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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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the cost of injustice right here. that's our show for today. thank you for joining us. >> an israeli election surprise, just hours after exit polls showed a dead heat, benjamin netanyahu moves ahead decisively in the race to become prime minister. >> congressman eric shock says he'll resign. his political career is over amid allegations of lavishly spending taxpayer money. >> volunteering, american veterans returning to the battlefield to fight isil and they're doing it for free.
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>> giving up an nfl career, a young player calls it quits worried about concussions. he says his health is more important than playing pro football. >> good evening. i'm antonio mora. this is aljazeera america. votes are still being tallied in israels election but the momentum seems to be shifting towards benjamin netanyahu and his party. early exit polls had netanyahu and zionist union leader hertzog locked in a dead heat, but netanyahu has moved ahead with a sizeable lead. this is a dramatic shift from just a couple of hours ago and more dramatic change from opinion polls that had hertzog we will ahead. >> it certainly is. polls have been close for seven hours and we are hearing now you
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that prime minister netanyahu has a six vote lead over the zionist party. that probably by any analytic term i think would give him a very good chance to form the next government. it is a dramatic turnaround. election polls said that netanyahu's party was trailing and had a good chance of losing this election. there were at least four seats behind. over the weekend netanyahu came out to israeli voters and said it is a great danger for the future of israel if the leftwing is going to be legend. some would say that he really went over the top in terms of even saying that the leftwing were busing voters, arab voters to the poll and it was a danger in terms of the security of israeli. when the first votes came out at 10:00, he was tied with isaac hertzog. he put out a tweet which said it was a great victory and couple
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of hours later made this speech, to everyone appeared to be a victory speech. here's what he had to say: >> we achieved a great success for our people. i'm proud i'm proud of the people of israel who at the crucial moment knew to separate between good and bad and to stand for the principle. >> antonio, keep in mind, that speech was made hours ago when they were saying both parties were tied at 27 seats each. in the meantime in the last few hours, netanyahu has increased that lead and is now said to be leading by six votes so he'll certainly say he has a very strong victory today and can form the next government. >> having that six seat differential makes a big difference. one of his other last minute moves on monday was to say that he now opposed a two state
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solution with the palestinians. what does that mean for the palestinian peace process moving forward, if that may ever had something to do with him winning big today? >> >> i think certainly that would have made more appeal to the right wing. he will count on the right wing to put together a coalition. remember, 27 seats or over 30 seats doesn't cut it. they need 61 seats in order to have a majority. total seats of 120. all of those statements really played to the right wing and i think got the right wing to come out and support the party. i talked to some that wanted netanyahu tossed out of government. they will be really disappointed in his reelection. >> thank you for giving us this breaking news out of israel. the obama administration is
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keeping a close eye on the election returns in israel. president obama has a famously strained relationship with benjamin netanyahu. if netanyahu is able to build that coalition the divide could grow even further. >> in the runup to this election and all day tuesday, the white house was loathe to weigh in on what was happening at israel, even after prime minister benjamin netanyahu on the eve of those elections reversed long standing israel policy, flies in the face of u.s. policy and said he no longer favored a two state solution. he also in a last minute tweet said arab israelis were a threat, u.s. money was backing these voters, arab israeli voters who were flocking to the polls. one of the interesting things about what happened over the course of the last several hours and days in israel is that benjamin netanyahu essentially had two constituencies, the
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conservative parties within israel and obviously a constituency here in the united states. with one he evidently did very well. with the other the jury's out but looks as though he did damage to what was already a frayed relationship in backing away from the two state solution in coming to address a joint meeting of congress against president obama's wishes. while relations between these two countries go deep, they go deeper than the leaders of the respective government, they are definitely on the rocks. the peace process if netanyahu were to stay in power remain prime minister it looks as there is no prospect for success over the next two years of president obama's term. antonio. >> mike vick in washington, thank you. >> one thing that netanyahu's reelection bid was his opposition to the iranian nuclear negotiations. the deadline for a framework agreement is now two weeks away. secretary of state john kerry is in switzerland leading the current round of talks.
