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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 4, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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they have proven time and again that it cannot be trusted. nothing new and no viable alternative. obama responds to netanyahu's speech to congress. ♪ ♪ hello, i am jane dutton and you are watching al jazerra. also on the program we'll be live in iraq with the latest on the battle for tikrit. australia's prime minister says he's revolted as indonesia transfers 11 11 convicts to face eye firing squad. and south african firefighters battle to put on out a massive blaze in the
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mountains around cape town. u.s. president barack obama says the israeli prime minister has offered no viable alternatives for dealing with iran in his speech to congress. world powers are negotiating ideal that would see sanctions dropped in returns for strict limits on producing nuclear fuel. netanyahu believes that will lead to a nuclear armed iran. patty culhane has more. >> reporter: that was unprecedented a leader of a foreign country addressing the u.s. congress to criticize the foreign policy of their own president. israeli prime minister ben anyone netanyahu is here at the invitation of the opposition party over the objections of u.s. president barack obama. >> my friends, i am deeply humbled. >> reporter: here to talk about iran and the ongoing negotiations over its nuclear program. >> this deal has two major
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concessions, one leaving iran with a vast nuclear program. and two lifting the restriction on his that program in about a decade. that's why this deal is so bad. it doesn't block iran's path to the bomb. it paves iran's path to the bomb. >> reporter: claims the white house disputes and the president also pushed back personally. >> the prime minister didn't offer any viable alternatives. >> reporter: mr. netanyahu who or of offered views of isil, korea and the holocaust said to stop negotiationing and increase sanctions until iran stops threaten to go annihilate israel. more than 50 members from congress from the president's political party boycotted the speech in protest. >> i resented the condescending tone. >> what you were witnessing today was a very old concept. if you can make the pima frayed,
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you can make them do anything. >> he is a rejectionist. there is no agreement that this administration could achieve with iran that would be good enough for him. >> reporter: despite the claim that his this was not political or partisan, that is exactly how it's being seen in the u.s. a controversial speech that drew protests both for and against to the capital. many political analysts say this visit was an a dealt to give netanyahu a boost as he heads in to his own election. it clearly alienated some members of congress that he hopes would i want convenient on his behalf. still it's not entire clear congress can do anything to stop ideal. >> the deal doesn't have to be done as a treaty, so it doesn't have to be given advice and consents by the senate. the president could do this as an executive agreement. >> reporter: in the end, it could be that the prime minister got his speech, but the president will have the final say. patty culhane, al jazerra washington. gill hoffman is the chief
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political correspondent for the jerusalem post, he joins me live from jerusalem. good to see you again gill. what do you make of netanyahu's performance and the response, the fallout? >> good morning, jane. netanyahu united israeliis and united a lot of americans too. the perimeters behind the deal that have already been exposed when americans have been asked about it 70% of them are against it. only 12% think that iran would honor the deal. and by making this such a high-profile event with their opposition obama really put himself in a corner. now he really will have to insist on ideal that would be much better and in that regard, netanyahu already succeeded in both of his global goal of trying to prevent a bad deal with iran and his internal goal with the election in israel. >> you say he's trying to prevent a bad deal and he succeeded. it's easy to criticize though, what's his alternative?
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>> the al -- he said yesterday that it's not that war is the alternative. the alternative is a better deal. ideal that won't allow them after a certain number of years in iran to be totally free to do whatever they want. which is something that would be very dangerous when they are supporting terror all around the world. so i think he answered that question. >> but no specific occasions. he said that he represents all jews. is that correct? aren't they feeling slightly exposed now? instead of cementing israel's relationship with the united states and the administration he seems to be driving a wedge in it. >> i'll explain. we do have an election coming up here in less than two weeks now. and it does have netanyahu out politically to spar with an administration in washington that rightly or wrongly is seen as hostile. >> threatening their closest a ally. >> america is israel's closest
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ally. the obama administration has taken steps that has made it harder for israel's security as well as other step that his have been helpful. there is a lot to debate on that. among israelis they are united that the iran's nuclearization has to be stopped. what netanyahu's critics used to bring him down is just to say the tactics weren't ideal and we need to get along with the president of the united states. but the polls in israel show that israelis blame obama for that and not netanyahu. >> all right gil hoffman could good to talk to you, thank you very much. >> iran has called netanyahu's speech a deceitful show meant to appeal to hard liners in the upcoming israel i elects. u.s. secretary of state and john kerry iranian foreign minister continue to hold talks in switzerland. the deadline for an agreement on iran's nuclear program is the end of march. turkey's defense ministers in baghdad is an offensive to
