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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 8, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ ku klux klan announcer: this is al jazeera. hello there, i'm jonah hull this is the newshour live from london. coming up, boko haram under fire the the armies of niger and chad launch a ground and air offensive in in north-eastern nigeria. a head of elections israel's prime minister appears to rule out a 2-state solution with the palestinians. we report from the trenches of eastern ukraine, where gunfire and shelling continue to
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puncture the ceasefire, and a year after the loss of mh370,relatives are no closer to knowing what happened to their loved ones. ed chad and niger have launched a ground and air offensive against boko haram in in north-eastern nigeria. a convoy of more than 200 vehicles is heading towards the nigerian boarder. the offensive came after the african union created a regional force of up to 10,000 to join the fight against boko haram. we have this report from abuja. >> reporter: for nigeria's neighbours the fight against boko haram has taken a new urgency. the operation of troops it from
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chad and niger from the group is underway. the objective is to push the fighters into a corner ahead of an onslaught. more than 30 towns and villages have been liberated from the fighters since chad and niger joined efforts to fight the group. >> for niger, chad and cameroon defeating boko haram is crucial. 5 years of violence cut off trade between them. there's a fever if the group is left unchecked, it will be a bigger threat to the entire region. in nigerian troops they'll crush boko haram in the last 5 years, they are now in a position to do so. >> we are adequately equipped. we have taken delivery of the changes. as promised by the president himself, we have taken delivery of new equipment, one of which
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is what you are seeing behind me there. before the arrival. weapons, it was a defensive operation, now we are on the offensive. >> reporter: the military in february asked for 6 weeks to call the east from boko haram, to pave the way for elections. boko haram forced the group to resort to suicide bombing. attacks on maiduguri, blamed on the group killed more than 50 injuring more than 100. hours later they pledged allegiance to i.s.i.l. a desperate attempt to draw i.s.i.l. into its operations. on friday the african union endorsed a creation of regional forces of 8,000 troops to combat the force. this is to strengthen the task force already taking on boko
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haram. in the past boko haram was thought to have links with al-qaeda. the group's allegiance to i.s.i.l. may set a different tone since i.s.i.l. and al qaeda have been competing for influence across africa. both are trained militarily and encourage attacks against western target and funded by taxes imposed on residents in areas they control. the goals and structure are different. al qaeda was centrally run by one man, osama bin laden, i.s.i.l. appears to be a collective leadership and run more like an army. al qaeda carries out large-scale attacks, and i.s.i.l. focuses on horror images such as beheadings i.s.i.l. wants to
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establish a caliphate, as witnessed across syria and irish. a journalist joins me in the studio who lives in chad and covers this region. let talk about the multinational force launching a new offensive against boko haram. how determined are the countries in this force to defeat boko haram. >> i think they are very determined. particularly chad is very keen to end boko haram menace. they have been worried about it for several months. there has been direct threats from boko haram to strike on chadian territory. and the president has a history of when he sets his mind to a military intervention. he sets his hind to it and to achieve his goals. niger has been pulled into this reluctantly, but because there has been boko haram attacks on the soil in the last couple of
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weeks, niger feels they have to do it. they are very determined. meanwhile, of course boko haram appears to be flexing his muscles in response to this. we have seen suicide blasts in the last 24 hours, and this claim or pledge of allegiance. is it a group that is getting stronger or is it a group making a great show of strength at the moment. >> following the many battles and squirmishes that have been occurring since chad went into northern nigeria, i think there has been a lot of serious clashes. chad has been claiming territory, and there's the town reclaiming nigerian military. the nigerian government said that the claim of allegiance to i.s.i.l. put boko haram on the back foot and it was a
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desperate measure, it's too soon to say it's finished. >> unless boko haram has been around for a long time the nigerian government is unwilling or unable to deal with it. now there's a multi national course does it supply the boost for jonathan goodluck ahead of the elections. >> yes, this is a high stakes gamble and jonathan goodluck wants the decisive delivery, elections, as you say, to have the end of boko haram delivered before the elections on 28 march. that's important. chad needs to get it over and done with. chad is having economic problems. the drop in the oil price means that chad is running out of cash. they need a delivery. whether it end up that chad hands jonathan goodluck his election victory on a plate, because they defeat the islamists on behalf of him remains to be seen and whether the nigerian people believe that
