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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ this is al jazeera. >> hello. you are watching the al jazeera news hour, live from london. coming up, the battle for power moves south fighting engulfed the international airport in adan, the president is forced to flee. protests as isil says it carried out wednesday's museum attack.
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>> boko haram in retreat an international coalition celebrates drived the group out of key towns in northeast nigeria. and we investigate the golden tri-ainge al special economic zone in laos. >> as fifa finally maybes eight date it has decided the world cup final will be played on december 18th, qatar national day. >> the yes, ma'amny president has accused the government of trying to force a coup against him.
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the nearby compound, was then attacks by fighter jets. is now reportedly in a secure location but he has described the attack as an attempted coup against him. enran can reports. the many ways this is a rival between two men. they retake the airport from special forces loyal to the former yemenny president. it was a short but tough battle lasting four hours. them they attacks the airport. the fighting got so intense the airport was shut down, and passengers taken off planes and back into the terminal. forces loyal then defeated the loyalist and surrounded them.
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it is expected that the houthies are now in control of the north they now want to make sure that the clashes of fights are happening in adan. so her taking taking the fight so hadi directly. >> an unidentified war plane hit the base, and according to his aid, he was unharmed. he fled last month avenue hoodty fighters took control. he encysts he remains the leader and is trying to build a power base. and for supporters were able to take control of the airport, it would have weakened hardy who has declared the city it's temporary capitol with me now is hue moon rights activists thank you for being with us, we can see a deetenning device a split that was already in place but a gulf
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that is widening between the forces in eighten and those the houthies right now in the capitol. what are the options right now? >> i think it shows that there are clear divisions within the military structure that is not working in the benefit of president hadi. in fact, a source from the presidential office confirmed to me just a few hours ago that many of the military camps around gaza are not under the control, and we might be expecting further escalations to becoming in a few days and i think here. cos the significant importance of the nonstate actors which might be depending on in the coming few days including the popular committee these are committees that were formed by the former minister of defense, to push out al quaida in 2012, when they took control of some areas. >> he has very limited room to man move, because he can't rely on those. >> inform you are talking about the military, and the
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security forces as an organized structure most of it now is not following the orders of hadi, rather than following the orders coming from san that. including the air forces and the biggest air base is still receiving orders which led him to evacuate his residency. >> does he try to repel addens haves or does he need to focus on u.n. brokers talk which is are on going? i think if hadi didn't act very fast, and they are in the negotiations if they didn't do anything, it was just buy more time for saleh and the loyalist forces to expand
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fourthner the south there are many still in the south including many military and security forces. from the national dialog. thank you. >> thank you. >> is isil says it is responsible for a deadly attack in tunnies. 23 people were killed on wednesday when gunman stormed the national museum. nine people have been arrested in connection with the attacks jackie roland reports. >> tun thesians take to the streets to express their defiance. the message, a clear rejection of violence, and the people who perpetrate it. there was also solidarity, and tributes layed in their memory. some of the victims weren't carried their pass effort poos so they haven't been identified yes. more than 40 people were injured some have been talking
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about their experience. >> we entered one of the rooms in the old part of the museum, look at the mosaics suddenly we started to hear shots and everyone started to run. people started to try and save themselves trying to hide behind the glass windows and in the corners of the room. >> two gunman were killed when security forces stormed the museum to end the siege. it is believed they had accompliced. police say they have arrested nine so far. with will be putting in place check points that will be manned and supervisors by the national army. both the national army and security personnel will intensify their patrols across the nation. joint patrols between both the army and security personnel will also be conducted. >> when it reopens it can
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expect fewer visitors. a number of tour companies say this removing few these yeah as their list of destinations. now the parliament is looking to fast track new anti-terror laws and the president has promised to fight mercilessly those behind wednesday's attack. >> the first of the victims of the attack is layed to rest. the police officer who died. tunisia remains in shock and in mourning. it is also aware that it can no longer remain on the sidelines of what become known as the war on terror. african forces fighting boko haram have announced big gains. it was seized last november, now it is clear of the rebels
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but the residents are also nowhere to be seen. soldiers from chad say they killed more than 200 boko haram fighters when they retook the northeast nigeria on wednesday. boko haram flagged and the slogans could be seen on walls even if it was liberated. large supplies of weapons belonging to the group are also recovered. >> we face adden enemy who truly occupied this area, and it wasn't easy to push them out, but we did it and this enemy is now reduced to the bare minimum. the scene of massacres by the group in which hunters died, and other major towns have also been reclaimed in the last few weeks.
