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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>>- announcer: this is al jazeera. from al jazeera adds headquarters in doha this is the new hour. coming up in the next 6 60 minutes. saudi-led's collision steps up attacks on yemen as pakistan vote out of the conflict. police fire live ammunition into the air in nigeria as people gather to vote in local elections.
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it's a handshake but boy is it significant. >> reporter: i'm robin adams, it's a busy day of sport. actions qualifying. and jordan spieth grabbing the headlines. rewriting the history books at augusta. details later the saudi-led stepped up air strikes. including an armed depot, it's 17 days since the operation since the operations began. >> there has been no let up in the fighting. the war in yemen is in its 17th day and the frontline is unclear. in the neighbourhood of aden
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witnesses speak of street battles between supporters of the abd-rabbu mansour hadi and houthi fighters. the houthis are the target of an intense campaign by a saudi-led coalition. yesterday there were fighting. the coalition released military pictures which it says shows the bombing of a sports center in aden used as a houthi ammunition store. >> translation: the use of schools, stadiums and civilian installations is evidence of the abnormal behaviour of the groups and the actions intended to damage the daily lives of citizens and their infrastructure. the houthis had presence in over half of yemen's 22 province and have a firm grip on the capital where thousands turned up to
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march and support. >> translation: we the yemeni people came to take part. to refuse the act of aggression. the people are peaceful. i consider these to be an occupation of our land. >> reporter: concern is growing about the humanitarian impact of the war. two planes carrying aid arrived in yemen since the first time since air strikes, bringing in medical and surgical equipment to treat thousands of people. >> we managed to have a much-awaited second game, 35.6 tonnes of medical supplies but also generators and enough material to fix the broken systems systems. >> reporter: the saudi-led coalition is trying to help abd-rabbu mansour hadi return to the country. he fled to saudi arabia but not all the kingdoms back the military campaign. pakistan's parliament voted to
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stay out of the air strikes, offering to come up with a solution instead. we'll have more on pakistan's decision to stay out of yemen later. i want to talk to a former advisor to the last three yemeni prime ministers. how do you see the end game developing for this. we seem to be in a pattern, more air strikes, but the saudis are not pushed out of the south. i think part of the end game is to get troops. houthis are on the run. they are besieged. in tanks and armored. they can withstand resistance. >> has that been set back by what we have seen in pakistan the pakistanis not going to contribute any ground troops. >> the ground troops are not
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battling there are boots on the ground. just to organise the force. like what happened in libya. they would be invisible. to help coordinate the parties who are unexperienced. they are trying to organise to coordinate the efforts. i am sure in aden they can win. it will be the turning point. they want talks on different conditions. is the gap bridgeable. >> it depends on the u.n. if it forces a resolution under chapter 7, asking the people to come back to talk and shows a stick to the people trying to derail the political process and dialogue like the son of the former dictator as we have heard, then this is a strict
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message to the ainians that they have to play their cards correct. >> the sort of resolution is the one that jordan is pushing for, imposing sanctions. is that likely to get through the council. russia is there. it wants a different resolution. >> we have heard that there were talks between the russians that the russians were not using a veto, they might ab stain to the resolution, but i think again the russians are very much - should be in cooperation with the word because the situation is quite grave, and we might be heading to a regional war if they don't take care of the situation of peace and stability, this strategic area. >> a lot of suffering for people but the people of yemen are suffering. we have seen a couple of planes
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making it in but the question is will they then deliver from the airports and all the areas where people need aid. >> you are right. in aden the aid has not reached the people. there's a ship that arrived. now some of the shipment by the red cross reaches aden but how does it treat the people. the purpose of elite forces resistance to organise the supplies is important. the regional war is a problem, with the iranians showing muscle and bringing free jets of their fleet in aden in the gulf of aden. >> thank you for your thoughts on that mohammed qubaty to nigeria, where elections are under way, people are
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casting ballots, it's a vote watched to see if muhammadu buhari's party will defeat. people will choose 29 state governors and local politicians from 36 states. the elections are important because government has enormous power and influence, and have unfettered access to the treasury and control the health strings. there's a battle for control of two key states lagos, which have a g.d.p. higher than all. the river state with the largest wells in nigeria is the other. ynonne ndedge covers the elections. earlier on there was reports of
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violence. >> that's right. we are hearing that a local television station, channels had its crew cameraman and correspondent roughed up the camera kit was taken away. it's been returned by supporters of the ruling party. there's other word of electoral materials not arriving. several polling stations around 4,000 statewide, and in one incident, there's a dispute about the fact that result sheets have not shown up. the ballot papers are there, not the result sheets which are critical. where i am things are peaceful and calm but turn out is low, less than 100 people have showed up. they were here earlier for the accreditation process.
