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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2015 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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only on al jazeera america >> welcome to the news hour in doha. good to have you with us. over the next 60 minutes here's what's coming up: heavy fighting across yemen on the sitting day of the saudi led offensive. >> deadline day in switzerland. diplomatics search for a last minute agreement on ires nuclear future. >> tensions rise in nigeria as the reading of its hotly
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contested election results is interrupted. >> out of drake into the philippines, the park built by the country's former dictator. we begin with reports of heavy fighting across yemen on this, the sixth day of the saudi led too fast against houthi rebels. in a southern city, eyewitnesses say cement workers have been killed injured and trapped after houthis shelled their factory. houthi fighters ever exchanged artillery and rocket fire with saudi forces along their border. border residents and tribal leaders say saudi helicopters were seen flying overhead. >> the united nations human rights office and the international red cross say they
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are alarm would at the high number of civilian casualties. as the red cross says members of the saudi coalition prevented one of its planes from delivering medical supplies to sanna. humanitarian agencies are trying to help after a refugee camp was bombed on monday. doctors without borders say 29 people are dead and 34 injured. as we report, who was behind the bombing and the intended target remain unclear. >> these are the victims of what appears to be the deadliest saudi led air strikes so far. this was a camp in yemen's north for those fleeing the violence which has gripped yemen for a decade. the houthis say women and children are among the dead. witnesses say many killed were fighters and saudi arabia is animate the houthis are to blame. >> they have moved weapons and fighters to areas where you have civilians and we stress that we
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do our best to prevent civilian casualties. we reply to a source of fire. we have no confirmation this was a refugee camp. >> saudi-led airstrikes have hit at least nine provinces including the houthi held capitol sanna. airstrikes target a military base and weapon storage facility which belong to the yemeni republicken guard. the focus is also on supporting the port of aden. it's the main base of president adi supporters. coalition forces control the skies and naval forces are moving to block yemen's ports in a bid to stop rebel fighters from rearming. >> tehran denies it is backing
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the houthis but yemen is continuing to make accusations. >> there are a number of iranian revolutionary guards operating before on the ground. they recently started operating more in the open. there are many advisors supported by iran, mercenaries some even from lebanon syria and other places, all operating under the guidance of iran. >> the coalition says its military campaign will continue until houthi fighters and soldiers loyal to deposed president ali abdullah saleh hand over their weapons and join talks to find a political solution. al jazeera. >> other correspondent has reported extensively from yemen and joins me now in the studio. what's the latest first of all that we're hearing on the fighting? this is day six. any indication of the progress that the saudi-led coalition is making? >> over the last 24 hours have
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been heavy clashes in the southern part of the country in aden and elsewhere. there are forces loyal to pattal saleh trying to provide assistance to houthi fighters. in aden, they are into a stage where they are putting more emphasis on preventing houthi fighters from advancing toward aden areas in the fight against the houthi. this is why we have a heavy death toll in those particular areas. >> yemen's president adou rabbo mansour hadi, his foreign minister asking for a ground operation to begin in yemen. of course, there was a lot of discussion about that at the arab league summit egypt. any indication that is actually going to happen. >> there are considerses that
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have to be taken into account before saudi would commit troops on the ground. they insist for the time being they are just focused on the airstrikes to sort of undermine the capabilities of houthis particularly the artillery and fighter jets. i don't think that we might see a ground operation in the near future. >> as far as the humanitarian situation on the ground in yemen, there are conflicting reports about civilians being killed but this is from your reporting, you've seen this is already a desperately poor country. what sort of effect is this kind of conflict going to have on the population there? >> it release on 5 million yemenese rely on daily handouts from international aid agencies, 50% of yemenis live below the poverty line. the supply of food to the people
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is affected. they are getting more impoverished. this is going to be exacerbated by the airstrikes against houthis and forces loyal to ali abdullah saleh. this is why aid agencies are asking for access to provide assistance. >> diplomatics are working hard to reach an agreement on iran's nuclear future hours before a self-imposed deadline. iran's foreign minister and six world powers have been meeting in switzerland. our diplomatic editor james bays is in lausanne where talks are taking place focusing on how much pressure they have made and the sticking points that remain. >> we have now nine hours left newer deadline. these talks have been going on and off for 12 years. over the last weeks we've had
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12 days of talks here. we really are in the final phase of this. meeting right now as we speak the p5 plus one countries the five permanent members of the u.n. security council as well as germany, that is the third meeting of its type that's happened today on tuesday. in between those meetings, lots of other configure races of people meeting. they're trying to hammer out a deal. we know they're close but they're not there yet. one player who is represented here by his negotiators but who's not actually at the talks at the moment is the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov. he said on monday that he was going back to moscow and would come back here when he felt this there was a realistic chance of an agreement. well he's on his way back. he spoke in moscow before he left and sounded optimistic. >> i'm plan to go return to the talks and take part in the final session. i would say this round of negotiations has a good chance
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of success if the participants don't bring forward any new demands which may change the balance that now exists. >> mr. lavrov sounding optimistic. i have to say that others aren't quite so optimistic. seven delegations negotiating here. i think even if they get a deal, it will have to be examined extremely closely how substantial is any deal, huh public is the information that they give out because the big test of this is congress. congress comes back from recess in two weeks time and they, we though are critical of what's going on here, and the administration will be hoping that they have something that is substantial enough to show to senators look, i'm making progress. president obama will say and it's not the time for fresh sanctions. that's the test. >> a lot riding on the outcome of those talks in lausanne. for the moment, james bays reporting to us there thanks very much.
