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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 22, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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ses bies eye a i you this is al jazeera. hello. i am lauren taylor. this is the news hour life from london comeing up houthis take the airport of yemen's third biggest city. their leader says he has mobilized his groups against al-qaeda and isil. u.n.'s libyan envoy says peace talks will continue despite fierce fighting in and around tripoli. the national front party came out on top in france's local elections. a mayor in peru wants to paint over every mural in lima's
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historic center. >> with all of the sports including we will have the buildup to our classico. barce a win against the biggest rivals real madrid. we sparrows in yessen wherehowhere houthi forces have seized control of the third largest airport city taiz. until sanaa, how much the security situation deteriorated
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the united states has withdrawn all of its remaining personnel including special fors from the country. natasha gname reports. >> reporter: tear gas, gunshots and anger on the streets of taiz. protesters say the houthi forces surrounded the barracks of execute forces. >> we refuse deject and denounce these malitias. we will surround the barracks with our bodies until they leave. >> first the houthis overtook sanaa, forcing the president to flee to aden. now, they are moving towards the president. aden is the a short distance away from taiz. the president has been trying to hold on to power. >> i stress the following. firstly, the evacuation of all armed malitias from the industries. secondly, the withdrawal of all
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gunmen from sanaa and other cities. >> that doesn't seem likely. the united states seems to agree. it shut down its embassy and pulled its troops from airn air force base in the south of the country. now, the u.n. will try to see if it can find a solution before things deteriorate into a full-blown war in yemen. natasha gname, al jazeera. >> in a life televised appealed the leader vowed to pursue those behind the mosque attacks f houthi says he mobilized fighters against isil which claimed the attacks and al-qaeda accusing them of being part of an umbrella of tierrney trying to gain control of yemen. >> they have crossed all of the red lines. they have violated everything. everyone is targeted. these groups feel know shame killing children or the elderly, even killing people in hospitals and mosques. this level of crime aims to hugh
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mil wait people into sur rend. >>. an urgent meeting on the crisis in the next hour. al jazeera has obtained a draft statement expected to be discussed. it says the counsel condemns the recent deadly houthi attacks. it adds they are undermining the position in yemen and threatening the security stability and sovereignty and den ounces the houthis refusal refusal to withdraw from government offices in, especially in the capital, sanaa. talk us through what's likely to happen with this meeting. >> reporter: that draft resolution that you just mentioned a few seconds ago, we have that copy of that here it prints out at about four pages or so. as you mentioned, the u.n. diplomats are expected to meet here at the u.n. to have this emergency meeting of the security council a little understand an hour from now. what they are essentially trying to do is two things. number 1, based upon the language in the draft of the
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president statement from the u.n., they are trying to shore up the legitimacy of the hadi number 1 and, number 2, really trying to put the focus on the houthis. the statement mentions the houthis many times. more than six differences directly to the thouthis. this is a little different than some of the statements we have seen previously. about five weeks ago, the u.n. security council met, also on a sunday, to talk about yemen as well. this meeting is an emergency meeting that is going to be happening here today at the u.n., and i can tell you there are three other key points in this draft that we have gone through so far. number 1 is a security council saying that the houthis deplores the fact that the houthis have not implemented the demands to withdraw their forces from government institutions especially in the capital, sanaa. number 2, another key point, is that the u.n. security council is reaffirming the houthis need
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to take part in the gcc-brokered peace deal trying to be done. that's something that the houthis have said they do not want to be part of whatsoever. and, number 3, very important, in this draft that we are seeing that has been being circulated that we have they also are going to be saying the security council that they are prepared and ready to take further measures against any party in case of non-implementation of this. but what those measures are, they don't really say. that's the big question mark. clearly this is an attempt by the security council to try to intervene as things go from bad to worse in yemen. >> okay. thank you very much indeed. mohammed kobati an food visor for the former three prime ministers he joins me. to go to the peach of the houthi leader. he firmly is blaming isil and al-qaeda of what he calls an umbrella of tierney. what's your view? >> it's very surprising, you know. he is, you know, the houthi's
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biggest coalition partner. he has squarely said this mass car, previous massacre >> did i knowtator is the instigator and mastermind of it. so, if he wants to get people. the first line he should be taking -- you are suggesting if i read that correctly these are made to look as if they were that way. did he claim responsibility for them? as the spokesman said there is not anything to indicate that isil has got anything to do with this in the meantime the u.n.
