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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 11, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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be their last chance? >> i have to do my 100% best so i don't end up in a place like this again.. >> al jazeera america presents... kids behind bars: a soledad o'brien special report only on al jazeera america scan this is al jazeera. hello there. this is the newshour live from london. coming up: historic talks between obama and craftastro. the cuban leader says, "sorry" to the president. the battle for yemen. it's more than 500 houthi fighters who have been killed on the saudi border since the conflict began. kenya's deadline for the u.n.
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three months to move one of the world's biggest refugee camps into somalia. plus getting a taste of what it's like to walk in space. astronauts film their latest space walks with go-pro cameras. >> and a saturday of sports including the master's t the new golfing star is being pursued by some of the sport's most famous names. hello. after more than 50 years of host hostility hostility, relationships between the u.s. and cuba are finally on the mend. cuban leader castro and president barack samz have held a sit-down meeting in panama. earlier, castro delivered a stunning defense of it barack obama and said the blockade was not his fault and that he was an
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honest man. >> i apologize. i even apologize to president obama and others here i have become i am passingimpasioned. i apologize to president obama. he has in that responsibility for these events that took place. >> we hope to be able to help on humanitarian projects to provide more access to telecommunications and the internet and the free flow of information. we continue to make progress towards fulfilling our shared commitments to formally reestablish diplomatic relations and i've called on congress to begin working to left the embargo that's been in place for decades. >> the u.s. has maintained an economic embargo with cuba
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foreign more than 50 years energy castro's reforms included nationalizing all american business and introducing a trade agreement with the soviet union. in 1961, the u.s. secretly equipped thousands of ex aisles to overthrow catchro's government but they were defeated upon landing at the bay of pigs. the following year the soviet union stationed ballistic missiles in cuba that had the power to deliver nuclear warheads against american cities. the cuban missile crisis marks the closest the world has ever come to a global nuclear war. al jazeera's latin american editor christina newman is in panama. do we know any more about this historic meeting? >> hello felicity. we do know that after more than 53 years of hostile silence, the
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two presidents seem to not stop talking to each other. they spoke on the phone before coming to panama and briefly in the hallways before the summit began and now a very very long meeting. we do know because they did speaking the media just shortly before closing the doors that president obama said that they had agreed both to disagree with respect and that they believe in time they could perhaps come closer together to try to solve their differences. both presidents however, underscored that neither one is going to give in or make any concessions in term of their ideological beliefs. president obama has made it very clear that he is going to keep on insisting on respect for human rights and free elections in cuba while president castro has dug in his heels. he said his communist system cannot be altered and he said, we will not allow our country to become a col ony again. felicity? >> a historic meeting nonethelessony again.
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felicity? >> a historic meeting nonetheless nonetheless. >> it's important that this relationship does develop. >> absolutely. it's quite as they seem to be, you know almost like friends, as though they have sort of known each other for a while. you can imagine nobody would have expected that raoul castro would say that he felt that president obama was a good person an honest man. you have to just recall all of the antagonism between both countries that has gone on for some long as you mentioned. the world almost came to war during the cuban missile crisis. they are making strides. both current trees seem very interested in making this work for various reasons. the united states wants better relations with latin america and the caribbean and with cuba with a thorn in the side of the region and cuba needs to have new partners particularly now that venzuela's economy is tanking. >> lucia newman live in panama city city, thanks very much indeed. joining us from washington, d.c. rachel
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deloria larie. thank you for being with us on the program. the has been a defendant historic summit and meeting between these two men. how quickly can do you think this relationship is likely to develop going forward? >> well i think that we can expect to see cuba removed from the u.s. state sponsored terrorism list possibly as soon as tonight. once that happens, i think that we will see the formal reestablishment of diplomatic relations go forward quite quickly actually. i think we will see the opening of embassies, the exchange of ambassadors so you know, we are normal normalizing but we are not normal normalized. >> there is a dangser, is there not, that congress could actually block these efforts to normal eyes relations anyway. how likely is that? >> i don't think that that's very likely. true that congress has the ability to block the various ways in which we are likely to see congress also be moving
