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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> humanitarian mission land lands in yemen. strikes against houthis. hello and welcome to al jazeera live from our headquarters i'm elizabeth farrah. also ahead extending the hand of friendship, the u.s. and cuba begin to normalize their relationship. the man mastermind of the
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attacks on mumbai is freed on bail. plus. >> fisheries once again under the spotlight for human trafficking and slave labor despite government promises. >> the saudi led coalition has stepped up its air strikes in and around the yemeni capital sanaa. the republican guard was also targeted. and thousands of houthi supporters have taken to the street in sanaa to condemn them. many said they would remain steadfast even with the continued aerial assault. first time since air strikes began 17 days ago erica wood
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has more. >> this is much needed medical aid being unloaded at sanaa airport, one of two planes that landed on friday, carrying enough medicine and surgical equipment to treat a thousand people. >> the first plane finally arrived after ten days, is now full of 16 tons of emergency medical assistance which is very needed now yemen. we expect another plane tomorrow hopefully. >> reporter: late on thursday a medical team and supplies also arrived into the southern port city of aden by boat. the properly distributing the aid could prove difficult. the u.n. says roads are being cuts off and boats are being prevented from leaving many ports. >> i would like to share with you again that the situation in yemen is debting worse by the hour. conflict is now affecting 15 out
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of the 22 governors in the country. situation in the country is extremely bad if not catastrophic. >> killed so far in this war there are concerns now about the long lasting humanitarian toll on the population. >> we expect in the coming weeks there to be an upsurge in malflish accreditation the malnutrition, people's revenues are going down, cost of living is going up and government services weakened if not falling apart. >> reporter: and this attack on grain silos thursday night near aden could have a major impact on bread supplies. forces loyal to the houthi
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rebels and the former president ali abdullah saleh blame the saudi led coalition for death toll and suffering. regardless who was to blame yemen was already one of the most impoverished nation, and conditions for civilian population are likely the get worse. erica woods, al jazeera. >> jordanian draft resolution could be presented to the u.n. next week, it would impose a travel ban on houthi leader, and saleh's eldest son there would be an arms embargo and ask to inspect cargoes headsto the country. pakistan parliaments says it wants to main neutrality in
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yemen. the united arab emirates has criticized pakistan for choosing iran over the gulf nation nicole johnston reports. >> pakistan passed a resolution to support what it dawls territorialcalls aterritorial integrity of yemen. one week ago noaz sharif says pakistan should follow, now it is official. >> can you not afford o90 iran annoy iran. >> the other consideration is iran. on thursday its foreign minister
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be javad zarif backs houthis but denies given them weapons. the foreign minister states. >> it has the potential of sphwurng a sectarian conflict, fallout in the region including pakistan. >> pakistan doesn't want to offend its shia population. one of the university students we talked to said pakistan should stay out of the conflict. >> it is their war and it isn't even a saudi war. >> they conduct joint exercises and almost 1 know pakistani warriors stationed in saudi arabia. saudi arabia truftsdz pakistan
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and itstrusts pakistan andits army the sixth largest in the world. it has to be steen support saudi arabia which has given it great financial assistance over the years. at the same time it doesn't want to upset its faib iran and increase sectarian tension at home. nicole johnston, al jazeera islam bod. >> president obama has shaken hands with cuban president raul castro. pair has met before at nelson mandela's funeral but this will be the first time they have held bilateral talks. our diplomatic editor james bays is following events for us from panama city. >> reporter: this is a summit
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meeting of all the countries of the americas and cuba attending for the first time, lots of attention on the cuban president, what sort of interaction will there be? there has already been a handshake and chat, at the beginning of the summit, we believe on saturday there will be a little bit more substantial, what the white house has deermd discussion between two men. the other thing is whether the u.s. decides to remove its staws status as state sponsoring terrorism. they believe it can be lifted,
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the final decision is president obama and everyone will be watching to see whether that decision too is made during this summit because that then face of way potentially for the reopening of embassies in each of the capitals. >> barack obama and raul castro will hold a bilateral meeting on saturday the first such meeting between united states and cuba since fidel castro came to power. daniel schwindler reports. >> the anticipated meeting is something on everybody's mind here. it has been sings since back in december. the changes have coming in recent years have come very slowly and often haven't affected the vast majority of the population.
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ul first offirst of all cuba 'wants to be removed from the list of states sponsoring terrorism. then they want to see the embargo lifted, most people say the embargo is still in place and i think people here do recognize that 50 years of animosity, 50 years of recentsment will not be removed overnight and there is still a lot of negotiation to be done, a lot of bricks to be built before any kind of relations are established between the two countries. the officials are talking and with the two presidents shaking hands a symbolic jest chur will be made, which will allow the two downs establish the retles much, much quicker but it is a
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subject owner all eyes on panama and that meeting on two presidents great sense of home, they are cautiously optimistic they are aware of upon issues that lie ahead. >> india has agreed to free on bail a 2008 incident, one of three men who is confused of muchofbeing the master made hins the attacks. mastermind behind the siege. >> his trial has dragged on for
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years infuriating indian. >> we are very disappointed by what pakistan has done, the reason is unforeseen. >> reporter: six years on from the siege its over the course of 60 years they killed dozen hes of people india believe it was lakve and his armed group that trained independence the gunmen. according to his lawyer, based on the one attacker who survived the attack is a sensitive issue again neighbors
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who haifl have had a difficult relationship. the handshake was said to be a definings positive moment but definingsdefining of positive. >> three months old undergoing hearts surgery we meet an infant suffering from the chernobyl disaster. l disaster. >> it's going to be difficult... >> modernizing the force... >> this is going to be a revolutionary year >> protecting lives... >> the technologies we have available to us are phenomenal >> every sunday night.