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seems to be wagging the finger at the houthis and say they are undermining the processes and need to come to the tail. beyond that as gabe reel was pointing out what do you think needs to happen? >> unfortunately, we are only hearing talk. we haven't seen. the counsel has got to put it down if it wants actually to safeguard and peace in that region. houthi is still following with the former dictator action their agenda. we see the carrots even then. >> the houthis weren't that powerful until recently. they seem to are gained in
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momentum that the government wasn't doing enough to satisfy what their demands were? no. houthis have come with an agenda. for the former regime the old guards want to rene institute themselves and respect houthi. houthi are malitias. what we see now is airplanes, air force, battalions of takes and so on which are regular form of army and, you know, the former dictator his strength is the strength of the former register e-mail and dictator trying tostage a comeback and rule the country again thank you very much for talking to us. the envoys are insisting talks between the warring governments will continue despite fierce fighting in and around tripoli. the u.n.-recognized government carried out airstrikes on saturday killing a senior
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commander loyal to the rival assembly. a leader of the libya dawn militia which has controlled tripoli since august sending the u.n.-backed government to tibruk in the east. any prospects of these talks actually surviving all of this pressure? as far as the united in case envoy, they will sur vie and continue for the next week. says he is now confident that the truedellgations from the recognized government and tripoli based gnc will not leave the moroccan capital. they will say they will continue. he hopes in two days, documents about national unity government and security arrangements will be ready and then they will move to the next second phase which is basically talking about the
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details of the agreement, who is going to be the prime minister and ministers of the government and then the cease-fire basically the trust deficit. it's been almost impossible for the international community to bring both parties to negotiate if a us to face settlement. still accused each other of undermining the political settlement by even lathing violence the gnc delegation as we speak is not yet ready to talk to the international community as long as international community does not address some. concerns. particularly putting an end to violence and stopping the military offensive by general hafta. thank you very much combined. tunisia's president said a third government involved in the attack is i will still on the run. interior ministry is asking for help to locate the suspect.
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soo en on surveillance video with two others skilled at the scene. asking anyone with information to contact police. >> there were three that we identified and filmed with the surveillance cameras. two were executed. the other is on the run. he won't go far. we arevillelant. we need to pay tribute to the tunisian police, especially those who handle terrorism. they were on site within 10 minutes. the people are interested in this. >> ramie minister of defense has released video of airstrikes targeting the islamic state of iraq in the levant. according to the ministry of defense, more than 70 isil fighters were killed in the strikes strikes. the iraqi army has been gaining ground in the region. isil continues to hold parts of tikrit. an iraqi army asked for u.s. led airstrikes to retake the key city. activists say syrian rebels have
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captured several government airmen who's aircraft crashed near idlib. the pictures posted on social media are said to show the helicopter crashing. the syrian helicopter said 4 were taken prisoner and another was killed by the fighters. the syria military has been accused of dropping barely bombs. >> a lebanese military says it doesn't have sufficient weaponry. al jazeera was given access to a military it front line. >> reporter: each day here in the mountainous border the lebanese boarder is looking for any sign of movement by the enemy when soldiers spot it, they attack. >> we are concealing the identity of this captain to protect him. >> even if we are not armed very well, we are doing the best that
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we can and we are sacrificing, giving life and given a lot of our years on this mission and will keep doing that until the last drop of blood. >> the lebanese army is trying to ensure fighters with isil and the al-qaeda-linked nusra front don't expand their specific war fronts across the border. >> this military post is just a few kilometers from where armed groups have staked their positions. they are dangerous because they work in small groups. they used to use covered like farmers and shepherds. so it was very hard at the very beginning to distinguish between civilians and terrorists. >> but at least for now the lebanese army says it is making gains one stratedegic post at a time. the stakes are high. lebanon has its own share of political trul and doesn't want to get sucked into the broader sectarian conflict in the
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region. ut not about only infiltrating or actually crossing the borders inside the syrian -- inside the lebanese area. it could be again a hybrid country. it could be creating instability inside the country. >> military leaders say while lebanon may be divided politically, it's trying to put on a united front when it comes to protecting its boundsaries. al jazeera. >> coming up in this news hour nigeria's presidential election debates gets ahead without the main opposition contender. what's at stake at grease's leader is in berlin. >> find out which golfer in prime position in florida. >> kenyan and somalian forces have retaken arean area for al
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shabaab. the town was taken in a major beach assault launched early sunday morning. several al shabaab fighters were killed. six days until nigeria's presidential elections and some of the candidates have been taking part in a televised debate. president good luck jonathan joined several independent candidates but his main rival pulled out claiming it would not have been fair or balanced. the big issue head on about what he intends to do about corruption. he saidhe would put in present avian measures fighting corruption was about strengthening institutions and he talked about examples of what he had done in the ruling party in the sector of agricultural folks where there has been corruption issues. he talked about the government payroll system where you have
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the problem of people who don't show up to work but get paid how he tried to plug that hole. i talked about the security situation that became the second big issue. there are security challenges that don't get reported much. he talked about those in his own region that they had this resource oil but they don't get money from it causing problems there. kid kidnapping kidnapping. overall, i think, he took on the issues. it was good for him to be seen sharing a platform with those he is competing against. remember the main candidate boycotted the debate and the feeling is this looked good for jonathan and didn't look good for him. >> the last hour of voting in french local elections where far right party of the national front is expecting to make big gains against francois allan.
