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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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al jazeera america presents only on al jazeera america sudan heads to the polls to choose a president with main opposition parties calling for a boycott. ♪ ♪ from al jazerra's head quart force doha. i am sammy. coming up escaping the violence in yemen hundreds of refugees cross in to saudi arabia as they reject calls for it to end its military campaign. >> anything, anything but due douma. 10s of thousands take to the
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stress against president due ma douma rousseff. something that could refrevolutionize power. now, polls have opened in sudan for elections that are expected to return president bashier to power. the 71-year-old has ruled the country for 25 years and face no sir real competition. the mainstream opposition is boycotting the vote. and the international community skeptical the poll will deliver a credit result. catherine soi reports from khartoum. >> reporter: some of these young men have lived for as long as omar al bashir has been president. he had in the past said that he would not seek reelection. but now it's almost certain that he will likely win this election election. he is a 25-year-old university student from darfur, most of his family has been displaced by the
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conflict there. he blames the president for failing to keep the peace. >> translator: he always makes promises in campaigns but after he wins he doesn't keep them. his government continues to kill people. he's a lie layer. >> reporter: president bashier was indicted by the international criminal court for war crimes? dar fewer. also under his watch rebel took up arms against the government. many people have been killed and millions displaced from those regions. sudan's economy as suffered for years because of sanctions and international isolation. it's one of the most corrupt countries in the world. according to transparency international. but ruling party officials say bashier's achievements are many and at the top of the list the creation of south sudan. >> i am ready to challenge anyone to come and talk to me, let us make a comparison between
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what they did since the time of independence in sudan until omar bashier came and what omar ba sear did in education in health in industry. in social system. >> reporter: in his campaign the president has promised to deal with the security problem in parts of the country for the national dialogue. and spearhead the process of rewriting the contusion. when you walk around khartoum most of the campaign posters you find are of omar al bashir, it's as if he is the only one campaigning. but the opposition will tell you because he has the resources the state power and his government has silented dee dissenting voices can crack downs and arrests. but for her it doesn't matter who is at the top just how her life will improve. >> there will be no difference between the old and new
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government i just want my business to be good you my children and i. >> reporter: he and his friends tell me even if they were registered voters they would not vote. they say there is simply no one to vote for. >> let's go straight now to cath ryne sio who is love live for us from khartoum. how is turn out shaping up so far, catherine? >> reporter: it's very slow. people have been coming very slowly. a few people. it's very quiet. we have made phone calls to other polling stations here in khartoum and they are saying very low key as well and it's important to note a couple of weeks ago. voting was cancelinged in eight areas because of security reasons. that said it's still early it's still early times this voting exercise takes three days and we are told that people have a way
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of waiting until the last minute to cast their ballot. we have spoken to a lot of people frustrated by the government and want change they don't see what president omar bashier won't do differently that he hasn't done in the year old he's been president that's why the major opposition political parties are calling for a boycott of the elections and are telling people not to show up and vote. they are saying that the environment is not conducive for multi-party elections. talking about omar bashier and his government's crack down on the opposition muzzling of the press as well. they say they wanted a national dialogue held ahead of any he lexer a national by log that will discuss the rewriting of the contusion. security has affected parts of the country electoral and political reforms as well they say without this, there can be not credible elections.