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forward and normalizing relations. however, i think that we are going to see more and more of our elected officials taking a stand on this. you know while there is the very loud and passionate pro-embargo lobby in the united states congress mostly we haven't heard what senators and congressmen think. we have seen a poll of americans, a poll of cuban americans and now we are seeing a poll of cubans say that they favor normalization, moving forward with this process. i think we will begin to see the elected officials in the united states reflecting that. >> still, of course huge huge differences between these two countries. how can the u.s. use this new relationship as it goes forward to push its concerns about human rights issues? >> well i think the human rights will continue to be top of mind for the united states as it should be but i think that the important thing to realize about the normalization of the relationship about this move from president obama to move forward with this is that now
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the united states has really important allies when it's talking about cuba. it has allies in mexico and colombia and brazil and the rest of the world. before when you talked about cuba in argentina or in france or japan, you had to talk about the united states. you had to talk about the e78 barg o now when we talk about cuba, we can talk about coupuba cafe. that's everything from human rights to the healthcare system. so, i think it's been beneficial to the united states in its movement to support human rights in cuba to try to move toward normalization. >> rachel joining us there from washington, d.c. many thanks. to yemen and saudi-led airstrikes and ground fighting between armed factions are bat battering p saudi arabia state media is reporting more than 500 houthi fighters have been killed on the saudi border with yemen since the conflict began. saudi media says three of the
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country's army officers have been killed by mortar shells fired from yemen. >> happened in the saudi border province of najran. military basis in the capital sanaa also came under attack. among these was the hassa military camp under those loyal to the son of the former president. the houthi rebels have been retaliating. they along with forces loyal to sala have been battling forces loyal to the current president in the city of aden. local officials say they have captured two officers who were advising the houthi rebels. not far from aden, a lom armed group ambushed a convoy of houthis and forces loyal to sali. a second red cross plane loaded with medical aid has landed in sanaa. the u.n. has called for daily human certain pause of hours
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some sfliez can be delivered. they are urgently needed to treat people who have been wounded in the fighting. in a daily briefing a spokesman for the saudi-led coalition said campaign is escalating. >> the pressure is increasing day by day. at the beginning, there were only 35 airstrikes every day, and then on the second phase, there were about 50 a day. then we moved to 80 when we started targeting the coalition forces and blocking their supplies. we are on the ground and continue to chase all of the enemy convoys who are supplying all of the equipment and. >> mohammed albukati is a spokeman and says despite despite the continued strikes, the rebels remain defiant. >> translator: their vision they didn't achieve progress until now. they are advancing in different fronts. the yemeni people are bravely confronting this blind aggression. the negotiation, we didn't hold
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it. negotiation in the capital at the start of the aggression by saudi-led coalition against yemen. there is no active president to negotiate with. we believe they should take this among political forces and not individuals. we didn't leave our strongholds to al-qaeda. however, al-qaeda is trying their best to take control over some areas with the help of foreign powers. security forces exerting efforts to stop them from advancing to our areas. the saudi-led coalition is targeting and they target factors, roads, bridges and power stations. if the u.n. security council is ready for a resolution they must stop this brutal aggression against us. >> adam baron is al yemen specialist with me now in the studio. as you can see, thank you for coming in. the saudis over the past few days have been talking up their 6 against the houthi. what is the reality on the ground? we have seen clearly the houthis
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are is able to target some saudi soldiers on the border. >> what we are seeing now on the ground really pokes holes in saudi claims that they are making tremendous success did in this battle. you have seen just today north of the yemeni saudi border and in addition to that you have see the houthis take hold of whole new areas along with the allies in the yemeni army including a very important prop incident and in aden we have yet to see the houthis be anywhere close to defeating aden and that's where the saudis and alliance were hoping to reinstall who will claims to be yemen's president. >> is it proof airstrikes simply don't work on their own? >> i think it's a fact that airstrikes don't work on their own. it's a fact that they are banking on hadi's just sort of have the support on the ground which i don't think really exists. even in the south, those that are fighting and putting up a
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very strong fight against the houthis are not doing so because they support the president. they are doing it because they are defending their land. they are doing it to sort of liberate the south. i think the key is that the soudis are relying upon potential partners on the ground that don't really exist. i think it's really divorced sort of their from the reality on the ground. >> it's barely what? three weeks since we were in the studio talking about the possibility of the houthis and the hadi government sitting around some sort of negotiating table trying to find a political solution to all of this. that's looking further away than ever. isn't it? >> i think it is looking further away from ever. >> said i think a political solution remains in the interest of all parties whether we are talking about parties in yemen or whether we are talking about parties outside the country. saudi arabia and the gulf states. i think a political solution is in you willall of their interests. when we look at the rapid det'earation of the humanitarian situation on the ground. this heightened need sooner
