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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 20, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> appealing for international help. ahead u.n.-brokered talks that ends the country's political chaos. >> welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead tunisia orders troops onto the streets as nine people are arrested over the bardo museum attack. israel's prime minister backs down over his pre-election promise ruling out a palestinian state. and sony denies agreeing to
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make script changes in exchange for tax incentives from the mexico government. >> fighters from the islamic state in iraq and the levant will take their war to europe if no one stops them. now the warning comes from libya's defense minister who says isil's advance will spread beyond his country's borders. commander haftar's comments come as they fight along the coast. >> they come from mali, niger and they come through the desert of bengahzi and by plains to--by planes to the military base in tripoli. the army is growing every day and increasing in numbers. >> meanwhile, talks between the different libyan factions are
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due to take place on friday, but there is no guarantee that they will end the violence, which appears to be getting worse. [music] >> reporter: in mourning, the libyan city which for weeks was under siege by gaddafi forces in 2011 are now on the front line against fighters affiliated with the islamic state in iraq and the levant. these fight whose belong to the libyan dawn coalition were ambushed on wednesday. they have joined operation sunrise. it is in a sense to regain control of the oil-rich region and it's sea ports. >> they were taken by surprise surprised and attacked in the morning. it caused grave losses in lives. >> for the past few months libya libya's rival parties have been more intent on fighting each other rather than taking on isil
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fighters. they would sent troops to sirte and the surrounding areas was their first attack on isil. >> the true fact this city is not accustomed to calamities and pain. this is fighting terrorist in order to bring the revolution to its true right course and achieve its goals and free libya of problems. >> reporter: isil also lost men in the fighting. they're trying to identify these bodies. some are believed to be non-libyan. but some libyan officials believe many who joined isil are gaddafi loyalist who is never accepted the new rulers of libya. isil-linked groups control important buildings in muammar qaddafi's hometown of sirte and it's influence reaches further
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east to the oil-rich areas. they are planning a major offensive, but addressing the isil threat may not be easy. isil has promised to take it west of sirte and has claimed responsibility for an explosion that targeted the libyan dawn fighters inside the city. al jazeera. >> nearly 400 migrants have been rescued in several operations off the libyan coast. the italian coast guard shows an ill-equipped group struggling in a rubber dinghy. the migrants are a number of a growing number of people fleeing the area. troops have been deployed in tunisia with armored cars and roadblocks in the capital city of tunis. if comes after an attack on the bardo museum in which 23 people were killed. there is an audio recording
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taking responsibility of the karen damage. >> the message a clear rejection of violence and the people who perpetrate it. it was also solidarity with the victims, and tributes laid in their memories. some of the victims weren't carrying their passports so they have not been identified yet. more than 40 people were injured. some of them have been talking about their experience. >> we entered one of the rooms in the old part of the museum looking at the mosaics. suddenly my daughter and i heard hots. everyone started to run. everyone tried to save themselves. tried to hide behind glass windows. >> two gunmen stormed the museum but it's believed they had accomplices. the police say they have arrested nine people so far four of whom they believe were directly involved in the attack. meanwhile, the prime minister has been giving details of
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security measures across the country. >> we will be putting in place check points that will be manned and supervised by the national army. both the national army and security personnel will intensify their patrols across the nation. joint patrols will be conducted. >> the bardo museum will be closed for several more days. when it reopens it can expect fewer visitors. several companies are removing tunisia from their list of destinations. >> reporter: so far it has been spared much of the violence spreading across the region. now the parliament is looking to fast track new anti-terror laws, and the president has promised to fight mercilessly those behind wednesday's attacks. the first of the victims of the attack is laid to rest.
