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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 23, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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this is al jazeera. >> you're watching the al jazeera news hour coming from lond with me david foster. this is the taste of what we'll be looking at in detail in the next 60 minutes. send us your troops, send us your weapons yemen calls on the middle east to bring the country under control. telling the greek prime minister he must deliver
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reforms. jailed for corruption. also. i am announcing that i'm running for president of the united states. >> the name is cruz, ted cruz, who wants to be the republican party's man in the white house. >> i'm lee wells in sports uefa demanding an extra world cup place. >> it has been going on for months now week by week, in fact day by day the security situation in yemen gets worse. now the government's asking for pill tri help from the gulf countries that surround -- military help from the gulf countries that surround it. houthis have train control of sanaa, now they have set their sights often other areas such as ta'izz. the southern port of aden in
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their sights and this mean, the president, abd rabbu mansour hadi, has been in aden after fleeing house arrest in the pal. down south he's trying to establish a new government. it's proving difficult it's prfg very rocky. the security situation, united states and united kingdom pull out their military personnel.the united nations warns yemen is on the brink of a drawn-out civil war. the standoff in yemen can be resolved peacefully, he wants a political solution but he says gulf countries will do what is necessary, if that doesn't happen. charlie.angela has the laidest. >> this is a country on the brink of civil war but the residents of ta'izz are not going quietly. protesting the presence of houthi rebels, in return,
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they're fired on. international airport now under houthi control. yemen is increasingly divided between a north controlled by the houthis who allegedly backed by iran and a south dominated by supporters of out ousted president aliabd rabbu mansourhadi. >> we have expressed to the gulf council to the united nations as well as the international community that this should be a no-fly zone. >> this is what a gcc force could look like. originallyoriginally set up to respond to groups of 100,000 strong.
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but this conflict has already made fighters of every day men. here tribal forces gather in the problems to threaten houthi forces from entering their territory. adding more might to the fight could force yemen into sectarian war with rival forces peacefully resolved if not countries of the region would take necessary steps. >> they have commenced very fiercely for president hadi. the gulf organizations and political end and the union and many others who have come up strongly for president hadi. >> either way the people caught in the middle, each day of fighting deepens the suffering in this impoverished country.
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charlie angela, al jazeera. >> saudi foreign minister there says his country would do whatever it was asked to do by president hadi in yemen. a yemen specialist with the overseas institute does that mean sending in the troops as soon as possible? >> sending in the troops is one thing. but air strikes against the houthis as they continue their push south. >> the yemen foreign minister says we really don't have much time. >> the next day or two are really critical. once the houthis enter the area where president haid is hadi is located he would be forced to abandon the three largest cities if he is forced into the country or into tribal areas further east.
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>> if that happens, if the houthis and their merch mentors iran get control of aden how difficult would it be to take back the country? >> it is extremely difficult to dislodge any armed group from the city. and one once the houthis are in aden they essentially control a large portion of the country's infrastructure and economy and it would be extremely difficult. >> now you're expecting the houthi rebels, you call them rebels but pretty organized forces and by and large they have the yemen military or a large part of the yemen military on their side. do you expect them to make a movement pretty soon from ta'izz down to aden? aden? they are not going to go back are they? >> unless there is mediation or peaceful way out of this conflict there is no reason to expect the houthis to stop their
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way south. they have the backing of the largest contingent of the country's armed forces. iran's role in supporting the houthis really the decisive factor is the yemen military. >> power back for his son so his dynasty would continue, is it as simple as that many can man who wants to see the next generation take over for him or is there a massive sectarian conflict? >> there is lil likelihood for the former president's son to take control in a situation like this. yemenis of all stripes are happy to see the president having gone and there doesn't seem much likelihood of him or his relatives coming back.