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it is through that the fraternity which is budding now, we didn't know each other on march the 8th when we crossed the bridge, but now we shared a meal. and it is a new fraternity which is being born now. >> the nigerian army say the three states in northeast nigeria were effected by boko haram six year campaign, from the military has announced victories before. like the capture of the leader who the military said they had captures and killed but who later appears on boko haram propaganda videos. they are calling for people that fled to return home. >> we have arrived to find a deserted town, so we spent the last two days here, inviting the population to come back and secure their belongings. blue that is unlikely, many of
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the people displaced by the violence, like these people, are afraid to go home just yet. there has been conflicting information from the forces fighting boko haram but if they are winning the war against the group it means it is more likely people will be able to vote safely when elections are held next wreak. al jazeera nigeria. >> the u.n. has condemned an air strike on the airport in tripoli, which it says threatened to undermine talks on libya's future. the explosion delayed the delegation from flying where u.f. mediated negotiations are taking place. the group did eventually take off, though. talk redirect examination expected to resume on friday. both delegations and the tripoli based gnc have just
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arrive sod the united nations says that talks will resume on friday. the delegation from tripoli couldn't have happened earlier today, because the air base was targeted by forces lowell to the general, the attack was condemned by the united nations which isen waying both parties against escalation. the united nations statement says that the recent state of violence undermined coming to a settlement. the united nations is pushing for a political settlement where the east and west of libya come together and form a national unity government with the prime minister the final say in running the country. then they will announce a cease fire across the country disban militias the then form a national army tasked with basically securing libya and
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fighting groups that are affiliated with the isil. the general concern here, voiced by the international community is that if there's no settlement, there will be more violence, more political division, and situations that took place into the hands like isil are now trying to expand in the eastern part of the country. elsewhere, new battle fronts have been opening areas in and around the city have seen fierce fighting between isil and the libya dawn military coalition. dozens have been killed in the city the libyan city which for weeks was under siege by, toes in 2011, is now on the front line in the battle against fighters affiliated to the islamic state of iraq.
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they were attacked at three in the morning the response of dawn of libya, and forces came strong. for the past few months the rival parties have been more intense on fighting each other. to send troops to surrounding areas was the first time a local force declared war on the branch of isil. >> the true facts is this city is not accustom to calamities and pain. but all these sacrifices are for libya for fighting terror and terrorists, along with remanents of the regime. in order to bring the revolution to it's true right costs and achieve it's goals. isil also lost men in the fighting officials are trying to identify these bodies.
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some are believed to be nonlibyan. but some libyan dawn officials mean many of those that joined isil are loyalists. who have never accepted the new rulers of libya. >> isil linked groups control important buildings and former libyan leader hometown. and the armed groups influence extends further east to the oil rich region. libya dawn fighters say they are planning a major offensive, but addressing the threat may not be easy, isil has promised to take the conflict some 250-kilometers west. it has claimed responsible for an explosion, that targeted the libya dawn fighters inside the city. al jazeera. still to come for you villages and former rebels team up to save trees from the booming trade in illegal logging. now food and water buries underground help sustain the cycling survivors and in
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sport, bankrupt, the top level italian that is going out of business after 101 years. the soldiers are thought have been killed by the armed group last june when they overran a military base near the city. al jazeera can't independently verify this video. meanwhile, the u. n. says isil may have committed again side by trying to wipe out the aseedies. recommends the criminal court to prosecute those responsibility. the report also alleges forces and affiliated militias, may have committed some war crimes while battling isil. including killings torture and abductions.
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there's no sign of an apparent cease fire in the city. response fighting is continuing between ukrainian troops and pro-russian separatists. heavy shelling and machine gunfire was heard throughout wednesday. the city is important because it is home to ukraine's main chemical plant. a fragment recovered from the crash site matches the forensic signature of a surface to air rocket it supports their theory -- the fragment was tested by forensic experts that say it mashed the charge of a rocket. people onboard died when nh 17 crashed in ukraine last july. they may have to be extended the secretary of state is described the talks as tough and intense.
