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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 7, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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control the country. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. >> i'm rory cha llands in moscow moscow where they expect a quarter of restaurant to close in the capitol of 2014.
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find out why. >> in nigeria, 51 people have been killed, and more than 110 injured in multiple attacks. three blasts hit the market and bus station. the worst attack on the city since boko haram fighters seized the state capitol at the end of january. we speak with abandoning ahmed idris. what more details have been emerging about it? >> well, so far the security forces have cordoned off those areas, especially along the markets and bus stations, a some form of calm is returning with the incident of this morning and afternoon in the city. people are saying that more people are being evacuated and
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still a search and rescue operation tried to recover those who might have been injured or killed by the blast and are still hidden or covered by debris in those locations. >> these attacks of don't seem to say that they're turning the tide of box attacks. >> yes the last few weeks they've had some form of cooperation from niger chad and cameroon, and they recaptureed territory formerly being held by boko haram. but boko haram fighters are coming into the urban areas while they follow people who have been graced by affected by
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those attacks. we've seen more and more suicide-bombers. >> and the people of maiduguri have seen these attacks before. they must be growing tired of the violence ahmed. >> absolutely i spoke earlier and they said, look, we've seen this before. wethis is just another phase and things will quiet down and we'll get back to our businesses. people are becoming more and more numb, and people who have need the areas of maiduguri have been attacked several times by bombings by armed boko haram. >> ahmed idris in abuja, thank you. >> now in attacks interest killed five people. there are reports that a french
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citizen and belgium national are among the dead. two people have been arrested. isil fighters have destroyed parts of the 2,000-year-old city of hatra in northern iraq. this is the second such incident in northern iraq within days. this is what hatra looked like before isil attacked it. we have more on that and the latest on the military campaign against isil. >> another asian city destroyed. this one hatra south of mosul and on the list of world heritage sites. it was on that list because it was an unique confluence of greco, roman and eastern influences. you can see that in some of the walls that remain: even for people who don't follow archaeology new that city from the film the exorcist.
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that fight against isil is proving difficult. iraqi military forces backed by shia militias still have yet to reach the city decrete days after the major offensive. they've cleared founder towns and villages along the way but they're not yet into the city. the u.s. military says that it and it's iraqi partners have taken back the city of al baghdadi. it is close to a military base where the u.s. and other coalition members operate. but sources on the ground there including provincial and local politicians tell that's it has not been entirely freed. that there is still fighting going on around al baghdadi. all that is due to be discussed by general martin denver
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dempsey. as we've seen in tikrit, the u.s. has made clear that it has and wants to remain a key partner in this fight. particularly in places like western anbar. >> there has been a violent weekend in egypt with the deadly bombing, nationwide protests and military airstrikes. the government said that the strikes kill 25 members of an armed group that has pledged allegiance to isil. all this as the country's most powerful ministries sees a major shake up. >> the there the of bombing has become more frequent. it bombing has killed many in the city of mahalla on friday.
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the friday marchs called for the end of a military coup that led to el-sisi being elect: their chants can be heard in several districts of cairo and other provinces. the protest come on the hills of a shake up. president el-sisi. they say 120 people have died at police stations alone. the cause of death the lack of medical help and torture. police stations and military posts have become targets for bombings by armed groups. during the u.n. human rights council meeting earlier this week the human rights chaser said that he believed that the ongoing assault on freedom of
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expression would only feed for violent extremism. egypt's foreign minister disagreed with egypt's findings. >> egypt is determined to build its institution institutions based on the rule of law and based on its determination not to repeat of errors of the past. >> yet many human rights activists say it's the presence that has become worse than the past. >> meanwhile, egypt has carried out the first execution linked to riots in 2013. mahmood saramadan was linked to murder of two people thrown over a building. last month egypt's high court upheld the death sentence.
