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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 13, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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there has been too much deceptions and lies. >> this is al jazeera.hello i'm mary ann namazi. you're watching the newshour coming up from london. in the next few minutes positions of houthis across the border. long sentences of blackwater security guards for ordinances in baghdad.
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russia and missile systems to iran. gunter grass. a nobel winning novelist dies. and cyclists almost collide with a high speed train. we begin in yemen where the saudi led coalition has been striking houthis in the southern part of the country. coalition has been hitting targets in shabwa. the south of the country is especially important how close it is to the red sea and the gulf of aden. key shipping ports for oil.
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saudi arabia says it's turning up the pressure on the houthi rebels. >> the amounts of air attacks were 120 yesterday and increasing. all the fronts are busy, we are confronting all the centers of the houthis. saudis forces have been pounding houthis inside yemen as well, after intelligence that houthi fighters were aiming to move towards the border, liddy dutt has administer on the fight for yemen. >> reporter: on the ground fighting between houthis and tribes men continues in the port city of aden and in the air saudis target positions including the presidential
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palace. parts of shabwabwa palace and forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh. on track for almost four days. >> reporter: there are growing concerns the attack had on some of the world's poorest people. the aid agency doctors without borders says aid is slowly arriving in sanaa. >> what is essential now is that an acute crisis does not involve into chronical one. we have all seen what has happened in syria where we have entered into fifth year of not only fighting but killing
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including killing since. now icivilians. i think there is still a window of opportunity where fighting and killing the yemen could be stopped. >> saudi led air strikes to defeat houthi rebels and forces loyal to ali abdullah saleh are in tear third week. houthis have made recent advances in the south. these are the latest signs that it may be sometime yet before the intended effect is felt. liddy dutt, al jazeera. >> joining me is adam baron good to have you with us. are the saudis succeeding to degrade the houthi strength in aden? >> to some extent they are
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succeedingsucceeding that being said we have seen a surprising amount of resistance from local adeni fighters but still we haven't seen these saudi forces lead to a defeat of the houthis in aden. >> in that case, what's next for the saudis, ground operation into aden? >> i think a ground offensive makes things a heck of a lot more complicated. what troops are coming in, if saudis are redeploig yes ma'ami yes deploig deploying yemeni troops that is one thing but what about aqap troops? >> the houthis gaining more
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ground in yemen you may be facing aqap and casualties on behalf of yemen and looks like the saudis can't ridicule rl on the rely on the pakistanis either. >> we have yet to see a ground offensive start that says it all, they are not willing to take the risk that a ground offensive would mean in yemen. >> what about forces that are loyal to ali abdullah saleh are they likely to retain their situation with houthis, this is infrastructure that belongs to them does that demorals them in somedemoralize themin some way?
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>> the houthi strength has remained, and you see the houthis and saleh allied forces, they take over a number of military bases there. >> we know the force he are also involved in fighting in shabwa. >> from what i've heard from people with connections to the tribal forces fighting on the ground there's been a lot of complaints that there's not effective coordination. i think that's why we are seeing these forces, these tribal forces should be able to push the houthis back very quickly but without accordance we coordination,
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we will see these forces scuttled. thank you very much. men convicted ever a case which became a test of accountability for the private security industry. shihab britanzi reports. >> the sniper who first opened fire was sentenced to life. their armored conscroi convoir convoy had been approaching baghdad car was blown up in the meantime the others in the convoy opened fire with their machine guns and grenade launchers. 17 killed, several shot in the back 20 seriously injured all those killed were civilians. the four men say they were acting in self defense and have
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expressed no remorgs or remorse or acceptance of responsibility. has president obama has expanded george w. bush's war or terror it remained a boom time for those in security. subsidiaries is estimated by huffington post to receive $1 l billion from government contractors. the four men are appealing their convictions. shihab brittanzi, al jazeera washington. how important is the security contractors? >> it is extremely important. it's the first significant major league prosecution of private security contractors working for the u.s. government in a clear cut case of unlawful killing. and it's setting a precedent
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however belated that the government will not countermand violations of both international law, national law and host country law. >> so what lessons then might the rest of the industry take from this and inkeyed what lessons might private security contractors really draw from this trial? >> well, to take the second question first i think individual private security contractors will think long and hard before accepting their next job in the conflict zone. because i think the lesson they'll be drawing from this is that they can't depend on their employers to necessarily come to their aid if they get involved in a firefight and people are killed. so i think that would be first and foremost what is in their mind. as to what the rest of the industry will take from this, i think they will take it as a sign that they need to be much more serious about complying
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with the laws and regulations that -- and good practices that had been enacted in recent years, such as the code of conduct for private security contractors which was enacted as a kind of codicil for the montreul documents for the industry as a whole. >> david does that code of conduct bring much more clarity? it's taken a while to get to this, some years for these sentences to be hand id handed down. does that mean they've settled the law as far as the limits of the military or the state department employing private security in conflict zones? >> not really. the obligations of both what governments employing the companies and companies