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the diplomatic editor sent us this update. >> the intense diplomacy goes oen in the hotel behind me. seven delegations in there. breakfast time and they are going on until late after night. of course the main players of the u.s. and the iranians secretary of state and mohamed zarif have been meeting several times. it is interesting that the europeans now that seem to have a problem suggesting that the deal isn't yet good enough. which was finally agrees it seems to be the french again.
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the french want that period to be much longer, maybe 15 or many as 25 years. >> the bail out conditions there are fears that frees can drop out of the euro. and the presidents of the e.u. and ecp. germanys chancellor warned a solution won't come easily. the decision is made in the euro group. >> the vice president is vowing to challenge his removal saying it was unconstitutional. samuel was fired by the president. he has been expelled from your people congress party faced allegations he was instigating unrest.
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it is constitutional requirement that any of you running for vice president. the latest cases of ebola it's prompted the president to warn that the fight against the virus isn't over yet. and failure to stick to safety procedures for the set back. this reported on a single day on the weekend. in senegal villages and former rebels have come together to protect their forests from illegal logging. the black market is booming. nicholas hat reports on the project to save trees in southern senegal. a 200-year-old tree cut down in less than an hour. this was a sacred forest to the people here. one that their ancestors protected. it is a symbol of time, of
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ancestry, and identity. it breaks my heart men cannot live without nature it is illegal to cut them down unless you have a permit. but no one is here to enforce the law. the region has been fought over for 30 years. the government was brokered to years ago but tensions remain high. it is difficult to know who is in charge here deep in the forest. former environment minister believes he was removed from his post because he exposed a black market timber operation. that involved the traders european ships asian businessman, and the states. >> the neighboring is forbidden to cut wood even for household use, but the country exports large quantities. i would like to denounce the
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european ships that facilitate this trade. they know this is illegal yet they continue to do it. they estimate the trade to be worth 30 to $100 billion. the damage is to obvious to ignore. >> forms rebels that fought this army, are joining fors to protect this land. a patrol, watch. replant the forest. farming is their way to tackle the illegal timber trade. when farming there is always someone on the ground taking watch, it is a nonviolent way to tell the smuggler to back off, it is ours. >> the project is small but their ambition is big it may take years for the trees to
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grow but they believe they have planted the seeds to save their forest. china and japan have started their first security talks in four years. ties between the two have suffered over uninhabited islands in the sea. they are controlled by japan but claimed by china prompting fears that an accidental collision could spark conflict. aid agencies are praising the resilience of the resident in the face of cyclone pam. survivors have relied on food and water that was buried underground. 11 people were killed but a fierce speak in the number of dead hasn't materialized. as andrew thomas now reports. he was in japan at a conference preparing for disasters when disaster hit his own country.
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the climate change is now back taking to the sky to independent the damage. first up the islands the australian government has flown in a team to australians in the area, the minister has hitch add ride. >> strike the philippines we haven't got the report from the islands since the ultimate at this time. but i think we will not be expecting mass casualties since people are prepared. >> unlike the philippines the cyclone didn't cause huge storm surges from the sea. so water was less damaging than wind. even sew the lou number so far has been remarkable. on a whistle stop tour, two hours on the ground to find out which preparations helped, and what could be done better in the future. this island escaped the worst
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of the symptom, but peer here know the next time could be different, and it could be soon. s they are sure climate change is at least in part to blame. the weather pattern is changing. we have the cyclone. we used to have clones but this is the worst we have ever had. >> this isn't the fist bad cyclone australia has helped to champion up. >> in the capitol worry is everywhere. chef is desperate to get home to a remote part of the island. he knows it was badly hit but hasn't had any news about his family.
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i just want to go back home. >> cyclones like these are making such journeys more common. >> still ahead for you on al jazeera this hour. two journalists on trial in egypt, make their latest appearance in court. >> we meet the land speed record hold who just wanted to go faster. and in sport, tournament favorites are ready for a first knock out match at the world cup.
