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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 12, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ ♪ this is al jazeera. hello, this is the news hour we are live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes after four years of war and chaos in syria aid agencies say the world is failing people in desperate need police in ferguson hunt for a gunman who fired on officers as responsibility for security is handed over to a different force new leaks recording link egypt leader to an illegal deal with libya.
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a factory collapse has left dozens of people trapped at least five are dead. plus. the world is failing syria. that's the damming assessment by a coalition of aid organizations as the conflict enters it's fifth year. the u.n. has proven itself to be incapable of ending acariosis. 2014 was the deadliest of the year and overall 220,000 have died since the conflict began in 2011, and some people say that that is a conservative figure. the number of children in need of aid rose by a third last year to 5.6 million. 80% of the population is
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living in poverty, it is estimated that 7.6 million people are displaced within syria, while almost 4 million more have fled the country and are living in refugee camps. al jazeera james because reports. four years ago no one could have imagined the scale of this tragedy. it is estimated as many as 300,000 syrians have died. 3.8 million are refugees that figure the main contributor to the fact there are more displaced people in the world than any time since the second world war that's when the u.n. was created almost 70 years ago. there's been little unity on the global stage. >> there have been rare moments of agreement in the security council on chemical
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weapons and the growing threat from isil. it is nothing on a political solution to the dismay of the agencies one ovators agencies the world food program is led by cousin. >> you must get frustrated when you look at the lack of agreement. >> i get frustrated not only when i look at the security council, when i go into syria and you see that there is no solution in site, and i talk to the government, and the oppositions and they are firm in their positions and then i look at the empoo. and i say don't they see what i see can't they see the impact that their failure to compromise is creating. >> over the past four years the main effort to find a political solution to special envoys. former secretary general veteran diplomate and now
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another seasoned u.n. official stefan dim ma. four months ago he told security council he hadden a ambitious plan for series of what he called freezes across syria. the first one was supposed to be in aleppo. he later agreed that he had an agreement to stop all aerial bombardment in aleppo, for a six week period. >> since then, the plan has stalls. diplomates are now very skeptical of the chances of success, and for now there is no plan b syrians will continue to suffer and many more are bound to die. well joining now via skype is william spindler spokesman for the refugee agency, thank you for joining us here on al jazeera here on al jazeera
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the situation in syria and beyond is dreadful, you obviously work for a u.n. agency do you think this condemnation of the u.n. of the security council is justified. >> well, clearly momented begin to political solution to the conflict in syria. and the international community seemed to be paralyzed and unable to find a political settlement. this was a crisis in the world today, 3.9 million refugees mostly in the neighboring countries and the impact of this population in this is tremendous people who need to be fed and housed electricity and water need to be provided
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and many syrians are not finding the living conditions that they need and therefore are continuing their journeys on wards and some of them are now in europe as well. >> following that, it is very interesting there's been a proposal from one of your colleagues at the u.n.h.c. europe. talk to us about the reassessing the moving of syrian refugee whose are arriving mainly let's say to italy or greece, obviously the southern coast of europe relocating many of them to northern europe. what luck has he had in actually trying to convince the northern european nations to do their share in helping out. >> some of them are drowning trying to. we cannot continue to see
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people dying in large numbers in the mediterranean that's why we are calling for a number of proposals, to be implemented by the european union, we need to be create i, we need to find bold solutions because this cannot continue. proposing a number of options of things that can be done. such as increasing the rescue so that people don't die in the mediterranean, but also finding legal values for some refugees to come to europe, through the settlement, so the humanitarian, through family reunification, and other options. also we have to look into this
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because the situation can't continue. >> we keep hearing stories coming to the shores and a country says they do, they have for years rescued a lot of refugees controlling from syria, but then they have to apply for asylum in the country they first reach and that seems to be a first stumbling block. what i am wondering is whether you know any colleague of yours has perhaps had any luck in trying to convince the european nations to change that so that refugees can apply for asylum anywhere regardless of where they first land. >> one of the proposals is so from a more equal share, of refugees within europe. at the moment, most of them are arriving in two countries italy, and greece. but most of them move on to other european countries and
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claim asylum in germany sweden, just the two countries account for 57% of all occupation by syrians in europe so clearly there is an imbalance. we want the union to imply mechanisms so that it can be shared, for instance refugees could go to other european countries than italy and greece, and we are in discussions with the european union, because there are proposals and we hope that the political will will there to find solutions to what are very complex problems it is indeed, but i guess a lot of syrian refugees would still harbor hope, that eventually they can go home, do you think perhaps as resources would be
