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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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doha. ♪ this is al jazeera. hello. this is the news hour live from london, coming up in the next 60 minutes. celebration from supporters of nigeria's new president is declared the winner. >> targeted houthis vehicles and check points in another day of attacks on rebel fighters in yemen. russian foreign minister says the chances are good.
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and a courthouse under siege in turkey where armed men are holding a prosecutor in a highly charged trial. nigeria has a new president, a little over an hour ago opposition candidate was declared the winner of a country's hotly contested election. the 72-year-old ruler defeated the incumbent president. the victory marks the first time in nine jeer yeah's history that a ruling party has been democratically voted out of power. she joins me now and harry you were saying this is the first time an opposition party has won an election in nigeria, tell office little bit about the reaction there how people are feeling? people are surprised but it is a good surprise. a lot of people say wow is it
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really true. that a sitting government has been remused by people just going to vote. something that they say they are not used to. so it is a pleasant surprise. we are hearing fromming other part of the country. people on the streets celebrating there will be a big party later on tonight. there is going tock a huge celebration. they will address the forces and tell them what he is thinking tell him what he is feeling and also hear what he is going to say. but i suppose that they are very tense about this. there was a lot of speculation, because it was so tight, so very very close people were really concerned about it. i am not saying it isn't going to happen, some people that aren't happy that he won the contentious where the oil is some of the people there especially the former militant
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whose used to terrorize people on the creeks many years ago have stood before the election, that if he wins they will cause chaos and make sure that disrupt oil sup pries. so people are waiting to see how they are going to react it seems quiet there. but right now there is a big sense of relief, even overseas as you go and see people abroad, a lot of people who have been aboard for years are saying things like i wish i was home, i wish i was really home, and i want to come home. i wish i was part of this momentum occasion. so people are going to see how the next few days play out but the key thing, they should give the victory speech, and we all want to hear what he is going to say. >> we will be listening for that and so many challenges facing this country, there is so much that people are unhappy about from corruption to inequality, to the insurgency that the government has been fighting in the north
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of the country this was such a closely contested race, waywas it that gave him the edge over good luck jonathon? it's within a difficult term. the past four years have been really rough on him. for exampling, he had to deal with security issues as boko haram, for a couple of years that basically terrorized people living in the area. raped and killed people, burns villages abducted people remember the adults that were abducted about a year ago many of them still haven't been found. so a lot are saying how can this happen. with a strong military that they can from abducted from a school and you still can't find them. it was just way too high, when everyone i spoke to was like when whoever wins please deal with corruption.
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it is not just the top politician. if you want to buy something swindle you out of catch. they want to deal with infrastructure, the fact that it is an oil producing country, most people don't have electricity, people are getting increasingly patient. so some people aren't surprised that he left, and they are relieved that he made a phone call, well done, and congratulations for winning and they hope. all the latest there as he was saying very significant. that the incumbent president good luck jonathon telephoned mohamed to offer his congratulations effectively conceding defeat in this election. a peaceful hand over of power in that country. charley angela has more now on the man who will be nigeria's next president. >> so it is full time lucky.
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the 72-year-old major general who spent the last decade trying to win the presidency, and now he has it. what more do we know of the man now leadingar ca's. >> laest economy? well, he has ruled before, in 1984 but only for 20 months after taking part in a military coupe. when he was in power, the former military leader jailed him without charged and bans public demonstrations. >> . >> he comes with the history of corrupt, and the great country, in the the state of corruption. this would be something that cowk changed that people want to see. >> the state is celebrating his victory. he was born here. he is of the ethnic background, his fate is sunni islam. much of his support comes from the north, he is considered hum and highly disciplined.
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in fact, when he was last in power, he introduced to bring back public morality, in which it can result in the debt penalty and being late for work meant performing for you were a civil servant. but perhaps his desire for order along with his military background will help him deal with the armed group boko haram. he has personal experience of the violence. in 2014, he narrowly escaped death after a suicide attack on his path. as he traveled there uh the northern city, 42 people were killed. but boko haram won't be his only worry. so while he has promised to deliver big big spending he won't be able to deliver that, and how hening mas to convince the elector rate that key cuts need to be made, is a really
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difficult place for him. and public services his first challenge will be to reconcile such a close -- >> outside the house in the nigerian capitol. she joins us now and from the looks of things people there are very keep to voice their excitement and support. >> hungs of people have come to celebrate to the president election. just him -- they are incredibly happy and excited about what has happened. they also feel that this is something in the moment in nigeria's history. >> this is the third democratic hand over from one leader to another since independent in 1960.