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but the president has many times on his campaign trail said that he is committed to a national dialogue and in fact, that will be one of his priorities. and officials of the ruling national congress party that i spoke to have said that they are in -- the president and everybody in the ruling party is committed to i a national dialogue and saying that these calls by the main opposition parties. are just a side show to partys that want to remain relevant. they say in fact, these parties for the opposition are just a fraction of many other parties that are actually participating in the election, sammy. >> now when you say that, people want change, what are some of the issues that people want to see movement on? >> reporter: people want to see security. people want to see a peaceful country. they are saying that what omar al bashir and his government have done is divided the country. they are talking about the
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conflicts under his watch. people have taken up arms in states under his watch. there has been conflict in darfur millions of people have been displaced. many people have died. they are talking about the lack of freedom of expression. regular crack downs people have been arrested. political -- political -- members of political -- opposition political paerls are in prison. they are talking about muzzling of the press. more importantly just talking built bread and butter issues. economy has been very bad because of sanctioned imposed on the country over years and the cost of living is very high and people just want to see change. they want to their lives improved some. >> all right catherine soi from khartoum. al year's election commission has declared the people's democratic party the winner of the river state governor ship. it's the party of former president goodluck jonathan who
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lost recent presidential elections, voting was extended in to sunday in oil-rich rivers after irregularities at polling stations. some ballot boxes were openly stolen and voting materials were not delivered. saudi arabia has rejected calls from iran to stop its aerial bombardment at yemen. at a president conference the for he were minister accused teheran of fueling the cycle of violence meanwhile the funerals of three saudi soldiers killed by shelling across the border have been held. mohamed vall reports. >> reporter: saudi families in the border city mourning the death of their loved ones. the body of one of three soldiers killed by houthi mortar shells on friday is about to be buried. the governor hoo is here to convey the king's condolences. on wrong the objective of the saudi-led air strikes is to stop the conflict in yemen spilling over to saudi arabia. now, there are fears that the
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kingdom may be forced to order a ground invasion. yemen and saudi arabia share a 1,800-kilometer border. control over this vast territory has never been easy. hundreds of refugees are heading north. this latest wave includes dozens of yemenis somalis and ethiopians. they ever here in the custody of the saudi bored guards. they are not only running away from the conflict, but also from worsening live conditions in yemen. most of these people arrived on foot. as they crossed the boarder there was fresh fighting nearby and fighter jets flew in the opposite direction. >> i am from sadr i came here seeking a job, there are no jobs in yemen and the situation is riz mall. only war and explosions. life there has been difficult. >> translator: we arrived to yemen by sea and then entered
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saudi arabia, at first we were only 30, then another 20 people joined us. when we got captured the middleman who facilitated our trip managed to escape. i paid him 500 for his service. nearly three weeks since it began there is no let up in the air campaign a daily average of eight raids coalition says the strikes are breaking the houthis and slowly causing them to lose the fight. >> translator: we are targeted a number of caves. they have been converted in to weapons and ammunition storage they have also become commands centered we destroyed them. >> reporter: saudi arabia says it has managed to muster the support of major tribes in yemen, a general mobilization has been announced among tribes. to confront the houthis and the forces loyal to to former president saleh. but many believe that without a unified command to coordinate their operations being even those tribes may not be able to tip the scale in favor of the an had ianti-houthi campaign.
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mo there are he had. al jazerra, on the saudi border with yemen. a coalition of international aid groups says the world must demand of israel and egypt's blockade of gaza strip. the association of international development agency says rebuilding after last year's gaza war is barely begun. egypt and israel restrict the movement of people and goods in to the strip including building materials. a bomb has exploded outside the moroccoan embassy in libya's capital. no one was wounded in the blast in triply. the embassy isn't active. morocco is hosting u.n.-backed talks to try to find a political solution to the libyan crisis. hundreds of thousands of brazilians have held protests across the country, they are angry against government corruption and economic problems. and they are blaming president dilma rousseff. >> reporter: many groups, many voices, one message dilma must
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so. there were 10s of thousands on the streets of sao paulo many wore the yellow and green of the country's national football team. they marched along one of the city's main streets stretching for more than two-kilometers. they are angry at a struggling economy and a corruption scandal that has implicated toll tinges from president dilma rousseff's party. >> anything is better that dilma. we want anything about dilma. >> she will keep herman date to the end. but it's very important for us to show that we are not happy. we are not happy with the government. >> reporter: there were large protests elsewhere across the country but they were not as large as organizers predicted here the numbered in 10s not hundreds of thousands. and not as large as froes last month. 63% of brazilians would like to see president dilma rousseff impeached and removed from office. but that same survey shows 29% of brazilians believe that will happen. the president is touch booed a corruption scandal he it state
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oil firm it's alleged pop tingeses took bribes in return for construction contracts. most of the politicians belong to the president's workers party and its allies, rousseff was chairman but nothing suggests she did anything wrong. one economist says the president isn't it any immediate danger of losing her job. >> huge mistakes were made, but i think that there is no evidence that could lead to the president's impeachment at this moment. of course, that may appear. >> reporter: the protesters' right to take to the streets has been defended by the president herself. she says she's making changes. but the outrage remains. and there is no sign it's about to go away. at an fisher, al jazerra, sao paulo. still much more to come on the show. >> every day americans need a champion. and i want to be that champion. hillary clinton makes it official. and enters the race for the white house.