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win back at that treat to isil continues. other according to the iraqi military, they are advance on the ground four front towards the city. jane arraf is in the capital baghdad. so day three advance on the ground four front. how is it playing out? what are the challengeses, jane? >> reporter: well, the challenges are pretty much everywhere. they are advancing on several front. but making slow gains because they are dealing with an enemy that has proved that it's able to adapt these are fighters who are not just willing but eager to die in many cases what they did in tikrit as the population left as it became more dangerous they rigged pretty much the entire city with explosives. so fighters, iraqi military and shia military backing them or in some places in front. they have taken back a couple of small oil fields near at tikrit that had been in isil hands. but in the mere by down of el do
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research. which was a strong hold. iraqi forces retreated. they said they were in control two days ago but the fighting there is still continue being. >> on the diplomatic front turkey's administer is there canadian forces are there. what is happening there? >> reporter: well, the turkish dynamic is particularly interesting. we'll recall that when this started. when isil came in and took over large parts of this country last june turkey really didn't play a role in fighting them. that's mainly because some of its diplomats including senior diplomats, were seized and they wanted to make sure that they could free them. now that they have been freed. turkey is making clear that it does want to be part of this fight. it's sending military aid. but there is still serious concerns, tackily about isil recruits from the west going through turkey and ending up in syria and here in iraq. so there is a lot to discuss. all of that obviously will not
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be made public, but turkey plays still a contentious role in all of this. not just here, but in the north. in the kurdish region as well. jane. >> thank you jane. the u.n. special envoy to yemen has arrived in aden, jamal is trying to mediate an end to the political crisis in the country. on tuesday he briefed the u.n. security council on the situation at a closed door meeting. more than 2,000 members of china's top legislative advisory body are meeting in beijing. a widening anti-corruption campaign is dominating the country's biggest political event. but the meeting is dismissed by some as a rubber stam top the decisions of the ruling national people's congress party. at adrian brown reports. >> reporter: it's china's most important annual political bothering. but -- gathering. but a number of faces will be absence from this year's
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congress. 36 delegates and political advisers are under investigation for corruption. one of them is link a former aid to china's previous president. many wonder who will be next. so far more than 100,000 low and high-ranking officials across the country have been implicated. on monday, 14 generals were added to the list. the president's anti-corruption campaign, that began more than two years ago is expected to be a dominant theme of this congress. and it's a campaign that appears to be far from over. >> translator: the party is never a haven for corrupt officials. we resolutely support and endorse serious investigation in to their cases. >> reporter: some analysts believe the campaign is merely a guys to stop political rivals. >> he has focused on two things,
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mainly consolidating power for himself. aggregating power to himself and fighting corruption and using corruption as a political weapon to intimidate. >> reporter: the drive to save money has hit the government's car fleet. more than 3,000 official vehicles have been auctioned. with more set to go under the hammer. adrian brown, al jazerra beijing. indonesia has transferred 11 convicted drug muggallers to an islands where they will be executed by firing squad. most are foreigners and australia's prime minister says he is revolteded by pros specific executions. now here is more. >> reporter: australia has been trying to prevent this. it's a sign the executions are imminent and a significant setback for their supporters and australia's prime minister. >> we than these two australians deserve to be punished but certainly don't deserve to be
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executed. that is our position and right now millions of australians are feeling sick in their guts at the prospect of execution for these two. >> everybody makes mistake they did something stupid. they don't deserve to die. >> reporter: their families have also applied pressure trying to coerce indonesia in to showing mercy. but the president is stick to go his no-tolerance approach. saying drugs destroy lives in indonesia and will keep enforcing some of the toughest drug laws in the world. this is the second time a group of people are to be put to death since he what immaterial in to power. a face and brazilian are already on the island, ghana nigeria as well as indonesia's sit ends are facing execution. for nearly a year they have been on tv to show that they have changed for the better.
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they are joining seven other foreigners also about to face a firing squad. and that could be within days. al jazerra. still ahead on al jazerra the might of one of chile's most active vol cape volcanos goes at it again.
