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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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al jazeera america presents only on al jazeera america ♪ more saudi-led air strikes on houthi positions in yemen, arab leaders vow to continue the fight. ♪ hello you're with al jazeera live from doha also to come counting is underway this nigeria presidential election, the first results expected later on monday. getting closer to a deal on iran's nuclear program and the last round of discussion start in switzerland, plus. i'm in the northern
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philippines with the tribe and there is excitement here as the tribe welcomes a new arrival. ♪ a saudi-led coalition targeting houthi fighters in yemen for the fifth night and arab league leaders say saudi-led strikes will continue until they withdraw and surrender their weapons and we have more. >> reporter: no let up in this military operation for a fifth consecutive night, the saudi-led coalition has continued to hit saudi-led positions and air strikes continued in other parts of the country and dozens of houthi fighters have been killed and jets have bombed position in the northern province considered the houthi's main base and they deployed thousands of soldiers on the border they share with yemen but saudi officials continue to say there is no plan
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to send troops at least for now. >> attacking some concentration of force for malitia but there is no let's say major land operation operation. >> reporter: the saudi-led air strikes seem to be weakening houthi fighters restreeting in the south according to forces and trying to recapture areas they lost in the last few weeks. >> translator: if the military operation would not have happened the price would be higher and came at a suitable time with expert military men. >> reporter: the arab league summit in egypt has been dominated by yemen security situation and saudis and allies say the air strikes will continue until the houthis and deposed president disband malitias and also insist that president haidi who fled the
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country is yemen's leader and victoria with al jazeera. we can talk to our correspondent who reported extensively from yemen and do we know how far the saudi-led coalition succeeded in attaining its objective? >> they say they have managed to destroy most of the houthis communication centers fighter jets and artillery they still think there are air jets in different bases and they would like to destroy them before deciding whether or not they will continue boots on the ground. but for the saudis as far as i can say i think this is a military campaign that is going to go for quite sometime before they are 100% sure that capability of houthis are completely wiped off. >> i was going to ask you about
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the condition and not the former president and the significance indeed of his son who was the former ambassador for yemen to uae but we learned now he has been sacked from that position. >> this is quite a significant development because he has been for many years grooming his son to succeed him. and the general has the loyalty of thousands of fighters and members of the guard and trained by the americans and opposition in different parts of the country particularly around the capitol sanaa. they are very significant for any political development in the future and saudis said we don't trust you, we don't trust your son therefore you have to disappear from the political scene and the campaign targeting the elite republican guard sacking him is a sign that
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saudis finally decided to abandon abdue la and boost the chances for haidi to stay the legitimate leader. >> where does it leave the houthis if they can no longer rely on the support of former president and indeed his family where does that leave them? >> has two options, turn against the houthis to be able to win the support of the saudis or stay in alliance with the houthis, the houthis have very few options as we speak because they were surprised by the magnitude of the military option and what they can do is either retreat, sorry to the power base or stretch their fighters in different parts of the country to survive the air strikes. >> thank you. now vote counting underway in the presidential election and incumbent president goodluck jonathan facing a challenge from a former military leader. thousands of people have been taking to the streets, on sunday
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in particular they were alleging venting irregularities in one state, the oil-producing river state and we have more from the capitol abuja. >> reporter: after 15,000 opposition supporters protested outside the electoral commission offices in the court in the oil-rich southern region. they say they didn't get a chance to vote on saturday because electoral materials and results sheets never arrived and the boss is investigating what happened there as well as alleged under age voting into the state. and they say the ruling party has lost the election. >> it will change in the center or elsewhere and this is in
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security and practical reality because we know that the government of the day has last. >> reporter: no official results have been announced by the election commission. and just outside abuja he and his friends are awaiting and concerned about delays in voting and technical problems. >> what i want to advise is i want to bring over a process like this and they have to try it for a smaller election like a government election and bring it to the general election because yesterday so many people if you do that. >> reporter: election commission wants to be understanding and up to 60 million people may have voted and some 150 polling stations across the country. >> they have to be efficient