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rather than later, yemen truly is at the brink of absolute humanitarian collapse. we may see a humanitarian crisis in the coming days that will, you know, will make the previous situation look almost like a dream world. >> it's horrific. the reality is that whatever political solution there does end up if indeed there is one somebody has gone to take on that humanitarian situation and try to move the country forward. this country already one of the poorest in the world. >> absolutely. i think whoever does end up taking the seat of pour in the aftermath of this offensive will have their work cut out for them. yemen is a broken kuntzcountry. you are seeing fissures in yemen that are wider than at any point in its recent history. and the issue is as long as this war continues, this situation will only get worse and worse. >> okay. we appreciate your expertise, adam. thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. >> still to come on this news
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hour: reports of violence and irregularityies as nigerians vote for influential state goverance. coming up we will tell you why many indians say they prefer traditional books over ebooks. in sport the badminton star facing a potentially career-ending verdict. first, the kenyan government has told the united nations to move a massive refugee camp over the border into somalia within three months. it follows an attack by somali al shabaab fighters on the kenyan university last week that killed 148 people. the camp is one of the world's largest and shelters more than
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600,000 mostly somali refugees who fled civil war. paul brennan has more details. >> reporter: the camps at dadaab were first constructed in the early 1990 did and cover an area of 55 square kilometers. by 2011, with more than half a million displaced people living there, dadaab was regarded as the largest refugee camp in the world. the vast majority are somali refugees. in 2013 a try partide agreement agreed a plan for the volume you knowtary repat reation back to somalia. there have been somes military action. kenya has previously alleged the camp has been used as a hideout by members of al shabaab. al shabaab gunmen have killed more than 400 people in kenya in the past two years including 67 victims during the attack and siege of nairobi's westgate shopping mall in 2013. the tipping point was 148 kenyan
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university students killed earlier this month, an attack which kenya's deputy president described as a game-changer comparable to the way the 9-11 attacks in new york changed u.s. foreign policy. not with standing the 2013 repattriation deal, kenya's government has issued this eviction notice giving the u.n. 12 weeks to shift the dadaab camp and its residents into somealia, itself. kenya says if the deadline isn't met, its forces will dismantle the camp. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> al jazeera's mohammed adow sent this update from the town of garissa. >> reporter: the first time kenya has said it is going to do the action of relocating the refugees, itself in to somalia if theit falls. this calls for the location of the refugees coming from kenyan need leaders in the local level
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here in the northeastern region which has been facing the brunt of insecurity that is currently going on kenya. and the deputy president, himself, coming out and saying that the refugees must be moved and if they are not going to be moved, kenya will do it itself, is a very big deal although some u.n. officials who spoke to al jazeera said it will be impossible to close the camps within that time frame. >> let's take you to nigeria now where there have been widespread reports of voter irregularities in the final phase of elections there. saturday's poll has been closely watched to see if president elect buhari's party can consolidate its victory. now, a report in the river state, voter frustration has turned into violence. >> nationwide elections to choose new state governors and assembly members did not get off to a good start in nigeria. in har court river state, police
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opened fire to scare away supporters that were angry no voting materials had been delivered to an election material distribution center. there were reports that several people were killed in other parts of rivers. the police cogfirmed one officer had been hacked to death. in some areas things were more peaceful peaceful. >> this area is quiet and calm. there is no troubles. >> in this area, it's not like that. the areas we know very well such problems will come up. >> but there were other reports of things going wrong elsewhere. >> voting at this polling station has finished. turnout was incredibly low. in one area, an electoral office was burned down and in hundreds of polling stations ballot boxes and other electoral materials were snatched and in some places no materials were delivered at all. >> river state is the richest
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oil producing state in the country. for the battle for its control between the ruling people's democratic party of the goodluck jonathan and the opposition or progressive congress of the elect mohammed buhari is intense. rivers contributes millions of dollars to whichever party is in charge. people here voted overwhelmingly for president jonathan when presidential elections were held on march the 28th. analysts say the ruling party is desperate to hold on to the state. the opposition says no election took place. >> the co lucien between the militarylusion between the military military. >> in other states in the north, things were peaceful but there were reports of problems with electronic card readers brought in the to identify voters and voter apathy nationwide. the election commission says it will investigate all irregularities across country that have been reported. the results are expected on sunday. yvonne dega nigeria.