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it was nigeria or chad that defeated boko haram, or if boko haram was defeated it's a lot to be divided. >> thank you for your insights. thank you for joining us. israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu has released a statement that appears to rule out the possibility of a 2-state solution with the palestinians. in a statement released by binyamin netanyahu's likud party he says that israel will not concede territory for the creation of any palestinian state due to the counter climate in the middle east. he has been seeking support of hard liners ahead of elections last week, following a rally in which tens of thousands turned out to greet the prime minister. with more details imtiaz tyab in west jerusalem. do we see the likud policy party and government policy - or is this electioneering? >> i think we are seeing a bit
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of both. it's a curious statement. on the one hand it's strong, you have language that the - the statement here that there'll be no withdrawals. if you look at the statement it says prime minister binyamin netanyahu in the present situation in the middle east - any vacated territory will be in their view overtaken by radical islam and terror organizations sponsored by iran. reading that what binyamin netanyahu and his party is saying, is that the middle east is currently unstable. they see groups like the islamic state as a threat. they see iran as a threat. therefore, in these conditions in their view any sort of palestinian state is irrelevant because they are concerned that
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if the complains are given a state, these groups will move in. in a nutshell what binyamin netanyahu's likud party is saying the two state solution, for binyamin netanyahu right now. he gives himself an in to restart the talks. he feels the middle east is, i suppose, in their terms again, so that the threats moving into areas vacated by the israelis, are agreed with. so again, a curious statement from the prime minister. >> just as you phrase it there, the 2-state solution dead leaving an avenue for reopening the conversation later, sound very much like election posturing. pushing a lot of buttons at the moment mr binyamin netanyahu - i'm thinking about his address on iran to a.p.a. c.
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what are his chances. >> mr binyamin netanyahu is concerned. he's running neck and neck in the polls, and many are reading the statement as a clear and cynicle method to his far right coalition partners who have stated for a long time that they are opposed to a palestinian state. this is his way of perhaps saying to stick with him. it is going to be a tough fight for binyamin netanyahu on the 17th of this month, when israelis go to the poll. thousands of israelis came out to call for, in their words, a regime change and, in fact, i was there the other night when we were speaking, and many israelis burst into chants of binyamin netanyahu go home. so the statement to come out just a day after effectively an
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anti-binyamin netanyahu rally sends a clear message to some analysts that he is trying to solidify his base particularly those in the far right, as we move closer to the election day. >> imtiaz tyab in western jerusalem. thank you iraqi forces gained a new ali in a battle against islamic state of iraq and levant. cleric tahir ul-qadri says his forces will help. they fought against america when they invaded iraq. the offensive will involve the iraqi army peshmerga forces and they will have support from the u.s.-led coalition activists in syria say the u.s.-led coalition targets fighters from the rebel linked
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al nusra front. this footage is said to show the moments the strike happened. a peacekeeper and two civilians have been killed in an attack on the u.n. based. witnesses say they have fired rockets and shells on the northern town. the u.n. mission described the assault as a terrorist attack. >> reporter: in these regions, nom adds living close to a u.n. base became victims of an attack. some of the shells aimed at the compound landed here. the injured were taken to the nearest hospital. >> we were speaking three rockets landed near us. and just outside the house. two are dead three are injured, including my wife. >> reporter: it's not clear who is responsible, it's the first time united nations mission has
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been targeted by groups linked to al qaeda. it's difficult to secure this remote and lawless region. >> what i can tell you is the attacks are part of a deliberate attempt to avoid progress on the ground to make the security conditions stable and to provide the necessary environment for any settlement to take hold on the ground. a peace agreement will be difficult while the main tuareg rebel alliance refuses to sign up to the accord. anger towards the u.n. turned to violence in january. hundreds of people game to the streets to protest in the northern town of kidal. they want independence for this northern region, something the agreement doesn't include. >> on saturday.
