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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 3, 2015 1:00pm-1:31pm EDT

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ext live from doha. >> houthi rebels under siege in aden as al qaeda says it captured an army base. hello from me david foster watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up in this ra program, united in grief. kenya says it won't be intimidated in the wake of an al shabaab attack that left at least 150 dead. a hero's welcome in tehran for iran's foreign minister as
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the president says the nuclear deal marks a new relationship with the world. china's former security chief is charged with corruption. it's been another day of intense warfare in yemen, the coalition forces led by saudi arabia surrounded houthi rebels inside the city of aden. we have more details in the daily briefing a short while aago. >> translator: when the houthis reached presidential palace yesterday, our fighters from the popular resistance committees alongside loyal armed forces stood up to them. we dropped assistance and by the grace of god this shifted the balance of power on the ground. the result is the houthi militias and fighters retreated
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inside the presidential palace and other areas under their control. they're cornered in aden and we're dealing with them. we have laid a total type one siege around aden preventing any logistics and military supplies to be provided to them. we'll operate until aden is under our control. >> he's talking about the fact the houthis he believes are surrounded inside the street of aden. there are battles continuing including at the airport where at least 12 houthi fighters have been killed. this roundup is from omar. >> reporter: the battle for aden is raging. fighters loyal to the president are struggling to cope. we are the southern youth resistance in aden and confronting the houthis. we urge the coalition to parachute group troops on the ground. there must be force on ground. the people here are under
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bombardment. the families remain under siege. we can't get to them. despite the ninth day of the saudi-led aerial exam pain the houthi and forces loyal to the former president remain strong and are fighting back. these pictures show boxes of weapons and ammunition dropped by the saudi-led coalition jets to forces backing the president in aden. meanwhile, the so-called popular committee's loyal to the president are engaged in street battles in the city. coalition jets bombed houthi forces and their allies in and around the airport. a number of air strikes forced the rebels and forces loyal to him to leave the presidential palace a day after they company tured it. >> this is a gimmick, because they cannot keep that. they were just on the top of the mountains, and last night they took a hard beating. i'm sure they're on the run. they're effectively beacceptablinged. aden is a peninsula, and they're
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blockeded in it with civilians. the unfortunate thing is they're radio remaining there. >> the fight could be a long one, and the number of casualties continues to grow. the u.n. says it is concerned. >> i call on all parties involved to make their obligation under internal law and do their utmost to protect the ordinary women, children and men. reports from humanitarian partners in different parts of the country indicate that some 519 people have been killed and nearly 1700 injured. >> reporter: china has sent one of its naval ships to aden to evacuate 225 chinese and foreign nationals. millions of yemenese remain stranded. >> we're following events in toe har returning from a long period of time in yemen. let's try to get to the reality of this mohammed.
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if you're dropping weapons into a port city, it means that you don't have control of the waters because you can't land those weapons, which would seem to suggest that the coalition's not in charge. yet, the coalition says the houthis are the ones under siege in aden. what's the reality here? >> reporter: yes, david, actually the fact that they are dropping the weapons from air could mean exactly what you said but it could also mean that they are in a hurry to reach those militia men who are fighting against the houthis. probably by dropping by air could take less time than sending a ship to the port or actually the airport i understand has been disabled because of the air strikes on the houthis who are in control of it. with regards to who has the upper hand it's clearly a matter of it for the houthi and
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the troops who are there alongside the houthis. the houthis alone could not have continued to fight in aden or anyone else in aden without the troops. it's a hit-and-run situation, and as the spokesman. -- the army spokesman of the coalition said the houthis are trying to make a point to show defiance and also send a message that the saudis are failing. that these air strikes will only lead to the killing of civilians but will not defeat the houthis. however, the spokesman has said this is a lomg battle. we're not waiting for immediate results. this has to take its course and the houthis are making media or propaganda victories. we have to give it time before they're dwee feeted. >> all of this chaos in and around aden and all the cities
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further north is allowing the group that was most feared previous by the u.s. and other countries in yemen, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula, to make ground in the east of the country. >> exactly, and that has always been a pattern for al qaeda where there is total chaos, al qaeda thrives on that chaos. in happened in iraq and syria and now it's happening in yemen. however, al qaeda has been in these areas for a long time. yes, it has been checked by the yemeni army when yemen was more of a single state and the army is disintegrating al qaeda has shown it can strike back and gain ground. also there are fears in yemen that probably even isis can have a foothold in yemen if this continues. >> sorry to butt in. i was hoping you would give us the details of this seizing by
