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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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the children. >> welcome to the news hour. i'm darren jordan from al jazeera's news center in do ma. the son of senegal's former president is found guilty of corruption and faces years in prison. singapore in mourning after the death of its founding father lee kuan yew. and ted cruz becomes the first republican to put his hand
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up for his party's presidential nomination. welcome to the program. saudi arabia's arabia said that the stand off in yemen government asks for government aid. >> we're against defense iran's intervention in yemen. it is an act of aggression. we're keen on protecting yemen's sovereignty, the legitimacy of
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yemen president hadi alone. we are ready to respond to any demand that the president requests, whatever it is, to support him. we're ready to take the necessary measures if needed. >> well, the gcc forces asked by president hadi's government are known as a shield. formed in 1982, they were first deployed when saddam hussein invaded you kuwait. in 2011 forces went into bahrain, another member state to help restore order following violent anti-government protests. they have a base in saudi arabia. the editor in chief of the yemen post joins us live. how significant is this request from the yemeni government for military help from the gcc? >> very critical. this is one step forward to a
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sectarian war in yemen. this is the last thing that yemen wants right now. again, both of the parties are meeting today but the escalation that is happening from both sides are showing that they are opening their eyes and ears to negotiations and want to enforce their way or no way. president hadi is saying that they are very serious about having more involvement even if it means being involved . >> one of the problems is that the gcc military force was formed to deter aggression
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against gcc member states, and yemen is not part of the gcc. there is a question of the legality of any such intervention in yemen. >> that won't be an obstacle after president hadi asked for it. it's not that the gulf nations won't intervene. they're dealing with a president who is legally the president of a country and from that end the gcc are trying to push forward in trying to force the houthies back from power even if it means using force. but again if negotiations do not succeed with both sides gcc, yemen and the houthies as well all will fall because it will be a long-term war happening in syria and right now no one is winning in syria. >> thank you. now karim wade, son of the
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former president has been found guilty of corruption and sentenced six years in prison. he has been ordered to pay $230 million in fines. the court rule he illegally acquired companies and real state while serving in his father's government. >> reporter: karim wade was one of the most dominant ministers under his father's rule. his father was president from 2000 to 2012. and over this decade-long service, wade is responsible for portfolios and lucrative deals he was also responsible for the construction of a new airport. these are multi million if not billion-dollar deals.
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the charges that he was involved in mass corruption, he was known to be very--known to show his wealth off bubbly, owning several properties, etc., etc. since the sentence has happened, this prevents him from running in the next presidential election. you have to remember that this sunday the members of the opposition had voted in karim wade as their presidential said forcandidate in the upcoming presidential election. but with this conviction he'll be unable to run. >> singapore is mourn theing the death of its founding leader lee kuan yew. >> images of lee kuan yew over
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look the hospital. tony wang is a retired civil servant. avenues teacher for decades. when he heard that lee kuan yew died, he was in pain. he felt he needed to bring thinks grand discuss here. >> flags of the small nation were lowered at half mass to honor the passing of who many felt was the father of singapore singapore. withoutlee kuan yew many would not know singapore. under his leadership singapore was transformed from a tiny impoverished island with no
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natural resources into a high tech metropolis. lee also had a larker darker side. many political opponents found themselves in court often bankrupt. he returned to power again and again, with his oldest son prime minister. through it all, he was undependent. >> if i were to rule with western-style democracy and took a straw poll, we would have come to grief. >> while freedoms were sacrificed lee brought economic miracle sealing the legacy of one 20th century leaders. >> on wednesday he'll lie in state until saturday that way the people of this nation in
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mourning can pay their last respects. >> hundreds stood in line to sign books of remembrance. a personal message from people he led while condolences from leaders around the world were received throughout the day. >> iraqi security forces say they have discovered a mass grave containing the remains of iraqi soldiers. the discovery was made south of tikrit. it's unclear how many bodies were found as work to uncover the grave side is still on going. it is thought they were killed by isil fighters. meanwhile, an assault on sites controlled by isil northwest of tikrit. iraq's defense minister said that his forces forces are plan to storm tikrit city as soon as possible. the iraqi army gave them any reason to leave.
