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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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>> it's too much... >> ..and triumph... inspirational real life stories >> all these labels the world throws at you, that's what drives me hat drives me >> celebrations in iran after world powers reach a breakthrough deal on tehran's nuclear programme. israel warns that the agreement threatens its existence. hello. this is al jazeera live from doha. i'm eoin finn. -- adrian fin gan. also on the program - the u.n. calls for swift justice for those behind an al-shabab attack in kenya killing 147 people
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china's energy chief charged with corruption and we go along for a ride in what is called the vehicle of the future. >> u.s. president obama said an agreement restricting the nuclear programme will make the world safer. the foreign minister is in tehran and says it's a win/win for all sides. this is what president obama had to say. the international community agreed to provide iran with relieve from sanctions. our own actions and sanctions imposed by the united nations security council. this relief will be faced as rain takes steps to adhere to the deal israel's prime minister says the agreement threatens his country's survival and is set to
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convene his ministers to discuss the deal. we have this report from lausanne. >> after around the clock make tore break negotiations these leaders celebrate what they hope is a historic moment. the e.u. high representative made the announcement with the foreign minister details of how iran's nuclear programme will be restrict in phases over a 25 year period. the centrifuges cut from 19,000 to 6,000, and limited to 1 facility. >> iran's enrichment cappisty level and stockpile will be limited for specific durations. and there'll be no other enrichment facility. >> and this the fate of the once secret bunker built inside a mountain. >> fodo will be converted from an enrichment site into a nuclear physics center.
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>> does this counter the framework agreement that the white house countered by the end of march. the whois insists none of it was binding. >> he added this... >> we didn't put all of this time and energy and many sleepless nights to write a piece of paper hopefully by june 30th that we are going just look for an excuse to violate it. >> the u.s. secretary of state spent more time on this than any other issue. john kerry says the negotiation process can already be judged. >> it is important to note that iran to date has honoured all the commitments that it made under the joint plan of action that we agreed to in 2013. and i ask you to think about that against the backdrop of those who predicted that it
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would fail and not get the job done nuclear talks will continue with tough bargaining between now and the final deadline at the end of june. this is an important milestone, and not just on the nuclear issue. iran and western leaders may just be beginning to build a new relationship after 36 years of mistrust and hospitalility. >> let's get reaction though this from a commentator for tehran international, a state-run newspaper. he is live from tehran. foreign minister zarif called it a win, win. not everyone is happy with it. despite the celebrations. >> well we shount blame the hard liners they didn't have -- shouldn't blame the hardliners they didn't have a say, they did not call the shots or sign the
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deal. they are not happy. we shouldn't be surprised if they play games and come up with last-minute excuses. the devil is in the detail. at the end of the day this is what the nation wants. this is what the leader asks the negotiation team to do. we are more than happy to see a breakthrough. we owe the success to the international security. we give a chance to sort out the situation with the west diplomatically. we have a long way ahead of us. we need to prove with actions that they are serious, that they don't have anything from a nuclear programme, except for peaceful applications like producing drugs and stuff like that. this is just the beginning. those not happy, the hard liners in iran they should cabinet along with this. this is what the leader said. they were happy - everybody
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should support them. >> everywhere will support them. >> will the hardliners try to scuffle the deal before the june 30th deadline. >> yes, we have the parliament. it has the majority of the conservatives or the hardliners. they may do something to derail the dole or stop the government from cooperating with the international community, for a simple fact that this is not just about the nuclear programme. we have two elections ahead of us. the parliamentary elections and the assembly of experts. with this win/win situation for the government there's no doubt whether or not so far that they'll win both the elections, the parliamentary and the assembly of experts elections, as for the presidential race within two years time. don't doubt about it. that the president hassan rouhani doesn't have to do anything like having a presidential campaign. he can - he can sit in the
