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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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up. >> kenya gives the united nations three months to move one of the biggest refugee camps over the border into somalia. i'm david fortunate you're watching al jazeera live from london. over the next 30 minutes in yemen saudi-led airstrikes. and much-needed aid touches down in the capital of sanaa.
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and after their hellos, their handshake, the cuban and u.s. presidents sit down for historic talks. panama. >> this has just come out in the last hour or so, it's potentially enormous. the kenyan government telling the united nations to move a massive refugee camp. over the border from kenya into somalia within three months. if it doesn't do that kenya said it will take action itself. one of the world's largest camp shelters largely somali refugees who face civil war in their own country, but kenya has 600,000 people are possibly there.
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and the decision to say you got to get out follows an attack by somali fighters in a kenyan university that killed 148 people. it has deeply wounded the kenyans in more ways than one. confirming the motive speaking on saturday saying that they said we have asked united nations high commissioner to relocate the refugees in three months. failure to do which we shall relocate them ourselves. they went on the way america changed is the way that kenya will change after garissa garissa being the place of the university where all those students died. this is extraordinary. if it's actually going to happen.
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>> well, this, is the boldest statement from the kenyan government yet. >> this is going to put refugees in more difficulty. they are not ready to receive them because of the massive insecurity. but to their credit, the kenyan government are argue that they have their own issues to deal
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with and they're trying to avoid. >> perhaps if they went over the border to somali where there is massive unrest, but the idea of having to move, the suggestion that they only have three months where they are for many people this has become their home. it has been for years in many cases. this is going to induce some kind of panic probably. >> well, i didn't get your question david. but just to talk about the issue of the refugees and how they've been living over the years they have grown from 90,000 to
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600,000. >> we'll hear from you a little bit later. thank you for now. >> now to the war in yemen. airstrikes and ground fight include armed factions have been battering much of the country as they have been for more than two weeks. the coalition airstrikes in amran and ibb lahij and shabwa.
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military bases in sanaa also came under attack. among those the hudaytah military camp, who are loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh, they along with forces loyal to saleh battle those loyal to the current president. they have killed two iranian military officers, yes two iranian military officers who were advising houthi rebels, and they issueed a von coy convoy of those loyal to saleh it has added up to a bigger picture that has put thousands if not hundreds of thousands in the need.
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help. >> we just received today 35 tons of assistance, a bit more than 32 tons of medical assistance. and we're going to distribute the assistance as quick as possible. >> the spokesman for the houthies who say despite the rebel strikes the the rebels are defiant.
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>> the negotiation where we're going in the capital of sanaa. at the time being there is no active president to negotiate with. we didn't leave our strongholds to al-qaeda. however, al-qaeda is trying their best to take over in some areas. security forces are exerting earths to stop them from advancing to our areas. the houthi organization is targeting or army and economic infrastructure. they target roads, bridges and they must stop this against us. >> more on the conflict later on al jazeera. when the saudi-led coalition hold its daily briefing on its defensive against the houthies. u.s. president barack obama has shaken hands with cuban
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president raul castro. they're likely to hold a meeting later in the sidelines at the summit in panama. mr. obama said that he's ready to remove cuba from the terrorist list of sponsors. >> as already noted the changes that i announceed the change of relationship to cuba. it will mean more americans traveling to cuba. more cultural exchanges, more commerce more potential investment, and most of all it will mean more opportunity and resources for the cuban people. we hope to be able to help on humanitarian projects, to provide more access to telecommunications and the internet and free throw of
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information. we continue to make progress in foreign diplomatic relations and i've asked congress to work on lifting the embargo put in place in the first place. >> we will bring the pictures to you now. we can see from panama raul castro the cuban president rather fidel castro, but raul will be taking cuba into a new relationship with the u.s. he has not said anything of significance in the bigger picture, that being the two countries. but we'll keep an eye on that as we bring our diplomatic editor james bays.
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>> did they deliver on anything else other than symbolism? >> so far no, david. there was a handshake and a brief chat between the two men that took place in the opening of this. but we understand a bigger meeting is on the way. i think looking at the schedules it's most likely that's going to be when there is a break in these formal speeches, a break for lunch and some bilateral meetings. nothing formally announced but all the indications certainly from the white house is that they're going to have a meeting which will be historic. there has not been a meeting, a proper meeting of substance between the leaders of the two countries since the cuban revolution in 1959. president obama making it very clear that he wanted a fresh start in his piece. he said he was focused on the future. he didn't want to talk about ideologies. he wanted to talk about progress and results. he talked about. cold war and he said he's not interested in battles that took
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place before he was born. in the last few minutes raul castro has been echoing some of those comments. raul castro said when he started here you only leave me eight minutes to speak but i'll take a little bit longer because you've excluded me from seven of those last submits. he said it was good that the u.s. was not trapped in ideology from the past, and was more committed to the region than any other decades. conconciliatory words of a historic meeting that we think will take place in a matter of hours. now the substance taking place in the meet something that status of cuba. >> i'm going to butt in. you may listen to this as well as what mr. castro is saying. in the middle east they've documented once again by the spokesman for the saudi-led coalition.
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>> from the batter of the forces from inside and from our side this is a joint effort and this is very much concentrated all the planes are conducting the population according to the plans.
