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tv   The Stream  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2015 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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ur top story the election results in nigeria. securing a historic election victory the first time that power has been transferred democratically in nigeria. we are expecting to hear in the coming hours.
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andy sandler, he is he serve as as legal advisor to the industry. thank you for joining us. so alexis, folden parachutes
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are pretty common. lap. >> even ones that don't leave in the most flattering light. tell us what it is about these payments, that are most troubling to you. >> well, troubles me about these is it is basically like a bribe. so sheila bear is a long time government public servant, she was the chair of the s.c.i.c., and she said only in the wonderful land of washington would these look like anything other than a bribe and my concern is that when people leave a private sector job.
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>> it's not entirely clear what they are asking for be few underlying issue is important, and that is it is a good thing to have in government, people who are really knowledgeable about the industry. that's being religious freedomlated. and it isn't necessarily the case that this is bad motives to have people go, there are many different kind of payments. very often this is money that's already been earned by executives. which hasn't yet vested. and vetsing requirements are about preventing people from going to competitors, but it's a good thing i would submit for the country and for the
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industry in government making the rules. and it's not necessarily a bad then. you know the executive branch -- >> why are they fighting the transparency? if it isn't a bad thing if it is good for the public, food for main street, why not say who this money is going to and why? >> well, transparency is as a general mat ear good thing enwith it comes to government. i don't disagree with that. there are different situations here different circumstances and it's difficult to comment on the specific requests of specific banks. but overall transparency is a good thing. >> andy, our community doesn't some to agree, here are some voices henry says the consequences of this is what we see right now. lies on top of lies seems to the trend. used to control information and here is lola. a u.s.a. or multinational cops
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who have now love for the citizens. what is your response. >> it is more about transparency. he is currently the undersecretary -- he got 14 million-dollars from bank of america. who happened to be my alum. i took a big bay cut when i did it, i don't think we should have to pay someone $14 million to work in the private sector, it is something you should want to do on your own. the verb hurry right now he got $1.1 million been he left, and then antonio took to make the $21 million i mentioned for. i don't think we should be bribing people into public service, it should be it's own reward. it becomes this weird conflict of interest, who are you going to represent at the end of the day, and the other thing we only know about those people because they were high level senate confirmations. there are a whole bunch of executives that we don't know
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anything about the only people they are required to disclose c.o.o. c.f.o., and all the a.f.o. is trying to do is say we want to know about the rest of your executives. and if you have noble intentions tell us about it. speaking of the proposal, they are expected to rule on nit the next few months. historically, they tend to lean with corporations which way do you think this is going to do. >> i have no visibility, into the s.e.c. decision making process. >> 30 seconds left. >> i think to talk about these things there terms of bribery is not good for the public. for the most part, these are people who are going into government service for the reason of helping to improve things the idea that they have been planted is i think just not necessarily appropriate or accurate. >> have to stop you there. the other 98% and andy --
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when we return. taking creative resume writing to a whole new level new companies springing up online that pack up the lies on your resume. and then no qualms about it, saying it is a public service but what are the moral hazards. we will talk to a leader in the field about his craft.
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welcome pack. some people worker are reentering the work force or looking for a competitive edge, have found a new aid fake job reference companies. these outfits had your resumes by essentially lying for you. they fill in gaps in your work history with made up companies and they even serve as references. here to talk about is william schmidt the founder of the
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career excuse. and daniel little who is at the founder of the cubicle first william, you launched career excuse in 2009 after the great recession. as they were looking for work, and i found out efforts very food at it and it turns out six years later landing site president's job and i have companies throughout the world. >> how does your service work? i look at the job titling and i match them to specific companies. >> fake companies. >> and i have an answering 70, that will verify their employment, and i will provide them with professional reference providers who can give them outstanding
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references that will land them the job. >> who is soliciting you the most and why? is there one job field that dominates. >> i have seen that the financial and information technology fields are the highest in interest with careers. but it goes across the board for everybody do you consider your business ethical. >> i do, unless you are of course looking for job as pope, but employers are not looking for morality, what they are looking for is skill and skill sets that can meet the job responsibilities. i want to prescription you in because you ran the hr department for porch 500 company, do emmyiers not care about morality? >> absolutely they do. because especially in the financial industry where there's trust involved, money
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involved of course you have to hire trustworthy candidates so if the candidates if the employee. cos in the door lying then there are no trust. so i respect his business in the fact that there are a need for the business, i can see where people would want to utilize that, but the end game is an employee that is always looking over their shoulder whether they will be found out or not. and from an h.r. standpoint, that's not a type of employ yeah we would like to hire. >> hannah says some of the c.v.s i have seen are hilaire rouse. one girl said she was vault dig torian in kindergarten, amazing, and one guy said his skill was take out trash. this isn't funny. never do this as a human resources professional i'd warn everyone against it.
