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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 2, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> this is a moment for everyone throughout the country to be vigilant as we confront and defeat our enemies. >> kenya's president vow to say step up security after a deadly siege at a university where students are still held hostage. >> you're watching al jazeera live from our headquarters in doha. also ahead heavy fighting in yemen's aden as houthi fighters try to take control of it. >> isil fighters are pushed back
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from yarmouk refugee camp near syria's capitol. plus: >> i'm in buenos aires where argentina marks another anniversary of the war in mitch 900 he people on both sides were killed. >> al shabab are holding hostages in kenya at a university. one gunman was arrested as he tried to flee the campus. sources of told al jazeera that 15 are dead and almost 70 others injured. we have the latest. >> al shabab attacked the college cam pugs at dawn when
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most students were asleep. witnesses say there was panic and confusion among students. >> we heard gunshots when we were sleeping around five. they started jumping up and down running for their lives. unfortunately where they were going to is where the gunshots were coming to. >> we were not even given time to know what is happening. >> al shabab said its holding students hostage. kenya's military has been deployed to garissa. it is close to the border with somalia. all residents who are around told me that the place looked like a war zone. >> al shabab has carried out numerous attacks across kenya. in september 2013, al shabab stormed the shopping mall in
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nairobi and. they opened fire in a hotel bar as people watched the world cup on television. in november, gunmen attacked a bus near the somali border. 28 died. there have been numerous other attacks in kenya's president kenyatta said his country is fighting what he calls a war on terrorism. >> on my own behalf and behalf of my government, i extend condolences to the families of those who have perished in the attack. we continue to pray for the quick recovery of the injured and the safe rescue of those still held hostage. >> in february, teachers from garissa took part in protests in the capitol nairobi calling for the government to deploy more sell injuries and police to areas where attacks are frequent. >> this latest incident may cause more to lose faith in the
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government and how its handle the security situation. al jazeera. >> the saudi-led coalitions campaign to stop houthi rebels from taking control of yemen has entered its second week. on the ground, rebels continue to battle forces loyal to penalty adou rabbo mansour hadi. the president has been in saudi arabia since the coalition campaign began. there are reports that troops were seen getting off ships at a port in aden, but yemeni officials say those guards are part of a security detail and not ground forces. early thursday, al-qaeda fighters stormed a prison in the east and freed hundreds, including one of their leaders. saudi arabia reports the first casualty saying one border guard soldier was killed by gunfire from across the border with yemen. ten other soldiers were injured. the war has led to lockdown in
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yemen's capitol sanna. people have left or are staying at home. just a few businesses remain open. >> a food store that's open for business in sanna has become a rare sight in a city under bombardment. the war in yemen has not only forced people to flee homes in search of a safe haven, but made many businesses shut their doors as within already battered economy is further devastated. >> there are few people left. those who stayed live alone without their families, so hardly anyone comes to buy anything anymore. >> what makes things more difficult is that his shop is not far from the airport and a military air base, prime targets in saudi-led airstrikes against houthi fighters who currently control the capitol. >> in yemen, almost 1 million children under the age of five
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are malnourished and the world food program say 13 million yemenis depend on polluted or dirty water for drinking. >> there's no doubt this war gravely affected yemenese, even though food and other products are available, the average yemeni can no longer afford such things. many families are now displaced. it's making poverty and unemployment rise drastically. >> back at his store, he finally has a customer. all he buys is a bottle of water. >> now i'm lucky if i make $20 a day. how can i pay my bills? if the situation stays like this, i'll be out of business within days. >> as the war rages on, for the ordinary citizen, every day is a battle for survival. al jazeera. >> the u.n.'s palestinian refugee relief agency demands an immediate end to the fighting in the yarmouk camp in syria. islamic state of iraq and the levant took control of its western part.
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anti government parters defended yarmouk, which is home to thousands of people. >> smoke rises from what is said to be yarmouk refugee camp in southern damascus. these living nearby listen anxiously to the sounds of gunfire. activists say isil stormed the western part of the camp tuesday, fighting with anti-government palestinian militias. it was the last thing the desperate people of yarmouk needled. >> since early afternoon there were fierce clashes in the vicinity of the 18,000 civilians who were there. now remember, amongst those are 3,500 children, and their lives are in danger. >> the palestinian refugee camp has been under siege since 2013, with tiny amounts of aid getting through. human rights groups say women are dying in childbirth and children of starvation.