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in this process voters have to be accredited and they come back later for voting. at the moment most left and 100 or so people that showed up have gone home. these elections are absolutely critical and the river state is the epicentre of the party, the party of goodluck jonathan and the congress of muhammadu buhari because of that wealth talked about. 50 people have been killed. it's been what is causing much of the unrest that we have been seeing here in rivers. >> reporter: an opposition alleges nine were killed when his home was attacked in river state on april the 3rd. >> the people behind this act, there's no other persons than the people's democratic party.
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all i have done in my life you can see it. can see that i have lost everything vincent believes the attack was planned to stop him and others running in saturday's election. voters will be deciding on 36 state governors, and hundreds of state assembly members. according to nigeria's commission at least 50 people have been killed in attacks. people are afraid of more violence. behind the fighting is a battle for control. it's the richest oil-producing state in the country, producing tens of millions each year to whatever party is in charge. giving the party national clout. people in rivers always voted for the p.d. p since the end of military rule 60 years ago, and they won by a landslide victory when the voters chose goodluck
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jonathan over muhammadu buhari the opposition when presidential elections were held on march 28th. the opposition are not only accusing the ruling party of political killings but are planning it rig the vote on saturday. the p.d. p know they are going to lose. >> they believe that. they know that they cannot in river state win election. they cannot. they go all out to making sure they don't vote. >> reporter: opposition forces are protesting the election and promise more marches if the vote on saturday is not free and fair. a curfew and restrictions have been put in place, a sign that police are worried about things going wrong. >> tell us about the earlier
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incident at that material distribution center where people were upset and suspicious that there was an attempt to rig the vote. to stop them voting. in the end, were they able to get accredited. >> no the center where we were was, as we said. where election materials are distributed by the independent national elector. various polling stations around the harcourt area. there was already a comb ocean, a major commotion when we arrived. voters said the material was not there. the night before they allege the police the nigerian police helped the members of the ruling party, the democratic party, take materials out of the building. one police officer was on the scene, there was a crowd, a commotion, when he tried to leave, voters got upset and tried to stop the vehicle, in that process of trying to stop the vehicle getting away the
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police vehicle getting away the police fired bullets. all of us fell to the ground significantly, to remain safe and stayed there for some time until the police were away. after that we were warned and told to leave the area because things could get worse, and within minutes dozens of police officers arrived. many of the voters scarpered, disappeared, fled because of fears about violence. we saw a build-up of security around the commission and where i am there are checkpoints of a lot of security. this is all part of an attempt by the ruling party to intimidate people not to come out. and what they see, if it's anything to go by it's working. this is a base where there's supposed to be six polling stations and only hundreds of people come. people are staying home because of fears about violence. thank you so much ynonne
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ndedge let's look at nigeria's north. ahmed idris joins us live from there. are things smoother in the north, from the stories and images that we are seeing from where ynonne ndedge has been reporting? >> here in kano things have been moving okay with two issues regarding accreditation. some voters have been rejected. every voter will have to come with its own registration card and verified before it comes up. the independent local commission has introduced a form whereby a voter, if he or she is rejected can fill out a form and will be able to vote when voting starts in less than two hours from now.
