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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 1, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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a checkpoint on the outdisirts of aden moments later it is hit. armed vehicles missile launchers are struck. >> there's a houthi presence inside and around the city of aden. we have intensified attacks. fighters feel the heat and wherever they go they'll tart them. they are desperate to get into the cities to take over. accusing houthis to destabilize the region. >> translation: iran and hezbollah trained the houthis, they'll meet the same fate as the houthis if they come into yemen. we will not allow anyone to provide support to the houthis. riyadh says attacks will stop only if the houthis pull out
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from the cities they control, and recognise hard abd-rabbu mansour hadi as a legitimate leader. we are not warmongers. when we beat the drums of war we are ready. for the time being, air strikes continue across yemen, showing no signs. there are no indications that the saudis will send troops into yemen in the near future. talks on iran's nuclear future have resumed in switzerland, after a self-imposed deadline expires on tuesday. crossing over diplomatic editor james bays - joining us from lausanne, where the talks take place. they continue to take place. how much progress has been made towards a framework and an announcement certainly delegations tell
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us progress is made fresh progress. they were meeting until the early hours, foreign ministers meeting. they had a little sleep, and are back up and about again having discussions and meetings. we believe a meeting of the p5+1 countries - that's the five permanent members of the security council plus germany - is taking place soon and iran will come back for another meeting with the p5+1. i think it's worth stressing that the country that really wants this more than anyone else is the u.s. they need something to take to congress because they want to try and stop any fresh sanctions. an indication of how much the u.s. administration needs and wants this deal is the fact that there was a video late at night from here in lausanne where the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is back to the situation room in the white house. they had a secure link and on
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that conference call at the washington end there were 20 participants including the president and vice president. >> what have been the issues or the main sticking points that held up the announcement-offered deal? >> well i think we know the broad areas that are the sticking points in this. really they have not changed. in all the time they've been here in lausanne and they've been here now for seven days in this session, and last week for six days. there are issues like iran's future research and development, the timeline of a deal and how sanctions would be lifted. one senior iranian negotiator told us the main issue regarding sanctions have been solved but there are other sanctions-related issues it's clear the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov said there was broad agreement. i don't think we are there yet.
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remember they bust their own deadline of the end of the month, so there isn't really a deadline to cross the lines. coming up on the programme... ..arrests in turkey after a prosecutor is killed during an armed siege. plus what the u.s. is proposing from its end from a climate change deal this year. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else. >> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". only on al jazeera america.
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>> next on al jazeera america. technology, it's a vital part of who we are. >> they had some dynamic fire behavior. >> and what we do. >> don't try this at home. >> techknow. where technology meets humanity. coming up next. only on al jazeera america. hello again, the top stories
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on al jazeera. nigerian opposition leader and former military ruler muhammadu buhari defeated the incumbent president goodluck jonathan. muhammadu buhari received 54% of 28 million valid ballots cast. goodluck jonathan a little under 45%. talks on iran's nuclear future resumed in switzerland. they are making progress but some key issues need to be resolved. 23 people have been killed in yemen after an air strike hit a dairy factor. this video said to show the aftermath. a week-long air offensive is said to tart houthi -- target houthi rebels who ousted the captain. >> there's no let up of refugees streaming out of yemen. the waters between the two countries is less than 40km wide at the nearest point. 50 refugees have been granted
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asylum. and mohammed adow reports. >> reporter: at a port town boats have arrived. women, children and men from yemen ashed. fleeing the conflict in their country. they are exhausted. they have been at sea in their old and rickety boat for five hours navigating through yemen to djibouti. this man fled with his wife and five children. >> translation: we never wanted to leave. we were forced to leave by the houthis, who came to the town laying siege to it. we couldn't go fishing. most businesses are closed. we couldn't go anywhere to buy food. >> they offer food and medical help before taking them to the camp. they joined dozens of their country men who arrived in the past few days. they'll be taken to a more
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permanent refugee champ. >> we are prepared to host up to 5,000 refugees. for months we have been preparing for the arrival of yemeni refugees there's a subdivision of work and we are ready. >> reporter: it's not just yemeni refugees who are arrive at this port. hundreds of ethiopian migrants who went across the gulf of aden in search of a better life are fleeing back. the international organization of mying raying is setting -- migration is setting up an example. the migrants come back weak and dehydrated especially when they take the boat back to djibouti. it is a desert. they can get lost. we offer the medical and psych logical help as soon as they arrive. >> those returning to yemen, as they are bussed home groups of
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refugees arrive from ethiopia. they are eager to reach yemen. they are oblivious to the dangers that lie ahead. palestine becomes a member of the international criminal court on wednesday. so what does this palestinian membership means? >> it gives the ability to launch cases. one case will deal with israel's settlement construction which is illegal. the other will involve actions during the conflict in gaza. membership opens to palestinian authority members for charges over palestinian actions during the gaza war with israel. crossing over and speaking is the senior palestinian official. thank you for being with us. i'll ask you about what specific
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cases you might lodge at the i.c.c. and i'll ask you that in a moment. can you tell us about the reports that the palestinians won't be taking steps against israel at this time or immediately after israel released some of your tax revenue money that had been frozen. can you comment on that? >> this is not related, the two issues. israelis committed highway robbery when they took our money, besides taking our water and land and everything else. we will not submit to blackmail and delay our going to court for any reason part of this israeli blackmail. we are going to the hague to officiate our membership in the international criminal court.