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there has never been a peaceful transition, and so they are incredibly excited. we are expecting the president elect to arrive very shortly back at home. we have been told we have spoken to members of the family who are are also -- they were making jokes about calling them in ten years. we have asked a couple of people that are leer. ovarian just calm down. you are live on al jazeera. >> they are happy. >> we are very happy because it is what we have been praying for. trying to win ehelp and he has won the election. everybody is happy. we are very happy right now. and why are you happy exactly. what is it that you think the
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general who is now president elect will actually be able to do differently? what are the issues that you as a citizen want him to tackle. >> and the course of -- the lack of many thing -- initially -- >> such as. >> such as our jobs. that is out of the country. >> and bo cabbing ha ram is the first thing, is boko haram. and also -- and our economy. our economy. >> we are out here, outside the president elect house. celebrating hundreds of people why are you so happy? today in the history of this country, for the very first time we are seeing a change.
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it has never happened. the sitting president is being brought out and the president elect. there is a rahble day in this city. we have waited for this all our lives nigeria has spokening well for themselves and it has been evident that our votes are counted. our votes have counted the election has been free, fair, and devoid of any irregularities. we also defend the international community for putting it's eyes on this country, and making sure that we have the right in this country. today is a day of joy for all of us. >> what do you want your president elect, what are the things that you want him to tackle? what are the problems that you want him to solve? >> i am slur he has been part of the masses for a long time he knows our problems. he is one of us, he knows what the people want. we don't have roads we don't
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have lights. we don't have jobs. our youth is job less. we believe it is experience, and we have seen his come uniin this country things will change, and change has come. >> they have conceded defeat, he has given a statement he will remain the president until the end of may. a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement. there for us, thank you very much. while it's been a week since the nigerian military detained two al jazeera journalists in the north, they were embedded with the military before they were detained last tuesday.
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has been held in their hotel since then. for 6th day in the southern city nearly two dozen houthis fighters and civilians are killed when saudi elect coalition jets bombed an army division loyal to the former president. in the the southern city eyewitnesses have told al jazeera that cement workers have been killed injuries and trapped after houthis shelled their factory. fighters have also exchanged rocket fire with saudi forces. this is according to residents in tribal leaders. saudi helicopters are seen flying overhead. well the u.n. has confirmed that a saudi air strike was responsible for killing at least 29 people in a camp for internally displaced people. u.n. says at least 41 people were injured at the camp. which was home to more than 1,000 families many of whom
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have now fled. natasha reports. >> malnourishment and misery were facts of life. here inside the refugee camp, when al jazeera visited in 2009. these refugees fled their homes six years ago for the same reason they have now been caught in the cross fire. a war between the houthiss and the government rebels and saudi arabia are blaming each other a humanitarian worker say there were many fighters houthiss have moves their weapons to fighters are you have civilians and we stress we do our best to prevent civilian casualties. we reply to a source of fire we have no confirmation this was a refugee camp. >> the injuries of the women and children suggest there was an air strike. >> hundreds of women and
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children, and the i couldn't tell you if there are it fooers inside, but most of the people that are there are civilians. >> the war in the arab world pourest country is hurting people who were already suffering. .6 million don't have enough to eat. and only about half of the $596 million in promised humanitarian aid has actually been received. the saudi led coalition says it reese making progress with the air strikes. at least nine provinces including the houthis controlled capitol have been hit. coalition forces are also advancing by sea to try to control the ports. witnesses tell al jazeera houthis forces bomb add cement factory in the city. killing and injuries dozens of workers. >> but the houthiss have been
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fighting for control since 2004, and so far have shown no willingness to join talks to end the violence. natasha al jazeera. >> here is what the saudi military spokesman had to say about the civilian casualties. the militias as i mentioned are under pressure, they are trying to enter cities and the battle inside the cities so there will p civilian casualties. the united nations has condemned the air strike on the campus a violation of international law. we have not identified who is responsible for this attack. whoever is responsible this a violation of international humanitarian and human rights law.