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so far, here things are quiet. in most of the polling stations and the numbers of voters signing up to vote is not as high as it was two weeks ago, according to what was spoken to here. >> nevertheless some people are turning out to vote around you. tell us why these elections are prnt why they are so important to people when they touch upon the key budget and spending issues that touch people. >> the governorship election in nigeria is important. the governors have a hand in almost every election in this country. they determine who becomes what. and most of the elections held in the country, including the office of the president because they have enormous powers and influence. governors toe the party line. in nigeria, in most of the
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states, it's the other way around. parties follow the governors, and they can influence who the party introduces or nominates. it will be a tough fight in all the states of the federation among those trying to be governors. some are having it very very difficult to try to access. because business has built up a base that is very very strong and for an outsider to break that, would have to come with a lot of goodwill from the voting pop u -- population. if you look at how politics is structured it's always essential. it's the people that select delegates, and the delegates at the state level select delegates at the national level, who select who becomes presidents. the governments who control the
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grassroots, also you have people with a lot at their disposal especially in states that generate in nigeria. thank you so much. ahmed idris there so much more to come here on the al jazeera newshour. we are in nashville, where the biggest gun group is meeting and pro-gun politicians are seizing the moment. plus... >> i'm veronica pedrosa near bangkok thailand at the hub of the fishing industry which is once against under the watch of government for slave labour lewis hamilton makes history in qualifying for the formula 1 grand prix. that's later in sport. now, an egyptian court sentenced mohammad badie, the spiritual leader of the outlawed muslim brotherhood for death for
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inciting chaos and violence. 13 other senior members have the same sentences. the court sentences u.s. egyptian citizen to life in gaol for supporting the group and transmitting false news. the sentences can be appealed before egypt's highest civilian court. >> reporter: fighting intensified in iraq's province between the iraqi army. i.s.i.l. says it seized most parts of the town. the iraqi army says it's holding grounds. hundreds of families fled the area. >> 43 security forces have been killed during the fighting in anbar province. charles stratford has more. >> the iraqi army targets i.s.i.l. positions near the city of ramadi struggling to defend the area. the fighting comes days after
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the military supported by thousands of shia militia took control of the city of tikrit. this is a sunni muslim. despite the army saying it is safe to return he is afraid to go home. a. ry can't go back to tikrit because of what the shi'a militia did. the destruction in tikrit. they entered the houses. after they looted them they burnt them, pretending i.s.i.l. did it. >> reporter: tikrit was a major victory, doing it with 20,000 shia militia fighters. it's this group that some sunni residents accuse of looting and ransacking government buildings. many sunni muslims from tikrit fled with their families to erbil in the northern kurdish region of iraq. >> honestly, we are far from the scene. we don't know what is happening there.
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what you see on television, that the shia militia has a negative impact. we hesitate to go back iraq's prime minister visited anbar to congratulate the troops and ordered the arrest of anyone breaking the law in areas under government control. winning the trust of people like this will be difficult . they want to continue to build on the victory in tikrit and push into other areas. as the fighting intensifies, wins the trust of these people will be difficult an i.s.i.l. affiliated group, called sinai province posted a picture of its leader who reportedly was killed several times. they were calmed something else. he was present when two egyptian
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soldiers were killed. the video shows a soldiers asking the susan shaprioegyptian army to stop sending forces to sinai. >> in libya nine have been killed 20 wounded in benghazi. it happened west of the city between a coalition of militias and forces loyal to abd-rabbu mansour hadi. the government - the country has two rival parties too. u.s. president obama has shaken hands with the raul castro the latest sign of thawing between the two country they are expected to hold a private meeting. james bays is in panama city. >> reporter: arriving for a summit he hopes can change relations with its neighbours
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president obama started a process of normalization with the government of raul castro months ago. a cell phone camera took pictures of the two chatting and shaking hands. in a matter of hours they are expected to have a proper construction the first time it happened since mr castro's brother fidel seized power in 1959. >> as the united states begins a new chapter in the relationship with cuba we hope it creates an environment improving the lives of the cuban people. >> reporter: the u.s. is key to show the summit that it's a change in the region. there's a cloud on the horizon. protesters are angry about an ord by president obama, placing sanctions on senior venezuelan officials and condemning the government of president nicolas
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maduro. he made a point of visiting a place where civilians were killed during the u.s. invasion of panama more than a quarter of a century ago. the left is tradition of latin forgiveness from panama and latin america for the invasion of 1989. >> reporter: he is not the only critic of obama. at many side events, it's clear the left is tradition of latin american politics is alive. these comments from bolivian president evo morales. >> translation: now they can't dominate us with military dictatorships - what do they do? economic aggressions, trying to drown the imperialistic governments. when they can't do that, they try to divide us. >> reporter: some nations in the region are wary of the united states. but if that meeting between obama, and president castro goes ahead, it will be an historic
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moment, and if, as expected, the u.s. removes cuba from the list of countries that are believed to be state-sponsors of terrorism, things really will changed at the summit the thai government vowed to do more to stop slave fishing an men were rescued from a remote island. they had been working for boat epers in the fishing -- boat owners in the fishing village. veronica pedrosa was in an area where some workers attempted to rebuild their lives. >> reporter: at a buddhist ceremony hundreds that died at islands or at sea are mourned. few of the survivors pray with the monks. they ask that we don't show their face because rescued workers and families have been threatened with violence for
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telling their stories. a recent investigation found 4,000 many as 4,000 men on thai fishing boats are stranded on remote indonesian islands. workers' rights in thailand who uncovered the abuse say the priority now is to get the men home safely. they need help from the government. >> the government is too worried about the export sector, and the international human trafficking report - they are more worried about their image than solving the problem. >> thailand is the world's third largest exporter of fish and fishery products. the industry was worth 8.8 billion in 2012. the international labour organization estimates 17% of workers are subjected to forced labour. >> this is the hub of the fisheries industry in thailand.
