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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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power in nigeria. so remember you can get the latest for all of this that we have been covering the address for that is do check it out, al clearing the air stands by the controversial religious freedom law but says he does want to change it the opposition wins a contentious presidential voting niger out. and doesn'ts of college students refusing to pay back their student loans. why they say the debt should be forgiven entirely. >> he now says he wants the
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bill on his desk this week. he acknowledged it has a perception problem. jonathon has the latest from indianapolis. >> the top republican here holding a news conference this afternoon. again defending this bill that has caused so much controversy and concern but also admitting that the language in the bill this religious freedom restoration act does need to be clarified to make it crystal clear that it does not allow businesses to refuse service to anyone. repeating his point that this bill does not allow discrimination, but he admitted there's been a perception problem and that the bill needs to be changed. >> the religious freedom
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restoration act, was about religious liberty. not about discrimination. as i said last week, had this law been about legalizing discrimination, i would have vetoed it. >> this law does not give anyone a license to discriminate. the religious freedom restoration act, does not allow anyone to deny services. >> he wants the language in this bill changed by the end of the week, that is the first time we have heard a clear timetable. domes say they does not go far enough. in the least to add sexual identity and gender identity. something it is not now. hoping to send the message that the hoosher state is open for business. >> jonathon bets in indianapolis. the companies and businesses are pressuring indiana to change the law or they will take their business elsewhere.
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the ncaa is voicing criticism just days before the final four takes place. atlanta saw a $70 million boost in 2013 and when dallas hosted the event last year, it was worth an extra $276 million to the economy. this year tournament is projected to bring in $70 million to end p malice. attorney dominic raman know specializes in courts and business law. even the chamber in commerce is coming out. you have seen it on the left and the right.
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a lot of big businesses, sales force other companies everyone speaking out and i don't think the lawmakers thought this through, i don't think they expected this kind of almost universal condemnationed from business community, and i think the sports industry will play a big part. and to a federal pleasure passed in 1993. in lawsuits brought against them. it also allows people to claim special to any law even if the law does not violate a central belief of their faith. and the law extending the special religious rights. that means for profit businesses could use it to defend against civil rights claims. the issue is also front and center in arkansas. where lawmakers could approve
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a law similar to indiana's today. >> protestors in the state house are dend maaing lawmakers vote against it. it would allow discrimination against gays and less been yeahs, the republican governor promised to sign the bill when it reaches his desk. a historic victory today. just moments ago election officials declared that former military ruler has unseeded the incumbent president jonathon good luck. it marks the first time in nigeria's history that the opposition has democratically taken control of the country from the ruling party. now the focus turns to the transition of power. you hope that the government will peacefully handle and i think the nigerians deserve that. they have been very very patient. and we hope that our leaders
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for our expectations of nigerians and peaceful. the most important is for the ruling government and party to concede defeat and congratulate the winner of the elections. so i know that there are a lot of negotiations and the most important in particular is the issue of the conflict not just in terms of politics or the mali not -- whether the insurgency or the violence has been very very hard. >> the opposition says good luck jonathon called the party to congratulate him, and has conceded. is that has not been confirmed by jonathon's camp. they are trying to reach a frame work agreement on iran's
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nuclear program. but u.s. officials now say it could be extended if enough progress is made these talks have been going on and off for 12 years. we have has 12 days of talks here. we are in the final phase of this the p five plus one countries as five permanent members that is the third meeting of it's type that has happened today on tuesday and in between those meetings other configurations of people meeting. they are trying to hammer out a deal, we know they are close, but they are not there yet. one player who is represented here by the negotiators but is not at the talks of the moment is the russian foreign minister they will come back
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here when there is a realistic chance, he spoke in moscow, and he sounded optimistic. >> i am planning to return to the talks and take part in the final session. i would say this round of negotiations has a huge chance of success. if the participants don't bring forward any new dend mas that now exists. >> mr. lavrov sounding optimistic i have to say that the others aren't quite as optimistic negotiating here i think even if they get a deal it will have to be examined extremely shortly how substantial is any deal, how public is the information that they give out. the big toast of this is congress. congress comes back from recess in two weeks time. and they are critical of what is doing on here, and the administration will be hoping that they will have something
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that is stamping enough to show i am making progress and it is it is not the time for fresh sanctions. >> some critics say attempting to limit iran's nuclear capability could actually backfire. it comes down to technical details in the number of center finals and to what degree they can enrich you rainian. our science correspondent explains. it seats logical if they want to limit iran, in the which the country can enrich you rain i am. but they say placing a limit may have the opposite effect. >> by limiting them, to a small number of center finals you are limiting them to the number of the weapon. >> to power a reactor for a
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single year, but it takes on fennel five pounds to build a nuclear weapon. the u.s. and it's negotiating partners that would allow to retain 6,000 to 6,500 down from an estimated 2,000 in p oration in february. a harvard researcher said that in fact gives iran about a seven month timetable for enriching enough. of course, it isn't just a matter of center finals. highly edge riched variety nuclear fuel only has to be four or 5%, so in theory the fuel for an energy program is easier to make.