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but within a short time we'll be ready with a dossier to ask for court action on two issues. one is the settlement issue, and the changes of the democracy of our country, and secondly the crimes committed by israel and its leaders in gaza. these dossiers are being prepared and when they will be ready, and it won't take a long time, we'll go there. whether israel returns the money or not. all the international pressure so that israel returns the money. this is not related in any way to our going to the international criminal court as you know cases at the international criminal court could, in fact take years. and israel in fact as a np member of the i.c.c. -- nonmember of the i.c.c. is not obligated to cooperate with the
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i.c.c. how does it work. does that concern you? >> israel does not have to collaborate, actually. there'll be subpoenas for the israeli - the accused israeli leaders circulated all over the world in every country that signed their open convention. it will be difficult for the leaders to go anywhere in europe for example, when all the countries of europe signed the rome convention. israel can do what it wants. it will be facing international justice for the first time. >> i.c.c. is somewhat of a double-edged sword for the palestinians, and they can be vetted for war crimes. is that a concern? >> it is not a concern. the israelis have been going to american courts for three years
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asking for 3.6 billion for compensation and whatever for israelis that were hurt in the period - civilians hurt in the period 2000 to 2004 in the second. >> ntafada. and they have been pursuing the palestinian authority. the courts in washington ruled on jurisdiction ruled this out, but a court in new york fined us $600 million. the israelis are doing us etch and we are ready to fight that in america. we'll go to the appeals court. they cannot go to the international court. they are not members of the international court, we tare them to become members. >> thank you for joining us. >> you're welcome turkish authorities arrested 19 people in the southern city a day after a hostage siege in
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istanbul. a prosecutor died after a shoot-out between police and two hostage takers. mehmet selim kiraz was investigating the death of a teenager killed after being hit by a tear gas cannister. >> reporter: gunfire in a 6th floor office in istanbul's main court. police special forces stormed the room where a prosecutor was held at gup point by two -- gunpoint by two armed men from a banned marxist group. the gunmen were killed, the prosecutor critically injured, was rushed to hospital. the doctors unable to save him. >> translation: we as a state do not see the attack as only targetting the prosecutor. at the same time it was aimed at turkish justice, democracy and the citizens of turkey. >> the prosecutor has been
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investigating the death of a teenager hit by a tear gas cannister during the ghetty park protests. the parents say the investigation into his death has been too slow. the hostage takers wanted the prosecutors to reveal the names of police officers suspected of firing the tear gas. >> reporter: we learnt the action was nection to the berkin elvan investigation. berkin elvan is our son, our brother, his death saddening all of us. >> central into the investigation into how this unfolded is how they were able to get their weapons in the courthouse. al jazeera has been told that everybody going into the court is searched except the lawyers. >> berkin elvan's parent called on the gunmen not to kill the prosecutor. blood cannot be washed away with blood, they said. in argentina, what began as
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a transportation strike has grown into a nation-wide protest. workers led by transit unions launched a 24 hour strike on tuesday bringing much of the city to a halt. flights cancelled. buses grouped and train services suspended. >> reporter: here at the buenos aires city international flights have been cancel as in the rest of the country until the 24 hour general strike ends. unlike the last strike in november this one has the pore and, in fact was organised by a powerful transportation unions. that means that argentina is effectively paralyzed. no planes trains buses. unions blocked the highway access to the capital. they are demanding that the government increase the nontaxable salary element. but that is not all.
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>> translation: this is against an economic reality in which workers buying power is reduced every day. half of the workers make less than half of what they need to maintain the household. >> reporter: this is the fourth national strike in as many years. the aim is to put the social agenda back on center stage. the suspicious death of the prosecutor dominated people it put the presidential elections through six months. trade unions sending the message that rising prices corruption crime and double diged inflation. the second highest are the real problems. >> argentina's trade unions are among the most powerful. they are capable of forcing governments out of power. and as these all-important elections draw nearer union leaders tell us that the strike is just the beginning india announced a pension programme to help poor and low
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income earners. the social security initiative could cover hundreds of millions of people. we have this report. >> gory started working to support her family but never gave thought to how she would support herself during retirement. >> i didn't have savings, or know what a pension was until i started working here. gory's case is unusual. she was able to invest in a private pension fund with the help of her employer. for hundreds of millions of others in the low-paying job sector. financial security and retirement is not possible. many low income workers rely on children and family to launch an initiative for the workers. it's not the first. previous governments tried to create similar programmes. the cost of running it could affect the national budget.
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>> others argue the large costs would cut long-term benefits. >> it would keep the people who are participating in the scheme aboveboard. it will make sure that the children will not need to support parents when the parents are involved. the children will then devote 100% of income in supporting themselves and their children. >> nonprofit groups started provide pension funds for low income earners. while welcoming the programme some warn the government not to take a one size fits all approach when it comes to workers. >> all of them maintained income. so say a farmer earns his money, domestic help gets good money, today he's working for you, tomorrow one else. >> gory says adult children have started contributing to her private pension and plan to start their own.
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