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tv   News  Al Jazeera  March 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ou so much for talking to al jazeera. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. [music] >> hello there this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. celebrations in nigeria as the country elects a new president. muhammad buhari has been elected president. another newsin other news,
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with the iranian talks deadline loomic russian foreign minister say it looks good. >> we'll have all your sports including news. big defense for european champions spain and all the goals from football internationals coming up later this news hour. >> hello there, thank you for joining us. nigeria has a new president. opposition candidate mohammed buhari has been declared the winner of the presidential election. he defeated the incumbent president good luck president goodluck jonathan. it marks the first time that a leader has been democratically
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voted out of power. >> i came to celebrate the victory of buh ri. i'm glad he has won the elections, that there will be no more insurgencies. there will be jobs available to us we'll stop taking drugs. i pray to almighty god that he will make nigeria better. >> this is the first time in nigeria that the sitting leader would be voted out of power using purely democratic means. >> well, outside of the headquarters of the apg in the capital abuja. when do we expect to hear from the president-elect? >> well, we expect to hear from the new president-elect
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barbara, in the next two or three hours. earlier we did get to speak directly to him. we asked what the plan was for the evening. what he said was that he was not ready to give interviews to the media. he wanted to allow the electorate commission to announce the totals for the presidential candidate in this race. he was preparing a victory speech. he was writing it, working on it with a team of colleagues from the now ruling party. there were thousands of people outside celebrating i think it will be two or three hours before we hear this victory speech that he intends to give,
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and maybe several days before we get a sense of how he'll tackle the many problems that have we deviled this nation. >> there have been fierce that this election could result with some violence but goodluck jonathan could he consider defeat? can we say now that violence has been put to rest? >> analysts say the whole notion that there was going to be violence if muhammadu buhari was declared president was nonsense. there was violence in the niger delta where the now president goodluck jonathan is from. there were questions of how they might react to announcement of a win by buhari, but that has not
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happened. as you were saying, barbara in the introduction, this is truly an unbelievably historic day in nigerian politics. the first time that one democratically elected leader has handed power over to another democratically elected leader. people cannot believe this has happened. that change is possible. if the nigerian decide they're not happy with the performance of their leaders they can change them through the ballot box freely peacefully and fairly. >> we're waiting to hear from the president-elect of nigeria in the coming hours. meanwhile, we have this report on the man who will be nigeria's next president. >> it's fourth timer lucky for
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muhammadu buhari. what do we know about the man. he has ruled nigeria before in 1948 but only for 20 months after taking part in a military coup. when he was in power he jailed journalists without charge and did not allow public demonstrations. his supporters say he has changed. >> he becomes president in the country's worse state of corruption. this is a change that people want to see. >> many are celebrating his victory. he was born here and he is a muslim. much of his support comes from the north. he is considered humble and highly disciplined. he introduced a policy of war
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against indies palestinian to bring back morality and could mean being late for work could mean performing frog jumps if you're a civil servant. there are hopes that he can deal with boko haram. he has personal experience with their violence. he narrowly escaped death after a suicide attack on his car. 42 people were killed, but boko haram won't be his only worry. >> the oil price drop has seen nigerian government lose 50% of its revenue this is year. while he has promised to deliver big spending in the public sector, he won't be able to deliver that. how he managed the electorate that key cuts will need to be remained will be a difficult place for him. >> buhari has promised to reduce
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unemployment increase education and public services. but his first challenge to reconcile a country. >> and we'll have more reaction and analysis on the elections a little later. it's also been a week since the nigerian military detained two al jazeera journalists in the north of the country. they were embedded with the military before they were detain detained last tuesday. they've been held in their hotel in maiduguri since then. al jazeera is demanding their release. >> talks on the future of iran's nuclear program will continue past the deadline of midnight tuesday. foreign ministers from six world powers are working towards a
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preliminary agreement to restrict iran's nuclear program. well simon mcgregor wood is in lausanne for us where those talks are taking place. it was always an arbitrary deadline of midnight, an hour from now but it has not always bode well that he would meet that deadline. do we have any idea of what is going on in these talks? >> well, we understand that the talks have reconvened. they broke for an hour and they are back in. as you alluded to earlier suggesting that there are difficult issues that remain unresolved, but the spin is that there has been enough progress to merit the talks breaking through. what was at one point in the lead up today an important deadline that has become a very flexible deadline as talks are
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likely to go in the early hours. there is some chatter according to unnamed diplomats suggesting that the iranians might have been told that they have to come up with a deal by dawn because foreign ministers from the p5+1 have other plans and will head out of town. is that a real threat or brinksmanship, it is not clear. what we do know is that talks are under way. not much public speaking from the participants today. there was an iranen prime minister who broke cover. he was immediately surrounded by reporters, and this is what he had to say about the talks. >> do we have a deal? >> there are issues at the moment which have not been resolved. we're concentrating on finding the britney the best solutions that are agreed by everyone.
