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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 28, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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more air strikes in yemen as the saudi led coalition targets houthis for a third day. hello, you're watching al jazeera, i'm jane dutton from our headquarters in doha. al shabaab strikes a hotel in mogadishu.
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and taking thai children on a unique journey. the saudi led coalition has been hitting houthis in yemen. saudi officials are beginning to evacuate western the port in al salif. troops are heading to aden with armored vehicles and tanks. ahmed al saleh reports.
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>> the drup group was diverse. >> now the air base is under control of the yemeni army. we will continue to target their movement, their concentration of forces. no. we clarify all the areas -- until we clarify all the areas they are controlling now. >> reporter: meanwhile president abd rabbu mansour hadi arrived for the arab summit. he will probably request more help from the arab leaders. the houthis took over the
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capital in october. the houthis say hadi is illetting. they want to form pooh presidential party then form elections. long time president of yemen ali abdalla saleh is considered the main orchestrator of the issues in yemen. but he released a statement through one of his aides. >> translator: we propose that the honest return to the negotiating table under the u.n. the dialogue should be moved to the uae or any other olympics. >> reporter: that -- or any other location.
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>> translator: that-- >> reporter: many accused the group of backtracking on the deals they signed. the houthis aren't showing many signs to be open to dialogue either. houthi controlled television is moving pictures celebrating what they say is downed coalition drone. they remained defiant. >> we tell the gulf nations and their treacherous nations that we will be coming after them. god willing we will avenge for our dead. >> reporter: not before weakening the houthis. omar al saleh. >> we insisted on the importance of dialogue. we always asked for it and still
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do but it has to be on equal grounds where we wouldn't have one side dominate the other. it has to be under the legality of the president and the state not under the legality of the troops. >> joining me via skype did you get any sleep hakem? >> maybe one hour. the attacks were crazy and wild very powerful last night and they lasted until 5:00 a.m. yesterday. all the houses were shaking. doors were also cracked. >> do you know anything more about the targets? >> the targets were the same as yesterday. they were strategic weapons storage areas for ex-president
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saleh, but they relocated the same weapons in the neighborhood and the attacks happened again. to ensure they don't attack inwhen they can. the infrastructure was damaged and they were attacked at the airport as well. that's major or critical. >> any idea about victims? >> reporter: as of now the victims for this morning's attack are still unknown. the houthis believe pictures and videos, as of now the two-day debt tol is atdeath toll is at 43. attacks were in sada. >> we are hearing they are
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moving on to aden, what do you know about that and the support they are garnering along the way? >> jane, they have been trying to do that, but weren't able to do that due to the air embargo or the land embargo that the houthis couldn't receive any reinforcement to aden. they were trying to do that, their forces were losing a lot to aden, now their ammunition is almost finished so they needed this reinforcement to reach aden and they had a chance to remain there. so this has been a four-day plan and they finally succeeded into reaching this very important area to their fighters. >> hakem al mosmari in yemen.
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a hotel siege is now over osama ben javid has more. >> reporter: some people jumped out of the windows. a survivor said gunmen killed everyone they could find. it started with a bombing then the gunmen entered the hotel. >> translator: i saw injured people being taken to mogadishu hospital. >> the attack came just a day after somali government said two men were involved in planning
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attacks and assassinations. the group has retreated to spall areas of influence and frequently launches attacks on government and foreign targets. until somalia's western-backed government assisted by troops can assert its own control it can thought stop attacks like these. osama ben javi, al jazeera. the incumbent in nigeria gmc is facing a former president as his opponent. oil rich niger delta region.
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his presidency has been mired by boko haram insurgency in the north. the armed group has staged multiple attacks again mostly in the north. his miernlg opponent is major opponent is muhammedu hukari. a muslim from the falani ethnic group and comes from the ketsina state in northern nigeria nigeria's military says it's pushed boko haram out of the base in gwoza north of the country. success on borno state.
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from abuja yvonne ndege reports. >> in a rare public address nyjer's military spokesperson gave this statement. >> many of the terrorists have died and many have been captured in the process. tons of ammunition have been recovered, and the safe areas of the rnl terrorists terrorists have been entirely destroyed. >> army says they will be held until further notice. both were embedded with the military just before their
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detention. >> the al jazeera news crew few if only sources of information from the northeast. and ahead of elections happening, and an expectation that we would be getting reports from the al jazeera journalists who are based there who have worked all along embedded with the military and reporting on the military activityies in the region wee are particularly worried about this situation. >> reporter: it is the closest election since the end of military rule in 1999. insecurity corruption, unemployment and major economic challenges brought on by falling global oil prices and there are concerns about violence. >> there will probably be some violence around the country however i'm not particularly worried about nationwide violence or anything like that.
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as i said before, because i think there will there has been such healthy discussion about violence the outcome will be promising. >> huge logistical challenge nearly 60 million people expected to vote in 120,000 polling stations. but they say they're ready. yvonne ndege, al jazeera nigeria. >> still on the program. >> it is still an outbreak. >> we'll tell you about the public health emergency facing one u.s. community. and reach for stars. we report on the astronauts embarking on a record-breaking ride through space.