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so whichever forces are hitting them in are in violation of the law there should be accountable for that, and ultimately they always such attacks attacks have to crease. >> much more to come, including security forces reach the city of tikrit in the push to retake the city from isil. delegates pledge $2 billion to ease the crisis, but the u.n. warns more is needed to stop the humanitarian catastrophe. and in sport, it is a busy day across the globing all the details coming up. >> just a few hours remain before a deadline to reach a deal. the french foreign minister has just said that while talks are continuing they are complicated. negotiators the five permanent members and germany are workerring toward as political
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agreement to restrict iran's nuclear program, in the effect change they will deliver relief james pays joins us live james not very encouraging comments from france few i guess this can be part of the horse trieding and the bargains that you would expect at this late stage as we head toward as deadline. >> a deadline that i think may well pass, without a deal. but they are not stopping right now. all along the u.s. has said it was a hard deadline at the end of the month, well they have modified that now they say if useful they will continue the talks the french say possibly the talks will go on throughout the night. the frenching foreign minister saying that remember all of these ministers have been in meetings, three different meetings today with all of the ministers around the table. the russian foreign minister joins the last of those meetings. half way through that last
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meeting went on for five hours. and still no progress. the iranians allowed to continue for much of the night. question have a deal when all issue redirect examination resolved. there are all resolved issues at this moment. which have not been dissolved. we are concentrating on finding the president solutions. which are mutually agreed by everybody. and this -- these efforts would be continued until we have those solutions. so we do not have any artificial deadline, 6:00 o'clock 7:00 o'clock, 9:00 o'clock. for us, the whole day request end with the next morning.
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>> among the issues we know are contentious is the issue of sanctions. interestingly, the iranians are now saying this the main issue has been solved. but there are some other sanctions related issues. that need still to be dealt with with i think there are close to a deal, they have been close for some time.
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closer than ever before in some 12 years of negotiations that were a real last bit and that's why i think you can see it is quite possible go past the deadline at midnight quite possibly go on into wednesday. maybe even beyond that. >> but the u.s. is making it clear that it does want something substantial to come out of this. adjourn this again wait until the end of the deadline at the end of june that's because the u.s. administration has to show some progress to congress. otherwise congress might decide to institute said it will institute new sanctions and that can destroy this whole process. >> james, thank you very much. our diplomatic editor, following the iran nuclear negotiation for us. the ireike prime minister said security forces have reached the center and a push retake the city, this is the latest footage. from the central tech credit. they say they stormed the
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house being use a a hide out. they are also in control of the main hospital. the group planted bombs inside houses government offices and destroyed all the installations. >> meanwhile opposition activists say isil fighters have killed at least 30 civilians. this accused of attacking a village which is controlled pi the government. the syrian on serve story says people says stabbed delicates in kuwait have pledged nearly $2 billion to ease the crisis. the u.n. says it needs four times more to deal with the catastrophe that lebanon is also held thousands of refugees in it's country beirut, stephanie decker reports.
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>> this conference means is a syria's war is nowhere near over. that millions of syrians remain depend on handouts. it is a called for donors to dig deep. >> . >> gnarly half of the country's men, women, and children have been forced to leave their homes. >> over 1 million refugees have come here to lebanon. and while money is being pledged what does it mean for those who need it. >> the u.n. used to provide 30-dollar as month for each family member. now it's been kept to $19 do you rally think 1 dollar as day is enough for a person to live on? we hear the u.n. is supposed to help with our rates but neff received it once. >> the international aid agency is issue add report where it says many donor country dozen not come through on the money they promised in public. but the u.n. here in lebanon says it has received most of the funds.
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>> the donor money is coming at an increasing pace, it is not matching the pace of the increasing needs. these are the ones we would like to highlight. >> 1.000000 refugees over half lived in informal camps. a quarter of the population of this teeny country is now made up of syrians who have lost just about everything. they may be alive, but they will tell you there is no dignity to living like this. >> refugees need to renew their registration, and that's what most of these people are doing. that the situation is desperate. the donors seem a long way off from their reality. >> 80 nations are meeting and we have a crisis that is hurting the region with them all present. let them solve the crisis in a
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positive political way. and everyone can go back to their homes in syria. rather than pledging all this money, solve the crisis, then everybody goes home and the problem is solved. >> beirut. >> now there will be more developments in the hostage crieses as armed men stormed a courthouse. they threat ton kill him unless certain dend mas are met. let's get the latest on this now and istanbul, what are you hearing about the situation there. >> . >> follows by gunfire and gunfire that went on for five
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to ten minutes. and we understand that as a result, of that, the prosecutor has been injured. hs to taj takers were part of a banned marxist group.