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once you have made the leap to even that four or 5%, you are well on your way at that point to 90%. and you have to make 1,000 times fewer kilograms of that to have something you can put into a nuclear weapon. right now iran has only one nuclear power station. russian supplies the necessary fuel for that, iran would need. times more than it has to supply that station itself. most observes believe that by reducing the number they hope to length. so called break out period, the time it would take iran to build an actual bomb. but reducing the number also wiped out any hope that iran may have a supply it's own fuel to produce it's own nuclear power. jacob ward, al jazeera, san francisco. >> for one group of americans nuclear talks with iran is personal. the former state department
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workers held hostage for more than a year. their fight for justice has gone on for decades and their window is closing if the u.s. and iran forge a relationship before healing old wounds. mary snow has their story. >> cook was along the youngest of the 52 americans taken hostage more than three decades later he considers himself one of the lucky ones. he was able to return to a career and move on with his life. >> my colleagues in some cases took to the grave. >> and he says he feels it is his responsibility to speak on their behalf in demanding compensate them for their time in captivity.
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>> part of is it to repair iran is to help people even with this many years on, to get over a situation which was very difficult. >> the reason iran hasn't had to pay is that the al jeers accord the agreement that ended the hostage crisis stated the hostages could not take legal action against iraq. the u.s. has stuck by that agreement. >> a turning langford from one has been fighting to undo that part of the agreement for more than a decade. he represents the former hostages 39 of whom are still alive. >> he says there was more damage done than many americans probably realized. >> it wrecks marriages people attempted suicides. there is a woman today who has multiple pangic attacks every
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day. to gain compensation for the american held captive in iraq. now some lawmakers want to find a different approach by setting up a fund to compensate the former hostages. poller hostages -- or $10,000 for each day they were held captive. >> but 36 years after the embassy was seized the former hostages and their attorney know time is running out. and they are closely monitored the u.s. talks with iran over it's nuclear program. mary snow, al jazeera.
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he predicts full control within 24 hours. saudi troops have been clashing today with houthis it fooers it's being called the heaviest exchange of cross border fire since it started the offensive last week. this comes as the blame game continues over monday's attack on a refugee camp that killed as many as 40 people including women and children. natasha has more. >> malnourishment and misery were facts of life. here inside the refugee camp when al jazeera visited in 2009. these fled their homes in the north six years ago the ever the same reason they have now been caught in the cross fire. >> a war between the houthiss and the government. rebels and saudi arabia are blaming each other, a humanitarian worker says there were many fighters among the casualties.
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we reply to the source, fire, we have no confirmation, this was a refugee camp. >> doctors without borders says the injuries of the women and children suggest there was an air strike. women, children, and i don't know i can't tell you -- most of the people that are there -- >> the war in the arab world pourest country is hurting people who are already suffering. according to two u.n. agencies 10.6 million don't have enough to eat and only about half of the $596 million in promised humanitarian aid has actually been received at least nine
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provinces including the capitol have been hit coalition forces are also advancing by sea to try to control the ports. witnesses tell al jazeera they bombed a cement factory killing and injured dozens of workers. they have been fighting for control since 2004. natasha, al jazeera. >> two teenagers were arrested in spain today, accused of trying to join isil, the arrests will remain just seven miles north of barcelona. police say they were leaving today traveling from turkey, and then on to syria. a brother of one of the teenagers was killed last year, fighting with isil.
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the united nations has launched an appeal to raise more than $8 billion to help syrian refugees and their host countries. what does it mean for the syrians displaced by the fighting in stephanie decker reports. >> with this conference means is that syria's war is nowhere near over. and that millions of syrians remain depend on handouts. it is a call for donors to dig deep. >> under the weight of the syrian crisis. nearly half of the countries men, women and children have been forced to flee their homes. >> over 1 million refugees have come here, and while money is being pledged what does it mean for those that need it. >> the u.n. used to provide 30-dollar as month for each family member. now it's been cut to $19 do you rally think 1 dollar as day is enough for a person to live on? we hear the u.n. is supposed to help with our rate, but never received it once.