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these efforts will continue until we have those solutions. we don't have the deadline 6:00, 7:00 9:00. for us the whole day can end with the next morning so we are sparing no efforts to find the best solutions. >> the general view is that their may still be differences of opinion for iranians on sanctions, how quickly they might be lifted, on the ability and lex ability of the iranian flexibility of the iranians to continue and what happens to their stock pile of enriched uranium. those are some of the contentious sticking points discussed behind me. given the difficulty of these
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issues, what we may get is not quite the full deal that was advertised, the full framework deal. it may fall short of that. some kind of statement suggesting that they have come to broad understandings on a number of issues, enough to keep the talks moving towards the next deadline, which is the end of june, june 30th. the key problem with that deal is will it be enough to show to members of congress. >> president obama needs some kind of deal to take to congress and show them that. >> simon mcgregor wood in lausanne, thank you. more on this list, let's pick up on what simon was saying. the pressure on president obama it's not just about negotiating with iranians but negotiating with congress.
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>> it brings a lot of pressure. this is not just for president obama only. what we have in lausanne are two parties listening to each other but their ice eyes are looking at home both for public opinion and congress. the iranian delegates are looking to see if this is all okay with ayatollah khomeini. if this is not okay with the outlines of ayatollah khomeini. which is there is no agreement if there are sanctions. in so many ways they are talking to each other but there is a bottom line that neither side will be able to give up, go home and feel safe at home. >> it was interesting just listening to that member of the iranian delegation who came out to speak with members of
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al jazeera they ultimately can't seem to find a compromise. is that really going to change in another day? >> i don't think he is correct in terms of what this all means for the p5+1, especially for the united states. because if this goes beyond tomorrow congress will convene and will slap the iranians with more sanctions. they're threatening to do that. democrats in congress have given president obama until tonight. worse comes to worse tomorrow morning because of the difference in hours. they could be working in lausanne while america is asleep. but at the end of the today the p5+1 have told the iranians tonight they need a decision in the next few hours. in so many ways the real countdown has started for a political document and outline of sort, even if they push some of the main subjects, issues
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that they don't agree to down the line to be discussed in the next three months. >> looking beyond just the nuclear program and what is happening in the region, in a sense the u.s. and iran never needed each other more thinking about the fight against isil, iraq, and syria. this is potentially the best possible time that they could have to come to some sort of agreement. >> there is no doubt to my mind from a rational perspective you know from a rational perspective is a win-win. but no deal is a lose-lose situation. but the iranians, i think need an agreement because that will allow them to lift the sanctions and grow their economy and become a true global power. but the united states need a deal because they need an iran that is not a nuclear state and
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not a nuclear power through diplomatic means. he could achieve the objectives without going to warlike his predecessors did and cost america a lot of money. >> we'll see the developments coming out of lausanne over the next few hours. marwan bisha ra, thank you. >> the center of tikrit to push out isil. the freeze against egypt which has been place since president morsecy was ousted from power. and in sports we'll have goals from around the world on a busy night of international football. >> saudi-led airstrikes targeting houthi rebels have continued in yemen.
