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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 29, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> saudi arabia continues to pound houthi targets in yemen and said it destroyed all of the group's airplanes. hello, welcome you to al jazeera. live from our headquarters in doha, also ahead people head back to the polls in nigeria after a technical glitch extends voting. negotiations between the u.s. and iran over tehran's nuclear program enter the final stretch. >> split between two continent one of the most significant cities in history istanbul is
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changing and some fear losing character. >> let's kick off with yemen. saudi arabia is showing no sign of easing that military campaign against houthi rebels. for a fourth night, targets have been hit across the country by plane, saudi arabia describing its mission as a success saying it destroyed houthi airplanes and communication centers. one air strike killed dozens of lute fighters. the houthis are on the move, reported to be marging towards the southern city of aden. they have been battling sunni tribes. at least 20 houthi fighters were killed. more now: >> airstrikes hit targets across the country including in the capitol, sanna.
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jed from the saudi led coalition bombed ammunition, depots and rocket launchers in sanna saada, and other areas. this is the air base in the capitol. it destroyed helicopters fighter jets, and a fuel facility. the saudi's deployed thousands of soldiers along the border they share with yemen. >> the houthis are a group of militia's that staged a coup backed by al sal and the iranians. houthi fighters have started to retreat from areas in the south according to local sources. sunni tribesmen are on the move to recapture areas they lost in the last few weeks. these are houthi fighters killed
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in an ambush while in the southern city of lahaj. yemen's deteriorating supreme court situation saudis and allies say the airstrikes will continue until the houthis and the deposed presidential saleh disband their militias. they he also insist that president adou rabbo mansour hadi, who has fled the country is yemen's legitimate leader. >> yemen was on the verge of collapse, which brought reaction from the arab states and international community, coming after all other means to achieve a peaceful solution to end the houthi military coup and restoring the legitimate government was exhausted. it will continue until the houthis hand over elections.
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sawed media reported that former president's son was in riyadh a day before the attacks were launched in yemen suggesting the former yemeni president is willing to turn against the houthis if international sanctions against him are lifted. the saudis apparently no longer trust saleh. they accuse him of colluding with the houthis to destabilize the area. >> arab leaders great to create a unified military force. al sisi said joint action is needed to fight terrorism and foreign intervention in the middle east. he says a panel will work under the supervision of arab chiefs to work out the structure of the force. it's been reported the proposed alliance will made up of 40,000 elite troops.
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>> it has decided arab leaders to undertake establish a joint arab military force that an elite team will be formed under the supervision of the elite armed force to say study all aspects to establishing a joint arab force and formation. >> al jazeera's senior political analyst joins us live from london. is this a force being put together for yemen? >> well, this is a force or the idea for a force have been floating around for a while. it started with egyptian president sisi and later on especially now in light of yemen, supported by saudi arabia. of course the egyptian president is first and foremost a general and he tends to see the problems of egypt both internal and external through military prism so even the very own problem
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with the muslim brotherhood with the situation he saw from military prisms and now is looking elsewhere in the region and proposing simply military solutions and notably, the formation of a joint arab force. how will this be done, who will finance it, is it even probable in terms of logistical operation. >> there isn't a lot of agreement on some of the other issues and conflicts. does this become a force to really introduce arab consensus and move military consensus into the battlefield or is it a common vehicle for each state to carry out its own military intervention? >> since the obama administration has basically
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down sized its empire in the middle east, if you will, it's become incumbent upon the arabs and the middle eastern players to really take things into their own hands. saudi arabia's led campaign in yemen is the first attempt by the new regional order if you will, to take matters into their own hands and it's actually paradoxical that saudi arabia, that one particular country that has financed other peoples operations and outsourced its own campaigns including to the americans, if you with i will, that it will lead directly military campaign. this is all new. it is supported by the likes of turkey and pakistan in addition to other countries like egypt. yemen is becoming the test of this new attempt by the arabs to take matters into their own hands. yemen could become the afghanistan of the arabs because this is very complex very divided heavily armed place, mountainous and so on and
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so fort. could this yemen experience be taken to libya to syria? of course it's much more difficult, much more complex and remains to be seen, but certainly the likes of president sisi is quite eager to turn the political economic challenges of the region into military problems that require military solutions. >> perhaps that was very clear in noting the rhetoric for example cussing on stability, on stabilizing the status quo rather than reforming the status quo in the arab world. this is exactly it. the arab league or summit has tried to turn the page on the call for freedom justice and development. now, to be fair, there is a challenge called iran, you know, with its negotiations with the united states, and its spread of influence from lebanon to syria
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to iraq and other places. in the horn of africa, it's clear that iran, you know, proposes or challenges the arabs in a very serious logical way. there had to be a response to the fact that iran is encircling various arab countries and dividing and that strong in others. a response to iran has become a very convenient issue pretext at a very important time. on the one hand, they need to stand up to the iranian intervention in their own affairs, on the other hand, they want to walk away from the cause of the arab spring for democracy, so it seems to be working out for them for the time being. as i said, this is all temporary and we're all living in the moment. this all could blow up in their faces, you know, when the situation starts to deteriorate in yep mr. or in libya as it has in syria basically destroying
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entire arab states. >> shedding thoughts on the arab league, thanks for that. >> voters who missed casting ballots in nigeria's elections saturday are getting another chance. polling booths will stay open in some parts of the country sunday. violent attacks and technical glitches forced some voting centers to close early on saturday. we are at a polling center in nigeria. >> many people couldn't vote on saturday, because of problems. this is a polling station. people first ever to go through the accreditation process. it's a long process. you first get accredited and then vote. that machine is the reason why so many people not just here but in other areas couldn't vote.
