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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 24, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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♪ with yemen on the brink of civil war the u.n. says the warring parties will hold talks in qatar. ♪ you are watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha and also coming up, in the next 30 minutes we are in misrata to meet a powerful malitia accused of tearing the country apart. head to head but do they see eye to eye, greek and german leaders give clues on how to prevent
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athens from going bust. get out of facebook india supreme court strikes down a law for police to arrest people for comments online. ♪ the u.n. special envoy to yemen says warring parties will meet in qatar for peace talks later this week to dampen an increasing conflict between houthi rebels and the president hadi. [chanting] people in yemen's third largest city have been rallying against houthis after they took over much of the city on thursday. the houthis are said to have opened fire on the crowd killing one person injuring 11 and hadi foreign minister appealed for international help to help the houthis advance and charlie has more. >> reporter: this is a country
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on the brink of civil war. but residents are not going quietly as thousands protest against the advance of shia houthi fighters in return they are fired on and tear gassed. the city yemen's third largest was taken on sunday with government buildings and international airport under houthi control and yemen is increasingly divided by the north and houthis backed by iran and a south by the president hadi and now the foreign minister is appealing for help from the cooperation council to hold back the houthi advance. >> translator: nobody wants to be brought into direct military action on the ground and the majority of us consider it a final option but if we are compelled and felt it necessary we would without question go ahead with the proposed plan. >> reporter: this is what a gcc force could look like and
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originally set up to respond to military aggression by bahrain and kuwait and kwa shaktar and united arab emirates and it's 100,000 strong and made fighters of everyday men and here tribal forces gather in the province to threaten houthi forces against entering their territory and adding more might to the fight could force yemen in sectarian war with foreign powers backing opposite sides. speaking in ryaahd he thinks it could be peacefully resolved but if not countries of the region could take necessary steps. >> translator: we are keen on protecting yemen sovereignty, legitimacy regarded by president hadi alone and hope the crisis can be resolved peacefully and ready to respond to demand at president's response. >> reporter: people caught in the middle each day of fighting
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deepens the suffering in this country. talks between libya factions are set to resume on thursday and special envoy is working to a unity government because despite the falks fighting continues and the field commander for malitia that backs tripoli has been killed by fighters and he was killed on monday by forces loyal to the rival u.n. backed government based in tibrook and he was in the 2011 revolution against the former president moammar gadhafi and forces loyal to the government shot down a fighter jet owned by the malitia and backs the government in tripoli saying the plane crashed because of technical fault. spokesman said one pilot died while the other was arrested.
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libya's dawn main political military base is city of misrata east of tripoli and they are the most powerful of groups after the revolution and seized weapons from forces loyal to the deposed libya leader and consolidated their power base. and as we report from misrata their support is key to any deal on a national unity government. >> reporter: it has long been criticized for acting as an independent state. it has been accused of using military force for political gain. and it has been labeled as an extremist stronghold. misrata denies all that but there is no doubt that this city in central libya is not only powerful within its own borders, its influence extends far beyond. misrata is east of tripoli, to a large extent government in tripoli relies on libya dawn military alliance to stay in
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power and mizsrata is the political alliance which seized the capitol last year. thousands of fighters constituting one of the largest groups in the country and acquired mass of weapons in the revolution in 2011, ever since misrata just like all of libya's armed forces disarm nor unite with other forces and recently violence has escalated and there seems to be a growing realization of the tripoli based government of tnc there is no military solution to this conflict. >> gnc there were some voices who i considered as extremist to a degree. fortunately there are a lot of people who recognize that the only way to make peace in libya and to move towards democracy is
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to have dialog with all sides. >> reporter: but they also have a red line the libyan dawn alliance is at war with general forces who back the government in the east of the country. misrata and its allies have long accused them of being a dictator and they are accusing his alliance of undermining u.n. brokered peace talks when it announced offensive to capture tripoli a few days ago, so far they have not succeeded. >> translator: make statements and said the same thing about benghazi but has not been able to take it. we tell him take benghazi first and then talk about tripoli. >> reporter: rival factions are now talking not face-to-face but international community is trying to bring unity, libya is at a critical junction and the violence is worsening along the front lines that divide the country, misrata. u.s. led coalition fighting
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islamic state of iraq and levante carried out eight strikes in syria and iraq and i.s.i.s. suffered losses east of fa falusia and six were killed in the shelling. air strike in the southern province killed five people and this is aftermath of the bombing and those killed are believed to be from the same family the town under rebel control since late 2013 and it's a strategic link between the east and west of the province. and in aleppo province 13 people including four children were killed by mortars fired by rebel forces and j an accounts verify pictures taken from social media and the u.n. children's fun says 11,000 children died since the syria conflict began in 2011.