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five people were killed at this restaurant popular with foreigners. until now it was sheltered from the violence in the north. the latest attacks will do little to convince people here they are any closer to peace. seven shia houthi fighters have been killed in fighting in yemen's central province, when local tribesman attacked a checkpoint in rada city. there are no confirmed reports of deaths or casualties in a second attack still to come in in newshour - an apparent administration of guilt from one of the men accused of killing a famed russian boll tirn -- politician. >> in sport, raul talks about lionel messi's form for barcelona.
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a russian judge says one of the men accused of killing opposition figure boris nemtsov admitted his guilt. investigators suspect five were involved in the murder which happened over a week ago. nadim barber has this report. >> reporter: one of the two men charged with boris nemtsov's murder is being led into court in moscow. amid security he appeared in a cage on sunday. here he says "i love the prophet muhammad, peace be upon him." a judge says he has confirmed his involvement in the killing, a leading opposition figure. state media says he served in the interior ministry in chechnya. another man of chechen origin is charged with the murder and worked for a private security firm in moscow. three others appeared in court.
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including the brother of one of the men. there has been no announcement. local reports say they maintain their innocence. this video shows his mother saying he's brave and courageous. boris nemtsov had been highly critical of russia's involvement in the war of ukraine. vladimir putin condemned the killing, promising to deliver justice. thousands turned out for the funeral. many mourners accused the kremlin of silencing a vocal opponent. >> chechen leader described the accused leader as a muslim angered by cartoon of prophet muhammad published by french magazine "charlie hebdo".
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russian police believe boris nemtsov was targeted for defending those cartoons. the latest fighting in ukraine left one soldiers dead, and three others wounded, according to the military. that happened as the deadline pulled their heavy weapons back from the conflict zone. john hendren reports from the front line town. >> reporter: on the rebel front line in eastern ukraine, the ceasefire is a noisy one. >> this man, who says he's a russian special forces trainer takes us to a trench where gunfire and mortars are heard. get down he says did you hear the grenade launcher hit us. >> we are 800m from the front line and are told that grenade launches are used to fire on the donetsk people's republic position. right now we are hunkering down and waiting for the firing to
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stop. >> on the other side of the front lines a few days earlier ukranian forces said separatists are firing on them. >> the ceasefire is holding. there's regular small arms fire. a complete ceasefire can't exist. before you arrive several small shells landed op our side. before firing back there were grenades fired at us. >> reporter: saturday was the deadline for both sides to remove tanks or artillery. both say they are complying and we spotted separatist tanks behind a building in donetsk, 10km from the front line. each side accuses the other of violating a heavy weapons ban. >> reporter: the rebel army withdrew the artillery from front line positions. terrorist and ukranian forces have not withdrawn its. every night they move the
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equipment. every night they are coming closer. >> with daily violations of a ceasefire and heavy weapons it's not clear if the end of the conflict is any closer well let's go back to the news that israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu released a statement that appears to rule out the penalty of a 2-state solution with the palestinians. for reaction to the statement we are joined on the phone by the palestinian chief negotiator. thank you for joining us. let me put to you the statement made. binyamin netanyahu saying no concessions on territory, no withdrawals. any evacuated territory, he says, would fall into the hance of islamic extremism and terror organizations what do you make of this statement. >> i don't believe in a 2 state
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solution. he's not a man of peace. tonight, he is talking his heart out. he spoke honest y for the first time in his life. when he came in in 1996 or 1999 he planted the seeds of the destruction of the process, he succeeded. and he's doing a fantastic job destroying the 2-state solution peace process and oslo accord. from that time until now, he closed all doors in front of us to achieve the 2-state solution refused to discuss map, increased settlement activity through his tenure in 2009 by 40%. no one has done this before.