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the most recent polls show the national front winning around 30% of the vote. the party's leader is hoping to consolidate her bid for the presidency in two years' time. let's get more from an testament ve barker. what's the turnout been like and how does that affect what the potential results might be? >> the turnout has been expectedly pretty low, roughly around 18p 18%. the french have shown very little interest in regional elections look you this one despite the fact that there are around 4,000 counsel ceased seats up for the takingn in 101 different districts across the country a though there hasn't been too much interest there has been still a tremendous amount of intrigue join a degree of attention towards these regional elections, intrigue on a variety of different levels. firstly, a tremendous amount of curiosity about how marine lapen
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and the national front party are likely to do after their historic election victory last year when they took first place in gaining 24 seats in the european parliament that sent shock ways really across france's political landscape. secondly we recently have seen the political return of the ex-president nicholas sarkosy who leads the ump party. he is expected to give the right-wing national front a real rug for their money. thirdly, it's only two months since is the attacks here in paris, something that also sent shock waves across entire country and may well have a bear okay how people vote two years away from the national presidential election no major political party really edging any distance ahead. it's really up for grabs as to who could well end up president
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of the country. as it stands though in recent poles, you mentioned about 30% of the votes have been taken by the national front a similar all right for the unp party for nicholas sarkozy trailing behind in polls the president has seemn his popularity plummet in recent years decide widespread verdict here that he harried handled the paris attacks very well. all eyes are where the support for the national front will continue to take route on a national and level. it's been pretty clear support has continued to grow across the country. but how widespread and how deal that support will be will become clear in about a week's time.
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that's the second round of voting, a rub-off vote that will give us, of course, our final result. >> keeping an eye on those elections in france. thank you very much anied. one of spain's boorest regions holding elections seen as a key test for a new anti-austerity party. hoping to have similar success with the far left party in agrees. spanish polling suggests knee the socialists or the populist parties will win an absolute majority and may have to form an alliance it's not a showdown. that's the message from berlin and athens as cipras heads to germany with his meet with angela merkel. handling of debt crisis. dome nick kane reports from berlin. >> a meeting in brussels to try to solve the greek debt crisis. europe's leaders talked long into the night. eventually agreeing a deal to
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allow grease more money and more time. some analysts in berlin believe neither side had any realistic alternative. >> it's another step on this path of muddling through. this has been the strategy from the very beginning. there is no clearcut solution that would be otherwise you would need another system where you really cut the system t call it dead and start a new one. >> whatever the solution a recent survey suggested many germans do not want agrees to have more money? >> i don't think it's a good idea because they have received too much over the last year already. i think it's bad there are some who disagree with that thought entirely. here there are those who say what greece needs right now is not just more money but, also a move away from eu-imposed
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austerity. >> people like from the linker party? >> strictly against this policy. if you look at the path you can see it was not helpful for the economy in agrees was not helpful for the budget in greasebut causes a lot of -- in greece but it causes a lot of damages. >> the meeting at the german chance lori will give alexis alexis cipras one more chance to plead his case. dominic kane al jazeera, berlin. >> politicians from several far right groups from across europe have got together in moscow to show their support for russia and its leader. for three weeks after the murder of boris themnemtsov. five men have been arrested over nemstovs death. but the seems unlikely to die down with the police chief saying he was tortured into a
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confession. >> co-founder of the russian opposition party, thank you very much for coming to taupe talk to us. three three weeks on after this significant death, what is the state of the russian onzition now? scared or defiant? >> yes. shaings opposition is in a difficult situation because of pressure and because of fear which spread widely after the assassination of boris nemtsov, to threats from the criminal land. do you think we will get to what had to him? we saw some suggestion that his alleged killer said he was tortured into confessing. >> honestly speaking i don't believe that soon we will have a real information about what happens. there is a lot of lie and different tricks in russia especially when it relates to the authorities in kremlin and also the other important personalities. >> so where do you see the opposition going?
