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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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country that's endured decades of conflict in education at least, afghanistan is doing well. jennifer glass, al jazeera, kabul. that's the website you're looking at right there. ramalinga raju paz police dispatch audio tapes reveal the moments an a white south carolina police officer shot and killed a black man. the latest from north charleston. nuclear roadblocks - iran's supreme leader says there'll be no nuclear deal until all economic sanctions are lifted. president obama visiting
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jamaica, a strategic mood to move jamaicans closer to the u.s. - and further from venezuela. [ ♪ music ♪ ] this is al jazeera america. live from new york city. i hope pinks. -- randall pinkston. activists are calling for change in south carolina a day after city officials fired a white officer accused of murdering a black man. a few moments ago members of the n.c.a.a. p hope that it will change a culture of violence. newly released audio revealed key moments moments after michael slager shot walter scott. will
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al jazeera's jonathan martin was at the n.a.a.c.p. news conference in north charleston. >> this is the first time the naac naach branch of north charleston spoke as a group. they were quick to prays place as to a speedy investigation, they spoke about what happened in the community and several others who died in the community, african-american and they feel the deaths were not thoroughly and properly vetted. n.a.a.c.p. pointing to the fact that there has been 200 shootings in the south carolina region and none found an officer guilty of wrongdoing. what they'd like to see is a citizen review board set up. >> the action in this case is the exception rather than the rule when black men are killed by those charged to protect and
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serve. the lingering question in this case is what would have happened if there was no video. would there have been an indictment or a cursory investigation where mr scott was painted as a criminal where the officer's version of what happened would have been accepted as true? >> now, the north charleston police department is ordering body cameras for all officers 200 are on order at this point. a larger conversation according to state lawmakers, is what do we do on a state scale. that's conversation about body cameras for all of state law enforcement. it's been debated in the legislature. many hope that because of what happened with walter scott that that will urge some of the lawmakers to move forward and compromise. jonathan martin reporting the south carolina is one of a number of shootings by police and many departments are turning
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to body cameras for officers. tom ackerman looks at the role that they play in these cases. when police in ferguson, missouri and new york city escaped prosecution for killing unarmed black men last year street protests broke out across the country. the death of walter scott, another weaponless black man at the hands of a south carolina police officer fuelled more outrage. another policeman in that state accused of wrongfully wounding a black man faces a long prison sentence the same with a cleveland officer that killed a 12-year-old boy carrying a gun. the common denominator, video evidence proving police misconduct evidence to counter the evidence of the man with a badge instead of victim. >> that's why officers used code words. i felt my life was in jeopardy that i had to use the force to stop the danger.
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>> in the past five jeers south carolina police officers fired weapons at 209 suspects without being convicted. the policeman that shot scott in the back was charged with murder. >> someone was watching. a witness aim forward with a video. the initial reports from wrong. >> u.s. president obama requested federal funding to pie body-worn video cameras for 50,000 officers. congress has yet to approve. local governments have not waited, including the city where the latest happened. >> one came in we have to train them on the operation of the camera, and we have to establish a policy. >> with cameras rolling, use of force by officers fell by 60%, as well as a decline in violence from citizens. in other sentences like a confrontation with a homeless
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man, police used the video evidence to justify force. >> the murkiness of the past is cleared up by body cameras more than not. but they should not be relied on. >> too often they provide evidence of fatal risks police face. the numbers of police calling victim it gun fire is trending lower, 50 officers from shot to death on the job last year. lawyers and the jury are preparing for the next phase of the boston marathon bombing trial, deciding whether dzhokhar tsarnaev should be put to death. boston's largest newspaper said that jurors should spare his life writing that dzhokhar tsarnaev should spend the rest of the his life rotting in prison. adding that he as 19 at the time of the bombing.