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better spent in helping the refugee camps that we are seeing in the neighbors cunning of syria so asking the european nations to maybe don't want to take on syrian refugees to contribute financially, so that the refugee camps let's say in turkey, or lebanon can be better financed? >> that's correct. the number of syrians arriving in europe is too small. we are talking about 200,000 compares to 3.9 million syrian refugees mostly in countries such as turkey, lebanon jordan, which are straining under the impact of this. so we believe that these countries need help, because refugees should receive the protection that they need, close to home because most of them would like to return home as soon as possible, and europe would be better served by helping syrian refugees in
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jordan, in lebanon, in turkey, rather than not helping this countries and making it necessary for syrians to come all the way to europe in search for the living conditions that they -- the safety that they need. >> sir, thank you so much for having joined us here on al jazeera, thank you. >> thank you security in ferguson missouri will be handed over to st. louis county police, and missouri state highway patrol. the decision comes after two police officers were shot at a rally on wednesday night. over the resignation of the police chief. jackson quit following a scathing report about racially based practices within local law enforcement. let's go straight live now to ferguson. and actually i think we can
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maybe hear from eric holder now. turns out happened three more times. it was gunfire because we saw the mussel fire, so we ducked down. and we saw the cop was shot right next to us. >> one police officer was shot in the face, and another in the shoulder. it happened at a protest outside the police department, in the hours following the announcement that the police chief planned to resign. jackson has long maintained there was no racism on his watch he became the 6th official to resign in the small mid western city, accused of systemic racism, his departure has been called for by a protest movement to gain momentum after the fatal shooting of michael brown last august the belief that the police force targeted african-americans was vindicated last week millions
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were raised bring jailing and keeps members of the black community and what have been called modern debtors prisoners until they were able to pay multiplying fines. the bly that racism isen grained in p society. in madison wisconsin there have been daily protests. this highlight as universal problem with law enforcement and how it's procedures have been carries out. >> protestors across the country, are demonstrating against an entire judicial system they say is racist and unfire. the resignations have been welcomed by many but ferguson is a tiny city of 21,000, and a change in it's personnel is
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unlikely to be enough to assisted dying fie those who want greater equality and change reporting there let's go live to ferguson now. jay, first of all, what can you tell us about this handing over of security now to st. louis county police and missouri state highway patrol. the news we got in the past hour. >> yeah, it means there will be a new line of first offense here on the ground as far as the police are concerned. and officers who have been told that they need to watch what is going on here very closely, obviously, after what happened last night but also make sure the security of these protestors is well kept make sure they are being treated in the proper ways seeking as we just talked about, change. >> and what is the atmosphere there like now. because obviously this is a hugely devicive issue. >> the tension growing again there is an intensity that you
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can feel, that are a lot of people, very frustrating including the protestors that say they have been working on this since last april when michael brown was shot and killed they want change in the government, they want change in the way things are done here. they don't want violence, they think this takes away from their message, we should say the two have been released from the hospital, they were wounded but will survive those wounds. there is still an intense man hunt looking for those responsibility for the shots. >> let's talk more about what happened because i guess an investigation is underway, what do we know? we know at this point, they were likely 100 to 200 yards away when the shots were filed it seemed like they were elevated, even perhaps on one of the roof tops here, i flow there were offices in tactical gear on the roof of one of the houses here, looking for evidence they found some shell casings they believe that it
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was pistol that was yiewd but again they are searching for those responsible, and at this point, say they don't have that person or the people that fires those shots. >> jay gray, thank you so much for bringing us up to date with the latest still to come, a war crimes investigation in sri lanka but there will be no foreign involvement. plus, the hunt for survivors after a fatal fire at a russian shopping mall, and in sport, the correct world cup giant aiming to take out another of the top nations >> but he said the inquiry would not involve the united nations. up to 100,000 people were
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killed in the 26 year conflict reports from calum bow. >> she has just been released on bail the investigation department said she aided terrorists. she said she was punished for campaigning to find her missing son. i feel it's because of going to demonstrations that they took me in. to take revenges. >> jake and thousands like her have tried hard to find out what happened during the war especially the bloody last stages. both the military and have been accused of war crimes the agency was crushed the agency in power denied any wrongdoing, now the new president say as new mechanism will start working in a month