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plus a record-making result at the masters in agusta. the first major of the season. >> nasa steps in to help protect the future of the planet. >> the tropics regulate our climate. >> techknow heads to costa rica to see how one rainforest is fighting back. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" - where technology meets humanity. tomorrow, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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♪ ♪ welcome back. let's recap the headlines here on al jazerra now. in sudan polls have opened for presidential and parliamentary elections. almost all opposition parties are boycotting the vote, though. long time leader ba here is expect today hold on for another five-year term. hundreds of refugees have
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crossed in to saudi arabia from yemen as saudi arabia continues their campaign. 10s of thousands of people in brazil have taken to the streets for anti-government protests. they are angry about the struggling economy and the corruption scandal implicated politicians from president dilma rousseff's party. hillary clinton has officially launched her 2016 u.s. presidential campaign. she's the overwhelming favorite to wilt democratic win the democratic nation and on her way to iowa the first stop for presidential hopefuls. tom ackerman reports from the state capital des moines. >> i am running for president. >> reporter: hillary clinton made the announcement without any cheering crowds or spot-hit stage. the message delivered instead in a glossy two-minute video featuring a diverse mix of middle class americans voicing their percentage hopes for the
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future. >> every-day americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. >> reporter: clinton's first campaign stop will be the state of iowa to win the democratic party's pop las conduct us there. it's where up start barack obama beat her in 2008. with a grass root effort that showed her route to the white house is should not whether been taken for granted before her arrival parents watching their children play football told us lil' are you ought do better if they doesn't campaign by lying the inevitable within winner. >> she has to action like a second tier candidate and play it hard if she wants to win it. that's her challenge if she really wants it she has to show it. >> reporter: this time clinton will frame her message through more intimate home style gatherings focusing on women's workplace issues and narrowing the country economic disparities think republican hopefuls who consider clinton their probable opponents are attacking what they see as her run rah bills. >> i think the thing is about the clintons there is a certain
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sense that they think they are above the law. and this grand hypocrisy for the clintons we have this whole war on women thing thing that they like to talk about yet hill run clinton has taken money country that his rape womens or publically lash. >> reporter: so far no major candidate has emerge today formally challenge her. with this state's caucuses still more than nine months way clinton will be back many more times to nail down a win. with or without a serious opponents. tom ackerman, al jazerra, des moines iowa. hillary clinton is the hot favorite for the democrat not nation but what about the republicans, u.s. senators, ted cruz and rand paul have officially launched their campaigns. both want a smaller role for the government and repeal many of barack obama's policies but they will be competing in a crowded
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field. jeb bush the bother of former president bush and former senator marco rubio are among those likely to join the race, clinton's rivals didn't waste any time in attacking her record a or adviser to rand paul is among those taking aim. >> look at her record as secretary of state. she set out the syria policy. which has turned out not to be done very well. she set out the policy in libya that didn't turn out well. she was the secretary of state when she refuse today offer the embassy in libya the requested aircraft months in advance and failed to come to the aid of our embassy. so we want to run on her experience. and her experience is a very poor record. and, remember, this is the secretary of state who said that she needed to reset relations with the soviet union and brought a gimmicky reset button and can anybody argue that our
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position vis-a-vis the soviet union and russia today is better? it's not. 45 people will stand trial on monday over the biggest mine disaster in turkey's history. over 300 miners died last year from carbon monoxide poison is after an explosion campaign irsay it's trial is a step towards justice but still calling in to an investigation in to the state's responsibility. a top official who ran china's biggest petroleum company has gone on trial for corruption. he is charged with taking bribes. he is the former chairman of the state-run national petroleum corporation the parent company of petro china. petro china is asia's largest oil producer. it's been the target of a widespread corruption investigation. south korea's president is being linked to a massive political corruption scanned scandal. over a so-called bribery list discovered after the head of a major construction company
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committed suicide last week. eight names on the list are high-profile figures close to the president. harry fawcett explains. >> reporter: well, this emerging scandal has the potential to be an extremely damaging one for the president. it all centers around one man who was the head of a major construction firm here in south korea. and was being investigated over his dealings with president park's predecessor. and an energy resources project that he was involved in. now, last week he gave gave a news conference in which he denied any wrongdoing in that and then the very next day thursday he took his own life. but not before he wrote a list of other senior politicians he said he made illegal payments to. and he gave a newspaper interview as well in which he made similar allegations. now, the key thing is that all of these eight men have close links to president park. two of them a former chiefs of staff, one them is her current chief of staff. one of them is the current prime minister. and as well as that, perhaps