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>> we published and than the members now say that we didn't say that. >> an appeals court has already ruled, there wasn't enough evidence
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>> the inquiry will look into his age and whether he was tortured into confessing. >> it's been two months since the argentine prosecutor was found dead in his apartment. the investigation into how he died continues while another court decides will the case he was investigating should proceed. allegations of a cover up at the highest level are proving
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devicive in this election year. this was the scene outside the court in beanies airies. investigating how he dies. was he murdered, did he kill himself, was he forced to commit suicide. >> it is about the wheels to define the rule, and to do that no matter where the consequence is. three judges are decides whether to take that decision to overturn the verdict of another judge that last week ruled that it should not proceed. the charge was that president kristina fernandez and her foreign minister were trying to cover up alleged iranian involvement in the 1994 bomb attack on a jewish community center.
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an attack that killed 85 people. among goal tens of thousands of people took to the rain soaks streets demanding justice. they called for greater protection for those in the justice system and strongly criticized the government handling of the case. the government has been fighting back he was mocking the memory of the 85. don't ask me who but the voters are all over the social networks. in the arms of various women. the protests are much more subdued now i am protesting the support the case. it doesn't get less to see the paperwork. >> it is still a case that is engrossing argentina. with little in the way of firm evidence, there's plenty of scope for rumor speculation and opinion.
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it is now epurging that enormous errors were committed. this is the problem with the argentine justice system which is like a dog chasing it's tail, running in circles. so no answers in conclusions at least not yet. which leaves argentines asking whether the justice and political systems are serving the people, they are supposed to serve. daniel, al jazeera bean buenos aries. >> thai police say the pair behind a network illegally buys ask mall horning from africa, they are accused of trading and smuggling through thailand southern border. the men were arrested with more than 100-kilograms in their position. no tiger skins and rhino horns are being openly traded despite a ban to protect the endangers species.
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the animal parts are being sold at a gambling resort popular with chinese tourists. welcome to the so called golden triangle special economic zone, it has a cassuhn know, a hotel, and shops. it also has restaurants with live animals on the menu. this bear cub was available to eat investigators filmed what was said to be rhino horn for sale. rhinos are an endangers species. >> so to are tigers but here you can choose from a selection of skins skins watched over by yes stuffed tigers. also available for sale. outside captive tigers are kept in cramps cages. the tiger farm here has planned to breed between 501,000 now captive bred tigers are legal if licenses it is the export of tear products that is illegal.
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either way licenses or permissions are often ignored. >> this investigators said was frozen tiger meat, available to eat. here assembled in a vat are pieced together skull and skeleton of a big cat almost certainly a tiger. here is a still photograph from a promotion. senior key tells the investigator it is very easy this business, it is aureoled to wealth. the resort is in laos. and the chinese run is the
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main currentsy. >> this specially economic zone has been set up by the government. it falled under legislation. so both the governments of lao. >> they are calling on the governments to investigate connections between the trade here and wild life criminals operating in the region. the question is will it lead to any meaningful action. sal al jazeera. i am joined now by conservationist who is also president of the wild life charity. thank you for speaking to us, just listening to that report there, we saw live cubs available to eat. a selection of skins and even bone wine to drink. on a personal level how shocked were you by the findings in. >> well, i am sure like your
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viewers i am absolutely shocked. the welfare side, lit alone the legality and the trade side. imagine the lives of those animals in those terrible circumstances literally on death row waiting to be bought and then consumed. there's something wrong with that. and the wider implications as it fuels the illegal international wild life trade these huge set ups, 500 to 1,000 tigers there are only 3,500 wild tigers in the world. and yet we are breeding by them by the hundreds and the thousands for human consumption, there must be something wrong with that. >> how do you incentivize a crack down on this? because as we heard in the report, it is bringing in a great deal of wealth, for the poachers at this tourist resort is caters to the chinese, it runs on beijing time. the laing wage, the signs are all in mind ran.