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it is where many trafficking victims say they are recruited and sold by brokers to fishing boat captains, and where seafood is brought to be distributed nationally and globally. >> for years, cases have emerged that expose labour abuse in thailand's fishing industry. >> now we are changing the system. we announced that in the beginning, it's not just announcing. we are putting into action in legislation, setting rules and regulations and checking the boats. >> even though they are free, workers rescued are haunted by their experiences. this workers was trapped for 13 years on boats and indonesian islands. >> i don't know what to do next. i have to wait for compensation from the employers. it could be 2-3 months. i want the government to help us. >> reporter: the future looks uncertain for workers like these, who have been rescued, let alone those stranded or trapped in the systematic abuse
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now, let's catch up with some weather with richard. i understand the weather has been keeping people out with their brooms in the midwest. >> yes, a nasty situation. we have had 16 tornados across the region during the course of thursday causing problems and really with the tornado, causing - this sort of damage in illinois. illinois iowa and missouri and in the nearby town of fair dale. they have two e f3 tornados. at the moment it looks like they are clear, looking at a different picture, rain. april tends to be the deadliest time of year for tornados. this weekend is the 50th anniversary of the palm sunday outbreak when 24 tornado were spawned and 251 lost their lives. we have different issues wet
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weather, and practice was halted at motogp in austin texas because of wet weather. it may be an ongoing feature in the next couple of days. there's a weather front linking across the south, and is likely to begin towards the north, as we look at the forecast there's heavy rain across the florida panhandle, and it begins to intensify over 24 hours. heavy rain mild conditions. i think many areas will see flooding rain in the coming days. thank you so much. stay with us here on al jazeera, still to come home town within site but out of reach. we meet the georgians displaced by fighting and the wonder goal that could have decided the dutch football champion. robin with all the sport.