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lit be faired balanced unbuyed and independent, and take into account views within the united nations, which he says will strengthen the gettic process and it will not need outsiders to carry out investigations, some critics say the new administration is the same. and willing to investigate wrongdoing. but there is one difference. >> what you now have is a government that is willing to acknowledge that there is a grounds for having a mechanism with regard to accountability. waythey call the credibility domestic mechanism, they are also willing to engang with the office of the high commission. >> to get credibility. >> the my torpid. >> . >> at the end of the war in sri lanka families of those
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killed realize they must move on to do that, they say they must know the truth. al jazeera, columbo. >> 100 people are fears to be trapped under rubble after a factory collapsed in bangladesh, at least five people were killed in the accident at a cement factory. southwest of the capitol. it's run by a subsidiary of the bangladeshi army. >> from a mangle of metal rescuers attempt to pull out survivors. dozens of construction workers were trapped when the roof of this factory collapsed soldiers have joined in the operation. cutting through debris, to try to reach the victims. there is a possibility that 20 to 30 dead bodies are remaining there. >> those rescued are receiving treatment at a nearby hospital.
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they say at least 60 people were working in the roof of the five story building when it gave way many others were on the ground floor. the factory own by a military welfare organization. the cause of the accident is under investigation. been he dash has a poor record of safety standards. the collapse of the plaza complex outside dacca killed more than 1,100 people. most in the garment industry, that is one of the world's worst industrial accidents exposing how many factories violate building codes by using poor materials or adding extra floors that foundations it can't support. gerald, al jazeera. >> the number of people killed in ebola outbreak has now exceeded 10,000. the grim milestone was reached as sierra leone rolled out new
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containment measures. the response chief says x-ray tent behavior has led to the surge in confirmed cases over the past week. the first time in nearly eight years the israeli government has allowed farmers in gaza to export fruits and vegetables to it's markets. the decision partially eases an economic blockade that israel put in place after hamas seized control of gaza in 2007. mts reports. >> it has been years since these to may eto pickers have been this busy. farmers in the gaza strip haven't been able to ship their fruits and vegetables there since 2007, when hamas seized control of the palestinian territory that was once their largest market.
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we hope you will be able to continue producing and farming more. >> it's part of an israeli plan to implement 1200 metric tons of produce each month while palestinian farmers have welcomed the decision, they say it is still less than half of what they used to export, before it impose it is blockade. >> i currently had one hector of land under cultivation. but i think i can expand to 223, because then i should be resources to do so. the israeli military said this step is important for strengthening the economy of the sector of the gaza strip adding it has advanced the products from gaza to the west bank, in order to assist the gaza economy. whatever the case, since the cease fire ended a military
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campaign last year, steal has faced international dend mas to ease it's blockade but the conflict 11 def state, and left more than 100,000 homeless. the block kate is intended to restrict goods that could be used to build under ground tunnels but the embargo has impoverished the other poor territory, where more than half of the people receive food aid from the united nations. while many support the aiding of the blockade, questions are already being asked about how long it will last. the import is largely to make up for a short fall in israeli produce caused by a biblical year meaning that once that is over, the restrictions can be put back in place. >> in yemen thousands of houthies are holding military
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exercises close to the border with saudi arabia. the houthies who seized the large parts of yemen are conducting the drill with heavy weapons in their home province. saudi arabia considers them a terrorist groups to stabilize recent political unrest. the foreign minister has told reporters that it is up to the houthies to attend peace talks and that gulf countries are capable of defending their borders. he made the comments after a meeting of foreign ministers from the gulf cooperation council houthiss are one of the components of the yemen people, therefore, they are among those invited to talks. for them to accept or reject the invitation, it is their own decision, when it comes to some measures such as man moves or overs the gulf corporation countries have
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capabilities that are not made public. meanwhile the special advisor has been visited qatar he spoke to al jazeera and says negotiations between the houthies also known and other parties are on going but they are fragile. what will continue, is that all parties and have been meeting for eight weeks. under the auspices of the u.n. negotiations an agreement to put back on track, political transitions. this effort would continue, and will persevere we will do everything we with can to make sure the parties agree on a way forward the situation is very dangerous, it is a very serious situation and the yemenis are aware and that's why they are negotiations will continue to be mandated by the
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security council which is to fail sit tate a process that can lead to an agreement on how to put back on track the political transition that is now in disarray obviously countries of the region are worries and for very good reason the security council and the highest body in terms of peace and security is also worried about the situation and that's why yemen is on the agenda the situation can get out of hand, and if there is no agreement the prospects are very bleak. it will be a combination of scenarios libya and iraq, and that's why. everybody is aware that every effort should be made to promote a peaceful way forward. >> a libyan t.v. channel has aired what it claims is a new leaked recording that shows the office of egyptian president offering support to former gaddafi loyalist.