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with me now in the studio is monte chepo, the vice president of intelligence and gives risk analysis on the compliceconomy of sub is a saharan africa. hour the elections appearing to you? >> i think the turnout has been much lower than it was in the first election. i think, you know, the main reason for that is given a lot of the logist call challenges and the long wait people had from accreditation to actually voting to the vote count, that has probably made people feel a answer is of slight 2359 egand so i think that has come as a bit of a surprise. and, also i mean i think obviously we have seen reports of violence in places like river state. again, i don't think that that should come as a spryurprise to anybody because really rivers had already shown signs of being a hot spot in the presidential election. it's a hotly contested seat because it's the largest oil producing state in nigeria. obviously both parties want to
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be able to consolidate powers there? >> there was such excitement over the presidential election and the results that happened. is there now a sense? what i find stranges about it in -- strange about it in some respects is that these e lefshingsz, governorselections, governors why would people feel they wouldn't want to turn out and vote for people who have might more influence on their lives than the president, themselves? >> that's a lot of questions people will be asking themselves. i think in certain states, i think the states where we have low voter turnout is in a lot of states where people by and large kind of expect that whoever the candidate is that wins will be the winner anyway. and so -- >> not worth their while? >> not worth their while. i think that's the machinetality where states that feel the stakes are higher turn out will be higher. >> what about following the historic presidential election? is there a feeling that the country has turned a new corner?
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corruption, of course was one of the big things of that election. it will certainly is what president elect buhara campaigned on? >> expectations are high which sxwornl, if you look tep trends across africa in general and where you have an election where voter expectations are quite high, it's very difficult for a new government to meet those expectations. i think that's one of the biggest challenges that president buhari will face when he takes over on may 29th. >> how he will tackle corruption and basically what is africa's biggest economy and other nations in africa look to nigeria to see which direction it's going. it's not just about nigeria but about the whole continue dement. isn't >> one of the things that's interested about the buhari effect people who will have had corruption allegations against them >> actually potentially leading the country, or putting themselves in self ex ite. i think that psychological effect is important. it has made nigh yearians feel excited. whether or not a new government is going to be able to deliver
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on prosecution and actually see through a lot of those, there has been launched on corruption as. still remains to be seen. i think obviously the new government will come in with a lot of these expectations and the question. that's another issue that's quite big, and i think it's what people need to understand sometimes is it's much harder to reverse the crisis than it is to actually kind of let the crisis go through. >> really good to get your analysis. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. an egyptian court has sentenced the leader of the outlawed muslim brotherhood to death for inciting chaos and violence. 13 other seniorsmez of the group have been given the same sentence as badi. 36 people were sentenced to life in prison. staying in egypt where the isil affiliated group that calls itself sinai proveince. it willt he is expected of
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carrying out attacks across the sanai region. it shows him as two egyptian soldiers were being killed. on monday voters in sudan head to the polls for the country's presidential and parliamentary elections. president obama al basheer has been until power since he staged a coup in 198 nigh. he has ruled the country with no signs of giving up power. it's a breezy afternoon along the blue nile in khartoom the last weekend before the sudanese head to the polls to vote in presidential and parliament earlier. politics doesn't seem to be on anyone's mind. we spoke to more than 30 people. it was har to find someone planning to vote. >> i want the elections to be fair and we want our ruler to be somebody new because frankly, we are fed up with the shiia.
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>> bashier seized power in a military coupe in 1989. he is the only sitting president wanted by the international criminal court for war crimes in darfour. critics say he has quashed civil lib we can at this. he has a care as -- he is a charismatic man backed by many especially women. they are said to be his biggest supporters. we are here to provide a better way of living for citizenship and help the weak and the poor. we don't want anyone to be hungry. >> there are ten men and one woman running against bashier but you wouldn't know it by watching television. >> i just see one person, bashear. i would like to see more options. many here say the economy is the most pressing issue facing
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sudan the official unemployment rate is 18%. inflation is 37%. >> if the government is serious about dealing with the misses rabble economic reality, there are two things the government should do: one, cut government spending, and, two, combat rampant corruption. >> when elections begin on monday, many sudanese expect five more years of the same even as they long for change. natasha, g gname. >> still to come on this al jazeera newshour. bangladesh executes another political figure for crimes in the 1971 independence struggle. greeks put aside economic would hes to celebrate the orthodox easter holiday. >> these women rowers made history on london's river thames.
