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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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♪ ♪ kenya's deadline for the u.n. three months to move one of the world's biggest refugee camps into somalia. ♪ hello there. you are watching "al jazeera live from london. also coming up. >> i apologize. i even apologize to president obama and others. >> a debacle for yemen, the saudi-led installations and aid arrive on a second red cross
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plan in sanaa. plus... >> i don't even know if americans like children right now. >> the world's best teacher is critical of education in her own country. ♪ hello. the kenyan government has told the united nations to move a massive refugee carp over the border into somalia within three months. it follows on an attack by somali fighters last week that killed 148 people. the camp is one of the world's largest and shelters more than 600,000 mostly somali refugees who fled the civil war. paul brennan has more details. >> the camps were first constructed in the early 1990s and now cover an area of 55 square kilometers. by 2011 with more than half a million. >> displaced people living there, it was regarded as the
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largest did he have uj e camp in the world. the vast majority are somali refugees. a trypartheid agreement agreed on a plan for the voluntary repattriation back to somalia. there have been tensions over the camp in the past. 10ian forces have been taking military action against somali militia for several years. it has been alleged the camp is a hideout for members of al shabaab. gunmen have killed more than 400 people in kenya in the past two years, including 67 victims, during the attack and siege of the westgate shopping mall. the tipping point was the killing of 148 kenyan university students in garissa earlier this month, an attack which kenya's deputy president described as a game-changer comepareable to the way the 9-11 attacks changed u.s. policy. notwithstanding the repattriationdeal, kenya has
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issued this eviction union. giving the u.n. 12 weeks to shift to somalia, itself. kenya says if the deadline isn't met, forces will dismantle the camp. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> live to mohammed adow where the al shabaab took place last week. an extraordinary demand by kenya to move that huge refugee camp. what is expected?? >> felicity the kenyan government is under intention pressure to show that it is acting against insecurity that has engulfed the country leading to the deaths of 148 people on thursday last week. in the attack in garissa was the most deadly since the u.s. embassy bombing in nirobi in 1998. the government is being asked
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very tough questions by members of the public. for example, why did they take so long to respond to the situation of the university and the government has been taking taking a number of steps in which it is trying to appease the public anger against it and this is seen a one of them. whether this is just for public consumption or whether kenya is going to carry out a threat of it actually using forces to move the refugees from the camp remains to be seen. however, u.n. officials have been speaktology al jazeera on condition of anonymity and have been telling us it will be impossible to close the camps and move the refugees within the time frame given by kenya's deputy president. >> ay assuming it was possible to move that number of people where would that camp be raised and what would happen to the
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refugees? >> what the kenyan government wants is to move the refugees 30 kilometers away from its common border with somalia. they believe the kenyan forces have managed to stabilize that part of somalia and the u.n. would be is able to provide things needed for these ref ooujz. whether three months is enough is something that has been doubted by u.n. officials. there will be another issue, again, which is u.n. wants the refugees, once they moved in to somalia, they will be regarded as internally displaced people and then the u.n. would not have the money to be able to help them. it raises a lot of issues and it needs to be worked out properly. >> mohammed adow live for us there in garissa. thank you.