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the recordings were made when he was still a -- the general national congress, despite a united nations armed embargo. ceci's office has also alleged to have held secret meetings from the ole regime. and a member of sisi's office has also heard makes references to relations with mohamed a former palestinian member, and crucially the current advisor to the crown prince of abu dhabi. that backed the actions in libya. a senior lecturer at the i city taught of islamic studies based at the university. thank you for joining us here on al jazeera i wouldn't say it is a every day occurrence, but it is quite common.
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similar leaks anything in this one that stuck out for you? >> i think it is a weekly occurrence, and almost, and what we see is really something of a difference. we know how they effect the politics of the region, and the locals. they have done some work on and how they impact the regional politics but this is just beyond any theories. this is what we saw admitting on tape, to fraud, to regional patrons to creating and embezzling money we saw giving directives and instructions to media talk show hosts. we heard the prosecutor general staking instructions from generals, and also instructions given to judges but now we are seeing something the regional impact
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of which is mainly a spoiler plan for the u.n. backed peace efforts in libya more or less the decision chose to back one side, and take down what was in libya and financed by the u.a.e. and the in the middle of this, you have figures that are a wanted internationally has a warrant against him for alleged crimes against humanity. and a figure that declared publicly support for isis on local egyptian t.v. so you have a very complicated package, really, i think the impunity whether domestic or international is what is keeping them going in the this what is interesting this is libyan t.v., and other ones are being given to egyptian t.v., who do you think is leaking and b how damaging do
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you think this action is? for president sisi. >> it is difficult to know who is leaking, there is a few scenarios the more likely one is it is an internal job. with multiple factions, multiple personalities. and possibly they are taping to each other. either somebody has access to one of those data bases of tapes so egyptian snowdens if you wish, or you had one of them that is unhappy, one of the factions one of the figures is unhappy with what is going on and decided to leak something all of this so far is warning signs. they are all warning shots telling him, behave our way or we have more against you how effective i think it is more damage to reputation. what is going on in egypt.
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thank you so much for joining us. >> still more to come here on al jazeera including the potential alzheimers cure that's got scientists excited. and in sport god buy to one of their greatest footballers.