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you need to know. al jazeera america.
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>> there's heavy security everywhere >> mass killings... government corruption... misguided influence? >> i wanted people to know, this regime, was evil... >> fault lines investigates the impact of the u.s. involvement in south sudan >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us... >> emmy award winning investigative series... >> we have to get out of here... south sudan: country of dreams only on al jazeera america hello. welcome back. a reminder the top stories here
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the cuban leader raoul castro and barack obama have held the first thing sit-down meeting between the two nations in more than half a century. airstrikes intensify, saudi arabia media is reporting houthi fighters killed. they say three saudi officers have been killed by mortar shells fired in yemen. >> the kenyan government told the u.n. to move a massive refugee camp into somalia within three months. the dabaab camp shelters more than 600,000 mostly somali refugees. reports say aleppo suffered shelling. these pictures are broadcast, the shelling by anti-assad
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forces. >> syrian government forces have targeted damascus including yarmouk where a refugee camp is based. these pictures which cannot be independently verified are said to show the aftermath of the shelling. syrian have fought to regain control of the area. the u.n. commission at the palestinian refugees is due to meet syrian officials in dam avengeus to cuss concerns about the safety of palestinian refugees in the country. >> isil says it has taken parts of ramadi part of the ambar proventions. the iraqi government denies this. the violence comes two days after abada visited to announce an offense hiv against isil there. a report. >> reporter: the islamic state of iraq in the levant is the resisting iraqi troops.
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for two days it has attacked in anbar province this is the town near the capital, ramadi. police reinforcements from a nearby air base have been deployed to this area after the isil advance. dozens have been killed in the attacks and sources say they have been is able to hold back isil. also known by daesh. there was an attack in areas and they tried to enter the center of the city where they could not and they will not enter as long as we are standing and fighting them. isil is using social media to say its fighters are in control of military forces. it will also says its suicide stackers hit iraqi forces at multiple locations and captures vehicles and military equipment abandoned by the fleeing soldiers. >> iraqi forces launch an offense offensive days ago. is isil traps are making it hard
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to move forward. >> we made very slow progress. we cleared a number of houses in the area around 30 to 40 houses and we killed a sniper from daesh. after victorsies, daesh started to flee to another area. >> iraqi troops took control last week after weeks of intention fighting. in the iraqi government says it's planning a similar major operation in amnbar province. most is under isil control. these victories have been overshadowed by the sectarian nature of the fighting. human rights groups have accused shiia malitias of it using brutal tactics and others are afraid of revenge attacks by shiia fighters. hundreds of families are said to have fled from the fighting. the fighting in anbar intensefies and iraqi civilians are struggle to go find safe places. al jazeera.
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am convicted war criminal found guilty of over seeing a massacre during the country's war of independence in 1979. he lost his final legal appeal on monday and refused to plead for clemency from the president. choudry has been monitoring events for us in dhakar? >> the main opposition said they have no issue with the war crime trial but they are not happy with the process, due process, rather and they said this is politically motivated. the government is strategically trying to destroy those who are a key alliance for the main bangladesh nationalist party. there is a lot of controversy in regard to that. i must say a majority of the people want 2 see this trial get over with and people who are actually, you know, guilty of war crimes should be punished. they also have questions and con controversies regarding the due process. >> as we have been seeing this year's summit of the americas
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has been dominated by the improving u.s./cuba relations >> but venzuela's president maduro has suicide the platform to call for improvement with his country's relations witness u.s. despite the recent introduction of sanctions, he says he is willing to talk to obama. >> i respect you but i don't trust you president obama. if you are willing, we will talk. but if you don't want to talk, that's fine. it will be your legacy with venzuela, the order, the silence, the predominance. i have said it several times, president obama. >> al jazeera's virg lopez joins us live from karakas. what do you think was the main focus us of maduro's speech to the summit? >> well i think maduro went to the pan man didian summit with a clear attempt to get president obama to rescind the executive order. he spoke for about 40 minutes.