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today iranian officials reported significant progress toward a deal. the white house was less enthusiastic. >> what we are determined to do is to ensure that we find an agreement that shuts down every path that iran has to a nuclear weapon and codifies with a lot of clarity exactly how in trucei the set of inspections will be to verify iran's compliance with the agreement and if iran is not able to come to terms with those expectations, with those commitments, then there won't be an agreement. >> the talks resume tomorrow in switzerland with the current focus on technical details including the size of any iranian stockpiles. >> aaron shock was considered a rising star in congress, but tonight the illinois republican is preparing to give up his job. his downfall maybe linked to a popular television show. he is alleged too ever misused
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taxpayer money. >> that is right. this congressman shock was one of the youngest members of the house. he won reelection to his district in illinois just last year with more than 70% of the vote. after bragging about his office, which was modeled after a pbs television series, people started asking questions about his spending habits, including the hiring of a private jet. today, congressman's shock's career came to an abrupt end. >> a shock resignation in name only, it's been on the cards for weeks. the congressman who appeared bare chested on the cover of men's health magazine in 2011 made different headlines when he declared his capitol hill office to look like downton abbey. the problem was the $40,000 he spent in taxpayer money to do it. >> the most important thing is
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what you do with your constituents. >> he paid it back, but the decor was only part of it. there were questions about his travel expenses, like the $10,000 he spent for his staff to accompany him to a word leaders event in new york in september. >> if that's not official, i don't know what is. our own president addressed the crowd, as well. >> you're spending on travel looks to be improper. >> look. >> what the congressman said was he had the biggest district by geographical area to serve. >> i acknowledged on friday when you rent a plane, you go around your district, people can say that seems out of touch. i get it ok? >> he fiddled with his mileage expenses. now he's saying that the
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constant questions offer the last six weeks have proven a great distraction that has made it too difficult for me to serve the people of the 18th 18th district. illinois' governor weighed in late tuesday. >> it's a sad day for illinois. it's a very unfortunate situation. i hope and believe that the congressman is doing the right thing right now for the best interest of the people of the 18th district and state of illinois. >> shock will officially resign march 31. then there will be a special election to if i am the seat and one name already floated to take over is darrin lahood. he is already an illinois state senator and a major name in the area and his father, ray lahood is the current secretary of transportation. >> thank you, john. >> house republicans unveiled a new budget proposal, the plan cutting $5.5 trillion, calling for a repeal of the affordable care act and elimination of more
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than $900 billion in medicaid spending. president obama says the republican plan does not reflect the future. >> a u.s. surveillance drone is said to ever crashed in syria's northern region. the pentagon said a drone is missing but will not say it was brought down. if confirmed, it will be the first aircraft downed in syria since coalition airstrikes began last summer. >> former sufficient troops volunteering to return to the fight in iraq. >> isis killed two of my friends. >> we'll find out what's pulling some american veterans back to that country without the backing of the u.s. military. >> one way the seattle police department is trying to let the public see everything its officers do.
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>> the secret service is investigating an envelope containing cyanide sent to the white house. officials say no one was injured from handling the letter. there are reports the person who sent it has a long history of sending dangerous substances to the secret service. this incident is just the latest confronting the service. director joseph clancy was grilled on capitol hill today. lawmakers urged him to fix the agencies culture can be including firing agents. the secret service has been rocked by scandals. this month, two agents drove a
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car into the barricade at the white house allegedly while drunk. >> a first look tonight at police body camera footage from a killing last june in dallas. the video is graphic. it shows officers answering a call about a mentally disturbed man behaving erratically. the man can be seen holding a screwdriver. police tell him to drop it. the camera pans off and shots of heard. the incident is raising more questions about wearing cameras. in seattle, they are allowing the public to say exactly what they are doing. >> an anti police protest in seattle spills on to a video ramp. it's raw video for anyone to see. >> you're under arrest. >> it's on you tube, where the seattle police department has their own channel dedicated.