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comfort of his house and declare victory for a second time as the president. that's why the hard liners are not happy. that's why they might try to start playing games against a government and the details of the deal. as i said this is what the people want. they need the backing of the people. if they don't have it. they will not succeed. they will not succeed. >> good to talk to you. thanks for being with us. >> now, to yemen where houthi fighters and allies withdrew from a strategic hilltop complex. according to saudi arabia the coalition that they are leading carried out more air raids overnight. the u.s. military has been given the authority to provide aerial refuelling support to saudi war planes. the u.s. estimates 519 have been killed over the past two weeks. more than 90 were children. tens of thousands were forced from their homes, and living
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with friends and relatives. joining us in the studio mohammed an advisor to the past three yemeni prime ministers. what do we make again. having taken the hilltop in aden it seems that nothing could stop the houthis, they have now withdrawn. let's see what happens next. >> i did mention that last night when i was here. i told here that to this is a gimmick. they cannot keep that. they were on the top of the mountains. they had the heart beating, and i am sure they'd be on the run. aden is a peninsula, these people are blocked. unfortunately they are hitting at the civilians from the tops of the hill and the civilian you know what we see now, the civilians injuries and deaths are caused by the people because they are allowed to go into aden a peaceful civic city. >> the fact that you say that they were allowed to go into
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aden - a week of this saudi coalition, air strikes appears to have done little to stop their advance. they were able to get there and take the hilltop. >> actually. they were not able to infiltrate. they were there in aden. this was sleeping cells. most of the security was in the hands of the former deposed act who was a dictator and came out. unfortunately, because of the wider operations the allied forces - they were confident. they didn't infiltrate as people. yemenis look the same. you can't difficult ren sheet who is whoa. they got into crater. like the volcano, the opening of the volcano. i am sure the people will come with the white flags.
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the worst thing is the civilians suffering in aden. >> you talk about the civilians suffering, and you think that they will succumb to this campaign, the saudi arabia campaign. how long will it take how many more civilians will have to die before this reaches some sort of apex? >> i'm pointing to aden. elsewhere, if the allied forces do not go in force. this man is on the run. we haven't seen him targeted. his palaces are where he is and the stronghold of the houthis in the north. i am sure if the allied forces concentrate they can take the stronghold. because the tribes are they close, if an effort is concentrated on them. it could fall into the hands of allied forces. >> good to talk to you. now, kenya's president uhuru
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kenyatta vowed to "crack down on terrorism" after an attack claimed the lives of 147 people. gunmen from the somali armed group al-shabab attacked the college for some 13 hours. the situation was only brought under control when the army managed to kill the attackers. the un-i can't remember secretary-general ban ki-moon called for swift justice for those behind the attack. al jazeera's malcolm webb reports. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a game of learning instead it was a battle ground. kenyan troops tried to flush out al-shabab fighters holed up in the garissa university college. the attacker stormed the building. some student from praying, others asleep. the army was brought in. they were close to the border with somali why. the kenyan army has been in somalia since 2011.
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al-shabab, linked to al qaeda said they must leave. many were taken hostage. the university was about 100 metres down there. we were told that the attackers were in the upper floors of the residential building making it difficult for the soldiers to fight them out of there. meanwhile, soldiers tried to keep bystanders and journalists away. i'm malcolm webb i'm a journalist... ..we managed to get the number of a stupid hidden inside with five of her friends. >> reporter: it was hard to hear what she was saying but easy to hear the terror in her voice. she said she had to be quiet, and hung up. nearby in the hospital where the injured were treated, pain grief and horror.
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the government was warned the university was a vulnerable target. people requested more security. the attacks led many to question why nothing was done. measures are taken now. >> the inspector general of the national police do hereby issue curfew orders. in the currency of areva, garissa and others. >> reporter: for the family of the dead students it's too late. chemical weapons, once again have to come to terms with the loss of so many. >> more world news to come on the programme. going home at last after years of being forced to work as fishermen without pay. a report from indonesia. plus... >> we want officials to tell us if we can get back to our homes or not. we want answers.