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themselves are supposed to do, it's not settled all the definitional issues as to when the contractor might be considered a combatant in certain situations. because generally they are considered to be noncombatants although there are times when a situational contell they cosh construed tocouldbe construed to be. that is somewhat a murky question what this doesn't answer is what are the resources that governments are willing to bring to bear in terms of ensuring compliance with these best practices and how serious they are and in terms of establishing judicial frameworks that can't be questioned. even though the sentences have been handed down, the government won with some novel legal theories in terms of aiding and
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abetting. they didn't actually prove their case in terms of individual culpability andists quite likely to be challenged in appeal. >> is this trial likely the make any difference in this trend of outsourcing and privatization in the areas of diplomatic intelligence service? are we likely to see this trend continuing? >> i think short answer is it makes very little difference. the trend will certainly continue. it's been continuing in a very significant way for a number of years. it's far broader than most people think. it goes way beyond ministries of defense or state department, involving intelligence services, it involves intelligence agencies, considered part of high foreign policy or national security. potentially up for grabs the
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contract to be bid out. >> david thanks very much, really good to get your analysis david eisenberg from washington d.c. much more to come for you on the al jazeera newshour. we have an exclusive interviewer with the man in charge of the global campaign against i.s.i.l. find out how general john allen aims to prevent young people from joining the group. and paris prepares for an olympic bid ahead who else they might be going up in sport. against in sport. now the kremlin says says it's lifting its ban against a sale
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of a sophisticated missile defense system to iran. the f-300 is a long range surface to air missile. the fully mobile units can track up to six targets at once up to a range of 200 kilometers. they can raunch 12 ballistic missiles at one time. -- launch 12 ballistic missiles at one time. tim friend takes a look. >> the f-300 can track down and strike multiple targets simultaneously. russia had suspended the $ $800 million deal because of strong objections by the u.s. and israel. but according to the russian
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foreign minister, the agreement on settling the nuclear standoff meant iran's voluntary suspension of the deal was no longer necessary. >> translator: the f-300 is exclusively a defensive weapon, will not threaten threaten any country except of course israel. >> iran would use relief from sanctions for arms. the white house also objected to the sale. >> i'm not at a position to speculate but it it is safe to say that russia takes very seriously the safety and security of our allies in the region. >> the nuclear program still last to be finalized. particularly over how and when to lift sanctions. president obama has to deal with
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opponents in congress who fear iran is seeking to build weapons. tehran denies that. president putin's latest move complicates the process but in tehran spokesmen say the deal would improve ties between iran and russia paving way for further cooperation. tim friend, al jazeera. >> what's behind russia's move to sell iran these air defense systems? >> well, what they say is that this will help middle east and regional stability. i mean if you believe that, that's fine. but certainly, what is more believable is that russia is already trying to strengthen its economic and military interests with iran. and in the middle east in general. what's fafnl fascinating about this
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miriam is the speed with which the russians acted in order to make sure that they would preempt everyone else. now that the international business community including the armaments community is more and more interested in iran as a potential buyer. come june. >> exactly, we're still waiting for a final nuclear deal to be worked out by the end of june and there is still a great deal of work to be done. could the resumption of arms sales to iran by russia complicate those negotiation in any way or give iran some upper hand in these negotiations? >> i tell you miriam, this is all quite fascinating. it is fascinating because predictably israel has denounced the delivery of the s-300s but the u.s. did not denounce it. let's be clear here. the united states, the obama administration has merely
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objected or expressed concerns, said that this is not helpful. but none of the language that we're used to. now, to make sure, russia is not violating any sanctions. this was simply self-restraint if you will because of the appeal of the israelis and the americans after 2010 sanctions. now certainly the russians are interested in this, and let's remember this is antiaircraft defense system. this is not an offense missile system. and so for israel to say that they are aware of this threat as their security, they are threatening obomb iran and now iran could poangsly poangsly potentially have such weapons. now that they're working on this deal miriam it is clear that the obama administration is in the mood of using russia in order to
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put more pressure on iran to get a deal settled by june 30th. this sale or delivery of the s-300 could be the carrot used against the iranian conservatives in order to get a deal passed more swiftly than the others would anticipate. >> of course, as you say marwan, these are not offensive weapons we're talking about. this is a defensive system that russia would potentially be selling iran. but nevertheless it comes at a very difficult time in the region. you have ongoing conflict in iraq and syria and also a very volatile situation in yemen. could this arms sale impact the dynamics we are seeing in the middle east right now? >> there's no doubt miriam that the cynicism shown by russia,
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that this really adds to the arms race in the region. the united states has just given more weapons to the saudis, everyone is trigger happy in moscow and washington to sell arms to the middle east. and let's remember, the middle east makes up 5% of the world population but more than 25% of its conflicts. sending arms to the countries in the region especially to people in tehran who have been instigating the various groups and neighbors, all of that does not bode well for security and stability. be that as it may we've seen that before. in terms of the nuclear deal this does not necessarily mean the nuclear deal will not happen. in terms of the broader instability in the region certainly adding to the arms race does not help anyone or help resolve any conflict in the area. >> marwan, thank you. at least ten civilians have
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been killed by a car bomb in the iraqi capital baghdad. according to a police officer the explosion happened near a market in the shia neighborhood in the south of the city. another 28 people were also wounded in the blast. meanwhile sunni muslims living in diyala, use are living in fear of reprisal. omar al saleh has more. >> this family lives in a camp on the city ofback of baqubah. she bach baqubah.