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tikrit would be a gain as it lies on the road to baghdad. >> when we see the time is right, we'll storm it as quickly as possible. tikrit is in full siege. we're taking caution not to take any losses and to protect the civilians in the city. the terrorists are surrounded inside the city. their morale is low. when the right moment comes we'll storm the city without any resistence or losses. >> the tunisian prime minister sat six police officers over the attack on the bardo museum last week. a third suspect is still at large. >> egypt ethiopia and sudan has signed an agreement over the sharing of the nile. egypt said that a dam would worsen it's water shortages. but ethiopian president said that the dam won't disrupt any
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flow down stream. the dam will be africa's largest, and is expected to be fully complete by 2017. lots more still to come here on the program. the withdraw of u.s. troops from afghanistan tops the agenda as leaders from the two countries meet in washington, d.c. >> it's going to get people's attention. >> and using politicians to get a laugh in south africa, how it got one cartoonist in trouble. and in sport, a set back for new zealand. in their cricket world cup semifinal. we'll have more more of sport later on in the program. >> afghan president ashraf ghani is on a visit to the u.s. troop withdrawal is likely to dominate talks in his meeting
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with president obama on monday. roslind jordan reports. >> when afghan president ashraf ghani meets with u.s. officials on monday, his country's security will be top of mind. he wants u.s. president barack obama to delay his plans to withdraw some troops by the end of 2015. the top u.s. general in afghanistan is inclined to do so. >> i'm particularly concerned about the summer of 2015, the afghans, this is the very first fighting season completely on their own. >> reporter: ghani is trying to create peace talks with the taliban. he's worried about threats from militias and very worried that isil is trying to move in. >> we believe that the presence of isil in afghanistan represents a rebranding of a few marginalized taliban but we're taking this threat with dangerous rhetoric seriously. >> reporter: 9800 u.s. forces are in afghanistan to train and
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support the afghan military. president obama had planned to cut that number to 5600 by the end of this year. and then withdraw the rest by the end of 2016 leaving behind a small number of troops to protect the u.s. embassy. the fear is that the afghan military will crumble. something that the new u.s. defense secretary acknowledged on a recent trip. >> president obama is considering a number of options to reinforce our support for president begun any's security strategy, including possible changes to the timeline for our draw down of u.s. troops. >> some analysts say the obama administration has to think long term and can't ignore the need to improve afghanistan's economy. >> at any point you could see a security collapse. but if the economy is able to be sustained, then you'll be able to push back on whatever security problems you face. >> the obama administration is expected to announce chains to the u.s. troop deployment plan
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while president ghani is here in washington. roslind jordan, al jazeera, the state department. >> let's get more now on the situation in iraq where iraqi security forces say they have discovered a mass grave containing the graves of iraqi soldiers. let's talk to the kurdistan regional government representation in the united states director of their political affairs department and joins me from washington, d.c. colin, let's talk first about this mass grave which has been discovered in tikrit, the suspension is that--the suspicion is is that these soldiers were killed by isil and this is not the first grave uncovered. >> no, not at all unfortunately. every time the iraqi security forces or the peshmerga forces liberate a town orvilleage, we're discovering mass grave after mass grave and tikrit specifically.
