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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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pay the debt tomorrow. which is today, and they made the payment. >> ali velshi reporting from grows, thank you. you'll see ali here on tuesday. that is our show for today. i'm david shuster, on behalf of ali velshi and the entire team - thanks for joining us. tornado outbreak - powerful storms sweep through the midwest, leaving one town in ruins. tonight - the latest on the areas still at risk deadly encounter. new dash cam video out of south carolina showing the motels leading up to a fatal police shooting. what we learn about the officer charged with murder. diplomatic decision - parliament may be close to taking cuba off
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the terrorist list what it could mean for improving relations between the rivals. mandatory vaccines - a controversial bill forcing californian californian parents to have their children vaccinated good evening, i'm antonio mora this is al jazeera america. tonight - officials are trying to determine the scope of the damage in central illinois after an enormous tornado touched down. we are hearing several were injured, one killed as a result of that twister. several smaller tornados struck iowa and ohio, and forecasters warn the worst may not be over. >> reporter: reports of damage after a massive twister touched down in the mid west. worst hit - a rural area about 80 miles west of chicago, this video is from a town of rochelle illinois a population of 10,000. here is from another angle as it
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ripped through the neighbouring community of fair dale. residents in ashton spotted a funnel cloud swirling through their town. the twisters were a result of a line of severe thunder storms that stretched from texas to michigan. the system brought with it baseball sized hail and rain. a woman in farming tonne missouri watched as her car windows were shattered. forecasts say the first batch of dangerous weather past but the region is bracing for round 2. meteorologist kevin corriveau has been tracking fast-moving tomorrows. storms. impressionive pictures. >> we talked about it. it's worse tonight. let's take a look. you see the line of thunder storms pushing through illinois through parts of texas. i want to go closer in and show you. we are looking at tornado watches affecting many states down towards parts of illinois
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indiana, louisiana, arkansas and texas, up towards northern illinois that we saw the majority of the activity and this is what we saw was one of those storms. this was a steakhouse and restaurant before picture, and that is the after picture after the tornado moved through, before sunset. this is what we saw across the region, a lot of damage in terms of hail and wind. when you talk about the tornadic activity this is where it was located. up to the north central parts of illinois as well. we are not out of the woods. we have the threat of tornado watch, still in effect for many states. this will continue all the way through the evening, as well as into tomorrow. also we'll have a big problem with flooding. it has been raining in the region for many day, and the thunder storms will continue as we go towards tomorrow. we'll see what the communities in illinois will have to deal with
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turning to the fatal police shooting in south carolina. authorities released police dash cam video showing the moments before officer michael slager shot and killed walter scott. we know more about how michael slager was allowed to stay on the force, despite a complaint of excessive force. jonathan martin is in south carolina. two significant developments today. >> certainly. and a lot of people have been asking questions - what happened before the shooting. the dash cam provide a few new details about what happened. especially that initial traffic stop what happened before. this today is again a man coming forward, describing his initial encounter about a year and a half ago with michael slager where he says excessive force was an issue. >> mario told his story to reporters on thursday about a north charleston police officer who used a stun gun on him two years ago.
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>> he was late. i put my hand up. he still dazed him. >> reporter: gibbons said police ignored his complaint and cleared the officer. his name michael slager the same officer charged with murder after shooting and killing walter scott in the back as he ran away last saturday. >> if they listened and vetted that man would have been alive, he wouldn't have been an officer in the field. >> reporter: investigators released dash cam video. the car driven by walter scott pulling into a parking lot. michael slager michael slager walks up and says he pulled over for a broken tail light. after a few minutes michael slager walks back scott gets out of his car and runs. you hear commotion, and the officer chasing scott. the rest of the encounter is not scene. calling the death of walter scott outrageous black leaders
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gathered to urge black police and the justice department to investigate other cases where police failed to vet. >> i heard from people in the community saying things hopped to them with the aggressive nature of the north charleston police department. we'll see how it unfolds with the good citizens of north charleston. >> the most recent case is a subdivision, a 19-year-old killed. it was said he committed suicide. the tape of the what happened got lost. the tape was in the possession of the law enforcement. >> state representative david mack who lives in north charles second says the shooting of scott should force leaders to take complaints of racial profiling and force seriously. and pushes lawmakers to acquire body cameras for every police officer in south carolina. >> we'll take that when we go into session, we'll take it up in the house and the senate and hopefully it will be enough motivation to get it past.