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thousands of iraqis displaced during the battle of tikrit wait to go home. we look at their story. tory. documentary series... the disappearing delta only on al jazeera america >> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile plan
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hello again. the top stories on al jazeera. u.s. president obama said an agreement restricting iran's detailed nuclear programme will make the world safer. president obama called it a win-win, but israel's prime minister says it threatens his country's survival. houthi fighters and their allies withdrew from the complex of
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aden after the saudi arabia ledge coalition, according to saudi arabia. the u.s. military has given authority to provide aerial support for the saudi arabia war planes. the u.n. calls for swift justice for an al-shabab attack on a university in ken ya. president uhuru kenyatta vowed to crack down on terrorism in this country china's former security chief has been charged with bribery and intends to reveal safe secrets. it sets the way for a high ranking official to be prosecuted. seen as a prime target in the anticorruption crackdown, as the china correspondent adrian brown reports from beijing. >> this keenly anticipated announcement was confirmed by the newsagency on friday morning. it said that they were charged with bribee abusive power and
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leaking secrets enough to get you put away for a long time in china. the case is referred to in the court. we expect the trial which could be an open trial to happen within the next few weeks. why does this matter - well joe was in charge until three years ago of the vast security apparatus. he had files on everyone including, rubbly xi jinping. he was, in short, the most feared and powerful man in this country. now his humiliation and disgrace has been confirmed with this trial in the city. china has not seen anything like this since the gang of four were put on trial in 1980. it included the wife of chairman mao. >> hundreds of men forced to catch seafood with little or no pay will be allowed to go home.
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a year-long investigation revealed many were kept up to a year without pay, some in cages >> reporter: huge excitement in indonesia. a team announced to all the people from myanmar, cambodia thailand and laos that they can come home. they will bring them to safety. they were speaking to all these people. they know they are not safe here. the stories are horrific. they are talking about abuse, labour positions. they'd been working on the ships for many hours and days without any mess food and hardly any pain. there was no salary they just got some handouts. they were excited to go home. you can see here that this is what they've been gathering. when they heard they could go home. this is what they took from the boat. this is what they've been living
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off for the past few years. i have been here for 0 years, i've been want toing go home all the time. they had no idea they were going to work here. herp applying for jobs. they thought they were going to send it to thailand. they contacted an agent and before we knew it they were sent here. and the government says after speaking to them it was clear that they were used as slags, forced labour. this group is here from cambodia. they are going to go home. people from thailand laos and a team from the international organisation of migration are sad. they estimate 4,000 of them are in the whole region in the east of indonesia. in this company. there's a few hundred. the government is going to take as many as they can, and they'll
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hand them over to the government of myanmar, cambodia and all the countries that they are coming from the u.n. security council is calling for than investigation into the latest reports of chemical weapons in syria. activists and opposition members sir syrian opposition members dropped bombs containing chlorine gas in idlib. >> most of the council measure expressed concerns occurring after the adoption of resolution 21.09, condemning in the strongest terms the use of any toxic chemicals, such as cloor in as a weapon in syria. members condemned the use of clor in as a chemical weapon and called for the investigation of such reports. i.s.i.l. fighters are battling a palestinian militia for control of the yarmouk camp.
