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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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only on al jazeera america >> the gunman who fired on officers during a demonstration on wednesday night. >> live from london. also coming up in the next 30 minutes after four years of war and chaos in syria, aid agencies say the world is failing people in desperate need. a factory collapse has left dozens of people policing and five people dead.
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s are cuers are searching the wreckage hello there and thank you for joining us. eric holder has called the shooting of two police officers in ferguson missouri a heinous assault. the attack happened at demonstrations took place following the resignation of ferguson police chief tom jackson he quit after a scathing report about racially based practices about local law enforcement as the protest ever were dwindling after misdemeanor night, the shots were heard. >> we mare what we thought were fireworks up the street, turns out happened three more times it was gunfire because we saw the plus soul fire from the gun. so we were just all ducked down and then we saw the cop was shot right next to us.
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>> one police was shot in the face another in the shoulder the police chief thomas jackson planned to resign. jackson has long maintained that there was no racism on his watch, but following a damming report on his police department he became the 6th official to resign in the small city accused of systemic they have long been to gain momentum. dispore passionately. has vindicated last week by department of justice report, the report found that the police saw the african-american community as a way of making money for the municipality ticketing jailing and keeping members of the plaque community in what have been called modern debtors prisoners until they were able to pay multiplying fines.
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600-kilometers north in madison wisconsin there have been daily protests since the killing of unarmed 19-year-old last friday. >> this is a bigger issue. this highlight as universal problem with law enforcement and how it's procedure have had been carries out. >> protestors are demonstrating against an entire judicial and economic system they say is racist and unfair. the resignation in ferguson have been welcomed by many. but ferguson is a tiny city of 21,000. and a change in the it's municipal personnel is unlikely to be enough to assisted dying fie those who want greater equality and change. >> and we can speak live now he joins us from washington d.c. with the latest. how obviously this is a much bigger issue than just ferguson, but focusing on that, what are police saying what has been their reaction
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to the shootings. >> they haven't been arrested they are not in custody having said that there are reports that a house was basically trashed by a swat team and the police department earlier on this morning and before these three individuals were taken in for questioning, but again we don't know what that means indeed, there are reports that the woman who has been taken in was at the demonstration when the shots were fired. beyond that, the two police officers who were hit have now been released from hospital, and then there's very little. and in that vacuum, clearly this trying to shape a narrative, so the county police chief this morning said as far as he was concerned even if no investigation is taking place this was
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definitely an ambush on the police beyond that, he said that whoever fired the shots was embedded within the protestors and this is perplexing many, because all the eyewitnesses with i have heard from, the journalists even the police, say the shots were fired about 114 meters away behind the protestors so we are trying to understand why he might have said that, and why he is trying to association whatever happened and whatever way with the protestors that seems to be sort sort of way that the police are trying to shape the narrative in the absence of further information. >> he has been speaking tell us what he has been saying. >> already strong words from attorney general eric holder, you have to remember this report came out from his department, it was appalling what they found.
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this really was a police department not protecting it's citizens but preying on them for money for the city and what is happening it now they feel they have a road map for it, so they feel it is on the right track. what they are worried about is this shooting will derail all that work, very skating in his remarks. >> is what happened last night was a pure ambush, this was not someone trying to bring healing to ferguson, this was a punk. who was trying to sow discord in an area that is trying to get it's act together. >> if in fact that does not happen. >> they have been saying see
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this is what the demonstrators want they don't want reform, why are we even listening to them, why are we attempting to -- and so on, and the fear is certainly among those that are among the protestors that have this nationwide movement an ebbing quitble and just society, and this shooting might derail. the last week, six city officials now have resigned in ferguson, and they worry that this is now going to help those who have been opposed to any sort of reform, say look that's quite enough, let's get the people off the streets and move on. >> with the latest from washington, d.c. thank you. the world is failing syria.
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that's the dammitting assessment by a coalition of aid organizations as the conflict enters it's fifth year. they say the u.n. security council has proven itself to be incapable of ending a crisis which is only getting worse. 2014 was the deadliest year of the war, at least 76,000 people were killed everyall 220,000 have died since the conflict began. some people think that number could be higher the number of children in need of aid rose bly a third last year, to 5.6 million, 80% of the population is living in poverty, it's estimated that 7.6 million people are displaced within syria while almost 4 million more have fled the country and are living in refugee camps james bays has more. >> four years ago no one could have imagined the scale of this tragedy. the figures are staggering. there's been no actual body
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count, but it is estimated as many as 300,000 syrians are dead. many have fled, 3.8 million are refugees. that figure the main contributor to the fact there are more displaced people in the world than at any time since the second world war that's when the u.n. was created almost 70 years ago. this' been no peace in part, because there's been little unity on the global stage. there have been rare moments of agreement on chemical weapons and the growing threat from isil but nothing on the political. one of those agencies the world food program is led by earth room cousin. >> you must get frustrates when you look at the security council, and the lack of agreement on syria i get frustrated when i go into syria, and you can see that there is no solution in sight
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and i talk to the government, i talk to the oppositions and though firm in their positions and then i look at the people. and i say don't they see what i see can't they see the impact that their failure to compromise is creating? over the past four years the security council has left the main effort to find a political solution to a series of special envoys. and now another seasons u.n. official stefan. >> four months ago mr. demestur said he had an ambition plan for freezes across syria the first one was supposed to be in aleppo. he later even revealed he had an agreement from president asaad to stop all aerial bombardment for a six week period.