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>> reporter: after word that protesters were planning to black traffic by standing across a busy bridge. split shut of the pedestrian trail and was ready to respond. organizers announced that bridge protests had been cancel. >> tonight was the first city council meeting in north charleston since the shooting death. there was no direction mention of what happened but the mayor said he would allow a protestor to talk because there was no item for public comment. and a man that spoke was an organiser with black lives matter. he said what we want you to do is establish a citizens review board, and is asking for the city council to call an emergency meeting, establishes the board, asking if the mayor or others would do that they did not respond, and the meeting adjourned. >> thank you the mother of the south carolina police officer that
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shot walter scott says she has not seen the video. karen sharp told abc news that she thinks her son is a good person. >> i have to take one day at a time. what will happen will happen. that's the way it will be. i can only hope that it's not fo ever. i just have to let it be. and hope god takes care of everyone involved. not just my family but the scott's family because i know they are grieving like i'm grieving. karen says she believes her son did what he was trained do do. a security guard was killed at a u.s. sensis bureau in maryland. a man opened fire exchanging gun fire with police.
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the gunman was shot several times. president obama is in panama kicking off three days of talks at the summit of the americas including highest level diplomatic meetings between the u.s. and cuba since fiddle castro led the european union. john terrett is here with the latest developments. and there have been more. >> there have. there has been more than we thought. the high level talks between the two countries are taking place. we learnt secretary of state john kerry is meeting at this hour with cuba's foreign minister. this is a prelude to a meeting that may take place between president obama and cuban president raul castro probably on the side lines. the focus will be on the two nations normalizing ties. before it cap happen cuba says the u.s. must remove the island from its terrorism list before landing in panama for the summit of the americans, president obama made history in jamaica as the first american head of state to visit the
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island nation. >> greetings. >> reporter: but he was his remarks about jamaica's caribbean neighbour, cuba ha received praise from the jaum achan prime minister. >> we are happy to say to you mr president. you are on the right side of history. >> reporter: president obama announcing that he's close to deciding whether or not to remove cuba as a state spon or of terror. >> that review has been completed at the state department. it is forwarded to the white house, our inner agency team goes through it and presents it to me with a recommendation. cuba is one of four countries on the terror list iran syria and sudan the other three. the change allows havana more access to credit and ease financial roadblocks. palay, who called the -- president obama who called it a powerful tool hinted a change may be coming. >> one thing i will say is
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throughout the process the emphasis is on the facts. as circumstances change the list changes as well. >> the summit of americas this year will be the first to include cuba. many on the streets of panama city where the summit is taking place have not forgotten the isolation, and fighting between pro and anti-cuban government commentors. >> this is a theatrical farce, where they think enemies will talk and sing a song. it's unacceptable. cuban's presence is expected to overshadow talks about central american immigrants crossing the border american sanctions against venezuela, and expansion. panama canal. no bilateral meetings are expected but anticipation is high for any interaction or a handshake on the sideline. the host is optimistic. >> there are two places in the world that all countries share
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common space. as i mentioned in new york and the panama canal. that's pan amma. >> let's be clear, i don't think it will be a formal meeting. they are likely to get together at some point. the last time president obama and raul castro met was two years ago in south africa at a funeral for nelson mandela, and it resulted in a brief happened shake. the expectations are higher this time around. >> thank you iran's supreme leader may be shifting the goalpost on the nuclear accord. ayatollah khamenei saying iran will only sign off on a final deal if economic sanctions are lifted on the first day the agreement takes effect. mike viqueira has the response from the white house. >> in jamaica for a regional summit president obama stepped
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carefully around provocative comments by iran's top leaders. >> it's not done until it's done. the next 2-3 months of negotiations will be critical. >> iranian's president hassan rouhani is disputing the white house version of a key issue, how quickly will sanctions be lifted after a final deal is struck? >> we will not sign an agreement unless all economic sanctions are lifted on the first day of implementation of agreement. >> that is at odds with the president obama administration which on thursday repeated its stance. sanctions relief will come gradually. >> sanctions will be phased on completion of specifics. >> on the streets of tehran the deal was hail as a breakthrough. in his first public comment. iran's supreme leader ayatollah khamenei warned the agreement could yet fall apart. >> what has been achieved so far does not guarantee a deal neither do the talks leading up to the deal.