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tunisia museum set to reopen later on tuesday, gunmen stormed it last week killing 24 tourists and minutes from parliament and world to one of the greatest collection of mosiacs and a campaign is encouraging tourists to visit despite attack. 3,000 bookings from europe have been cancelled since last wednesday. india's supreme court has just struck down a controversial law curtailing internet freedom known as 66 a of the information and technology act the law made it illegal to post contents online that is offensive or manacing and people could face three year jail time and more from deli. >> reporter: largest complaints is this law was used arbitrarily, anyone who deemed anything to be offensive on the
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internet could use this law to file a police complaint and if the person making the complaint happened to be someone of wealth or influence police would follow through with arrest. one of the most famous cases was 2012 during the city wide shut down of mumbai of death of a political figure and someone questioned why the city had to shut down another woman liked it and both were questioned and arrested by police. now critics say cases like this are common and they say there are petitions with the supreme court saying the law is too vague with the supreme court agreed with and struck down. now, because this law was specifically with the internet indians do have a lot more freedom currently to post what they want online but they don't have to worry about the legal consequences there are still social and cultural consequences of posting online here. many groups use hire thugs and
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goons to intimidate people who post things they do not agreement and parliament will have to write a new law specifically for the internet one which many people hope will be far more fair and less draconian. in a spectacular fall from grace the son of the former president has been found guilty of corruption and wad was running for president sentenced to six years in prison and nicholas reports from the capitol. >> reporter: guilty of embezzling $1.4 billion under his father's presidency, a foreign minister and leader of opposition did not show up in court to hear the verdict and preferred to stay in his cell for the trust he has in the justice system and knowing all too well the outcome of the trial. outside the courthouse his supporters were out in numbers, fearing the protest could turn
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violent the crowd is pushed further back. >> translator: he is our future, i want to exercise my right to show my support. they won't be able to shut me up. >> reporter: amnesty international accuses police to use force to suppress demonstrations. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets and the government says it's maintaining order, stating no one is above the law including wad. during the decade-long presidency of his father wad kareem controlled government positions holding the nickname minister of earth and sky. under his watch deals to oversee the port and construction of a new airport were given to new businesses. up until then people from the power controlled sinagal's assets and received kickbacks from the new billion dollar
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deals and this verdict is no surprise and for supporters for the president the justice system is delivering on an electoral pledge to clamp down on corruption but for the opposition this is seen as a political move to muzzle a leading member of the opposition. addressing his supporters former president wad said the president successfully eliminated his rival. in the deliberate act of defiance members of opposition elected wad as their presidential candidate just days before the verdict. election dates are yet to be set but his son will not be allowed to contest the next election. rarely such a punishing verdict fall on rich and powerful in sinagal and brought hope and confidence that justice can prevail no matter who you are, nicholas hawk, al jazeera. still to come on al jazeera
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executions in the u.s. why utah is bringing back firing squads. and why environmentalists in hong kong fear new housing developments. ♪ >> the new al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> at 7:00, a thorough of the day's events. >> at the end of the day, we're going to give you an intelligent, context driven, take on the day's news. >> then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of the day. >> this is a complicated situation. how significant is it? >> and at 9:00, get a global perspective on the news. >> they're sending their government a message. >> organizing themselves. >> people say they're finally fed up. >> weeknights, on al jazeera
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>> the stream, >> your digital community >> you pick the hot topics and express your thoughts the stream it's your chance to join the conversation only on al jazeera america the top stories on al jazeera, three people have been killed in the yemen city after houthi rebels opened fire in a rally against them and talks are set to be held in qatar possibly later this week. member of libya transitional government says there was growing awareness the conflict
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won't be solved by military action and talks between factions are set to resume on thursday and the india supreme court struck down a law with freedoms and the law made it illegal to post online that is offensive or manacing character and people were jailed under the law. back to yemen and the chaos has forced the united states to drastically scale back its so called antiterrorism operations. and kimberly reports this will limit the ability of the u.s. to conduct training and intelligence gathering in the country. >> reporter: as the security situation worsened on monday in yemen, the u.s. government tried to reassure americans the decision to pull out its remaining operations won't effect the ability to fight groups like aqap inside the country. >> those efforts continue and capabilities to carry out those actions persist to this day as well.