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>> the international aid agency is issue add report where it says many donor countries to not come through on the money they promised in public. but the u.n. says it has received most of the funds. these are increasing and even though the donor money is coming @increasing pace, it is not reaching the pace of the increasing needs. these are the ones we would like to highlight. >> aquarter oif population of this tiny country is now made up of syrians who have lost just about everything. they may be alive but they will tell you there's no dignity to living like this. >> refugees need to renew their registration, the that's what most of these people are doing. it is a remind tear none of them will be going home any time soon. and it is why aid agencies they say need donors to keep on giving otherwise they won't be able to cope with their needs. everyone we spoke to told us they don't want to be here,
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that the desperation is desperate. the donors seem a long way off from their reality. >> 80 nations are meeting and we have a crisis that is hurting the region with them all presence, let them solve it in a positive way. rather than pledging all this money, solve the crisis than everybody goes home and the problem is solved. >> but a political solution is nowhere near, and that means that these people and millions of others will remain reliant on handouts to survive. the strategy and why they want the obama administration to wave their debt.
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>> a global climate crisis >> two feet of sea level rise is projected... >> threatening america's coastline >> you'll see water in the streets without rain... >> now fighting back with a revolutionary new technology >> there de-watering the ground... >> this is the first time anybodies done this before >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" where technology meets humanity. only on al jazeera america. >> they are err fusing to pay their students loans and they are looking to draw attention to the issue.
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patricia reports. >> natasha horns graduated cum laude three years ago with a paralegal associates degree from an effectively rest college in california. >> we are everest part of the for profit education giant. >> today the 26-year-old is back in her native missouri. working part time at a grocery store for minimum wage. honest work but not the career everest promised her. >> they told us we would have a job in the field that we studies within no more than six months. >> but horns couldn't get a foot in the door. or transfer her credits to another college. she has nothing to show for her degree. >> $28,000. >> except $28,000 in federal student loan debt. so horns and dozens of other student whose attended have
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declared a debt strike. claiming corinthian defrauded them this refusing to pay pack federal student loans they say the department of education should cancel. charges that under lawsuits brought against by the states of california, massachusets, and wisconsin and a consumer finance protection bureau. >> the evidence to underrate state and federal lawsuits but not enough to convince them to shut down or forgive the federal student loans taken out by students like natasha who are saddled with worthless degrees and life altering debt. and pokers the sale of 56.
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capuss. >> it has been a partner in crime with corinthian. >> which helped organize the corinthian debt strike. >> they have conducted a scheme for two decades under the auspices which supported it and funded it. forar interview to discuss their handling. a spokesperson for the department gave us a statement saying we have been concerned about the future of corinthian students throughout this process which is why we have taken a series of actions to protect students from being mislead and to hold them accountable. i think the department of education does not want to set a precedent of pass student loans. because once these students get what they deserve in this case, others that have been scammed bring their schools are going to want the same thing. >> which is why they are standing her ground.
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i no we have something and we can make the department of education sweat. >> al jazeera columbia missouri. >> and raising bertha, coming up straight ahead. engineering in seattle finally bringing a disabled machine up to the surface stay tuned.
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>> get a first hand look with in-depth reports and investigations, and the latest from the worlds of science tech, health and culture. no matter where you are in the country, start weekday mornings with al jazeera america. open your eyes to a world in motion. >> al jazeera's investigative unit has tonight's exclusive report. >> from coast to coast. >> people selling fresh water for fracking. >> stories that have impact. >> we lost lives. >> that make a difference. >> senator, we were hoping that we could ask you some questions about your legal problems. >> that open your world. >> it could be very dangerous. >> i hear gunshots. >> a bullet came right there through the window. >> it absolutely is a crisis. >> real reporting. >> this is what we do. >> america tonight. tuesday through friday. 10:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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the word he is largest drill is getting a tune up today. it's been stalling the multibillion dollars project allen reports. >> time lapse photographer shows one of the smallest pieces emerging from the 120-foot deep pin dug to reach the standed machine. a huge crane pulls it up and out, as the unprecedented repair job near as crucial stay p f docket deck waterfront highway. >> we don't have a total estimated cost yet.
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beneath her discuss how much the delay and upgrades can add to the budget. the officials state stance is that this project isn't technically overbudget, at this point. we are going to complete this job, and we are going to be accountable to the public, contract will be accountable to finish contract. and this job can be completed. if no agreement is reached who is at fault and whoa can pay how much for a blown budget will almost certainly be decided in court. talk for joining us, the news continues next live from doha.
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♪ this is al jazeera. hello. this is the news hour live from london, coming up in the next 60 minutes. celebration from supporters of nigeria's new president is declared the winner. >> targeted houthis vehicles and check points in another day of attacks on rebel fighters in yemen. russian foreign minister says the chances are good.