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with us because they can be hungry but it has a process to follow and it's efficient and political process for the constitution. >> reporter: counting by the papers and results sheets is a huge challenge for the electoral commission and asking people to be patient but the delay could cause tension in some places i'm with al jazeera, nigeria. let's go live to nigeria's biggest city legos and another of our correspondents and harry let's look at the condition in river state which turned into some kind of flash point and what happened to 15,000 or so people who said they didn't get a chance to vote? >> well that is what people are waiting to see. we spoke to people in there and they said things are quiet and a lot of shops have not opened and people are waiting for the way forward so to speak and have been told by opposition the congress and apc they are planning another big march and
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more than 15,000 people are going to try to protest alleged fraud. military said they are on high alert and will not entertain nonsense or violence and people are tense. what they will say to the commission is all we have is newspaper to go by at the moment. yesterday the people in river state and opposition say they want elections held there and to be stopped and scrapped and start all over again but this headline in blue says election held in river state according to officials and say as far as they are concerned there were some irregularities but saying election and voting did take place in certain parts of the country and will investigate where it didn't happen but a lot of people there are not happy and waiting for a way forward and the plan for today, monday actually goes ahead. >> and we saw in yvonne report as being confidence of an apc
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win and results were expected to come out later today, that is monday monday. >> reporter: exactly, they are. a lot of people are tense, and other headlines and anxiety over poll results and legos which is an area of people are quite nervous and looking forward to the results and very cautious and out on the streets, not as many as usual because some people stayed indoors and will not bring goods or products just in case when results are announced there could be problems and i will speak to some of them and this is mamma grace and she sells fish and other things here and is from the delta and river state and is here where it has been home a while and results are coming out today, you were telling me earlier you hope things would be peaceful. >> yes peaceful, we want peaceful legos state.
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>> reporter: you were here in 2011 the last election. >> yes. >> reporter: in legos. >> yes and the island, yes. >> reporter: any one the street speaking of causing problems for you and other people trying to sell their things what do you say to them? people who might want to cause problems what do you say? >> no nobody cause problems in the streets. no problems in the streets. >> reporter: thank you and she has business has been going relatively well but a few customers and people are concerned about coming out until results and say they will wait another day to make sure the streets are quiet and waiting for announcement later on monday when we can find out who won the presidential election. >> thank you very much indeed and harry of course will be along with the rest of our team
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in nigeria bringing us those results as they are revealed. staying in nigeria it has been a week since the nigeria military detained two journalist in the north of the country. they were embedded with the military before they were detained from last tuesday and they now have been held in a hotel and al jazeera is demanding their release. still to come on the program freedom of religion or freedom to discriminate a date in a state over a controversial new law plus what made the tiny country a shipping and military hub? ♪
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tuesday to friday, 3:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. ♪ hello again and let's look at the top stories at al jazeera, saudi-led coalition for the fifth night and the air strikes will continue until rebels withdraw and surrender their weapons. counting underway in nigeria where for the first time opposition presidential candidate has a serious chance of unseating the ruling party. thousands took to the streets on sunday alleging voting irregularities in the oil producing river state. and the representatives from six world powers holding the last few day of talks with the foreign minister over the program and deadline for reaching agreement is tuesday. let's go live now to those talks
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in switzerland with our diplomatic editor james who is covering them and getting close and all relevant parties are around the table. >> absolutely we have the first meeting of this session where we had all of the p 5 plus 1, the five permanent members of the u.n. security council as well as germany on one side of the table and on the other side of the table the iran delegation and they made quite a bit of progress in this very grand hotel, 19th century grand hotel by the lake here and make a lot of progress in nuclear talks like this and leaves you can stumbling blocks and tough to deal with and trying to get through and among those are sanctions and the easing of sanctions particularly the u.n. security council sanctions. the international community don't really want to give up their hand because it took a
