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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2015 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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shortcomings and are working to correct the problem. but for a country that has endured decades of conflict in education at least, afghanistan is doing well. and you can keep up to date with all of the news on our website, that is >> shots fired. subject is down. he grabbed my taser. new audio when a white officer shot and killed a black man. iran's top leaders say no to a nuclear deal unless sanctions are lifted immediate and it will. and a new report said the government hid the dangers of
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supplements. the ingredient the fda didn't tell us about. ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm stephanie sy. we could get a new perspective on the shooting death of a black man by a white officer. the officer has been fired and faces a murder charge. the police department had put out an audio reporting of the frantic call to dispatch. >> but a cell phone video recording paints a different picture of what happened.
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the man who shot that video tells nbc he felt an obligation to scott's family to make the recording public. >> i thought about his -- his position -- their situation. i say if i would have had a family member that that happened i would like to know the truth about all of this. and that was the reason i gave -- i returned the information, the video to them. residences of north carolina are protesting what they call a pattern. >> peace be upon him. >> reporter: demonstrators circled outside city hall in north charleston south carolina. some praised authorities for moving quickly to charge the officer with the shooting death of michael scott. >> this is finally an opportunity to validate what we
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have always been saying. there is harassment and profiling and abuse, and intimidation happening on a regular basis in this area but we don't have video every time. >> reporter: the police released the radio dispatch wednesday. in a news conference disrupted by protesters the mayor said slager has been terminated. but the police chief was pressed on two key points whether other officers witnessed the shooting and if the officers administered cpr. >> i have watched the video, and i was sickened by what i saw. i was told that life -- saving -- that they tried to save his life. >> reporter: under mounting pressure. the mayor announced the department has secured a grant to purchase body cameras for
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officers. >> we have ordered this morning an additional 150 body cameras, so that every officer that is on the street in uniform will have a body camera. >> reporter: but organizers of the group black lives matter say they want more. >> we need a citizen review board. we need an overhaul of the police department. we need the mayor out, because he has been overseeing this operation for a long time. everybody that is a native that lives here knows this. >> reporter: tuesday night in his initial appearance before a judge, slager was denied bond. as scott's family prepares for his funeral saturday his mother spoke publicly for the first time. >> i almost couldn't look at it to see my son running defenselessly being shot. it just tore my heart to pieces.
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>> charge is not being convicted. once a conviction is put in place, i'll feel a whole lot better. >> reporter: jonathan mar tan, al jazeera. lawyers in the jury are now preparing for the next phase of the boston marathon bombing trial. boston's largest newspaper says jurors should spare his life. he should spending the rest of his life rotting in prison, adding: the same jurors who convicted tsarnaev will now hear the penalty phase. a possible roadblock for nuclear talks with iran.
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one week ago tehran and six nations signed off on a framework. but this morning iran's president says sanctions must seize as soon as a deal is reached. >> this appears to be an effort on their part to promote iran's interpretation of last week's agreement. iran wants the u.s. and her partners to immediately end economic sanctions when a deal is reached. remarks by the highest leaders highlight how far apart the two sides still are, as negotiators begin to turn the framework into a final accord. the first warning came from the president speaking at an event. >> translator: we will not sign any agreement unless all economic sanctions are lifted on the very first day of implementation of the agreement. >> reporter: iran's supreme
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leader reinforced those comments saying he will wait until a final accord is announced before taking a detive position. >> translator: if you ask me if i support or oppose it i neither support or oppose it because nothing has been done yet. the whole issue lies in the details they are meant to discuss one by one. >> reporter: but in a tweet he also warned: both sets of comments could complicate the next round of talks and highlight differences between iran and the p5-plus-1. >> both sides are sending different messages to different audiences. in iran you have the supporters who celebrated. he is telling them don't expect too much. also he is sending a message to those who are doubting all
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together the american intention of these negotiations. >> reporter: since the agreement was announced, the u.s. has repeatedly said sanctions on iran will not be lifted until a final agreement is reached and international monitors verify tehran's compliance. >> the president was clear what we envision is a phased relaxation of sanctions. we need to see iran live up to the terms of this agreement before we take away from the sanctions. >> reporter: this could all be negotiating gamesmanship. >> translator: iran is recognized by everyone as an effective and important country in the region. do you expect a bigger win than this? >> until today the supreme leader had not made any comments, but today he appears to be issuing a warning. in one tweet he says:
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now that perspective, stephanie, could obviously make it difficult for the u.s. side to reach an accord and get an agreement. >> there is a trust issue on both sides. randall pinkston thank you. al jazeera's political contributor joins us from atlanta this morning. jason great to see you. we had this iranian guest on earlier this morning, he said rouhani is speaking to his constituents at home. >> yeah and congress is going to say, see, you can't trust the iranians. this is very common historically. there are always games to be played. rhetoric to be spat back and forth. it's not surprising you have two people going to negotiation, and
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at least initially claim they have different ideas, but it is not going to go over well with republicans. >> lawmakers on both sides of the aisle seem opposed to any agreement that would immediately lift sanctions. could obama lose democratic support if iran keeps talking this way. >> of course he can. now you have got democrats and republicans saying look we agreed to this lunch deal and everybody has a different interpretation. the president never had a very strong handle on his own party when it comes to the negotiations with iran. and the republicans have been vehemently against it. but that's why the deadline isn't until june 30th i think both sides will come to a conclusion by then but now it looks bad. >> josh earnest told me on friday, the day after the deal was struck that the white house doesn't trust iran either.
