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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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boko haram strikes again. serial blasts kill more than 50 in its strong hold as the rebel group pledges allegiance to i.s.i.l. hello, this is al jazeera, i'm in doha, and also ahead in the next 30 minutes... ..closing in on tikrit. iraqi forces liberate from a nearby town. from i.s.i.l. >> [ chanting ] a shooting after the u.s.
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commemorates the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. and a year on since its mysterious disappearance, families of those on board wait for answers. hello, the nigerian armed group boko haram released a statement online pledging allegiance to the islamic state of -- from islamic state of iraq and levant. suicide bombers attacked markets and a bus station. we have this report from the nigerian capital. >> reporter: another bloody day in northern nigeria. these are victims of the latest attacks by suspected boko haram fighters. medical workers struggled to save those they can, a scene
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that is a routine in the north. dozens have been killed on attacks in maiduguri. >> translation: the dead are in the morgue, the injured treatment. there are reports it was the work of male and female suicide bombers, it's possible, i can't confirm it now. >> hours after the attack the leader pledged loyalty to i.s.i.l. >> boko haram hinted at joining forces with i.s.i.l. before pt the timing of this announcement is important. the group lost ground in the north-east of the country and some see the pledge of allegiance as a desperate attempt to draw i.s.i.l. military forces from nigeria, cameroon and chad forced fighters from their bases. the nigerian villages took back towns and villages but they
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face resistance. the group stepped up attacks, and this is causing a lot of concern among mainlying earians who witness said such bombings before iraqi troops battling i.s.i.l. liberated a town on the edge of tikrit and have been trying to advance on nearby towns. fighting slowed progress. more on the battle for tikrit. it's been ongoing for days still the fighting conditions. here members of shia fighting i.s.i.l. positions. they are part of a force trying to recapture the town. a top u.s. general says the force is 23,000, compared with
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hundreds. friday backed by missile strikes, they entered the southern outskirts of tikrit and in some errors they fight for every block. elsewhere there are reports that i.s.i.l. fighters destroyed this place, the ancient archeological site of hatra in the north-west of iraq. they have used expressives and bulldozers to pull down the u.n.e.s.c.o. world heritage site. it comes days after it emerged they attacked an ancient syrian city in the 13th century. they are digging in in tikrit. opening the way for an all-out assault on mosul.
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in syria, several have been killed in another day of fighting, four died. and many injured. four more people were killed including two civilians in barrel bomb attacks. and the rebel group nusra front blew up a building where government forces gathered on the outskirts of idlib. the defence minister has escaped house arrest in the capital hannah. houthi fighters who have taken over sanaa took over his captive in mid-january. his escape follows that of yemeni president abd-rabbu mansour hadi who fled to aiden represents tifs of libya's rival factions have agreed to form a unified government. we have this report from morocco where the peace talks took place
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much >> reporter: libya rivals meeting face it face for the first time taking place in the presence of the united nations envoy, and senior moroccan officials. it's a step forward in a long process started by the united nations to end months of fighting among the guided government. one base in tobruk and the other in the capital tripoli: we have dom an agreement, a step bringing libyans together. we can move forward. >> two feuding fashions agreed to form a government. disbanded libyas, and build an army. our biggest problem is the political nature. once you solve it this is why they form a government. guaranteeing that all the
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parties are agreed upon. we want a government. a political settlement may take time to fully implement. parts of country are under the control of warlords or groups affiliated with i.s.i.l. it's very complex. i think expectations should match the difficulties that we are facing. challenges are important. definitely, parties are getting closer. >> reporter: the international community has been engaged in efforts to salvage a deal between the internationally recognised government of tobruk, and the tripoli based general national congress or g.n.c. but it remains to be seen whether libya's national unity government will be able to rein
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in armed militias that has a huge influence. now we expect the delegation from western east libya to consult with the government on the terms of the agreement. we'll travel back to next week on what could be a final deal that would end violence and bloodshed negotiations for the future of iran's nuclear programme are entering a critical phase. john kerry, and his french counter part in paris to discuss progress. six nations leading the talks with iran are under pressure to reach a rough deal and a final agreement by the end of june. it mustn't be rushed. >> we are not feeling a sense of urgency that we have to get any deal. we have to get the right deal. and it is frankly, up to iran
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that wants this programme, that wants a peaceful programme, that asserts that they have a peaceful programme, to show the world that it is indeed, exactly what they say. >> tensions are simmering on the streets of the u.s. city of madison wisconsin, after the shooting death of a 19-year-old teenager protesters held banners saying black lives matter as they marched towards the scene of the shooting. the police chief said the victim was unarmed and shot after he got into a fight with the officers. here is what the victim's mother had to say. >> my son is now another statistic of things happening all over the united states another black kid shot by the police for no reason. this has got to stop the u.s. president obama visited selma alamama on saturday to mark the anniversary
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of bloody sunday. 50 years ago police attacked protesters marching across the bridge demanding equal voting rights. white house correspondent patty culhane reports. >> reporter: vivid potent vision after president obama crossed edmund pettus bridge. a journey 50 years ago to the day, met with force. this lead to the passing the voting rights acts. the president came to pay tribute to their courage. >> it was not a crash of army but a clash of wills. a contest to determine the true meaning of america. >> there were dissenting voices in the crowd. there was some chanting "we want want", those echoed by michael brown's mother. the death of her son that
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sparked proters in ferguson, missouri, and the sense that not enough has changed. >> i was born in '79 i never thought i'd go through this. >> a federal investigation cleared the white police officer that killed her son. from the ferguson police department was found to be rife with racism. the president said it's not proof that the civil rights movement has not made progress. >> i understand the question. the narrative was familiar. what happened is no locker endemic or sanctions by law or custom. >> the civil rights leader says it is proof that the movement needs proof. they are weapons of mass destruction. this is the time to connect demonstrations and legislation. the president called for the crowd to act, to vote to demand
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change. but a sampling of the crowd showed a lack offen thuse yax. >> i thought he'd give solutions on the spot. he doesn't. >> a lousing speech a historic moment lingering question about the change that is yot come still to come - why are israelis protesting against prime minister binyamin netanyahu and putting the trauma of drug violence behind. the story of a group of mexican widows rebuilding their lives.