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when they were injured. sense into a comb mae, and then died as a result. of that tear canister. and that is play the hostage takers are demanding. this demanding that the very slow inquiry into his death be speeded up. how these gunman are able to evade security and enter the building. everybody going in there is searched. that is everybody except the lawyers the police believe somebody get those weapons into that building and the police are allows us the only people being allowed there without being searched are lawyers. a press conference at the moment, we are expecting to hear more details about how this all unfolded and about
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what has happened to the hostage takers in their the moment they took the prosecution. >> . >> the capitol. they also shot down, a fault with the transmission line in the regime region is to blame. all possible causes are being investigated. stimto come for you. why the head of the government has been sacked by his own ministers. in sport not one but two williams sister ins the last eight in miami. details later on.
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>> the victory in nigeria's elections and looking at some of these pictures says a great deal of excitement and celebration in the country right now. and that a momentary thing or is that something that translates is this a result that will be accepted and will see a peaceful handover.
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>> everyone expects it to be to accept it and -- very peaceful handover. and i know that this is not very surprising. the last six years. there has been no chain in the conflict, and no changes have been -- there are people and so people really want to change, but it is also a signal to the president elect after four years it is not achieved the significant aspect of this election. and at the moment the voter has now -- because we have soon in nigeria the voter -- so -- >> so people definitely feeling empowered by this, it is seen as a landmark moment. >> exactly. >> in the history and sort of political development, people
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clearly very unhappy with good luck jonathon, and the country is facing so many problems. nigeria has so many pourest country ten it has soon incredible growth but you still have corruption, and inequality, and the problem with boko boko haram which is devastated communities there. our expectations now are going to be very high. to resolve these problems is there a chance -- is he is going to be able to deliver this. >> yeah, i think one of the most important has to do quickly. >> is the most -- single nigerian not for the northerners not for is southern evers. not for an regional tribe. >> anywhere in the country and
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achieve the same rights. to be imported and to vote. >> and the empowerment anywhere you find yourself. these are immediate issues and corruption for providing jobs. we are very very enormous. >> why are they going to be able to succeed by good luck jonathon has failed? >> he believe strongly that the team we have assembled are looking at -- the integrity he said -- no one is coming forward. of corruption, the elephant in the room. so if you can be with -- and bring you the issue. doing their job they like. >> . >> yeah. and if he can really handle
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that i think it will bring back a sense of confidence. there are people who nigeria are sacred cows. so if they continue that, even -- you cannot commit a crime. a senior prosecutor has been shot dead in what police say could be a targeted assassination. -- two bombings in 2010. 79 people are killed in the attacks in screenings on the finals. trial has now been postponed.
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and other ministers but his dismissal shouldn't impact peace talks. omar is a senior electroin southwest joins me in the studio now omar, your thoughts on the timing of the sacking. >> . >> very much the satisfaction of the performance. a few statements that he made esherbal ply the one about the financial capacity of the tripoli government. and that went against the central banks the statements, and libya. >> they are accused of construction, and then you have the statement that was made by several from the general national congress around 74 of them, who demanded the resignation.
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the events that were more or less in their conclusion, that he is not confident and he has to go and somebody else has to take over. the national reconciliation, which some would say that -- >> i was going to ask you is this a good thing and as part of that process? pledge the gap between the two sides these two governments in libya. >> it could but not a guarantee. partly because the other side if we are going towards a unity government, and a new prime minister, and a new government, and then the other side has a prime minister as well that has to go they are talking about something -- if not, then the likelihood is that the alternative will be somebody along the lines
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probably more confidence. >> there has to be sunni effectively have to step down at some point? or would he hold out for the top jobs. >> it will be very difficult. i mean started with tripoli right, so for example -- and as a renegade, they tried to do in february. so it was -- but now he is on the other side. but within the jnc will see as a liability as well, and because of the developments in the last year or so, specifically the statements of the strikes that were the air force strikes that happened in tripoli as well. and many see him as -- the opposite for them. >> privately your thoughts on the progress of u.n. sponsors peace talks. >> .