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>> the cuban president of has delivered a stunning defense of the barack obama saying the u.s. blockade against cuba was not his fault and that he is quote, an honest man. the two leaders are expected to hold a private meeting later on the sidelines of the summit of america taking place in panama. the pair are working to restore relations between their country. president obama signalling et cetera ready to remove cuba for the u.s. list of terrorism sponsors. i apologize. i even apologize to president obama and others who is pretty here spim impassioned when we talk about the revolution. i apologize to president obama who he has no responsibility for these events that took placeabout
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the revolution. i apologize to president obama who he has no responsibility for these events that took place. >> we hope to provide more access to telecommunications and the internet and the free flow of information. we continue to make progress toward fulfilling our shared commitments to formally reestablish diplomatic relations. i have called on congress to begin working to lift the embark embargo that's been in place for decades. >> at that submit f joining us live lucia, we have the cuban president apologizing to the current u.s. president. quite extraordinary. >> this is really it is a historic. we have been saying that now for days but who would have againsted of all people roul sounds like almost the new best friend of the barack obama. he said he thought president obama was a very very good person, that he was the only president among the last seven
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or eight in the -- presidents in the united states who was not guilty of having committed great injustices against the cuban people. het president obama did have to sit through a barack of criticisms from others in the hemmis fear until now t including the president of bolivita. >> we know the two men are due to have this historic meeting later. i am flot sure of the exact timing but the improvement, of relations very important to both men. isn't it? >> i'm sorry. there is a lot of noise here could you please repeat the very last part of your question? >> yes, of course lucia. i was saying the improving of relations between the u.s. and cuba is veryimportant percentage of isn't it, to both men? >> if does seem to be that way. president castro is in his 80s. he will be stepping down very
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soon according to what he has promised, and for president obama, too, this might be one of the most important legacies that he leaves behind to finally put an end to this more than 52 year cold ward between both countries. it means a lot personally but a lot to history. i think they both can see that now. of course normalizing ties between both countryries will take a long time. it won't be that simple. both made it very clear in panama city and during the submit that they will not change their ideologies. the united states will not stop pressing for human rights in cuba and the cuban president said he will try to intensify the so-called socialist reforms of hez revolution. felicity. >> the differences remain. live from the summit in panama city. thank you very much. >> let's take you to yemen and saudi-led airstrikes and ground fighting between all faxes are bat battering much of the country. coalition airstrikes targeted a number of houthi gathers in aden
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and the profits of schabwa and ib. starting military sites. military basis in the capital sanaa also came under attack. mroning these was the haffa military camp under the control of the republican guards loyal to the son of the former president. the houthi reynolds have been retaliateing >> then patting if forces loyal to the current president in the city of aden local malitian say they have captured two officers advising the houthi rebels. not far from aden they reported reported ambushes. >> the second red cross plane has landed in sanaa. the u.n. has called for daily humanitarian calls. some aid workers can deliver those supplies safely. they are urgently needed to
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treat people who have been hurt in the fighting. saudi's defense men industry says three soldiers have been killed by houthi shelling on the post in the southwestern city of najran. in the daily briefing the spokesman for the saudi-led coalition says it is escalating. >> the pressure is increasing day by day. at the beginning, there were only 35 airstrikes every day on the second phase, there were about 50 a day. then we moved to 80 when we started targeting the coalition forces. we are on the ground and continue to chase all of the enemy convoys supplying all of the equipment and help. mohammed albakurque says despite those strikes, the rebels remain define ant. they didn't achieve any progress. the army the security force and the popular groups are advanceing
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on different fronts. we are in negotiation and the negotiations at the capital after the start guy a sued e-led coalition, there is no active president to the negotiate with. we believe they should take this among political forces and molt individuals. we didn't leave our strongholds to al-qaeda but al-qaeda is trying to take control over some areas with the head of foreign powers. security forces are exerting effort to stop them from advance to our areas. they are starting the i know from a structure for our army along with our economic infrastructure. they target roads, bridges and power stations. if the u.n. execute council is ready for a resolution they must stop this brutal aggression against us. >> mohammed vall is on the border with yemen. what more do you know about what we have heard in the last few
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minutes that the saudi defensing ministry says three soldiers have been killed by houthi shelling on their posts in the city of najran inside saudi arabia? >> yeah. what we know is that the military spokesman has been talking about clashes near the border not far from the city of najran. now we have this update talking about the death or the killing of three saudi border guards this cogfirms that the houthis have been able to come close to the board erb, close enough to be able to shoot at the border guards. we know the purpose or one of the major objectives of the saudi-led airstrikes is not only to bring about change in yemen and defense but, as they say, to
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make sure the conflict in yemen doesn't spill over inside of saudi arabia. now, we see the killing of these saudz e border guards will push the saudis to try to change their tactics in this war in order to prevent concerns or growing concerns inside the country inside saudi arabia not only about the long time it has taken to achieve the goals inside of yemen but the escalating dangers on the saudi territory, itself, and we understand that there has always been this commentary by the saudi spokesman about the fact that saudi arabia will make a ground invasion when they see it necessary. they have been hesitationng because they don't want more casualties among soldiers. let's see how they are going to change their strategy to avoid
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more death more their people or among their soldiers. >> visiting us there the capitol building until washington, d.c. is in lockdown after shots were fired outside. police have quote, neutralized the gunman. it's understood he was trying to kill himself. link today this please are investigating a suspicious package left on the lower west terrace of the building. still to come on al jazeera: >> reports of violence and irregularities as nigerians vote for influential state governors. and getting a taste of what it's like to walk in space. astronauts film their latest space walks with go proceed cameras.