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>> "the stream". >> your digital community. >> you pick the hot topics and express your thoughts. "the stream", it's your chance to join the conversation. tuesday to friday, 3:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> hello again. the top stories on al jazeera. the saudi led coalition has launched a third night of air strikes, meanwhile the u.s. has rescued saudi pilots who ejected from their planes because of technical problems. al shabaab fighters took control of a hotel in mogadishu killing at least nine people. nigeria is about to go to
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the polls to elect a president. goodluck jonathan is facing a former challenge from former president muhammedu bokadi. focusing on creating a joint arab military force, high on the agenda conflicts in syria libya and iraq and the forces of i.s.i.l. are likely to be discussed as well as the issue of palestinian reports. mike hannah reports. >> under attack rebel houthi forces seized the capital sanaa. and moving on aden. a threat to regional stability and accompanying the saudi king
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to the summit will be yemen's leader, abd rabbu mansour hadi, who sought help in the wake of the advance. pledged to form a urine fied military force the secretary-general of the arab league has been tasked to consult with arab chiefs of staff over the next month. also on the agenda will be the ongoing violence in libya where two rival governments are competing for power. and linked to this in the minds of the arab leaders is the rise of the so-called islamic state of iraq and the levant or i.s.i.l. threatening detablingization destabilization in a number of other states. most importantly for arab leadership is to continue healing and restore unity that
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is essential if the crisis posed by the common enemy i.s.i.l. is to be addressed. mike hannah, al jazeera. extended the u.n. mission and decided to keep an arms embargo in place. katherineare kristin saloomey has more. >> it was in the words of the u.k. ambassador to the oven a sign of collective support for libya's fight against terrorism. specifically against i.s.i.l. and any affiliated groups. ansar al sherea. search ships on the high seas for contraband illegally
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entering the country. they didn't get that but they did get a statement that they would consider exemptions to the embargo to fight these groups and that they will be handled expeditiously. said it would give hope to the libyan people in this show of support for the government which has been so embattled fighting armed groups for legitimacy. >> an al qaeda linked group began an assault on the city of idlib. if taken it would only be the second syrian city in rebel hands. this video came to al jazeera from activists and cannot be independently verified.
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>> doctors gave pilot andreas lubitz a excuse to be absent from work. >> germany's head of state joined hundreds of people at this church in haltern amzie. >> translator: i came out of the church in the midst of people who have lost the most precious thing to them. a child a loved one. i sat among the drowd and heard the sobbing of -- crowd and heard the people sobbing to mourn their loss and i wanted to mourn with them.
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>> andreas lubitz apparently flew the a-230 into the mountains on purpose. investigators found evidence from the doctors which shed more light on his mental state. >> medical documents pointing to illness around corresponding treatment from doctors. the fact that there were torn up sick documents. trying theat the crash site they are looking for victims notifying their relatives will be a slow process.
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then there's the question of accountability. >> translator: should it be the case that the colleague who signed off sick, have to be very clear. someone with a sick note has no business being in the cockpit. he should have signed off. we don't understand that. >> left their own tributes at a memorial near the spot where their loved ones died. dominic kane, al jazeera. >> 96 people died when their plane crashed as it tried to arrive in russia in 2010. although it's unlikely that moscow will agree to their extradition.
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>> lee kwan yew. singapore is observing a week of powrng before the full state funeral scheduled on sunday. the 91-year-old lee was known as the founding father of sing singapore. he died on monday after battling pneumonia. president of sierra leone has ordered everyone to be locked down due to the ebola epidemic. john hendren went to scott county where a number of new hiv infections have gone up dramatically. >> the health department is shocked that this has happened. we have to do something drastic
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to stop this spread. i mean we have to do something drastic. >> reporter: usually associated with big city slums tam 80 breeding carries a pistol to protect herself. >> you don't have to run me out of my house. this is my home, my kids home, you want to do it, take it elsewhere because we're not going to tolerate it here in this community. >> scott county so far has seen 79 hiv infections, linked to drug use,. >> when this case was reported, originally it was 26 cases. now it's 79 cases. if they don't do something about it, it is going to be hundreds of cases. it is an outbreak and until they really have a public health
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response it will continue to grow. >> governor mike pence has ordered a response that he does not support the distribution of needles. >> in that tends ocorrelate with high rates of hiv and authorities say they don't think the outbreak is over. they expect to find more cases. some residents say they are not entirety surprised. >> a little after we moved here neighbors told us there were prostitutes in the area. i thought oh my god you're kidding me. i found a used needle in the bushes i thought o my gosh.
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>> time honored approach a growing epidemic. scott hendren, al jazeera. astronauts have gun a record one year stay at the international space station. they along with another cosmonaut lifted off four russians spent a year in space on the soviet built nir space station. for some their fir time, the sony mobile can host 100 views at a time. scott heidler reports. >> it is a look of genuine
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anticipation. waiting to see something for the first time. 13-year-old has never been in a movie theater. he's never seen a film on the big screen but that's about to change. >> translator: it's cold inside. i like these beautiful seats. i dressed well, made sure i was not naughty today. >> reporter: thousands in this school will see a movie in this cine mobile. it takes about an hour to make its transformation from hauler to theater. the cine-mobile will make its way to all areas here. the organizers of this will want them to have the experience as it's intended in the big screen and in the dark.
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seeing films do more than simply entertain. its manager is looking to challenge the audience. moving them behind the comfort of lighter films. >> movies help students shift ideas and talks. they could be a good medium for learning. we don't just show the films we encourage discussion afterwards. this helps them understand the movie's message. >> it's recently used movies to put forward a message. some said this was a time to stoke pride in thais. but they insist their program is about broadening ties, not
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promoting a certain culture. the children's anticipation will still there be for the next showing but now they have an idea of what to expect when the lights go out and the show starts. scott heidler. al jazeera thailand. . me. >> put your hands up. put your hands up. >> what are you going to do? >> get down on the ground what would you do if you were a cop faced with a split second life or death position. i'll take you inside the cost of injustice in america. from the hands on lethal force training that is unaffordable to many department to the tax-pair funded reforms forced on broken police departments that can't affect themselves.