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>> scuffles have broken out in nigeria's capitol where results of the closely contested presidential election were being read out. a former minister from the ruling people's democratic party grabbed the microphone, saying he refused to accept the result. the p.d.p.'s rival muhammedu buhari has edged ahead of president goodluck jonathan. lets take a closer look at the numbers so far. voting took place in 36 states and in the capitol. votes have been count in 25 states so far plus the capitol territory. of these, 13 states having to muhammedu buhari. 12 states have voted for jonathan. even though muhammedu buhari leads in overall votes the number of votes alone doesn't settle the election. we have more. >> people here have a name for this. the free readers association of
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nigeria. it's meant to be a human rouse way of describing people who don't buy the newspaper but stop to read the headlines and front pages. they want to find out more are about the presidential race. >> we are very optimistic that it will all be in the interest of everybody. nigeria will not have anything to regret like we had in the last election. >> if president jonathan, fine, if muhammedu buhari, fine, but all i want is to vote the right man. >> the commercial capitol of nigeria has the largest number of registered voters and an estimated population of more than 20 million. >> lagos is a densely populated cosmopolitan city. there are many people here who support the ruling party. >> as people go about their day there is a tense calm. muhammedu buhari's opposition
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party alleges vote rigging in some parts of the country. party officials warn that could cause problems. >> there is concern we must be very very careful so we do not do things that leave us with chaos and crisis and probably a loss of lives and property. >> president good luck jonathan's ruling p.d.p. party denies manipulating the vote. >> it is a city of propaganda, so they cry wolf at every opportunity. they've been crying wolf since their party actually came into existence and they are still crying wolf. >> when the wait is over, governors still have to be elected on april 11. some are concerned that another important election so soon after the leadership race could be contentious. >> al jazeera has a
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correspondent watching the results come in. what is the latest on the vote count? >> as i speak the chairman of the electoral commission and other officials are just taking to their chairs to start releasing more results in this presidential race. they had a 30 minute break. just before that, controversially the results for river state in the south were released. this is a state that has seen days of protests over the election where the opposition are alleging that no election actually took place. however, what was announced here was that president good luck jonathan got over 1.4 million votes in that state with a near 100% voter turnout which if accurate if correct massively thrashes the lead that the main opposition penalty mu what you. what the opposition in rivers is saying is that these results were written, they are no
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reflection of anything that happened in the state. what the independent national election commission are saying is they intend to investigation. people are upset. i think it's fair to say that the results have been read out from river state because as i say, the opposition are saying no election took place there. now, one of the candidates not only has to get a clear majority there's another step to this process. the winner of this race also has to get 25% of the vote in at least 24 of nigeria's 36 states. there really is a lot to play for still. >> how much of those votes have been reported so far in percentage terms and has it generally all been conducted cleanly by most reports? >> the personals have not been released but election observers have given the election process itself a clean bill of health.