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>> next. did the police fail misty upham? >> if somebody did something to my girl, i need to know that. >> was is a case of discrimination? >> we had no help from the police. >> a family pleads for answers. "stolen sisters", an "america tonight" special report. next. only on al jazeera america. ♪ ♪ held going here a recap of our top stories. barack obama says the israeli prime minister has offered no viable alternatives for dealing with iran in his speech to congress. netanyahu says a framework agreement with world powers
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would inevitably lead to a nuclear-armed iran. turkey's defense minister is in baghdad as an offensive to win back tikrit from isil continues. according to iraqi military they are advance on the ground four front towards the city. indonesia has transferred 11 convicted drug smugglers to an island where they will base a firing squad. nine of the 11 are foreigners, australia's prime minister says he's revolted by the prospect of the execution. u.s. president barack obama and european leaders have warns russia it faces further sanctions if it breach a ceasefire in eastern ukraine. a fragile truce is hold in this region but both sides continue to fire across frontlines. john hendon has more from rebel-held donetsk. >> reporter: it's here that separatists fighting against ukrainian government forces prepare for the battles to come. in a battered warehouse the size of an aircraft hanger lie the
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casualties of war. thanks with broken tracks, many are trophies rested from ukrainian troop on the bat he battlefield in this year-long conflict that has left 6,000 dead. now despite a fragile ceasefire this army is readying them for future battles. a ukrainian army man is fixing them. he asked not to show his face or say his name. >> if you want peace you must prepare for war. our equipment will remain steal with special places to restore it ready for the time when it will be necessary to use it again. >> reporter: this ukrainian armored personnel carrier is still covered from hay from a field where it was captured. the separatists are preparing it if a ceasefire fails to hold they will use the ukrainian's own equipment against them. forces on the ukrainian side of the frontlines are also
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preparing for the next battle. >> so what we need is what i would call critical defensive capability. in comparison with donetsk and luhansk territories supplied by the russians, we need just defensive weapons. not to launch any attacks but to counterattacks by donetsk and luhansk. >> reporter: with neither side expressing confidence the latest ceasefire will hold, the fate of eastern ukraine depends as much on the mechanics readying the arsenal says of war as on the troops in the frontlines. john hendon, al jazerra donetsk, eastern ukraine. a lawyer for fugitive edward snowden says the american whistle blower wanting to home. the former u.s. spy agency contractor has been in moscow since 2013. he was granted asylum there after leaking details of the u.s. government's mass surveillance programs.
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washington says it will welcome snowden home, but he will have to face criminal charges. the trial of the alleged boston marathon bomber is set to begin on wednesday. it's taken more than two months to put together a jury. the attack killed three people and injured hundreds of others in april 2013. ellen fisher has more. >> reporter: 21-year-old dzhokhar tsarnaev looks different now from the police picture that went around the world. he has been sitting in federal court watching the extended process of selecting a jury. it was expected to take three weeks, it's taken twice as long. the weather has been an issue. finding impartial and fair jurors another. now, with the jury in place he will go on trial pleading not guilty to 20 federal charges including the use of a weapon of mass destruction. he and his older brother are accused of building and dedicating two bombs near the finish line of the boston marathon in 20 their green it looked like afghanistan. one guy lying there with his leg blown off at his thigh another
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with his foot blown off. >> reporter: there was a massive manhunt for those responsible. three days after the explosions the brothers that had been identified as persons of interest were spotted. what followed was a gun battle. dzhokhar is also accused of murdering this man. boston was placed on lockdown and he was captured in a boat sitting in someone's backyard. >> there are still many unanswered questions. among them, why did young men who grew up and studied here as parts of our communities and our country resort to such violence? >> reporter: the prosecutors say dzhokhar and ethnic chechan explained his reasons in a note taking responsibility for the bombings. it was said the act was retribution for u.s. military action against innocent muslims in after rack and afghanistan. u.s. attorney general eric holder a man who personally opposes capital punishment
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authorized seeking the death penalty. it's understood the defense will claim dzhokhar who was 19 at the tight. bombings was influenced by his older brother. they will claim he was domineering and without him there would have been no bombing. they hope such a defense will lead to a steps of life in jail if con being victoried rather than the death penalty. he faces being the first percentage executessed by the fed value government since 20003. even if the jury find him guilt and i supports the death penalty it could be many years and many appeals before it's carried out. allen fisher, al jazerra. a court in india has banned a documentary in which a man convicted of raping and murdering a student blames his victim. new delhi police have a court order halting the broadcast of the program. india's daughter. on theson the grounds of objectionable contents. it tells the story of a woman and her friend who were tricked in to get on the ground the stolen bus. she was raped and then killed. one of her attackers says if the student hadn't fought back she
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wouldn't have been killed. his comments, have caused outrage worldwide. ray turkish airplane has crashed in malaysia during heavy fog. there were no serious injuries. some of the 238 people on board have been tweeting pictures of the jet which have flown from istanbul to kathmandu. the plane circled for half an hour before it tried to land and skidded off the slippery runway. emergency crews in south africa are battle to go contain wild fires that have been raging since saturday. here is all report. >> reporter: fighting the latest front in cape town's wild fires. firefighters work until the early morning hours of wednesday morning, they have been trying to get it under control since sunday. residents living near the area are terrified. >> everybody was outside their
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doors and crying and screaming and this one running that side and this side, and it's terrible. >> reporter: strong winds have been fanning flames. helicopters help with spraying water where fire trucks can't reach. but poor visibility due to heavy smoke temporarily halted the operation on his tuesday. >> it's difficult to say which areas are we going to contain today. we are going to try our best. but, you know, people think if the flames is out the fire is out. it doesn't work like that. the flames could be out but we still have to have people on the ground. >> reporter: thousands of acres of rare plants have been engulfed bite flames. this is one of 14 wild fires that they are battle to go get under control. cape town officials admit that their resources are stretched. so far only five homes have been destroyed by the fire. but there are fears that the people living near where it's burning the changing winds could put them at risk. but it's hope that the rain
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forecast for the next few days will bring much-needed relief. al jazerra cape town. the u.n. has threaten today impose sanctions on those blocking peace in south sudan. on tuesday the security council adopted a resolution to force the president and his rival to stick to a ceasefire deal. if they fail to do so, tell face an arms embargo. south sudan's warring parties are currently meeting in ethiopia. elections will be in the coming hours, they will announce the results of the country's general elects it will say how many seats each party has won in parliament. saturday's vote failed to produce an out right winner, parties will be expected to forge coalitions which will determine who will be the new government. kenya's president has set fire to over 13,000-kilograms of elephant tusks to discourage poaching and trading ivory.
