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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 30, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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us. >> calling this new rival fire, they're not sure how this will change them exactly but they know it will transform the future of their tribe. al jazeera northern philippines. >> what a great idea. much more on our address website, the address >> one person is dead, others hurt at the national security agency. one person accused of crashing a passenger plain in the alps is treated for suicidal tendencies. major stumbling blocks may derail the deal in lausanne over
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iranian nuclear abilities. this is al jazeera america. live from new york city i'm libby casey. we're following developing news from maryland. investigators say one person is dead another seriously hurt after a car tried to ram the gate at the national security agency. there are reports the people in the car were men dressed at women. and were carrying drugs. officials say shots were fired when the car sped towards the gate. so far the fbi is only saying the incident is not linked to terrorism. the president has been briefed about what happened. and new information today about the nsa's secret phone data collection program. the agency was reportedly already considering abandoning the practice of gathering and storing americans' call records when former contractor edward snowden revealed the program setting off a fire storm of criticism. for current and former security officials.
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we are learning more about the co-pilot who investigators say intentionally crashed the germanwings plane into the alps. andreas lubitz received psychotherapy for several years some for suicidal tendencies. still not a clear motivate motive behind the crash. >> there is no evidence that the co-pilot told before that he'll do what we have to assume was done. and we haven't found a letter or anything like that that contends a concession of that. that. >> and we may have our first gliments atglimpse of the final moments
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of 9525. if confirmed it would support the theory that co-pilot andreas lubitz locked the pilot out of the cockpit. 10:25, airplane is descending, the pilot can be heard screaming, for god's sake, open the door. terrain, pull up. the captain is heard screaming open the door. at 10:40 a.m. it sounds like the plane's right wing scrapes a mountain top. that's the last of the recording. german officials have yet to confirm the transcript. framework of nuclear deal with iran, they insist that deadline will be final but several issues are not resolved. one development that is unfolding, russia's foreign minister say he may leave for moscow today.
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james bays reports from lausanne where the talks are taking place. >> he is not going yet, he says he will probably leave later on today according to his spokesperson. we had all the ministers of the p-5 plus one the five members of the security council as well as germany sitting on one side of the table and the iranian delegation on the odor. the first big meeting of this session, crucial meeting the fact that foreign minister lavrov suggesting meeting is not going well and right now doesn't mean there is a deal to sign. but any negotiation of this complexity, going on for this long, when so much is at stake one possible tactic is to threaten to walk away foreign minister sergey lavrov, doesn't really think this is the important deadline possibly.
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there are other countries including iran says this is isn't the real deadline, the real deadline is in june. the deadline is for u.s. domestic reasons because they know that the critics in congress are circling and they'd like to try to get something now before the threat of new sanctions, when congress returns. >> james bays in lausanne. israel's leader is reporting his warning over the nuclear talks. prime minister benjamin netanyahu says the p-5 plus one delegates should not truss iran when making a deal -- trust iran when making a deal, continuing to conquer more land in yemen. we will continue to act against every threat in every generation certainly in this generation. at least 15 people are reported dead in yemen after
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saudi led air strikes reportedly hit a camp for displaced people air strikes have been targeted houthis across the country and the saudis say they're in complete control of yemen's ports. victoria gatenby has the report. >> saudi led coalition has continue to hit houthi positions. air strikes continue in other parts of the country. houdada, and northern position of sadaa considered the houthis main support base. saudi officials continue to say there is no plan to send troops at least for now. >> we are using the apache to attack some concentration of force for the militia. but there is no lets say major
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land operation in the schedule, actually. >> the saudi led air strikes seem to be weakening houthi fighters, according to local forces. sunni tribesmen are on the attack. >> translator: i believe if this military operation had not happened on time, this price would have been higher. >> reporter: the arab league summit in egypt has been deteriorated by yemen's security situation. in the the houthis and the deposed president, ali abdullah saleh,ing dismantle their militias. they insist that abd rabbu mansour hadi is the legitimate leader. victoria gatenby al jazeera.
