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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 19, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> techknow only on al jazeera america protests as isil says it carries out wednesday's museum attack. barack obama congratulates steal's prime minister and reaffirmed his economiesment to a two station solution, and
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an international coalition celebrates driving the arm group out of key towns towns the yemen president has accused the former government of trying to stage a coupe after his base was attacked from the air. forces loyal to president hadi took control from fighter whose support the former president alley abdullah saleh. the nearby compound where he was staying the presidential palace was then attacked by fighter jets. hadi was evacuated and is now in a security location. the many ways this is a battle not between two rival groups but between two minute. forces lyle to president hadi
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retake the air force to the form eyemen president. it was a short but tough battle lasting four hours. with passenger planes within range of the bullets. >> the special forces unit fighters had refused to give up their arms and fortify themselves. then they attacks the airport. they then defeated them and surrounded them. they say more violence like this is inevitable. >> it is expected that houthiss are now in control of the north they now want to make sure that the clashes of fights are happening in adan rather. so they are taking the fight to hadi directly. >> later on thursday, an unidentified war plane hit the adan base, and according to his aids he is unharmed.
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he fled last month after they took control of the capitol. he insists he remains the leader, and is trying to build a power base. if supporters were able to take control of the airport it would have weakened hardy who has declared andty as the temporary capitol. am al jazeera. isil says it is responsible for a deadly attack on a museum. 23 people were killed on wednesday, when gunman stormed the national museum. mean people have been arrested in connection with the attack. the message a clear rejection of violence, and the people who perpetrate it. there was also solidarity with the victims and tributes layed in their memory. some of the victims weren't carried their passports so they haven't been identified yet. more than 40 people before injured.
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some of them have been talking about their experience. >> we entered one of thele radios in the old part of the museum looking at the mosaics suddenly we started to hear shots and everyone started to run. people started to try and save themselves trying to hide behind the glass windows and in the corners of the room. >> two gunman were killed when security forces stormed the museum to end the siege. but it is believed they had accomplices. police say they have arrested nine people so far. moon while the prime minister has been given details of security measures across the country. >> we will be putting in place check points that will be manned and supervisors.
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when it reopens it can expect fewer visitor as number of companies say they are removing tunisia from their list of destinations. >> it has been held up as the success story of the arab spring. and so far it has been spared much of the violence, now the parliament is looking to fast track new anti-terror laws and the president has promised to fight mercilessly those behind wednesday's attack. the first of the victims is layed to rest, the police officer that died guarding the museum. it is also aware that it can no longer remain on the sidelines of what has become known as the war on terror. jackie roland, al jazeera tunis. >> the u.s. president has called the israeli prime minister to congratulate him on his re-election. in the phone call barack obama
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also reaffirmed commitment to a two state solution. earlier he told the u.s. network nbc the two state solution. despite preelection excepts contrary. there's an unbreakable bond. >> what about between you and barack obama. >> well, i think that is reflectny the relationship between the president of the united states and the prime menster. >> well, tom ackerman joins us live now and are we likely to see an improvement in a relationship that has become ever more difficult, more strained between these two men? >> well, beyond what netanyahu said and the fact that the white house said that the president obama had rather belatedly compared to other world leaders congratulated netanyahu personally. it's indicated that the chilly atmosphere remains if you look
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at the excellents made by the white house press secretary. following that phone call. wants it known that the american positions particularly in the security council. against israels when it comes to the palestinian issue. may be in the balance. that the prime menster netanyahu made just before election day. >> particularly earnest pointed to the fact that the u.s. has always defended israel in the security council because there was a common agreement on a two state solution to the conflict. and the fact that netanyahu has brought that into question and has supposedly gone back on his original statement that he was prepared to go ahead
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with a demilitarized pal steen. that remains in the air so that has not been resolved. beyond that, earnest made a very pointed statement dealing with netanyahu's preelection statements which he called earnest called cynical ploy tactic which would an tack nice and marginalize citizens of israel. that is rare criticism percentagely in policies oif government, so it is clear that the chilliness remains. >> the chiliness remains and of course the other key bone of con tension. has been the iran nuclear negotiations did obama have anything to say in terms of reassuring the prime minister about this when they spoke. >> well ard cooing to the white house, they were intent
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on not trying to acquire a nuclear weapon. again that points up the distinct difference between the men position and the israeli position. netanyahu saying that iran must not be allowed even to have anen richment, uraniumen richment program much less weapon nice. so that is -- again, that is a difference that the white house made clear remains between him between obama and netanyahu. african forces have announced big gains. received last november, now it's clear of the rebels but the residents are also nowhere to be seen. soldier say they killed more