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taillight, we are looking at the potential beginnings of the sectarian conflict in the country. people oftentimes remark that yemen is one of the countries in the region with a relatively limited sectarian tensions but that's increasingly changed in just a matter of months. >> seems we'll leave it there thank you very much indeed. good to have you with us on the news hour. >> thank you very much. >> the greek prime minister alexis tsipras has what he described as a good chat with angela merkel in berlin. the big worry is that greece is running out of money. greece could go bankruptcy and one of the first countries to -- or the first country to break out of the european union. breaking out of their press conference a few minutes ago demands by its international
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lenders. >> translator: our goal should be to make necessary reforms. those that previous governments did not deal with. dealing with tax evasion those who have avoided paying their tax. >> angela merkel was saying, germany is willing to engage in talks about the bailout and ultimately wants greece to be a strong country. >> translator: we want greece to be a strong country economically, we want them to have growth, we also want greece to come out of this high unemployment. and we certainly want to make sure that this very high youth unemployment can be overcome and structural reforms are necessary for this, a solid budget is necessary, and a functioning administration is necessary. i think that's clear for both countries. >> let us roll back just a little bit to where it all seemed to start. 2010 as good a year as any greece engulfed in the first of
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its monetary crises, the amount of money it was borrowing to fund its spending, far far more than what it was getting in in revenues and taxes. first bailout as the euro zone countries handing out 150 billion, that went up and up to about 260 billion. greece's government introduced deeply unpopular spending cuts. we all know those as austerity measures by now. then in january, alexis tsipras elected and tsipras saying we're going to cult the burden of austerity felt by the greeks, it's not doing us any good whatsoever so let's stop it. a month into the new government's term he negotiated a four month extension to the bailout, saying we can't pay
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this back at the time, we're going to drop some of those antiausterity measures. european countries are still worried greece could go bankrupt and leave the euro zone single currency. so it's backwards forwards, all over the time. let's talk to john siropolous, who is in greece, been listening to what the greek prime minister was saying and angela merkel. they were tiptoeing around one another. john did you get a sense whereof this might be going? john, did you hear what i was saying? >> yes i have. what we heard earlier was the
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greek prime minister as you pointed out say we are now approaching the end of five years of adjustment. we do not consider that this has been a success story. because of the loss of the national economy a quarter of the economy is gone because of high unemployment and also because of the total debt as a proportion of gdp the size of the greek economy hasn't gone down which is one of the key goals of this exercise. what we want to see now mr. tips said ismr. tsipras said is for the wealthier of the greeks to pay their share. there are many common points of observation between mr. tsipras and madam merkel at this press conference but they disagree on the conclusions. mrs. merkel as we just heard from the sound bite you played insisting that greece must now focus on tackling unemployment by creating a functioning civil service and a balanced budget through time not just for the last two years but for the
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foreseeable future. mr. tsipras saying we want germany to repay a war time loan and to help cooperate with greek judiciary authorities, on giving us information about the zeman scandal through which that german multinational corporation allegedly paid bribes to greek politicians so those persons can be delivered to the greek just problems. those are valued points but do not strike the heart of greece not generating enough revenue to pay off creditors. >> in terms of the way the greek people feel about this, are they encouraged what they see with the new government, syriza in power, is it delivering what the people asked it to do? okay, slight problem with communications with athens there. i'm going to wand wander over to the
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desk. once again we have vicky price with us, chief economic advisory center of economics in london. vicky many you have a great deal of experience in dealing with the greek economy you wrote greek economics,. >> i'm also greek. >> and how important is the relationship between tsipras and merkel? >> very important really. merkel says others are important. but the smaller importance about giving any concessions to the greeks. merkel sets the tone, the others will follow. that's why it's so important. >> is she one of the thiption, even though though greece gets some
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concessions, even those it doesn't have to introduce the reforms it's been told to, pulings out of had a this? >> it's very interesting. if you take a look at what greece was doing last year, it started growing again unexpected in a way. i.t. had record tourism visits many from germany of course but from other places as well. and the economy was beginning orecover and unemployment went down a little bit. most important thing is that the markets decided that greece was once again a viable promotion. greece was able to borrow in the capital markets three and five year bonds yields were below 5%. so it was able to borrow at interest rates perfectly acceptable. >> people having the opportunity to get in, which is what they are doing now long term stability do you see it with greece? >> greece was already achieving a very substantial reduction in deficits to gdp ratio much