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it doesn't guarantee that the talks will continue until the end and lead to a deal. >> reporter: another key selling point, intrusive inspections of facilities, anywhere any time and at a moment's notice. is doesn't include the military sites. on that point the american side is not bundling. >> verifies and transparency to ensure pathways are closed down. it's app essential part of the agreement. >> reporter: just as president obama has domestic concerns so do iran's leaders. observers say it's par of the process. >> at the moment both sides send different messages to different audiences. in iran you have the supporters who celebrate. i think ayatollah khamenei is telling them don't expect too much because they may get disappointed and create a backlash. >> on the american side congressional opponents are trying to scuttle the deal. the dispute over details gives
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them ammunition against the president. >> he's not going to sell this. that is why the deadline is not until june 30th. i think they'll come to a conclusion. right now it looks bad a new analysis of airport data shows security breaches happen more often than you might think. the associated press reports thousands of breaches have been logged since the attacks, despite hundreds of millions spent on beefing up security. intruders hopped fences slipped past guard post and climbed on planes. the measles outbreak in california is getting a response from lawmakers, the state is considering making vaccines mandatory for children. the proposal is getting a lot of push back. back.
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the practice of using drugs for executions has been met with increasing opposition over the past year oklahoma senate offered an alternative, passing a bill authorising the use of
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nitrogen gas to execute a prisoner. it needs approval. the method is untested. the move comes days after utah approved firing squads for executions if drugs are not available. >> a battle over vaccinations is shaping up in california. the state was ground zero for a measles outbreak. it is considering making vaccines mandatory for schoolchildren. jennifer london has a closer lock at the contentious debate. [ clapping ] a controversial bill that would require children be vaccinated before attending school passed a test on wednesday, winning approval in committee after hours of debate. >> for the safety of everyone's children they should be vaccine i think. >> i think it's a good idea. it should be the parent's choice. >> reporter: the measure blocks personalities from opting out of -- parents from opting out of
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van seen because of beliefs. the rising case and whooping cough is why it is needed. a senator sponsored the deal. >> we can't have people fearing to go outside, go to school get on public interest and go to a theme park because they are worried about catching a disease like measles. >> we taught have policies encouraging full vaccinations that will not happen until we have safe vaccines. >> forcing children to do anything is not right all 50 states requires measles vaccinations for students. 19 states give parent a choice based on medical and religious reasons, an outbreak linked to disneyland put the golden state at the center of the fight. california has several communities with a high concentration of parents opting out of vaccinations including
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an enclave in northern california. dr john hicks practices and blames vaccinations for autism. >> i have a stepson who developed autism after a set of shots. he hit 105 for 5 days and was the last he was connected to what was going on. >> reporter: there's no credible evidence that vaccinations somehow overload a system. the belief persists and dr hicks is sought after by parents who seek his views. >> i figure out what it is the parent want and what they believe, and support them in that. if a parent believes these vaccines will create a problem, they may create a problem. others like nelson decided to turn away toddlers who are not vaccine i think. >> our duty is not only to the patient, but to the community
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and many patients in the practice who could not be immunized against the measles. supporters say the parents could choose not to vaccinate. >> you have a choice. how far, that choice has consequences if you decide not to vaccinate your child you can do that. you'll have to home skill your child where they are not with other children. >> reporter: if the bill is law, california,s mississippi and west virginia will have the strictest rules in the country dr dean bloomberg is the chief of paediatric diseases. he testified in favour of the bill and joins us. i'll start boning a devil's ad -- being a devil's advocate. why does california need the bill. even though they saw whooping cough and measles, it was
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limited. >> it was limited, but measles is one of the most contagious diseases known to man kind. as we saw with the outbreak at disneyland, it was introduced and fuelled and amplified because of people with personal belief ex-'em shops. it led to 150 -- exemptions. it led to 150 cases, but more kids die from measles. and having kids end up in the i.c.u. on ventilators. five died from pertasus and those cases in california have been linked - the outbreakslinged to customers -- linked to clusters of personal belief exemptions. >> that is whooping cough. although there's a high number of kids not vaccinated isn't there enough. because over 90% of schoolkids in the state and country have had the vaccines. >> there are two. one is let's take the example of
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measles, it's a great vaccine. one ruling in 93-95% immunity, two doses resulting in 97% of immunity. leaving 3% immunized that are susceptible. when it's contagious they can get disease. the issue with the personal belief exemptions is it's not homogeneous. you get a low rate of personal beliefs, but it's not ooex distributed. you get clusters some schools have rates of 5-10%, some in the state have rates over 50% exemptions and the unvaccinated individuals - they serve as reservoirs for when a disease is introduced going through the population like wildfire. not only ipp effecting them but -- infecting them but the vaccinated where it doesn't take. >> the californian bill is the strictest in the nation with west virginia and mississippi.