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strong reference checking is easy these days. a probation period plus employment being depend on background checks. what are legal recourses for employers when they end foo out you know what, these employees they are lying and using curier, can they prosecute them? well yes, absolutely each state has their own laws but when you are talking about maybe perhaps moving an employee, if the company has paid to move an employee and given them a bonus a lot of times it says if for any reason we have to terminate you before your 90 day period or whatever the probationary period is you have to pay us back the money. so i this i from the start people should be ethical people should tell the truth because with the internet, the internet works well for the good guys too and you can
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easily be found out. it isn't that hard to end foo out if you are giving fake reference ares. >> sounds like you go pretty deep. >> absolutely, and it has change add lot. >> what are some things you are doing to confuse or blur the lines? >> one thing to do is to add linked in at facebook, as much content into a website as possible, and i can also make my virtual companies for all intent and purposes real by registers them, i can even give them federal e.i.n. numbers and even use legitimate employment verification firms. >> incredible to me how forthright you are about this. like you are taking some pleasure in duping the system? >> syrian, because the system is totally flawed. if you look at how employers are looking to hire people, it is no different than looking
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for a date going to a dating site, and if anyone has use add dating site before you see you haven toes of questions you have to ask on both sides employer dating site they are looking for key words what do you end up with? anyone use those dating sites you be something totally the opposite of what you are looking for and your true love is sitting out there and you never got to see that as my job, get them in front of the people that matter. >> from another williams, being qualified to do the job isn't enough any more. having the right name, the right reverences and address is needed, this will be awesome, talks about career, at least one will get to know how it feels to be recommended. you mentions the h.r. process is flaws why? >> they are using the same systems the same technology as dating websites.
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and i think anyone who spent can see how flaws that system is, it is identical. >> william you are assuming these people are all qualified, what if they have nefarious intentions how are you screening these people? >> we do screen every applicant and we do not represent real companies there's guidance we follow. and i don't want to do anything i think would harm anyone in -- through using my services and i do disqualify a lot of people from using my services. >> what if somebody is applying for i.t. job that gives you access to personal information. >> when these people are looking for my services, they are not out to screw the employer, they want to get in front of the employer and have the interview with them, which they are not getting. and it is pause they are being disqualified because theirs are may doesn't match the keyrd workers. >> i would like to --
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>> when they are going in there, when they are making the actual interview with the hiring manager my references aren't going to hand them that job, it is up to them. >> they have to convention the hiring that they can do the job. >> i wanted to jump in by saying i am a parent too i work in h.r. but i am a parent too, do two wrongs make a right? absolutely not. if the h.r. industry flaws somewhat yes any industry there are best practices and things that can be approved on but when you start off a job in a career that you want to continue in the with dishonest information, i just don't see that being -- it could be a short term answer but for long company you want to go to company or company and move up the more you move up the more fact checking will take place. and you will find yourself being blackballed because you lies so no one will want to
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hire you. in order to build your resume you can do things like volunteer, put in time in your industry. no nonprofit organization is going to turn your away if you want to volunteer your services. as you build those it will be a reference for you later. >> if you discovered you passed over a legitimately qualified person, and hires a person who lied would you keep them. >> if he was doing the job satisfactory and meeting my needs as the employer, i would keep him. >> interesting conversation today. and daniel little founder of the cubicle when we return, silicon valley enos it has a diversity problem and la tina moms may be coming to the rescue. they are installing a new virtue within their kids, coding, we will tell you why next.
