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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> what do we want? justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> they are running towards base... >>...explosions going off we're not quite sure... >> fault lines al jazeera america's award winning, investigative series... on al jazeera america u.n.-brokered talks to resolve the crisis in yemen to be held in doha. hello i'm in doha. also ahead in the program. benjamin netanyahu apologizes. the israeli prime minister says he regrets his remarks about israeli palestinians. no real progress on greece's bailout as the prime minister meets with the german chancellor. the political satire of a
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bangladeshi artist about giving a voice to the powerless. hello, the u.n. special envoy to yemen says talks aimed at resolving the situation there will be held in qatar. jamar ben ali says the country is verging towards civil war. >> the residents of ta'izz are not going quietly as thousands protest against the advance of shia houthi fighters. in return they are fired on and tear gassed. their city, yemen's third largest was taken on sunday. with government buildings and its international airport now under houthi control. yemen is increasingly divided by a north backed backed by houthis and
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a south ruled by abd rabbu mansour hadi. >> the majority of us consider it a final option. however, if we felt compelled and the ministers found it necessary we would without question go ahead with the proposed plan. >> this is what a gcc force would look like. member states bahrain qatar saudi arabia, are yawz uae. united arab emirates. threaten houthi informs against entering their territory. and adding more might to the fight could force yemen into sectarian war with foreign powers backing opposite sides.
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speaking in riyadh. countries in the region would take necessary steps. >> translator: we are keen on protecting yemen's sovereignty. led by president hadi alone. we are ready to respond to any request by the president. >> charlie angela al jazeera. >> in libya field commander with the armed group assured a council of benghazi, one of the main rebel commanders who fought former president moammar gadhafi's forces in the 2011 revolution. a fighter has been reportedly
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shot down over the city of zintan not recognized by the u.n. in the international community. it's not clear who or what brought the aircraft down. libyan media has reported that one pilot has been captured and another killed. after the 2011 revolution that ousted moammar gadhafi the brigade has become the most powerful seizing weapons from the deposed libyan leader. they are the main force in the libyan dawfn alliance dawn alliance which took over the capital. zeina khodr reports from misrata. >> it has been labeled as an
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extremist stronghold. misrata denies all that. its influence extends far beyond its borders. misrata extends to the ayes, relies on the libyan dawn military alliance to stay in power and misrata's seize the capital last year. misrata has thousands of fighters constituting one of the largest armed groups in the country. it acquired massive quantities of weapons during the revolution in 2011. ever since misrata just like any of libya's forces did not disband. growing realization among members of the tripoli based parliament, or gnc that there is no military solution to this
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conflict. >> within the gnc, there are some voices whom i consider to be extremists to a degree. unfortunately there are a lot of people who recognize that the only way to make peace in libya and to move towards democracy is to have dialogue with all sides. >> reporter: but they also have a red line. the libyan dawn alliance is at war with general halifa hafta's force.. misrata have longed accused him of being a dictator, when it announced an offensive to capture tripoli a few days ago. so far they haven't succeeded. >> haftar only makes statements. he said the same thing about benghazi but he hasn't been able to take it.
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we say take benghazi first then talk about tripoli. >> sides are talking not face to face. but u.n. envoy is trying to bring the sides together. zeina khodr al jazeera misrata. >> the u.s. led coalition fighting the islamic state of iraq and the levant says it has carried out eight more air strikes in syria and six in iraq. iraq's defense ministry said, local media reports also say a prominent i.s.i.l. leader and six of his body guards were killed in the shelling. a syrian regime air strike in a residential area of darah has killed five people, all of those belonging to the same family. under tapa control since early 2014.
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in aleppo province, among the dead were four children. united nations children's fund estimates that over 11,000 children have died since the syrian conflict began four year ago. years ago. in france to ask for its support for a nuclear deal with iran. france played a key role in the interim deal in 2014 but stalled specific parts of iran's nuclear program but italy wants it disbanded not just frozen. >> we think it is a bad deal, we thought initially that the ultimate goal should be to neutralize the iranian nuclear threat and not to put it under some restrictions. we think it's a bad deal, a dangerous deal for the israel,
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the middle east for europe and the rest of the world. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has backtracked. netanyahu warned that arab citizens were voting in drove and right wing government was in danger. kim vanel reports. >> reporter: there was jubilation at likud party headquarters as the votes stacked in prime minister netanyahu's favor. the comments he made to get there are coming back to hawpt. >> translator: thehaunt. israeli marin'palestineians make up 20% of israeli's population. critics are calling netanyahu's comments racist and divisive.