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people came out in large numbers. we don't have the exact number of people that voted across the country. they went out in a peaceful manager. there were technical glitches. 350 polling stations failed to operate on election day saturday. that's 350 out of many. this process going on now, i can hear the results being read out from the state which has been at the center of boko haram violence people keen to hear the results there. people are just trying to be patient. as you can imagine people also anxious about just having a final result. if there is no clear winner, there will be a runoff in a week and it will be the first time in nigeria's 16 years of democracy that there's ever been a runoff in this country. >> for the moment, live for us there in nigeria. thanks for that. >> now it's a week since the
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nigerian military detained two al jazeera journalists in the north. they were embedded with the military before they were detained last tuesday. they've been kept in their hotel since then. al jazeera is demanding their immediate release. >> the u.s. state department says it's been watching this case linda thomas greenfield is the assistant secretary of state for african affairs. she hopes the two of released soon. >> the united states is committed to freedom of the press and for media access, so we would support your efforts to have your journalists released. we don't have all the details of what is happening but i think the news that we have so far indicates that they had their credentials, they were traveling with the military, and i think it's important that the government allow them to continue to do their work. as we were getting ready to come into nigeria we heard that some
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journalists were being denied visas. we certainly expressed our views you there and we are certainly disappointed that this has happened here to your journalists. >> much more ahead on the program. an urgent call for aid at a donors conference for syrian refugees as the u.n. warns of a humanitarian catastrophe. >> another step you are towards ending a long running conflict, the latest agreement between may an mar's government and rebel groups. >> in sport, one of new zealand's world cup cricket heroes decides it's time to quit the game. >> turkish special forces entered a courthouse in istanbul after a prosecutor was taken hostage by an armed group. we are live in istanbul with
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more. what happened here? >> about a couple of hours ago or more now an armed group an armed marxist group took a prosecutor hostage. this prosecutor is investigating the death of a 14-year-old boy. he died after he was hit by a tear gas canister during the park protest here in istanbul in the summer of 2013. he fell into a coma and died 269 days later. there's been criticism particularly from his family that the investigation into his death has been taking far too long. only two weeks ago was the prosecutor given a list of 21 police officers who were in the vicinity of where the tear gas canister was fired that killed this boy. this group that has taken the prosecutor hostage now wants that these police officers
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identified, it wants them to confess on live television, otherwise they're threatening to kill the prosecutor. a deadline, they say has passed. we understand that negotiations are continuing. >> all right thanks for that. bernard. we know you'll be following this closely for us. >> also in turkey, we want to tell you about electricity supplies slowly being restored after the worst power blackout for 15 years. istanbul and the capitol were hit and public transport systems shut down. early reports suggest a fault with a transmission line in the agean region is to blame. >> tuesday's deadline is about to expire. more than 40 countries have signed up to join the bank. it's seen as a challenge to the world bank and monetary fund heavily influenced by the united states. the u.k. and rising asian powers
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are among the new bank's members. brazil russia and germany applied for membership, as well. the bank's designed to target infrastructure projects that are not funded by the i.m.f. and world bank. it hopes to fill a funding gap of $800 billion a year, but the says the initiative will fall far short of international banking standards. in a moment, we'll hear the view from jakarta and beijing but first from washington. >> the chinese initiative is not seen as least officially as a competitive threat. the american president of the bank says it's already in deep discussions about cooperating on infrastructure projects and another major institution the i.m.f. sounding positive about the new left handing group. >> i think that the manor sometimes the better. there is plenty of work to be done. infra stacket u. needs is not in
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short supply. >> u.s. officials are willing to look at co financing projects with the chinese led bank so long as they comply with high standards that transparency and concern for the environment. many here believe that the chinese would not have been driven to set up this new bank that if the u.s. congress greed to increase china's voting share in the i.m.f. >> if it's up to indonesia the bank should be based here in jakarta. it's a logical choice, because the country will be one of the biggest clients. indonesia wants to invest in infrastructure building 5,000 kilometers of railroad, 2,600 kilometers of roads, 24 sea ports and 48 dams. most of the money will have to come from foreign investments. indonesia's not only lobbying hard to host the bank, but eyeing one of its most powerful
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positions, the vice presidency. >> few countries could manage what beijing is pronessing rights now. it's seek to go challenge washington's dominance of two of the world's biggest financial institutions the world bank and international man tear fund. beijing said washington's voice has prevailed here and the institutions need reform and no longer reflect the changing shape of the global economy an economy that's increasingly dominated by cline in a with that with the bank china proposes to sets up, it hopes to change that. china of course believes this bank will did you dove tail with the revival of the silk road trade route between china and europe. that would involve billions of
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dollars of new infrastructure it hopes will be paid for by loans with its new bank. >> moves are being made to end martial law in thailand. the army commander turned prime minister has asked for royal approval which is considered to formality. the critics say the plans to impose a so-called dictator law granting him absolute power 10 months after an elected government was overthrown. >> myanmar is a step closer to ending more than 60 years of civil war. negotiators agreed on the final text of a draft agreement to end fighting on several front between ethnic minorities and the military. there is still a lot of work to do. >> they've been negotiating on and off for years until finally a significant break through. negotiator the for the administration of the president and the leaders of 16 ethnic armed groups agreed on the final
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text of a nationwide ceasefire agreement. just months away from elections myanmar's president can count this break through as an important political victory. the road is open for political dialogue after it is signed. >> at the same time, in the border areas in question, fighting continues. in northern myanmar, tens of thousands of civilians can't go home because it's too dangerous. that creates a gap between what's been agreed to and the reality on the ground, where myanmar's commander-in-chief oversees the conflict. >> one of the most important clauses of the agreement which is military code of conduct for both sides has not been discussed in depth when they agreed this text, because the military representatives are not there to report their part.