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shia publishes militias. >> recapture and kill dl diyala from i.s.i.l. diyala province is on the border with iran and its influence is evident. this border crossing was closed for 30 years. now, it's wide open. the popular mobilization force and shia militias are the real power here. some analysts fear that the victory over i.s.i.l. may have strengthened the shia fighters. >> translator: after the liberation of diyala we witnessed the increasing attacks on sunnies. this social phenomenon is tearing out the integrity of the
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shia people. there is a sectarian and ethnic strife currently e-currently taking place in diyala. >> fighters are only defending their country he denies any wrongdoing. >> the talk of changing the demography is not true. we felt the danger of i.s.i.l. reaching diyala. we stopped them. what the sunni politician he are accusing us of doing is defaming the integrity of the iraq fighters. >> reporter: prime haider al-abadi curb he says the criminal activities of a few members. but he also warned against demonizing this force which is now the main power fighting i.s.i.l. omar al saleh, al jazeera baghdad. shia militias committing
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acts of atrocities against sunni. the sunni city of tikrit after its liberation from i.s.i.l. >> translator: popular mobilization forces should be seen as shias against sunni. this is courageous patriots who assume their responsibility to protect the nation, similar to what happened in mosul. shia arabs and kurds. they are all members of the armed forces. our minister of defense is a sunni. what you hear only happens on a few tv channels. that's not the reality. >> after last week's set back, iraqi forces have launched a counterattack in the western province of mawsh an bay area.
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annanbar.the reacquisition of gaza has been barely begun. campaigners are urging the international communities to immediately end the blookd blockade on gaza. >> 3.5 billion to reconstruct the gaza strip. this home is more than 19,000
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homes that have yet to be rebuilt. he's living in a is makeshift structure. staying warm is hard work. he searches for wood in the piles of rubble around him to make a fire. >> i blame all sides. i cannot blame one party. all parties have to agree on how to carry the reconstruction. if they don't agree we'll be the victims. >> 46 humanitarian organizations have filed a report saying only a quarter of the money has so far been released. 100,000 people are still homeless here after israel's third and most destructive war on gaza in six years. some people in gaza blame their own leadership for their despair. >> translator: both hamas and fatah are using us as a cheap commodity to trade with the
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international community. this leaves us wanting to explode. we are left with israel either exploding in the international face we don't know which to choose. >> lift the eight year blockade on gaza, deliver on promises of reconstruction and deliver ceasefire negotiations in order to prevent another conflict. it also describes the crisis in gaza as a man made one. while some doorns have donors have refused to release funds both donors and israel are entrenching this political split. the report also found that most is donors are accepting ways to work around it. >> what we need is a change to how the international community addresses the blockade, which is making sure there's consequences
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and accountability for it staying in place. >> the aid group which put the report together say that unless the root causes of the worsening humanitarian situation in gaza, another situation will be inevitable. pressuring israel to lift the blockade on gaza. suspend arms transfers on countries that will use them to commit attacks on civilians. the question is whether the international community will respond to this situation. al jazeera west jerusalem. >> still ahead big crowds at an anti-islam rally in germany. one year since the kidnapping of girls in nigeria.
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what we can do to bring them home. and in spain protesters are calling for jail terms over this person's transfer. 's transfer. >> tonight - a climate emergency. >> those species could not be here in 10 years. >> nasa steps in to help protect the future of the planet. >> the tropics regulate our climate. >> techknow heads to costa rica to see how one rainforest is fighting back. >> wow! some of these are amazing. >> techknow's team of experts
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show you how the miracles of science... >> this is my selfie, what can you tell me about my future? >> can affect and surprise us. >> don't try this at home. >> "techknow" - where technology meets humanity. tonight, 6:30 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile planet is >> welcome back.