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the same jurors who convicted dzhokhar tsarnaev on all 30 charges will begin the penalty phase, maybe as soon as monday. neither approved or rejected. that's what iran's supreme leader says about the deal brokered with the u.s. he and president hassan rouhani said today that all sanctions must be lifted in order to secure the time deal. it's raising questions about how both sides interpret the framework agreement. >> remarks by iran's two highest leaders highlight how far apart the two sides are as negotiators begin the process of turning last week's framework agreement into a final accord. the first warning came from president hassan rouhani, speaking at an event marking the
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country's nuclear technology day. >> translation: we will not sign an agreement unless all economic sanctions are lifted iran's supreme court leader ayatollah khamenei says he'll wait until a final accord is announced before taking a definitive position. >> if you ask me if i support or oppose the agreement, i neither support nor oppose it. the whole issue has details to be discussed one by one. >> reporter: in a tweet he warned lifting sanctions in staples is unacceptable. it could complicate the next round of talks and highlight differences between iran and the p5+1 over how the deal should be implemented. >> both sides are sending
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different messages to different audiences. in iran there are supporters celebrating. ayatollah khamenei is telling them don't expect too much they may be disappointed and create a backlash. and is sending a message to those doubting the american intention of the negotiation. >> since the agreement, the u.s. said sanctions on iran will not be lifted until a final agreement is reached, and international monitors verify tehran's compliance. >> the president was clear what we envision is a phased relaxing of sanctions. we need iran demonstrate a commitment until the sanctions are taken away. >> reporter: ultimately it could be gamesmanship. >> translation: iran is recognised as an effective and important country, do you expect a bigger win moving to moscow where they
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say they have come one a 6 point plan to end the war in syria. government officials and opposition agreed to a military end, but the main opposition group did not take part in the talks. russia's foreign minister said those opposed to bashar al-assad are moving closer to face to face meetings with syria's leader. rory challands has more. >> reporter: for the first four days of these talks it was the opposition groups discussing things amongst themselves. the government's representative santa barbara turned up on wednesday. this document includes things like discussions of humanitarian issues and what they call the fight against terrorism. what we believe it doesn't discuss is the fate of bashar al-assad syria's leader. that is important. the national coalition, the main opposition group in syria has
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been boycotting the talks and sees the removal of bashar al-assad as a main precondition for negotiations. but, the landscape force - for the opposition groups shifted considerably. >> recently we see the rise of islamic state, and this replaced bashar al-assad as the bogieman in the region for western governments. so we have detected a noticeable softening language that the united states is using. the other thing that has happened is the nuclear deal with iran. when sanctions are lifted with iran this, will allow iran to operate more freely as a regional power. one of those allies is bashar al-assad. what is good for bashar al-assad is bad for the syrian opposition. >> meanwhile, 14 palestinian
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groups are backing a move to evacuate some people from the camp. it's unclear whether fighters on the ground will work with syrian forces. the u.s. warns iran over its involvement in yemen. in an interview on pbs newshour. the secretary of state john kerry said they will not allow iran to destabilize the region. there are supplies coming from iran. there are a number of flights coming in each week. we traced those, we are aware of support iran has given yemen. iran needs to recognise that the united states is not going to stand by while the region is destabilized or while people engage you know in overt
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warfare across the lines. international boundaries in other countries. secretary of state john kerry's comments come as the situation in yemen worsens. two children were killed in strikes on wednesday. the united nations warned of a humanitarian crisis in the country and is urging all parties to find a peaceful solution. greece makes a first payment on its debt to the i.m.f. but the millions is a drop in the bucket to what is adelaide. -- what is owed. ali velshi reports from athens. the n.r.a. is meeting - a topic for discussion - the push to allow guns on college campuses.
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officials with the international monetary fund say greece made its first big loan payment of about $500 million. it's the first installment of the billions greece owes to the international monetary fund and the eurozone. many worried greece would have
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problems making the payment. as ali velshi reports, that was not the pace. >> greece has got start paying back the money, refusing more than 200 billion in loans. more than that. they needed to make a payment of $500 million an interest payment to the international monetary fund. greece until yesterday tried to find options around paying it trying to get russia to lend it the money, get on extension on it. the finance minister was in the united states over the weekend, talking to the head of the international international monetary fund, christine lagarde to get better terms, that was not granted. reports are that the i.m.f. sends a demand to the bank of greece to say this money needed to be paid. this morning the greek government informed us that they did, in fact instruct the bank of greece to paying the payment to $500 million just in
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instalments to pay this back. the greek government said as late as last week it didn't have the money for this and if it made the payment something else would suffer. one greek official came to say they'd prioritise salaries and pensions in greece over a repayment of this sloon. that did not go over well with the powers that lent greece money, comtuesday april 14th, greece has a payment of more than 400 euro due at the end of the month, of more than 900 euro and in the month of may, greece has to pony up 2.1 billion euros for salary and pensions money not paid. the drama is not close to being over ali velshi in athens. president obama met with jamaica's prime minister in kingston. he and portia miller spoke about the alliances between the two
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countries. he plans to meet with caribbean leaders. his visit is historic the first sitting u.s. president visiting jamaica in 30 years. tomorrow he heads to panama for the summit of the americas. >> reporter: for the last 10 years the united states watched as venezuela gained friends and influence throughout the caribbean through a generous programme of oil. it's donated or sold oil at cutrate prices to the tune of $50 billion through a programme. now, the tables have turned. the price of oil has plummeted, venezuela is in debt and it has been forced to cut shipments to the caribbean by a half, include including to its ally cuba according to barclay's banks. that's why president obama is visiting jamaica, he is the first american president to visit in 33 years, and will
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discuss energy energy security. the white house is keen on trying to wean away the caribbean's dependence on venezuela oil and wants to recover a lot of its own lost clout. president obama will meet with members of all of the cara come the association of caribbean nations who welcome the initiative. they are probably more keen on securing their own fuel independence knowing that depending on either the united states or venezuela comes with a high political price tag. lucia moouman in panama president obama said it has completed a review on whether to take cuba off the list of terrorism. the white house is reviewing the report a suspension after a female employ accused her boss of making unwanted sexual advances. it happened last week after a
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party at agency headquarters. the manager tried to kiss and grab her arms when she resisted. in a statement fbi's clancy said: the national rifle association's annual convention begins today. a topic getting attention is florida's proposal to allow concealed weapons on college campuses. as robert ray tells us there's support and opposition. >> reporter: here at the state university in tallahassee, in november a tragedy, three students shot, one paralyzed. the gun men killed by campus police. since then there has been a proposed bill in the legislator
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here by republican representative greg stoouby who is a former army veteran, spending six years in iraq. the bill if passed would allow anyone 21 years and over to have a concealed carried handgun on any public university campus in the state. of course there is opposition to this. many student groups here on this campus say it's going to make things more difficult, and not a safe environment for students. but there are those that say they have the right to the second amendment the right to carry a gun to protect themselves. all this expected to unfold in the coming weeks. if it is passed it will go to the governor of florida's desk where it will be signed and put in effect on july 1st. robert ray will have more on the concealed guns at 8:00pm eastern a warning about popular diet and exercise supplements. the ingredients found in many
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that can lead to heart attacks, strokes and neurological disorders. a sea lion invasions is impacting one of oregon's biggest industries.