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you. >> good to have you with us, i'm elizabeth foranem in doha. these are the top stories on al jazeera. the saudi led coalition has stepped up air strikes in and arounds yemen's capital sanaa weapons depot was one of the targets hit on friday. world leaders are expected to hold a private meeting on saturday. now after years of negotiations india and france have finally struck a deal over the sale of dozens of fightser jets. currently being used by the frens on the fight against
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i.s.i.l, more words about the india's prime minister's vit.. >> reporter: be india is one vitprime minister's visit. >> reporter: a spoimentd france wanted them to take around 120 but they will keep in minds more. >> keeping in mind i spoke to the president about buying as soon as possible after appropriate negotiations, 36 rafal jets in a ready to fly condition. >> they're allies in uferg everything from climate change to nuclear energy.
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case in points money, how much does a fighter jet cost, or a bunch of them, between friends? france wouldn't acontract to supply 126 rafal jets, but the deal hit a snag when neither side could agree on purchasing. there's been a resurgence of purchasing egypt for example ordered 25 air crafts in a 5.5 billion arms deal, it failed to achieve a single overseas buyer and it needs these deelts to keep competition at bay. >> we have strong competitors particularly in the west and
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those could be pleased if the rafal, not sld and then the french, could collapse in a way so it will make some big countries in the west, having the monopoly of sending craft sending weapons. >> this has largely to do with national identity. you remember, france did not go in on its fighter plane project, it chose to go it alone, with its old friends. wuts now the newer friends it needs to have if this plan is going to be fulfilled. phil lavelle al jazeera paris. >> near the city of ramadi, the
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fighting comes just days after the military supported by thousands of shia militia took control of the retreat chem dispiets the army saying it is safe for him to return he says he is too atrade to go home. >> i can't go back to tikrit because of what we saw the shia militia do. the destruction that was done in tikrit. they entered the houses and after they entered they burned them to pretend the i.s.i.l. did it. >> the help of 20,000 shia be militia fighters, it is this group that some cufer of burning homes and ransacking government buildings. many soon muslims fled into.
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>> we don't know exactly what's happening there. what we see on the television, the we hesitate to go back. >> iraq's prime minister, haider al-abadi has ordered the arrest of anyone working in areas under government control. push into other i.s.i.l. controlled areas ever anbar province. but as the fighting intensifies winning the trust of a man like keist will be difficult. al jazeera. took place in jalalabad a dozen civilians were also
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injured. the taliban has claimed spoobilitiesd. responsibility. thousands of children are born with pirts defects. ab drew sim ons. ment. >> maybe only this little one is clinging on to life. his heart mass been stopped a medicine takes over. >> without this, he could not have survived. dr. igor leads what he calls the chernobyl heart team. >> this baby was so big and so strange defect, not usual very high probability can be related
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to chernobyl testing. after all this intense intricate surgery the tiny help is over again, there is every chance this baby will survive. >> the blood pressure is 96, over 52. so. >> whints the hour, the surgeon who, dr. olga earns less than a taxi driver in ukraine's underfunded poorly queapt health service. she reassures the baby's mother, you can touch him everything is okay touch him he will fill you. >> a very going thanks to those who did the operation they have
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golden hands. >> most of the training from e-and equipment caims from yoarches. foreign surgeons are lb plitted now that help may not be enough now. ukraine's government is make ugh more budget cuts. >> we may start to lose kids, will not be able to provide surgeries, lifesaving sum ris. >> as this baby wade in line for the neck relation, unless there is more funding the life savoring work here will be reduced or might even comb to an ends. al jazeera carr kharkiv ukraine.
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(f) more than 50 people have been killed in the runup of the elections. yvonne ndege reports. s. >> allegation nine people were killed when they there are no people attorney people's university party. if that is all i have bit in my life you can see that i have lost everything. >> vin sent tweants wasn't planning to (d) 36 day governors and hundreds of state assembly members. according to nigeria's human rights commission at least 50 people have been killed in similar attacks. people here are afraid there
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could be more voyages. behind the fighting is the bait battle for supremacy it contributes tens of millions of dollar each without always voted tot for the pdp 16 years and the pdp over mohamed many presidential elections were being held. the pdp says the oings know they are going to law school. p drmtp is wee you decide, they can flotd in river stays they
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cannot you make sure oangs does not -- are promisings more marches if the election is thought fair. yvonne ndege al jazeera. >> abuse and ms. treatment report to be right from nee pa ban come. snmplets. >> remote indonesian islands or its sea are finally mourned. a fun making back to, nut past
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rescue it you a reerchlts investigation found that as many as 4,000 men who had been working on thai fishing boats are stranded on rooment who uncovered the abuse in indonesia says the priority now is to get the men home safely. but they need help from the government. the international human trafficking report they're more worried about that iman sompleg the problem. >> the industry was worth 8.8 subjects id to forbesed labor. this is the hub of the fishery united states industry in tiled.
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are many traffic and eviction are many it's also where seafood afternoon tainted by contaminants are here to, expose labor deputy in you you thieltd's history. >> it was not just announcing, putting it into action, setting the rules and regulations and checking the boats. >> even though they are now free workers who have been rescued are haunted by their experiences pfn this worker said he was trapped for 13 years on boats and indonesian islands. >> i don't know what to do next, i have to wait for compensation from the employers. i wants the government to help us. >> the future looks uncertain
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for workers like these who have been rescued let alone for those still stranded in indonesia or trapped in the systematic abuse. vir onca pedveronica pedrows pedrows pedrosa. al jazeera. just a reminder, you can keep track of the news, on >> i never heard of title 9. i was one of the people that thought oh it's never going to happen to me. >> "america