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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 5, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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the war in yemen - people in harm's way. houthi rebels raze homes in the capital, detaining politicians and journalists hello, this is it al jazeera live from doha. i'm adrian finegan. also - three people are killed by an explosion in an upscale cairo district security at churches in kenya after al-shabab attacked a university killing 148 people we look at how poor transport situation in paris had
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many feeling left out of the city of light we begin in yemen where the saudi arabia led coalition continued its assault on the rebels. fighters jets bombed the capital sanaa for the it 11th day. the houthis continued to attack aden a strong hold of the embattled president. they have been fighting in the central province. >> reporter: the saudi-led coalition unleashed the website. other bases controlled the rebels and fighters loyal to the president. this village near the city sanaa
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was also affected. four rockets came down on the village. we said they were targetting a militia camp. where is the camp. is this the camp overnight rebels ransacked the home of federal politicians from the opposition party who expressed support for the coalition strikes. >> translation: these illegal procedures are a result of a rejection done by the houthis, and against brothers in the southern governed rates, and the rate of aden. we'll eject the procedures again. >> reporter: further south the fight is for control. the city is a strong hold of president abd-rabbu mansour hadi. jets airdropped weapons to bolster supporters as a bombing campaign began from the sea aimed at houthi supply lines and depots. there's no indication whether ground forces will be deployed. parts of aden have been without
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water or electricity for two days. sustained fighting is adding to fears of a humanitarian crisis. >> we have not yet been able to get in there, the medical supplies that we need in order to distribute them to the hospitals and the ministry of health so they reach the health clinics and those that need it. >> russia is appealing for a pause to the air strikes. it proposed a number of measures in a draft resolution to allow for humanitarian aid to get in and civilians and diplomats to get out. the u.n. security council has been deliberating the proposal alongs with other gulf corporation members aimed at a political solution. diplomacy is not felt on the ground. tribal fighters have been battling with the rebels preparing the tanks and missiles for a possible advance.
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they are trying to regain control, taken over by fighters known to be members of al qaeda. all signs that yemen is strongly in the grip of war. let's hear from a human rights activist and blogger as well as a member of yemeni. she left her home in aden because of the fighting and the situation is deteriorating. >> conditions are devastating. we have random shellings on houthis. there's no electricity, water. i feel like the humanitarian crisis is word while, and we wish that there was cooperation between houthis to pass by with medical supplies and necessity for the civilians.
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>> egypt's president abdul fatah al-sisi says the read sea off the coast of yemen should be a top priority. abdul fatah al-sisi says that the strait is strategically and egypt is part of the saudi led coalition. three have been killed in an explosion, the bomb exploding on a bridge in an upscale district. the health ministry said a victim is a policeman. they destroyed a car. they are a journalist based in cairo. police said that one policeman was filled. the bomb was placed under the small ky of course near the down ramp of the bridge. we have seen the targetting of
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forces that claimed hundreds of lives, more than a year and a half since the overthrow of mohamed mursi. there was particularly a concentrate, and has been expanded into the delta there has been an explosion at egypt's police station in north sinai. more on that as we get if in syria, hundreds escaped to safety after the area was shelled. i.s.i.l. fighters took control of most of the camp. at one time more than 150,000 and registered rev lease lived there. many fled. there's 18,000 living in terrible conditions. food is scarce buildings have been destroyed. as i.s.i.l. fighters control
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offense. it's even worse. now for the latest. >> the camp has turned into a full-scale battle zone. i.s.i.l. controlling 80 to 95%. the syrian observatory for human rights has been using barrel bombs to target i.s.i.l. conditions in a dire situation for the civilians of the bamp. people besieged for two years, their plight was dependent on handouts. there's no running water, food electricity and no aid made it into the camp for the last five days. an interesting development. allegations that the al qaeda affiliated al nusra front is helping i.s.i.l. we spoke to the syrian minister. because there was a reconciliation deal between the government and the palestinian groups. he told us they were days away from signing a deal.
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the al nusra front does not want anything signed. because the groups would have to lay down the weapons. the united nations called for a humanitarian corridor. they were difficult to negotiate with a group like i.s.i.l. iraq's prime minister said islamic state of iraq and levant can't be defeated if it continues to use foreign fighters. haider al-abadi spoke to a german magazine and wants governments around the world to do more to protect young people from being recruited to join the armed group. >> indonesia's governments is taking legal action against a thai company accused of forcing fishermen into slavery. more than 300 have been rescued. there are fears that hundreds more are dropped in similar conditions. al jazeera's correspondent is on
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the island of tual. >> a rescue operation the region has not seen a convoy of vessels protected by the indonesian navy bringing 315 fishermen to safety men from myanmar smuggled to indonesia, forced to work without a salary. many say they were abused. the company allegedly changed their identities giving them thai names and documents. indonesian officials are registering them under their real names, before handing them to their authorities. the government in thailand denied allegations of slavery and said it will present all the evidence soon. >> translation: all the evidence will be studied by the judicial team. a special team will be put on the case dealing with the acts.