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>> the draft agreement does include the word federalism, long a contentious term for the central government in a country that's not only the biggest in mainland southeast asia, but also ethnically diverse. this deal has the potential to reshape the political structure of a country with 50 million people that stretches from bangladesh to thailand abchina and laos. the main contender is the nobel peace prize winner. she and her party's prospect maybe undermined if ethnic minority voters go to the plan because of disagreement. >> let's get to the world weather now with richard and word of storms in northern india. >> looking at the weather
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charts the last few days, high 30ed for are many parts of india, in northern areas spring has refused to be strung yet. there are hail storms around the region as you can see from pictures we've been getting in. as we look at the forecast across the country if i can get away from it, it's running more smoothly now. we've had 10 centimeters of hail recorded. the heaviest seen at this part the season for 20 years. heavy rain across northern india, kashmir out to the kashmir valley. a lot of flooding here. we've had problems with flooding in recent days, heavy snow at higher elevations. elsewhere, for the most part temperatures heading up toward the high 30's. arabian peninsula summer's on the way, it is getting quite hot. you've got a fair amount of
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cloud, but here in doha, temperature well on into the 30's. summer isn't here just yet. we will find the winds swing around toward the north. the wind comes back heading toward the weekend so probably 28 through thursday. i think we'll perhaps see temperatures lower than that on friday and into saturday. >> electronic cigarettes are are being marketed as a less harmful alternative to tobacco and a way to kick the habit. the u.s. cdc have launched a new antismoking campaign, warning they can be harmful. >> for 30 years sean robinson used to smoke up to a pack of cigarettes a day that is until he discovered e-cigarettes. >> i was like wow. i just quit smoking. i don't think my mom even still believes i have quit smoking, i
9:28 am
mean, i've smoked that long. >> e-cigarettes have been touted as an anti smoking tool, allowing them to control and decrease the amount of nicotine they're taking in, eventually kicking the habit. u.s. centers for disease control for the first time is now including e-cigarettes in their anti-smoking campaign arguing the alternative to tobacco is just as deadly. >> many adults think they're going to get off cigarettes are continuing to smoke when perhaps they would have quit if they hadn't taken up the e-cigarettes. >> the cdc claims that most smokers who us e-cigarettes as a quit smoking tool continue to smoke. it is feared the fruity flavors may attract children. >> i'm not surprised, but i'm sad. >> robinson disagrees with the c.d.c. argument. he's convinced e cigarettes can reduce nicotine dependence, so
9:29 am
much so, he's opened a business dedicated to helping customers quit and of its clients to display their final pack of traditional cigarettes. >> i'm in the business of getting people off cigarettes. the way i quit was e-cigarettes. i'm proof that they do everybody good. >> despite u.s. government warnings, and now advertisement to the contrary. >> still ahead when we come back chandeliers with with a difference. a new style of architecture is taking shape. >> in sport find out if africa's top ranked football team can regain their first form.