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al qaeda of an army base. what do you think of that? >> we have only preliminary reporters. some news agencies have reported this. yesterday they broke into a jail and they were able to free some of the prisoners there. they say that they have actually seized an army base. that could be more -- the army base could have -- actually the army base could be empty because of what's happening in yemen, so we don't know exactly whether they fought against the army or whether there was a resistance by the army or the army itself has left that base because of the killing happening around the area. we don't know how much fighting has been going on and what's the strategic component of that based on the moment. there are fears as i was saying in my previous reply that there are serious fears in yemen that
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al qaeda may gain ground and isis may show up in yemen. even if isis doesn't show up al qaeda in yemen could gain more ground and actually take more cities and more airbases. that is very dangerous through the eyes of many people in and outside of yemen. >> thank you. two kenyans and two foreigners have been arrested over the al shabaab attack on gar ris sa university in northern kenya. they named mohammed kulu as the mastermind behind the attacks and posted a $215,000 reward for the capture. 147 people most of them students, were killed in the attack. authorities say the number could be higher because of people yet unaccounted for. many bodies were taken to a mortuary in nairobi.
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this was six days after britain advised against quite all but essential travel to certain parts of the country. kenya has been widely criticized for dismissing the advice. let's bring in malcolm webb live from garissa. tell us about the man believed to put this altogether. he's pretty well-known in the area isn't he? >> reporter: the audio is a little bad. i think you were asking about one of the mohammed kulu who was the mastermind from this attack. he's from garissa and lived here for many years and he was the head of an islamic religious school until 2007. he left and went to somalia. he's been involved with other groups since then. they say he was the brains behind several other attacks
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that happened in kenya, particularly this one, which is the most lethal in a long time, which as you said 147 people have died. according to the government. some people say the number is actually higher. the official figure from them at the moment is 147 students. >> malcolm, in terms of the response it's obviously been extremely harrowing for the people in that area. we know that there was a warning about security at such institutions a week ago. do people feel let down that their government paid no heed to such a warning? >> reporter: the audio is dropping in and out again. i think you were asking about the security precautions that were taken here and the warnings to the government. aside from the warnings from the british embassy and the australian embassy here in kenya, also a number of people living in garissa expressed
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concern about the vulnerability of this institution here. they asked that for more security but there was just two private security guards at the gate at the university. there was never any additional security provided. there were four maybe five possibly, possibly six. the authorities are saying four gunmen who attacked and managed to kill dozens and dozens of people who, of course themselves were unaarmed and fairly defenseless. it's come to light that indeed that security arrangement there was inadequate to keep these students safe. >> thank you, malcolm. the iranian president has spoken to his people on tv promising to stick to the terms of a framework nuclear deal which has been described in many quarters as historic. it was reached after eight days of talks in switzerland between iran and six world powers including the united states with barack obama saying he believes
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it will make the world a safer place. he's been criticized by the israelis. we have the latest report. >> reporter: arriving back to a hero's welcome, iran's foreign minister was greeted by supporters at tehran's airport. for many here this is the beginning of the end of iran's international isolation. the president promised a new era of cooperation. >> translator: from the day of agreement, new cooperations in nuclear and in other areas with the world will start a new phase with the entire world. >> but there are powerful conservative critics of the framework nuclear deal and rohani reassured them that iran reserves its rights. >> translator: iran will abide
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by the agreement and will require them to abide by it. if they didn't then our nation will have alternatives to take. >> reporter: some support ersz of the deal compared iran's conservative opposition to the israeli government both see it as a dangerous step in the wrong direction. >> the deal would legitimize iran's illegal nuclear program. it would leave iran with a vast nuclear infrastructure a vast nuclear infrastructure remains in place. >> reporter: but for the negotiators themselves including the foreign ministers who personally spent countless hours in marathon negotiations over the past 18 months the elusive agreement over iran's nuclear program is a spectacular success. perhaps the most hawkish among them is france's foreign minister to stress the importance. >> translator: if this agreement is not entirely solid, that
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would mean that tehran could get a bomb and this is unacceptable. this agreement is not perceived as solid, and that means that the countries of the region such as saudi arabia egypt, turkey et cetera could also start thinking of making a bomb. that would be a nuclear proliferation. dangerous for all. >> reporter: the russian foreign minister said the result was hopeful. the chinese called it good news for the world. it's not over yet. on the lakeshore in lozan they agreed on a final deal to be signed june 30th. there are details yet to be worked out and possible pitfalls remain, but the end of a dangerous nuclear standoff is in sight. still ahead on this program, the new man in charge in nigeria, but already some people ask if he's up to the task. and not science-fiction. it could be the car of the future. the drive to driverless cars moves up a gear in the united states.