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do you think that it can rebuild and kind of create a real sort of alternative to what putin has? >> this is the important question. this is the most difficult thing in russia to create alternative because the old television all press, all newspapers and all financial resources are in the hands of one man in the hands of the president putin. so, it's next to impossible to reach the minds of the voters. we have more than 100 million voters in the country as you know is extremely big so without communication to the voters, it's very difficult. >> so today, we have these far right politicianses from across europe kind of convergeing and meeting there. what message do you think that sends to the outside world? >> this is the attempt of the authorities in russia to undermine european unity, to de
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destabilize the european order as they are destabilizing the ukraine, they would be very eager to make the same things or almost the same things for the europe as a whole. the task is to make a split in europe. >> and on that point, i mean what do you think europe needs to stand up more to russia or what do you want -- what would you like europe to be doing at this stage against russia? >> part iven's idea is that must be a different countries for different ideas in russia. in europe. for example, some of them must support sanctions and some of them not. so, it's very important for putin not to have unified voice in europe isness to have many divorces thank you very much for awe coming to talk to us. >> thank you. >> appreciate it
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still to come this hour holy men, villages and farmers join forces to clean up a sacred indian river choking on pollution. we go inside the lucrative and murky world of pigeon racing and tell you why this wordbird is worth $64,000. a tennis value and roger federer on the way.
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>> the stream, >> your digital community >> you pick the hot topics and express your thoughts the stream it's your chance to join the conversation only on al jazeera america
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>> tonight. >> you have to look at the suffering of these children. >> director of unicef, anthony lake. >> every one of those numbers is an individual child. >> helping the innocent victims of war. >> what can unicef do? >> there's a very short
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answer... our best. >> every tonight night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera. tonight, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. one of the top stories on al jazeera houthi forces seized control of the airport in the third largest city in yemen, taiz. he said he is mobilizing fighters fierce fighting in tripoli has left peace talks struggling activists say syrian recommends capture several air men after their helicopter
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crashed in northwest idlib process. said to show the wreckage of the aircraft. u.s. marine corps is urging staff to remain vigilant after an online threat was appropriated by a group calling itself the islamic state hacking division. it says it urged its supporters to kill them. service people are being urged to check online provide is he sections to limit the amount of personal information they displayed display joining me from washington, d.c. is a senior national security fellow at the new american foundation which is a non-partisan public policy think tank let's talk about the position of isil in iraq at the moment. a pause in this retaking tikrit. what's the state of isil's presence on the ground? >> in tikrit most of the city
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is clear who have left behind snippers behind a defense of improvised mines. so, the battle is all but over but there remains a very very dedicated essentially suicide core that has remained. they are trying to bring more capabilities up to make this as casualty free as possible. i don't think the final come pain is in doubt americans witness part of this. do you think they will be brought in at this stage for dealing with what you describe as the id problem and hardcore left? americans have a lot of experience there is came ability there to be brought up. it's not clear if that's what's going to happen or not.
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it's not clear the americans could go forward enough to make a difference. >> what about isil's strategy? he have with seen some of the recent attacks on civians in tunisia and apparently in yemen. is that something they were doing anyway or part of of a different strategy because they are losing ground in places like iraq? i suspect these two are not connected. the islamic state is excited about expanding in to new franchises and territories in north africa and elsewhere en if it were achieving huge success in iraq which it's not. >> what about resourcing? how much money do they have at their disposal do you think if that's not too big a question? >> that's a big question. it's a very ambiguous answer. obviously we know there is a lot of money at attack here the islamic state is selling some oil, although not as.