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>> hello again a reminder of our stop stories. the saudi-led coalition continued its strikes on houthi targets in yemen including the southern city where two dozen fighters and civilians were killed when an army division was bombed. >> scuffles in nigeria as presidential elections were read out. a former minister grabbed the mic saying he refused to accept the result. >> russian foreign minister sergey lavrov says talks in switzerland over iran's nuclear future have a good chance of success. diplomatics are working hard to reach an agreement before tuesday's deadline expires. >> thousands of expatriots are
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getting out of yemen. pakistan is helping some of its citizens to leave the pakistani government. we he report from islamabad where there's concern the government support will only increase sectarian tension. >> on sunday night, 500 pakistanis arrived home from yemen. they were flown out of the red sea port during a two hour break in the fighting. june at night there was a lot of bombing. it broke our windows. the houthis are the main threat to us. they were saying why is pakistan backing the saudis. >> pakistan announced it will support saudi arabia, but hasn't explained how. >> the prime minister of pakistan taught saudi arabia leaders that security is crucial for pakistan. that's why we're sending a delegation to saudi arabia.
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>> pakistan and saudi arabia have long military ties. they carry out joint exercises and there are 800 pakistani soldiers stationed in saudi arabia protecting the border with iraq. there is a strong economic relationship, as well. last year, sawed gave pakistan $1.5 billion in aid. pakistan's prime minister lived in exile in riyadh for almost eight years. >> entering the conflict in yemen is a difficult balancing act for pakistan. while it has a strong relationship with saudi arabia, it also has good ties with iran which has backed yemen houthi fighters. they trade with each other and the government isis lamb bad doesn't want to create tension with its shia community. >> pakistan is a major tyson country. however, 20% of its population of shia muslims. >> it would lead to sectarian
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tension in pakistan, because the perception of the shias in pakistan would be that pakistan is siding with the sunnis in yemen and saudi arabia. >> some say the sectarian violence can't get any worse than it already is. >> we have been besetted with mercenaries creating sectarian problems in pakistan, so it doesn't make a difference. we've lived with it. >> pakistan hasn't sent fighter jets or extra troops to saudi arabia yet but behind the scenes it's deeply concerned. al jazeera islamabad. >> more on the iranian nuclear talks now. one of the aims of leaders is to impose limits to prevent iran producing enough fuel for a nuclear bomb. in return, iran wants sanctions lifted. several rounds of sanctions in recent years targeted iran's energy and financial sectors
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crippling its economy. the so called p5 plus one group of nations say sanction relief should come in phases with restrictions on imports of nuclear related technology remaining for years. the u.s. and european allies want any suspended u.n. sanctions to be reinstated quickly if iran goes back on any deal. >> a researcher and professor of gulf studies at qatar university joins me now. we've been getting bits of information about the progress of those talks in lausanne anded kind of sticking points that remain. what do you get from all that have and do you think this will ultimately end in a deal that can work? >> i'm very optimistic about the deal. i think they are seriously engaged in negotiation. i don't see reason to be
9:36 am
pessimistic on that. there are technical issues that iran is required to submit. how quickly sanctions will be lift from the security council i think all things are negotiable and both of them are very enthused in this trying to be done. >> there are people on both sides of these camps who are opposed to this deal. if we look at the united states in particular, the adjustment congress there in particular the republican party, very much opposed to any deal right now do you think that could be a factor in all of this and that they will attempt to scuffle any deal. >> the letter submitted to the iranian leader this is an
9:37 am
important factor. obama cannot say that this is not going to affect the negotiations. i think obama needs to have something left after his presidency and to end with a very controversial case in the middle east without start ago new war i think this is something that needs to be done. on the other hand, iranians are also very interested in finishing all this negotiation in order to have some relief on the sanctions that are affecting the iranian economy mainly the united nations security council which are the most harmful. that is the case of the american sanctions under discussion. >> it's pretty clear are that the sanctions on iran have taken their toll on the country so that's obviously an area the
9:38 am
iranian team is concerned about. there is a need to strike a balance here, because the p5 plus one the major powers want to be able to still have that leverage to put sanctions back on iran if they think they're not honoring the deal. >> yeah, of course, the iranians are absolutely against that. if they realize that the iranians are not obeying the deal there are other actions they want to be able to raise the sanctions. this is going to be problematic but i don't think in the european union or the american case i think they are discussing about the security council resolution, which is more complicated mechanism to relieve the sanctions because they he need more inspectors to prove they are fulfilling the requirements. there is the political ability necessary to reach any decision, including china and iran. this is going to also be very
9:39 am
problematic. >> it will be fascinating to see how this plays out. thanks very much for joining us. >> thank you very much. >> three journalists were briefly arrested in malaysian. the editors were detained after news reports on discussions about punishments meted out. we have more on that from kuala lampur. what's the background? >> background very briefly is all about the introduction of i.s.islamic law. the state is in control of the opposition, an asking party and want islamic law in only their state. part of their group and coalition partners who also
9:40 am