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he just reflected his honest truth. >> let's not lose sight of the fact that there's an election in 9 days time. statements like this look very much like electioneering perhaps, in his case an attempt to woo hard liners towards his vote. do you buy the possibility that it may be posturing ahead of the election, whilst we had analysis from west jerusalem, leaving the door open for negotiations later. >> not in binyamin netanyahu's case. . i have been negotiated with him. we sat for years. binyamin netanyahu was given the joys between settlement and peace, he had chosen settlement. when given the joys between dictation dictation - that's what he
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chose. this man is planting the seed of the destruction of the 2-state solution since coming to office in 1996, and i think he did a good job, and i think the outcome of this is what palestinians and israeli suffers. i don't think he is - i think he is electioneering and telling the truth to constituents. and telling israelis - i was born to avoid the 2-state solution. the question we ask him - can you close your eyes and walk to the river of jordan - what do you see - increasing the cycle of violence and violence. binyamin netanyahu's politics is a threat to stability in this region. >> we'll have to leave it there, the palestinian chief negotiator speaking to us from doha. thanks for your time. commemorations continue in alabama to mark the 50th anniversary of a landmark civil
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rights march which helped to secure equal voting rights to african-american's. saturday, president obama led crowds across the pij pig, in -- edmund pettus bridge in selma, where police beat marchers. despite the strong steps for racial economy, african-americans in alabama face discrimination. >> there are homes without running water, with boards rather than window panes today. with all the promise of selma, many are in poverty. 62% of chin are in poverty rob -- of children are in poverty. >> rennes -- rob reynolds joins
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us from selma. 50 years ago to the day, what is going on? >> well, i wanted to show you this amazing screen behind me. let me stand aside and we can show you the edmund pettus bridge which is strong with tens of thousands of people. a lot of people marched across the bridge about an hour and a half ago. now they are coming back from the other side. you can see people are carrying signs, people are waving flags and banners, there's a massive crowd. it's predominantly african american but not only african-americans. there are many people of various ethnicities and races here in selma to commemorate the day, the 50th anniversary of the bloody sunday march across the bridge, which turned into a crucial juncture for the u.s.
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civil rights movement, and did lead in relatively short order after a legislative process, to the passage of the voting rights act in 1965. that is a flavor of what you get to see, what we have been seeing all day, really here in selma. amazing numbers of crowds large number of people. very spirited generally a celebratory mood. a certain amount of seriousness given that people are quite concerned over issues that include the troubling killings of unarmed black men in police custody, or in encounters with the police like michael brown last august, in ferguson mississippi. notably. and a lot of demonstrators here or people that came to commemorate are wearing shirts that day hands up don't shoot,
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or black lives matter. these are some of the tag leans of the movement that -- tag lines of the movement that developed after the death of michael brown, shot in ferguson, missouri. in general it's been a very joyful day. i'd say the mod is celebratory -- mood is celebratory. people are here with children, grandparent, they didn't want anyone to miss the occasion. >> rob reynolds live in selma, alabama still to come - estonia is accused of being a major hub for sex trafficking. we hear from a victim on world women's day we tell you about the laws holding back these female farmers in africa and in sport - australia trying to book their place in the quarterfinals of the cricket world cup.