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we have broken that down. they are doing industrial scale looting of an tickquities and pushing that on to the black and great market. we know they are taxing money the iraqi government is still giving to the city of mosul among other things and running kidnapping and so on. what we don't know is what their outlays are. how much is this costing them? how much are they spending? we don't know where their balance sheet is. there is cash flow but if they are spending more than they are taking in they could be in a bad place wijust don't know. >> douglas ol i have a nt, thank you for taking time to talk to us? >> my pleasure. >> ashraf ghani is on his way to the u.s. expected to discuss the pace of the u.s. troop withdrawal most foreign forces pulled out. numbers in afghanistan's army have dwindled to a 4-year low a report from the pakistan border. these soldiers are getting ready for a highway patrol.
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first up, a lesson in using an american made machinegun the men tell us they prefer russian weapons. this one, they say sometimes jams. over the last five years, the number of troops at this base near jalalabad has increased four-fold. just as well. the taliban operates in many parts of the country side. >> lack of air support, intelligence and drones have affected our operations a lot. we should have an air force so we can destroy the enemy's basis. we are weak in having long-range we hope options. the war has been modernized. we need modern weapons. even the food budget has been cut. there was no meat for lunch. instead, rice spinach, and a
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potato. what i will most foreign troops have pulled out, the size of afghanistan's army is at the lowest level of in four years, sderings and casualties are taking a toll la the year troop numbers dropped by 81/2 % to just over 169,000. the latest over estimated the strength of afghan security forces. they though there were more police and troops than there are. it makes it difficult to judge the afghan's government's ability to secure the country. >> 1300 afghan soldiers were killed last year. no are many poor afghans, it's the only job they can find. mohammed ashnar has to support 13 people in his family. he gets home every six months and says it's just as well he's single.
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>> there are prove incidents where boys are left for a long time. they get board for 9, 10 months or a year without leave. then when they finally get a holiday, you think going back to the military wondering if they will get a leave again. that's why they don't come back. >> every morning, soldiers sweep this stretch of road for improvised explosive devices. they say if they had night vision goblz and jammers to block remote controlled homemade bombs, they could do a better job protecting people taliban fighters are only a few kilometers away. the challenge is holding them back and it's one afghanistan is now facing on its own nicole johnson, al jazeera, jalalabad. >> an afghan woman lynched by a mom after being accused of burning pages of the quran has been buried. they say they found no evidence against the 27 yooefld.
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11 people have been arrested in connection with the murder. >> hundreds of people left homeless by cyclone pam say they haven't received any emergency aid more than a week after the storm. the government is coordinating relief efforts. aid agencies say they are moving more food water, and shelters to the worst achthd areas. in the meantime survivors are getting by on pictures and water distributed by relief workers. german tourist died in a shark attack off of the red seacoast. a man's leg was bitten off, home to many luxury resorts. he script's red sea is a popular destination for divers but not the only attack in recent years. in 2010, a shark killed another german tourist while she was swimming off of the coast activists from different backgrounds and professions have joined a 10 day march. the united cause is the state of the river ramuna which flows through the city.
2:39 pm
hindus consider it to be sakerous but it's one of the country's most polluted waterways. >> they are matchrching for clean waters farmers, villagers and holy men alike have joined this caravan protesting what they say is the polluted water they get from the yamana river after it passes through new delhi. for those who consider it holy, it's current state is sack ril i know sacriledge. we worship her we will not top rate our mother being misused. >> for others the reasons the protest are more practical, the farm is downstream from delhi, and despite being near the river, he says he doesn't have enough clean water for his crops. >> we have a wheat crop going right now and hardly any water. choemcal waste from factories is flowing into the river. earlier, we used to drink this
2:40 pm