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you're watching the al jazeera newshour. let's remind you of the top stories. the saudi arabia led coalition stepped up air strikes in and around sanaa. military institutions in the district were hit. it's 17 days since the operation against houthi rebels began police in nigeria fired live ammunition to control a crowd in port harcourt angry because voting materials had not arrived. people are choosing 29 state
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governors and other representatives fighting between iraqi army and i.s.i.l. towns sieged say i.s.i.l. the iraqi army stays it's holding ground. now a look at why pakistan is not supporting the saudi-led coalition. nicole johnson is in islamabad. >> reporter: after a 5-day long debate pakistan's parliament decided to not support the territorial integrity of saudi arabia. >> yemen is like a quick sand. no one can come out. there'll be no winners. >> reporter: a week ago prime minister nawaz sharif said pakistan should support saudi arabia, now it's formal. >> this was the best compromise in the present situation. there had to be a lot of balancing between iran and saudi
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arabia. you cannot afford to annoy iran the other consideration is iran. thursday the foreign minister met the saudi arabia chief. iran backed the houthis. is it states in the resolution:. >> pakistan doesn't want to offend the shia community those belonging to a shia sect. most universities say pakistan should be out of the yemen conflict. >> pakistan should not send forces to saudi arabia it's their war, it's not even their war. >> reporter: saudi arabia and
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pakistan's military have strong ties conducting joint exercises. there are almost 1,000 pakistani soldiers stationed in audi fis ski world cup. riyadh called for ground troops. it trusts pakistan. and its army. it's the sixth largest in the world. so far it is not sending extra forces to saudi arabia. >> reporter: it's a reflection of a balance. it has to be seen it's given great financial assistance over the years. at the same time it doesn't want to upset its neighbour and increase sectarian tension at home we'll take you back to nigeria, where state elections are under way. the ruling people's democratic party lost the presidency and the senate majority to muhammadu buhari's all progressive
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congress or a.p.c. party. the important battle states include river state in the niger delta, the richest oil-producing region controlled by the p.d. p, and lagos in the south-west has historically been controlled by the a.p.c. these eight swing states are closely watched. they could switch from the ruling p.d. p to the a.p.c. is others states could flit. and aggressive campaigns have been launched. we have the election covered whether the pressure has been felt. >> it really is an amazing feeling. people here seem excited about the future. finally able to vote in relative peace. bear in mind a lot of people have been displaced by months and months of violence. boko haram would come into the
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villages and many were displaced. a lot of people come from a town three hours from yola which is a capital. women, children men, who tell horrifying stories of what they went through, how the villages were raised to the ground. people were killed they ran to the bush trying to look for safety. the military and government has said it's safe to return to their homes. people have mixed opinions about going back to the north of the country. >> the only problem is that there are homes that are bombs. boko haram planted bombs in some houses. this needs to be checked. they need to be checked. and remove the bombs. >> from the beginning, we have some that didn't run away. now they are settled >> reporter: some people have
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bags packed ready to go home as soon as they get the all clear that it's okay to go back to their villages. we have seen disturbing destruction and devastation that has been happening further north, mosques destroyed, bridges, homes, people don't know what they are going back to. the scary fact unexploded devices. the army is telling them it's not 100%. the government warned people do not rush to go home. wait for the all-clear. boko haram may have been bushed further back they are so concerned about security that they come in sweeping it clean. so far all the people making it safe for them to go home we are joined by a nigerian political blogger, joining us via skype. good to have you with us. tell us why the elections are
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important, and let's start with the money. governor's control key budgets, don't they? >> yes, they do. they have 52% in the accounts. governors are able to share the local government and directly they have 46%. apart from that. they are able to generate a lot of income in lagos, because of their huge massive oil war, and the fact that they won the case and that it's controversial. you said there were elections, but there are no elections. what can happen is when the incumbent governor switched to a.p.c. three years ago. >> you're a blogger, what are people saying in cyber world about the elections, and what is
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important to them? >> really and truly the biggest battle has been won, and the process finishes on 29 may 2015. the presidential race is important. now it's all about much more smaller interests. people are interested in what is happening in their state. and in river state there is a lot of desperation. that happened during the presidential elections. all the shenanigans prompted the u.s. and the u.k. governments to release the statements. now, it's more different, because whatever conduct - there is no effect. lagos is so serious. the president of nigeria is currently making strikes, trying to see what happens in as much
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as possible. you'd understand why the p.d. p would be interested in winning lagos, they lost for the first time in 16 years. lagos looked like a crush part of the coming back. i don't know if nigeria has been thinking about that. the general results would reflect almost exactly what happened with the presidential. the p.d. p will lose its stronghold on the fifth. that is what will happen. they are not likely to get a single state. they might be able to get maybe - not in central, which is a stronghold of the p.d. p. it is likely to use a lot of defections moving to the a.p.c. the p.d. p did disastrously it
6:41 am