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top stories on al jazeera - chad and niger launch a ground and air offensive against boko haram fighters in in north-eastern nigeria. coming after the group pledged allegiance to i.s.i.l. thousands of rockets have been fired at a u.n. base in north american mali killing three, wounding several others. it happened outside the city of kidal israel's prime minister binyamin netanyahu appears to have ruled out the possibility of a 2-state solution with the palestinians. in a statement released ahead of next week's elections, he says israel will not see territory due to the counter climate in the middle east. binyamin netanyahu poses the biggest threat to peace in the middle east. >> the question that we ask him can you close your eyes and work to the river of jordan and what do you see, what do you see -
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increasing the cycle of violence and violence. binyamin netanyahu's party is a threat to the stability and peace in the region joining us via skype is uri saki former head of the human rights group, which monitors abuses in the occupied territory. thanks for joining it. any evacuated territory would fall into the hands of terrorists no withdrawals - why do you think binyamin netanyahu made that statement now. >> binyamin netanyahu never meant to truly negotiate palestinian states in the contents of a palestinian to permanent status agreement. in the same release, the likud party, the party that leads throughout the career dedicated
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himself to the creation of a palestinian state. the only thing that was weird to binyamin netanyahu was his statement in 2009 in a university saying he is committed to a 2-state solution. that was because of the pressure of a newly elected president obama. as we saw last week, he does not count president obama. now when he's facing the tough election and competing against the right, he's unmasking himself saying he'll never have that. >> i wonder how you see that chance in the election to come. >> well johna, it's the tightest elections we have in years. in you ask me personally pt feeling in israel - i was at the rally where the chief of mossad
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was there, and the old commando commander bolk said he is not equipped to be the leader of israel, that he leads israel into catastrophe. i think there's a chance that next wednesday we'll have a different prime minister we'll wait and see and leave it there with you in tel aviv. thank you for your time. anti-traffics legislation was introduced in 2012 for estonia. it is a concern for fell why e.u. members, prostitution is still legal, making estonia an attractive gate way for trafficking. >> reporter: the old town of the estonian capital beautifully preserved. the neon of gentlemen's clubs lights the streets. prostitution is legal here. forced prostitution is not. there are questions about how
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much of it is related. this poor woman with mental health problems was trafficked out of estonia to egypt of all places and disappeared for who years whilst being repeatedly raped by her captives. authorities had no idea that she had gone. >> i didn't know it has been explained. it suggests a darkness hidden by the neon. it is the only country to establish an antiestablishment law. since then, there's barely been a single prostitution. the u.s. state department doesn't meet the limited required to abolish trafficking. the buses come in from st. petersburg. the border town is desolate.
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trafficking in to estonia from russia and women are trafficked inside their own country. yet the countries body refuses 50% more funding from more way. >> it's not important in estonia. >> why not. there's different ebbing jobogical issues. there's different things. we have thinking about good things,it's better than thinking about bad things. >> against this the government says yestian society needs to change. >> i think if you start interviews on the streets, a lot of people - we have to make it and take a traxi from that. i don't accept personally. >> that's what people think.
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>> not at all. i think if we do the questioning, it will be half to half. >> anti-trafficking campaigners want prostitution planned. the ferry is bringing in the sex tourists. police forces over europe accuse the country over a million of being a major hub for sex trafficking. little is changing. >> now, it's the biggest drug problem facing the united states. the trade in heroin. and host of it arrives from mexico. with demand increasing in the u.s. mexican farmers are planting more fields. adam raney followed the trafficking route from mexico. into the united states. it begins the journey in a poppy field. >> the mountains, a lawless land
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with a heroin corridor from mexico to the united states begins. we need a woman who leads us to the family plot, a claims of what people call that guardians. the husband tends to the crop once collected, it's processed into heroin. it's delicate time consuling
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work. arriving at the poppy fields it's a violent industry. the farmers asked us to hide their identities face threats from drug traffickers and authorities. >> reporter: the farmers say men show up three times a year to buy the poppy sap, and they have to agree to whatever price is set. acting for more is suicide. poppy farmers it earn hundreds a day in the high season. community leaders say they
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prefer to grow fruit and vegetables but need good roads to get them to market. no support, they say, but there is punishment. in recent years, mexico's government stepped up and it was the result of a harvest. mexican cartels are the main source ever heroin in the united states. with users demanding more of the deadly drug the difficult journey out of the mountains is worth it for the traffickers. >> adam raney joins me from mexico city. >> help me to understand the farmers. they are doing this because of the money. they are doing this because of the money or base they have no
5:41 pm
choice, because the cartel forces them to. >> it's a bit of both. the specific farmers say they are not force. economic conditions wish them into, sake what they'd rather to, but the truth is that the products spoil going down the dirty and bumpy roads. what is clear about this part of the mexico is it's one of the poorest states in the country. two they are thes of people in gurr -- two third of people in guerrero live in poverty. it's a state where 42 students disappear, and were put into the hands of local police, and deliver them to a drug gang who according to the government killed and incinerated them. that shows the level of violents people in the state live with. the people that live in the village and grow pop ace say they don't have to grow it.