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>> they do not sew a unity government and a compromise as possibility. we would like to see one or the other to eradicate the other, and this is a real challenge for the u.n. peace talks and for many want to end this conflict peacefully. >> very good do get your assessment on those talks and the broodier situation in libya right now. ifrom ex-during university. now the french president says victims of the german wings plane crash will be identitied by the end of the week. operations are continuing the village around the site of the crash. all 150 people onboard the flight died after co-pilot into a mountain side in the french alp as week ago. >> now, dairy farmers from 16 countries around europe have protested outside the european parliament against the end of
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mill. quotas. farmers will be able to produce as much as they like, but small farmers say they will be pushed out of business as the market is flooded with cheap milk. meanwhile, other farmers are welcoming as a chance to expand their businesses. >> chinese led development bank that is set to rival the world bank and the international monetary fund has had dozens of countries to join. they haven't opposed but it hasn't rushed to become a member either. it's close ally u.k. and rising powers india and indonesia are among the pertive founding members. while brazil rush are sha and germany are among those who say they intend to join. china and other emerging economies have often complained that they are underrepresented in the world bank and the imf. tom reports from washington d.c. >> the chinese initiative is not being seen, at least officially as a competitive threat. the american president of the bank says it is already in deep discussions about
2:42 pm
cooperating on infrastructure projects and another major institution the i.m.f. is also sounding positive about the new lending group. i think sometimes the better, and there's plenty of work to be done. the infrastructure needs not in short supply. >> the u.s. officials also say they are willing to look at co financing some projects with the chinese led bank, so long as as they comply with high standards of transparency and concern. many believe that if the u.s. congress. in the i.m. tf. >> a major development now in the hostage crisis. >> the city police chief is saying that the two gunman have been killed. remember they stormed a courthouse that held one of the chief prostitutors at gun point. after being injured in the
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operation, he has been injured but not critically, so just to update you on that the police chief is saying that the two gunman who stormed the main courthouse in it stainable those two have now been killed. >> well, three journalists have been arrested in malaysia on suspicious. the insider were detained after publishing to introduce law. more than 100 people have been arrested under the act in an unprecedented crack down on antigovernment voices in the past month. critics have said authority are using the act which makes it illegal to incite rebellion as an accuse to silent dissent.
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as explains there is still a great deal of work to do. the president can count this as an important political victory. >> at the same time, fighting continues. in northern myanmar, tens of thousands can't go baaing to their homes because it is too dangerous. and that creates a gap between what has been agreed to and the reality on the ground. >> oversees the conflict.
2:45 pm
>> one of the most important causes of the agreement with this military code of conduct. when they read this text, because the military representatives do not dare to -- to or even report. >> but the drastic agreement doesn't include the world's long contentious term for the government, in a country that's not only the biggest in mainland southeast azia, but is also ethnically diverse. >> this deal has a potential to reshape the structure of the country with 50 million people, is that stretches from bangladesh to china thailand, and laos. >> president says the main contender in the forthcoming elections is noble peace prize winner. she and her parties prospect
2:46 pm
may be well be undermined for ethnic minorities choose to side with the plan to bring up this agreement. al jazeera, bangkok. >> 24 hour nationwide strike, the streets of the capitol were largely empty during the morning rush hour, the many flights were canceled. the trade union wants the income tax thrush hold to be raised. peru's prime minister has been forced to step down after a vote of no confidence in congress. she has been accused of spying on her political opponents and accusations she denied it is a blow to the president, whose approval rating has dropped to 25%. they will have to form a new government. >> in the u.s. the governor of indiana says he wants legislation on his desk by the end of the week. to clarify a widely
2:47 pm
contentious law on religious freedom. the governor signed the bill into law last week, but it is provoked a bash lash. critics say it discriminates against gays and lesbians by allowing business owners to discriminate against them. many have voiced their opposition to the law. much more still to come for you. the african legacy of former philippines president. we will have the latest on that and then in sport faking it. find out why the atlanta falcons are in trouble with the nfl.