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>> a palestinian fisherman has been killed by israeli naval forces. it happened when four boats strayed out of the designated six-mile fishing zone. the vessels were fired upon when they didn't respond to calls to stop. for the first time libya's rifle of political factions are meeting face to face at union challands backed peace talks. the european union said it would step up it's role to help with issues. libya's two rifle government do appear to be making some progress. >> libyaen rifle factions are close for clinking a political deal. they agree in principle on implementing a peace fire putting out militias from the cities and forming an international government. the two delegations need to travel to libya to consult with
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their government in things go well they'll return to the moroccan capitol rabat for final ceremony. >> there are signs of a deal. we've now moved to a new face. with the u.n. we're starting to talk about guarantees that once there is a deal we'll have a government that has a clear mandate. we will submit a draft to the united nations on a comprehensive deal with all the guarantees and so form a government as soon as possible. >> a deal was almost unthinkable a few days ago. the bitterly divided of east and west libya don't trust each other. the tibruk government is recognized by the international community while the tripoli-based government is considered the legitimate one by the country's constitutional court. it is this man the united
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nations' envoy who has been trying hard to work with libya's divided factions to give libya a chance. >> itwe will discuss concrete proposals this morning. i'm optimistic about the security arrangement a key element. the new government needs a secure environment to work. >> at the start of the talks the government of tibruk announced it's halting airstrikes for three days. a gesture of good will, representatives here in rabat say. >> there is no other way to pursue a very productive national dialogue that could be reach the stage of having total agreement among both parties for the sake of establishing, instituting the government of national unity. >> libya has been beset by a
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power struggle. the fighting and rise of groups operating in the islamic state in iraq and the levant raise concerns of instability that threatens to destabilize the whole region. despite the optimism, there remains the trust deficit. the warring factions don't seem to have overcome through the point of our talks here in the capitol of rab at both parties never met with each other preferring to do business with the united nations envoy. >> the head of russia's security agency said that police have detained to suspects in connection with the murder of the opposition leader boris nemtsov. he was shot dead eight days ago close to the kremlin. it happened just days before rally to be held in moscow. the government has denied any involvement with its death.
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the cia will make itself more effective. we'll explain how. >> and i'm nicole johnston in kabul. we'll find out why conservationists are struggling to save the country's cultural heritage.
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>> on al jazeera america >>'s a vital part of who we are... >>they had some dynamic fire behavior... >> and what we do... don't try this at home! >> tech know where technology meets humanity... only on al jazeera america >> um-- welcome backs, back, the top tires here on al jazeera. people have been killed in an explosion in maiduguri. witnesses say that more than 100 people have been injured.
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libya's rival political factions are meeting face to face in morocco. it has warned all parties against carrying out attacks whale negotiations are being held. iraqi government is investigating reports that isil fighters have destroyed ancient remains of the 2,000-year-old city of hatra. those reports of isil fighters destroying artifacts in mosul and hat tradition have shocked the world and focused attention on protecting the her stage. we have reports from kabul this is something that afghanistan has struggled with for many years. >> it takes a light touch to remove centuries of dust. this is part of a world painting in a province once hope to giant
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buddest statues. >> when the russian came we removed all the pieces. then during the war the staff could not get to the museum. then the travellet of interest veesty of 2001. >> the taliban blew up ancient statues of buddha. the largest was over 50-meters high. >> the taliban still coal large of the countryside so threat to afghanistan's cultural history has not been away. the museum is so concerned that it does not allow cameras into the store room because it does not want the taliban to know what they have from the buddhist period. >> the museum has over 40,000 pieces to catalog. it has taken almost five years to get 90% of it done. and it's mohammed rafa's job to
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photograph them all. >> the artifacts are not kept in proper conditions. the store room does not have a humidifyier. we need more sophisticated equipment and help. >> these men are pain takingly restore wooden carvings wiping away the grime from intricate en engravings, it's skilled work yet they're missing car penry tools and the device to hold the pieces in place. but right now what they need moore than anything is some electricity. nicole johnston, al jazeera, kabul. >> the negotiations over the further of iran's nuclear program are entering a critical face. john kerry has just met his french counterpart in paris to discuss the progress. they're under pressure to reach a rough deal later this month and a final agreement by the end of june, but kerry said it must not be rushed.
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>> we're not feeling a sense of urgency that we have to get any deal. we have to get the right deal, and quite frankly, it's up to iran that wants this program that wants a peaceful program that asserts that it has a peaceful program to show the world that it is, indeed, exactly what they say. >> u.s. president barack obama has defended the decision not to charge a former ferguson police officer with the killing of unarmed black teenager michael brown. his death led to protests in treatment over plaque americans. >> we may never know exactly what happened, but officer wilson, like anybody else who is charged with a crime benefits from due process and a reasonable doubt standard, and if there is unconcernty about
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what happened, then you can't just charge him any way just because what happened was tragic tragic. that was the decision that was made, and i have complete confidence and stand fully behind the decision that was made by the justice department on that issue. >> and barack obama's expected to speak in selma alabama to commemorate the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. it was a landmark event of the civil rights movement. patty colhane joins us live. this was a pistollal moment in the civil rights movement. how were people remembering the events of 50 years ago. >> the well, i can tell you there are two days of events. today's speeches, tomorrow and sunday we expect thousands to march across that bridge.