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coalitions have continue in north of the city of aden. in a moment we'll have more on the deteriorating humanitarian situation in yemen. first, this report from al jazeera. >> hairairstrikes saudi officers say houthies loyal to deposed president ali abdullah saleh are trying to capture the sea port city of aden. forces loyal to president hayden play a crucial role in the intervention. they are the one who is provide intelligence on houthi fighters seen here trying to set up a checkpoint on the outskirts of aden. moments later the checkpoint is hit. armed vehicles tanks missiles launchers also strike. >> there is a houthi presence
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inside and around the city of aden. we have intensified our attacks north of aden. the fighters feel the heat, and wherever they go, they will target them. >> saudi arabia has said its military campaign will take some time accusing iran of helping the houthies to destabilize the region. >> iran has trained houthies. if they're currently present in yemen they will meet the same fate as the houthies. let me stress we will not allow anyone to provide assistance to the houthis through the air or the sea. >> the oil-rich kingdom is rallying international support. riyadh said that attacks will stop only if houthies pull out of the cities they control and recognize much hadi as a legitimate leader. >> we're not warmonger but when we beat the drums of war we are ready.
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>> for the time being airstrikes continue across yemen showing no signs of slowing down. there are no indications though, that the saudis will send troops into yemen in the near future. >> al jazeera has been told that a yacht belonging to yemen's ousted president ali abdullah saleh has been smuggled out of the country. this is believed to be the second yacht believed to belong to saleh to be smuggled out in the last two months. activists join us to discuss the situation in yemen. thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. i guess now it's just about a week or so, and we're really
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seeing the humanitarian toll mounting. >> today they're pretty much focusing on what is the end strategy of the saudi-led airstrikes, and for how long will that continue, and of course the effects on the people on the ground. we're talking today that the yemeni ministry of education has suspended school days for the kids and we're talking about 500,000 in the capital of sanaa. and 150,000 in aden will not go to school and thousands in other provinces. this is in terms of the educational side. they have also said that they're actually finding it hard because there is no medical supplies coming into the country and
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they have their needs of more health personnel to come to the country to assess the health needs of the humanitarian situation. there have been a number of casualties up north close to the border with saudi arabia. of course, there have been a number of civilian casualties because of the clashes between the houthi and saleh forces trying to enter the city. this will effect many more people as this situation is not seems to be ending any time soon. unfortunately we're seeing the humanitarian situation that escalates in time. >> we just had word from unicef that 62 children have been killed in yemen in the past week. when you have operations like this civilian casualties are
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often avoidable. is it working what they're doing? >> the saudi operation in general is slowing down mouth movements and stopping them from advancing. but it doesn't seem that it's working from stopping them completely into taking over new territories in the south. it seems that the strategy of the houthies is to gain physical control over the cities of aden to have a weapon on power and actually defeat the forces loyal to houthi and communities loyal to hadi. >> all right yemen is the poorest country in the arab world. the u.n. has had to pull out of yes member. who is there to help all of the civilians caught in the fight? >> right now there are a number of aid agencies including unicef and other aid agencies,
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and their presence in the country is quite important for the time being. from here i would say that the humanitarian situation will be worse if no real aid assessments is provided to the people, and since those agencies have already complained and saying that the country is blocked from the outside world and they cannot bring in no medical supplies or any help from the outside, i think this will cause the situation to become worse. and unfortunately as you just mentioned, barbara the people in every war will be effected. no matter how much we say the airstrikes are precise and accurate, in every operation civilians will be cause in the cross fire, and the humanitarian situation will increase. >> thank you so much for sharing your views with us.
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>> thank you very much. >> the iraqi prime minister says security forces have reached the center of tikrit in their push to retake the city from isil. this is the latest footage apparently from central tikrit where iraqi forces stormed a house being used as an isil hide out. they're also in control of the governor's headquarters and the main hospital. >> the security forces raise the iraqi flag over the building. the group planted bombs inside houses, government offices and destroyed all their installation installations. >> al jazeera has exclusive footage on idlib in northwest syria. locals game that the government carried out gas attacks just days after the city fell to opposition fighters.