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isil has fault the free syrian army around the camp before but pushed out. activists are concerned even though isil has left the camp, it's fighters are bound to return in a bid to enter the center of damascus. >> they are now in camps besieged by the fighters and other syrian opposition fighter like the free syrian army and others. the area's like east of yarmouk and south of yarmouk. >> across the country the syrian government is continuing its aerial bombardment. this was the scene in newly rebel-held city of iblib. activists say the regime is still using chlorine gas a claim damascus denies. the u.n. says more than 220,000
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people have been killed in the conflict so far, and the most vulnerable are often the victims. al jazeera. >> syrian rebel fighters now control most of the countries border with jordan. they have pushed government troops out of the crossing as syrian air force planes of raided the area in retaliation. we report from amman. >> syria's last official border crossing with jordan is now in the hands of rebel fighters. syrian rebels from several battalions of the free syrian army united to push government troops out of the crossing. fighting broke out three days ago and by thursday morning the rebels had taken over the entire syrian side of the crossing. >> with god's help, we have lib rated the border crossing in the kingdom. they have cleansed this crossing from the if it of bashar al
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assad's regime. >> they believe removing troops from the crossing could lead to their removal from other parts of the area. >> after seizing the crossing, rebels will seize nearby villages, which lice on the highway to damascus. this would cut off the army from military supplies. it means areas under army's control will be under complete siege. >> on wednesday jordan announced the temporary closure of the crossing from its side due to the crossle. this is the only functioning crossing between jordan and syria and considered a crucial gate way for syrian and lebanese traders. keeping it closed could mean huge economic losses for both countries. jordan trains and cooperates with what its describes as moderate rebels, in turn they make sure groups like al-nusra and islamic state of iraq and the levant are kept away,
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because jordan considers them a threat. that's how the kingdom has kept its borders safe and stable. despite good relations with some syrian rebels along the border, it had previously said it will not operate a border crossing with an unofficial party. this could change. analysts say the government may reopen the crossing now run by rebels for trade purposes, but will not necessarily be comfortable doing so. al jazeera amman. >> iran's foreign minister says significant progress has been made over nuclear talks in switzerland. marathon meeting are continuing two days past their deadlines. let's get the latest from our diplomatic editor, james bays in lausanne switzerland where those talks are taking place. james, any news at all? >> well, there certainly are as you say marathon talks. they went right through the night, john kerry and the
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iranian foreign minister actually eight and a half hours a series of their meetings went on for ending just before 6:00 a.m. they had just a brief break then and were back around the table talking. i have to say different information coming from different delegations some more upbeat than others. certainly the iranians saying that they hope to be able to go back to tehran in the coming hours. they'll be on friday in tehran, and that something will have been achieved here. the big question is what that something will be. the obama administration said they are going to get a framework agreement out of this. what are they going to end up with? i asked iran's foreign minister. >> just a statement or an agreement? >> no, the agreement is supposed to come on june 30 if we are all working well, and very lucky, so what we expect today
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is a statement and the fact that we have all reached common understanding on how to resolve the issues. the agreement a written agreement needs to be drafted and agreed upon in a multi-lateral process and that would take hopefully three months to finalize and hopefully less. >> the iranian foreign minister sounds like he's preparing us to no framework agreement when he says there is going to be an agreement, a statement but really no framework agreement it seems. >> that is the problem. it was always the u.s. that wanted this particular deadline, the one that passed two days ago,ed end of march. the reason they wanted that is
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they wanted to stop congress coming up with new sanctions. they wanted to say look, this is the progress we've made, these are the concrete things that we'd achieved. that's the test, really. whatever they come up with, will it have concrete details in it, because the obama administration will want to show those to congress. congress comes back from recess on the 14th of april. there's the fear that if they were to introduce sanctions it could destroy this whole pros that's been going on for so long. >> james bays is our diplomatic editor reporting live from lausanne in switzerland. >> still ahead calls for changes in afghanistan after the killing of a woman.