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faster than many other countries had been from 15% in 2009 to just 2% last year and it was achieving a primary surplus perhaps it was .5% but aiming at 1.5% which was pretty good, for a country going through serious serious awe stairt. looking forward to exiting the bailout and doing rather well. >> so greece isn't able to spend all the money it wants to on promoting growth within the country. how is it able to do that at the moment? does that mean that the cutbacks are actually working or that the antiausterity was null and void? >> absolutely not. what it has meant is they cut spending across the board so contractors are not being paid. the health service is not being maintained. that's how you achieve -- >> how does the country grow in that situation? >> exactly. what the greeks have been asking
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is they don't have to meet such a stringent primary surplus so they can spend some money in growing and infrastructure which is coming from the eu as well, so they can get everything moving as well. if you keep meeting the huge debt payment they have to, then you're never going to grow. >> vicky author of greekonomics. criticized for its response to ebola. we'll have sports, back in the driver's seat the formula 1 driver cleared to return after serious injuries. i mentioned we'll go into some detail now the w.h.o that's the world health organization has been criticized for what it did when ebola broke out. its response has been labeled as
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too slow and it comes from a respected organization organization doctors without borders. medicins sans frontiers. >> we're in a different place today, but we should be much further along. this is not just a hatchet job against the w.h.o but it's really a reflection that the world isn't prepared for an outbreak of this magnitude and what worries msf is if there is an outbreak in another part of the world with similar background, similar setup to the three countries in west africa, we will have another problem. and another huge problem which will cost lives. >> 12 months then since the
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first case of ebola confirmed in west africa, it has killed in that time 10,000 plus people in liberia, sierra leone and in guinea. let's hear from emma kay emolo about how some of those have dealt with the outbreak. >> when the outbreak happened, julius helped who he could that's when he caught the disease. >> fortunately i survived it but people finger at me is the one who came down with the virus he is the one who people seeing die and he is the one immune. it becomes shows somehow discouraging and worrisome. >> those who showed no symptoms were made to feel isolated. >> people would not come around
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me. because i don't know why. >> despite the stigma proud is back at work. he's beat the virus and says it's now time to beat the misinformation about the disease. that's what liberia's government wants to do as well. in a few weeks the world health organization had hoped to declare the country ebola-free. that is not going to happen because of a new case discovered days ago. it's left many here worried. >> very, very discouraged because it was a bad war our children delay their education and to hear that as a new outbreak of ebola it is very very discouraging and i feel very, very bad about that. >> ebola is a bad case crippling daily life. all schools were closed for six months and in one year the
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disease has crisscrossed borders killing more than 10,000 people across west africa. are guinea, this is the spot where a bat infected a toddler trig ringtriggering the epidemic. thing ep dem sick over now if this empty treatment center in liberia is anything to go by. al jazeera. >> spectacular fall from grace presidential candidate in senegal, son of the former president has been found guilty of corruption and jail for six years. he's also been told to pay $230 million in fines. illegally acquired companies while serveing as a minister in
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his father's government. nicholas haque reports. >> is between 2000 and 2012, over this decade-long period, known as the minister of the earth and sky. he was responsible over so many portfolios responsible over lucrative details involving the port a major strategic port for west africa, also responsible for construction of a new airport. these are multimillion if not billion dollar deals. and this is where the opposition who is currently now in power say he was involved in mass corruption. at the age of 45 he is known to be very known to show his wealth very publicly, owning several properties, et cetera, et cetera. now, since the sentence, this
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prevents him from running in the next presidential elections. you have to remember that this sunday, the members of the opposition had voted in kareen wad as their presidential candidate. given the six year sentence he is likely to be unable to run. the 2016 presidential race has kicked off yep with texas senator ted cruz saying he wants to be the republican's man at 1600 pennsylvania avenue. it was not impossible, it was to reignite the promise of america. are. >> i believe in you. i believe in the power of millions of courageous conservatives rising up to reignite the promise of america.
