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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 25, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> black box of the crashed germanwings plane is recovered. germany mourns 16 students who were on the flight. hello in doha, protesters rage in yemen and president hadi makes another plea to the u.n. security council. >> advance on idlib.
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why have to join forces. investigators are preparing to resume their search at the crash scene of a german airliner in the french alps. what brought down the germanwings flight 9525. near seyne french alps. jacky rowland reports. >> the wreak wreck wreckage of germanwings 9525 is strewn over the hillside. you can just about make out the rescue workers struggling up
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the hillside as they try to locate the many pieces of the plane. crucially, they have found a black box flight recorder. it should provide vital evidence as to why this accident happened. but at aat dusseldorf airplane, relatives gather. it crashed in the french alps, near digne des bains. the french visit has now been cut short. >> translator: we will do everything we can to understand
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the cause of the accident. the accident has taken place in an area that's especially difficult to access. >> germanwings is a low-cost airline owned by lufthansa. and flies mainly shortfall flights around europe. it has an excellent record. the passengers are thought to include germ man turkish and french nationals. >> we are deeply concerned our flight crashed and this is a dark day for our company. >> 150 deaths have left so many grieving across europe. 16 teenagers and their teachers from a local school were on the
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plane. returning from a spanish language exchange program. one community changed forever in a sudden moment of tragedy. bad weather is threatening to further hamper what is already a difficult search operation. heavy rain and strong winds are forecast and possibly evenly even snow. the search is expected to resume at first light, jacky rowland les alps france. >> when we arrived our first priority was to try and find out whether there were any survivors. it quickly came clear there would be no survivors. as soon as the scene was fixed we had to set the scene, it is very long. we had to hoist the debris.
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we can access by foot but that takes quite a while. yemen has asked the u.n. security council to use military action against houthi rebels with willing nations. on the yemeni town of ta'izz natasha guinane has the story. >> reporter: they chant their disagreement of the houthis in ta'izz province. since the houthis arrival last weekend people have made it clear, they are not welcome. but the street may be losing to the heavily armed houthis. the shia houthis have been in
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control of sanaa since october. now the houthis are continuing their advance beyond the capital and getting closer to the president. but they say they're not after the leader. they insist they're fighting religious armed groups. in the province of mareb tribal leaders tell al jazeera they're managing to keep the houthis out. >> translator: the tribes are so peaceful that this gang of houthis have pulled us into war we will not leave our province even if they kill us all. >> reporter: with no success so far the daily battles continue in the mountains. >> translator: we are defending our land, our country. >> reporter: the houthis are saying the vaim thing. thesame thing. the warring sides are scheduled to go to qatar.
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jacky rowland, al jazeera yemen. surveillance planes, flights and intelligence gathering started on saturday at the request of the iraqi government. it's the first time the coalition has assisted with the offensive in tikrit which started earlier this month. iraqi security forces are on the outskirts waiting to make their flight into the city. double suicide bombing in libya that killed seven people. two vehicles with explosives. two rival governments and several armed groups are competing for power in libya. now the canadian government has announced it will expand its military operation against i.s.i.l. the plan includes air strikes in
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syria and iraq. daniel lack has more from ottawa where prime minister steven harper met with lawmakers. >> reporter: the prime minister and his lawmakers have said for some time its mission would be lengthened. the prime minister said i.s.i.l. was at war with canada and named canadians this many of its threats. >> we continue to degrade the capacities of i.s.i.l. its ability to expand its presence in the region and to propagate attacks outside the region. >> there's bown to be a bound to be a vigorous debate. it is also to be somewhat of an election issue.