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great deal of time to put all these sanctions in place and don't want to lift it with a deal but want iran to have a deal and talking snap back provision in a new u.n. security council resolution which would mean that yes the resolution says we lift the sanctions and also say if there was any breach then they could be reimposed. iran not happy about that. that is just one of numerous little sticking points. there are big issues but in the scheme of things that is specific issues now. >> 24 hours, haven't we a full day left for negotiations how realistic is it they will come up with the framework deal they have been working so hard towards? >> well, one diplomate i spoke to the western diplomate and as a diplomate and there are political figures around the table now it's very unusual to come up with a deal before the
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deadline because diplomates will be criticized for their governments to get the very best here if they did not go right to the deadline so i think people are thinking this might go right down to the line, there is a potential problem there if it goes in the early hours after midnight because that will be april fools day and you know the critics of this deal you know those republicans in congress and you know prime minister netanyahu, they are people who certainly would criticize this deal certainly know how to use television sound bites and you can imagine the gift of an april fool's day deal and say it was a fool's deal if it went beyond midnight. >> to be avoided and thank you very much james. car bombs, killed nine people in a shia dominated district in baghdad and elsewhere security
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forces struggling to retake tikrit from aisle and boobie traps are slowing their advance. the syrian government is reportedly sent one of its top military commanders to recapture the city of italy and a coalition of rebel factions took control of the area after four days of fighting and it's the second provincial capitol to fall in opposition hands, the city is close to a major highway that links the capitol damascus with aleppo. u.n. is saying syrian refugees need urgent aid with resources dwindling fast. this increasing gap is likely to be addressed at the third international aid conference being held in kuwait on tuesday and carolyn reports. >> reporter: in 2014 the u.n. appealed for $7.7 billion in aid to help civilians in syria but 63% of the money pledged was donated, in a new report the
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charity analyzes what developed countries should donate compared to what they actual through gave. some of the worst offenders are australia, japan south korea and russia and this year more people need help an estimated 18 million people require a total of $8.7 billion. that would provide each person with only the absolute minimum, this is more than the equivalent of one u.s. dollar a day. so far only 10% of that amount has been pledged and countries in syria over burdened with refugees and most 4 million are in turkey lebanon and turkey and iraq and little have been offered permanent settlement to secureity like poland russia and united kingdom need more openings and gulf countries like
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saudi arabia qatar and uae could help more syrians seeking asylum and relaxing visa restrictions. >> reporter: found guilty of accepting bribes in a retrial of corruption charges. his lawyers say they will appeal against the ruling by the jerusalem district court and sentenced at a later court hearing. three years ago he was acquitted of a series of charges including accepting cash stuffed envelopes from a u.s. business man but former office manager later became a state witness. now the tiny east african country has investments from multi national companies and also getting a boost from military spending and is on the edge of a vital ceiling a few kilometers from yemen coast and home to the largest u.s. military base in africa and we
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report. >> reporter: this is the capitol of a little country of big dreams. hundreds of millions of dollars of overseas investment powering in and this was once a city into a bustling commercial hub and it sits across the strait a vital corridor provides access to the red sea, with only 5 kilometers across at the narrow point the straits is by yemen and taking advantage of geographical location it is transforming itself into a shipping hub. >> port of business to create more jobs and one of the models is in the model call and singapore, hong kong more issues. >> reporter: here chinese workers build a port and because of strategic position the country attracted the attention of powerful nations providing
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yet another source of revenue and it's also home to a number of bases for foreign troops including the biggest u.s. base in africa military has a ground for counter terrorism operation in yemen and somalia. the u.s. base gives american forces opportunity to strike al-qaeda and allies and used it to train its forces and cutting out its drone warfare. over the years a number of countries including germany, japan and spain have followed the u.s. and french example and set up bases here too. >> first the foreign forces pay the authorities and also the millions of dollars injected in local economy through spending and finally and most importantly there is the issue of job creation. actually over a thousand jobs have been created by the presence of these military
