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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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his symbol respected around the world it means you too can now count on all the things we stand for. aljazeera america. we are well aware of the support that iran has been giving to yemen. the u.s. warns iran of supporting houthi rebels as saudi-led air strikes enter their third week. ♪ ♪ hello i am darren jordan and you are watching al jazerra live from doha. also ahead. guilty on all 30 count dzhokhar tsarnaev convicted of carrying out the boston marathon bombing. hopes for peace in africa after rival groups sign a ceasefire deal in kenya. crisis in i understand year's education system, why the
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minister is calling it an emergency. ♪ ♪ we begin in yemen where a saudi-led campaign against houthi fighters is entering its third week, intense fighting is taking place in the port city of aden where rockets have reportedly landed on houses. meanwhile, the world health organization says at least 643 people have died and more than 2,200 have been injured since march 19th. the first medical supplies have started arriving. doctors without boosterrers says they have made it to some of the hospitals in aden. and two iranian warship as received in the gulf after den do what teheran describes as an anti piracy operation. but u.s. secretary of state john kerry says iran is providing support to houthi rebels . >> there have been -- there are obviously surprise coming from iran, there are a number of flights every single week flying in. we traced those flights and we know this. we are well aware of the support
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that iran has been given to yemen and iran needs to recognize that the united states is not going to stand by while the region is destabilized or while people engage, you know, in overt warfare across lines international boundaries and in other countries. >> more now on the situation in yemen. >> reporter: war planes strike houthi positions in the capital sanaa. a building near a tv channel owned by the houthis was hit. the saudi-led coalition has stepped up its military campaign to prevent houthi fighters from capturing the port city of aden. while street battles show in signs of stopping. forces loyal to president hadi are trying to repel a push by
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houthi fighters to control the city. but the houthis back by army units loyal to the former president saleh hold ground. the saudi-led coalition has warned its military campaign won't stop until the houthis disband. in the meantime, iran has deployed two navy vessels year yemen. it's a move that is likely to create more tension in the region. saudi arabia accuses iran of delivering weapon to his the houthi to his destabilize the region. but for teheran the ships are part of an anti piracy campaign and diplomacy is the only way to yemen's crisis. >> people of yemen should not suffer from aerial bombardment. we need to find a political solution in yemen. a comprehensive political solution lead to go an inclusive government. through yemeni dialogue. through dialogue of pima wrong
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yemen and we agree that you need to put an end to fighting and to what is happening today in yemen. >> reporter: air strikes have now entered a third week. its ima cord to go saudi army officers is to destroy military capabilities of the houthis and their allies. >> translator: army commanders and units loyal to former president saleh have told us they have decided to join the legitimate government. they are based in a province and the coalition welcomes their decision. >> reporter: the saudis are hoping for massive action within the army to isolate former president saleh who remains powerful in yemen. on the border crossing with saudi arabia, there are still people trying to escape. >> actually the situation is getting worse. there is already the company advise to us leave immediately.
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>> reporter: international aid agencies are concerned about yemen's deteriorating humanitarian situation. the first boat carrying medical surprise to hospitals in aden, has arrived. doctors without borders says almost two-tons of medical surprise have been delivered to local hospitals. al jazerra. a missile attack in egypt's sinai has killed three people. houses in a town bordering gaza in the sinai region were hit. three women were killed inside their homes. a palestinian man who stabbed two israeli soldiers has been shot dead in the occupied west bank. one of the i says reality i soldiers was critically hurt while the other was slightly injured before killing the attacker it happened near the jewish settlement. it's the second knife attack in a week targeting is rally targeting israeli soldiers. one of the men accused of caring out the boston marathon
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bombing was found guilty. dzhokhar czar never was convicted of killing three people and injuring one are hundreds more, now the same jury that found him guilty will decide if tsarnaev will face the death penalty. here is alan fisher. >> reporter: the verdict was never in doubt as the trial began, lawyers no dzhokhar tsarnaev admitted he was one of the boston bombers. it was him they said in opening statements. now, the jury has delivered its verdict, difficulty on all 30 charges. 17 carry the death penalty. but one of the victims said the jury's decision doesn't bring this to an end. >> we are all going to move on with our lives and we are all going to get back to some sense of normalcy. hopefully when this is all done. so closure i guess i don't think so only because it's forever a part of our life. >> reporter: the defense knew they would never clear their client their intention was to save him from the death penalty. they want the jury to see him as someone who acted under the influence of his older brother
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tamerlan. >> what the defense team has done is it's allowed the jury to start building trust with the defense attorneys. so that after this almost inevitable conclusion of guilt the jury will then be able to work to through the evidence and decide whether or not he's actually cull table to the level that he should be given the death penalty or whether he should be given the sentence of life in prison instead. >> reporter: much of the harrowing evidence of the trial has not been challenged by the defense, the prosecution case is dzhokhar tsarnaev was a violent deadly young man who knew exactly what he was doing. with his brother they bombed the 2013 boston marathon, killing three wounded hundreds. the jury saw graphic pictures of the injuries the victims suffered handled replicas of the homemade bombs that caused the garn i think and saw pictures of the blood-stained note the defendant wrote while hiding from police during a manhunt for the bombers a police officer was also killed in that hunt as war joe czar tsarnaev's brother.