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>> al jazeera america brings you a first hand look at the environmental issues, and new understanding of our changing world. >> it's the very beginning >> this was a storm of the decade >>...hurricane... >> we can save species... >> our special month long focus, fragile planet and the global headlines so far. the coalition says it's now laying seize to how they fighters in aden. at least 12 rebels are reported to be killed in fighting at the airport there. al qaeda has seized an army base in the southeastern city in yemen. four kenyans have been arrested in connection with with the al shabaab attack on a university in northern kenya. 147 are known to have died in
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the siege, but officials say the death toll may rise. iranian president promised to abide by the terms of the nook lar deal as long as they do the same. isil fighters those from the islamic state of iraq and levant fought into syria. now they control most of it. so does the syrian observatory for human rights claiming isil fighters have 70% of the refugee camp. it's the closest the group has come to damascus. we cannot independently verify that these pictures uploaded show the fighting there, but they are said to. at least ten people killed in an explosion in a bus station in northern nigeria. they have experienced frequent attacks from boko haram. nobody has officially said they
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were behind the attack, but it bears the hallmarks. armed group which has waged a violent campaign in the region for the last six years. that attack among others is just about a week since presidential elections were won by the former general muhammadu buhari. he says boko haram is the biggest problem, and he will stop them. questions remain whether he's the right man for the job. >> reporter: whether president-elect buhari gave his acceptance speech he reiterated a top campaign pledges. to eliminate boko haram and tackle insecurity. >> i assure you that boko haram will soon know our armies. >> on the same day chad's forces said it killed hundreds of boko haram fighters. it was a reminder the group may
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still be a problem. eliza should know. he was on the front line fighting boko haram in stem december last year. he said the military did not provide with weapons. the military say he disabow bayed orders and failed to perform his duties. >> first and foremost those are the instruments, those are the weps that the military are using. what can you bring for them? >> reporter: there are other problems buhari has to tackle. hundreds of soldiers have been sacked more than 50 are facing charges for mute any when fighting boko haram, and at least a dozen senior soldiers are facing corruption charges. many think buhari's background as an army general will help but some worry he's not the
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right man for the job. >> when he was in office 30 years ago, it was a repressive regime, and we're concerned that in dealing with the boko haram insurgency the threat it represents, the tendency to use the same iron-handedness that existed at that time to deal with the insurgency it will be counter-productive. >> reporter: buhari says he'll take stock of all the efforts to fight insecurity and understand why some are not working before revealing his plan. meanwhile nigeria's affected areas wait for greater safety. al jazeera is taking legal action to declare the detention of two of our staff by the niger nigerian military has illegal. they were embedded with the military when they were arrested for reporting on boko haram,
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quote, without clearance. they've been held in a hotel in the northeast since tuesday. hundreds served people from myanmar, fishermen forced to catch seafood for little or no pay in indonesia are to be allowed to go home. an investigation revealed they were held against their will and forced on work as slaves. some were kept in cages. campaigners say there may be other people held in similar conditions. a battle in china has taken a dramatic terment the man who ran the country's powerful international security agency has been arrested and charged with bribery, abuse of power and leaking state secrets. he's the highest ranking official to face such charges since the communist party came to power in 1949. from beijing, adrian brown reports. >> reporter: on state television a keenly anticipated announcement. confirmation that a once feared
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and powerful politician will stand trial. he controlled the country's vast domestic security agency and had files on anyone that mattered. before his retirement he'd also been a member of the country's top decision-making body a position that in theory made him untouchable. analysts say his mistake was to try and undermine the president just before he became president two and a half years ago. >> reporter: obviously, it is a political power struggle. they're using criminal charges to get rid of him. >> reporter: when he makes an appearance it's in the court of the nearby city in a few weeks a time. it's a scene unthinkable a few years ago, since never before has such a high-ranking government officials been treated this way. his public disgrace follows the