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forces which is key in a country where unemployment is a major problem. >> reporter: for now military hub in one of the roughest neighborhoods rip the benefits of the strategic location. mohamed with al jazeera. in the united states the clash of gay rights and religion has flared up again. the state of indiana has passed a law that allows business owners to refuse to serve or sell things to gay people. rob reynolds reports. >> several thousand people marched through the capitol city with a new state law for business owners to refuse service to gay, lesbians and transgender people on the grounds of religious belief. >> are you tired of fighting the backward thinking of the worst state legislature? [cheers] are you tired enough to fight
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back? >> yes. >> reporter: indiana's republican party dominated legislature and republican governor say the law dubbed the religious freedom restoration act will stop government agencies for forcing business owners to go against their religious faith. [chanting] 20 states to pass laws and it's about government over reach and proud indiana stepped forward and i'm working hard to clarify this we are reaching out to business leaders. >> reporter: in one example the law would allow flowerists to refuse to sell arrangements to be used in same sex wedding ceremonies but this store owner who says she is against gay marriage also says she wouldn't turn away gay customers. >> if someone walked in my store i think i would serve them. >> indiana ban on same sex marriage was overturned in court last year and conservatives were unable to put a gay marriage ban in the state constitution indiana's law could hurt its economy, some groups are
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reconsidering plans to hold conventions in the midwestern state. the major indiana base consumer website angie list postponed growing the offices and hiring more staff. >> if we cannot draw the talent and they cannot be comfortable then i cannot commit the company. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook one of the most prominent openly gay business leaders in america declared his company was deeply disappointed in indiana and film storms are spreading hash tag boycott indiana on twitter and obama stepped in. >> it should be easy for leaders to stand up and say it's wrong to discriminate against people just because of who they love. >> reporter: the gains in the popular march madness college basketball tournament in indianapolis next week say they might move the matches elsewhere in protest, rob reynolds with al
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jazeera. another blogger has been hacked to death in a bangladesh and this happened a month after a blogger known about speaking out against extremism was hacked to death and died after he was attacked at da ka dhaka university. they launched a two-week long protest ahead of the first anniversary and they want the government to expedite efforts to recover wreckage and blocked by police trying to mass the office and last year it took the lives of 300 passengers and most of them high school students. floods causing a crisis in india administered kashmir and eight people were reportedly killed after a house collapsed due to
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severe flooding and hundreds evacuated from their homes as the river rose to dangerous levels. a group of grandmothers in the philippines was a bright spark as we report and have trained engineers to provide their village with solar powered energy. >> reporter: deep in the mountains in northern philippines is the oldest tribe in the country and farmed and hunted in the lands for thousands of years with little change, now the tribe has a new hero. he doesn't know how to read or write but the one shy grandmother of ten is now called the engineer the bringing of life. >> it's dark in the mountains and it's great for us to help others. >> reporter: has come back from india with three other women and part of a group of similar women
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from around the world who were invited by a special college to learn how to harness solar energy and build their own lamps and battery panels. >> translator: we couldn't understand each other so we had to do everything through sign language. >> reporter: after six months away they returned to the community to share what they learned. it's villages like this that the lighting project aims to help isolated inand eventually empowering women will eventually empower a community. they have always been known for their fire-making abilities and now another newly trained engineer says she is happy she can also make fire of a different kind. >> translator: when there is light there will certainly be joy all around us. >> reporter: still call this new arrival fire. they are not sure how much this will change them exactly, but
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they know it will transform the future of their tribe. i'm with al jazeera, northern philippines. you can keep up with the stories we are covering of course on al jazeera website, al and you can see the very latest on the situation in yemen. there's a hitch - he wants you and your neighbours to find the bill for the shiny new luxury boxes and expressway exit and doesn't want to pay much rent. may not sound like a great deal, but over and over cities are muscled into municipally funded sports facilities over threat of