5:42 pm
other villages and other parts said that they were forces to grow pop sis. some of the students that studied with the 43 say when they were younger, they were forced by criminal gangs to grow poppies. they make a good wage and hundreds a day is more than almost any mexican earns, who is not a high-level executive. those people live in marchinalized areas and dengs areas. it's not a free choice either. >> extremely poor communities, able to earn good money for growing the raw poppy sap. it seems the government would be better off doing something to support the communities. >> that's what everyone in these towns tell us. the president did promise in late 2014 that he was going to ear mark hundreds of million for
5:43 pm
development in southern mexico and part would be to develop agriculture and building roads. people say they have heard these promises from in the past and it's not good enough. going up to the sears, it can take several days to travel between the villages and other countries - it would be a matter of hours, but the vielages are isolated and cut off from market and from each other. so more than just promises, they want to see when the support comes from the government and until they see the life change drastic, poppies is very good business. >> adam raney in mexico city. >> now, the first full report. >> the disappearance of the missing malaysia airlines flight revealed that the battery in the black box locator expired more that a year before the plane vanished. it was released on the first
5:44 pm
anniversary of the disappearance of the flying coming as family and friends of those on board gathered in kuala lumpur to ask for answers. apart from the battery anomaly it reveals everything on board appeared normal. a year on there's no signs of the missing jet. making it one of the biggest mysteries in aviation history. the initial search area focussed on large swathes of thailand the adda man see, and land on the malaysian peninsula. knew military radar suggested that the plane was flown off course, and the search area shifted west to the bay of bengal. in march the 15th the malaysian prime minister confirmed the last known transition was 7 hours after transition, but meant the plane could have travelled from asia to the
5:45 pm
indian ocean. on march, investigations showed the flight flew along the southern corridor. the last position was believed to be the middle of the indian ocean. a search across a 600,000 square kilometer area as large as france. the search area has been narrowed to 60,000 square kilometres. specialist equipment used to survey the o floors. or correspondent is in kuala lumpur and has more on the detail in the malaysian report into the disappearance of flight mh370. >> reporter: on sunday an interim technical report was released by the military of transport. that was a document to explain to the families as well as interested parties and international community when investigations sit at this moment in time. who is involved in the investigation, and where the search is going, what equipment
5:46 pm
is involved. the state of that mh370 plane and all the technical data around it. people are analysing that data for some time to come. march 8th is international women's day, and we have been sharing the stories of remarkable women. now we turn to africa, where much of the food is grown by farmers. they are held back by unequal land ownership rights. >> in this try region, the women teamed up to grow vegetables on a selective farm. they are able to grow enough to feed their own families and to sell what is left over. before we used to have to buy everything but know we are able to grow everything. it's not only beneficial to us in the families, but to those that come and buy from us. some estimates suggest up to 70%
5:47 pm
of all the food eaten is grown by women. few own the land they farm. the disadvantaged by unequal laws and tribal conditions that favour men. that leaves women vulnerable. >> when men take the lead in farming, they farm and buy alcohol. >> reporter: the benefits of giving women the rights to own land and the skills to work it are exponential. studies prove that women are more likely than men to use the income from the land to benefit not only themselves and the children, but the wider community. mavis won multiple awards for her farming. the former school teacher growing a tree to combat the nutrition of local children. she's exporting and mentoring other women to farm the tree. >> they feed the children, take them to school do anything for
5:48 pm
the community. and mavis is benefitting the whole community. any profits are put that the breakfast program, feeding hundreds of children. >> this woman is the head of the rural women's movement and a campaigner of women's land rights. saying securing the rights would help with climate change. she said farming is crucial for women's independence. >> when we are financially secure, the chances of us being abused. the chances of us facing
5:49 pm
gender based violence is thin. >> there's security in terms of food, health and education, empowering to dig themselves and the children out of the cycle of poverty. >> still to come on al jazeera. andy murray makes sure that great britain has something to mile about at the davis cup.