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>> al jazeera america brings you a first hand look at the environmental issues, and new understanding
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of our changing world. >> it's the very beginning >> this was a storm of the decade >>...hurricane... >> we can save species... >> our special month long focus, fragile planet hello again. a reminder of the top stories. the kenya government told the u.n. to move a massive refugee camp over the border into somalia within 3 months. the camp is one of the world's largest sheltering more than 600,000 mostly somali refugees. airstrikes intensify saudi arabian state immediate media is reporting more than 500 houthi fighters have been killed on the saudi border with yemen since the conflict began. reports also said three awed e army officers have recently been killed by a mortar shell five from yemen. and cuba's president, raoul castro has delivered a
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remarkable defense barack obama at the summit in pam panama. he said the u.s. blockade against cuba was not his fault. two nigerians where there has been widespread reports of the state elections. it is a vote being closely watched to see if president elect to see if one party can consolidate victory, the capital of river state. the police fired live ammunition to control a crowd. people were angry because voting materials had not arrived. more from the area. >> following the early per incident of police shooting we now you understand there is violence and some election irregularities taking place in quite a number of polling areas and polling stations. what the we are being told is that in some areas derlz have
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failed to arrive. you have staff sitting there with no materials with which to conduct any kind of election. we are also told in some areas armed men have shown up and snatched ballot boxes, ballot papers and other sensitive electoral materials. it's creating a lot of fear and a lot of tension in this very close contest on many streets, there is the heavy presence of security personnel n some areas things are going relatively well and peacefully like where i am at the primary school. they are waiting for the materials to arrive for them to cast their ballots. there is as i say, fear about insecurity a curfew has been put in place. there is a rerestriction on vehicle movements. >> san egyptian court has sentenced mohammed arty to death for inciting chaos and dald violence. others have been given the same
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sentence as badi. a further 36 people were sentenced to life in prison. >> reports say aleppo has suffered further shelling. these pictures have been broadcast which it says shows the aftermath by anti-assad forces. according to the syrian observatory for human rights at least five people were killed in that attack. syrian government forces have reportedly targeted areas of the capital, damascus including yarmous where a refuge see camp is based. these pictures which cannot be verified havesaid to show the aftermath of the shelling. syrian forces have been fight to go regain control of the areas since isil fight fears over iran much of the camps last week. palestinian ref years are due. to discuss concerns about safety, the pal stanian refugees in the country. isil says he has taken parts of ramadi, the vast ambar province
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insisting it's holding ground in the area. the violence comes two days after prime minister hydar announced an offensive against isil there t a report: >> reporter: the islamic state of iranq in the levant. this is the town near the capital of ramadi. police reinforcements from a nearby air base have been deployed after the isil advance. dozens have been killed in the attacks and soldiers say they have been is able to hold back isil, also known by it's arabic acronym d.a.s.h. they tried to attack the center of the city but they could not and they will not enter as long as we are standing and fighting them. >> isil is using social media to say fighters in control of
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military posts. also says suicide stackers hit at multiple lobes and captures vehicles and military equipment abandoned by the fleaing soldiers. iraqi forces launched an offensive days ago, but isil snippers are making it hard to move forward. >> we made slow progress and cleared a number of houses around 30 to 40 and we killed a sniper from daesh. after vkt occurs they started flee to another area. iraq troops took control lafrings weeking after weeks of intention fighting. the iraqi government says it's planning a similar major operative in anbar prove incident. most is under isil control room. these have been over shatted owed. humanrights groups have accused them of using brutal tactists.