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and that is why today i am announcing that i am running for president of the united states. [cheering and applause] >> allen fisher live in washington d.c. i believe, i believe. the question is why should the american people believe and what sort of man is senator cruz? >> well, he can be a divisive figure. i mean he has his supporters particularly among christian conservatives and the right wing of the republican party. but he is also upset a number of his own party while serving in the senate. and he's a first term senator he's also upseth a number of democrats as well. probably best remember for a 21 hour filibuster while he was trying to cel barack kill barack obama'sing affordable care act. that led to a 16 day shutdown
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one who caused the 16 day shutdown. he was born in canada, to a cuban father, that's why least got the name, and an american mother. so by throwing his hat into the ring this early he's done so to build a bit of the volume to make sure he stands out in what will be a field of a number of right wing conservative candidates but also to raise money. he has been watching his other candidates debating whether or not to get into the race, scooping up millions of dollars of support. so if he's not to be left waiting and wondering what might have been he really had to get in now. that's why he has moved this announcements into first. >> we are going to listen to a bit of a promotional video if you like, and let the people make up their own minds. >> just as americans have always done i believe in america and her people and i believe we can stand up and restore our
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promise. it's going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives to help make america great again. and i'm ready to stand with you. >> wide open field. the hands on the heart the stars and stripes. it's all there and we're going to get a great deal more from the others as well. are you going to run through some of those? >> yes he's going to be talking about courageous conservatives a lot and you'll hear a lot of that between iowa in january of next year. who else is to run? jeb bush, the son of the former president, who else? chris christie, plan and plop list aspopulist as well. rand paul, the son of ron paul who ran in 2012. he is going to make a big announcement in april in kentucky. wonder what that could be? and then of course scott walker
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governor of wisconsin. very popular with conservatives and certainly, during all the events that have happened since the beginning of the year. he at this stage could well be an outsider who could welcome through middle. for those who don't like jeb bush and don't like ted cruz he could get a lot of support. >> then we have the democrats but that's for another day. allen fisher thank you very much allen fisher from washington, d.c. still to come. we report on tributes for singapore's founding prime minister lee kwan yew has died. and leading elections what does that mean, in sports, the
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kiwikiwis missing in the world cup.
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>> david foster with you for the al jazeera newshour. yemen's government asking neighboring countries for military help to bring yemen under control. the president abd rabbu mansour hadi has been trying to govern from the southern port city aden after shia houthi rebels took control of sanaa and he fled house arrest. angela merkel saying to alexis tsipras that she wants greece to grow. greece is running out of money after billions of euro zone bailout funding. man of the former president of senegal fined $260 million jailed for six years for corruption. joint forces from niger on the one side, chad on the other have killed they say more than 20 boko haram fighters as they've moved into northern
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nigeria. it was in the borno state village of jabula, just across the border from niger helicopter gun ships destroyed boko haram militia and fighters riding on motor bikes. all of these one of the joint moves the forces are taking. let's hear from mohamed idris. he is on the front lines in nigeria. >> preparing for an attack on boko haram. the troops are upbeat about this assignment after recent successes against the group. but as their commando is about to lead them out the mission was aborted. a large number of boko haram fighters were seen heading their way. every soldier is told to go to the trenches.
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from attack mode to defense a posture they know too well after six years of insurgency. and our crew was ordered to get out of town. attacks by the military and counterattacks are all too familiar. the last two months have been particularly tougher for boko haram. >> the soldiers are still fresh troops have been injected into the operation. but we have new equipment. between february to date, we have taken the little bit of so many equipment which is now helping us to change the tide of thethe battle. >> balts havebattles have been won in many areas, but the fight is not over yet. holding these areas seem a difficult challenge.