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>> as nicole johnston reports there's concern islam islamabad's role will only increase. >> reporter: sunday night 500 pakistanis arrived. they were flown in during a two-hour break in fighting. >> they were saying why is pakistan backing the saudis? >> pakistan has announced it will support saudi arabia, but it hasn't explained how. >> translator: the prime minister of pakistan told saudi arabia's leaders that its security is crucial for pakistan. that's why we're sending a delegation to saudi arabia. >> reporter: pakistan and saudi arabia have long military ties. they carry out join exercises and there are 800 pakistani
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soldiers stationed in saudi arabia protecting the border with iraq. there is a strong economic relationship as well. last year saudi gave pakistan $1.5 billion in aid and pakistan's prime minister nawaz sharif lived in saudi arabia for eight years. while it has a strong relationship with saudi arabia it also has good ties with iran which has backed yemen's houthi fighters. iran and pakistan share a long border and share trade with each other. pakistan is a majority sunni country however 20% of its population are shia muslims. >> it could lead to sectarian tension in pakistan because the perceptions of the shias in pakistan is that pakistan is siding with the sunnies in yemen
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and in saudi arabia. >> reporter: some say the sectarian violence can't get any worse than it already is. >> yemen or no yemen we have been beset with mercenaries creating sectarian problems in pakistan. so it doesn't make a differential to us. we've lived with it. >> reporter: pakistan hasn't sent fighter jets or extra troops to saudi arabia yet but behind the scenes it's deeply concerned. nicole johnston, al jazeera islamabad. >> mike lions says the fight in pakistan has big implications for the region. >> this is classic proxy war what we thought would develop second and third tier countries would be fighting each other. the fact that saudi arabia is so involved with their air strikes. >> yes yes.
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>> just shows you how much they feel the existential threat is. ground forces changes the equation right now. the way the situation is in the ground now the houthis still control it. the air strikes are doing classic missions from the air but again if you want to take and hold this ground you've got to put ground forces there. if saudi arabia does that it changes the calculus. we've got friends in the middle east that are concerned about what that deal is going to look like if iran is going to become even more powerful. so the stake is what do these countries think that the united states is actually going to support them. but you've got parties for both sides to agree on a situation here. probably restoring the president of yemen probably bringing back the parliament. but the houthis are going to want something as well, they're going to want a say in the government, going to want a say what goes on there. it's going to go on for a while especially the influence that iran has there the houthis are
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going to continues to dig in knowing full well that unless ground troops are in they're going to remain there for a while. >> in nigeria, goodluck jonathan is facing a strong challenge from muhammedu bahari. yvonne ndege is on the ground there. >> grace works at a market in lagos. she hopes for one thing: >> i want peace. i don't want fight. i want peace no fighting. that we can sell in our markets. that's what i want. >> reporter: people in lagos appear to be getting on with their lives. the streets look busy but residents tell us it's quieter than usual. the next few days are crucial.
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people don't know what will happen after final results are announced. many people in nigeria don't want any election violence, they just want their country to move on. there is anticipation in many parts of nigeria. they only believe official results will be released from the electoral commission. >> i let the nation feel good about that. >> reporter: many know the threat of post election violence is very real. more than 1,000 people died when the main opposition leaders led to goodluck jonathan back in 2011 four years on it's deja vu for nigerians the same two men want to rule africa's most populace nation. people wait, they will find out soon who has won. haruna mutasa, al jazeera
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lagos. >> see the party of of eva morales. the ruling party in france also took a hit in national elections. president francois hollande's socialist party earned more less than a third of the votes. sarkozy's party got more than 50 events. a left leaning government has failed to fix a lagging economy. the horn of africa is a repressed area. but jib djibouti is different.
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>> reporter: djibouti sits across the strait, access to the red sea with only about 30 kilometers across at its narrowest point the strait separatesyseparates djibouti from yemen. >> what you want to do is establish a port presence. our model is singapore hong kong kong moritius. >> providing yet another source of revenue . djibouti is home to the biggest u.s. base in africa, counters
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terrorism operations in yemen and somalia. this is the u.s. base, giving american forces the opportunity to strike al qaeda and its allies in yemen and somalia. the pentagon has used djibouti for training its forces and carry out drone warfare. germany japan and spain have followed the u.s. example and set up bases in djibouti too. >> the foreign force he pay a fee to they djibouti officials. there is an issue of job creation, actually over a thousand jobs have been created by the presence of forces. unemployment is a key problem. >> reporter: for now djibouti continues to reap the benefits of its enviable strategic
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location. mohammad adow, al jazeera djibouti. >> thousands turn out to protest a new law in indiana. they say it will make easier to discriminate. apple ceo is making a statement about the religious freedom law.