5:37 pm
on one hand, there was again this sort of reiteration of his demand to the executive order be withdrawn all together. on the other hand like you just saw, there was a sort of request or this willingness to engage in dialogue with president obama. he was on one hand very celeb brat tory of obama and he wanted to engage in dialogue with himory of obama and he wanted to engage in dialogue with him but he said he didn't trust him. it was a bit checkered. >> how do you think his demands have been received? >> well at the regional level, he seemed to have garnered, you know almost unanimous support. braille every single latin american country and caribbean country rallied behind his request. in fact, this was a sole divided issue that didn't allow for there to be a joints statement coming out of the summit of the americas. but the u.s. basically made no
5:38 pm
mention of the impact on pennsylvania. obama d not mention him whatsoever during his speech. after the talks were over the assistant secretary was very clear that this the executive order was not really about really thinking that venzuela pose add threat to the u.s. but that there were seven government officials that it was issuing targeted sanctions because the u.s. was firm in their belief that these officials had either abused human rights in venzuela or were engaged in such high-level corruption that the proceeds from these corrupt deals were flooding the u.s. financial estimate, and sense, they did represents a threat to the the. virginia lopez live for us there in kcarakus. a volatile few months in greece with the new government deciding how it will pay back billions of dollars to its creditors. this weekend, though eyes have turned around from the economy and the down turn to the orthodox easter holiday.
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barnaby phillips reports. >> it's the most important religious holiday of the year in grease. a country where church and national i didn'ty are still entwined like perhaps nowhere else in europe. they par aide through the streets what represents the body of christ before the miraculous resurrection of easter. but it's a time for feasting as well as piety. for greeks easter means roast lamb the intestines a special delicacy but this butcher says habits have changed in recent years. >> nowadays people buy more than they need -- no more than they need. they used to buy so much meat they couldn't eat all of it. i think it's healthier now. we don't waste as much as before. waste is bad for people and for a planet. >> at the port of pyras, it's a scramble to get on the last
5:40 pm
ferries to sail before everything shuts down. >> easter means an exdid you say as people rush home to villages on to their islands to be with their families. it will take a lot more than an economic crisis to change this tradition. >> for those who have stayed in the capitol, there are three lessons in certainamics provided by the city authorities. this week they make easter eggs and reflect on how the crisis has changed society. >> there are certainly cases of people who can't support everything they need. the lamb and all of the other food. it's a difficult situation for everyone. but it also creates unity. we help each other and we hope just like christ that our economy will resurrect. >> it's also the time of year when people head to the cemeteries to be close to dead relatives. faith and family both still strong in this country, both a source of comfort in hard times.
5:41 pm
barn aby phillips athens. >> while ebooks are popular in many countries t in india, books over shadow them. ebooks are only about 1%. more from calcutta. >> reporter: the latest ereaders on display at this book fair in new deli for him, ebooks are the future? >> this is vooept. whenever you would like to read anything do you care thatconvenient. whenever you would like to read anything, do you care that you don't have to carry a heavy weight with you. >> but cuemar's opinion appears to be in the minority. that's because most people here of all ages still prefer traditional books a preference that is shared by millions across india. books are popular here and they sell everywhere in many languages. while ebooks are not preferred,
5:42 pm
book readers and sellers are embracing new technology. books are shipping to more people and places thanks to online sales than they were just a few years ago. at the time, people had to order and wait sometimes months for them to arrive. >> today, you get it on the third day p get payment immediately. that's how it's done. it's like magic. >> a magic that has increased book sales while ebooks continues to fall behind. >> ebooks have en in india but they are not match for real books. there is a prestige of owning a book that only happens when they are holding it in their hand. >> economic growth has meant more people can afford books, which is why sales are up. others say books are simply part of the culture. >> in india, the book is an
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object. it's considered sacred. >> gital says he and some fellow writers prefer traditional books but they say the debate over ebooks may not be necessary because the basics of writing and reading remain the same. >> anguish of writing hasn't changed. the joys of reading have not changed all that's changed is the way the book is delivered from authto reader. and that's going to keep changing. >> no one is sure if the younger generation will shift loyalty to ebooks or not. but for now for most people in india, nothing beats a book. fez jamil, al jazeera, new delhi. >> still to come on the newshour including hamilton getting his title defense back on track in shanghai. >> i don't even know if americans like children right now. >> the world's best teacher is critical of education in her own country. ♪
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♪ hello again. a teacher from maine in the u.s. has won the inaugural global teacher prize. she was chosen from thousands of international nominees and awarded a million dollars in recognition of her achievements both inside and out of the classroom. she says she hopes to use her new global platform to challenge current education policy in the u.s. and elsewhere. a report. >> reporter: the global teacher prize goes to nancy atwell.