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shelling targetted a hospital in the camp. it's not clear whether the syrian government or i.s.i.l. is responsible for the bombing iraqi forces is allied groups retook tikrit from islamic state of iraq and levant. i.s.i.l. seized the city last june. the campaign to take it back lasted more than a month. abd-rabbu mansour hadi visited tikrit. i.s.i.l. fighters left the town 20km from tikrit. people there are being allowed to go back to their homes. some are accusing shia militias fighting alongside iraqi armed forces of ruining their homes. >> reporter: birds singing are the only sounds of life in eldor. people's belongings scattered amidst the rubble of home. the principal's office is
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ransacked buildings destroyed and this mosque destroyed. 120,000 people used to live in this city 20km outside of tikrit. now they are living in tents, portable containers and unfinished houses in several iraqi cities. >> translation: we are financially and physically challenged. our moral is devastated. many families were living in an historical way. >> reporter: in march forces and shi'ite militias pushed out i.s.i.l. then the iraqi forces left. that left the shi'ite militias in a battered city of booby trapped and looted homes. sunni refugees and council members say the shi'ite militia, not i.s.i.l. destroyed their homes to keep them out of el dor forever. >> are there hidden agendas about the town. we want officials to tell us to
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get back to our homes. >> both officials and security forces say i.s.i.l. is to blame. >> translation: it is i.s.i.l. who blew up the houses before leaving. >> we are calling on the families to return and are waiting for them to help when military operations begin in tikrit those left in eldoor fled to avoid more violence. with tikrit almost percentaged of i.s.i.l. it may be safe -- purged of i.s.i.l. it may be safe for the refugees to return. they say they fear the militias controlling their city. >> leaders of the u.k.'s main political parties took part in a televised debate before the election. immigration and the economy dominated the 2-hour event. laurence lee reports. >> reporter: so a new phenomenon in politics three parties dominated for so long yet have
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seen reputations diminished. a cynical electorate demanding change. now they were up against parties from the left and from the right. the scottish national party accused labour of selling out the poor demanding the rich pay. >> a vote for the smp is a vote to make scotland's voice heard. ours will be a voice for new, better and progressive politics in west minister. on the rite the u.k. independence party accused the conservatives of selling out britain, by letting out immigrants. >> open door oppressed wages. made it tough and not been good for this country. >> on issues like the u.k.'s huge budget deficit. you could see how far apart parties like the greens are. >> it's worth saying over the bast past 100 years, britain ran
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a higher debt to gdt ratio and no one cared. >> david cameron accused everyone of naivety. >> i hear debt and taxes. a lot more debt and taxes. and so much more. >> reporter: that's it the one and only chance that the seven party leaders in this new political landscape will have been seen together. not much love loss between many. but the polls are so close that two or three parties in the next government looks more and more likely. whether they can get along with each other to make a government work that's another question in brazil a helicopter crash killed three passengers and a pilot. it went down on a residential building near sao paulo, no one was in the building. investigators are looking into what happened. the company that owns the helicopters says that everything on board was up to code -
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whatever that means - and that the pilot had 30 years of experience. the u.s. state of indiana watered down religious freedom legislation. critics say it encourages discrimination against people who are gay. the amendment provides from law as a legal defense. if they refuse to serve gays and lesbians. the change doesn't apply to churches religious schools or nonprofit organizations. the automotive industry on the cusp of a breakthrough a car driven by a computer drives across the u.s. we will not be seeing driverless cars on the road just yet. >> the idea of a self-driving car is not new. the technology that seems
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futuristic, in the 1980s television show "knight-rider" is close to reality. they completed the coast to coast reality, a driver was at the wheel is could override but 99% of the driving was done by a computer. 90% of accidents were caused by human error. >> many car enthusiasts at the new york international auto show are not ready to give up control of the wheel. >> you don't like the idea... >> no. >> reporter: why. >> i trust myself it's my life. enjoyment of a car is part of it. >> only five states have laws on the books, skeptics say insurance and liability has to be worked out. >> they have many things that they cannot do. they can't drive in rain and
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snow. they have trouble. if i hold my hand up to give directions if i'm a traffic cop to stop this thing, they can't do it. >> the days of self-driving cars are close. they are not here yet. you won't find any models for rush hour. what we are seeing is lots of future like this volvo, which has pedestrian protection cameras, to alert cameras. >> from vehicles that is warn drivers when they veer out of their lane. we have included things like radar censors. and self-driving technologies are making it into the main stream. >> our technology is to get people comfortable with them. clearly the automotive industry is heading in that direction.
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don't count on conversation with your car just yet if you like what you have seen and heard in the news bulletin there's more al jazeera news. take a look at can change lives. >> the science of fighting a humanity and we are doing it in a unique way. this is a show about science by scientists. . >> tonight "techknow" vets the virus hunters. >> we want to understand the evolution of these pathogens. >> this team deals with the