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in u.s. federal cases like this, once found guilty the jury must then decide on the sentence, but some are concerned the jury is is already weighted towards a detective penalty. >> if you are opposed to the death penalty and you say you cannot impose it, even in a case such as this, then you are automatically excluded from the jury. so if you are looking to have a jury that can express the conscience of the community and two-thirds of the community say they are opposed to the death penalty, most of those jurors may be -- most of those potential jurors may be excused and that raises a real concern about whether the jury that ultimately gets impaneled is capable of expressing the conscience of the community. >> reporter: it's almost inevitable that the defense will appeal that will take several yours years to make it through the system. warring groups in the central african republic have signs a peace deal in nairobi. the deal was brokered by kenya without the involve of the you were u.n. or the c.a. report.
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>> reporter: the two agreements were signed in the kenyan capital under the watch of president kenyatta and his deputy. kenyatta finalized the deal by warning the two sides to stick to their end of the bargain and avoid being thrown off track by outside forces. >> i wish to reminds you as leaders of people of the central african republic, you must never forget and always be guided by the fact that your prince approximately interest is the well being first and foremost of the people of the central african republic. >> reporter: it's been a long road to a peace settlement between the mostly muslim celica and the mainly christian group. in 2013 the sale ca overthrew the government in the central african republic. then president francois was forced to leave and rebel leader declared himself the first muslim president of c.a.r. he announced a dissolution of the sale car but many of the ca
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the sale ca but many fighters refused on disband. and the cycle of violence began. one that was so chaotic the united nations warned the country was at risk of spiraling in to a genocide. 10s of thousands of civilians were forced to flee the country. in 2014 he resigned in a move aimed at ending the violence that has taken over the country. but by then, thousands of people were killed and millions displaced and thousands of foreign peacekeepers were september n there are those who question the ability of the warring groups to actually enforce the deal. >> the problem is that not only does it not have buy in from the government it doesn't have full reputation of both sides of the conflict of the problem is the sale ca or excel ca they are not unified forces and so this only represents part of them that doesn't control all of the fighting forces in the feel. >> reporter: but for those taking part in the signing of we
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understand's peace agreement it's seen as a step in the right direction, one that will help the central african republic form a democratic government that indicators to the interest of all of its people. al jazerra. kenya is freezing the assets and withdraw licenses for 86 companies and individuals it says are suspected of having links to al-shabab. those affected including prominent muslim clerics clerics and somali money transfer companies. the move comes after al show bob gunmen killed 147 students at garissa university in eastern kenya last thursday. mo am ahead adow reports. >> reporter: this is a suburb of nairobi. it's widely known here as little mogadishu. over the years somali businessmen both kenyan nationals and others from somalia have set up businesses here establishing the suburb as a trading hub in the eastern african region. but the reputation as a business district has been threatened.
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the kenyan government has revoked the licenses of 86 individuals when & businessmen most of whom are somali. on suspicion of funding the armed group al-shabab. >> the government under the leadership of his excellence are you president kenyatta has put in to place elaborate security and administrative measures to extinguish terrorism on kenyan soil. these wide-ranging efforts include the freezing of all assets suspected to have been linked to the mastermind of the terrorist attack. >> reporter: those whose licenses were revoked include somali money transfer companies hotels and bus company that his operate between nairobi and the east part of the country. the money transfer company help million of somalis hurt by the continue flick in their country as well as refugees in ken i can't remember the government's position to revoke licenses and also freeze the accounts of business men and other entities has hit at the heart of the
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somali business community. traders already reporting a slump in business. and now fearful for the future of their businesses. people are livid. they say they have suffered because of a tax as well as the -- attacks as well as the government effort to his restore security in their area. >> we are the victims the businesses and residents of the crack down also affect us. in the past it was political crock down, now it's a monetary crack down and therefore we are very are very dangerous with this move and we want the government to as quickly as possible to rectify this situation. >> reporter: the government officials promise to enforce the measures. they say they are seeking addition of foreign intelligence and security help after the recent garissa university massacre that killed 148 people. the worst attack in kenya in years. mohamed adow al. time for a short break. when we come back they have been
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forced to leave yemen because of the fighting. now these indian workers face an uncertain future. and body cameras for police in the u.s., but will it make a difference? [office phone chatter] [frogs croaking] you know what, let me call you back. what are you doing?! [scream] [frogs croaking] [yelling and screaming] it's back!