water and irrigate feels with it. now, animals can't drink it. many studies have shown vegetables grown by the river absorb toxins making them dangerous to eat mostly because of the pollutantlies dumped in the river as it passes through the city. >> that's this is what water looks like as it enters delhi clean and clear and even water small crops. notfection 22 kilometers downstream, several industrial and residential drains poor waste into the river so that by the time it leaves the city the water looks like this. >> the river has also become a dumping ground for people in city. it's a situation being repeated in many rivers throughout india despite a government campaign to clean up india's waterways. environmentalists say one main reason that's not happening is that existing regulations are out dated or weak. >> dely has some of the
2:41 pm
capacity. it's still pleaded because our i knowstitution of planning monitoring and enforcement is not working. >> this is not the first time these groups have marched many say the unless the river is cleaned up they will be back on the streets. fez jamil, al jazeera, delhi. >> the medieval english kitchen, richard the third's remains have been transferred for a formal reburial. it passed several landmarks including the battlefield where the monarch was killed more than 500 years ago king richards bones were found in 2012 underneath a car park which was previously at the site of a church. big money is homing in ol pigeon racing. simon mcgregor-wood reports from bellium where some of the best racing best of my knowledge ons are being bread. >> in this box is a pigeon
2:42 pm
called nicholas. he is something of a long distance star, a national champion who has been sold to a chinese billionaire? >> this was the most expensive pigeon in the auction and in the auction season actually the most expensive pigeon sold since may, 2013, he was sold for 244 your o. >> nicholas and hundreds of others live here at pigeon paradise an exclusive beading center. last year $23 million worth of racing pig options were sold from here, mostly to china. this is where retired champions breed with all-important bread-in belgium tag and the chinese fans that means they are buying the best courtesy of expertise? >> mother of name snobbery -- a matter of maybe snobbery, china even though they have good quality pig options but they
2:43 pm
will not quickly trust other chinese. they prefer to come to bell jum today 420 birds are on their way. total value, $911,000 it's a long way from when pigeon racing was a hobby. using the birds homing instincts, pig options released hundreds of kimometers from home. owners anxiously waiting for them to come back or not all for a few hundred dollars. >> what's transformed what used to be a cottage industry into a multi-million dollar global business is the huge popularity of pigeon racing in china where millions of dollars change hand in racing and gambling. >> according to some with that money has come cruelty. thousands die off taiwan. there has been doping extoring and bird theft?
2:44 pm
>> the whole principal is to send birds hundreds of thousands of miles where they belong from their homes, mates, baepz and bet whether or not they are going to make it alive. >> pigeon paradise birds are very well treated and as you see young pig options spreading wings for the first time it's hard not to be taken in by this sport, the connection between humans and the birds who always try to come home. soo i mon mcgregor wood at pigeon paradise in belgium. signing often from there. sport is coming up. we have had the season finale. one woman celebrating hard work. suth korea angels celebrate the parting of the
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>> hello again. thousands of people have been gathering at myan arkansas logical sites to mark the spring equinox. tourists and locals alike danced chanted and burned incense many clyde the pyramid of "the sun," an activity that is said to give positive energy. artits in lima are outraged because the mayor is threatening to paint over every mural in the city's historic center. people say it's part of a political battle with his predecessor. marya sanchez reports >> tupac used to spend days painting. now he wants others like him to
2:47 pm
confront mayor orb the destruction of the murals. tupac painted "i used to dream" during an art festival. now, it's the red wall of a parking lot. >> it was a collaborative peace done in days interacting with the people walking by. >> his is more than one of 30 murals destroyed in the past few weeks. many were part of an art festival organized by the former mayor in 2013. she gave permits to local and foreign artists who created works of art as tall as a building. tupac tupac says they are the scapegoats of political wrong els. >> we have nothing to do with the political disputes between the mayor and its predecessor. we have become the excuse of the political revenge. >> the mayor says he wants to preserve heritage under what was
2:48 pm
provided by the cultural organization or unesco. unesco says it has nothing to do with them. he said they are bent on destroying everything created by hi arch rival. >> it's an aggression, a policy that begins by destroying everything. cancel all cultural activities including children's reading less options in the museum. >> citizens like trujillo are furious >> he should have taken into account the people's opinions. >> critics say instead of having a political battle, the mayor should be focusing on walls like this, if you will of graffiti all over the historic center and hardly have any artisting value. >> despite criticism, the mayor hasn't backed down. he is only allowed two murals to remain.