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they killed 1700 iraqi military forces. but also in sinjar we've discovered many young boys ages 14 and up who were rounded up, taken to a ditch and executed in a systemic execution style. >> presumably the worry colin that as iraqi forces and other forces advance on tikrit, perhaps more graves like this will be found. >> that is our biggest fear at the moment. it is very unfortunate. isil has not abided by any international rules or--and recently, you saw that the u.n. has come out--the u.s. human rights report came out and accusing isis of war crimes and acts of genocide, specifically against the yazidi community the ancient kurdish community that lives in sinjar. as we heard, a lot of it back in
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august at mount sinjar. we heard that many women were solved into into slavery or sexual slavery. we have brought back as far as east coast and west coast of syria. we've discovered mass graves, a lot of young boys and men have been executed. we're still missing about 5,000 yazidi men boys, women and girls to this point. >> meanwhile, the iraqi government continues it's offensive to retake the city of tikrit in isil. what are you hearing there about the operation? >> well, every time isil or isis realizes that they're losing ground, they would send in suicide-bombers, suicide trucks. they have a lot of sharp shooters, not necessarily iraqis or syrian, a lot of these we discovered to come as far as
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chechnya. there have been a lot of boobie traps. every time they felt they were losing ground, they would resort to these tactics. it has become more challenge for take over these areas. but peshmerga are determined to take back these cities and mosul as well. >> that's the big appreciations isn't it. i was going to ask you how confident are the peshmerga and the iraqi government forces that they can retake tikrit, and use that as a springboard to move forward and relaunch themselves to retake mosul. >> absolutely. that will give us better tactics, better leverage, and a lot more area in setting the stage for taking back mosul. it's inevitable. we're going to take back mosul. hopefully with the continued support of the international coalition and international airstrikes. it's inevitable.
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isil has made mosul it's headquarters. it's the second largest city in iraq, and we're going to take it back one way or another. this will require all hands on deck. iraqi security forces, peshmerga forces in addition to the international coalition aid. >> colin zabari, thank you for talking with al jazeera. >> glad to be with you. >> now in the united states the senator from texas ted cruz said he was running for president in the presidential election in in 2016. what more do we know about ted cruz and what he actually stand for? >> it's a fairly typical speech. he checked all the boxes when talking in front of the largest group of christians in the world. he talked about israel, he talked about making sure that iran did not get a nuclear weapon, ronald reagan, all these
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things. he's speaking out as a religious conservative for the right the mainstream of the republican party. he believes that there are votes there for him particularly when it comes to the nomination process. the problem he has, of course, we've seen this with others in the past that when you speak out your position right of the party, when you start to appeal to the independents, the undecided in the general election it becomes much more difficult. there will be many people who like what ted cruz has to say and there will be many who believe what ted cruz has to stay but they may not elect him. >> and there are other republicans of former florida governor jeb bush and senator marco rubio.
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>> they will be fighting for the same cruz that ted cruz is staking out here. when you move towards the center you'll start to see the likes of jeb bush. chris christie, we're expecting him to announce as well. we'll see him in the region of 30-15 people declare they want to be the republican candidate for the presidency. the difficulty, of course, is narrowing that down. ted cruz is probably in the top three list but certainly in the second tier. he still has a chance. and it's still early before the election. he has a chance and i suspect his chances of getting the nomination are pretty slim even then. >> right wing parties have won the most votes in fran's local elections. nicolas sarkozy are leading in the first first round. the far right national front is in second place.
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>> it was quite a convincing lead by nicolas sarkozy. the national front did less well than some opinion polls predicted, but then we have to remember that opinion polls are not an exact science. they're only a suggestion of voting tendencies. but a very much disappointing performance by the socialist party, and pretty much reinforcing the overall tripped that the socialist party seems to be losing favor and in particular french president françois hollande is not very highly rated at the moment. we must remember also this was only the first round of voting because in france there is a system of two rounds. it does give people the luxury of maybe registering protest vote making some kind of a statement in the first round while then actually getting more serious in the second round. also these are local elections rather than national elections
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and again people sometimes voting in a different manner. what often happens in elections in france is if the national front does well in the first round, certainly people voting for parties that have been knocked out in the first round will then rally together and vote for which ever party is standing against the national front. so we can expect to see lots of socialist party voters voting for the center right unp in the second round in order to keep the national front out. at least that would be the prediction of many people here in france. >> the germ chancellor angela merkel is prepare to go welcome the new greek prime minister to berlin with full military honors. it's the first time that alexis tsipras will meet with the german chancellor. it's been a year since an outbreak of ebola was confirmed in west africa.
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over 10,000 people have died across liberia sierra sierra leone and guinea. >> reporter: when ebola was at its worst last year, julius proud was trying to save those he could. and that is when he caught the disease. >> fortunately, i survived it, but working down the community people pointing fingers at me. he was the one who came down with the virus. and it has become discouraging and worrisome. >> even colleagues who showed no symptoms were made to feel isolated. >> mythey no longer come around me. >> despite the stigmal prowd is back at work.
