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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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heavy fighting across yemen on the sixth day of the saudi-led offensive. nigeria's opposition party claims victory in the country's presidential elections. we'll have details deadline day in switzerland, diplomats search for a last-minute agreement on iran's nuclear future. >> plus out of africa and into the philippines, how a private zoo built by a former dictator is somehow surviving surviving
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as an safari park. heavy fighting across yemen on the sixth day of the offensive against houthi rebels. eyewitnesses are telling al jazeera that cement workers have been killed injured, and trapped after houthis shelled their factory. they are also exchanging fire with saudi forces along the border. saudi helicopters were seen flying overhead. the united nations human rights office and international red cross say they are alarmed at the high number of civilian casualties and the red cross says members of the coalition have prevented one of its planes from delivering medical supplies. humanitarian agencies are
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trying to help after a refugee camp was bombed on bond. doctors without borders says 29 people were killed and 34 injured. >>reporter: pal -- malnourishment -- blaming each other. a humanitarian worker says there were many fighters among the casualties. >> houthis have moved weapons and fighters to areas where you have civilians. we do our best to prevent civilian casualties. we reply to the source of fire and have no confirmation this was a refugee camp.
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>>reporter: the injuries suggests there was an air strike. >> in the camp there are still a lot of civilians. hundreds of women and children. i don't know i could not tell you if there were fighters inside but most of them arecy civilians. >>reporter: the war is hurting those already having trouble. 10.6 million don't have enough to eat and only about half of the $596 million in promised humanitarian aid has actually been received. the saudi-led coalition says it's making progress with the air strikes. at least nine provinces including the houthi controlled capital have been hit. coalition forces are also advancing by sea to try to control the ports.
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witnesses tell al jazeera forces bombed a cement factor killing and injuring dozens of workers. what the latest we're hearing on the fighting right now?
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it was -- reinforcements. it's a turning point. saudi-led coalition. >> heavy. the president and his foreign minister are asking for a ground coalition. to reinstate warfare against
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troops on the ground. >> and difficult humanitarian situation there for the people there on the ground.
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it's a densely populated city. it's been an opposition strong hold since the end of military rule in 1999. however, there are many people here who support the ruling
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party. the atc alleges vote rigging in some parts of the country. party officials that could cause problems. >> i do not do things that will leave us with chaos and crisis and probably loss of life and property. >> president good luck jonathan's ruling party denies manipulating the vote. >> it's propaganda. they cry wolf at every opportunity. they've been crying wolf since their party actually came into existence and they're still crying wolf. >>reporter: after this wait nigeria still has to elect governors for the 36 states and that happens on april 11th. some are concerned that another important election so soon after the leadership race, could be contested.
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we are in the capital watching the results come in. what is the latest on the vote count? >>reporter: as we know already, the main opposition candidate has a lead of some 1.6 million votes. in the last few seconds, the results for the north have been released. the opposition leader got 931,000 votes, almost adding a million votes to the total. however, there are still key battle grounds. we're waiting for the results from delta state where the ruling party have their heartland. we're also waiting for the results from the south which has traditionally voted for the ruling party. the other states are likely to
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go to jonathanthe opposition are in the northeast which have been affected by the boko haram ram crisis. however, it's not enough for the winner to get the majority of votes nationally because they also have to get 25% of the vote in 24 of nigeria's 36 states. if he does not get this this race will go to a runoff in a week's time for the first time in a presidential election in 16 years of democracy, and it will be a huge test for the electoral authority. but as i say, with the states remaining, very likely to go to the opposition. the big question is where will delta state go. >> how significant is it then that this is likely to go to a
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runoff when you look at. overall political map in nigeria? >>reporter: it's incredibly difficult to know right now because of the calculations. you can imagine in the deep south where president jonathan comes from that the opposition will be able to get 25% so he'll have to rely on the states in the north and southwest of nigeria. similarly, president good luck jonathan is going be looking for where he can get more than 25% in the states that are not traditionally where people have voted for the ruling party. so it's incredibly difficult to judge right now though there is