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officials say glitches are fixed and the machine should work. people are frustrated. officials had to get things in order, so why are they saying they are voting on a second day. they wanted this over and done saturday. that didn't happen. people hope the process goes sleuth eight and they all get to vote and hopes the results will be announced as soon as possible. >> two other al jazeera journalists sent to cover the election have been detained by the military, held at their hotel since tuesday. both were embedded with the nigerian military in the northeast before they were detained. al jazeera is demanding their immediate release. >> in iraq, a joint military and police force in what it calls the final stages of taking tikrit from islamic state of iraq and the levant. the troops have been edging closer to their goal after an aerial bombing campaign this
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week. >> only meters away from enemy lines, iraqi forces prepare for the final push into tikrit. >> our forces have advanced towards the outskirts to flush out isil from four fronts. >> members of the national police, the army and elite forces are on the edge of the city, waving the iraqi flag as they cross a bridge into the city center. they fire at targets with machine guns and rocket launchers and report successes telling al jazeera the plume of smoke is from homes close to a destroyed mosque previously an isil command center. >> we are fighting the hideouts of isil where snipers are stationed. thankfully we are making gains. our security forces have
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advanced on the gates of tikrit and by the grace of god we will crush isil. >> opt mix is high since a u.s. led coalition launched airstrikes. the fighters have been instrumental to the tikrit battle since it began earlier this month. >> our iraqi forces are heading to your tikrit. by the help of god, we will be in tikrit soon. >> the government has predicted several times before that it will win back tikrit. regaining control is a vital step to eventually taking back mosul, iraq's second city which isil took over last june. al jazeera. >> there's still more to come here on al jazeera including a fight for food, desperate he
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people in sierra leone defy a government lockdown. >> tens of thousands crowd the streets of singapore to bid farewell to long time leader lee kuan yew.
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>> sunday night. >> 140 world leaders will take the podium. >> get the full story. >> there is real disunity in the security council. >> about issues that impact your world. >> infectious diseases are a major threat to health. >> "the week ahead". sunday 8:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> you are watching al jazeera. here's a reminder of our top stories. and you had rain destroyed houthi airplanes and communication centers saudi jets bombed targets for a fourth night. >> at least 20 houthi fighters have been killed in fighting
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with sunni tribes. >> arab leaders meet egypt have agreed to create a unified military force saying joint action is needed to fight terrorism and foreign intervention in the middle east. >> voters who missed out casting ballots in nigeria's elections are getting another chance. polling booths will stay open in some parts of the country after technical glitches hampered election day. >> talks in switzerland are continuing on ires nuclear program. sources say iran won't budge on issues of continuing advanced nuclear research. all parties are trying to reach a deal before tuesday's deadline. our diplomatic editor james bays joins us from lausanne. we're running out of days now almost james. what point are the talks at?
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>> well, they are very, very close, and i think that's important. they've achieved a lot in all of the issues they've been talking about for such a long time, including details on iran's uranium and plutonium facilities. there are sticking points getting close to the deadline. these talks are supposed to be concluded on tuesday. those sticking points are what they're trying to work on. we've got more delegations here now. for most of that week and this week we've had the u.s. and iran here, the french and germans arrived saturday, the chinese first thing this morning, the u.k. and russia are on their way. there will not be a deal until they are all here. they will all be here by the evening, they'll still then be working on these final points to get agreement both on the substance and on the language
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they're going to use concerning these issues. >> on those points, what does it all hinge on right now? >> the two main areas we're not being given any great specifics but the two main areas are the areas they've had problems with for some days. one issue is future research and development by iran on its nuclear program the u.s. is looking for a 10 year time line for this deal, but then what happens here 11 to 15, some countries want further restrictions on iran's research and that is an area of disagreement. the other is scrutiny over iran's nuclear program and sanctions. the world says we want something
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there in case you don't comply. we're talking about the u.n. sanctions, sanctions that are international law under the u.n. security council. what's suggested is some sort of new resolution with snap back provisions, that means the sanctions will be lifted, but if iran was in any way going to breach a deal, they could be ream posed. iran i don't think is convinced by that idea yet. >> new begin is considering restrictions on burials and lockdowns. there was a three day lockdown in sierra leone but some defied the order. >> they came for food, fights broke out. this is a neighborhood near sierra leone in freetown and a hotbed for ebola cases.