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fighters return to attack the same villages and this is keeping a lot of people away from their homes. but some are simply tired of running. >> translator: we now put our hopes in the military. so far i'm encouraged by what we see but everyday is like living your last day. that's not a good feeling. >> reporter: and all around the northeast are signs of devastation. of sabotage. and unprovoked violence. this deserted village we are later told is a notorious ambush point for boko haram. many have died here. territories may have been reclaimed but the human and material cost of this violence are irreplaceable. ahmed idris, al jazeera northeast nigeria.
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spheres of a global water conflict seemed to have receded. after a huge hydroelectric dam on the nile river. grand renaissance dam some countries worried its construction could cut the amount of water that goes into the nile. little details about what the agreement involves but but ethiopia says the dam will have no will have no effect on the amount of water received by nation he. >> left wing organizations of, quote, busing in arab-israelis to vote against him. netanyahu is now expected to be nominated to form a influence government. in singapore the start of seven days ams mourning,' mourning following
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the debt of the country's founder lee kwan yew. short-lived, the countries separating in 1965 and that is when lee set about a massive program of reform, although he did still keep tight political control over every aspect of singapore, making i.t. one of the most regulated countries anywhere in the world. under his leadership the city state transformed to become one of the world's wealthiest, creating a highly educated workforce. strictest gun control and drugs laws singapore one of the top countries for executions per capita. let's hear from scott heidler. >> reporter: images of lee quan yew. now it's are to send
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condolences. tony wong ask a retired civil servant. he was a teacher for decades. when he heard the news that lee quan yew had died he felt it was important to bring his daughters here. >> what he has done for us, what is going to happen in the this near future is not going to be bad. >> flags of the small nation were ordered at half-mast to recognize the passing of a strong leader. born in 1923, the fourth generation chinese singaporean. after training as a lawyer in britain he became prime minister in 1959, a post he would hold for 31 years. under his leadership, singapore was transformed from a tiny impoverished island to a high
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tech metropolis. he had a darker side. political opponents often found themselves in court some found themselves bankrupt. lee's public action party was returned to party again and again, with his oldest son now prime minister. is throughout it all lee remained independent. >> if i took a straw poll and took the results we would have come to grief. >> one of the 20th century's most important leaders. >> the prime minister's office is the place for a private family wake, then it will lie in state until saturday, that wane the people can pay their last respects. >> in the late afternoon
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hundreds stood in line to sign books of remembrance. condolence letters from around the world were being received throughout day. scott heidler singapore. >> consultant to the straits times newspaper herald tribune national newspaper, knows a lot about what singapore's gone through. tell me what you believe sing more stands in the world today and whether it's down to lee kwan yew? >> he built it in his own image from a possess pest nensinenential
2:40 pm
cesspool. that's what the fiduciary is. >> how did he manage to do that just by sheer force of personality? >> force of personality and strategic wisdom. he delinked singapore from a stagnant neighborhood. malaysia indonesia fill peens vietnam -- philippines nothing was moving in those countries and he linked sing more with american multinationals. 6,000 of them set up offices in singapore. the business was given an impetus. >> what does singapore mean to the world today? >> i know a lot of people think of singapore as a police state. it means of that. but it also means rapid growth. it means a bit of the rest, the rest of the future in the heart of asia. >> and with the growth of the great countries we talk particularly that region of let's say china and india is is singapore an anachronism or
2:41 pm
something the west will be desperate to hang onto given those big countries? >> both china and india have a backlog of poverty destitution and disease to clear. singapore hasn't got that. its small size and small population are tremendous advantages. it doesn't have the kind of drawbacks that china and india have. but there is no poverty in singapore. >> i suppose i get the wrong impression there. what i meant is, is it still needed, somewhere for the west to have its hub in that part of the word world or with china and being india powering ahead will it become observe lead? >> i look at my book, look east to look west. look to singapore to develop its relations, allowing foreign countries based in singapore
2:42 pm