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>> al jazeera america brings you a first hand look at the environmental issues, and new understanding of our changing world. >> it's the very beginning >> this was a storm of the decade >>...hurricane... >> we can save species... >> our special month long focus, fragile planet ♪ ♪ welcome back. a quick reminder of the stop tories here on al jazerra. the saudi-led air strikes against houthi fighters in generally have continued for a 14th day. iran's stayed leader says teheran has september 2 warships to the gulf of aden as parts of an anti.
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[ inaudible ] but john kerry says they are providing support for the houthis. a u.s. court has convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev for the boston marathon bomb that go killed three people and injured 260. the jury must decide whether tsarnaev should be sentence today death or spend the rest of his life in prison. warring parties have signed an agreement that could end the fighting in central african republic. the anti-rebels and the ex-president signed the deal in kenya. the war in yemen has forced thousands of foreign national to his leave the country about 3,000 indians have left since inch 28. many of them are from the southern state. but as faiz jamil reports once they arrive home the hardship isn't over. >> reporter: they can't forget what they saw in em generally. this mobile phone footage taken by them shows just how close they were to the bombs being dropped on the capital sanaa. all of these people who had to leave are from the same neighborhood. and all saw the violence first
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hand. >> translator: i was working in the i.c.u. and every day i saw injuries and dead and burned bodies coming in. the whole hospital was shaking from the bombings. we all stayed in a bomb shelter and were praying. we didn't think we would make it out alive. >> reporter: she and her husband also made it out of yemen. >> translator: toyed leave everything and come here. i have over $12,000 in loans. i don't know what to do now. if things get third two or three months we both would like to go back. >> reporter: but it's unlikely the couple will be able to return any time soon. the government of india still focused on removing it's people from yemen. >> translator: whoever wants to come back we are helping them. we have evacuated people in large numbers and we are sending them back home through planes and then we will scale down the operation. >> reporter: thousands of indians have return today worried relatives since the
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saudi arabia-led bombings began while their home coming is a happy occasion, most left behind good-paying jobs they can't find in india. the pima risking here now are among the last said to return to india this week. many talk about the difficult situation they face escaping the conflict in yep em. evening though they are home now, their troubles are not over. those who have returned from other recent middle east conflict zones say they are still struggling. this nurse returned from iraq last year and said she hasn't been given any help finding a new job. >> translator: when i watch these people returning from yemen on tv, i feel bad for them. i was in the same situation a year ago. nothing so far has happened for me and i don't think anything will be done for them either. >> reporter: these people say they still want to go back to yemen. >> houthis are not any problems with indians, they are very good with indians, we are afraid there will be nothing tomorrow
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after the war. no nothing, you cannot go and do anything when they start looting there, you know, houses. >> reporter: as their debts grow these people wonder how long they can survive sitting at home. faiz jamil, al jazerra. a white south carolina police officer has been fired off he was charged with murder for fatality shooting an unarmed black man in the town of north charleston. >> no racist police. no justice no peace. >> protesters are demanding an end to what they say is the targeting and killing of african americans by the police. the mayor of north charleston says every police officer will now wear a body camera. this latest fatal shooting has revived the debate of abuse police buy police officers and focusing attention on the u.s. justice system, here is tom ackerman. >> reporter: when police policeman in ferguson missouri escaped
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prosecution for killing unarmed black men last year. street protests broke out across the country the death of walter scott another weaponless man at the hands of a south carolina officer has fueled even more outrage, another policemen in that state accused of wrongfully wounding a man facing a rolle long prison sentence the same for a cleveland officer carrying a 12 year old boy with a toy gun. the common denominator evidence which appears to prove police misconduct. evidence that counters the overwhelming tendency to believe the man with the badge over the victim. >> that's why we see officers using code words, i felt like my life was in jeopardy. i felt as if i had to use the course to stop the danger. >> reporter: in the past five years, south carolina police officers have fired their weapons at 209 suspects without ever being convicted but the policeman who shot scott eight times in the back, has been charged with murder. >> somebody was watching.