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hundreds deified the government lockdown and gathered at a food distribution point. >> people are desperate for food. they think they won't get food because of the number of people present, leading to panic. >> many were taken into custody. the police struggled to deal with the crowd. >> initially, we were overwhelm said, but with the arrival the military, we've been able to put the situation under salute control. >> health teams were sent door to door to look for unreported cases. in the last few months, the number of new cases have spawned, but ebola remains a threat. there are fears of complacency setting in, so 6 million people were asked to remain indoors for three days. >> we want to reenergize people, remind people, because we've been in the fight for almost 10 months and people are beginning to be tired be complacent. >> more than 10,000 people have been killed and last week, 79
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new cases were reported in the three worst affected countries. many understand the need for a curfew but for those below the poverty line, stocking up is not an option. >> because of this three day lockdown, there is nowhere people can get food for survival. when they heard about this supply, they came around to have something for these three days. >> it's not just sierra leone. guinea has declared a health emergency. the president ordered restriction and confinement in five regions. many are concerned that the government might not provide adequate food and medical supplies to the affected communities. new vaccines more awareness and quarantine measures are slowly but steadily winning against the deadly virus but for the people of the countries battered by the outbreak, their fight against ebola is far from over. al jazeera. >> tunisia's prime minister said
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the man behind the museum attack has been killed in a security raid. he's thought to be among nine suspects who died in an overnight operation. one officer was also injured in clashes. at least 20 others have been arrested in connection with the assault in tunis more than a week ago. that attack prompted thousands to march in solidarity through the capitol. many demonstrators have been chanting terrorism is out. the leaders of france, italy and the palestinian authority marched. at least 22 were killed in the assault, most of them foreigners. >> tens of thousands have mourners have paid their final respects to singapore's founding father lee kuan yew. the 91-year-old passed away monday. we report from singapore. >> at 12:30 local time, the coffin of former prime minister lee kuan yew is taken from
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parliament house. his body had been lying in state since wednesday. draped in the national flag, his body was carried by the armed services, a chance for the countrymen to see him one last time. the rain didn't deter the thousands that lined the streets to pay respects to the founder of no nation. young and old and across the social and economic spectrum, the crowds waited patiently some families watching the funeral on their computers. for many, it was a chance to pay tribute. >> he was a man of great courage and conviction and we are here to pay our last respects. we have been here for 12 years and owe a lot to him in this country. >> he was a good leader, so we should show our respect to him. >> he transformed the nation from a colonial back border to one with an internationally respected economy. while some credit sides his
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policy towards free speech, politicians lined up to pay tribute to him. >> singapore's transformation is a prelude for his legacy. >> the funeral service took place at the national university. here his eldest son and current prime minister spoke warmly of his father's achievement. >> he went for a multi-racial, multi-religious nation. singapore would not be based on race, language or religion, but on fundamental values, multi-rarism witness equality, integrity and rule of law. along with much of the journey was a military guard of honor and 21 gun salute. this country has been in mourning for seven days.
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as monday approaches, a new political dawn begins, one without lee kuan yew. his less will endure and be interpreted in the coming years but how this island moves forward socially and politically will depend on the new younger generation, al jazeera singapore. >> students from the southern mexican state of guerrero have fought with police. the group had been traveling from the state capitol in what police suspected was a stolen bus. police tried to stop the bus to check it and masked students set fire to a police car and ambulance outside the police station. >> france is heading to the polls to elect more than 4,000 council members across the country. french president francois hollande cast his ballot. former president sarkozy's party is favored to lead the polls.
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>> the city first known as another name, now istanbul is undergoing changes sending rent properties soaring. bernard smith has the story prom istanbul. >> it's a shop from a by gone age paying by gone rent. just over that thousand dollars a month on the famous street, could fetch $20,000 a month on the open market. ilia is being forced out. >> they say you will go. this is the corset shop. we've been here for the past 80 years. every customer knows us here, but if i leave here, where will
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my customers find me? how can i set up a new shop, rent a new place costs are so high now you burn your hands. >> the cash poor catholic church landlord is taking advantage of a new law that means tenants of 10 years or more can be convicted without cause. activists worry this ancient city is losing its character. >> this was the cultural centered of the city, the heart of the city, but now it's shaped by the investors investment region, investors came and spent lots of money and turned a movie theater into a shopping mall and that is just one example. >> this cinema is next to a new shopping mall. another district is being renovated, home to some of the city's poorest people, it was almost in ruins. >> the local council tells use it has to strike a fine balance between preserving the culture
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and history of an area and creating a modern living environment. it is just part of $100 billion that the national government is spending on infrastructure projects in istanbul. >> istanbul's former mayor and now turkish penalty is the driving force behind an ambitious scheme to turn the city of 15 million people into a modern global metropolis. >> some, including ilia, will struggle to find a place in this vision of the future. >> bernard smith, al jazeera istanbul. >> the fairytale is over for new zealand's cricket team. the kiwis had been unbeaten, but were beat by australia for 183 runs in just 45 overs. mitchell johnson starred with three for 30 in front of a
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record crowd for a cricket match of 93,013. despite losing a wicket in the second over, they chased down the total easily. more news on all the stories just head over to >> as the world's most elderly nation - japan is dancing with a demographic disaster. people are living longer and birthrates are falling fast. no other country has a greater percentage of old people.