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a lot of speculation out there because that's what it is. we are waiting for the independent national electoral commission right here he is speaking, you can hear his voice, to make the definitive announcement of who has won nationally. it's critical that you don't just get the majority of the votes but you have to get 5% 25% of the votes in 24 of nigeria's 36 states. >> now it's a week since the nigerian military detained two al jazeera journalists in the north. they were embedded with the military before they were detained last tuesday. they've been kept in their hotel since then. al jazeera is demanding their immediate release the u.s. state department
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says it's been watching this case. linda thomas greenfield is the assistant secretary of state for african affairs. she hopes the two are released soon. >> the united states is committed to freedom of the press press. so let's support your efforts to have your journalists to be released. i think the news we have so far indicates that they had their credentials, they were travel the military and i think it's important that the government allow them to continue to do their work. as we were getting ready to come into nigeria, we heard that some journalists were being denied visas. we would certainly -- we are certainly disappointed that this is happening to your journalists. >> diplomats are working hard to reach an agreement on iran's nuclear future hours before a
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self-imposed deadline expires. they have been meeting in switzerland. our diplomatic editor is in switzerland where those talks are taking place. james, a lot riding on the success of this deal but what are the chances right now of something being announced either today or in the next few hours? well i think it is quite likely we can get something is what we're hearing from some diplomats. some are more positive than others though. we have just eight hours to go until that deadline. we have nonstop meetings taking place. certainly we've had three meetings now between the p 5 plus 1, the five permanent members of the u.n. security council and germany.
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the only foreign minister not here although he's represented is the russian foreign minister. he went back 24 hours to moscow because he had other business and only wanted to return when they felt close to a deal. well, he has returned and is on his way back to switzerland. >> so what are the main sticking points at this point then jails? >>reporter: well i think -- i can tell you about some of them and i will but i think it's worth pointing out that all of the possible elements of a deal are still under negotiation because you don't get a deal until all points are agreed upon. i think one u.s. negotiator described it as an agreement on one thing but meaning disagreement on something else that you thought you had agreement on. but i think the main areas are about the timeline of the deal
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and the restrictions on iran and how long they would be for. they're about sanctions relief particularly u.n. sanctions and how they would be lifted and over what period and how that would work out. and also in terms of the technical aspects on the future research and development on nuclear technology that iran will be able to do. >> all right. james, thank you for that. coming up in the next 15 minutes, kuwait leads the way to raise cash.
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hello again. the saudi-led coalition has continued its strikes on houthi targets in yemen including in the south. nearly two dozen fighters and killed were killed when coalition jets bombed an army depot loyal to former president saleh. the opposition party has gained victory in nigeria saying it is witnessing history. it has a commanding majority over president good luck jonathan talks in switzerland over iran's nuclear future have a good chance of success. diplomats are, working hard to reach an agreement before tuesday's deadline expires turkish special forces have entered and evacuated a courthouse in istanbul after a
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prosecutor was taken hostage. what more do we know bernard? >>reporter: we know that the prosecutor is still being held hostage by two or three people we believe from an marxist group. this prosecutor was investigating the death of a 14-year-old boy who was hit by a tear gas cannister during a protest. his family and others have long said that the investigation into his death is taking too long. it was only a couple of weeks ago that the prosecutor was finally given a list of 21 police officers who were in the area from where the tear gas cannister was fired. this marxist group is demanding that the police officers
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responsible for firing that cannister and say they must confess and if they don't they're going to kill the prosecutor. however, they set a deadline that passed almost a couple of hours ago and we understand that negotiations are still ongoing. i should also say that his parents have said they want no harm at all to come to this prosecutor. they just want justice for their son. >> all right. thanks for that. bernard smith reporting for us there in istanbul also in turkey electricity supplies are slowly being restored after the worst power blackout for 15 years. istanbul and the capital were among the areas hit and public transport systems shut down. the reports suggest a transmission line in the agean region is to blame the iraq prime minister says forces have reached the center