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. >> now a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera. the u.n. has been accused of failing the people of syria with aid agencies describing the security council as defunct. security in ferguson missouri will be handed over to st. louis county police, and the missouri state highway patrol. the decision comes after two police officers were shot at a rally on wednesday night. over the resignation of the police chief. and at least five people have been killed and many more are feared trapped after a factory that was under construction collapsed in bangladesh. in iraq, the government says it's forces are making
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significant gains in their battle to push it sill out. thousands of fighters are involved in the offensive against the armed group and the defense minister expects troops to reach the center of the city in the next few days. what dean has more. pounding enemy targets. on the fourth day of a huge offensive. about 3,000 iraqi soldiers and police have been attacking positions held by isil, as they try to reach the city center. they are backed by 20,000 militia men known as the popular mobilization forces and a small number of sunni tribesman, while they are not lacking in military hardware, they have been slowed down by snipers suicide bombers and bobby trapped buildings. this footage proreportedly shows forces stopping isil suicide bombers in a vehicle from reaching a military barracks. near the western province. in rahmaddy city center, their
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commanders are triumphant. >> isil tried to enter the city from all four sides. but thank god the local police force in cooperation with the fighters prevented them, we detonated car bombs. in baghdad volunteers have been cueing up for serviceman injured in the northern offensive. anishtive organized by the iraqi artists. all should party pate, this is a simple thing i off to my country. >> elsewhere in the capitol the prime minister told a crowd of country that forces fighting had made huge gains but said they also had to protect civilian life and property. >> there are infill stray tors who want to tarnish our victories by committing crimes and serious violations. therefore, we have issued strict orders to the police, army commanders and to the popular mobilization forces. >> but while the government
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insist the forces are advancing in tikrit, the battle goes on. nadine barber, al jazeera. >> the islamic state of iraq has accepted a pledge of allegiance to the group made by nigh year january armed group boko haram. he speaks of the good news of the expansion into west africa. one of the founders of the separatist peoples republic has told al jazeera that the conflict in ukraine rests on a knife's edge, he plained ukrainian forces say they have failed to abide by an on going cease fire leaders say it's the rebel whose are violated the bran on fighting but they too say that see the likelihood of a new offensive. john hen run reports now from
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the capitol of donetsk. >> as daily bullets and mortars break the silence of a fragile cease fire, they sayer this bracing for a military offensive that can come at any time. the ukrainian side has not withdrawn heavy weapons and now we are bouncing on the razor's edge. in this conflict it is ukraine that is customer panel. any fire towards residential areas will lead the situation to explode in an instant. >> they have reason to believe that that might happen. >> yes certainly it hasn't just happened once or twice over six months we have had many civilian casualties. >> so all it would take is for one more mortar to land here, in the separatist capitol, for rebel forces to feel justified
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in launching an assault. and not far away on the front lines, ukrainian troops too tell us they expect an assault and they are convinced it is pro-russian separatist whose will launch it. >> in the this village there are sporters for the rebels and mortar operators from the army. now we are strengthening trenches preparing to respond to their attack. >> each side accuses the other of violating the cease fire, and the ban on heavy weapons. but both seem to agree that it is rebel forces shown here training this week, that would launch a new offensive. while the i believe ares say they want the cease fire to hold there might be military reasons for them to launch a new battle. the u.s. intelligence firm seized three potential scenarios, rebels could take the port city and create a land bridge from russian to cry mere yeah, annexed by russia last year, or they can take the entire southern coast connecting russia with the
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break away republic. where 2,000 rush troops are already stationed. in the most ambition and least luckily, pro russian separatists could take all of eastern ukraine to the river a plan that would require at least 90,000 russian troops. there might be a higher likelihood that the rebels break the cease fire because they were winning momentum. whereas the government in kiev have more to gain now by focusing on the economy rather than focusing so much on the eastern parts of the ukraine. >> a renewed conflict would further rat testimony already traumatized residents of eastern ukraine. and an international community that has loudly lamented then co flick but is otherwise done little more than watch the crisis unfold. al jazeera donetsk eastern ukraine. >> the european union has called the killing of russian opposition activists the most
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significant political murder in recent russian history. european want an international investigation into the death. he was shot outside the kremlin just days before he was due to hold an opposition rally, the e.u. foreign policy chief said his murder must be investigated properly. russian authorities have not only the duty to conduct full and transparent investigation, into the murder, they also have to put an end to the climate of suspicion hatred and international remembers. up to 30 people have been killed in a fire at a shopping center. the building collapsed and rescuers are still searching for survivors. rob matheson reports. >> for several hours they fought to control the flames, about 4,000 square meters of a shopping center, an area almost as big as a football pitch, is burning. rescuers pull carpets anything
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that can catch fire from the collapsed building. terrified shoppers watch help leslie, six hub are said to have escaped but some have been trapped inside. >> is my friend was probably left behind inside too. under the rubble it all collapsed on them, we are standing here to kill the mother's wounds because she has wounds to her head and leg, and they are moving aim leslie about here. there is only one ambulance. this shopping center is just four years old. witnesses say the fire began in a calf fie, eventually the fire is controlled. but with smoke still rising questions are already being asked about the safety of the center's electrical wiring. al jazeera.