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in retaliation he posted these things on facebook. >> i had no intention of offending israel's arabs. what i said proved the total opposite. >> mainly arab parties is threatening to file a complaint against netanyahu on charges of incitement and. >> he didn't need them. he apologizes because there's international criticism including criticism from the united states. is this actions or words? we demand a real apology on the ground meaning equality to the aisharab population. >> the u.s. has also come out swinging over netanyahu's promise that there will be no palestinian state on his watch. speaking to jay street called
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netanyahu's comments simply straight. >> making clear the u.s. foreign policies an statements would not be compromised. >> on the 1967 lines and mutually agreed swaps. each state needs secure and recognized borders and there must be robust provisions that safeguard israel's security. an occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end. >> the u.s. is now reviewing its position with israel and is clearly taking a tougher stance. the white house has hinted it could pull u.s. protection at the united nations putting traditional ties to test. kim vanel. al jazeera. >> getting reports that a gunman in eastern afghanistan has opened fire on a highway killing at least 13 people. that's all the information that we have right now but these
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reports come in as the afghan president ashraf ghani is on a visit to the united states. once again reports of 13 people killed by a gunman on a highway in eastern afghanistan more on that story as and when we get more information. back in just a moment but when we come back we'll visit one u.s. state where climate change is a dirty word. the world marks tuberculosis day, 3 million people still can't get treatment. that's all ahead.
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>> well again, this is al jazeera, a reminder now of our top stories. the u.n. special envoy to yemen georgia malben omar has announced u.n.-directtalks in doha. the fighter jet directed by the libyan dawn has been shot down. not clear who or what brought the aircraft down. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has backtracked over comments he made in the lead up to the election. he had warned that arab citizens were voting in droves and said a right wing government was in danger. now the greek prime minister alexis tsipras has met with the german chancellor angela merkel.
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for more talks on a greek bailout extension. tsipras warned that greece will not be able to meet its interim debt payments without help. merkel has indicated she wants the greek economy to grow. john siropolous has the story. >> a potential showdown in the chancellor's office. but alexis tsipras was met with the usual pomp and circumstance. the need to reach an agreement on a european level however there was a strong message for his own people. >> the differences between our two countries bring shadows over us. the greek and injury man people who spilled a lot of blood in order to deal with naziism during that period of time. >> for her time, angela merkel
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repeated the message she has given greece for many, many months. >> we want greece to have a strong country economically, we want them to have strong growth we also want greece to come out of high unemployment and we certainly want to make sure this high youth unemployment can be overcome and structural reforms are necessary a solid budget is necessary and a functioning administration is necessary. i think that's clear dor both for both countries. >> the german economic strength is helping to keep greece afloat. potentially costing its taxpayers many billions. and now a growing number of people say they've had enough. >> translator: we can help to solve their problems but the greeks must want that too. to give them billions make the
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greece's woes worse over time. we can never expect to see at a money again. >> reporter: but buying time can only go so far because alexis tsipras has indicated that greece could default on its debts within weeks. which helps splairch why he came toexplain with judgehe came to the greek capital. on the face of it there's been no tangible progress. dominic kane, al jazeera berlin. >> the u.k. has introduced new measures to counter what it calls islamist extremism. the government could also close mosques that welcome or host so-called extremists. investigation of sherea courts. a suspect of a drug cartel
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has been arrested. in the city of nuevovo laredo. he was a member of the zetas gang and one of 122 priority targets for arrests. he was arrested on owner drug smuggling and money laundering. highlighting the nearly 3 million people who miss out on treatment. tb is more common in poorer areas where people live close together. south africa, it is the leading cause of deft. getting harder to treat there because every year 14,000 people are diagnosed with drug resistant tb meaning it can't be treated with normal medication.