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welcome pack, a new generation of tech leaders is emerging from an unlikely group of coders. latin that girls. this comes at a time when latin thats make up only 3% of women in the work force. founder and c.e.o., that's an accelerator company that helps up and coming latina tech entrepreneurs grow their businesses. that is ask organization that teaching coding and other tech skills for after school programs and work shots. what are you doing that is
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making these job fielding appealing to latina girls. >> i think a big part of it is the fact that we not only have to change the culture but have to change the culture within the latina community. and none of those two things are going to happen on their own so i think it is important to say hay we are already in tech, and we want to make sure the numbers get better not worse, and more importantly when someone that looks like me shows up to a job interview, they get an opportunity to show their skill set. >> is. >> well, i think that if you don't have people who represent a majority of the population, and the user base actually making the product then you will have issues. i come from the a lean start up methodology that says the customer first, the customer first, so when i am now the average californian and my child is the average school child, and you will reform everything from education to
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healthcare, to sin tack, all these other places where my life intersects with these projects and programs, and you aren't asking me what i need that's a problem when you don't have someone on your team that looks like me and has my experience, you can't build something that i will use. tech companies won't make money if they don't reflect who we are they won't do well. >> so sylvia, i am sure a lot of reasons why there are low numbers of latina girls in tech, one of the realities is low high school graduation rates what is the early intervention. >> we really want them to get excited about technology. providing the tools to make fun hands on tech projects. >> how old are the girls in. >> we start them off in fifth grade, so they are ten.
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>> i am in the stem field, it is filled with men we goes. many women get sick of the environment and leave, and we asked this question, to increase help improve silicon valley and the national economy, ethnic diversity brings diverse perspectives and more fun during brainstorming, latina coder hates me, i hope not. the products would be inclusive representative more bodies example. can we have one women of color. and sevilla, i will photo you with, how would they help silicon valley and the economy? >> i really believe that the types of problems scientists and engineers decide to solve and for whom these things are designed for is largely based on who is running the show. so includes latinas allowed for our community to be represented and have a voice. so like you mentioned
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companies that value diversity, are mt. creative. they yield a larger profit and they have very varied perspectives that create a rich environment. and i am sorry yeah, design product and services that appeal to a diverse audience. >> you know, a lot of these kids are first generation k through 12, what are some of the challenges that you face in terms of overcoming maybe communicating the importance to parents? of these areas of tech. >> well, actually, i am going to push back a little bit there and say you know, we are the biggest consumers of tech. we are mobile natives in a family of four we'll have six devices, we love our gadgets when we are online, oon our phones we are on them for long sore the idea that somehow latinos are not tech savvy or
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we don't realize there's this opportunity is a false one. >> i am not sure i meant you aren't tech salvery, isn't there a component that getting in at the grass roots level is with the parents and encouraging them to understand it? i know one thing you do is go in and explain coding to parents. >> right i believe that it isn't digital device we do have the technology, but it is how we use it. and my mission is to speak to parents and approach them in a way that acknowledging their wants and needs. my job so the break down the first barrier, maybing the the english language. that break down how the code. and speak to them clearly and warmly. about the benefits of code for their child.
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and those benefits are practical, the jobs money but also very creative and enlightening and life enhancing. >> all right, thank you oour guests. and sevilla program coordinator. the final thoughts today about diversity, last may google the big kid released the minority composition of it's work force, the numbers were staggering but they weren't surprising. 30% women 2% black 3% hispanic. but it isn't only the big kid on the block spell a founding member of the valley 40 years ago has been coming clean. it's 2014 numbers aren't pretty, 24% women 4% black 8% hispanic. for comparison sake, the u.s. census bureau 2014 estimate of california's population, 50.3%
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women, six-point since% black 38.4% hispanic. spell is not sitting by, chip maker announce add $300 million initiative to diverse fighter it's work force a major investment indeed, but what is vehicling is that even by their own estimate, five years from now only 32% of it's work force will be women. intel's chief officeser in charge of the diversity program, we invited her to join us on the stream to talk about the challenges facing silicon valley and intel in more in their quest to become more representative as a whole we look forward to a positive, we will keep you posted that eel all for us we will see you online.
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