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after allegedly driving their car into a white house security barrier, it is claimed the two had been drinking at an all night party. it is the late nest a long line of embasements for the organization, whose top priority is to protect the president. allen fisher reports from washington. nothing unusual hereby, all guards in place, the secret service doing it's job but just last week, another embarrassment for the service which attracts scandal like the white house aability thats site seers. it's been claimed two agents left a party and drove their government car into a temporary security barrier which has been set up because of an investigation into a suspicious package. >> it is understood the officers on duty wanted to arrest the two and test them to see if they were over the legal limit, but a supervisor intervened and insists they just be sent home. because of the seniority of the agents it's been decided that the inspector general of the department of homeland security will carry out the
5:44 pm
investigation. almost a outside eye looking at the inside of the secret service. mark conley is off pictured close to barack obama's side. it is reported the over agent is george ogle i have, a senior supervisor in the washington field office. this is the latest in a long line of embarrassments and security lapses for the secret service. in a covert 2013 a woman was shotted and killed by police after she ram add temporary security barrier outside the white house. the former secret service director resigned just weeks after a man jumped the fence, armed with a knife, fought off two dogs and got into the billingist before being stopped and in january, a drone was found on the white house lawn. one insider says there needs to be a change in culture and better vetting. >> they are coming to the secret service, they need to get rid of any anticipation of
5:45 pm
reliving their juvenile years. and feeling it is part of thriver royalty, no, secret service is not about is ex, and booze, it is not about playing football in the lawn, it is protecting the president of the united states, and that kind of dignity and decorum that is fitting of the office. >> the white house say as full investigation is underway. there is the first real public test of his leadership, and a test to see if things are changing that should never attract headlines for doing it's jobben allen fisher al jazeera. >> there is no cure, though medication can slow the progression. the exact cause is uncommon, but people with alzheimerss have what is described as a build up of plaque in their
5:46 pm
brain, which stopped neurorons from working properly. researchers out of australia university, have treated this plaque in mice, using ultrasound waves. they say that the technique completely cleared the plaque from 75% of the mice, which then performed better in memory tests. jemmy hughs is the chieffective he says the findings are good news, but more work needs to be done, before a treatment is possible. >> wile we are exciting every time there's a bit of research that shows possible hope for people with alzheimerss disease, and as you say there are over 40 million people around the world living with the disease. with little prospect yet of finding a cure. this is early stage research, we are very hopeful with more investment in research, and doubles efforts we will be able to build on some of these early studies and really find
5:47 pm
the answer in the years to come. also what is important is to give better support too many people around the world. don't even get a diagnose and to many people think there's too much stigma when people don't talk about alzheimerss. they have got and they suffer in silence. >> one person who would have taken a keep interest in that news was british -- who died at the age of 66 after being diagnosed with alzheimers. his fancy books were translated into 37 languages and sold 85 million copies around the world. he was a vocal campaigner, and for assisted dying. lots to come in -- on the al jazeera news hour, including in sport hamilton and rosberg resume their formula 1 dual in
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australia. you will see dresses made of flourers, and shells. >> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> studying deadly viruses. >> these facilities are incredibly safe,
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incredibly secure. >> go inside the study of infectious diseases. >> ventilated footy pajamas. >> protecting those working to protect us. >> we always have to stay one step ahead of them because they're out there. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> now it is time to get all the sports news. >> thank you very much. and we start with correct in been he dash they will play with freedom and no fear, as they aim to cause another shocker at the word cup. >> were both sides already
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through to the quarter finals the new zealand have a 100% record so far. the bangladesh are in confident moods after knocking out england in their previous game. every game was important for us, and we are pleased to see that we are already in the finals. and this -- but we are looking forward to the game, and we are very confident. >> it is we lost one game so far, but the world cup has been consistent and playing well together, and just winning games so we have to be on our money to play well, and get that win. >> the count down is now well and truly on for the most lucrative fight in boxing history, floyd mayweather jr.
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will share a quarter of a billion dollars for their welterweight title fight on may the 2nd p p it is a match boxing fans have been waiting for for many years. reports from manila. he is sign in his home country as far more than just a boxer. the last few weeks have been a time of political unevil and tragedy, the upcoming match is set to be the biggest boxing match in recent history. but it is more than just the hundreds of millions of dollars at stake here, the rags to riches story is an inspiration in a story where millions are mired in poverty. >> many stories really inspiring for all of us. he was poor then, and now he is rich and famous. he made it all because of hard work. >> i have a lot of faith in manny.
