oscar. this republican leadership team has used the gallery and the house to advance political agendas and give favourites to folks that come to washington.
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>> we'll update you on the deal. secretary of state john kerry is meeting with iranian officials to hammer out a deal that curbs iran's nuclear programme. the terms of the deal are being netted by the obama administration not by congress. earlier mr binyamin netanyahu gave the impression that he was opposed to any deal with iran challenging his tune slightly saying no deal is better than a bad deal. he gave no details about what a better deal would look like. >> my friends, for over a year we have been told that no deal is better than a bad deal. well this is a bad deal. it's a very bad deal. we are better off without it. [ clapping ] we'll hear more about iran its nuclear programme and get a view from israel later in the show. first, let's turn to mike
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viqueira joining us from the capital. two different stories, critique of prime minister binyamin netanyahu's speech some call it the best he's given. and rattled nerves at congress and the white house because of the way it was handled. what is your take? >> it's one thing to vision the speech notionally before it happened. it looked like a big deal it's another to say the prime minister of israel america's closest ally in the middle east stand up before congress at the objection of the white house delivering the season ex-corating negotiations that are under way with iran over the nuclear programme, it was remarkable in so many different ways. the prime minister went out of his way to thank president obama at the beginning, to prays president obama. i thought that was interesting. he praised the democratic leader, didn't mention another leader nancy pelosi, and
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there's perhaps bad blood. nancy putting out a statement after saying she was near tears and saddened by the contra-senion - these are her words. we talk about the nuance i don't think there's a doubt that he wants to scuttle the deal. the objections as he laid it out was the deal cannot leave iran with a vast nuclear programme. that is sentry fumes remaining, albeit not enriching them to a weapons grade policy. the deal will allow iran to keep some centrifuges for peaceful domestic energy services and it lasts a decade - something the white house conceded nester day, it would be double digit in years, most interpret that to de 10 years. that is binyamin netanyahu's concern. he's standing in the well of the house of representatives before a meeting of congress blasting
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a deal in the president says each though it has a less than 50/50 chance of succeeding the president is fushing hard there's no other viable alternative. >> thank you so much. at best prime minister binyamin netanyahu's speech is a breach of protocol at worst letting a foreign leader using america's congress for his gain. i'm going to ask a man calling himself america's rabie about that and why the prime minister is focussed on iran when israel has other big problems close to home.
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>> for the first time in 100 generations we the jewish people can defend ourselves.
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>> [ clapping ] this is why - this is why as prime minister of israel i can promise you one more thing, if israel has to stand alone, israel will stand. president obama's national security advisor susan rice claimed that binyamin netanyahu's speech before congress would be destructive to the fabric of the relationship between israel and america. then came this ad in the "new york times" featuring susan rice next to human skulls and the line. susan rice has a blindspot. both the jewish people and rwanda. the ad was created by this group. the founder is a rabbi, an american orthodox author
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speaker and tv host. thank you for joining me on the show. >> thank you for having me. >> numerous jewish groups and officials slam the add using perverse and insend yairy. you apologise, you call yourself the american rabbi, you attended the speech. how do you defend the decision making going into an add like that over what amounts to a policy agreement. >> i'm not here to defend the ad. we have to succeed. it's about policy. it was about something that happened with susan rice regarding rwanda. i care about rwanda. we can't call it because it will affect democafic elections. the prime minister can't speak out. it will damage the relationship with the united states. we are a nation that experienced genocide and have to speak occupant. we all have a blind eye to
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genocide which is why we had many, she was saying we have to be more sensitive to a nation like us those that experienced the jew ib holocaust. we didn't say it clearly enough. i stand by what it says for the united states to use vast military might to sop genocide. >> in her comments she was not talking about the fact that prime minister binyamin netanyahu, or anybody should be prevented from speaking out about genocide. she was speaking about seating the invitation by congress to speak about breaching protocol. why do you believe it was appropriate for binyamin netanyahu to use the congress for a speech brought about by a breach of protocol. >> it was not for congress. >> let's be mare. susan rice tweeted that israel
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criticizing secretary carey - she has made comments that can be construed as trying to silence the israeli leadership. allies can talk and disagree. no one wants to offend president obama. the prime minister praised him. president obama did special things. when you have iran building what has to be a nuclear weapon why would you have nuclear energy. they are a superpower. >> rabbi, you and i know each other, i'm from canada. it has a lot of oil. the fact someone has nuclear weaponry doesn't mean they have that weaponry. that argument is weak. >> i disagree. canada did not develop nuclear power by deseizing the world and lying. canada is not the foremost