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>> creaming for help after government airstrikes on central idlib. >> it is not the opposition. the opposition fighters came in and found my mother on the floor and helped her. it's the other side that bombed us. >> the become reduced some residential buildings to republicrubble. i don't know where my sister is, and there is broken glass everywhere. dozens have. killed. the target of the airstrikes was a hospital, and they say some of the strikes use what they call poison gas. they that i they've. treating people with breathing techniques. they have been aimed under
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different groups including th al nusra front. >> in the coming days we hope we can announce that people can return home once security is provided. >> but some residents say they're happy to see forces loyal to bashar al-assad. >> a turkish prosecutor taken hostage by armed men has died following a shoot out. turkish men stormed the building. a band much leftest group say they were behind the investigation. this were investigate the murder of a man who was hit during a
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rally two years ago. >> special forces storm sixth floor about where a prosecutor is being held at gunpoint by two men. the prosecutor was investigating the death of a 14-year-old boy back in the summer of 2013. the complaints of the gunman that was suspended licensable for the death of that boy brass the police have not held him to account. the focus of the police investigation will be on any lawyers helped those armed men get their weapons into this courthouse. >> still to come in this news hour. argentina grinds to a halt as workers walk off the job.
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inquiry into the death of dozens of striking miners in in 2012. what lessons will be learned. and one of football's biggest stars tries his hand at the basketball court. we'll tell you how it worked out just a lull bit later on the news hour. >> now available, the new al jazeea america mobile news app. get our exclusive
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>> every sunday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with
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people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america. >> now a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. there have been celebrations across nigeria after the country's main opposition candidate muhammadu buhari was declared the official winner. the in iran talks they said they have merit staying until wednesday. the saudi-air campaign continues for the sixth day.
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let's go back to our top story now. the nigerian election. we go to research associate at the african studies in the university of london. the good news that the democratic process so far has worked. we haven't seen any violence in nigeria, but looking at the man himself, muhammadu buhari. he has already been in charge of nigeria once. whats that changed in the last 30 years? >> what has changed this time is goodluck jonathan. he lost the last three elections, but the whole opposition decided to come together under buhari, and that's the game changer. >> it's not so much that he won but that goodluck jonathan lost.
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>> that's right. >> but everyone talked about how close the race was between the two men but i think there are two million votes difference. 2006 that's quite a sizable difference. why do you think they have it wrong? >> well, it was not very strategic. 69million people registered to vote. and we know that 60 million people did not register to vote at all. they were targeting both those who had registered to vote and those who did not register to vote. is that was very misleading. that why they could not figure out what the number was going to be. >> the president elect has got quite a lot on his plate. how do you think nigeria will
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change under buhari. >> he's very encouragible. we believe he's going to use his skill to deal with security, corruption, and the economy. if he sticks with that he's going to do it. >> very determined. and then buhari can decide what he's dealing with, security, and the economy. >> obviously, the fight against boko haram delayed this election over the last couple of weeks. how will they change the situation there. the problem has been pretty intractable so far.
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>> at some point there were suspicions but this is the opportunity for him to redeem his i think. >> in what way do you think that will help his fighting against boko haram. >> in the nick of time he has the advantage of neighbors wanting to help as well as the a.u. force that has yet to be deployed when the money is available. so in the long term he has the force to fight this that goodluck jonathan did not have in his time. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> the head of libya's tripoli based government has been sacked by his own minister. he was dismissed after being accused of misleading parliament about government finances. he was sacked following complaints by the central bank and other ministers but his
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dismissal should not impact u.n.-sponsored peace talks. delegates at a conference in kuwait have pledged $2 million to ease the crisis in syria. but the u.n. said it needs four times more to be able to help the hue humanitarian catastrophe. stephanie dekker has more. >> what this conference needs is that syrian's war is not near to being over. it calls for donors to dig deep. >> nearly half of the country's men, women and children have been forced to leave their homes. >> while money is being pledged what does it mean for those who need it? >> the u.s. used to provide $30
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a month for each family member. do you really think $1 a day is enough to a person to live on? we heard the u.n. would help with our rent. we never received it once. >> many donor countries do not come through on the money they promised in public. but the u.n. said it has received most of the funds. >> even though the donor money is coming in, it's not matching the pace of increasing needs. >> lebanon has 1.2 million registered syrian refugees. a quarter of this tiny country is made up of syrians that have lost just about everything. they may be alive but they will tell you there is no dignity in living like this. refugees must renew their registration every year. and it's a remind that are none
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of them will be going home any time soon. they need aid agency toss keep on giving or they won't be able to cope with their needs. >> everyone we spoke to tells us that they don't want to be here, but the situation is desperate. the donors in kuwait seem a long way from their reality. >> we have a crisis. let them solve the crisis in a positive, political way, and everyone can go back to their homes in syria. rather than pledging all this money, solve the crisis, and then the problem is solved. >> but a political solution is nowhere near, that means many will remain reliant on hands outs to survive. >> reports say that lufthansa knew six years ago that the co-pilot who crashed the plane
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into the mountain suffered. from his condition. it was designed to insure a standard of living for dairy farmers and as a fair price for consumers. now by lifting milk quotas, the e.u. hopes to cash in on the lucrative market, but some producers are not happy. >> recently it invested $7 million in this state of the art cloud. it sells milk that 600 dairy farmers produce. and it may not now cover their
5:40 pm
costs. >> production cost is higher because of cattle feed. here the animals are penned in and depend exclusively on the feed that the farmer feeds tem. >> it's expensive. they require a high-calorie diet. farmers rent fields to grow some of the feed itself, but now he'll lose $20,000 a year in e.u. subsidies. >> before the crisis we got $0.53 for a liter of milk. now the going rate is $0.43. >> greek dairy farmers are small scale. their market share is shrinking because many can't afford to stay in the business.