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>> the top tourist destination. but the park is it's at least known attractions. they have been working here for almost zero years he tells me the story how they envisions shortly after a a 1/2ry trip in africa. in 1976, over 100 animals were shipped from kenya to evicting more than 200 families in the
2:50 pm
process. they were known to have stolen billions of dollars from government coffers. and this was to be the private zoo. he was eventually overthrown by a people power revolution. decades on, caretakers continue to work. often their salaries held for many months. no clinics and not a single working. >> almost 20 animals are killed here every year. and caretakers say they don't have enough park rangers to police the perimeters. >> still, they have stayed for decades all for their love of the animals. my team is to become -- a a 1/2ry park. although i can say that this
2:51 pm
is -- the only thing we can maintain through it's income the project. >> for many years it was closed off from the public. neglected by the national government. the things are starting to pick up again. around 70 visitors come here now almost every day. >> and there are talks of a new private investor that will help improve the facilities. they are happy. this may also mean the park will finally be known for it's unique attractions and not as a better reminder of the executive rule by the marxist. >> al jazeera island in western philippines. >> thank you very much. we are going to start with football and some very hard profile international matches on tuesday. all ford of kick off times
2:52 pm
struggling in euro qualifying. third in marry group also goalless where four time winner italy are playing england, they have all just kicked off about five minutes gone, so i am sure goals will arrive when they do, but later 2014 world cup runner will play ecuador both teams preparing of course for the copper america that gets underway in june. with the kick of the goal, it gives a new japan vote his second win, from tuesday in charge. now one of the men hoping to unseed the fifa president has been campaigning. the president of the uncan's
2:53 pm
football association. he is due to head to cairo next week for the confederation of africa football's general assembly meeting. africa a key battleground in the presidential race which contains 54 of the 209 member countries that will vote in the may 29th poll. one of three candidates that are challenging. >> defending champion is back on course in miami later as he replaced in the miami quarter finals. joke sitcoming off the back of this win. will be the world number one next component. he aims to win this title for a fifth time. >> elevated the intensity and starting to play more with depth, and he has a lot of variety. especially from the back inside he slices pretty well.
2:54 pm
so really good for the first 30 minutes and decided to play a little bit more, a little bit slower and he got into the match, and then -- got complicated my own life in the second set. but the end of the day, it is a win. >> venus williams is also back in action. after a win for the 30 forayer old she knocked off the former world number one in straight sets. a three time winner here to beat carlos swarez later on tuesday. defeated the 2006 champion in straight sets 6-2 6-3. next up for her williams goes to her third title third straight title the npa champions san antonio spurs couldn't close to a playoff
2:55 pm
berth. the heat trying to battle to secure one of the final eastern conference spots meanwhile eastern conference leaders the hawks are one win away from equaling their best ever regular season. they recorded their 56 victory against milwaukee bucks. in the third quarter. they sunk four straight jump shots in just 65 seconds. also top scores with 23 won this 1101-80. ahmed has been named in australia's test for the upcoming tours of the west indies. also in the 17 man party after more than 100 in australia's domestic league. the claimed asylum in 2010 and have since played in cricket, but has yet to make his full toast day. >> the five time world champions and represented already the wondered in t 20,
2:56 pm
the hopefully got the opportunity and i would love to play for my country and i can't wait to -- i am pretty hoping to represent my country as well. >> moon while the team australia beat on sunday, new zealand has returned home to a heros welcome that begins in may, the outfield her be playing for the birmingham bears the international commitment. one man who won't be in england's party is a veteran. >> to be here and be a part of it a big contributing factor,
2:57 pm
so somethingly always treasure. >> a sporting event. the experience hasn't been completely real, they have been using fake crowd noise at their home games. as punishment, the draft pick has been taken away and they have been fined $350,000. they have been piping noise to disrupt the opposition team. >> it's creative, i guess. >> i am here, andly be again for the 21 sport. >> thank you very much. remember you can find much more on everything on our website. the address to that. >> a full bulletin of news so do stick around. bye for you.
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>> al jazeera america international news. >> people here are worried that this already serious situation may escalate. >> shining a light on the untold stories. >> believe in yourself and you might get there. >> making the connections to the bigger picture. >> shouldn't you have been tougher? >> feeling the real impact. >> separatists took control a few days ago. >> get closer to every story. >> how easy is it for a fighter to get in?
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>> get the international news you need to know. al jazeera america. >> celebrations as mohammed is declared the winner. >> also coming up on the program, the military says it is targeted houthis vehicles. another attacks in yemen. >> with the deadline for agreement on the nuclear program just hours away, russia's foreign minister says the chances are good. and