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canada as an election in october at the latest and emphasize their national security credentials. both opposition parties say we need more humanitarian aid lest combataid andless combat aid. not for boots on the ground. that is why this motion specifically says that will not be the case and canada's mission in iraq and syria. >> huge blast in the turkish border town of hanley. facilitatessurface to surface mix launched from the assad regime. a battle to take control of idlib. el nusra front shift in
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strategy. kim vanel reports. >> reporter: on the outskirts of idlib rebel fighters take aim at shoot points. including al qaeda linked al nusra front. in syria's northwest. activist video purports to show getting ready for battle. regime forces reportedly closed off the city in preparation for attack, stopping residents from getting in and out while transferring command centers. taking idlib would be be an important victory for government fighters, allowing them to cut off supply lines. to the east indarazor, rebel
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fighters control large portions of iraq. and after meeting with bashar al-assad, more will are done. >> translator: there is cooperation but we are looking forward to having a high level of cooperation. what we have in common needs more coordination and we hope that this visit would be a first step towards more coordination. >> iraq one of syria's main allies, is also a key player for the u.s. in the fight against i.s.i.l. iraqi troops are working with the u.s. led coalition and its bombing campaign. but while baghdad acts as a go- go-between between washington and fight for control over this strategic city is far from over. kim vanel, al jazeera.
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>> two al jazeera journalists are due to return to court in egypt on wednesday for their retrial. baher mohamed and mohamed fahmy. there wasn't enough evidence to convince the journalists of the charge and they were jailed more than a year and are currently out on bail. their colleague peter greste was deported last month to his native australia. lots more ahead on al jazeera. when we come back, a deadly mudslide blocking the road to the capital. we'll take you to myanmar to one of the world's most unusual vineyards.
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>> hello again, the top stories on al jazeera. the recovery of germanwings flight 9525 resumes wednesday. all 120 passengers and crew on board are feared dead after the plane came down in the french alps while en route from barcelona to dusseldorf. one of the flight recorders has been recovered. willing countries to use military action to stop houthi rebel violence. at least seven protesters were killed in the yemeni province of ta'izz on wednesday and tuesday and dozens more injured. two cars armed with
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explosive backed into a libyan checkpoint in benghazi. part of an exchange program. students from the host school gathered on tuesday night in the local church to mourn the victims. and in the small germantown of halten where the teenagers were from, the many effects were being felt. the mayor of haltern said the are commendations were be
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celebrated. dominic cane has the report. >> in the town of hasden emzee one school had sent its year 10 people 16-year-olds, 16 of them with two of their teachers, to spain for a week long cultural visit and it has been confirmed that those pupils those students and their teachers were indeed on the plane. the school has closed for lessons. there will be no lessons tomorrow but the school will be open to allow students to come in to talk about this tragedy which has taken 16 students out of the community, two of the teachers as well this a small town, small community. already there have been floral tributes candles left outside of the school as a show of respect for those who died. luftluft hanluft hanlufthansa and
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germanwings have been looking into this incident what caused this plane to come down they are hoping that the answer will come soon. nearly 10,000 u.s. soldiers in afghanistan. president obama said he has accepted the request of president ashraf ghani to stagger the pullout of troops and to help fight i.s.i.l. >> it's a dangerous place. casualties have come down precipitously as we have engaged in the draw-down. it's been over 90 days since two americans were killed in
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afghanistan. that has occurred precisely because we are not in a combat role. >> in afghanistan thousands of people have marched through kabul demanding justice for a woman beat to death by a group of men. after being falsely accused of burning a copy of the muslim holy book of the koran. organizers of the march said 3,000 took part, one of the largest in kabul's history. first nuclear power plant. deal was signed with russia's state owned rossotom company. jordan doesn't have any local energy sources and imports 96% of its electricity.
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normalizing ties with cuba could be by the end of the year. the u.s. froze relations with cuba in 2003 in response to the arrest of dissidents. while in havana, mozarini also signed an agreement to give more than $50 million to the country's agricultural sector. individuals black listed for having links with cuba. earlier we spoke to larry luxnor, a contributing writer for the cuban news. >> it could be simple housecleaning. in effect, taking oold companies off the rolls. we understand many of the people on this list are deceased. most of the countries are not cuban, registered in panama and
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other countries. it is hard to see whether it's a significant move or not. the summit of the americas is less than three weeks away and president obama clearly would like to make some kind of dramatic announcements that would put the united states in good graces with the rest of latin america. one of the most important regions have continued to protest over wages and working conditions. after they temporarily blocked a highway leading to the united states, to try to end the strike. and an effect of the u.s. is the supply of produce. rob reynolds has this report. >> the produce industry is reportingreporting a slight decline
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of of supply. thousands ever form of farm workers are on strike in baja california, stopping the transit of various vegetables from place to place. the workers are demanding better working conditions and they want to start their own independent union in order to gloash negotiate with the big agribusiness suppliers. >> in peru, the main food supply line to lima has been blocked.