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it's an approach championed by a computer programmer in seattle. he wanted to see all the video shot by seattle police dash cams and his huge freedom of information request prompted a public discussion on accountability and transparency in policing. >> the ultimate goal is that american police are going to handle every situation exactly how the best professionals on earth would handle it. they'll be held to task by people watching the video. >> yes. >> seattle p.d. invited clemens to try different ways of editing the video flurrying faces and information that might vital privacy, making it easier to approve the video for public release. the effort to improve transparency comes as seattle police are under federal intersection monitored by the justice department after an
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investigation found improper use of force a chronic problem. on oh the you tube channel, some clips are fuzzy silent, black and white others in color with full sound. as the police department tries a variety of approaches to figure out what works best. body cameras and the video they generate have been key issues in the debate over police reform, since the shooting of michael brown in ferguson, missouri. there was no video of that event, video that could have answered so many questions at an early stage. just having video doesn't necessarily mean those kinds of questions will be answered. in los angeles, one of the officers involved in this shooting was wearing a body camera that lapd won't release the video. the same thing could still happen in seattle. right now they're not uploading everything they have. there's just too much of it.
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you'll find more than 100 clips of body worn video and more going in daily. they tell us they have more than four hundred. >> tera bites. seattle's body cam program is still in the testing stage. >> a u.s. veteran stands accused of trying to help isil. tyrone pugh was trying to cross the border into syria stopped in turkey. officials say he wanted to fight. he says he wanted a job. >> federal investigators say in mid january u.s. citizen and air force veteran tyrod flew to turkey to join ice pill. when he was questioned at the turkish airport, he claimed he was a pilot with the united states special forces, and he wanted to enter turkey for vacation. they sent him back to egypt
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after he refused to allow them access to his laptop as part of the border crossing search. what eventually turned up on his computer were several videos downloaded in december from the isil propaganda film flames of war, two other videos showcasing isil fighters executing prisoners. the complaint says he converted to islam in 1998 and became increasingly radical. in 2001, while pugh was working as a mechanic for american airlines a coworker tipped off the f.b.i. that few sympathize with osama bin laden. when turkey prepared him for deportation, he asked to stay in the middle east instead of going back to the u.s., adding the u.s. doesn't like black muslims. >> he told investigators he spent the past year and a half in egypt dubai and jordan
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working as an airplane mechanic. at some point egypt he married a woman there. investigators say they are in contact with her. pugh is in jail tonight expected to face a federal judge in new york tomorrow when his lawyer tells us he will plead not guilty. if convicted at trial though, pugh faces a sentence of 35 years in prison. >> more u.s. veterans are volunteering for action on the front lines against isil. some with malicious classified by the state department as terrorist organizations. sons of liberty international recruits former service members to help train militias in iraq. i spoke recently with founder matthew van dyke who fought in the libyan revolution and was a prisoner of war. i asked him why he is now part of this fight. >> after fighting in libya i went on to work in various projects with the syrian revolution, but after my friends
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were killed by isis, i refocused my attention on to isis. >> this is all non-profit, the people working with you to train people there are american military vets. they're doing this as volunteers. they're not mercenaries. >> it's formed as a company but run on non-profit principles, run to be revenue neutral and we'll be disclosing some of our category of expenses. we rely on support from the public, people go to our website at sons of liberty and contribute. it's really crowd funding the war on terrorism, crowd funding the pursuit of liberty giving people an opportunity to being involved in making a tangible impact on the fight against isis. >> how much anger is there that isil took over parts of iraq that they fought hard for and that some of their friends lost their lives? >> well, there's anger but i don't take anybody that's there for revenge oring a are.
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i really need somebody's heart to be in the right place. we have so many and one of the questions is why do you want to work for us. >> it's not difficult at all to find veterans who are willing to go back. >> it was at first back in december when we started doing work in iraq, but now that we went public with what we're doing, nearly 100 applications in the cue right now. >> what about the danger you face when you're there? we've even the savagery of isil repeatedly. >> it's certainly a concern when my personnel are in the country. they are all armed. they have combat experience. they're pretty good at handling their insecurity. we take precautions, but it is a risk and everybody going into it know the risks. >> what has the u.s. government taking on what you're doing? >> we've been in discussions with the state department in erbil and feedback has been positive. >> are you concerned about the legalities?