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now liberalization threatens to wipe them out. >> european will floods europe with cheaper milk. that could price greece out of the competitive market, but they could stand a chance in a cooperative market. they maximize returns to their members. the markets are local and loyal and might pay more for fresher quiter quality milk. that price difference could bridge the widening gap. while they cannot compete in europe, they may manage to hold it's own against the coming storms. >> peru's government has declared a state of emergency in three regions effected by heavy rains, landslides and floods. at least 28 people have been killed in the disaster. some 15 tons of aid has been dispatched to the effected area.
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pressureries weather forecast say they forecast the chance of el niƱo conditions in may that could trigger flooding in some parts of the world. argentina's powerful transportation union has kicked off a nationwide strike. the streets of the capital of buenos aires were largely empty during the rush our and many flights were canceled. lucia newman reports. >> here at the buenos aires airport, many domestic and international flights have been can he willed. unlike the general strike that was called in another this one has the support and, in fact, was organized by the country's all powerful transportation unions. that means that argentina is effectively paralyzed. no planes, no trains, no buses.
5:43 pm
unions also block the highway access to the capitol. they are demanding that the government increase the non-taxable salary limit but that is not all. >> this is against an economic reality in which workers buying power is reduced every day because of our high inplacing. more than of a of the workers make less than half of what they need to maintain a household says this union leader. this is the fourth national strike in as many years and the aim is to put the social agenda back on center stage. even though the suspicious death of prosecutor alberto nisman has distracted many, they deal with corruption crime double digit inflations. argentina's trade unions are among the world's most powerful
5:44 pm
as they've shown in the past, capable of forcing governments out of power. as these all important elections draw nearer, union leaders are tell us that this strike is just the beginning. president barack obama said that the u.s. will lift its hold on its delivery of fighter jets to egypt. obama said that he would continue to ask the u.s. congress for $1.3 billion in military aid for egypt each year. en inquiry into the deaths of 34 south african miners killed by police in 2012 has submitted it's findings to president jacob zuma. the police say they open fired on the miners in self defense. but lawyers representing the
5:45 pm
miners said that they posed no threat to the armed officers. >> in the week leading up to the shooting ten people had already been killed during the strike, including miners, security guards and two police officers. by the 16th of august hundreds of heavily armed police had been deployed. [ gunfire ] 34 mine workers were killed, and 70 others were injured. more than 15 witnesses testified, including miners and police and they wanted to know who ordered the shooting. some observers say what happened had been brewing for years. >> aftermay be feel that they
5:46 pm
have not yet reaped the benefits of democracy. >> south africa has more than 80 strikes each year. most are in the finishing sector. last year 06,000 miners stopped work for nine months. and each time they strike workers ask for the same things. >> the mining companies that extract are usually foreign owned and operated. they have called for labor laws to be changed but they want opposite things. >> when the people stood up, demanding what is due to them, the government showed its true colors and was willing to spill
5:47 pm
blood in defense of profits and privilege. >> south africa is suffering from an electricity crisis and they could tip the balances in investment of an order slow economy. the question is were any lessons learned be applied. the victims say they want those behind the killings to be held responsible so that nothing like that day can ever happen again. erica woods al jazeera, johannesburg, south africa. >> still to come, the african legacy of former philippines president marcos. and in sport the man who wants to unseed blatter as president, and those campaigning in one of blatter's strongholds.