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you saw the protesters out there with signs saying this is medical tyranny. is it necessary to go as far as keeping kids out of school if they are not vaccinated? >> schools should be safe places for children to be. parents who choose to vaccinate should not suffer at the choices of others though don't. let me give you an example of smokers, saying they have rights and should smoke wherever and whenever they want. it's not palatablement when they smoke, there's second hand smoke. >> why are so many in california refusing to vaccinate their kids when all the science indicates there's no risk of autism. >> all the science is in that direct but there's a lot of information put out there by celebrities and celebrities
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doctors and it makes it confusing for parties coming up we go to a small town in indiana, facing the worst h.i.v. break history. what caused it how some are trying to fight it.
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a small town in indiana is fighting an epidemic austin
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population 42 hunt of 80 confirmed cases of h.i.v. since december. jonathan betz reports on what is behind the spread and what is being done to stop it. >> jeannie struggled watching her home town change? and loved ones die. >> i've had five family members pass away of drug overdoses. >> reporter: you yourself. >> yes. deer to my heart. >> reporter: so dear she works as a nurse. joining what she sees as a fight for the town's life. boston indiana has 4,000. but this piece of american heartland is at the heart of an endemic, facing the state's worst outbreak of h.i.v. ever. 89 cases in four months. 17 times more than it typical year. >> how easey was it for you to get the drug. >> easy.
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>> reporter: much fed by a drug problem that joey madden knows well. >> it's austin's favourite pastime. men have tunnel vision. >> reporter: a long-time alcoholic. and last year he used the drug of choice opana that addicts cook and inject. dirty needles spread disease. he caught hepatitis and it's a miracle he's here. >> you get high. >> reporter: you don't think about h.i.v. >> you don't think about it. >> reporter: one in five live in poverty. >> it's one of the things. >> reporter: with seven officers the police chief struggles to contain the crime in a town plagued by homes. >> if we stop it here we could stop it everywhere. >> reporter: the governor declared a public health emergency. >> to stop the h.i.v. outbreak in its tracks.
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>> reporter: teams of workers arrived setting up a command center offering testing. state budget cuts shut a planned parent clinic. one of the few h.i.v. testing clinics. the town has one doctor. william cook. >> we could have averted this by addressing the drug problem five 10 years ago. we didn't. now we are seeing the end result of that. >> reporter: it's an end result the state health department insists was impossible to predict. >> in a perfect world all services would be accountable. state budget and reality is that's not the way it is. >> she says it devoteded resources. workers give clean needles for dirty ones. >> i'm trying to make a bad situation into a good. >> reporter: joe is getting hem in a town centring -- help in a
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town focussing more on the disease. thank you for joining us for the latest news. head to "inside story" is next. have a great night. hearing another cop shot another unarmed black man to death is one thing, seeing it happen on cell phone is another. in this case the police officer was arrested fired, charged with murder. yes, civilians shouldn't do wrong things once we stimulate that can we ask hard questions about how police are trained and how they react. it's "inside story".