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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 10, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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only on al jazeera america. >> the iraqi defense ministry said that it's troops have entered parts of tikrit where they're pushing back isil forces. >> you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up. dozen arrested as opportunities take to the streets for more rights and academic freedom. hillary clinton breaks her silence on the alleged misuse of e-mails but denies breaking the
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rules. clearing a path for the future in eastern ukraine, work start to remove the remnant of war. hello, for the first time in months-- >> tonight family members danger. >> he was staring at space drugs, and from the very people you trust to care for them. >> it's killing people. >> uncovering the fda warning.
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there were over 60,000 in total sent and received. about half from work-related and went to the state >> iraqi military forces are still not in complete control of
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tikrit itself. that is expected to take days. but many wire about what will happen after. they fear there is significant destruction in the city, and they fear revenge killings prompted by revenge on those that are seen to be responsible for the execution of more than 1,000 military recruits. the fear is that the military and their participate necessary won't go after just the gunmen but will try to take retribution on those who they accuse to be complicit with isil. >> yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh said that president hadi, who fled to the southern city of aden, should leave the country and go into exile. as reports they're attracting some support.
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>> you these are supporters behalfing through sanaa for the first time since it came under houthi control last september. here is a sign of what they have been denying all along. that they are close eye alleged misuses. the president and along with his side displayed side by side during the rally. protesters called on him to run for president next election. >> people cannot afford to eat or drink. you have taken their views stopped their salaries and stop tourism, too.
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is this what you call the modern state where universities and schools are ruined? >> speaking to some of his supporters from. his words provoked anger in the city. students burned his pictures. they said he will never rule us again, they chanted. in reaction to saleh's statement as well. president hadi received dignitaryies and politicians who came to prove that the city is loyal to him not to the former president. >> this man is confused if he thinks he's still the president of yemen. he's forgotten that there is a popular revolution that removed him. he thinks he can still wield power because he has a family of his own and because he has stolen huge funds from the national treasury. >> these are more of hadi
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supporters. growing popular support in hadi in places like these creates serious difficulties in their attempt to over run the entire country. >> saudi arabia's king has referred to the turmoil in yemen during his first major policy speech since taking the control. king solomon came to power after the death of his half-brother. >> terrorists are wreaking havoc in the region. domestically and by way of cooperation with regional international partners to uproot terrorism. we're part of the world livings living its problems, facing the challenges and facing the same responsibility. >> hundreds of police officers who fought for student protesters in myanmar who were
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demanding greater freedoms when police forces moved in with batons. we have reports from myanmar's largest city. >> a tense stand often turns to a confrontation. for more than a week protesters have been camping in a town three hours drive north of the city. they're unhappy with the new election law which they say restricts academic freedom and bans them from forming unions. on tuesday local officials said that they would allow students to march but when the activists found out they would not be aid loud to hold banners and chant slogans along the way they became anger. they tried to breach the line, and dismantle a tent.
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it doesn't take long for the situation to descend into violence. hundreds of police charge at the protesters with batons and sticks. protesters are dragged into police trucks, and student leaders are among those arrested. the police also attack a vehicle being used by the demonstrators police have responded to some of the past week's protests some held in solidarity with the students with force. last week men in plain clothes attack protesters. several people were arrested. officials admit to using vigilanty force. but it is seen as a tactic used by the former military government to break up peaceful protest. tuesday's crackdown comes as u.n. representative said that
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the country is moving back in conflicts. it's got many questioning whether the transition from military to civilian rule is genuine. >> hillary clinton has been answering questions about why she used a private e-mail for work purposes during her time as u.s. secretary of state potentially violating federal law. speaking at an event at the united nations she said she did it for convenience and had permission to do so. >> when i got to work as secretary of state i opted for convenience to use my personal e-mail account which was allowed by the state department because i thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work and for my personal e-mails instead of two. looking back, it would have been better had i just used a second e-mail account and carried a second phone but at the time this did not seem like an issue.