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than 200 boko haram fighters. the slogans can be seen on walls. large supply of weapon and ammunition belonging to the group, were also recovered. we faced an emmy that occupied this area, and the enemy is now reduced to the bare minimum. >> soldiers then celebrated. one of several places that have been recaptured by the west african soldiers helping fly jeer yeah forces fight. the scene of massacres by the group, in which hundreds dies bam ma, and other major towns have also been reclaimed in the last few weeks. it is through this solidarity and arms without brothers that is fraternity, which is budding now we didn't know each other on march the 8th when we crossed the bridge, but now we share add meal, and it is a new fraternity which is being born now. >> the nigerian army say the
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three states worst effected by bomb caha ram six year campaign, are on the verge of being completely liberated. the military said they had captures and killed but who later appeared on propaganda online. they are calling for people who fled to return home. >> we have arrived to find a deserted town. so we spent the last two days here, inslighting the population to come back and secure their belongings. >> but that's unlikely, many of the nearly 1 million people displaced by the violence like these people in nigeria are afraid to go home just yet there has been conflicting information, but if they are winning the where are against the group, it means it is more
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likely people will be able to vote safely when elections are held next week. al jazeera nigeria. >> israeli military says it has opened six criminal investigations into incidents against hamas during last year's war. the army says two of the inquiries have already found no wrongdoing, one of the investigations is enter the death of around 20 people, who have taken shelter at u. n. school where those u.n. talks are taking place. the group did talk though, the latest pictures show it arriving talks are expected to resume on friday. both delegations from the internationally recognized government, and the tripoli based gnc have just arrived so
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the united nations that talks will resume on friday. loyal to general half that the attack was condemned bring the united nations which is warning both parties against escalation. the united nations statement says that the recent state of violence in libya. undermine chances of coming to a political settlement. now when expecting to see hidden in the capitol is wais oakley the following. the united nations is pushing for a settlement and form a national unity government, with a prime minister who has the final say in running the country. then they will announce a cease fire across the country the banned militia and then former national task with basically securing libya and
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fighting groups affiliated with the isil if there is no settlement there will be more violence, nor division, a situation that plays into the hands of groups like isil are now trying to expand into the country. new badn't fronts have been opening up areas have seen crease fighting won the libya dawn military coalition. the libyan city which was under siege by forces in 2011 is now on the front line in the battle against fighters affiliated to the islamic state of iraq and the levant, these men who belong to the dawn coalition were ambushed early on wednesday.
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they were taken by surprise, they were attacked at about three in the morning. forces came strong. pausing grave losses in their lives and gear. >> for the past few months libya's rival parties have been more intense on fighting each other than taking on isil. the decision by the legally installed government in tripoli to send troops to surrounding areas was the first time a local force declared war on libya's branch of isil. all those sacrifices for fighting terror, and terrorists along with remanents of the regime, in order to bring the revolution to it's true right court, and achieve it's goals until we see a new libya free of problems. >> some believe many are
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gaddafi loyalist who have never accepted the new rulers of libya. and the armed groups influence extended further east, to the oil rich region libya dawn fighters say they are planning a major offensive but addressing the threat may not be assy. isil has promised to take the conflict some 250-kilometers it has already claimed responsibility for an explosion inside the city. al jazeera. >> much more still to come for you on al jazeera this half hour. in the north atlantic, with people are hoping to see a total eclipse of the sun.
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and the empowering art exhibition aimed at raising awareness of disabilities in the gulf.
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hundreds of people have taken part in a rally after wednesday's attack. isil says -- manely tourists.
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and nigeria troops and their allies will be celebrating after pushing boko haram fighters out of the north on town. in iraq, a mass grave believed to contain the bodies of iraqi soldiers has been discovered. al jazeera can't independently verify this video. meanwhile, they say they may have committed genocide trying to wipe out the airstidedys. in a report based on interviews with witnesses the security council is urged to ask the international criminal court to prosecute those responsibility. the report also alleged security forces in affiliated militias may have committed some war crimes.
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zens fighting is continues heavy shelling and machine gunfire was heard throughout wednesday. of a surface to air rocket. broadcaster r.t.l. says it supports the theory that the pro-russian separatists shot down the malaysian airliner. the fragment was tested by forensic experts that say it matched the explosive charge of a buck rocket. now a new exhibition in qatar is aimed at revealing discrimination by people living with disabilities. it includes works from artists as well as those from aman and the u.k. ♪ ♪ this is 13-year-old aspiring singer.