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erica wood reports doctors without borders is trying a new way to treat patients. there every day goodwin goes to the clinic. >> i take 16 tablets a day. >> drug resistance tb, the only regimen is highly toxic and isn't even guaranteed to work. when he got his diagnosis he was convinced it was a death sentence. >> there was no stopping, it just crash in front of you. now it does stop there you waiting for day you're going to cough blood and now you're going to die. >> because of a pilot project carried out in his township, it
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is home to an estimated 2.2 million people. and the reason tuberculosis has managed to get such a hold here is because of the close contact. drug resistance and tuberculosis has got so bad think want to call it a public health emergency. confining tb patients to months in hospitals does not work. community based care is better, more accessible and cheaper. >> if you're depending on a hospital system you've only got a limited number of beds, long waiting lists. if people know they have drug resistant tb, they are on a waiting list. >> 50% elsewhere this has improved survival rates because patients can get their
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diagnosis, medication and counseling nearby at their local clinic. >> a lot of people feel as soon as you can't diagnose a disease you're most infectious when you are not on treatment. >> taking government commitment but dr. hughes says without it south africa will never get on top of its tb epidemic. the patients will never get the same chance he has had to survive. erica woods, al jazeera, south africa. did trial of a prominent human rights defender, rafael perez, barnaby phillips reports. >> the second co-winner is
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rafael. >> timing is significant with marquez trial about to begin in angola. accused of defamation, after he wrote about killing in the diamond fields. he says his trial is a rare opportunity to put angola's human rights record under scrutiny. >> i'm not a victim here. i'm a proactive citizen and i've raised these issues knowing what the consequences are. i'm prepared to face these consequences. that's why i say it's a privilege to go to court challenge these seven generals and tell them no matter what the outcome is i will win. >> reporter: ah goele ah's
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president has been there since 1979. and his party mpna has ruled the government since independence. since the party won in 2002, there have been regular elections. but the mpna has a tight grip on power and controls many institutions. >> whether a free trial is going to take place in angola, is a challenge. judges can make bizarre judgment so it's really up to angola to showcase that it has the judiciary that can perform to international standards. >> reporter: angola's economy has boomed in recent years. skyline constantly changing. but angola's society is still weak. one outspoken campaigner comes
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up against protests. barnaby phillips, al jazeera. cartoons in bangladesh mayer satar reports. >> tokai the street you are chin. potbellied and prematurely balding, unlikely for his residents affections. recognized toka's potential as a social commentator. >> many people called me after a strip was released to tell me they were thinking of the exact
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same thing but they were glad tokai said what they were reluctant to say. >> barnsbarnaby realized. >> i used to make these cartoons, for police officers. he poked fun at them, they used to -- never got mad at me for that. >> during bangladesh's struggles for independence from india. they seek out his strips and his paintings. for long term fans, he should be considered a national treasure. >> translator: what is special about renabi is his character tokai, is not only a vehicle for
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humor. but for all social injustice. >> densely packed creations yet his most popular creation continues to exert a strong pull, not just for the public for the artist himself. al jazeera taka. >> rising seas in florida threaten a third of the state's beaches. some state workers saying they're not even allowed to mention the words climate change. jonathan betz reports. >> reporter: from south florida shores. christina prada has seen the seas change. the oceans are rising and underneath nature is dying. >> i can't believe everything is
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dying. >> color and life once bloomed now gray emptiness exists. yet she says in florida state government the words climate change are not to be spoken. >> they said to you point blank do not use these terms. >> yes, that was said, that we were not to use these terms in any setting. ultimately what is said, we are the state's agency and we will say what the governor wants us to. >> they said if you know what's good for you you will not use the terms climate change, global warming, sea level rise or sustainability. >> reporter: and now fema has stepped in issuing new guidelines demanding states consider climate change when planning for disasters or risk losing funding. but governor scott has repeatedly insisted there is no policy against mentioning climate change.
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>> first off that's untrue and our department of environmental protection, there's lots of conversations about this issue. from my standpoint like every issue my goal is, instead of talking about it, let's do something about it. >> like spending millions protecting the environment and defending florida from storms. north carolina kentucky, have passed laws considering climate change. dangerous in a state like florida particularly vulnerable to rising oceans. >> now they have to walk this tight rope, they can't talk honestly about climate change. difficult for them to move forward and make plans. >> she left her job in december. fixing the problems she said became too difficult because no one could talk about it clearly. jonathan betz, al jazeera
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miami. >> and as always there is lots more on our website wherever you are get the latest on all the stories we're covering. this is where we go our separate ways now and thank you for joining us on al jazeera america. the first major candidate to formally declare his candidate for president, is also a major skeptic of climate change. we'll see how the political debate . you'll see a dallas mom who sought hem for her messagely ill son, only to see him killed by police.