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>> these people are a small part of fisher many stuck in indonesia. >> finally they are free. after wanting to go home. they are safe. there's only a few of others who are out there and nobody knows where they are. others are on the boat. they survived. some for a long time. like this person who was brought to inton eesh ago. during hardship and abuse they escaped. he and his friends have illegal loggers in the forest. >> i don't know if my mother and father are still alive. all of us want to go home. every day i think about how i can get home. if it was possible to walk from indonesia to myanmar, even if
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there were mountains, we would have done that, even if it would have taken months. >> it could become a reality. he and his friends are not part of the government operation, they hope by registering their names, they too, can leave soon. and that they will be able to celebrate their return home like these rescued men still to come on al jazeera - people in india say a recent ban on slaughtering bulls is hurting liar livelihood. we tell you why. we meet former fighters in nepal's maoist army trying to move on from the civil war. war.
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hello, the top stories. the saudi led coalition has been shelling targets from the sea. three people have been killed by an explosion in cairo's city. one of the dead is a policeman. the blast leaving a crater in the ground destroying a building near. the yarmouk refugee camp in syria has been called a source of shame. islamic state of iraq and levant controls nearly all of the camp home to 18,000 people most palestinians. churches are protecting easter
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congregations. the kenyan country began three days of mourning from 148 victims of an attack on the university. uhuru kenyatta is vowing to take marsh measures and we'll go live to kathryn soy. details emurgeing over one of the alleged attackers. >> absolutely we talked to some sources where one of the gunmen were killed. they said they know him. he is mohammad janis shinwari and he -- mohamed mohamud. he studied at a university. he was described as a brilliant lawyer. and we talked to his father, a local government administration. he's in nairobi, and he was shaken. a journalist who talked to him,
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and sent a recording said that he is shaken and he confirmed that that was his son. he said he doesn't want to be drawn in bebit. but they left home and went to somalia, and immediately informed the police. some of the people we talked to said initially they wanted to go and fight along side i.s.i.s. but couldn't get a passport. that's how they went into somali but the suspected mastermind of this attack in garissa is said to be a kenyan. somali is said to be a resident of garissa. he once hung towards a religious school here a mad rask if you may. he disappeared last year and is said to have masterminded an attack in mundara where several were killed. the president in a statement
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said that what is making the battle so different is many of the funders, organizers and recruiters into al-shabab are kenyans, and this makes it difficult. he said he would pursue them. and i spoke to religious leaders to human rights groups and other leaders, and for the government to win the battle it has to come down and work with the communities, not against them mallee's army says that mortar rounds have been fired in the down of gao. there were no immediate casualties. france led the fight out of the reason. the area remains unstable. eastern sierra leone recorded its first case of ebola in four months. a ninth old baby boy tested
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positive near the border with guinea. that area was the center of the crisis in sierra leone. more than 10,000 died in the counter outbreak in west africa. >> police in germany are investigating an arson attack on a building supposed to be turned into shelt or for asylum seekers. the attack led to protests in the eastern town. dominique kain reports. >> reporter: this building should have housed asylum seekers in the future. instead, on saturday the emergency services came. the dammed roof chose the intensity of the flames. it is believed that the blaze was started deliberately. >> it was a sheefr athat is correct. this crime was a threat to the community of the worst kind. >> a plan to house the asylum
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seekers. a protest had been staged against plans outside the founder's house. he spoke of shock over the fire on saturday. >> translation: we are here for a difficult, horrible and sad reasons that brought the area back into the media spotlight. soim speechless. this -- i'm speechless. i tried to give an interview to the police. i didn't know what to say. the movement has been warming what they call the growing islamification of western europe. in january 25,000 marched in dresden. there were large counter-demonstrations. news of the event an society prompted some opponents to
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object. plans to house asylum seekers would go ahead. >> translation: this is not just a question of fighting crime, but a question of democracy, about free and democratic order. principles laid out in the constitution that we would defend. i can assure you we will not back down in the last year germany saw a large look in the number of asylum seekers it houses. the authorities say this fire will not deter them police in turkey are investigating an armed attack on a bus carrying the fenerbahce team. the turkish league leaders were on the way to the airport following a win near the northern city. the driver was shot and taken to hospital. no players were injured. they later returned to their home base in istanbul.