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instigator and funder of terrorism or shoot its own citizens in the speech. >> it's just nuclear energy and oil and nuclear weapons. >> if it was about a peaceful effort why not invite the world from the beginning to inspect. why did they lie, no one denies that. it's the iae saying they lied. >> talking about negotiations and agreement. an interim agreement in november 2013, easing sanctions against iran in exchange for a pause to some of the nuclear programme. the sanctions forced iran to the negotiating table. why shouldn't we let the negotiations achieve the goals of the u.s. and partners around the world, what they established? >>. >> it's illogical. needing the sanctions will
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lesson the urgency of the deal. you have you be increasing sanctions, causing it to fall, because the economy has completely been devastated by sanctions. that is what happened with the collapse of the soviet union. there was no wall that collapsed. tehran cannot keep the tyranny going unless we uptweak the assets. >> with oil at $50 a barrel. they do well, they have a lot of oil. they build the nuclear capability i to where it is today whilst sanctions were in place. is there not a greater deal that they are not at the negotiating table. they are answerable to no one. >> you have to have serious sanctions that are a pinnishment to not agree with a good dealing leaving with 6,000 sentry finals or 19,000. a good deal is where they dismantle the nuclear programme
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because they can't be trusted. this is a rooten regime that shoots its own people in the street as we watched in 2009 in the green revolution. i don't understand why we would give powerful weapons to evil people when - even with bullets they are killing people. who trusts iran would you buy an accused car. >> the fact is we negotiate with countries to develop better relationships, to achieve our end. we did it with china, a lot of people say why would you trust china, we do it with cuba. it happened. the fact is if you don't want to be party to a negotiation you'll think it's naive. >> when it comes to iran we have not had diplomatic relations since they stormed the embassy embassy, took the hostages. there was a good reason we didn't want to legitimize the regime. president obama calls up hassan
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rouhani and has jokes about the traffic. this is a bad guy. >> let me remind etch you are not only america's rabbi, but you ran for congress in 2012 you are a subscriber to the system. there was - putting aside the fact that there is a lot of republican politics it was a stick in the eye to president obama, and binyamin netanyahu, he participated in that. the bottom line is have we decided there's no room for negotiation and dip loam as which. we are going down a bad road and that's the way it will be. ultimately does it lead to war is this. >> the president didn't say there was no negotiations but there would be a deal a good deal, that there would be no centrifuges, that there's enough oil for energy, and if they want nuclear number it should be brought in from another country. a bad deal is where you trust the rain jans and they are
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killing and claughterring people blowing up embassies, trusting them with a doomsday weapon that is a stupid deal something that is illogical. i'm not a nuclear physicist. few watching this are. ask a gut question - would you trust the iran people with the dangerous technology. >> i get your question. how can you not talk with them. you can't talk to people with everything that you agree with. you are not that grow. i have known you for years, you dialogue with people that don't share your views religiously, cultural or morally, you talk to them. because you believe in dialogue. israel doesn't believe in dialogue with iran. the but you espouse that. >> that's the reason i love being on your show and watching al jazeera. i'm grateful for being on. it's true. there are red lines. i don't talk to people who say they are going to kill me or say
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i have no right to live. united states doesn't talk to al qaeda or the taliban, they are red lines much after the war generate pattern was fired because he was hiring nazis when running part of germany, there are red lines we don't talk to. when it comes to a government wanting a holocaust. when i told them and he gets up and says we are going to annihilate israel. shunt we say stop it before we talk to you, kapt we ask that he stop it. let's say they slaughter every gay person would we talk to them. >> i think once you get to a point where everyone has to agree with your values before you start the conversation, you lose control of the conversation. >> genocide is the beginning. >> i hear you. we are not in disagreement. genocide is bad, we should be on top of it. we do as a human race have a blind eye to it.
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you always have a home here. >> thank you. >> rabbi - the founder of this world, the values network. >> prime minister binyamin netanyahu who came to america warning about iran. what about israel's issues we head to tel aviv and ask that question of the likud party, israel's former defence minister. tell me what you thought of the binyamin netanyahu's speech or hit me up at
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velshi. prime minister binyamin netanyahu insists he had come to america to issue a public and grave warning about iran's nuclear intention, the president obama administration will nist that israel and america is in
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firm agreement. how to accomplish the goal. we are joined by a senior member of the binyamin netanyahu's luckued party and former defence minister. what happens to iran if there is no deal as binyamin netanyahu is calling for? >> prime minister binyamin netanyahu is sounding the alarm for israel's survival. it is clear to date to the congress to the american people that yes have to wake up and deal with the sanctions, we don't have to give up but give for sanctions. what we see today, the agreement is being formulated not just for us but in israel. but for the american people that we were fighting against. >> binyamin netanyahu says no deal with iran is better than getting a bad deal the one you are negotiating now.