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>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested
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>> i know that i'm being surveilled >> people are not getting the care that they need >> this is a crime against humanity >> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> hands up! >> don't shoot! >> what do we want? justice! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> they are running towards base... >>...explosions going off we're not quite sure... >> fault lines al jazeera america's award winning, investigative series... on al jazeera america >> sponsors say the controversial measure will protect indiana business owners to act against police. but critics say the measure will be used to discriminate against gays and lesbians. on the offensive. >> the governor and the republican leaders won't say it but we will: discrimination is
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wrong and it should be illegal. >> this new law in indiana the same one that 30 other states have does not discriminate against anyone. it is not the intent of the law to discriminate against anyone and it will not be allowed to discriminate against anyone. >> indiana republicans say the bill received bipartisan support. they point out that president obama and democratic leaders like nanci pelosi have supporting it in the past. apple president tim cook is standing out against the legislation. he has come out as gay our message around the country and the world is this: apple is open. regardless what they look like who they worship and who they love. whether the law will be allowed
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in indiana or arkansas we will not tolerate discrimination. indianapolis based angie's list indicates it is cancelling a headquarters being expansion. >> several thousand people master planned through indianapolis. in opposition to the new law. >> are you tired enough to fight back? >> yes! >> reporter: indiana's republican party dominated legislature and republican governor say the law dubbed religious freedom restoration act will stop government agencies from forcing business owners to go against their
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religious faith. indiana's the latest of 20 states to pass such laws. >> it's about government overreach and i'm proud that indiana stepped forward and i'm working hard to clarify this. we're reaching out to business leaders. >> reporter: in one example the law would allow florists to refuse to provide flowers to be used in same sex marriages but this florist said she wouldn't turn away gay customers. >> if someone walked in my store i think i would serve them. >> conservatives were unable oput a gay marriage ban in the state constitution. indiana's law could hurt its economy. some groups are reconsidering plans to hold conventions in the mid western state. the major indiana based consumer website, angie's list, postponed plans for expanding its offices and hiring more staff.
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>> if the atmosphere is such in the state that we can't draw the talent and they can't be comfortable then i can't commit the company. >> reporter: apple's ceo tim cook declared his company was deeply disappointed in indiana. professional athletes and film stars are spreading the hashtag boycott indiana on twitter and the obama white house has stepped into the fray. >> it should be easy to stand up and say it's wrong to discriminate against people just because of whom they love. >> in the enormously popular march madness due to be played in indianapolis next week the authorities indicated they might move the match elsewhere. rob reynolds, al jazeera. >> needed to fight modern wars, updating retirement pay most troops will get a 401(k)
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retirement account. right now troops have to serve 20 years to get a pension and most don't qualify. also recruiting a new cyber space force the pentagon wants more than 6,000 people for its cyber-mission, now it has less than half that number. defense secretary ash carter will consider allowing sabbaticals for troops to start raising family. it could be an emotionally day in wisconsin families will testify before congressional committee. the care issues at va centers in wisconsin helped put oa spotlight on substandard care nationwide. also led to the ouster of the va chief. coming up on al jazeera america, raising concerns about gender inequality in america's tech industry.
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a. >> silicon valley employee ellen pao may have lost her gender
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discrimination suit, companies like google facebook and apple have all faced criticism. as melissa chan reports much deeper than hiring decisions. >> they graduated from mit's business school. one also holds an aerospace degree another speaks chinese. despite running their own startup, kimberly believes that a lot still get left behind. >> you need to explain stuff to them or they might need an extra hand to do stuff. >> there has been no female equivalent to mark zuckerberg, other than the are current structure of things. >> reporter: the numbers tell the tale. more than 97% of venture capital
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firms, are men. 20% of software developers are women. battles are being waged including the gender discrimination lawsuit filed by ellen pao pao w.h.o. pao believes that. >> to silicon valley generally it's a window on the kind of micro-indignities that individually seem small but cumulatively really get in the way of women's advance in the workforce. >> reporter: lauren of the startup glass breakers remembers one such moment at her former job where she was the first woman to be hired. >> the first day i came in they were like, here look, we've made a bathroom because we didn't need one before. >> she and her co-founder eileen
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carey are here, throw regular meetings as we learned most of them are still shy about speak out publicly. they don't want to be viewed as troublemakers. what they are are entrepreneurs. and when venture exam capitalists stay stuck in the past. melissa chan, al jazeera, san francisco. we now know who will take over for jon stewart on the daily show. trevor noah. he has only appeared three times. noah is from south africa and he's a newcomer to american television. producers say that noah will add a youthful vitality and
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international perspective for the daily show. i'm libby casey. news conned. >> this is al jazeera. ♪ ♪ >> hello i'm barbara sarah. this is the newshour live from london. coming up on the program. saudi jets target houthi forces in yemen as over 40 are killed in a camp for donationed people. >> we're working very hard. >> working hard. >> the deadline approaches on talks on the iran nuclear program but major differences remain. nigeria result