5:50 pm
raul is here with the sport. >> thank you very much. a 13-minute hat-trick from lionel messi has helped barcelona go back to the top of spain's la liga. lionel messi 32nd career coming in at a home win. ray suarez with two goals, and
5:51 pm
pecka the other scorer. they are top, leading real madrid by a single point. let's look at lionel messi's goal scoring. the hat-trick was his 32nd beating the record set back in the 1950s. arguably his greatest season was in 2011/12 where he scored 73 goals in all competitions for the club. he's the all-time leading scorer in la liga with 273 goals, and he's the joint top scorer in the champion's league with 71 goals, and shares that record with raul. while raul needed 142 games to reach the mark messy did it in 90. atletico madrid drew. they were ahead in the first half. there was an equalizer for the
5:52 pm
visitors with 10 minutes to go. >> in england liverpool held to a goalless draw by blackburn in the quarterfinals of the l.a. cup. they'll play on march the 16th. there was a worrying start for liverpool. the defender fell on his head in the third minute at anfield. he received treatment. he's described as being in a stable condition. >> pane abbingos is level with olympiakos olympiakos. they won following a week's suspension due to crowdness. the game played behind close poors. the pane than abbingos fans missed the hat-trick in a 4-3 win. >> palmer who nearly went bust
5:53 pm
completed a third serie a match. it's only taking place after the league gave 6 million in funds, to play the remaining matches, paulma have debts of $200 million. great britain are throeugh to the quarter fines after they beat the u.s. in the early stages they were too strong for the americans. in front of 7,000 crowds, andy murray went through 7-6, 6-3, great britain winning the tie 3-2 overall. 2013 - the czech republic are out. they lost 3-2 to australia.
5:54 pm
sewering australia place in the -- securing australia place in the last eight. meanwhile the australian cricket team beat sri lanka in pool a at the world cup, booking their place in the quarterfinals, scoring 376/9. michael clarke, one of three batsmen to get a 50. no doubt about the standout performer, glen smashing 102, messing out on the record for the fastest ever world cup century. sri lanka showed some fight. sangakkara making a third conservative century, they were out for 312, australia winning. they reach the quarter finals. >> i thought they played really well the sri lankan batting team they played well under pressure. no doubt about it. we had to continue to take wickets, i think. again, we had to find a way to take wickets. and it shows how far the games
5:55 pm
come that you can think about chasing 375 runses. it's the skill of the players and the work they put in. other co-hosts new zealand made it five whips out of five. daniel vettory did most of the damage taking 4-18. new zealand dismissed afghanistan for 186, making sure they chased. new zealand crews to a 6-wicket win with 80 balls to spare, sitting top of pool b. later it's a must win match for england. england lose three out of four pool a matches, they need to win, before reaching the quarterfinals. reaching bangladesh guarantee them a place in the last eight. >> there's pressure in the world cup, and on us as a team because
5:56 pm
we have not played as well as we hike to have done. that's part of international district and it's about handling pressure. we had challenges for sure much we have young players and the ability to play and handle pressure. >> the road champion won the prolog in the event, known as the race to the poll. the quickest time across the 6.7km root. finishing in 7 minutes, 40 seconds. a second ahead of the world hour record holder rowan dennis. lindsey vonn has been back to the top of the super g world cup stand inns with one race -- standings, with one race left. he is chasing her fifth title. she extended her run. the 30-year-old made a remarkable comeback after being out for almost a year following
5:57 pm
knee surgery. the last race in france later this month. this year's iditerod dog race, the last great race on earth. a lack of snow meant the start line had to be moved 400 comes north to fair bank. they embark on a 1500 journey west and finish in nom. first place collecting 70,000 in prize money. this was the ceremonial start in anchor rig in alaska. dogs and masters racing through conditions in alaska more on the website, on all the top stories, that's as ever, that's all the news for this newshour. stick around. i'll be back in a moment with more.
5:58 pm
>> family members in danger >> he was staring in space drugged out... >> from the very people you trust to care for them >> it's killing people.. >> america tonight uncovers the fda warning that's being ignored... >> these drugs are used for the convenience of overwhelmed staff >> the deadly nursing home shortcut you need to know about >> what about their rights? >> what really goes on when you're not there? america tonight exclusive investigation: drugging dementia only on al jazeera america
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