was the worst. they are likely to lose to the a.p.c. and is likely to use one of the states in the south-east. it is expected to hold sway and be a huge area for the governor and for the deputy speaker. so the biggest is actually... >> a lot of swing states involved. >> yes. >> what are your thoughts on that? >> my pleasure. >> hillary clinton set to launch a 2016 presidential campaign. that's according to various u.s. media reports. the former secretary of state is expected to make the announcement on twitter on sunday. this will be her second bid to be president. she failed to win the democratic nomination in 2008 against barack obama. clinton is probably glad she didn't attend a convention by
6:42 am
america's biggest gun lobby. several presidential hopefuls took aim at her gun control views over those of president obama. fighting what they see as restrictive laws. tom ackerman reports from nashville. >> reporter: the 70,000 people who thronged the nashville hall demonstrated the strength of a democratic bloc. those that see gun ownership as a constitutional right and a haloed tradition. people like this young mother owning four guns. >> more for protection. i have to do more practice shooting. >> reporter: many complain about the media's distortion of their motives. >> they don't want to use it but have it just in case something happens, to protect their family that is a misconception, you know a bunch of crazy people out there
6:43 am
shooting stuff up. >> most of the crowd was here to see the guns and the gear the nine hopefuls were here to tell them they would not only preserve gun owners rights but fight to expand them. >> marco rubio targeted the tight laws in washington. it is excusable in washington the seat of the people's power, the constitutional rite to bear arms is in jeopardy. and that's why i took action last month to roll back d.c.'s restrictive gun laws. >> reporter: he and the others broadened messages to restate a central theme, that president obama is lenient. >> why don't you focus more on keeping weapons out of the hands of islamic terrorists and less on keeping weapons out of the hands of law-abiding americans? >> but with president obama's office coming to an end, the candidates warned the audience
6:44 am
that hillary clinton would be worse for gun owners. 10 police officers and california have been suspended. footage emerged appearing to show them beating a suspect that had surrendered. in the clip officers can seen beating a man for around a minute. that was, of course after he was subdued with a taser. the sheriff of the country described the actions as excessive. moscow signed an integration treaty with south ossetia, recognised as belonging to georgia, it was bad news for tens of thousands displaced by two conflicts. without these opportunities, their futures like bleak, as is explained. >> reporter: she's been washing her family's clothes for the
6:45 am
same way in the past 24 years. sharing a standpipe for people displaced by conflict between georgia and south ossetia. they remember it like yesterday. >> translation: 27th of march, 1991. i thought after some period i would return. so much time has passed and we are still here. they believe they have had more than enough time to turn their lives around. he is out of work and the house is falling apart. >> translation: three governments have changed. nothing has been done. >> reporter: the family are among 250,000 internally displaced people. i.d.p.s from conflict in the '90s, and 2008 when russia intervened. two-thirds of them are without decent housing. they are trying to provide new homes. this accommodation, built for
6:46 am
the european youth olympics this summer will be apartments for i.d.p.s. >> jordan makes up 7% of the population. the numbers of people in need rise as families have more children. so they'll have to build more homes like this but also provide opportunities, jobs in a country already crippled by high unemployment. officials say they need to find a billion, but can no longer rely on international aid. >> there is war this ukraine, or what is happening in iraq. we understand that the problem in these regions are more serious now than in georgia, and because we understand that they are craving support from a cemetery overlooking south ossetia, they show where his son should have been worn.
6:47 am
his home town is in sight, but out of reach, in russian controlled territory. >> i do not think returning there is possible - at least while i'm alive. >> reporter: no going back to the way things were but a hope that his son will have a different future all the sport coming up with robin, including the larger than lies digo maradona scores you goal for peace in columbia. that story in a moment.
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6:49 am
. >> football fans - robin is here we know what that means. >> time for sport and gofl. jordan spieth holds a lead at the halfway mark. they are setting a new record for a low score after 36 holes at augusta, moving 14 under. we have this report. >> reporter: jordan spieth was not born when masters scoring record was broken some 39 years ago. but the 21-year-old continued to dazzle on day 2 at augusta, and he takes a 5-shot lead and makes history in the process. >> i don't want to go with 36 hole best record. someone that didn't win - ultimately we continue to strike the ball away that we have been playing, and trying to shoot under par rounds this weekend. >> charlie hoffmann is spieth's
6:50 am
greatest rival. the american carding a 4-under 68 to move to 9-under. there were concerns for tiger woods and his form. he made the cut after carding a 3-under second-round 69. >> it was a low moment in my career. but to be able to basically change an entire pattern like that and, you know put it together and put it into a position where i can do this it's something i'm proud of. >> reporter: the favourite, rory mcilroy, had a rocky second day. he went on to card a second successive 71. >> i need to shoot a 14-under par weekend and jordan play a couple of average ones and neither of those two things look like they'll happen. >> what next - a 2-day total matched by three players in the
6:51 am
history of major championships. >> motor sport news for you. and formula 1 lewis hamilton ensured that he started qualifying at the chinese grand prix beating nico rosberg. 0.04. lewis hamilton the fourth drive to notch up five or more suppositions at the same circuit. sebastien vettel starts sunday in third. one of the biggest names in international badminton is fighting to save his career. lee chong we is facing a 3-man panel from the badminton federation. he tested positive for banned substances at last year's world championships in copenhagen. while he was world number one, he's been temporarily suspended from all competitions since then. more from the executive editor of the mallet mail.