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president barack obama will speak in an hour. this is expected to be an emotional day especially those who were here 50 years ago. we spoke to one than who said that that moment changed his life forever. here's his story. >> this was the final significant step of the civil rights movement in 1956, a push for voting rights. but when marchers tried to walk across this bridge in selma alabama,... >> i was just horrified it stunned me. >> for clark olson those images changed his life. he took up dr. martin luther king's call to come to selma believing that police would not attack clergy. they took a wrong turn and came across a group of white men.
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>> they came at us rather hurriedly. we said to just keep causing. we saw the man swing the club and i heard the sound that have hitting jim's head. a sound that i will not forget. and then i ran. >> his friend jim reed died two days later and his death would do more to galvanize the country than the horrific i thinks of so many blacks being mercilessly beaten because he was a minister, and he was white. americans protested across the country. on the day that reed was buried president johnson introduced the voting rights acts insuring african-americans the right to vote. >> one good man, a man of god was killed. >> it has been half a century since olsen held his friend's hand and watched him slip into unconsciousness and into the pages of history, a moment and a story he has told many times sense. >> at this time in my life we've
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had so plane opportunities to talk to people about this. my god that's--that's just-- just--it's a gift. it's a gift to me. >> he never crossed that bridge in selma with the others back then but this saturday, 50 years later, he will finally get his chance. >> patty many people are reflecting how far race relations have come since bloody sunday in selma 50 years ago. if we think of recent events in new york and fergusoners many will say that race relations have taken a step backwards. >> you know, we talked about michael brown the young man who was killed by the officer.
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we spoke with his mother, who is here. she felt that there had been progress until her son was killed. some say you cannot make that african-americans have made progress. they say they have come far but not five enough. look at the prison population and economic disparity. we talked about activists who said that the president needs to have a lbj moment who passed legislation to help the african-american community. he said this is a time after ferguson and new york, for the african-american community to rise up. >> thank you. now the director of the cia has announced a major overhaul of the u.s. spy agency.
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john brennan said that the goal of the shake up is to shake up the cyber capabilities and focus on digital espionage. we speak with a former director of the cia. he said that the cia will continuechange to the way it gathers data. >> there is less to this man meets the eye. they'll still be a center for the middle east, for instance, for africa, east asia, what's different is that it's take angle existing methodology a methodology that has been chaptered for several decades in the counter terrorism where they work in collaboration and spread
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that same methodology throughout the cia. it will give analysts much better insight into precisely how the information that they're receiving was actually gathered, and it will enable them to make much better judgments with regard to the reliability of specific pieces of information. also, i think that the proximity of analysts with the operators will give much greater direction and focus to those offensive operations. >> thousands of people who have been stranded at nepal's only international airport can now go home. catkatmandu airport has been opened after being shut down for several days. a jet was block the runway after it skidded off the tarmac while landing. katmandu airport is used by 14,000 people a day. malaysia has promised to find it's missing plane mh 370. the search and ask you teams will keep looking for the
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aircraft, which disappeared in its flight from kuala lumpur pureto beijing. china has removed a documentary addressing it's environmental issues. it had 3 million views on the internet within days of its release just a week ago. in the 25 years since communism collapsed urban russians have developed a taste for dining out. moscow now boast some 11,000 restaurant, but problems in the economy are taking its toll, and it's fears that a quarter of its eating establishments could close by the end of the year.
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>> making a fine pizza and good pasta, too for that matter. for 11 years it has been serving muscovites italian food. economic factors have taken its toll factors like the inflation caused by the weakened ruble and the ban of fresh produce from the e.u. >> so after the embargo everything became very expensive expensive. also the rent, since the first of january they've raised it two and a half times. >> for svetlana this was a crushingly sad moment. this was a family restaurant. >> can you imagine what this means for our staff? some have gone from waiters to managers. we're closing with tears in our eyes. >> it's not just this restaurant. these are tough times for lots
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of moscow restaurant. a number of industry experts predict a quarter of all capitol eateries will shut their doors in 2015. restaurant owners like svetlana are telling us with russia's worsening economic situation diner's habits are changing. people seem to be sharing food rather than ordering their own. and drinking water rather than ordering alcohol in short they're spending less. but the situation is not as bad as all that. yes, times are tough but tough times result in better business models. >> the market has to renew itself any way. businessmen have to look at other working models. if something doesn't work, they should look for another way. but it's sad when businesses can't fulfill their obligations pay their salaries and pay their rent. >> if svetlana cannot find a
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place with lower rent, she'll close all together. >> a reminder you can keep up-to-date with all the news on our website. there it is, the address is that's >> hello your away watching a special report. race in america: selma. >> in the struggle for civil rights across a bridge and spanning generations facing hate police brutality the sting of segregation. it was a