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you is not back at work. he said it's now time to beat the misinformation about the disease. that's what the liberian government wants to do as well. within a few weeks the "world health organization" had hoped to declare the country ebola-free. but that's not going to happen because of a new case discovered days ago. it has left many here worried. >> it is very discouraged because it has taken us backward. our children it has delayed their education and to hear that as a new outbreak of ebola it's very discouraging, and i'm feeling very bad about that. >> ebola has spread at an aggressive pace, crippling daily life. all schools were closed for six months. and in one year the disease has crisscrossed borders killing 10,000 people across west africa. experts have traced the source
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here in guinea. is thisthis is the spot where it is believed that bats infected a toddler that triggered the epidemic. the countries affected hope that the worst is over now. that could be the case if this ebola treatment center is anything to go by. >> an animator in south africa is reaching a huge audience by writing in various languages but the state broadcaster thinks that it is too controversial. >> just an advertisement for fish and chips, but lampoons the south africaen president. he is shown eating with his family at a sprawling home, a controversial property because of the millions of taxpayer dollars spent ungrading its security. >> it was popular and it still
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is, and it will get people's attention. in advertising you look at what people think and say at the time. >> it was hugely popular with the public, but someone higher up did not see the humor and banned it. but it still got plenty of hits online. >> i think it was hilarious. it captured exactly what it is all about. >> it's awesome. it's pretty awesome yeah. >> another of his popular animations featuring an african jesus also got him into trouble. he said he's not setting out to offend only to poke fun and to push the boundaries. the killings of a satirical newspapers in paris in january only confirmed his views on freedom of speech. >> people will make fun of you in the real world. people will say bad things in the real world. you just need to grow up about it and just accept it.
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[music] >> and he said that his animations have had around 8 million hits online. that's because he's one of the first south african animators to feature local voices, cultures and issues. >> it's quite refreshing for it to be south africaen. >> despite his popularity he has had to struggle to get his work on tv. >> do you feel that you're a bit of a ground breaker in a way. you're a black south african speaking to other south africans with different languages. >> i could say yes. to a certain level. >> but this artist said he still has a lot more ground to break to make african voices more mainstream. erica wood, al jazeera, johannesburg, south africa. >> lots more still to come here on al jazeera. we report from one of the front lines in the fight against boko haram in southeast nigeria. >> right here we have one of the last great places on earth.
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>> a paradise lost. south sudan's wildlife caught in the cross fire. and more on sport. stay with us. behalf
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>> yemen's embattled government has asked for help to fight shia howell houthi rebels. senegal's former president's son has been sentenced to six years. and singapore has declared six days of national mourning after the death of its founding father lee kuan yew. he'll be laid to rest in a state
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funeral on sunday. joint forces from niger and chad have killed several dozen boko haram fighters in northern nigeria. the offense took place in the borno state across niger. this is the latest move in a joint force mission to take on boko haram. we have reports from one of of the battlefields in northeast nigeria. [♪ singing ♪] >> reporter: preparing for an attack on boko haram. the troops are upbeat about this assignment after recent successes against the group. but as the commander was about to leave the mount the mission was aborted. a large number of boko haram fighters were seen heading their way. every soldier is told to go to the trenches. from attack mode to defense, a
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posture they know too well after six years of insurgency. and our crew were ordered to get out of town. attacks by the military and counter attacks are all too familiar. the last two months have been particularly tough for boko haram. >> the soldiers have been injected into the operation but we have new equipment. between february to this. >> battles have been won in many areas, but the war is not over yet. the military may have chased out boko haram out of many towns and villages, but holding the same areas presents a difficult challenge. the fighters now return to attack the same villages
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liberated by the military. this is giving give--taking a lot of people away from their homes. >> but some are simply tired of running. >> we now put our hopes in the military. so far i'm encouraged by what we see. every day is like living their last day. that's not a good feeling. >> and all around the northeast are signs of devastation. of sabotage, and unprovoked violence. this deserted village is an notorious ambush point for boko haram. many have died here. territories may have been reclaimed, but the human and material cost of this violence are irreplaceable. al jazeera, northeast nigeria. >> well, the battle against boko haram is one of the main issues
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of sunday's nigerian presidential election. but the economy is also high on the agenda, too. it is still struggling to move away from its dependency on oil. we met some young entrepreneurs in lagos. >> here they use computers from europe and the united states are repaired and sold. these machines are considered an electronic waste from the countries they were shipped in front. but in nigeria trade is booming. it is here that a trained journalist first began selling computer parts. he now owns his own shop. things are much easier now than when he started ten years ago. now they won't ask for any kind of collateral. they won't ask for any type of