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a new study finds fracking may be releasing cancer causing gas from the ground. university of californian researchers found the amount of radon in homes increased as fracking takes place, but the author admits the study does not prove a connection. a warning for the millions of americans that use weight loss or body-building supplements, they could contain dangerous hidden hidden stimulants. john henry smith has more. >> reporter: is something hiding in the weight loss and body supplements millions consume. names like jet fuel simerax, yellow scorpion and others were tested by study leader dr peter cohen, a harvard professor and his team. 11 featured an agreement called acatiarigadura - a shrub in the south-west and mexico.
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this ingredient is a cousin of amfete beans, bm p.d. a. regular exposure to synthetic stimulants can lead to heart attacks, strokes and neurological disorders. despite this the f.d.a. says it has not identified a specific safety concern regarding bf d.e.a. the head of a supplement industry trade group says the f.d.a. has a hard time regulating substances. >> consumers may look at a dietary supplement a pill dietary form. they think it is like a document with prescription and the f.d.a. fined off. for dietary products f.d.a. doesn't approve product. there are tainted products. we are vigilant about messaging it to consumers. it should be neath that the
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"new york times" reports that daniel's natural product association spent millions lobbying lawmakers to scuttle proposed laws that would hold the industry to a higher standard. meanwhile, canada and deprit an declared products lick acaciarigadula. last week a senator asked for an investigation to be launched. and pledged to hold shops responsible for the safety and labelling of the product they sell sabra recalled 30,000 cases of hummus because of possible listeria contamination. the deadly bacteria was detected and it was limited to the classics and there was no reports of anyone becoming sick with taking the products. tourists are flocking to the
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columbia river to see thousands of see lions, what is cute to look at is troublesome for some fishermen. allen schauffler has the story. >> reporter: the battle for dock space for migrating male californian sea lions, you find them everywhere along the seafront. >> it's amazing. >> reporter: this marine researcher studied the animals since the 1970s, his recent survey shows twice as many as last year 10 times the numbers dropping by for dinner five years ago. the big draw - massive runs of tasty bait fish smell and spring chinook salmon beginning a journey up river. they'll fatten up and rest for months and head for breeding grounds off southern california. the local diet is a concern for
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wildlife managers and commercial and sport fishermen. >> i don't see what is so special. the faces are cute. but if they look like monsters i bet we would have done something about them. >> he usually fishes upstream 20 miles from the hungry crowd in astoria. further upriver the concern for fish survival is greater, and the tactics aggressive. >> we are 145 miles from the ocean with a tribal boat crew on sea lion hazing duty. scaring california and the biggest stellar sea lions away from salmon and sea head. the salmon are easy targets. 55 california sea lions have been trapped and euthanized in recent years. >> none of us want to kill sea lions, no one enjoys it there could be more killing if more push up river as biologists expect.
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>> it breaks my heart. it absolutely breaks my heart. >> reporter: veronica volunteers with the sea lion defense brigade. critics say the hydroelectric dam system farming and development in the region deserve more blame than sea lions. the dams are a fact of north-west life. >> whether we like them or not they are here here to stay. >> they estimate 5-10% of return salmon salmon 20,000 chinook end up food for see lions. that means the hazing and the killing could continue and expand this year. one of japan's biggest movie stars is getting a new roll. godzilla has been appointed as a special resident and ambassador in tokyo. a reboot of the series is set for theatrical release next year. thank you for joining us. i'm randall pinkston.
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the new froms london is next and for the latest head lines go to^ below is next, and for the latest head lines go to announcer: this is al jazeera. thanks for joining us. i'm jonah hull and this is the newshour live from london. coming up, iran's nuclear deal. its president said he will not sign an agreement unless sanctions are lifted on the same day. the united nations secretary-general describes the situation in the yarmouk refugee camp in syria as a circle of hell. greece hands over $500 million it the