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for now there is no plan be and, and more many are bound to die. al jazeera. of the united nations. >> joining us now is syrian opposition activist, the spokesman for the kurdish democratic union party. his family still lives in aleppo, so thank you for joining us here. we saw in that report the scale of the situation, and there was a bit that i found quite touching from the world food program and she sort of pointed to the failure to compromise between the opposition, and the asaad regime after four years we do seem to be in a stalemate what is the reaction to her comment, and obviously there is a conflict, but the failure to compromise is impacted on millions of people. >> yes, thank you for having me on the show i totally agree
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with that statement there should be nor coordinating between all the community i do think she was specifically talking about the opposition. >> and all of the humanitarian aid organization, say should aid should reach the people, the children, there are five or 6 million children in need, and how the syrian people have been displaced internally and externally, and many millions outside syria and it is needed to be coordinated work coordinated network to allow this humanitarian reach this need that people, and i think that the syrian opposition and the regime should be agreed about at least if got stopping this brutal war the proxy war, at least allow the
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humanitarian aid reach the people. >> potentially even getting worse as we have seen with the spread of isil, into iraq, so what do you see as changing if anything at all? i am hoping that the failure of the regime is insisting on military solution in syria and opposition which would be coming to more extremist and becoming more proxy war because of the regional and supported player. do you see -- >> the failure of the international community to have a clear vision, how this conflict a war conflict, a syria war conflict can be settled by political means. and i think it's needed more serious effort for both the international community and
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the opposition to get united and put pressure on the regime that they can -- >> question have seen today the security council has been pointed out the world is failing syria is the headline of this coalition and their accusations but we have seen three u.n.n. envoys they didn't manage to unpolitic the situation, the security council is the sum of it's parts we know there's different political ideologies so realistically what do you want the international community, or specific countries to do? yes, the as very complicated case and have a political settlement, and this crisis for -- for years on, and i think the major issue to get united about this settlement, is that that the international
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community put pressure on the regime because they are iran involved and another country original and international and leave the syrian people and not interfere and dictate to them what they wanted. the syrian people should be -- and the syrian opposition together should be united and have their free will to say what they want and how they want it. not dictating by the international power. >> i am so sorry sir, we will have to leave it there syrian activation thank you for coming in, thank you. >> 100 people are feared trapped under rubble. at least five people were killed in the the accident at a sent factory which is southwest of the capitol 40 people have been taken to
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hospital and recovery teams are continuing to search for survivors. live now from the capitol. so there is still a search for survivors going on, or they think it could be ten and 40, any news on that. >> rescue operation is still going on. they aring thing everybody there is at least 40 to 50 people still trapped inside. 55 people have been rescued some of them seriously injured and have been taken to hospital. immediate rah report and authorities say that the six people are so far dead, and this operation is going to continue because we know that people are rescued everybody after several days so they have to continue this navy and coast guard are involved. this is in the middle will be more difficult, and that as time passes by, the chances of anybody trapped inside getted
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limits. bangladesh has a very bad reputation on industrial safety p in 2013, and just this year, on 30 plus of january, 13 people died in a fire accident in a factory. the government will be under intense pressure, from international local bodies to improve the situation. they have improved to some extent because of and international pressure. >> with the latest there from dacca, thank you. still a lot more to come here, includes the battle for tikrit enters it's second phase. and the promise of an investigation into alleged war crimes in sri lanka
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al jazeera america. >> join me as we bring you an in-depth look at the most important issues of the day. breaking it down. getting you the facts. it's the only place you'll find... the inside story. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights, 11:30 eastern. on al jazeera america. now a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the shootings of two police officers in ferguson as a heinous assault. eric holder said he stands ready to provide resources needed to carry out a full investigation. this really disbursing and cowardly attack might have been intended to unravel any sense of progress that exists but i hope, that that does not in fact happen. >> the u.n. has been accused of utterly failing the people of syria.