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security. >> this is mainly because nigeria is realizing the potential for real economic growth lies with millions of young people into entrepreneurs. >> because of high oil prices the nigerian economy has expanded at an average annual rate of 7%. but the impact of falling crude prices are falling here, it is effecting their economy. >> there have been initiatives to assist young business people. establishing this cookie factory, two years later he has a workforce of 100 people and a net income of $50,000. he said nigeria's 180 million people are his market. >> i believe there is a market
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for change. >> but some question whether the government is doing enough. >> it's good. we have young entrepreneurs getting funding. yes, that makes some impact but it hardly makes a dent in the broader issues. >> earths to inject business into nigeria's youth drivers the cost of production through the roof. just one more problem that they have to deal with to with the country's reliance on imported oil and imports. >> many experts say nigeria's
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economy is at make or break at the moment. what is your assessment of how bad or good it is? >> well, i think it depends on where you're sitting. as an investor looking at the over all market attractiveness, nigeria still remains a relatively attractive economy. i think the biggest problem is diversifying the economy. i think there is often the misconception of what nigeria's economy looks like. the oil sector which contributes about 15% of gdp is still small but in terms of its contribution to government ref news, it's significant. 90% of exchange comes from oil trade, and revenue comes from oil. the biggest challenge for the nigerian government is to find a way to translate the oil wealth into a much bigger and much more diversified economy. >> many people ask the question, how can nigeria be short of oil and oil revenues when it's a
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rich oil-producing country. they say much of the revenues are erodeed by corruption. >> yes, i think obviously the corruption issue like i said, only addresses part of the concern. if you think about the fact that nigeria has got a youth population of 7% of the population is considered to be below the age of 40, there is high youth unemployment, about 60%. it's the biggest challenge for government, how to provide jobs for this youth population. we need to be quite clear what the government can do and cannot do. the challenge right now is providing an enabling environment, and one of the key challenges is in power production. the nigerian government, about 30% of the cost of production to business is as a result of an electricity deficit. that needs to be addressed. >> what is the issue of taxes. there is a problem in terms of raising revenue outside of the
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oil space. i mean, taxes is a huge sort of revenue. >> i don't think its just a question of weakness. it's a question of what exactly happens if the government tries to dramatically raise taxes. we need to remember that it's quite vibrant in its relative infancy. there is a challenge for the government to dramatically raise taxes. we saw the cost of the oil price drop. the government has cut expenditure and imposing a number of taxes and what it calls luxury goods. that's only going to raise $100 million. but for a country that has been quite bad at raising taxes this is a step in the right direction. i believe that more measures will be pursued in the future, but it's still not enough at the moment. >> i want to squeeze in are a final question for you. how is the security situation and the insurgentcy against boko
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haram impacted the economy in your estimation? >> well, we've seen volatility in the currency and in the equities market. that's a reflection of the fact that people are weighing in on the election and people are expecting violence around the election and you compound that with the security challenges it's an indication that the markets are not confident. i expect after the election a lot of that might will slightly stabilize and also along side the victories that the military has been recording, that should restore a bit of confidence, but it's only the starting point. >> thank you very much for talking with al jazeera. >> now fighter jet belonging the libya dawn militia has reported reportedly been shot down. the armed group backs the tripoli-based government, which is not recognized by the u.n. and international community. it is unclear who or what brought down the plane. media is reporting one of the pilots were arrested while the
11:42 am
other was killed. there. is fighting in the city of mizrata. they resisted before and they're resisting again. >> it was the second bombing in a week and in that incident security buildings were target: a car bomb went off outside of the intelligence headquarters in misrata. no one was injure: libya's central city has been spared violence in many areas in this vast country over several months. that's why the recent explosions are seen as an attempt to destabilize misrata. >> it is involved in a multi front war. for months the city's brigades have been fighting forces. and as of late groups associated with islamic state of iraq and
11:43 am
the levant declared war on this city. >> this is the eastern gate of misrata. the security is tight because 250 kilometers from here is sirte. a city now in the hands of groups that have pledged allegiance to isil. misrata has sent hundreds of its minute to that front line, but weeks have passed, and they have not been able to defeat the threat. >> people across the world think misrata is home to extremists and islamists, but this is not true. we are the ones fighting isil. >> isil strength is growing and there are fears that the group will only get stronger if libya's rival administrations don't unite. but for misrata people here believe isil and the government in the east are being financed by regional powers. >> we're fighting the terrorist isil.