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she suffered from a growth disorder, her parents have brought her to an exhibition in the conference here, on people with disabilities. she says she is always thought of herself as a regular child in the norm. i don't know how to describe ourselves i can't say whether i like them or distant miamis from them. and the u.k. have created works of hard to raise awareness, many are discriminated against in employment and education while others face pity. >> the artist who made these all face physical challenges but exhibitions like this are just one aspect of the wide duration. they are criticized for being too slow in reform to make society more inclusive for disabled people. retomorrows are also needed and they are believed to be
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contributing to disabilities at birth, in many parts of the world including the g.c.c. u.n. experts say some countries especially in the arab world are not doing enough. despite many state signing treaties large gaps remain. >> it is good to have those signs and it is good for your reputation to have rad fied also agreements but for us, at the u.n. level that's why we have tools to monitor the compliance with these kind of rad fied conventions. he accepts challenges remain in addressing the issues facing disabilitied people. >> it is a very slow process because of also the only party which is acting in which is playing the role is government. so we don't have strong civil societies in our region, that would push for accessibility. >> many want resource rich gulf country to set a good example of inclusion and
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equality, and if it were you can to rebecca. >> i don't want the soto look at us as disabled persons. many people are great from within, but not perfect from the outside. it is most important to chase the world's perception and perspective towards disabled. i wish to change the whole world. that's all. a small child big dreams for a better future. al jazeera. doha. >> a team of british engineers is attempting to break the world land speed record with a car driven by the current record holder. barnabie phillips reports. >> is in a factory in england engineers are trying to build the fastest car the bolder has ever seen. it is called ballooned hound and it is designed to reach a speed of over 1,600-kilometers per hour it is part 4 la one car, part supersonic jet part next generation rocket, and this is the man that will drive it, andy green a british air force pilot.
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in was him breading the previous record, but does the idea of going even faster maim him frightens? >> with the risk management and safety management, we can monitor every aspect of it so we can do this safely. and more importantly in the digital age, we can tell the story live as we are doing it. 12 video cams will be streaming live video so wherever you are many the world, you can actually watch what is happening in the car as it is happening. >> there is where andy green and blood hound will try to break the record the dessert in south africa's northern cape. this hi-tech challenge relies on old fashion sweat and toil. more than 300 people have carries more than 80 teen thousand tons of rock off the pan with their bare hands. to create this perfectly flat
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surface this car will eventually consistent of 3 1/2 thousand hand made pieces put together to create one very unique machine. but to what purpose? the engineers here insist that although this project is certainly fun, it is far from frivolous. >> they hope it will inspire a new generation of school children in the u.k. and across the world. >> we don't need thefection 20 years a lot of car designs but for the low carbon world we need to work towards we need people to go into those sciences technology, that those technologies that can solve the problems of the future, and that won't happen if people are excited enough to stick with it. >> at full speed blood hound will travel the equivalent of 4 1/2 football pitches in just one second. much faster than the speed of sound the blood hound team
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hope to inspire the world as they take a journey into uncharted territory. al jazeera, bristol. >> and near total eclipse of the sun will be visible in large parts of the northern hemisphere on friday morning a casting a shadow over the earth's surface at first contact it looks like a bit has been taken out of the sun. when the sun is completely blocked out by the moon that's called totality. because the moon is so small it's to time a local they has a narrow path, anywhere in this area will see a complete eclipse. those outside of it will only see a partial eclipse. ss the pocket to see the utter atmosphere. when the moon moves away from the sun you get to upon nan known as the di'mond ring one of the best places to see the eclipse will be the farrow islands.
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it is not unusual to feel the full force of four seasons in a day. but here, the hoping for a short clear window. and the clouds to break. this group one of many which is traveled to this rugged atlantic to watch the total solar eclipse. this will be psychologists kate russo's 9th eclipse, she has traveled the world pursuing her passion. >> so the hair on the back of our neck stands up, we get goose bumps and all that happened just before totality. and it is those experiences that make it feel very intense. relatively emotional and then when you see it it is so beautiful, and stunning. so you have this massive sense of euphoria,. >> and then after it just goes life returns baaing to forhall and you look around and think what was that. it was really quite unusual. >> in all more than 9,000 people have come to the farrow islands to try to see the eclipse from land.
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by sea even from the air. some trips were booked years in advance. everyone here is keeping one eye on the sky the other on the weather forecast, that is because total eclipse are rare, and there won't be another one here, for several hundred years but these happenings are not unprecedented here. legend has it that during an eclipse in the 17th century, four farrow brothers who found themselves suddenly in darkness. they promised they will be better men the sun then came out again. and unlike now, the total eclipse of 1954, was viewed with suspicious by some people. >> there is no communication system in the island. but was seen in the paper and my father told me not to be scared so many local people are very scared because it will be the end of the world. and things like that. and it was everybody was happy when the sun was coming back
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again. >> some call this the land of maybe, so depend it is on the elements. this no guarantees the skies will provide the perfect view, but new memories will be made here, whatever the weather. al jazeera. in the pharaoh islands. >> much for for your on our website