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>> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile planet
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>> al shabab is holding students hostage in the university northeast in kenya. gunmen from the armed group stormed the camp in garissa before dawn. some students have been freed. sources told al jazeera that 15 are dead and almost 70 others injured. >> the associated press is reporting that houthi rebels captured the yemeni presidential palace in aden. president hadi has been in saudi arabia since the air assaults began last week. saudi arabia is reporting its first casualties. a border guard was killed and 10 others injured by gunfire from across the border. >> iran's foreign minister told
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al jazeera he and six word powers are very close to reaching a nuclear deal in switzerland. he said the joint draft statement sometime needs to be written after a marathon overnight session. >> returning notch to the situation in yemen joining us now is muhammed kabati, advisor to the past three yemeni ministers. let's start with the latest news we're hearing from the associated press that houthi rebels have captured the presidential palace in aden. tell us about the significance of aden, because the fighting has been quite fierce there in the last couple of days. >> the fighting is mostly centered around the oldest part of the city of aden. actually the fighting is actually not to the real presidential palace, but where the president used when he came down last time to stay. the presidential palace is on the other side, so i think they
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have been after this just for its symbolic meaning just to say we are now controlling even where and to drive a message that they have even driven the president, that was the original plan they wanted to sort of reach that point whereby they could give it to the iranians and say we even have aden in our hands. we're in touch with people there and there is fear fighting still outside far away. the problem is that the area around where the presidential residence isis mostly -- but it has been obvious that these people have managed to get into the hills and mountain, so under their control. >> the airstrikes are not going to be sufficient to drive out the houthi fighters from what you're saying, because this is such a difficult area. is it going to be -- are they
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going to have to eventually accept this idea that ground troops the saudi-led coalition of course, that ground troops are necessary. >> aden is a peninsula. these people have trapped themselves. the exit from that area only is along two main roads and it is where the peninsula is connected. effectively, they are holding the citizens under this situation, as if they are saying if you get at us, we are going to get the civilians. the threat is now and they are actually bombarding the civilians under these mountainsen aden and we hear casualties the medical supplies and so on. actually they're trying to trip the arm of any person who is trying. effectively, these people now are under complete siege. they can't go back. it should be a fight until the end. >> you think aden will be the final battle, if you will. if they lose aden, if they are
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not able, this is their prize if they are not able to hold on to aden, the houthis, will this be the end of it? >> no, because aden is the airport. the airport is under the legitimate forces and also the sea party is under legitimate forces. they are trying to get symbolic areas just for the sake of saying well, we have got this, the presidential palace is in our hands now but effectively aden cannot, it is still resisting and it is not in their hands at all. >> thank you very much on the situation there in yemen for us. >> egypt gunman killed 15 and injured dozens during multiple attacks in the sinai peninsula. they may have taken host ones. the region has seen an increase of violence since the overthrow of former president mohamed morsi in 2013. >> turkish police arrested
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people suspected to have links to a group a prosecutor was killed when police tried to rescue him from gunmen. gunmen tried to storm the police headquarters in istanbul on wednesday. >> an israeli soldier has been wounded at a checkpoint at a palestinian city in the occupied west bang. the stabbing happened at the checkpoint. we have the latest from jerusalem. >> what we know after speaking with the israel military, according to them, a palestinian man along with five others tried to penetrate in their words the separation wall, an israeli platoon or group of soldiers happened on them during what was described as a routine patrol. that's when the altercation occurred. as we know, an israel soldier was lightly wounded in this altercation. the palestinian man who
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allegedly attacked the soldier has been taken into custody for interrogation, as well as the five other men who are with him. >> at least 17 people are dead and 36 others injured after an explosion at a protest in east he were afghanistan. the bombing happened outside the acting governor's home in the city. a local member of the country's parliament was among those wounded. the taliban has denied responsibility for the blast. >> meanwhile the murder of a woman by a mob in afghanistan has sparked calls for police to be better trained and women to be better treated. the shocking foot only of her being beaten drove people around the world to hold rallies in her honor. we have a report on the certainly for justice. you may find some of of the images in her report disturbing.