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the police officer died guarding the museum. tunisia remains in shock and mourning. it is also aware that it can no longer remain on the sidelines of what has become known as the war on terror. jacky rowland al jazeera tunis tunis. >> prime minister benjamin netanyahu's pre-election comments have brought rebuke from the white sox. patty culhane has the story. >> reporter: israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu won re-election, but the comments that helped him gain the victory may cost him his country. in the run up to the election he said if he won there would be no palestinian state. not while he was prime minister. at the white house that was seen as a clear betrayal sensing the anger netanyahu granted his first post-election interview to
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an american arguing that did he not change his policy. >> they have made a pact with hamas that calls for the destruction of the territory state. >> reporter: netanyahu has often clashed with barack obama his spokesman said that netanyahu can't take back his comments. words matter, and they may have consequences. hinting they could pull u.s. protection of israel at the united nations. >> steps that the united states has taken at the united nations have been predicated on this idea that the two-state solution is the best outcome. now our ally in these talks has said that they are no longer committed to that solution. that means that we need to reevaluate our position in this matter, and that is what we will do moving forward. >> reporter: some potential resolutions could include
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granting palestine owe facial statehood or setting a deadline for a settlement. the ex-premium possibility setting perimeter for the peace deal. netanyahu said that you cannot impose peace. but president obama replied you can't impose peace without a partner either. >> one of the main issues of obama and netanyahu are the talks with iran. president obama spoke about the ongoing negotiations with the annual address of the springville. >> our negotiations have made progress but gaps remain. there are countries who oppose a democratic resolution. my message to you, the people of iran, is together we have to speak up for the future we seek. as i've said many times before, i believe that our countries should be able to resolve this issue peacefully with diplomacy if iran's leaders can agree to a
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reasonable deal it can lead to a better path. a path of better opportunities for the iranian people. more trade and ties with the world. more foreign investment and jobs including for young iranians cultural changes and chances for iranian students to travel abroad. partnerships in areas like science e innovation. a nuclear deal now could open the door for a brighter future for you the iranian people. >> yemen's president was forced to flee his residence in aden after two air jets attacked the palace. >> in many ways this is a battle between between two rival groups, between two men. those loyal to president hadi retake the airport from the former yemeni president ali
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abdullah saleh. fighters had refused to give up their armies and fortify themselves with and then attacked the airport. the fighting got so intense the airport was shut down. forces loyal to hadi defeated the loyalists and surrounded them. more violence like this is inevitable. >> it's expected that houthies are now in control of the north. they now want to make sure that the clashes of fight are happening in aden rather than sanaa. so they're taking the fight to hadi directly. >> reporter: they hit hadi's base and according to his base, he's unarmed. he insists that he remains yemen
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yemen's legitimate leader and is trying to build a power base in aden. if houthies were able to take over aden's airport it would have weakened the area. >> still ahead for al jazeera victory for soldiers from chad and niger after they take area from boko haram fighters. then we follow cuban migrants towards the u.n. hope ing to get political asylum while they still can.
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>> welcome back. we have the top stories. the libyan government in tibruk is washing that isil could make its way to europe. tunisia forces have made nine arrests on the bard attacks on the bardo museum. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has backed down on pre-election comments, ruling out a palestinian state. president obama has now spoken with netanyahu and has congratulated him on his victory
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victory. troops say they have retaken towns from the boko haram fighters. >> soldiers from chad say they took over boko haram fighters. al jazeera supplies of weapons and ammunition belonging to the group were also recovered. >> we faced an enemy who truly occupied this area, and it was not easy to push them out. we did it, and this enemy is now reduced to the bear minimum. >> soldiers then celebrated. one of several places that have been recaptured by the west african soldiers. the scene of massacres by the groups in which hundreds died, and other major towns have been reclaimed in the last few weeks.
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>> it's through this solidarity and arms through our chadian brothers, we didn't know each other on march 8th when we crossed the bridge, but now we shared a meal, and it's a new tradition turn fraternity that is being born now. >> reporter: areas are on the verge of being completely liberated, but the military has announced victories before. the chadian soldiers are calling for people who fled to return home. >> we have arrived to find a deserted town, so we spent the last two days here inviting the population to come come back and secure their belongings.
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>> reporter: but that's unlikely. many are afraid to go home just yet. there has been conflicting information from the forces fighting boko haram before. but if they are winning the war against the group it means that more people are likely to vote safely when elections are held next week. al jazeera nigeria. >> in egypt the retrial of two al jazeera journalists have been postponed until wednesday. they are accused of aiding the now banned muslim brotherhood charges that they and al jazeera deny. postponement came after a brief court session where witnesses took the stand for the first time. greek prime minister alexi tsipras say that is talks are
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ongoing. >> alexis tsipras is sitting down with the head of the e.u. commission trying to solve the latest version of this greek financial crisis. it all stems back to an agreement in february to allow an extension in the famous bail out deal. they would have to come up with serious proposals on how to put their economic house in order. it soon became apparent that the creditors felt the greeks had not done enough, so they said you can't have any of that money. now the greeks are running seriously short of cash. hence alexi tsipras begging for
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this meeting. they're sailing we're happy to talk but don't expect us to hammer out talks. it's not clear how long these talks will go on for but i wouldn't bet on any big surprises. this is a very del process. the atmosphere has not been good. you suspect this is the first in a series of crisis talks in the next few days. >> european leaders are refuse ing to lift sanctions against russia until an agreement in eastern eye rain is work. russia has to meet all of its obligations before sanctions are removed. russia denies any involvement in the fighting in eastern ukraine. michael frat fraser died at
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page 84. >> well, for decades now cubans who reached u.s. soil have been granted political asylum now there is speculation that that policy could end as the two countries grow closer. we have reports from the board of guatemala and mexico. >> reporter: this group of exhausted cuban migrants have crossed six countries trying to get to the united states. to them it's been a long and terrifying journey. >> the police in columbia extorted us. they sailed they would deport us if we didn't pay. i was thrown in jail. other cubans have been attacked, raped, and some even killed.