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>> hallelujah. >> there was a witness that came forward with a video. and the initial reports were wrong. >> reporter: u.s. press barack obama has requested federal fund to go buy body-worn video cameras for up to 50,000 officers. though congress has yet to approve. but many local government have his not waited, including the city where the latest shooting happened. >> once the cameras come in we have to train them on operation of the camera. but we also have to establish a policy. >> reporter: one government study found that with cameras rolling, use of force by officers fell by 60%. as well as a decline in violence from citizens. but in other instances like, this fatal police confrontation with a mentally ill homeless man, police have used the visual evidence to justify their use of deadly force. >> it's the america iness that we have in the past should be cleared up by body cameras more often than not. but nobody should depend on cameras by themselves. >> reporter: and in too many
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cases, body and dashboard cameras have provided graphic evidence of the fatal risks police face every day. though the number of police falling victim to gunfire has been trending lower, 50 officers were shot to death on the job last year. tom ackerman, al jazerra washington. to brazil now where hundreds of people took to the streets in rio de janeiro to protest against what they see as police brutality. demonstrators blame the police for the death i've 10-year-old boy. the child was shots at home during a security operation in a shanty town last week. since january, 40 people have died in similar incidents. the recent wave of violence in rio state is sparking doubts of effectiveness of the government's strategy of pacifying poor areas. family and friends of the 15 mexican police officers murdered on monday have gathered to an or
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their memory. investigators believe members of the gentleman his co state drug cartel known as the new generation are responsible for the deadly attack. the police officers think were ambushed days after the arrests of cuts specedded puck are members of the drug cartel. barack obama has become the first u.s. president in more than 30 years to visit jamaica. he was met by the caribbean nations prime minister. from here, obama flies to panama a to attend the weekend summist americas there he will meet cuban leader raul castro since washington and havana announced plans to normalize relations in december. on you latin american inning. >> reporter: one thing it's not known for is oil. it doesn't have a single drop. but the last 10 years the u.s. has watched as venezuela has
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gained friends and significant influence throughout the caribbean through a generous program of oil it's donated or at least sold at cut rate prices to the tune of $50 billion through a program. but now the tables have turned the prize of oil has plummeted venezuela is deeply in debt and it has been forced to cut its shipments to the caribbean by almost one half including to its ally cuba according to barclays bank and that's why president obama is visiting jamaica the second largest island in the caribbean he's the first american president to visit the island in 33 years and he will be discussing energy. energy security the white house is keen on trying to wean away the caribbean care caribbean's did he pence dance on venezuela oil and wants to renew eights clout. but they are really probably
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more keen on securing their own fuel independence. they know that defending on either the united states or venezuela comes with a high political price tag. the u.n. has released a new report on the state of education around the world. it evaluates goals set 15 years ago to achieve education for all. well let's take a quick look at some of the report's key findings a series of education targets were set at the world education forum in dakar in 2000, one of the goals was universal action tess cespedes to primary education subsahar an africa is one of the success stories it's expected to have 84% of its children ellen el olds in school. but as many as 58 million children are still out of classrooms around the world. new education targets are now being set for the year 2030 and unesco said an extra $22 billion a year will be needed. meanwhile, in i understand near i can'tindonesia saysthe school
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system in an emergency, less than half of the teachers have proper qualify indications and students score the lowest in the world in reading, math matics and science test step vaessen went there to discover why. >> reporter: a few hours from the capital jakarta and schools are in a agree demoorable state. holes in the roof, buildings half finishes, putting children at risk. first java decided to build their own school after the government refused to provide one. money ran out. he dropped out of school before entering high school now she's one of the school's teachers. >> translator: my main problem is that i don't really understand the learning material. it's very hard for me to explain things to the children. >> reporter: the school's principal said only once a inspector have have a visit tids the
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village but no end funding was provided. >> why do i keep trying there high means are very limited the reason is i real wait a minute to help these children, they are all indonesians, we have been living in an independent country for many years but still children are learning and living like this. the government should really pay attention. >> reporter: to reach the school the principal walks every day more than two hours a road has yet to be built. the school system has been in cries face many years and this is the reality due to a lack of proper school buildings and professional teachers i indonesia's workforce is among the least educated in the region. in the past decades indonesia has successfully managed to reduce ill literacy and increase school enrollment but a newly appointed minister of education admits quality of both primary and secondary education is still very poor. he says he wants to train 1.7 million teachers in the next five years.
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facing what he calls an insurgent he asks parents and business leaders to help. >> i would like to call upon the business community to jump in and help us. the business community is the recipients of our education product. the graduates of our schools or going to the private sectors so we are calling the private sector to his jump in. >> reporter: education activists say the government should do more to tackle this emergency. they are asking the president to step in. >> translator: our school system is facing an emergency. and something needs to be done fast. so if the government talks about an emergency what concrete steps do they want to take? we need a huge emergency room to fix this. it can't be done sporadically anymore. we need a nationwide effort. >> reporter: many teachers are paid only 100 to $200 a month like this teacher in west java. the government says more money has been made available for
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their salaries but teachers need to improve their qualities too. the future of 50 million indonesian school children is in their hands. step vaessen, al jazerra west java. and you can catch up with all the news on your website. there it is the address where the police guilds can trump the skin color of the men and women who wear badges. i'm david schuster in for ali velshi.