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>> correspondent kristen saloomey has more on this. >> this is the first time that hillary clinton spoke about the account, and in that time it has become one of the top stories in the u.s. media. hillary clinton not only former secretary of state but also considered the leading democratic candidate to run for president in 2016 officially she's not declared. hillary clinton said defiantly that she had not prone any rules. that she had used this personal e-mail account because it was convenient, and complied with all the state department requirements to turn over her work related e-mails. the state department confirmed she has handed over more 30,000 e-mails for their review, and hillary clinton is asking that those be made public as well once the state department has
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finished reviewing them. that will take some time, and the republican critics are not likely to be silenced in that time even after her remarks. some are calling for more information investigation and for hillary clinton to hand over the private server that contained those e-mail accounts to see if she, in fact, shared all the work-related ones and had nothing to hide. >> the european union helped to pay for temporary shelters for bedouin communities in the occupied west bank. one family fears that their home is next. >> this family has tended their flock of shape for generations but it's become increasingly difficult to feed them. he has had to abandon the dead win interestbedouin tradition of moving to greener grazing
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pastures because he's afraid of losing his home. this structure was donated by the european union. he showed me the conviction notice given to him by israeli soldiers, prime minister benjamin netanyahu has reordered all structures in the area to be demolished. >> the e.u. gave us these caravans because our old shelters were falling apart. the israelis said this is a crime, yet they build illegally on our land every day. >> the demolition order follows a claim by an organization that the homes are illegal because they were built without israeli permits. a view supported by two members of the european parliament. they criticize the e.u. for spending millions of dollars on the structures in area c. >> when the oslo accord was signed 20 years ago israel remained control of area c which meant in part that any future
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palestinian construction would require its approval. but according to independent monitoring groups, since then israel has rejected 97% of all palestinian permit requests. >> the european union top representative said that the e.u. is having serious discussions to prevent the demolition. >> we operate on very clear humanitarian guidelines. no other reasons. >> palestinian officials say that the demolition orders and rejection of nearly all building permits are part of israel's policy of pushing palestinians out of the largest section of the west bank. they say it's part of its efforts to expand israeli settlements. whatever the case this family can only continue to live in the only home they have while it's still standing.
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al jazeera, in the occupied west bank. >> and still to come on the program, russia pulls out of an european arms controlled treaty in the midst of growing threat in moscow. and a helicopter collision in argentina leaves several people dead, including top french athletes. that i believed they were in the scope of my personal privacy and that particularly of other people. they had nothing to do with work, but i didn't see any reason to keep them.
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>> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here in al jazeera. the bid to push isil out of tikrit is making head way. soldiers are inside the city for
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the first time in months, riot police are accused of using excessive force. doses of people were injured and 120 arrested. and hillary clinton has admitted using a personal e-mail address to conduct official business during her time as u.s. secretary of state. >> at least 17 people have been killed by a female suicide-bomber in nigeria's borno state. it happened in a market in maiduguri after a bomb in that area killed 50 people. the market has been bombed several times in the past by boko haram. russia has ended its participation in a 25-year-old treaty aimed at reducing the number of troops and arms in central europe. it follows a warning from u.k. that russia could once again pose a great security threat. foreign secretary said that british spy agencies are
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stepping up efforts to counter that threat. lawrence lee reports. >> this is what the new cold war looks like from close up, pictures from the russian defense ministry shot from one of their bear bombers eye to eye with the british royal air force jet near the british coast. the r raf after subpoenaing years to carry fever with president putin the government here appears to have given up trying. >> we're bent not on joining the international space system which keeps the peace between nations but at subverting. president putin's actions illegally annexing crimea and using racial troops to destabilize eastern ukraine fundamentally undermine the security of the sovereign nations of eastern europe. >> president putin has not
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acknowledged that he believes that crimea belongs to russia implying that he sent soldiers into the eastern ukrainian cities. estonia lies close to russian territory. estonian is the only european nation to meet natos demands so it's easy to read these comments as a warning to the whole nato machine. >> the worst thing that could happen to nato is that we will face another crisis and yet again rather like in ukraine we'll be surprised caught napping and prove to be unable to rise to the challenge. there are not many more accidents of this kind before the whole military structure of nato becomes discredited. >> the biggest choir leaders of this speech will have been the former secretary's colleagues here at ministry of defense in london. they're lived at the prospects of cuts to their budget that
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could reduce staff of 30,000 and reduce their spending to less than nato guidelines. they're also the biggest supporters of a controversial project which is embecome mat emblematic of the world war. then in britain say that the country cannot afford it, and the national elections are just two months away. they hope to send the message to moscow that britain is not the little insignificant country am plied by putten. >> trying to clear unexploded ordinance from farmers fields and combat zones. they spent the day with a separatistest explosive team in debaltseve. >> the battlefields of eastern ukraine are littered with the
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munitions of war. as the tenuous cease-fire holds a handful of separatist soldiers follow a trail of explosives as they do, traumatized locals tally their losses. >> we didn't have rebel troops here. ukrainian armies in their attempts, the entire house nothing is untouched nowhere. >> the afternoon begins with shells of a school roof in the fields of debaltseve. the city taken lost, and retaken by rebel fighters. it's perilous work, and the russian soldier who says he's fighting here as a separatist volunteer, has lost three colleagues so far. >> we all walk under guard. if it's my destiny maybe i'm more needed in heaven.