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isn't it foolish not to negotiate with iran. it got this far. when you say continue the sanctions, iran could continue enriching nuclear capability even with sanctions on top of it. >> i didn't see the prime minister saying to stop with dip loam as which, it would be premature for women today, because it allows is to be jumped into position but in a few years we need to continue with the pressure sanctions, and maybe not by the end very much. by the ent of that year until we achieve a viable real deal this is not allowing iran to keep the infrastructure, and warn that the dole is putting iran in a better passion than they were before the sanctions.
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>> you said viable in a real deal. much of what net -- binyamin netanyahu said. it caught my attention when he said this. >> now we are told that the only alternative to a bad deal is war. that's not true. the alternative to a bad deal is a much better deal. >> anyone can criticize a negotiation, one that doesn't want to compromise things that those at the negotiating table are weak or naive. but prime minister with the eyes of the world on him today didn't tell us what a better deal with iran looks like. you culled it a more viable -- called it a more viable or real deal. what does it look like? >> let's go into detail. if the five powers want to stop iran becoming nuclear for the moment. we talking about for the long one. we never want them to create the
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nuclear ability. on that issue we are not accepting the fact that within 0 years, 15 -- 10 years, 15 years we are allowing iran to become a superpower. the second issue is the superpower, if they build the reactors for peaceful purposes why does it enrich. the third thing not addressed it ballistic missiles. why they continue. they can reach new york city washington d.c. tel aviv and jerusalem. they are the major issues that when he spoke to the congress. >> let's talk about credibility. in 2012 binyamin netanyahu told the u.n. secretary general assembly that an iranian nuclear bomb was imminent. documents obtained by al jazeera
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revealed that the mossad disagreed with that making the world question binyamin netanyahu's credibility on this matter. >> you know that i can not confirm those reports, but i think that we all know that iran is moving forward. we are talking, negotiating, yes, we come to the u.n. every year and speak about the threat of iran they are walking and moving forward. on that issue we can agree, and there was real worry that we'll be ready with an incident in the u.s. or we'll get the news that iran was capable to build a nuclear box. we want to avoid it. that's why we are fighting, and what we are telling to our friends and allies. let's walk together against it. >> new poll by the israeli democracy institute says 61% of
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israelis believe there's a high probability that president obama will approve the signing of a nuclear agreement with iran even if israel disapproves of it. what has binyamin netanyahu done that makes binyamin netanyahu and others feel unsafe? >> i think he has good intentions, he has wishful thinking regarding the middle east. we are realistic because we live in the neighbourhood. when the prime minister attacked the nuclear reactor, we were condemned by the u.n. the u.s. and only when you look at it a few years later, sometimes you understand before our friend in the u.s. what are the real threats. >> this is not the first time prime minister binyamin netanyahu embarrassed president obama. in 2010 you remember the israeli government announced plans for
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settlement while vice president biden was in israel during the 2012 re-election campaign binyamin netanyahu hosted a dinner for president obama's republican rival. >> prime minister binyamin netanyahu speaks sa lot, spoke about his respect for president obama. it doesn't seem like this relation sh is getting better that is facing criticism in israel. the u.s. is israel's biggest ali, why is this useful to antagonize president obama? >> i beg to disagree with you. we respect the american president but do not agree the policy to do with iran. it's not the personal issue. within two years, there'll be a new president in the white house, we don't know who will be in the government in israel. they do not care about whether the likud party or the republican party or the
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democratic party are in office. we care about moving forward. that's why i think it's not a personal issue, but an issue that the prime minister is pushing for, the last 10 years, even when not in the government. he was pushing the issue. >> let me ask you before you go why is prime minister binyamin netanyahu so focused on iran when the rest of the world would say that the focus should be on palestine or the west bank or gaza. >> the jewish people i think, have bad memories when we see crazy leaders threatening the jewish people. there's enough reason to be worried. when we see the voices were tehran. we will use the missiles to destroy israel. that's where we are worried. at the same time we are dealing with the palestinian issues. i was be happy to hear arab
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leaders. if they could have come to the congress, we could say what the prime minister said. they are worried about iran becoming the superpower. >> danny is a likud members, a former deputy defence minister. thank you for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> that is the show for today. i'm ali velshi see you again tomorrow. discrimination in ferguson a justice department probe accusing the police department of using excessive force and targetting african american for years. >> the prime minister of israel... >> addressing congress. israel's prime minister argues against a nuclear deal with iran. president obama fires back with a heated response of his own an email uproar. hillary clinton's use of a