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so it is bringing in a great deal of wealth. and at the same time you have demand from tourists. so what do you do to crack down? i think it requires leadership. and that's what seems to be missing. where is the leadership that the gentlemen interviewed in the film said what permissions. there is no permissions. the same advice to the chinese side, now china has begun to show some signs of real leadership. it is not enough. there is much more to do, not just in places like this, which frankly is a revelation to me, a terrible revelation, but in terms of the ivory trade, rhino horn trade, the fact you can still legally buy tiger skins in china means that china itself is approving the market. we have to end that, and there's a huge meeting taking place coming up, next week, which will be identified just
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these kind of actions that are needed. >> why would china do that when the demand exists? china has a leadership role to play all other significant nations are speaking out against this trade. china needs to do the same. >> thank you very much. world travelers from the born free foundation, good to get your thoughts on this. >> much more to come for you on al jazeera. >> on the pharaoh islands in the north atlantic, where people are hoping to see a total eclipse of the sun. and in sport the long weight is open, fifa finally announced a date for the 2022 world cup final.
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>> and then after it just goes life returns back to normal and you look around and think what was that, it is quite unusual. >> in all more than 9,000 people have come to the islands to try to see the eclipse, from land. by sea even from the air. some trips were booked years in advance. on the weather forecast, that is because total eclipses are rare. and there won't be another one here for several hundred years. but these are not unprecedented. legend has it that during an eclipse in the 17th century, four pharaoh byes brothers found themselves suddenly in darkness. they promised they would be better men the sun then came out again. and unlike now the total eclipse of 1954, was viewed with a suspicious by some
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people. >> there is no communication system. but as seen in the paper and my father told me don't be scared of it, so many local people are very scared because they think lit be the end of the world. and it was everybody was happy when the sun comes back again. >> some call this the land of maybe, so depend it is on the elements. there is no guarantees that the skies will provide the perfect view. but new memories will be made here whatever the weather. al jazeera in the pharaoh islands. all right, lee is here, finally a day for the world cup. >> yes, thank you. finally, fifa has decided on that date for the 2022 world cup, and lit be played on december 18th. qatar national day the decision was announced after day one of their executive committee meeting comes after
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much uncertainly, to squeeze it into the calendar in the cooler period. there is no confirmation of start date but it is expected to be shorter than usual. joined now in doha by al jazeera sports reporter robin adams, robben? >> this has been a painful process, but it is likely to end up with november and december. and indeed with december 18th. 1,568 days since they awarded the rights to the 2022 world cup. fifa had no rush to come to this decision, we knew it would be a winter world cup they wanted to be seen as consulting all of the relevant stakeholders and come to the decision that it was going to be a winter world cup, of course the biggest stumbling block was the clubs who stood to lose the most during the
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2022 world cup because of the disruptions of the legal t.v. rights those kind of things. yet they are ironing out the deal for compensation for those players. >> the decision will be greeted very warmly across doha. absolutely, i have been here for nearly four years and i even still struggle with the summer temperatures which reach in ped of 51 degrees, so there was never going to be an ideal solution for fans volunteers for players of course it is worth remembering that qatar has pushed june july world cup, they were always saying look we are ready to host the summer or winter cup. but it was never going to be a tangible idea, it was always going to be a winter world cup, and of course, here, they quite happy in the sense that it is the first ever middle east world cup and for all intents and purposes this is going to be the first world cup that is played across
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really just one big city and not just one country, so the fans can hop a taxi, a bus can get into the rental cars and make it towards the other state robin, do you think the resistence from european clubs will subside. this world cup will finally be more acceptable now that we have a date. >> certainly in 2010, the as a result just the other day where the naysayers as it were, the voices of resistence, in the lead up to the world cup have just so much to say. but this kind of season sized when the world cup fever starts taking over, and people get excited about the biggest sporting skeptical in the world, and i think this is going to be certainly -- because we have many years until another seven years or so until the 2022 world cup and i do think all of the resistence will reside closer to the time.