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>> we're driving down this dirt road and troops found this long-range rocket, and there is no safe way to deal with it, so they've attached exclusive material and they'll blow it up right here. >> he stops a civilian ambling towards the bomb and stops him. first with a yell, and then with gunfire. and then... [ explosion ] all that's left is a tail pin. the work will take months even if the fighting doesn't start anew but straightist troops feel a sense of victory over the ukrainian army in debaltseve and over the international community. >> a big hello to barack obama. >> a community that has largely condemned them. john hedron, al jazeera, debaltseve, east ukraine. >> in the u.n. the u.s. spy
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agency is being sued over its surveillance program by rights groups including wiki media. wiki media amnesty international and other groups say that the nsa put people off from sharing sensitive information with them. the u.s. justice department said that it's reviewing the lawsuit. >> we believe that the up stream surveillance, the mass surveillance of our readers and users are damaging to us. it depends on a culture of openness and courage for people to be able to participate and in that context their privacy is very important. we believe that the nsa's actions are illegal and unconstitutional. >> france is mourning three of its athlete who died along with seven other people when two helicopters collideed in argentina. they were filming a popular
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reality television show. we have reports from argentina. >> the accident happened at the end of filming in this remote region in the west of argentina. this video capturing the moment that the two helicopters crashed. there were no survivors. the victims included the french swimming star who won gold, silver and bronze medals at the the 2012 london olympics. >> you don't really take it in. it's true, i won my 400 meters title, then the next day the president came to visit me. even if i don't do this for that there is another die mention. >> also on board was the yachts woman who in 1990 broke the record for the fastest solo crossing of the atlantic ocean. and then there was the boxer who won bronze in the 2008 beijing olympics. the remaining victories included crew for the reality tv show for
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the tf 1 channel. the two argentinian pilots also died. the french president françois hollande said that the sudden death of french nationals brought sadness. >> i think we're all moved by what happened to these athletes who committed themselves to frantz. people can think what they want about reality tv shows but they were there to bring something to france, it's sad. >> it's dreadful news. i don't know if it was mechanical problem or problems with the engine, but it looked like it was destiny. >> the channel tf 1 expressed it's great sadness and has postponed the show. a full inquiry is underway. the reality show dropped con tess tents in remote areas if
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from which they were challenged from finding food and water. >> these shows are all about risk and they're filmed in regions where those risks are exacerbated. a full investigation is now under way into what went wrong and questions will be asked about the very nature of this kind of reality show. al jazeera. >> the u.n. has been hosting talks between libyan activist. the u.n. wants talks to continue in morocco on wednesday. >> libya only has two options. political solution or destruction, and we very well know that the destruction is not an option. i know that everybody here today wants an united libya. a democratic libya.
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a libya that enshrines the principles of the 17th of february. >> 2 million libyans have fled over the border for security in tunisia. but once there many find it difficult to make a living. >> in a hotel in tunis mohammed remembers life in libya. his house in the capitol of tripoli was raided by fighters. he's from a town in the west. >> it is very hard. i spent 30 years building my life, and in a split second it was lost. i have to start from crash all over again. >> this is why libyans are leaving. this is the aftermath of an airstrike in tripoli. the conflict is being fought in the air and on the ground. hundreds of people have been killed since the beginning of the year. tunisia offers libyans safety
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but little more. they can't buy property so they represent, which pushes up the cost of living. >> if we don't give a hand to the libyans where will they go? they don't have any choice. >> the situation in libya scares me. it's dramatic and bloody. we aren't used to this as muslims, and this terrifies everybody because libya is on our border. >> tunisia's army is also worried. it's deployed soldiers it the border area. tunisia recognizes both of libya's rival governments and it's trying to play a neutral role. tunisia said that it will continue to welcome libyan refugees but there are concerns that violence in libya could spill over into tunisia with fighters and weapons ending up here.
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>> returning is not an option for some people. a former television presenter in tripcally, tripoli his life was threatened. he had to leave his family and fiancé behind. >> you have to be with one side. if you arism partial you will be accused and be targeted. there is no freedom for any part of libya now unfortunately. >> reporter: mohammed and other libyans have signed up for media training courses in tunis. they hope to find work in to you tunisia or europe. they feel helpless watching from afar as their country is torn apart. al jazeera tunis. >> an archeologists who has been excavateing fossils in libya say
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that the fighting has made it impossible to continue. they have discovered highly diverse and unique fossils dating back 20 million years. much more on our website. go to she said that the vast majority of e-mails went to government colleagues, therefore they are on government servers. and she said that she provided all e-mails that could be work related, roughly 55,000 pages saying she's proud of the work she did, and in hindsight two at the root of the crisis. but now, housing sales in some parts of the country have picked up. >> it really started in 2010 2011 in the wake of the housing bust and the foreclosure crisis that ensued. >> there were markets that were totally devastated. >> you had an unbelievable number of foreclosed homes. >> at foreclosure auctions like