full national rights in india. so that's the way sort of having lots of different treaties, like spokes to the rest of the world, you do it with singapore that's the hub. >> appreciate your time. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. >> good to have this conversation. now france's political right celebrating even if it's only a local election it is success conservative alliance led by the former president nicholas sarkozy, first in those elections with the national front marine le pen's group second. let's hear from jacky rowland in paris. >> it was quite a convincing lead for the ump the center right party led by the form he french president nicholas sarkozy. the national front did less well than some opinion is poms had predicted. -- polls had predicted. but we have to remember national polls are a suggestion, not a
2:43 pm
predictor of voting tendency. pretty much reinforcing the trend that the socialist party seems to be losing favor in particular the french president francois hollande is not very highly rated. first round of voting, in france there is a system of two rounds. it does give people the luxury of maybe registering a protest volt making is somewhat of a statement in the first round while getting more serious in the second round. also these are local elections rather than national elections. again sometimes people vote in a different manner. what happens in elections in france if the national front does well in a first round generally people voting for parties that have been knocked out in the first round will then rally tolling and vote for whichever party is standing against national front. so we can expect to see lots of socialist party voters voting
2:44 pm
for the center right ump in order to keep the national front out. at least that would be the prediction of many people here in france. >> police in afghanistan have arrested 18 people for the killing of a woman a 27-year-old religious scholar was beaten pushed from a roof run over by a car then set alight her body thrown in the river in kabul. the afghan president ashraf ghani is on his first visit to the united states since assuming power last year and the pace of the u.s. troop withdrawal likely to dominate talks there. the u.s. president saying all troops will be out of afghanistan by the end of ashraf ghani's presidency. rosalyn jorngd reports jordan reports.
2:45 pm
>> when ashraf ghani leaves on wednesday, his position will be top of mind. top u.s. general in afghanistan is inclined to do so. >> i'm particularly concerned about the summer of 2015, the afghans, this is the very first fighting season completely on their own. >> ghani is trying the relaunch peace talks with the taliban. he is very worried that i.s.i.l. might be trying to move in. >> we believe that the nascent presence of of i.s.i.l taking this rhetoric seriously. >> reporter: right now about 9800 u.s. services are in afghanistan to train military. president obama had planned to
2:46 pm
cut that number to 5600, which the end of this year, leaving behind a small number of troops to protect the u.s. embassy. the hope is fear is that the afghan military will crumble. >> president obama is consideration a number of scenarios, including possible changes to our draw down for u.s. troops. >> some say the obama administration has to think long term and can't ignore the need to improve afghanistan's economy. >> at any point you could see a security collapse but if the economy kind of is able to be sustained then you'll be able to push back on whatever security problems you face. >> reporter: the obama administration is expected to announce changes to the u.s. troop deployment plan while president ghani is in washington. it's a recognition that leaving too quickly could turn
2:47 pm
afghanistan into another iraq. rosalyn jordan, al jazeera the state department. >> it's not that easy, cubans are by and large barred from or protected from depending on your point of view, of 20th century excesses, that is what daniel schwindler found until now. >> with no advertising no classified ads in the newspapers there's only one way that cubans can sell that surplus toaster or house in the wrong neighborhood. they phone david and he transmits the information to the radio air waves. >> we are people who have lost their dogs or loss their dolts on the bus or someone in the family -- documents on the bus or someone needs medicine. >> supplying a social service to
2:48 pm
the greater havana area. there in a country almost bereft of the advertising but to communist government represents the market economy they have been resisting for more than 50 years. cubans can buy pretty much the same products as anyone else. but there won't be any advertising of soft drinks or running shoes. urging the cuban people to defend the values of their country. other extol the benefits of the revolution. but the country is now encouraging foreign investment and allowing private businesses to flourish. italian prowls the street to promote his restaurant. >> translator: the huge publicity poafer in poster, in the
2:49 pm
middle of havana with the name my restaurant on it. >> more flashing advertising lights are appearing in havana and greater competition especially in the city's night life has seen the introduction of subtle forms of advertising not seen here before. >> translator: advertising is starting in a very low key way. restaurants have signs and stickers. we're not talking about big posters you will see in place he like china which is too much but we wouldn't be shocked to see them here one day. >> reporter: with the economy opening up if a little cautiously cuban shoppers if they choose to and can afford it may now in some places sense the same advertising razzing dazzle as the rest of the world. while the internet here is sparse and precarious web designers are poised for a future with much more for sale.