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>> reporter: marking world wildlife day he said the scale of poaching poses new threats to endangered animals. the use of ivory and horns as traditional medicines in parts of asia is driving up demands. kenya has set up tougher anti-poaching laws to deal with illegal wildfire business -- wildlife business. to chill say now where a people living around the volcano are returning home. volcano erupted early on tuesday forcing thousands of people to nearby shelters. gerald tan has more. >> reporter: nature's might in its dazzling glory. one of south america's most active volcanos erupts in southern chile. it spews plumes of ash and rock three-kilometers high at boiling lava illuminates the dawn sky. >> we heard a very intense noise that was constant. we went outside to see what was happening because we were
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squared. it was cloudy all day. >> translator: we were really scared because there was a lot of fear coming out. and it was a really big explosion. and we felt it because it was kind of seismic. >> reporter: thousands of people in surrounding towns were moved to designated safe zones and roads leading to the volcano sealed off. chile's president visited the area and declared an emergency. >> translator: several measures have been activated to guarantee the population's safety. >> reporter: within seven hours, the volcanic activity calms. the national geological service says a heavy lava flow isn't expected. although several communities are still under watch. the volcano appearing placid again, a guys until its next spectacular eruption. gerald tan, al jazerra. i want to bring you some news coming to us from the
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rebel-held of eastern ukraine. we are hearing that several people have been killed in an explosion. in a mine, that's according to reuters. we don't know if this explosion has anything to to do with the way the mine is operating or the fighter. but as soon as we get details we'll let you know. a rear exhibition of the north ryan art is on display in south could a. the paintings are part of a dutch painter. it's not just drawing the attention of art lovers. >> reporter: healthy happy faces gaze out from the can vans, living in a lands escape of rare beauty. some he vehicle another time and place. could this be france? they are accord to this title of the show, the hidden treasurers of north korea. 147 paintings getting a rare outing here in the south. part of a collection of 2 1/2 thousand bought in cash in north
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korea over several years by this dutch art dealer. he says it was a mixture of official transactions and private ones. >> yeah, of course, part of that money are going to benefit the government over there. again, really not my concern. >> reporter: in another gallery in seoul some very different paintings. this lampooning of the kim dynasty is the work of a north korean deflector who painted propaganda slogans until he escaped the country of his birth. we invited him to view this new exhibition. >> translator: when i lived in the north i found paintings like this impressive. but since i came here and studied art properly i realized there was no freedom of art in north korea. in all of the paintings people are smiling in the service of kim. >> reporter: there are some restriction on his art in the south too. this painting had to be removed
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from the exhibition the south korean security services unhappy with the text which reads in the service of people. people written the north korean way. the idea that a sign a bus in a painting could provoke did devotion here in south korea for north korea might seem far fetched but people here are governed by the national security law. legislation designed to prohibit the promotion of north korean ideology. its ice over recent years such as in the failed prosecution of this photographer who he called ironic retweeting of north korean propaganda has come in to criticism. but for its proponents it's a vital tool nay long battle. >> translator: it's a scream to grab pow by capitalizing on social underdogs it's a meticulously crafted grand scam and many south koreans are prone to scams. >> reporter: no text in the works being shown. and for the organizers it's about a long-term financial investment. not politics. but for a man who has lived inside the real north korea the
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brightness and beauty of the one depicted here brings back darker memories. harry fawcett, al jazerra, south korea. news updates and blogs can be found on our website the address on "america tonight", this is the video sparking outrage cross the country, what follows, a fatal confrontation between l.a.p.d. officers and a homeless man, one of the first task for the body camera programme year. >> it's part of also missing white women syndrome what we know of in the united states, where there's moral panic when white woman victim hood and safety is threatened and compromised. there's a deeper reaction and response to that than we do women of colour.