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>> reporter: six months ago if a speech to the nation the president barack obama held yemen as an example with the u.s. counter terrorism campaign in the middle east. >> strategy taking out terrorist who threaten us and supporting on the front lines is what we pursued in yemen and somalia for years. >> reporter: but without eyes on the ground critics argue that cooperation is gone. >> intelligence and plots against the home land without that intelligence we cannot effectively stop it. >> reporter: as the u.s. continues to back yemen president hadi called for a no fly zone and military intervention from the gulf countries the u.s. would not comment on that and urged a political solution and said direct intervention is unlikely. >> this is a situation analogous to what we have seen elsewhere in the arab world and parties on the ground who certainly don't see their interests as being
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proxies to some foreign power, nonetheless will accept help where they can find it in order to sort things out internally within yemen. [sirens] increasing instability and sectarian division brought antiterrorism efforts in an already volitile region. benjamin netanyahu apologized to arrobs for comments he made up to last week's election and opponents called his remarks racist and netanyahu warned that arab citizens were voting quote in droves and said a right wing government was in danger and kim reports. >> reporter: there was jubilation as numbers stacked in the prime minister's favor and benjamin netanyahu negotiates forming a new good evening --
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new government is coming back to haunt him. >> they will vote in droves and left wing ngo are bringing in buses. >> reporter: israeli palestinians makeup 20% of israel's population critics are calling netanyahu's comments racist and decisive and in response he posted this on facebook. >> translator: i know the things i said a few days ago offended israel arabs and had no intention for it to happen and regret this, actions of prime minister and investment in the minority sectors prove the obset. >> reporter: arab parties is threatening to file a complaint against netanyahu on charges of incitement and rejects his apology. >> translator: he didn't call the leadership of arab population and he apologizes because there is international criticism including criticism from the united states. is this actions or words? we demand a real apology on the
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ground meaning equality to the arab population. >> reporter: u.s. has come out swinging over netanyahu's campaign promise that there will be no palestinian state on his watch. speaking to jay street the white house chief of staff called netanyahu's comments troubling. >> we cannot simply pretend these comments were never made. >> reporter: making clear u.s. foreign policy and its commitment to the two-state solution won't be compromised. >> the borders of israel and independent palestine is based on 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps and each state needs secure and recognized borders and must be probust provision that safeguard israel's security and occupation that has lasted for almost 50 years must end. >> reporter: u.s. is reviewing relationship with israel and is clearly taking a tougher stance the white house has hinted it
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could pull u.s. protection at u.n. putting traditional ties to the test kim with al jazeera. the uk introducing new measures to counter what it calls islamist extremism, britain's home secretary theresa may had an investigation in court and granting minister statutory powers to band speakers from public events and may says the proposals are necessary for addressing what she says is a writing level of extremism. >> islam is entirely compatible with british values and national way of life and islam extremism is not, as we must be uncompromising in our response to it. because extremism is not something that just can big neared it cannot be wished away, it must be tackled head on. >> reporter: the greek prime minister alexis tsipras met
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german chancellor angela merkel in berlin and athens is running out of money and won't meet debt payments without germany's help and merkel remained firm no new money without sufficient reforms and dominick cane is in berlin. >> reporter: first visit to germany for greek prime minister and some outlets called this protennel show down in the chancellor's office but alexis tsipras was received with the usual pump and circumstance. once inside alexis tsipras spoke of need to reach agreement on european level however there was also a strong message for his own people. >> translator: the difference is between our two countries brings shadows over us and not just material thing, it's an ethical issue, it's not just about greece it's to the greek and german people who spilled a lot of blood in order to deal