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so how much of this rhetoric could the agreement really bear. >> i think the deal is not threatened now. everybody has gone too far for this to just end. the reason they keep extending the deadline is because both sides see a value in putting together some nuclear deal. the united states knows they cannot stop iran from eventually getting a nuclear weapon so they want to control the process. both sides actually want this deal but they are not going to act like they want the deal until the very last minute. >> would you expect a response from the obama administration? >> the first thing they are going to say is this a long process. and there are things to be ironed out. and it's very important for us to remember that the process is
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more important because of the long-term goal we're getting to. the president knows who rouhani is actually speaking to. and he can't get into a tit-for-tat battle over twitter or youtube over what is actually a nationally and globally important situation. >> jason johnson, thanks a lot. >> thank you. the u.s. is also warning iran overits involvement in yemen. john kerry said the u.s. will not allow iran to destabilize the region. >> there are obviously supplies coming from iran. there are a number of flights every week that have been flying in. we trace those flights and we know those. we're well aware of the support iron has been giving yemen. and iran needs to recognize that the united states is not going to stand by while the region is detaillized or while people
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engage, you know overt warfare across lines international boundaries in other countries. >> kerry's comments comes as the situation in yemen worsens. two children were killed in strikes on wednesday. the united nations warns of humanitarian crisis in the country. it surging all parties to find a peaceful solution. paying off the debt. greece delivers nearly half a billion dollars to its creditors. we'll talk to "real money" ali velshi.
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defense secretary ashe carter is meeting with the south
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korean counterpart in seoul this morning. russia and china oppose the move. facebook faces a class action suit over privacy laws in europe. a court heard whether it should take the case. some 25,000 people are suing the country. greece today is making its first big loan payment to the international monetary fund. there was doubt greece might have trouble paying this first installment, but as ali velshi reports from athens that doesn't look to be the case. >> greece has got to start paying back some of this money or at least the interest on it. it has received more than 280 billion euros in loans, and needed to make a payment today of about $500 million. this was an interest payment to
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the international monetary fund. greece had until yesterday tried to find options around paying this. trying to get russia to lend it the money. the finance minister had been in the united states over the weekend, talking to the head of the international monitor fund to try to get better terms or an extension. that was not granted. and yesterday reports are that the imf send a demand to greece saying this money needed to be paid. this morning it did make the payment. the greek government did say as late as last week it didn't really have the money for this and if it made the payment something else was going to suffer. one official said they would prioritize salaries in pensions in greece over repayment of this loan. in that didn't go over well with
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the powers that have lent greece money. come tuesday april 14th greece has another payment of more than 400 million euros due. at the end of the month a payment of 900 million euros. and at the end of may, greece has to pony up more money for salaries and pensions. so this drama is not only close to being over. and ali mentioned the greek prime minister was in moscow on wednesday talking about an economic alliance with russia. and the conversation is leading critics to ask again if vladimir putin is trying to undermine european unity. >> reporter: from the far right, french national front to greece's radical left europe's populous parties have an enthusiastic suter in the kremlin. >> there is a set of links between the russian government
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and french parties across europe. >> reporter: like a shared dislike of european union dictate. europe's far left and far right rail against brussel's encroachment on national authority over issues like austerity measures and immigration. positions that dove tail with the kremlin's position. >> the russians obviously like this idea that they can make common cause with someone in the west to denounce this idea of expansion into russia -- what russia regards as its own sphere of influx. >> reporter: space has also proved proved fertile courting ground. >> putin's willingness to publicly embrace the russian
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orthodox church and the conservative values it's espouses. >> reporter: the kremlin's friends have seen benefits after [ inaudible ] refused to lend to french's national front last year the far right party secured a loan of more than $10 million from a russian bank. but can the kremlin's goodwill really drive a wedge into europe. >> it would like to undermine the effectiveness of the e.u. but it's hard to imagine that the fringed friends can do much. >> reporter: they have denounced sanctions against russia but that's pretty much all russia has to show. patricia sabga, al jazeera. president obama has a busy