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>> now you wouldn't normally expect to see a family of giraffes out for a stroll in the philippines. but there are a few on the island along with many other animals from africa. we have the story on how exactly they got there. >> it is dubbed africa in the philippines. this safari park is home to animals on 400,000-hectares of reserve. the park is it's least known attractions. they have been working here for almost 40 years.
5:50 pm
he tells me the story of how former president ferdinand marcos envisioned the park after a trip to africa. in 1976 over 100 animals were shipped from kenya evicting 200 families in the process. the marcos were known to have stolen billions of dollars from government coffers and this was to be his private zoo. he was eventually overthrown by a revolution. caretakers continue to work under limited conditions. often they're not paid for many months. there are no resident animals doctors and no clinics. poach something also a problem. at least 20 animals are killed here every year, and caretakers say they do not have enough park rangers to police the perimeters. still they have stayed for decades all for the love of the
5:51 pm
animals. >> my dream is to become a-- >> for many years it was closed off from the public. neglected by the national government. things are starting to pick up again. and there are talks of a new private investor that will help improve facilities. the team is happy. this may also mean that the park will finely be known for its unique attraction and not as a bitter reminder of the rule of the marcos.
5:52 pm
al jazeera western philippines. >> amazing story. okay well, let's get all the sports news how. >> well, we're going start with football and there were some very hard high profile matches on tuesday. there was the repeat of the 2010 world cup final with the netherlands hosting spain. not so many goals on this time around. the netherlands are third in the qualifying group. now the united states are one of the surprise teams of the last world cup qualifying out one of the toughest groups to reach the knock out stage. but jose altidore in good form.
5:53 pm
1-1 the final score. well, it was impressive kick have a look at this from middle fielder the samurai blue beat uzbekistan. >> a whole host of international friendlies and one euro qualifier. scoring the only goal for belgium as they beat israel. italy 1-1, against defend. and an incredible result
5:54 pm
portugal lost 0-2 to its former colony cape verde. due to head to cairo for the confederation of africa football general assembly meeting. africa is a key battleground for the fifa presidential race containing 54 of the 209 countries that will vote in the poll. he's one of 50 candidates in the challenging. >> i will obviously do my best in the future to help support africa. >> to cricket now named in australia's test score for the upcoming tours of the west
5:55 pm
indies, and england, also the 17-man party after averaging more than 100 in australia's domestic league. and sense played in limited internationals and will make his full test debut. >> hopefully it will be amazing. i would love to play for my country, and i can't wait. i'm hoping to be represent my country. >> meanwhile, the team australia beat in sunday's final new zealand returned to a hero's welcome. they play england in may. one man who won't be in the
5:56 pm
touring party is daniel vitori. he confirmed his retirement from cricket. he didn't win the world cup, it was a great way to end any way. >> i'm grateful with the amount of support i had particularly from brandon and the two mikes to be coming back from a number of injuries, to be here and be part of it, and to be a contributing factor. that's something that i'll always treasure. >> now garreth bale has taken part in the nba's half court challenge. you basically try to score by the halfway mark. while i don't think he has ever done that in a football match he managed to score not there but he managed to score three shots from five attempts. have a look. that was one of them.
5:57 pm
fans continued to give him a hard time. and he could join the spurs the san antonio spurs, of course. sometimes it's not just the action but the atmosphere that can make a sporting event. the nfl team has been using fake crowd noise at their home games. as punishment their 2016 draft pick has been taken away, and they've been fined $350,000. the nfl said that the falcons have been piping noise into the georgia dome in the last two years to disrupt opposition teams calling plays in the huddle. >> that's all your sport for now. >> fake crowd noise. i never heard of that. and that is it for this news hour. lots more, of course, on our website. our address well stay with us. we'll have more news for you in just a few minutes. i hope you'll join us then. bye bye.
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>> is in nigeria the opposition challenger muhammadu buhari has been declared the winner of the presidential election. >> hello there you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in the next 30 minutes. talks of iran's nuclear program will continue past the deadline of midnight. but officials say they must conclude by dawn. the saudi military continues it's offensive against the houthies in yemen but civilian