11:44 am
we're fighting haftar forces and regimes behind these groups. niger, chad, i want, sudan and those supporting them. >> misrata is part of the rule of the 2011 revolution. it paid a heavy price when if stood up against gaddafi. today is the backbone of the libya dawn alliance allied with the government in tripoli. since they pointed guns at each other mid last year, this city has lost more than 350 men but officials here are not ready to compromise because for them they are fighting the enemies of the revolution. al jazeera misrata. >> now cuba has historically been a commercial advertising-free society. but with its loosened relations with the united states this could change and industry is already growing on the island. >> with no advertising no
11:45 am
classified ads in the newspapers, there is only one way that cubans can sell that toaster or house in the wrong neighbor. they phone david and he passes the message to maria and ali who transmit the information over the airwaves. >> we have people who have lost their dogs or left their documents on the bus or someone in the family needs medicine. >> they'll repeat the ads in several programs. supplying a social service to the greater havana area. this is a country we rest of the brash colorful advertising and it represents the tape of economy they've been resisting for almost 50 years. what you won't see here is advertising for things like running shoes and soft drinks. instead, it is the promotion of
11:46 am
ideas with posters like this one urging the cuban people to defend the values of their country. others extol the virtues of the revolution or criticize cuba's enemies, usually the united states. but now the government is trying to encourage foreign investment, and allow small private businesses to flourish. they prowl the streets in this trade fair to promote his restaurant. >> it would be great to put a publicity poster in the main street in havana with the name of our restaurant on it, the day they allow it, i will be ready. >> although not exactly new york's time square or picadilly in london, more advertise something appearing in havana, and they have seen the introduction of subtle forms of tiding not seen here before. >> advertising is starting in a very low-key way.
11:47 am
restaurant have signs and stickers. we're not talking about big posters that you'll see in places like china, which is too much, but we wouldn't be shocked to see them here one day. >> with the economy opening up, if a little cautiously cuban shoppers if they choo to and can afford it, may now experience the same appetizing asel razzle-dazzle as the rest of the world. web designers are poised with a future with much more for sale. al jazeera havana. >> time now for a short beak. when we come back we'll have sport and the rare slip from the germany football champions. we'll have that later after the break. stay with us.