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hello again. the top stories an al jazeera. nigeria's armed group boko haram released a statement online pledging allegiance to i.s.i.l. more than 50 were killed in coordinated attacks across the north american sea. iraqi troops are battling i.s.i.l. liberating a city on the edge of tikrit and have been trying to advance on the nearby towns. the fighting has slowed progress. thousands of people including the u.s. president obama gathered in selma, alamama to commemorate the 50th anniversary of bloody sunday. it was a landmark event. when police attacked peaceful protesters demanding voting rights for african-americans. >> it's one of the biggest aviation mist ribs, the
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disappearance of malaysia airlines flight mh370. family and friends still wait for answers, they remain committed. >> the flight mh370 lost contact with air traffic chrome. >> reporter: the announcement began the greatest aviation mystery of all time. a search along the flight route found nothing. then of the twist. mh370 stopped transmitting location information but had been seen by defense radar to the west. then where. the best clues 7 pings, suggesting that mh370 travelled along an arc south. >> according to this data like
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mh370, ended in a solid indian ocean. >> despite dozens of flights by saerch planes thrown from the australian city of perth, no debris was found. they are searching for a black box symbol and now to explore it. with three of these dragged behind ships and 4km down. >> the boats are what we call mowing the lawns, and long lines. we start to the north heading south, taking seven days around about 1200km, and in a parallel line to the north. so far, 40% of the priority area of 60,000km has been searched. those leading the hunt have home. >> we are confident but are not
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certain that the aircraft is in this high priority area. and we know with the equipment and the techniques that we are using, that if it is there, it is likely that we will find it. >> if they do a new challenge begins. finding the plane would be the end of the search marking the beginning of the recovery. that is where this comes in. underwater robots will go down to investigate any wreckage and look for the black box. with that, maybe the mh370 mystery can be solved a lecturer at the school of aviation at the university of new south wales in sydney, and said since mh370 has been missing flight traffic technology has improved. >> process after mh370 is to speed up the process and make it
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a process more fast to speed up the industry standards. so it was recommended obvious remote and ocean areas a pilot must report the position every 15 minutes. making passive reporting into more active reporting. this is only an interim measure. over the long term technology will take over and so it will become an automatic process instead of treatment by communication between air traffic control and the pilots. >> hong kong is preparing for another day of clashes between local protesters and visitors from mainland china. local groups are angry at cross-border trainers. rob mcbride explains why. >> it is becoming a regular weekend occurrence always rowdy
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and increasingly violence. >> attacks by hong kong groups against traders with the police trying to keep order. they are called parallel traders, visitors using multiple entry visas to across the boarder back and forth with a bulk lot of goods they resell. according to protesters, they are making life in towns unbearable. >> it's affecting property prices and the cost of goods in the shops. and it's getting harder for people to get around on public transport. >> while the vast majority of people reject violence a survey by one of main political parties has found 70% are in favour of measures to control visitor numbers. >> if there's no measures taken i guess the situation is worse. you can see in the last few weeks there are protests and there are serious conflicts.