5:46 pm
>> she has just won what's referred to as the nobel prize of teaching. but nancy atwell is disheart ended by current education policy in her own country. >> i don't even know if americans like children right now. >> atwell was picked from 5,000 international nominees and the first recipient of the global teacher prize. she will use her $1 million in prize money to further enhance the center for teaching and learning, the school she founded not just for children but for teachers from all over the world. over several decades, she has placed a particular emphasis on giving students the independence to choose which books they want to read and the topics they want to write about. >> at other schools, i would get a question and say, explain, and i never really thought about what was behind the math problem, what was behind the literature. i was just reading and finding the facts. >> need any help i asked is it.
5:47 pm
>> it's regarding the common core a set of national standards. states have been given inducements to adopt standardsized curricula and testing. teachers like atwell say they have had a detrimental development on young minds? >> they don't experience pleasure. that's a word you can't use. they don't experience the pleas you're of authentic reading. >> atwell feels the education system has been hijacked by politicians, interest groups and the multi-billion dollar textbook and testing industry with little regard to the key issues children face as they learn. >> it's going to be a lot cheaper and, also more profitable to claim that teachers need scripted curricula and only thing then will we have high test scores like china and not admit that poverty and segregation are the issues in this country. you know middle class suburban
5:48 pm
school districts aren't in trouble, but our city schools are in trouble. >> keeping teachers. >> paying tribute to at willell and thers in dubai was paying bill gates. >> our foundation believes in the power of teachers. >> he spends more than $200 million pushing the common core. atwell feels he has demonstrated a fundamental disrespect to her profession. >> i think he believes that what? that school and learning and teaching are comemodityies like anything else. so you do the -- you know, you do the metrics, do your data analysis. you find out what works. you plug it in, you know. it doesn't work that way. >> at well's approach to teaching has won international recognition but in the u.s. there are powerful forces at work pushing teaching in the obvious sit direction. al jazeera, maine. ♪ >> it's time to catch up with all sport now. here is lee.
5:49 pm
>> felicity thank you very much. the young american golfer, spieth is clear at the third round but the biggest names in golf has made significant moves. it proltsz to be an exciting final day at augusta in the first major of the year. tiger woods, rory mcelroy and phil mickkelson surged. spieth broke the best halfway score, 130, 14 under par. the augusta course clearly suits him after he tied for second place in the master's debut last year. he really is playing brilliantly at the moment. his progress hasn't again quite as spectacular in the third round, two under for the day, ticking him to 16 under overall five clear of charlie hoffman who he is playing alongside, phil mikelson is up for 10 under, 4 under for the day. tiger woods has played some of the golf that made him the world's best player for years,
5:50 pm
six under with a round to play as is rory mcilrow who would be in better shaped but he bogey the last two holes. the biggest names in international badminton is facing an anxious way to save his career. he has been facing a three-manual panel from the international badminton federation in amsterdam. he tested positive for a banned sub substance last year in copenhaguen while he was world in your opinion 1. malaysia never won an olympic gold medal. if he is handed the two-year band, they hope to in rio next year. >> it's not necessarily a difficult case. it's that there are a lot of witnesses. there was a lot of evidence science evidence fact evidence to put in and the panel gave us a fair opportunity and gave us the time to present our case. and that's why it's taken so long. >> lewis hamilton will start the
5:51 pm
chinese grand prix from poll position in a few hours time. he is on the front row with mercedes nickel rossbergrosberg, to keep up his 100% road in poles qualifying this. ferrari seb after the accurate vettle held off and is starting from third place. >> he is not very far to turn 1. i guess that's fairly straightforward. it's a long race. tires are very important here. so obviously we try to do well and get a lot of points. >> china is continuing to be generated, a good circuit from the end. a very very positive one here the car is handling fantastically well this weekend, a little bit better or a lot better than it was in terms of the whole weekend compared to how it was in malaysia. >> italian football club in prices. parma pulled off one of the most surprising wins in any football league this beat the juventus