represent the chinese community and the moderate islamic parties disagree with what they want to do. however, it has been reported that the sultan, we have to remember that in malaysian, it is a rotating monarchy, there are several monarchs across the states and territories, also agrees with the islamic law proposal. the issue of islamic law was actually rejected and it was this that was reported in the on line malaysian insider. it's this that has got the three editors and the c.e.o.'s of the company in trouble with the authorities. >> as far as this act how widely has it been used? have a lot of people been arrested under this act recently? >> the act was brought in 1948
9:41 am
by the british colonial powers you to keep control of the community and british workers here. control should be kept in london they thought. after independence from britain in 1960, what we saw was that the act remained in tact. only in the last few years the act has been used against the population. we have seen you the in use for and wide for a range of reasons. a civil liberty lawyer who just tweeted about debating the issue was arrested. he was incarcerated for 24 hours and released. a cartoonist tweeting about the judiciary was meted out with the same scenario. apeshitting m.p. in parliament
9:42 am
where you should be allowed to speak freely and without worry about condemnation outside of the parliament building was arrested herself. she is the daughter of the former opposition leader, who's been jailed recently for five years. the sedition act is under scrutiny. >> >> back to the nigeria election, declaring victory in the presidential election, we are live for us in nigeria. what more do we know? >> this is not the first time that the national publicity
9:43 am
secretary, the party of the main opposition presidential candidate has said that the opposition has won this election. he said this on saturday in the evening just after man of the polling stations closed, but it's not conclusive. the independent malik tort commission, the chairman's just behind me, is announcing the results of several states. there are battleground states that really could decide this election. for instance, delta state in the south, one of the richest oil producing states. results have not been announced. traditionally, it's gone to the president goodluck jonathan's party. in the middle middle belt of the country, it's traditionally gone to the ruling party. people have voted from the ruling party under the presidency. however, muhammedu buhari has won some key states.
9:44 am
in the northeast, it is expected that toraba state in the north would also go to home. yaba state in the northeast would go to him. i think the national publicity secretary is maybe jumping the gun a little bit but all indications are so far that muhammedu buhari is ahead ahead significantly, but a lot dependency on how many votes president good luck jonathan gets in delta state in the niger delta region. there are over 1,000,000.2 registered voters. >> still an unclear picture right now for the moment. live for us in nigeria. stay with al jazeera for the latest on the results in nigeria's election. >> still to come on the program in sport sharp shooting from kyle korver helps the atlanta hawks with another win in the nba. we'll have the details.
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>> hello again. you wouldn't normally expect to see a family of giraffes in the philippines, but there are a few on the island. along with many other animals from africa. we have the story on how they got there. >> it is dubbed a piece ever have africa in the philippines. this safari park is home to 300 endangered animals in
9:47 am
4,000 hectares of reserve. working here for almost 40 years, this man tells the story of how former president ferdinand marcos envisioned the park. in 1976, over 100 animals were shipped from kenya to typhoon prone area, evicting more than 200 families in the produces. the mark course were known to steal billions of dollars from government coffers. that this was to be his private zoo. he was overthrown. decades on, caretakers continue to work under limited conditions. often, their salaries around paid for months. there are no resident animal doctors here, no clinic and not a single working vehicle. poaching is also a problem. at least 20 animals are killed here every year and caretakers
9:48 am
do not have enough park rangers to police the perimeters. >> still warden here have stayed for decades all for their love of the animals. >> my dream is to become a world type safari park, although i could say also that this is a sanctuary, a safari park. that's the on this thing we can maintain through its income, the project. >> for many years, it was closed off from the public, neglected by the national government, though things are starting to pick up again. seventy visitors come here now almost every day now. there are talks of a new private investor that will improve the facilities. the team is happy. this may mean the park will
9:49 am
finally be known for its unique attractions and not as a built are reminder of the excessive rule by president marcos. al jazeera western philippines. >> let's get owl your sport now. >> the defending champion joke crimp through to the last 16 of the miami masters. the world number one needed only 26 minutes to win the first set against belgium's steve dosse. slightly trickier in the second. he'll now face alexander. >> i managed to come back in the right moment and kind of elevated the intensity and started playing a little more with democratic. he's got a lot of are a invite especially from his back hand side he slices pretty well, so i was handling it really good
9:50 am
for first 30 minute, then started to make some errors and playing slower. i complicated my own life in the second set but it's a win. seen in a williams into the quart are finals. the seven time winner defeating the 2006 champion in straight sets 6-2 6-3. she is attempting to win for a third straight season. serena booked her place in the last eight defeating the former world number one in straight sets. venus came back in 2001. >> tunisia avoided being banned from the africa cup of nations meeting a deadline to apologize
9:51 am
to the governing body. match officials were accused of being biased following the team's defeat against equatorial guinea at this year's world cup. >> the team beating una friendly here algeria wins out and lost to qatar last thursday. >> israel take on belgium the team sits second and third in their qualifying group respectively. only the top two are guaranteed a spot in the finals. israel have never qualified for the championships before and lost to wales last time out. >> international friendlies all over the world in the next hours.