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people in majority of sunni areas are afraid of revenge attacks. hundreds of families are said to have fled from the fighting. if the fighting intense fiesdz iraqi civil yajz are struggling to find safe places. al jazeera. >> bangladesh has executed a convicted war criminal and leading member of the jam a. s party. he was found guilty of over seeing a massacre during the country's war of independence in 1971. he lost his final legal appeal on monday and refused a plea for clemency from the president. he is the second person executed by the war crimes tribunal. fire fighters from the kurdistan workers' party have been killed near the country border with iran and armenia. they say 20 pkk fight ers were involved in the exchange.
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four turk issues soldiers were injured. it is the most serious incidents between the pkk and the turkey military since the pkk declared a cease-fire two years ago. mourners have gathered for the funeral of walter scott, the black man shot and killed by a white mrern a week ago. he was running away after being stopped when he was shot in the back eight times by mike bemichael slager. slager said he had chosen stolen his taser. but the claim was sgloven. >> a teacher won global teacher prize, chosen from thousands of international nominees and award add million dollar in recognition of her achievements both inside and south of the classroom. she says she hopes to use her new global platform to challenge current education practice in the u.s. and elsewhere. >> the global teacher prize goes to nancy atwell.
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>> she has just won what's referred to as the nobel prize of teaching but nancy atwell is disheart ended by education policy. >> i don't know if americans like children right now. >> atwell was picked from 5,000 international nominees as the first recipient of the global teacher prize. she will use her $1 million in prize money to further enhance the center for teaching and learning, the school she founded not just for children but from teachers all over the world. over several decades she has place add particular emphasis on giving students the against to choose which books they want to read and the topics they want to write about. >> at other schools, i would get a question and say, explain? and i never really thought about what was behind the math pro, what was behind the literature. i was just reading and finding the facts. >> need any help i asked. >> it's an approach that contracts with the orthodoxy
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until u.s. called the common core a set of national educational standards. states have been given financial inducements to adopt standardized curricula to meet them. teachers like atwell contend those have had a detrimental impact on the development of young minds. >> they don't experience the pleasure -- i know that's a word you can't use in america when you talk about education. but they don't experience the pleasure of authentic reading. >> atwell feels the education system has been hijacked by politicians, interest groups and the multi-million dollar textbook and testing industry with little regard to the key issues children face as they learn. it's going to be cheaper and more profitable to claim that teachers aren't teaching well and they need scripted curricula and only then will we have high test scores like china. and not admit that poverty and segregation are the issues in this country. you know middle class suburban
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school districts aren't in trouble. but our city cools in are in troubling. >> paying tribute at the prize ceremony in dubai was bill gates our foundation believes in the power of teachers. >> he has spent more than $200 million pushing the common core. atwell feels he has demonstrated a fundamental disrespect to her profession. >> i think he believes that what? that school and learning and teaching are commodities like anything else. so you do the -- you know, you do the metrics, data analysis find out what works, you plug it in. you know it doesn't work that way. >> atwell's approach to teaching has won international recognition. in the u.s. there are powerful forces at work pushing teaching in the opposite direction. al jazeera maine. >> nasa and space x are planning to launch an unmanned cargo ship
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from florida on monday. it is due to deliver twotons of supplies to the international space station and as the iss prepares to receive that capsule, astronaunts have been making space walks and preparing the exterior. a report. >> reporter: breathtaking views of earth from 400 kilometers above. astronauts on board the $100 billion space station captured the footage with 20 owed cameras. >> that's space walks took place in february and march. the after the to tronauts are preparing so that commercial spacecraft can doc with the iss they are making changes to the robotic arm so it can capture space x's falcon ix due to launch from cape can afterral in florida on mondayvrel in florida on monday.
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space x and boeing are building spacecraft that will be able to launch on to the iss. new docking ports will arrive at the space station in june. al jazeera. more on our website. the address is >> the united states is in the midst of the worst drug addiction epidemic in its history. but it's not a crisis of illegal drugs. it's one of prescription painkillers - oxycodone, hydrocodone, and other legal narcotics, all related to opium. collectively they are called opioids. >> these are the opioid painkillers. and prescriptions for drugs like these have more than quadrupled over the last 15 years - to the extent that the us now consumes more than 80 percent of the global supply of these drugs.