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marianna sanchez has the story. >> left dozens of homes and vehicles bury idied under the rubble. the water levels rose endangered at least three towns in the area. >> we were dying. everything was breaking and burying us. the house is full of sand. >> officials say at least seven people died, some of them children. rescue teams have opened refuges for nearly 250 families. power lines remain down. authorities have helped victims with tents water, food and blankets. the mud has completely blocked the supply route. authorities say it will take within five to six days to clean up the road. forecasters for the countries say both the current weather
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cons will continue unstable for now. the torrential rains will remain a danger to those already affected. al jazeera lima peru. >> live purse we're talking about now lee quon yew died on monday, was 91. u.s. secretary of state john kerry delivered closing remarks in a investment senate. part of his idea to boost foreign investment in the country. >> i think the united states of america particularly at this moment in time is without doubt one of of the best places in the world to invest if not the best place.
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>> kerry's pitch for investing in the u.s. comes as china becomes its number 1 investor. as tom ackerman reports from washington, china vested 9.1 billion alone. >> soon this jiernlt this giant observation wheel will join. in new york city an estimated $3 billion last year alobe. chinese companies have acquired the general motors building and the wal wal waldorf astoria.
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>> lenovo acquiring ibm's cell phone business. but chinese aren't only looking to u.s. investments for financial return. 85% ever people who obtain special status of visa,. >> for a smaller restaurant they just typically need half million u.s. dollars or 1 million u.s. dollars. restaurants are typical labor intensive businesses. >> less tolerance for corruption. more investors see those vee visas.
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>> many of them simply want another passport, as opposed to actually coming here and living here. >> reporter: at an investment summit in washington this week, the chinese guests made clear that just selling their products to american consumers isn't enough. their country holds the world's largest reserve in foreign exchange, most of it in u.s. dollars. plentiful means to plant their own stakes in an expanding u.s. economy for years to come. tom ackerman al jazeera washington. >> wine is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of myanmar but its budding industry is affecting another operation. as florence louie reports the industry is set to grow. >> reporter: up in the slopes in central myanmar is a
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landscape rarely associated with subtropical countries. harvest time in the vineyard is over and workers prune the plants to the next season. plants aren't native to this area fungus could destroy the crops but there are other factors that make growing here viable. >> plenty of sunshine and high quality of red wine and for white wine there is another issue, important issue which means the cold nights which we have here in the mountain. >> reporter: but the lack of a winter season means that the plants produce two crops. vineyard owners say they have to import raw materials which drives up the cost of production and that could come up to more than double what it costs in
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europe. things like machinery and vatle vats, glass bottles and corks. growing industry means a change in drinking habits. and the country's march towards democracy has brought a change in numbers. >> businessmen as well as visitors so our volume have doubled. and therefore the wine consumption, the beer consumption has also doubled. >> reporter: a quick survey around the restaurant reveals an appreciation for myanmar wine. >> like french wine, very magnifique.
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>> doesn't worry wine makers here they're more concerned with keeping up with demand. florence louie, al jazeera myanmar. >> now, "real money" with ali velshi is up next. lots more on our website u.s. troops are not getting outs of afghanistan as fast as the president promised, and that could be a problem for a world-weary american public. where afghanistan is vulnerable and what a secure afghanistan can mean to americans and afghans. domestic abuse you do not hear about. we'll look at how money can be used for power and control and how romantic relations go wrongs. and why people say the dalla