2:49 pm
meanwhile, tupac and others have taken their case to the government's intell he can't july property act see and he himself, is due to be summoned to the country's congress to explain his rationale. al jazeera peru. >> sanaa with sport. you? >> thank you lauren. there have been 229 classico meetings. late later on sunday comes another that will have a huge bearing on the spanish title race. just over an hour favorites to win messi will take to the field following his starring role from the champions league. madrid won the last two matches between the pair barca lead the table by a point. >> what makes leo different is how he interprets the game and his ability to read the game and despite what the team needs to
2:50 pm
do. he does that assisting, defending, numbers in scoring are not the only thing to value. it is his interpretation and the way he reads the game. >> real have their own. ronaldo has scored two league goals, fewer than messi so far this season. there are 11 games to play all concerned know this is likely to be the big one. >> i think it's in the quarterfinals. he has scored. he has helped others to score. he hasn't been fully on top but given a lot of himself. i am not going to demand more from him than other players other than to do our collective job in all aspects of the game. >> inemption english premier league manchester united beat 2-1. 48 seconds after coming on as a substitute mica opened the scoring in the 14th minute and do you mind the lead for united
2:51 pm
after halftime. he was given a red card. he later apologized to the fans for his mistake man united moved 5 points ahead of liverpool in the race. >> they were in fantastic shape. we beat them with their open weapons, with the pressure on the ball in the first half, i am talking about now five points ahead of liverpool and six ahead tottenham and south hampton. so, the moment to win is very important. one of the most important moments in my career, i think. >> chelsea beat hull city 3-2. blues are six points clear of manchester city at the top of the table with a game in hand. hull remained three points above the relegation zone while everton beat qpr to 1.
2:52 pm
champ picks, the la galaxy were held to a 1-1 draw by houston. great goal in this game coming up from ruby king giving the galaxy the lead with this is solo effort in the western conference final at indian wells is underway from a world number 1 yanukovych playing world number 3, a final after getting a bye against serena williams who had to withdraw. one of the first sets has just started a while ago for thing that match, world number 1 jockey yobbing will play federer in the men's final. straight sets in the last four federer lost to djokovic in this final 12 months ago.
2:53 pm
>> i am very happy. felt good physically. obviously, i feel refreshed aver the holiday. serving well which is crucial. and would,ing great. i am very happy. >> her sher celebrated his straight over all title with a commanding win maeshl in france the germap is guaranteed the overall title which rivals pulled out and he added the third title boo i placing felix at the top of the standing. hersher pulled out. final to win this race he denied on the final day.
2:54 pm
austria's defended her giant slalom titles after winning the season ending race. the 25-year-old winning margin was 0.38 seconds. fenniger dropped to the floor and stopped after seeing heroining time. >> it was -- it is hard to describe because there was so much pressure for so many days so many weeks. and this was just what i worked for so many years, and i was so anxious before the run when i came to the finish and i saw it. it was incredible. unbelievable. >> she took world both super bike races in thailand to move top of the championship after two weeks of the season and a new venue for the sport but in quarterfinal, he had shown he had adapted on saturday, kawasaki reader in both races
2:55 pm
this year taken charge of the second it the third double of his career. he leads by 10 pounds in the standings. i rode well today. awe of the crew worked hard all weekend. we had issues but we kept working, kept positive and this is the result of preparation, you know. we prepared for the long run. we prepared for a start, everything. >> hand you back to lauren. >> thank you very much indeed, sanaa. crowds flocked to the festival to celebrate an ununusual natural phenomenon extremely low tides cause a strip of land to emerge. a sea way event attacks thousands. rob mcbride was among them. >> as sea receipts people stop moving. cautiously at first.
2:56 pm
then finding themselves on a strip of land that stretches from the main gindo island to the much smaller modo nearly three kilometers away. and then the fun starts collecting whatever unlucky creatures got left stranded by the departing tide. >> i just found it now. it's an octopus. >> a story goes a family left behind their grandmother when they were chased away from the island by tigers. grafrndma bong prayed to be reunited and magically, the seas parted creating a path across the sea bed that her family used to come back for her. so, the legend was born. playing on both the natural phenomenon and local folklore the community has created a festival around the event that grows in popularity.
2:57 pm
>> we are getting more and more international tourists and we hope one day this will become a major event that represents the whole of korea. >> it translates from the korean as miracle sea road just half an hour ago, this stretch of sea bed was below the water. half an hour from now, it will be submerged once more and the miracle will be over. >> all of the more reason to enjoy it while it lasts. for kim gee's son and her three children, this is the first time they have come here. >> it's really amazing and showing it to the children is go for them. >> then as quickly as they departed, the waters return. this time, the people receding. ba to be dry land until the next time. rob mcbride, jindo island south korea. >> that's it for me. we will be here in just a moment with another full round of the days news. thanks for watching.
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>> ager in yemen after houthis take the airport of the third biggest city ♪ hello. you are watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up the u.n.'s libya envoy insists piece talks will continue despite fierce fighting in and around tripoli. nigeria's presidential election debate goes ahead without the main opposition contender. why a may in peru wants to paint