2:50 pm
daniel schwindler, al jazeera.
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pest judge lee's here he's got fort and we'resport. somebody wanting something at
2:52 pm
somebody else's expense. >> saying the country needs an extra seat at world cup. uefa increasing from 13 to 14 spots at the 2018 event in russia. once again this puts uefa in opposite position to fifa, he favors more places being given oafrica andto africa and asia. >> 19 of the top ranked 22, were asian. the last three were european so i think it's absolutely objective and fair to be asking for one more position, only. >> uefa also said the european professional football leagues are in opposition for switch of dates at the qatar 2022 world
2:53 pm
cup. backing any european league, will not back the leagues on any such move and european clubs have already agreed on $209 million of compensation. by the way blatter is used to face his critics. which will be interesting. fernando alonzo, forced to miss the first race of a new season in australia. he's being passed fit after a final medical examination by the governing body, after a rigorous specialist training program. former olympic swimming champion has been banned for doping tested positive for
2:54 pm
testosterone. the ban will begin the day of his positive test and will expire in march 2016. putting his participation of the rio olympics in do you believe. the city of auckland, world cup final after seven wins out of seven. without fast-bowler adam mill who has been ruled out of the tournament with a heel injury. >> injuries have been known and we've got good cover amongst the squad as well. i was disappointed for adam, but he will remain part of the squad, good fellow to have around. it's disappointing his tournament has ended but i'm sure we'll come up with a suitable replacement. >> south africa lost two coming
2:55 pm
at the right time. it should be -- should be a good game -- >> i thought we were going to keep -- ahead of the match. >> more confident. thank you more later. >> south africa's satirical cartoons are reaching multiple audiences. the animations get millions of hits online. but the state broadcast say they are too controversial to be shown on tv. we'll show you now. erica wood from johannesburg. >> it is just an advertisement for fish and chips but the president jacob zuma. upgrading security.
2:56 pm
>> it was popular it was still is just -- it's going to get people's attention in advertising you'll look at what people think and say. >> it was hugely popular with the public but someone higher up didn't see the humor. south africa's state news banned it but still got plenty of hits online. >> i think it's hilarious. it captures what zuma is. >> awesome pretty awesome yeah. >> another of his popular animations featuring an africa jesus also got him in trouble. he's not setting out to offend only to poke fun and to push the boundaries. the killings at a satirical newspaper in paris in january have only confirmed his views on freedom of speech. >> people will make fun about
2:57 pm
you in the real world and say things about you in the real world. you need to grow up about it and accept it. >> he says his animations have had around 8 million hits online. it's because he is one of the first south africa animators to feature local voices cultures and issues. >> it is quite refreshing to get. >> you are a black south africa speaking to south africas in different languages. >> i could say yes to a certain level. >> reporter: this artist says he has a lot more ground to break to make african voices more main treatment stream. erica woods, al jazeera, south africa. >> good to have you with us, you have been watching the newshour,
2:58 pm
i'm david foster, time to hand it over to felicity bar she'll be with you after the break.
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houthi rebels conned their advance south and yemen's embattled government calls on gulf nations for military help. hello there i'm felicity barr and you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up: a handshake in berlin and more pressure on athens to implement structural reform. the son of aing senegalese president and a candidate himself is jailed for cruchtion.