9:52 am
netherlands take on spain the dutch beating spain at last year's world cup. england are in italy for a friendly. cain will make his first international start. he has scored 29 goals this season and scored 79 seconds after coming on as a substitute against lithuania on friday. >> i think it's exciting to -- for english football to come into premier league to tournament it's fantastic and hopefully it continues that form with england. i'm sure he'll be excited. >> pakistan has been named for the upcoming towers of the west indies and england.
9:53 am
>> being up five time for champion that represented and hopefully if i get to play matches. i can't wait to -- i'm pretty hopeful and can't wait to represent my country and the red bull team, as well. >> the 36-year-old took more than 100 national wickets. >> hopefully the way we've performed has been solid and brought a number of fans. that coupled with winning mean people loved it. >> the atlanta hawks are one win away from equaling their best
9:54 am
ever regular season. the eastern conference leaders recording their 56th victory of the season. four straight jump shots in just 65 seconds. top scorer 23. the hawks won 101-83. >> sometimes it's not just the action but atmosphere can make a sporting event. the live experience for the atlanta falcons hasn't been completely real. the nfl team has been use be fake crowd noise at their home games. they've been fined $350,000. the nfl saying falcons have been piping noise into the georgia dome for the last two years to disrupt opposition teams calling plays in the huddle. >> smart thinking. more on our website. the latest news for the miami open there is our top story.
9:55 am
that use it for now. >> giving people ideas that crowd notice. >> now to the high life in bow you've and some new look architecture in the andes mountains. that colorful buildings influenced by ancient traditions from the inca empire are sprouting up all over the city. we have a look. >> there is no mistaking it, there is something different it's a new kind of building, some call them a mix chen a chalet and traditionally dressed women. it's a term the architect behind the design doesn't much like. he prefers andean architecture. >> i've come up with a new tendency breaking old rules. they don't teach us this, only to preserve old architecture.
9:56 am
for me, i'm proud to present this new style. >> it may be new but it's very much rooted intra additional tastes and colors. he was influenced by the ruins andean civilization as its peak. he's built 60 similar are buildings and his order book is full. this is soon to the proud owner of this property. >> we're bolivian and wanted lovely bright colors so my children can enjoy it. >> the colors and design reflect taste among oblivion indigenous community. enjoying an increasingly assertive voice with the election nine years ago of the first indigenous president symbolized here in brick paint
9:57 am
and mortar. >> it may not be to everybody's liking too brash for some, but it is very bolivian, incorporating styles and colors from a rich heritage. >> the buildings cost two to three times more than conventional instruct u.s. and take longer to build a reflection of the quality of materials and workmanship. they contain a party salon another indigenous influence. >> in five or 10 years time, my aim is to paint the city of el alto with colors. >> now it's surprising many with an assertive and very bolivian style of architecture that's changing the skyline. al jazeera, la paz. >> that's it for this news hour. thank you to viewers joining us
9:58 am
from the united states on aljazeera america. the news hour is up next.
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10:00 am
heavy fighting across yemen on the sixth day of the saudi-led offensive. nigeria's opposition party claims victory in the country's presidential elections. we'll have details deadline day in switzerland, diplomats search for a last-minute agreement on iran's nuclear future. >> plus out of africa and into the philippines, how a private zoo built by a former