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more intriguingly, is that he also said he made a payment to her campaign manager during the 2012 election campaign. he said that he paid him 180,000 u.s. dollars and that that money was used for president park's success. presidential campaign. now we have this very worrying scandal for her. she says that she will support the investigation. that just must be served and the men involved have variously been saying they will cooperate with investigateers. well, there have been violent protests in the west african country of gabon following the death of a senior opposition leader. he died on sunday in cameroon, he was 57. and ran to become president in 2009 against the former president's son who is now president. witnesses accuse the government of poisoning him. bang losbangladesh's booming garment industry is taking a hit because of transport blockades. they are being imposed by the opposition and its allies to try
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to force early elections. but it's delaying the deliveries in overseas byers have canceled thousands of orders. a report from bangladesh. >> reporter: here at the giant factory thousands of garment workers hurry to fill honored. it's what they have to do to survive. but these days, once honored is finished instead of being delivered, the clothes could easily just end up sitting around in storage. that's because of violence like this. bangladesh's opposition wants elections and it called for a transportation blockade to press their point. that's led to violence that's killed more than 100 people this year. buss and trucks have been burned. the government blames the opposition who deny their involvement. many of those dead are drivers of these buses and trucks. >> translator: my vehicle is insured, but so what? if i get killed on the road by a
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petrol bomb. then will the insurance bring me back? the insurance can buy a new car but it can't bring me back to my wife. it won't stop my children from becoming orphans. >> reporter: with drivers afraid to work, the garment industry has suffered. >> translator: if the shipment is late, what is the buyer supposed to do the clothes industry is a seasonal business if my order doesn't reach the market on time, then they are no longer of value. >> reporter: many brand any companies are getting fed up as bangladesh enters a third year of violent political instability. >> buyers are trying to not take more risks so they are put something orders in different countries so that they don't want to put all of their eggs in one basket. >> reporter: plenty of businesses have been affected by the blockade. but none are as significant as the garment industry. it accounts for 80% of
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bangladesh's exports. with all these boxes sitting here waiting to be shipped out. that's valuable foreign exchange not coming in to the country. this is especiallily bad knew forespecially bad news forthe millions of people who see the industry as a path out of pay at this. while the -- poverty. while the world is paying attention to their offense dangerous working conditions they are now having to contends with a new threat to their livelihoods. al jazerra bangladesh. now, turkey has withdrawn its ambassador to the vatican after pope francis described the killing of armenians in 1915 as a genocide. turkey admits that armenians were killed but denies it was genocide. armenia's president has welcomed the comments. but turkey's prime minister says they are inaccurate and inappropriate. a team of scientists in australia says it's developed a technique that could
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revolutionize solar power production, they are describing it as a game change feeder renewable energy industry. well, it could one day mean the sun is used to drive power stations instead of coal or gas. andrew thomas reports from newcastle. >> reporter: it looks almost like an act of worship. but this is science. mirrored panels known as helio stats turn in unison towards a tower, they direct onto it a powerful glow of sunlight this could revolutionize the way the sun creates electricity it's the latest frontier for solar power. >> really these types of projects are really where you can push the boundaries a little. but also demonstrate exactly what the potential of the it can technology 16789 the technology works by concentrating sunlight on a single point. liquid there is heat today extreme temperatures, almost 600 degrees celsius creating super critical steam. that drives a turbine at high
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speed and high fresh to create power. the steam and turbine part of the technology isn't knew, it's the use of the sun's energy to create the steam to power it that is. >> something like 90% of the world's electricity comes from make that go hot fluid today and then expanding it through some sort of it you are bine. all we are doing here is changing the front end and having concentrated sun to mike that hot fluid replacing the normal heat production which normally comes from coal or gas or bio mass or even nuclear. >> reporter: the potential is enormous it wouldn't take huge areas of sun-baked land to create big quantities of power. this is just a prototype but the hope is that in years to come there could be fields of solar mirrors in deserts all the over the world, one just 50-kilometers by 50-kilometers could provide enough electricity for a quarter of all of all australia's needs. at the moment the technology is
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very expensive and recent falls in the price of fossil fuels don't help make innovative green solutions competitive but in the on long term this technology could represent the best chance for solar to play a big role in electricity production, andrew thomas, al jazerra newcastle australia. jordan spieth has won the masters golf tournament in the your honor the 21-year-old american beat phil mickelson and justin rose to win his first major title by 4 shorts pro duelingsing a 2 under final round with a score of under 18. that score matched the lowest on record at augusta set by tiger woods in 1997. >> this was arguably the greatest day of my life and to join the club that is the green jackets and to join masters history and but my name on that trophy and to have this jacket
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forever is something that i can't fathom right now. and, of course, you can keep up-to-date with all of the news, stories that we have been telling you about if you head over to our website you can see our lead story there. the elects in sudan we'll be back with another update in just a couple of minutes. >> louisiana's bayou, 70 miles southwest of new orleans. this is the heartland of the native american houma tribe. and it's one of the most valuable ecosystems in the entire united states. >> we go to the bayous to provide for our families.