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with naziism during that period of time. >> reporter: angela merkel repeated what she has given greece for many months. >> translator: we want greece to be strong economically and want them to have growth we also want to come out of the high unemployment and we certainly want to make sure that this very high youth unemployment can be overcome and structural reforms are necessary for this solid budget is necessary and a functioning administration is necessary. i think that's clear for both countries. >> reporter: behind all this is the reality that german economic strength is helping to keep greece afloat potentially costing its taxpayers many billions and now a growing number of people say they have had enough. >> translator: we can help to solve their problems but the greeks must want this too, to give them more billions makes
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greece woes worse in the long run and by time that is right but no one can seriously expect that we will ever see that money again. >> reporter: but buying time can only go so far because alexis tsipras has indicated greece could default on its debts within weeks. which helps explain why he came to the german capitol to try to build bridges with the leader of economic powerhouse but on the face of it there has been no tangible progress. dominick cane al jazeera, berlin. and it's reported that greece will present reform package to the partners on monday in the hopes of getting much-needed cash in return. later on tuesday we are expecting a verdict in the trial of a former greek finance minister he is accused of removing his relatives' names from a list of undeclared swiss bank accounts at hsbs known as
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the guard list and denies tampering with that document. well the u.s. state of utah will resume using firing squads to carry out the death penalty when lethal injection drugs are not available and the governor signed the law on monday approving use and sourcing the lethal drugs for capitol punishment is increasingly difficult as european manufacturers refuse to supply them and left u.s. states looking for alternatives. the utah state representative paul sponsored the bill for execution by firing squad he says other states will soon follow suit. >> in utah we have used the firing squad most recently in 2010. that used to be our main source of the death penalty was firing squad so it's something we used in the past and decided to continue and i think arkansas has a bill right now that would put them with the firing squad and tennessee has a backup firing squad if it becomes
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unconstitutional for lethal injections and a lot of states will go this direction. >> reporter: we will show you what is going on because egyptian president sisi and ethiopian prime minister are holding a press conference from there and discussing the preliminary deal that has been signed not only by egypt and ethiopia but as well as sudan on a dam project and we are monitoring that. in hong kong land is scarce and tough to have your own house and private developers are eying the city's open spaces to meet the growing demand and worrying environmental groups as rob mcbride now reports. >> reporter: it is house hunting hong kong style, a lucky draw for hopeful owners of the latest development to the winners with a chance to buy a 40 square meter unit for a
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million dollars in a block that has not been completed yet, hong kong relying on private developers for a half a million new flats in the next ten years. >> the current government will increase the supply and sufficient supply already. >> reporter: the question is where to build. environmentalists fear hong kong's country parks until now free from development will suffer. >> we belong to the people and belong to a small group of land and because it's outside they will destroy the environment. >> reporter: home to hong kong's airport with the third runway and adjoining new town currently being expanded the island is seen as a prime target for development and that is before the government has exploited redevelopment options in existing urban areas
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according to green groups. >> the government is having the new town planning like we need to like massive like large piece of land for you to do everything start from zero. >> reporter: the government is well aware that any talk of building in hong kong's green spaces is highly inflammatory and has to balance that with the pressing need for new homes in a city that is facing a housing crisis. he and his wife nancy got married just two weeks ago both are working professionals and have been saving for several years but have no choice but to move in with her parents in their small apartment. >> translator: all we can do is go on saving but i have no idea how long it will be before we will have enough to buy our own place. >> reporter: like many of their generation it will still be many years before they have the down payment even to enter a draw for
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a flat rob mcbride, al jazeera, hong kong. just reminder you can always keep up to date with all the news on our website, it's al, it's on the screen and our top story is passengers killed in attack that took place in afghanistan, read more about it. ♪ >> in 1996, sonja marcus was sentenced to a maximum of life in california prison. >> i couldn't believe it. it did not compute they're taking your life. i was 46 years old. >> her crime: possession of less than a gram of heroine. >> how do you call yourself a judge with the interest of justice and look at somebody and... tell somebody i'm going to take your life because you have an abuse problem against