6:52 am
can you explain what the significances of lee chong we and how he contributes to malaysian sport? >> it's a big deal because he has been number one national champion. number one for a long time. and the sat reality that this whole episode shows that we don't have anyone else. if anything was to happen if he was banned for two years, we will not have anyone for the next decade or more. it will be a big blow to malaysian sports. >> there's many unanswered questions about the positive test. what has the impact been on the sport of badminton as a whole. >> ever since he's been banned we have not seen any single person act step up. it is too huge the gap. performance is bad at the all
6:53 am
england and the malaysian open and the singapore open. yes, they have taken a beating with regards to you know this whole matter. >> do we expect a verdict to be handed down or sanctions to be handed down after the course of today? >> i seriously doubt it. it would be a technical issue, and the representative person doing research - i am sure the panel deciding this matter would need time and i doubt it will be a matter of it i think it will be a matter of days. the latest report states that you know no one expected today. that says it all. >> we'll keep a close eye on. the executive editor of the mallet mail live from kuala lumpur thank you for your insights fght using the word great to sum
6:54 am
you have richie benaud. a former windies cricketer scribed the iconic commentator. richie benaud passing away at the age of 84 was one of the most iconic cricket. the west indies star talks about some of the moments he shared with him. >> richie benaud one of my first asowses with ritchie. i never ever thought i would get the privilege, and i was nervous and early on my career. he got me to relax. he said at one point "mikey what is in front of you, there's a white button. if you need to talk about something, and you need the director to show it press it and ask for him." he made me release that i was a part of the broadcast, i could get involve.
6:55 am
ritchie was a great commentator football news. and late on saturday the leaders pec could be crowned. winning 3-1 on friday. highlights from the game. a strike by joshua after 50 minutes. ajax failed to win the game. teams of glory taking the football federation of australia taken beaten out. the club was found guilty of exceeding a league salary cap and providing payments to six players. an injunction was the response in the supreme court of western australia. argentinian legend returned to the football pitch, maradona.
6:56 am
it was a fallen game the larger than life player made an impression on players and fans in the exhibition fan in the colombian capital of bogota. maradona made his presence felt. as you see, a penalty in the second half. one could question how easily he went down there. maradona scores the winning goal. and he celebrated like he won the world cup in 199 #. the oklahoma city thunder kept themselves in contention for the n.b.a. westbrook matching an average with 28 points. thunder beating the sack roemento kings, ending a 4-game losing streak tying with new orleans for the final playing spot. in the western conference there are three games remaining. >> it's the biggest rivalry in
6:57 am
baseball and the first encounter between the new york yankees and boston red sox. into the 12th the light went out at yankee stadium forcing a delay of 16 minutes. it would take until the 19th minute seven hours later, to decide the result. a double play from garrett jones children clinching a win. the teams are back for game 2 in less than 11 hours. a quick turn around time. that's the sport do you like home videos? >> i do. >> you must. you have lovely kids. these are funny home videos from the astronauts on the international space station. using a go pro camera to record the space walks. they have completed two walks to prepare the i.s.s. for the first spacecraft capable of
6:58 am
transporting astronauts.
6:59 am
7:00 am
saudi-led coalition steps up air strikes on yemen's capital as pakistan decides to stay out of the conflict. from al jazeera's headquarters also ahead - local elections get under way in nigeria. can the president garner more support. the u.s. and cuba take a step towards ending a decade long rift. >> coming up we'll tell you why