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>> there is another important announcement from fifa on day one of their executive committee meeting the 2019 women's world cup will take place in france. of course this year it is in canada in june and july. have been declared bankrupt after being stricken with debt for more than $220 million. the court could now point an add just kateed to oversees the affairs. it is possible they won't finish the season, but officials are expecting to play sunday's match. earlier i spoke to world soccer magazine. >> the reality at the moment is today's bankruptcy hearing has allowed the club to avail of a 5 million euro rescue operation put together. by the league, and the
5:52 pm
football federation. but given the size of the problems they have something like 218 million euros of debt, it may be the 5 million to get to the end of the season. will not be good enough. and the club may well have to drop out in the champion entirely, which would mean all those teams which -- we have 11 games to go, all those teams that haven't played those, they will pick off very handy 3-nil win in the board room. and obviously falsify the champion. >> the strikers back on ibrahim has been summoneds to achieve before a french league committee. was called using an explicit to criticize the nation. following the defeat, we later apologized for the comments that drew widespread criticism in france. correct world cup tournament
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favorites will take on pakistan shortly in the third quarter final. australia beat them 1-nil plays between the two nations. five months ago but captain michael clarke is refusing to underestimate his opponent whose are also in good form after winning four straight matches. i think pakistan has been underrated for a long time. especially in the shorter form of the gape. i think their attacks are very good, and they have shown that they have led really good from the start. >> gives you a lot of confidence as a team, as so i think the mind set is good at the moment, the mind set is really good, so this is the best time to play against such a good team because we with
5:54 pm
are in a good frame of mind. >> the defending champions thrashes bangladesh by 109 in their quarter final. they now have seven wins out of seven in the tournament. new zealand takes on in the last of the quarter final matches. the downhill for a record 7th time the prolific skier added the super g title. the american lost and challenge on the slopes in the french alp ones the fastest time, almost half a second faster in second place. it is a record 67th world cup win for her and ominously for her opponents she has vowed to come back for more next season. and i will come back for more as well. >> thank you very much, lee over the next few month as team of british jeers will be attempting to break the world land speed record, which
5:55 pm
currently stands at 1,287-kilometers per hour. that was how fast british pilot andy green drove in the supersonic car. now, he is trying to drive even faster. barn biphillips records. in a factory in england engineers are trying to build the fastest car the world has ever seen. it is designed to reach a speed of over 1,600-kilometers per hour. it is part formula 1 car part supersonic jet part next generation robert. and this is the man that will drive it, andy green a brettish air force pilot. >> this was him back in 1997 breaking the previous land speed record in the dessert in nevada. but does the idea of going even faster make him frightened. >> the risk management, safety, can create a car that will get to 1,000 miles an hour, but we can monitor every
5:56 pm
aspect of it so we can do this safely. more importantly, in the digital age we can tell the story live as we are doing it. 12 video cameras on this car we will be streeting live video, so wherever you are in the world, you can watch what is happening in the car as it is happening. >> this is where andy green and blood hound will try to break the record. have cashried rock with their bare hans to create this perfectly flat surface. is this car will eventually consistent of 3 1/2 thousand han made pieces put together to create one very unique machine. but to what purpose? the engineers here insist that outhowl it is fun the task is
5:57 pm
frivolous. >> they hope it will inspire a new generation of school children, in the u.k. and across the world, to take up science technology and math. >> we don't need five, ten, 15 years supersonic car designs. however, we need to work towards -- we need people to go into those technology, that those technologies that can have the future, and that wouldn't happen if people are excited enough to stick with it. >> al full speed blood hound will travel the equestion lent of 4.5 football in one second. the team hope to inspire the world, as they take a journey into uncharted territory. barnabie phillips al jazeera. >> you can find much more on our website the address for that is, so do check it out that's it for me. but i will be back in a few moments time with a full
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bulletin of news, stay with us. anthony lake. >> every one of those numbers is an individual child. >> helping the innocent victims of war. >> what can unicef do? >> there's a very short answer... our best. >> every sunday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera. sunday, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> criminal gangs risking lives >> it's for this... 3 grams of gold >> killing our planet >> where it's blood red... that's where the mercury is most intense >> now, fighting back with science... >> we fire a laser imaging system out of the bottom of the plane >> revealing the deadly human threat >> because the mercury is dumped into the rivers and lakes, it then gets into the food chain... >> that's hitting home >> it ends up on the dinner plate of people...
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>> techknow only on al jazeera america protests as isil says it carries out wednesday's museum attack. barack obama congratulates steal's prime minister and reaffirmed his economiesment to a two station