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>> welcome back now. south sudan's natural beauty and diverse wildlife could one day make the country a tourist destination. but the war threatens that ability. >> the flight plan is northeast and then south towards the ugandan border. the shanty towns of juba sunny give way to wilderness. wilderness that could help rewhether the nation with its huge tourist potential. >> we're heading east, and we're going to come up in the national park here. >> he has seen much of the world, but this is something
11:50 am
else. >> we could fly easily for two hours and not see anything but wildlife and wild places. no human influence. but right here we have one those last great places on earth. >> this is east africa's largest intact have a san in a--savannah a--savannah. millions of antelope following century-old migration corridors. it has its own subspecies of giraffe, elephant herds in sufficient quantity to make a full come back. on the ugandan border the power of the white nile. the waters of lake victoria head together mediterranean thousands of kilometers away. it's potential goes beyond what you can catch out of it. >> south sudan has extraordinary natural beauty from the white nile to the area of savannah three times the size of the serengeti with unparallelled
11:51 am
wildlife. >> now it seems that the nation's unique wildlife has become a victim of the war. fighters are said to be slaughtering elephant giraffe and antelope. >> the situation is that some wildlife populations are being heavily poached by civilians by the government army, by the army and opposition, the spla in opposition and by the spla for commercial bush meat hunting as well as for feeding themselves. there is a lot of pressure on wildlife populations. >> that's crushing news for communities like this. they want the chance to develop the resources that they've got. >> if it is our will we say no to the war. we need peace and we need development. our children have been deprived. no schools. most of the population are
11:52 am
illiterate. this we hope, will come. >> south sudan has a beauty you never hear about. it's all just war and instability. with his wildlife and tourism potential, there is hope for the future but even that is at risk. al jazeera, south sudan. >> now for sport. >> cricket world cup co-host has suffered a set back. their past fastballer has been ruled out of the tournament and he has been replaced by matt henry. >> i think both teams have grown up. we're different teams and we play the gape in different spirit, and i would expect us to go out there and focus purely on displaying our skills, trying to be as good as what we can with ball batting in the field and leaving nothing out there in terms of heart and soul.
11:53 am
>> now football's governing body said that uefa are meeting this week and want the allocation to be moved up from 13 to 14 spots. their demand is likely to meet resistence from fifa seas president saying he would favor more placing being given to africa and asia. >> 19 of the top 32-ranked associations are european. the last three winners of the last three world cups were three european teams. so i think it's absolutely objective and fair to be asking for one more position only. >> barcelona have taken a big step towards winning the spanish league time. they bead real madrid on sunday, and an early header in front at
11:54 am
the new camp. cristiano ronaldo did pull real level just before halftime, but suarez went on to win the game for barcelona in the second half his sixth goal in seven lead appearances giving barca the win and they're four points ahead of the top of the table. >> it was a very important victory because they are direct rifles, and it now looks we have more chances of winning the league. now we can phase the end of the league with a relative advantage advantage. >> bayern munich suffered their first home defeat in 11 months. to make matters worse a wear off night.
11:55 am
bayern still comfortable with the ten-point lead at the top of the table. a return to formula one driver fernando alonzo after crashing during testing in bars loan that. after a three-day stay in hospital the driver will return to the circuit subject to further tests on thursday. djokovic has declared his fifth career title at the indian wells masters. djokovic winning this tournament for a fourth time taking the saiding set here, 6-2. djokovic and federer have won eight of the last 11 editions of this event. and world number three on the women's title at indian wells recovered after losing the first set to jankovic. it is the romanian's third title
11:56 am
of the year. >> i will never forget it. i total this to the crowd it was an amazing tournament for me, and i didn't play my best during this tournament, but i had confidence that i had my chance to win. so i tried everything, and i was fighting to the end every match. >> successfully defended his title at the arnold palmer invitational in florida. the american had not posted a top 25 finish since last june. but here he is with a birdie put to beat henrik stenson by a stroke. and in his last tournament before the masters world number one rory mcilroy would finish in a tie for 11th. >> yeah, i didn't place here--i've taken some strides in the right direction. you know there are still a few things in my game that i need to tidy up and work on. but what i was working on last week i feel like i made progress on that, and i have a couple of weeks to work on more stuff and hopefully be ready for
11:57 am
the start of april. >> and former marathon record holder said that athletics in his native kenya needs to work harder to improve its image after recent doping scandals. right now he's training in altitude before his appearance of the london marathon. 39 kenyan athletes are failed to have failed drug tests in recent months. and he said that much needs to be done about doping in kenya. >> creating awareness to athletes that doping is not good. we need a clean sport and also creating awareness on the drugs which are not--which are prohibited. >> okay, plenty more sport coming up later on. but that's it for now. >> andy thank you very much, indeed. stay with us here on al jazeera. there will be more news, of course, at the top of the hour. thanks for watching al jazeera.
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