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he does well, he trained hard, and we work together for a long type. >> manny is a congressman of his home province. a celebrity with endorsements here and abroad. some on servers even believe that winning a fight against mayweather may mean he will be a step closer to the presidency. for now though, he remains to be a symbol of hope in a nation in need of heros. scoring 36 goals he was voted best player at the world cup where he was joined a top scorer. he is five goals help in uruguay to the semifinals. the 35-year-old took in manchester united, and international he is currently playing in japan. the united arab emirates.
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the governing body is to investigate accusations that 12 endurance races never actually took place, despite results being posted on official websites. two races in january and desks had results copy them, pasted from other events, if found guilty, next year's world champion schedule for dubai could be in doubt. the few formula 1 with season is about to get underway. for the australian grand prix. lewis hamilton are both once with again expected to set the pace although mclaren and red bull will provide a strong challenge. hamilton finished as world championship last year, after badtempered with teammate, but they insist they are now back on terms.
5:54 pm
at the moment. >> sometimes we can have a laugh together, other times we want to punch each other. it depends on the day. >> how close did it get last year. >> to punch. >> quite close. the new stage race in france after the first mountain stage of the race to the sun. climbing specialist and his team dominated stage four, with reports leading teammate across the line, he just missed out on the leader's yellow jersey. who finished in the third place on the day. and there was a dramatic finish to africa denmark mad sense of progress finished with a hole in one, and than an eagle to shoot up into a share of the leader he is tied
5:55 pm
at seven under par. and that's it, hand you back to barbara. >> thank you very much. he was a giant of the fashion world, now five years after his death his work is being celebrated. the exhibition is called savage beauty, and tickets sold for tens of thousands before it even opened. jessica baldwin has been for a look in london. >> the world of alexandar income queen where fashion meets art. the creation stretch across ten rooms all with a different feel. from driving intensity to eerie spookiness. the shows were what made the designer transcend all others. angry raw emotion, coupled with impeccable clothes. fashion expert came along to
5:56 pm
the show to explain what was happening. >> people in the audience wouldn't be able to see inside the box. >> they only see themselves. >> reflecting right now and then when the light changes like it does right now you can see into the box the people on the inside of the bobs can't see out, and that's when you look at the clothes. >> and they are in a padded cell, what was the theme? what was with going on? >> it is all about asylum, so you can understand the padded cell, you can see that. >> the materials made the unorthodox put the clothes are tailored perfectly. this dress is made of tiny tiny feathers and you can see here how nature and kind of the opposition between nature and culture were key themes. >> savage beauty was first staged in 2011 in new york. about a year and a half after mcqueen's death. 650,000 people saw the show.
5:57 pm
the appeal goes beyond fashion lovers. it is art as a tortured medium created by a tortured genius. tickets have been sold all around the world. from the middle east to asia, i have been told of a couple that live in moscow. they waited for five hours and now they are making a specific trip to london for this show. >> it is hard to see the show without contemplating the potential, where would he havic thatten fashion had he lived beyond 40. al jazeera london. it does look amaze you can find out all the rest of the day's news on our website there it is, you can see our top story there, isil has accepted boko haram's pledge of alie jens, i will have more on that and the other news in just a few minutes, i hope you will be able to join me then, bye bye.
5:58 pm
>> dangerous... >> we have shackles with spit bag... >> they're still having nightmares >> if you can't straighten out your kids... >> they're mine >> al jazeera america presents camp last resort on al jazeera america >> this is the true definition of tough love
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>> heavily armed combat tactics >> every little podunk wants their tank and their bazooka... >> with s.w.a.t. raids on the rise... >> when it goes wrong, it goes extremely wrong... >> what's the price for militarizing our police >> they killed evan dead >> faul lines, al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us... >> emmy award winning investigative series... deadly force: arming america's police
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only on al jazeera america after four years of war and chaos in syria. aid agencies say the world is failing people in desperate need. ♪ ♪. >> hello, there. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up on the program police in ferguson hunt for a gunman who fired on officers as responsibility for security is handed over to a different force. new leaked recordings link egypt's leader to an illegal armed deal with libya. and a factory collapse in bangladesh has left dozenings