5:52 pm
1-nil. parma were declared bankrupt. they remained bottom of the table, 54 points behind. barce loan appear, now just two points. real madrid won. barcelona two goals ahead through messi. sevilla has not lost at home since barca hit back with goals to earn a 2-2 draw. real madrid had earlier beaten. cristiano ronaldo was eligible to play having had a band rescinded. real moved to within two points of barca. mad athletico madrid like barca, 2-2 away from home in their case against malika. in the english premier league arsenal will chose the gap on chelsea for a victory at
5:53 pm
burnlerley. the lead have two games in hand. the only goal in the game for arsenal, 8th successive win. elsewhere, south hampton are up to 5th with a 2-new win. a sweet victory for tim sherwood at his former club tottenham. at winning goal to ease the relegation fears of villa. on sunday leaders chelsea play at rangers and a manchester derby at trafford grounds. city won earlier in the season 1-nil. united as you can see one point clear of city. >> the position in the stable is also good because then you are certainly qualified for the champions' league and then we do it better than the goal was in the season in the preseason, setting the goals.
5:54 pm
>> the first man for 61 years to win the grand national horse race from in britain for two consecutive years on different horses. this time in the famous event, he was on board many clouds at odds of 25 to 1. the national was a gruelling and constroke versiam race where 14 horses face two in liverpool t 30 fences, it's been anticipated it was a potential win for 19-time tony mccoy which he said was instant retirement he shot the front door faded finishing in 5th. many clouds held off. monday dude and alvarado fourth. it was a record equaling grand national win for many clouds' owner, trevor hennings. another british sporting institution watched worldwide and required the university boat
5:55 pm
race which takes place, of course along the river thames right here in london. for the first time in history, the women's race took place on the same day as the men's. the women's contest was first held in 1927, almost a century after the men and the tides of the thames were different. oxford were the heavy favorites. over six and three-quarters kilometers, they never looked in danger of losing to their rivals. they won in 19 minutes and 42 seconds. a historic victory for the dark blues. the men's race started shortly afterwards and oxford were the winners in this one, too. the light blues of cambridge were in with a chance until around halfway which oxford pulled clear for their third successive victory. they won by an emphatic six lengths in 17 minutes, 35 minutes and now are two victories behind camebridge trailing 79 to 81.
5:56 pm
it's been a defendant day for endurance rating because there was an extra stage of the american dasaab for charity having completed 256 kilometers over six days in the desert, the competitors ignored the pain to go out for a 7th day didtha didn't count towards the result. they were wearing unicef shirts. guess what. there was at same result morocco who won the main race very impressively. he crossed the line first in this 11 and a half kilometer charity. quite a feat. >> amazing stuff. thank you so much. now, nasa and space x real plan to go launch an unmanned ship on monday. space x capsule is set to deliver two tons to the international space station. as the station prepares to receive the capsule, space walks and preparing the experience. paul reports. >> reporter: breath-taking views
5:57 pm
of earth from 400 kilometers above. astronauts on board the $100 billion international space station capture the footage with $200 cameras. these space walks took place in february and march. the astronauts are preparing the exteriors of the space station so that commercial spacecraft can doc with the iss. they are also making changes to the station's robotic arm so it can capture unmanned cargo vessels like space x's falcon ix due to launch on monday t nasa is investing in commercial ventures with space x and boeing. they are building spacecraft that will eventually be able to latch on to the iss. new docking ports will arrive at the space station in june. paul tredurgion, al jazeera. >> that's it from this particular newshour from me felicity barr thanks for
5:58 pm
watching. more of today's dues in a couple of minutes. bye-bye.
5:59 pm
6:00 pm
they want to take? we need a huge emergency room to fix this. it can't be done as pore ready dickcally any more. we need a nationwide effort. >> many teachers are paid 100 to $200 a month like this teacher in west java. they say more money has been made available for salaries but teachers need to improve their qualities, too. the future of 50 million indonesia school children are in their hands. al jazeera, west java. >> don't forget as always you can find much more on our