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>> now they are arriving at the last most dangerous phase of the journey. crossing the border between guatemala and mexico is straightforward, even if you don't have documents. but it's what awaits them in mexico that frightens migrants. they stick to the back roads. constantly on the lookout of roaming gangs hopping on and off buses to by pass the border patrol check points. these two share a constant strain of refugees on the run. >> this is me before. now look, i've lost 30-kilos in three months. we have five days without food or water crossing the mountains from costa rica to honduras. >> we sold all of our belongings
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in cuba. all we have left is our family. that's the reason why we've taken this terrible journey. to provide for our children, for our nine-year-old son we left behind. >> u.s. authorities have reported a surge of the number of cubans arriving at the borders hurryingly taking advantage of the policy, a policy these migrants fear could end with the two countries renewing diplomatic ties. the u.s. denyies that. >> we won't have this opportunity to enter the u.s. they'll send us back to cuba, and that will be very dramatic for us. that's why we left now. >> like many cubans before them, they end their journey in ecuador. from you there it's about 4,000 kilometers to the u.s. hours before we were due to meet the group for the last time, their phones went dead. they never appeared.
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we don't know if they were captured by criminals the mexican border control or managed to continue their journey to the u.s. john holejohn holman, al jazeera mexico. >> the case of 43 missing students, the families of the missing students have asked the authorities to continue with their search. they say there is no certainty of what happened to the students last september. they asked for the case to be considered a crime against humanity instead of kidnapping and homicide. two months after the body of argentinian investigator alberto nisman was found while the investigation into his death continues, another investigation into whether the case against president cristina kirchner should proceed?
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>> investigating how alberto nisman died. was he murdered? did he kill himself? was he forced to commit suicide? >> the legal case is not just about the scientific evidence but about the will to fine the truth, and to take the decision to do that no matter what the consequences. >> across the city three judges are decide building to take that decision to overturn the verted of another judge who last month ruled that the case that alberto nisman was investigating should not proceed. the charge was that president christina cristina kirchner was trying to cover a bomb attack in buenos aires that killed 85 people. a month ago tens of thousands of people took to the rain-soaked streets of buenos aires calling
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for justice. they called called for justice and strongly criticized the government's handling of the case. the government has been fighting back. >> he was mocking the memory of the 85 victims. don't ask me who but the photos are all over the social networks. mr. nisman in the arms of various women. >> i'm protesting that it doesn't get lost in the see of paperwork. >> it's still a case that is engrossing argentina, there is plenty of room for rumor speculation and opinion. >> it's now emerging that enormous errors have been committed. although this is not just specific to the nisman case, this is a problem with the argentine justice system.
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>> no answers, no conclusions at least not yet. which leave argentines asking whether their justice and political system is serving the people they're supposed to serve. >> the producers of a new bond movie are denying allegations they gave mexico's government a license to kill part of the script hacked e-mails reporting changes to the screen play were made with tax incentives worth millions of dollars. >> mexico city, the scene where james bond will hunt down an international assassin, the upcoming 24th bond film. according to reports on the hacked e-mails it was a price for producers to get millions of dollars in tax cuts they desperately needed to control costs. make mexico look good with beautiful aerial city shots cast a mexican bond girl and make sure the villain and his
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target are not mexican. according to the e-mails done deal. the producer denied such changes were made at the behest of mexican officials but said they relied on government help. >> helping us get permissions and helping us with getting cooperation for the various places controlling the streets and things like that. >> that claim that mexican officials got their bond girl, well an up and coming mexican star did get cast as one of the many women in the film. >> i believe not only the bond girls roles but the movie passes by, and the movie director, actors do evolve. this is why this franchise is still so successful. >> mexico would do anything to look good on the world stage. if has been battered in the press for corruption scandals
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and ongoing drug violence, but they said there was no pay to play incentives. >> in no moment did we get involved or or interfere with the script. >> as millions much viewers of james bond films know there is a grab of color that's why the director came to mexico to shoot the scene on the day of the dead. >> the mystery behind the film may never fully come to light. adam raney mexico city. >> on friday the sun will be blacked out across most of europe, and the faroe islands will be one of the few places where a total solar eclipse coo be seen. crews ships carrying eclipse
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seekers will arrive. but it's been getting cloudy, and that could dim the chance of witnessing the event that they've traveled so far to see. you can find more on our website on al levels. >> also tonight, good, good, i think we were getting a hold of you. >> when america tonight approached mining company resolution copper about a