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downfall of another high profile politician now serving a life sentence for corruption. but the charges against jo are much more serious as they include leaking state secrets. >> translator: i think many people want him to die. this is all that depends on the political need or if jo will cooperate with the government during the trial. >> reporter: it's unclear whether his abrupt demise will mark the climax of the corruption campaign or whether more powerful figures could be next. so far that campaign has ensnared more than 100,000 communist party officials as well as senior generals in the people's army. the president warned he will continue to go after tigers and flies referring to low and high-ranking officials and don't get much higher than him. the second black box from
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the germanwings plane confirmed that the crash was deliberately caused by the co-pilot. france's air accident investigation agency said andreas lubitz repeatedly accelerated the aircraft as it went down using the automatic pilot to steer it into the alps. they found evidence also that he researched ways to kill himself just days earlier. he and 149 other people died in last week's crash. france's lower house of parliament is passing a law banning fashion models too thin. modeling agents in the fashion houses that hire underweight modeling could be jailed up to six months and fined. the level to which models are deemed to be too skinny hasn't been set. it's by the bmi, measure the ratio of weight to hite. it's part of a program to tackle anorexia. more than 100 fighters in
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the u.s. state of kentucky are attack a massive factory production. production was halted at the general election plant in louisville as flames engulfed the facilities there. they make washing machines and fridges and employs thousands of people. could be if you like from science-fiction a self-driving cars that chauffeurs your home while you read a book or do some work. perhaps not sci-fi because a computer-controlled car has successfully driven from one side of america to the other. we have the report. you won't be seeing driverless cars on the road at least not for a while. >> reporter: the idea of a self-driving car isn't sfu new. >> what's all this? it looks like darth vader's bathroom. >> the technology that seemed so futuristic in knight ridder is close closer to relate than before.
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this audi completed the first coast-to-coast trip across the united states with a computer. >> reporter: delphi may be celebrating, but many are not quite ready to give up control the of the wheel. you don't liked idea of car driving? >> no. >> why? >> i trust just myself with my life. >> the enjoyment of a car is really driving it. >> reporter: only five states have laws on the books dealing with driverless cars. liability issues have to be worked out. >> they have many, many things they cannot do. they can't drive in heavy rain and snow. if i hold up my hand if i give
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them directions as a traffic cop, they can't do it. >> reporter: the days of self-driving cars may be close, but they're not quite here yet. you won't find models ready for rush hour here at the new york international auto show. what we see is lots of driver assistance feet lured like this volvo that has pedestrian cameras to alert drivers. from vehicles that warn drivers they begin to veer out of their lane -- >> we've included thin things like the radar sensors here. >> to those that park themselves. self-driving technologies slowly make it into the mainstream. >> our approach by doing a step introduction of these technologies is to get people comfortable with them that moves that watershed moment for a fully autonomous car. >> clearly the automotive industry is head inning that direction. don't count on clever kvrg with your car just yet. >> surely he doesn't plan to ram us? >> al jazeera, new york.
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>> well allow me to take you in the direction of our website. you can see the main story there about iran's nuclear deal but all the top global stories are there. . >> we don't trust iran, and we shouldn't. >> white house press secretary josh earnest tells al jazeera america the administration is staying wary a day after making a deal with tehran's nuclear program. a day of mourning and calls for swift justice after al-shabab storms an university in kenya killing nearly 150 people. and disappointing news on the economy. far fewer jobs