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of tikrit and are now in control of the main hospital and government headquarters. tikrit was seized last june by isil fighters as they seized territory across northern iraq. in syria, isil fighters have killed 30 people including women and children. fighters carried out a raid on the regime-held village of hana. people were burned beheaded and shot. syrian state television says government forces blocked the attack and did not report any casualties a donor's conference in kuwait has pledged nearly $2 billion to ease the humanitarian crisis in syria. the united nations had appealed for $8 billion from eight nations to help in the catastrophe in syria. >>reporter: this means syria's war is nowhere near over and
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that millions of syrians remain dependent on handouts. it's required for donors to dig deep. >> nearly half of the country's men, women, and children have been forced to three their homes. >>reporter: over a million refugees have come to lebanon and what does this money mean for those who need it? >> the u.n. used to provide $30 a month for each family member and it's been cut to $19. do you think $1 a day is enough for a person to live on? we hear the u.n. is supposed to help with our rent. we've never received it once. >>reporter: the international aid agency has issued a report where it says many donor countries do not come through on the money promised in public. but the u.n. here in lebanon says it has received most of the funds. >> even though donor money is
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coming it's not matching the pace of increasing need. >>reporter: lebanon has 1.2 million registered syrian refugees. a quarter of the population of this tiny country is now made up of syrians who have lost just about everything. they may be alive but they will tell you there's no dignity to living like this. it's a reminder that none of them will be going home any time soon and it's why aid agencies say they need donors to keep giving otherwise they can't cope with their need. >>reporter: everyone we spoke to tells us they don't want to be here and the situation is desperate. >> nations are meeting and we have a crisis that is hurting the region. let them solve the crisis in a positive political way and everyone can go back to their homes in syria rather than pledging all this money, solve
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the crisis. then everybody goes home and the problem is solved. >>reporter: but a political solution is nowhere near and that means that these people and millions of others will remain reliant on handouts to survive. cameras have revealed the extent of destruction from months of fighting in libya's second biggest city. buildings in benghazi have been destroyed by fighters. an army official inspecting the city has blamed the destruction on what he calls extremist groups moves are being made to end martial law in thailand. critics say he plans to impose a so-called dictator law granting him absolute power ten months after thailand's elected government was overthrown in southern peru at least
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19 people have been killed in a bus crash. the bus swerved off a highway in the region of ucocho plunging 1,000 meters off a cliff. 37 people were injured and taken to hospital and in western mexico a volcano has erupted sending a column of ash three kilometerses into the hear. people who live near the fire volcano have been warned they should be ready to evacuate. it's one of mexico's most active volcanos you wouldn't normally expect to see a family of giraffes out for a stroll. here's that story on how they got there. >>reporter: it is dubbed a piece of africa in the philippines. this safari park is home to over 300 endangered animals and over
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4,000 hectors of natural reserve. it's a top tourist destination but the park is its least-known attraction. he tells me the story of how the former president envisioned the park after a trip in africa. in 1976 over 100 animals were shipped from kenya here evicted more than 200 families in the process. they were known to have stolen billion police station of dollars from government coffers and this was to be their private zoo. he was eventually overthrown. decades on care takers continue to work at least 20 animals are
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killed here every year. care takers say they do not have enough park rangers to police the perimeters. still, they have stayed for decades more their love of the animals. >> my dream is to become a world-type safari park although i could say also that this is first -- the only thing we can maintain through its income is the project. >>reporter: for many it was closed off to the public and neglected by the national government. it's starting to pick up again. about 70 visitors come here now almost every day. there are talks of a new private investor who will help improve their facilities.
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they are happy. this may also mean the park will finally be known for its unique attractions and not as a bitter reminder of the rule. under pressure indiana's governor reacts to the outspoken opposition to his state's religious freedom law as law makers scramble to make changes >> deadline day on negotiations on iran's nuclear program. and the opposition declares victory in nigeria's presidential election but all the votes have yet to be