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some kurdish groups of designated at terrorist organizations and government is going after people who have gone over to fight for isil. are you concerned they might come after you or other veterans who might be helping kurdish groups? >> we're working with a syrian christian groups in iraq, and not the kurds but we'll work with different groups. we have a very strict vetting process about which groups we work with. there's a lot of factors and considerations that go into those considerations. i don't think we will r. be considered working with terrorists or go astray of the law. it's highly unlikely the united states would designate a christian militia in iraq as a terrorist organization. >> do you think you've been successful in helping these people out? >> yes we've been very successful. the first battalion graduated january 19th. we started working when they
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were really just a concept discussing with them coming over and training. we helped them with advising, consulting, in addition to training to help them basically raise an army. if we continue working with them in the future, we'll have advisors on the front lines with them during engagements with the enemy. if we work with other groups, we'll be helping other groups doing the exact same thing we did. >> ike said many of the veterans who sign up with sons of liberty international are frustrated coming home to mean yell jobs in the u.s. >> the presbyterian church will soon recognize same-sex marriage. the majority of parishes ever voted to recognize same sex couples. marriage is now traditionally between a man and woman. there are at least 8 million presbyterian. it's the largest protestant group to recognize gay weddings. >> the rising nfl star leaving
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the game. how chris borland's decision is putting the spotlight back on discussions. >> the facebook page putting penn state university in trouble with the school and maybe the law.
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>> members of a fraternity at penn state could face criminal charges for allegedly using a facebook page to post images of unconscious women in the nude. a certainly warrant showed 144 students and alumni had access to the page. the fraternity has been suspended for a year. a former member tipped off police to the exitance of the page. >> a rising nfl star is calling it a career after just one year of playing in the pro league. san francisco 49ers linebacker chris borland says he's turning down big money and a chance at a superbowl to protect himself from head trauma. he's not the only player to walk away because of the risk of ferrous injury. >> after signing a four year $3 million contract, chris borland became a standout
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defensive player in his rookie year leading the 49ers in tackles. a concussion led him to question whether continuing to play was a wise choice. >> i just started my professional career. am i going to go down this road, commit the prime of my life to something that could ultimately be detrimental to my health. that just triggered my thinking and changed the way i viewed the risks. >> i really do think there is a reason to be concerned. some of my research in looking at the retired nfl players has demonstrated they have sustained traumatic brain injuries. >> borland is the fourth player under 30 to step away from the nfl in the last two weeks over health concerns, but not the first. former seattle seahawks receiver ray rice retired at 27. >> tony dorsett her chyle walker seeing that they had
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been going to the same place for 20-25 years their home and they said one thing that caught my attention. sitting at a stop sign two miles from home and they have to call their wives or loved one to get directions to go home and this is all from because of the impact, injure to the brain. that's when when i really started to take notice and think about it a lot more. >> both the 49ers and nfl supported his decision, but the league said the gave is as safe as its ever been with in-game concussions falling 25% continuing a three year downward trend. another trend is in decline and it's believed to be a direct result of the nfled concussion crisis. the nation's largest youth football program, pop warner saw participation drop nearly 10% between 2010 and 2012, the largest two year decline since
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the organization began keeping statistics decades ago. >> i think the thing that i can convey to youth and parents just make an informed decision. if you weigh the risks and decide this is something you want to partake in, it's a free country and nfl will exist for a long time. it makes a lot of money. you have the freedom to do what you want and i think that's important. if i could relay a message to kids to their parents, it would be two fold, one make an informed decision and two don't play through concussions. >> michael eaves, al jazeera. >> borland's future includes a return to school. he has a bachelors degree from the university of wisconsin and plans now to get a master's degree in sports management. >> an update to our top story. israeli media is reporting nearly all the votes have been counted in the national election and the likud, benjamin
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netanyahu's party will stay in power. he will still have to form a coalition to govern. for more information head over to ""inside story"" is up next. have a great night. >> hello i'm ray suarez. israeli's prime minister found himself in the fight of his political life, as voters turned out in large numbers and were signaling they were ready for change, but just a few hours ago, benjamin netanyahu net declared victory in a close race. right now it looks a lot like a tie. when the dust settles and a victorious party shapes a coalition that can back the next prime minister, will the voters actually see anything different? was this about s