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the aid agencies describing the council as defunct. and at least five people have been killed and many more feared p thatted after a factory collapsed in bangladesh. iraqi forces say they are making significant gains in their battle to push isil out of tikrit. and the defense minister expects troops to reach the center of the city in the next few days. nadine has more details. >> on the outskirts of tikrit, on the fourth day of a huge offensive. about 3,000 iraqi soldiers and police have been attacking positions as they try to reach the city center they are backed by 20,000 militia men known as the popular mobilization forces and a smaller number, while they aren't lacking in military hardware, they have been slowed down by snipers
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suicide bombers and bobby trapped buildings. this shows forces stopping bomber ins a vehicle from reaching a military barracks in iraq's western province. in the city center, their commanders are triumphant. >> isil tried to enter the city from all four sides but thank god the local police force and cooperation defended them. we detonate their car bombs. in baghdad volunteers have been cueing up to donate blood for servicemen in the offensive, it is an initialtive organized. all iraqis should participate in this blood donation campaign, this is a simple thing, i off to my country. >> elsewhere the prime minister told a crowd of forces that they had made huge gains but said they also had to protect civilian life and
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property. >> there are infill traitors that want to tarnish our victories but committing crimes and serious violations. therefore, we have issues strict orders to the police, army commanders, and to the popular mobilization forces. while the government insists they are encreasing the battle goes on. >> turkey says it is arrest add spy for helping three british school girls across into syria. he says he is ask agent from a country that is part of the coalition against isil. the foreign minister didn't identify the country but said it was didn't u.s. or any european union member. the three girls left the u.k. last month to join isil. thousands of houthiss are holding military exercises close to the border with saudi arabia. the houthis whose seized large parts of yemen are conducted the drill with heavy weapons in their home province.
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saudi arabia considers them a terrorist group to stabilize recent political unrest. ail parties have been meeting for eight weeks under the auspices of the u.n., negotiations an agreement to put back on track the political train six. this effort will continue. and will persevere we will do everything we can to make sure that the parties agree on a way forward. the situation is very dangerous. complicated, and violence can spread the country can fragment, it is a very serious situation, and the yemenis are aware, and that's why the
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negotiating will continue to do what has been mandated by the security council which is to facilitate a process that will lead to an agreement. on how to put back on track the political transition that is now in disarray the number of people kills in the ebola outbreak has now exceeded 10,000. the grim milestone was reached following a spike in cases. the country's ebola response chief says complacent behavior has led to the surge in confirmed cases over the past week. sri lanka's president has announce add domestic inquiry into the 26 year long civil war. the inquiry will not involve the united nations, but the president says their views will be taken into account. both government forces and rebels are alleged to have perpetrated war crimes the civil war ended in 2009 was a defeat of the rebels.
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but then it is estimated that at least 80,000 people had been killed this update from co lum bow. >> what the president is promising is a domestic process, investigative committee, which he said would be started within the next month, he said initial work has begun, and that this process would start soon now that committee would seek the views of the united nations, the president has gone on record as i aing that the views of the united nations and the international community would go to strengthen this domestic process however pushes on whether international investigators would be allowed into the country, he drew the line. he said there has been a process, but confidence and trust has been built among the international community into this domestic process, and therefore no outside investigators would be necessary, he did say that in
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incorporating these view which is has very much been in touch with the government in the last two months since they came to power, and there seems to be some sort of goodwill by both sides and this is very much in contrast to the previous government, which didn't want to hear anything from the international community, reeffect systemic racisming all allegations and just didn't want to go into the process of seeking or building and promised that any domestic process would be truthful and strengthened by all of the views being used to take it forward. nearly 6,000 workers walked out of the factory over concerns about government benefits and pay outs. the factory includes several international houses. the european union has called
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the killing of russian opt six activist the most significant political murder in recent history they want an international investigation, into his death, he was shot outside the emelin just died before he was due to hold an opposition rally the e.u. policy chief says his murder must be investigated properly. russian authorities have the duty to conduct a full investigation, they also have to put an end to the climate of suspicion hatred, and international remembers. up to 30 people have been killed in a fire at a shopping center in russia, the building collapsed and rescuers are still searching for survivors. for sell rav hours they fought to control the flames about 4,000 square meters of a shopping center, an area almost as big as a football field is burning.
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rescuers pulled anything that could catch fire from the collapsed building. 600 are said to have escaped but some are trapped inside. >> my friend was left behind too, under the rubble. at the official response. >> it all collapsed on them, we are standing here to clean the mother's wounds because she has wounds to her head and legs and they are moving aim leslie about, there is only one ambulance. some witnesses say the roof collapsed, others say it folded. this shopping center is just four years old. witnesses say the fire began in a cafe, eventually the fire is controlled but with smoke still rising questions are already being asked about the safety of the center's electrical wiring. al jazeera. >> british author has died at
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the age of 66 after being diagnosed with alzheimers more than seven years ago his fantasy booked were translated into 37 languages and sold 85 million copies around the world. more on of, you know, the unsustainable lifestyle of so many of the materialistic culture. >> jane goodall is famous for her trailblazing o with champ pan zees. the subject of her latest book isler love ofnator chimpanzees. >> she has been call