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the governor confirmed the gain attack after claiming the bus was hit by a stone. >> translation: turkey is going through difficult times. the incident you witnessed is not simple. this is an attack aiming to kill or injure the driver. no one else was wounded. the coach was passing over a viaduct. they wanted the coach smashed and the footballers dead bangladesh's opposition leader has been granted bail and allowed to leave her office for the first time in three months to attend court. she is accused of embezzling money by supporting a charity that didn't exist. she wanted to lead anti-government rallies on the anniversary of a disputed election. >> cuban former leader fidel castro appeared in public. pictures were broadcast of him meeting a delegation in havana
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people in one of india's largest states say a ban on the slaughter of bulls is threatening their livelihood. last month the banning of bulls, where they were used to meet and leather. >> these are the last animal hides produced at this tannery. it is used in product for exports and provides gloves of the the stay ban on the slaughter has put that all at risk. >> translation: the leather from the state was sent for finishing in other parts of the country and came back to make shoes and bags. a lot of people lost their jobs and can't feed the family. has the government come to help or ruin us. >> many in mumbais say the ban hurt them. here, three of the 10 sowing stations are being used, and they may shut down.
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as supplies run out. the ban is not only for people in the leather industry, but poor people that eat beef. >> those objecting to the ban say it targets minorities, and those relying on beef as a protein. it has gone up 10%. those supporting the ban say it protects the animals. >> reporter: this religious group meets every sunday at the cow shelter. some of the cattle is taken for slaughter. here they are fed and cared for. volunteers support the ban. >> translation: leather could be made from other sources. there's so many other jobs. they don't have to work. it's not acceptable to hindus to kill a cow. others think it's not fair. these unemployed workers meet to
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share frustration with a ban. most say they spent their lives and can't find work elsewhere. >> translation: we are angry. we can't express it. we forced the young people to control their emotions. if they raise their voice, there could be trouble. we pray to the government to see what they are going to. slowly it is coming back to life as buffalos are brought in. meat and leather is not the same quality. the national government was considering a ban on cow slaughter. that suggests it was not a priority family members of the victims of a south korean ferry accident are matching in protest. they want an inquiry into why the seawall capsized.
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some marching accused the government of trying interrch with the investigation. french investigators ended their search for bodies at the site of the germanwings plane crash. the co-pilot intentionally flew the plane into the french alps killing all 150 on board. scientists will analyse d.n.a. samples found at the site to identify the victim it's been 10 years since young people in the parisian suburb rioted. high unemployment is an issue, many feel disconnected due to poor transport links. >> reporter: the round trip can take up to three hours. a journey on foot and by a bus - that woman starts early. she lives a few kilometres from
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central paris. it takes time to cross the village. she lives in the suburbs. struggling to get where she needs to go. >> when it comes to work it's a problem. employers say "look, you live in the suburbs, i don't know if you will make it on time", so they give the job to someone close by. >> reporter: the lives of those in central paris and the suburbs can feel worlds apart. nowhere is that clearer than a suburb 15km away. unemployment is four times higher than the national rate. people feel penned in by poverty, prejudice and a lack of opportunities. poor transport fuels those feelings. >> reporter: some people feel they live in a ghetto because they can't get out. everything is here.
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psychology is a big thing in people's heads. >> reporter: some are pipping their hopes on a transport project. this is the extent of building work on this area. this is long overdue. it will take years to complete. for those in other suburbs around paris, time is precious. anyway delays in improving the network could hold people so keen moving forward, back. women that used to faght in nepal's maoist army face a difficult future. many have been shunned by their villages and parties have forgotten them. some are finding new ways to survive and floushish. >> reporter: a decade ago this woman never thought she'd become a farmer. she was a member of an army and
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had draps of a revolutionary change. after the war she returned home. >> reporter: 12 years is a long time. society changed, and so have we. after rejects patriarchal views of the society, to go back and live there is difficult. >> reporter: households started a farming cooperative in the village. the women here managed to use money when they were demobilized in 2012. after the war ended. 228 were identified as maoist soldiers. most of the west were unable to return home. this was one of the high ranking women. she said that most women ran out of the 5,000 given to them as a demobilization package. now she established an n.g.o.
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>> translation: women's popes in the war as fighters improved the strength of women. they are in a difficult situation today. most are not in touch with the party. they are politically weak. they need help. that's why we started an n.g.o. >> the u.n. security council adopted a resolution on women, peace and security and the misty upham was a major player. they have an action plan for the transition which analysts say looks good on paper. the focus on decision making was to get them out of the country. it was part of the peace process. the counselling part basically that part - the economic security part was entirely ignored. the once powerful women snubbed
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by the state and their own party hopes they can build a life for themselves there's more of al jazeera unique brand of news and comment, video reports and the best of the programs at our revamped website. take a look at [speaking spanish]