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this the operation as stated yesterday, pressure is still continuing against the militia movement. we've targeted in saada region. now there are other two ways, either they go to the south now all the routes are becoming difficult for them to use. and we have blocked some of the routes to make it difficult for them. so we have blocked all the
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easier routes which they were using. and now they're trying to reorganize and together which the militias seize in saada or sanaa. yesterday we have targeted in the east of aden, and the main center in aden and areas that have been targeted many times. so we can stop the operation.
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there are some operations we have taken at the sanaa airport. so the operations continue to target the leadership site and this population, as you can see as far as aden, and the operation becoming less complicateed. they have existence in the south and their operation to harm the citizens so they can make this
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military effort, but the air operation is doing his job. and their operation becoming very slow and difficult it is only causing harm to the daily living of citizens. as for the operations there were some of the defense areas and then we targeted the sites to stop the militias using it.
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the movement of some of the targeting and in job had been conducted on a daily basis so we're not allowed any space in order to execute operations. evening in the military camp they have been targeted.
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as far as the ground operations, these houthi militias and their supporters. in the early hours of the morning there was some fire. the conflict is still going on, and there will be further announcement to clarify the situation in this area.
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they are operating under so much pressure, and now they're moving towards the areas of the border the observations any movement, and to stop and look the supply to this militias.
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aid delivered to areas of conflict. also the bodies of the red cross in order to facilitate the supply and get this aid to and we hope that-- >> good evening a question in english from the bbc you cite a number of target you have struck it sounds like you have
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made progress, but is this military campaign actually going according to plan? and as a follow up what comes after the air campaign? you've described a crescendo of airstrikes, but how long is this going to ton for and continue for, and what comes after. thank you? >> it's a campaign in the beginning. the most important objective is to support and to reply to the request of yemeni government when they ask for help to help the yemen to keep their government out of the area of the militias. second objective is to make sure that those militias does not have any capabilityies to harm
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the population or their political agenda in yemen. when they attack the president and when they dismantled the parliament when they fly the fighter jerk to attack the palace this behavior could nottic accepted. we are working to make sure that they don't have this capability any more. the objective is to make sure that they cannot have any capabilities to threaten the neighboring countries and in the details of information that they have plans to threaten our border. once we have achieved those goals by plane or other options
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i think the operation will have end, but for a we're working to achieve this objective. >> talking about ground operations and alluding to a fire. he said there would be more details given of that later. nothing more to say on that other than there was something that they consider to be news worthy. a number of fuel stations, quote, we will not allow them any breathing space in doha. the we men any politician former adviser to the yemeni government let's now go into the details of what the general said there. but let's talk about a conversation i believe you had earlier today with yemen's
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foreign minister, because the general alluded to the blockade. you heard details of a possible no-fly zone, i understand. >> yes the foreign minister of yemen saying that the territorial waters of yemen are now no-fly zones. i mean, it's a little bit worrying because we know that there are two frigates. part of iranian fleet is already in the gulf of aden. i don't know why that statement was issued. is it because that's people are closer to the territorial waters of yemen? or are they flying helicopters over territorial water? >> did you get the sense that it was simply that, that they were sort of saying don't come any closer or did you get the feeling that there was the possibility of retaliation if
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these iranian ships and if it happens to be them who come any closer? >> i think that the iranians are very much worried to the state that houthies and air forces of the former dictator no are facing difficulties, and they have been pressing from each corner to try to get a cease-fire. but this has not materialized. we know we have followed russians and their proposal for the resolution for the cease-fire which was not successful. i think they've been pushing and have asked many, many times but nobody knows. the only way for a cease-fire is for houthies to come out and say yes, we'll implement the resolution of the united states, the foreign secretary council and to come back to the table.
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i heard the houthi spokesman who spoke to you previously, he gave a statement which was riddled with many fallacies and unsound argument of how to come back to the negotiating table. >> thank you very much, indeed. we'll be with you later on. that's mohammed quab aty. >> to remind you with the stories we led this program with including the refugee in kenya. the kevinan kenyan deputy president has said you got to
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get out. all those people have to be moved across the border into somalia within three months. he told the high commissioner of refugees to get a move on this. as we go to diplomatic editor james bays, who is with the u.n. chief, and if you don't do it, he has told the united nations that he would do it themselves. that is a threat to the united nations and a massive humanitarian problem in the making. >> yes, this comes to her as to them as a shock. they are awaiting thatter and waiting for further information with the kenyan government. no direct word from ban ki-moon the u.n. secretary general who is here in panama city for the summit of the americas.
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but i've spoken with a number of other u.n. officials and they tell me that it would be extraordinarily difficult if not impossible to move that refugee camp. it is in effect a city of 50,000 people. and more than that you tack them from kenya and put them back inside somalia, they would be worried about the protection of those people inside somalia and officials point to me that kenya has obligations under international law that it with a be breaching if it put them back across the border. >> give me 15 seconds of what president raul castro has been saying. i have to wrap it up, but give us quick wrap up of what he has been saying. >> i apologize to president obama, he's not responsible for the u.s.-cuba policy. he has read president obama's
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utah biography. he is a honest man. >> go to our webs for all the headlines stories there and a great deal more.