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day in jamaica today. his visit to the island is historic. he is the first sitting u.s. president to visit jamaica in more than 40 years. president obama is expected to interact with cuban president raul castro. the state department is expected to recommending that cuba be taken off the list of state sponsors of terrorism. the move may help the nations restore diplomatic ties. >> reporter: the removal from the list is a precondition for reestablishing diplomatic relations, so i think if we see that i'm optimistic that the presidents of cuba and the united states may announce the reestablishment of diplomatic relations, that means opening embassies and ambassadors. i think we need to update this list to reflect modern
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realities. in the 1980s, cuba did support the farc in columbia movements in angola and western africa and perhaps the designation of state sponsor of terrorism was appropriate at that point in time but these day cuba's involvement is pretty much limited to hosting the peace talks between the farc and the columbian government and that has been applauded worldwide. so there are human rights concerns within cuba. there's repression of freedom of speech repression of the dissident movement and those are things that the united states should be working with the rest of the international community to address. but they are no longer a sponsor of terrorism. and the state department is said to be in the final stages of making its determination on cuba's position on the list.
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the secret service back under the microscope. and you can pick them up at most health stores but there are hidden dangers in workout supplements. ♪
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a high-ranking supervisor at the secret service is on leave today after a female employee accused him of making unwanted sexual advances. it happened at party at the agency headquarters. the woman alleges he tried to kiss her and grabbed her arms when she resisted. the fbi director said: the national rifle associations annual convention begins today. and one topic sure to get a lot of attention is florida's proposal to allow concealed weapons on college campuses.
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this is both support and opposition to the move. >> reporter: here on the campus of florida state university in tallahassee, a tragedy this past november as three students were shot one paralyzed, and the gunmen shot by police. since then there has been a bill proposed by a republican representative who is also a former army veteran, spent nearly six years in iraq. the bill if passed would allow anyone 21 years and older to have a concealed weapons permit. but many students here say it is just going to make things much more difficult and not a safe environment for students. but there are those that say they have the rights to the second amendment, the right to carry a gun to protect themselves. all of this expected to unfold in the coming weeks, and if it
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is passed it will go to the governor of florida's desk to be signed and put into effect on july 1st. robert will have more tonight at 8:00 pm eastern. a new warning for the millions of americans who use weight-loss or body-building supplements. >> reporter: is this something hiding in the weight loss and body building supplements millions of americans consume each year supplements like jet fuel, yellow scorpion and many others were tested by a harvard processor and his team. 11 of the supplements tested contain a ingredient from a shrub. this ingredient is actually a cousin of amphetamines. the food and drug
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administration says regular exposure to synthetic stimulates can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and neurological disorders, but it has not identified a specific safety concern. the head of a trade group says the fda has a hard time regulating supplements. >> i think consumers may look at a dietary supplement a pill tablet or capsule and think this is like the medication i get from my doctor and the fda has signed off on it. the fda doesn't approve products prior to them going to market. >> reporter: it should be noted that the "new york times" is reporting that daniel's natural product's association has spent millions of dollars lobbying lawmakers to scuttle any
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proposed laws that would hold the industry to higher standards. meanwhile, canada and great britain have declared these products unsafe. last week 14 attorneys general here in the united states lead by new york's attorney general asked congress to launch an investigation. and has pledged to hold retailers like gnc and vitamin shope responsible for the safety of the products they sell. the nfl has named its first full-time female referee. she spent eight seasons in the ncaa. thanks for watching. i'm stephanie sy. the news continues next live from doha. ♪
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>> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ welcome to the news hour i'm i'm richelle carey in doha. we're well aware of the support that iran has been giving yemen. >> iran's president calls for an end to sawudi-backs air strikes in yemen. and greece