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>> the last half hour of her life must have been terrifying. surrounded by an angry crowd calling for her blood, and that's what they got. long live islam they shout as they beat her with sticks and stones, jumping on her body. hundreds cheered her killing many filming it on their mobile phones where we got this footage. >> even in death, they couldn't let her rest, burning her remains. she was accused of burning the koran. she was innocent and the backlash was immediate. at her funeral, women activists carried her coffin, breaking with afghan tradition, and thousands demonstrated, not just in kabul, but in germany, london and new york, all demanding justice. that's what her family wants too. her mother said she made sure all eight of her daughters were educated, so they could contribute to society. >> the government should be held accountable for every drop of her blood. she's not just my daughter. she's the daughter of the nation.
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>> her brother says the police on the scene should have saved her. instead, the police chief initially told the media she had mental problems, and encouraged her parents to lie. >> he told us we should say the same thing, that if we didn't, angry people would burn the whole city, that we had to calm people down. >> she was killed in this busy part of kabul in broad daylight. >> there's a new sign here now naming her for the street. her mother said the killing isn't a reflection of the whole nation, but the fault of a few bad people. >> a few hundred meters away the spot where her body was burned has become a shrine and those praying here say those responsible should be punished. >> it was a shameful act for our nation and people. it is a shame for those in power right now. >> the presidential commission appointed to investigate the
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killing officially found her innocent. it said the killers were illiterate and the police failed to do their duty. >> how poor the security system to protect women in afghanistan is, because when you talk to the police officers, some of them will actually think mentally that it was her right to be killed. that's why they didn't act quickly. >> 27 people are in custody, including 16 afghan policemen. ten or 11 are still at large and charges are expected to be filed soon. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. >> in france, the second black box from the crashed germanwings plane has been found. authorities hope to discover exactly what happened to the flight. a cockpit voice recorder found earlier suggest would the company pilot deliberately downed the plane. german investigators found evidence that he researched suicide methods, as well as cockpit door security. 150 people were killed in the crash.
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>> a russian trawler has sunk, killing at least 54 people. more than 100 were aboard the ship when it sank off the coast. search teams were working in freezing water to rescue survivors. >> argentina is marking the 33rd anniversary of its cop applicant with britain over what it calls the malvinas islands and britain calls the falklands. we have a report from buenos aires. >> the malvinas belong to argentina is a phrase often heard hear here. this museum is dedicated to the
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case for soveirnity. >> this is not a war museum. it's a peace museum we are trying to fill with symbols of justice. the occupation continues, set by the politics of colonialism. russian armaments have been bought, including long-range fighter jets. argentina said it was not a threat toe peace and sent a strong letter of complaint to the united nations and others of american states about what it calls british warmongering. a remote archipelago in the south atlantic ocean. 649 died in the 1982 conflict. 33 years after that conflict the theme remains high in the public consciousness. these are veterans of that conflict, visiting the museum on their way from their homes in the north to a ceremony in the far south closer to the disputed islands.
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>> our fight continues to be important through our words, our testimonies. >> i still hope to one day set foot on what should be our territory and that our comrades who died defending our land can rest in peace. >> argentina under the command of a brutal military government invaded islands on april 2 1982. britain which had governed them since 1833 sent a task force to reclaim what they call the falklands. there followed a short, fierce conflict in which a total of more than 900 combatants were killed. despite that defeat, argentina continues a peaceful claim to the islands, using diplomatic pressure to urge britain to negotiate over sovereignty.
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earlier this year, it issued this note, reasserting its argument. meanwhile, britain says that while the islanders want to remain under their authority there is nothing to discuss. the long standoff continues. al jazeera, buenos aires. >> you can keep up to date with all the news on our website is the address. >> breaking news from kenya, al shabab gunmen are holding hundreds of hostages after attacking a college. backtracking on religious freedom laws, leaders in indiana cave to public pressure and roll out choice. >> new jersey senator heads to court to face charges of corruption.