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>> the problem is bringing in measures that just tart the traders and don't put off the influx of mainland thinees visits buying everything from heal estate to luxury goods. >> many mainland visitors point out that their transcript help ongoing kong and they don't understand why they are resented. in their view do you want the money or not. >> the issue fuelled the debate about a troubled relationship especially in the wake of the occupied central movement. it reflects the frustration of hong kong people with the government. the lack of ability to do things, referring all decisions to beijing. it's a lack standing up for interests, rather than the interests ever leadership in
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beijing. it emanates from the core reasons that the occupy movement starts in the first pleas. >> the legacy of the movement providing the impetuous for a fresh cycle having a worrying tendency to turn violence two al jazeera tournamentists are due to appear in a cairo court again on sunday, over the links to the banned muslim brotherhood. the retrial was ordered by the court in january, when it overturned a lower court verdict that found them guilty. we have this report. >> reporter: it will be the third time for al jazeera's mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed to appear in court for their retrial. on january, 1st, the court threw out the men's convictions and ordered a retrial. they freed the men on bail on day one of the retrial which started on february 13th.
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mohamed fadel fahmy was ordered to pay a security bond of over $33,000. and on february 23rd the judge adjourned the case until march the 28th. the witnesses failed to show up. it's not clear what proceedings will take place, or if the case will be postponed. al jazeera is demanding a speedy process to dismiss the case against its staff. mohamed fadel fahmy and baher mohamed were freed after spending 411 days behind bars. baher mohamed went home to his wife and three children. he had missed the birth of his son while he was in gaol. meanwhile, mohamed fadel fahmy returned home to his family. he gave up the egyptian citizenship to speed up the release. but their ordeal is far from over. the men stand accused of aiding the muslim brotherhood,
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which was declared a terrorist organization four days before they were arrested on december 29th, 2013. in the months that followed they stood along tide their colleague in what legal experts called a farrs. they were found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison. six others were sentenced in absentia. the global journalism community demanded their release in a training of protests around the world. meanwhile diplomatic efforts to deport australian peter greste paid off. after 400 days in gaol. he was sent home. efforts to deport mohamed fadel fahmy proved unsuccessful so
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far. for now, his fate and that of six other al jazeera journalists, lies once again in the hands of the egyptian judiciary egypt has carried out its first execution-linked riots following the overthrow in 2013. the man convicted of murder was hanged from an incident where two people were convicted of being thrown from a building. tens of thousands of israelis took part in a rally, calling for binyamin netanyahu to be replaced in the upcoming national elections. imtiaz tyab was at the square in tel aviv where the demonstrations took place. >> the mood seems festive, there's a lot of anger, anger at the government of prime minister binyamin netanyahu. people say he simply failed the israeli people.
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he failed to deliver on the economy, and the cost of living. it is extraordinarily high. and housing is impossible for most. and they questioned his security plan. if anything, it will be a zones of how many people come here there's somehows and of israelis, taking a look at how many there are here who come here again, but they have said what they described as regime change. in fact, at one point the crowd started chanting "bb go home", a sign they are not happy with the prime minister. there's a number of issues that are angering the people here. of course the economy and the costs moving is one of them. security is keep. the protest comes a few days after binyamin netanyahu addressed a joint meeting of congress in the united states. he has been vit sized about that
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meeting at home. people saying that the relationship that israel has with washington - that is a sign that they need to go. five workers killed on an ambush have been killed. the president visited the scene and the wounded in hospital. a grope,al lied with al qaeda claimed mebilityy. mexican police captured two of the most powerful drug lords. now a group of widows victims of the drug syndicate are coming together to rebuild their lives. john reports from the state. since local criminals kidnapped her husband, she has struggled to put food on the table for her girls. >> it's been really difficult
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because i don't make enough. together we just about get by. it's tough. she's not alone. in her town in south-west mexico drug cartels wreaked havoc, extorting, killing, leaving hundreds widows. after years of struggling alone. they are joining for a project. a dried fruit processing factory that would give them financial independence. >> translation: the federal government are providing the training that we'll need to run the factory. >> reporter: with resources to build it it's due to be finished in april. the rapidly rising rules represent the hopes of women in the town for decent jobs, where they can build a future for themselves and children. the idea spread around the town.
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women that suffered alone, meet and share their stories. she's now raising their children. >> this has helped so much. while we are together we don't think about the bad things. i'm able to convince him. >> supporting the town's widowed mothers is essential to stop the next generation to fall into crime. >> translation: we are going to lower crime with jobs and education for the people and the children who end up leaving school prostituting themselves or becoming criminals. there's no other way. >> they are depending on the project. not just for herself much but her girls. i'm desperate. i hope that the factory can help us get a decent live. my daughters serve that.
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they study hard. they'll be hard to stop. >> this is where we say goodbye to viewers joining us in the united states. "talk to al jazeera" is up next for you. whether you are, there's more on the website. [ ♪♪ ] >> we get the, you know, credible messages from credible source that is we can never trace back to their origins, you know, that austin is alive. >> people have, you know, had no reason to lie to us as far as we can tell. >> reporter: american journalist austin tice has been missing in syria in 2012. a video appeared on the