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let's take you through the top stories. saudi forces say they've stepped up attacks on houthi forces in yemen using artillery and air strikes. coalition forces have launched attacks in the capital city sanaa and in aden. a former blackwater security guard has been sentenced to life in prison for killings in baghdad in 2007. washington says it's concerned about russian plans to sell air defense miles ofs missiles to iran. iran says the sale will help boost stability in the region. now in other news. the man the u.s. president has put in charge of leading a global campaign against i.s.i.l. says the fight will take years but ultimately the group will be defeated. general allen talked exclusively to our white house correspondent
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rosalyn jordan. >> reporter: retired u.s. general john allen is barack obama's man in charge of the global campaign against i.s.i.l the islamic state of iraq and the levant. more than six months he's been working with more than 60 countries to stop the group's spread. in an exclusive interview i asked general allen what kind of enemy i.s.i.l. has become. >> i would say that in many respects daesh has become a protoe-state in some respects. it points to a piece of terrain it calls a capital it has local governments through imirs and emwallis it has attempted to have its own currency. in some respects when it transitioned to become a proto-state, it has.
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>> pentagon released this map on monday. officials say that since september, i.s.i.l. has lost between 1.3 and 1.3 million hectares of territory. but in iraq regaining territory doesn't mean there's peace. sunni residents say they're being targeted by shiite militia. prime minister haider al-abadi who is shia, made a point over raising the flag over liberated tikrit. >> does the coalition have a moral obligation to stay engaged as long as possible to essentially get both sunni and shia to learn how to coexist again inside iraq? >> the u.s. government but also more broadly the coalition governments are very much committed to assisting prime minister abadi and in creating the environment of governance
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that brings to an end the kinds of sectarian strife that have characterized iraqi policies and society to this point. glfer >> reporter: then there's the problem of foreign fighters. general allen and others are trying to prevent them from joining i.s.i.l. and coming home. >> in the end we are a compassionate people. it's important to explore how rehabilitation and deradicallization can be brought to bear. >> reporter: allen says the fight against i.s.i.l. will take years but ultimately the group will be defeated. the challenge is not letting up the pressure on i.s.i.l. no matter how long it takes. rosalyn jordan, al jazeera the state department. turkey's worst mine
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disaster over 300 died after the explosion at the solma col mine. bernard shaw in istanbul. >> this was an emotional day. they'd come to see the start of a trial of 45 people accused of being responsible for what happened hundreds of meters underground last may. the defendants include eight former managers charged with murder. >> translator: words are not enough to express our pain. i have another son he still works underground. he goes there every day. every day he goes there and i wonder when the news will come. >> reporter: the disaster happened when a pit was engulfed by flames and carbon monoxide gas. some 800 mineers miners were trapped. badly maintained gas masks and poor ventilation. no government officials are on trial although there is a
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separate investigation going on into the inspectors who gave the mine an operating license. >> translator: if the ministers do not grant the mission to have a probe against government officials it means the government avoids putting the ministers on trial and it means they protect them. >> reporter: prosecutors are demanding 25-year jail sentences for every one of the 301 viments. a month after the soma disaster, turkey's parliament pushed through legislation aimed at workplace safety. so far this year more than 350 people have been killed according to turkey's council for worker health and safety. bernard smith, al jazeera istanbul. three men have been jailed for 15 years for raping a kenyan
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schoolgirl after a high profile public campaign to bring them to trial. the girl known as liz was 16 when she was attacked on her way home from her grandfather's funeral. she was dumped in a sewer and left for dead. although she was able to identify some of her attackers the men were initially freed after cutting grass around the police station as punishment. that sparked international condemnation and an online campaign for justice. voters in sudan have been casting their ballots in an election with which which has been boycotted by the campaign campaign opponents. >> this is the first day voting looked like. for most of the day electoral clerks had little to do other than just wait. the highlight at the polling
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station was the arrival of president omar al bashir. some who did show up say it's a pate roltic thingpatriotic thing odo. >> others would argue that it is too early to gauge for the turnout. there are three days of voting, 11,000 polling stations and they say khartoum does not represent the country. we have not seen many young people and some say the reason they're not voting is because they feel that their vote will not make a difference. the main opposition parties have just like in 2010 boycotted the election and telling people not to vote. marian's party is not even voting. >> it is not rigged election, not election at all. if you insist calling it elections, staged elections.
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>> this journalist has been arrested and detained several times. he did not vote in 2010 and not voting now. he says a national dialogue needs to be held but the government led 50 national congress party also improved democracy and freedom of speech. >> no positive sign that something new would come after the election. no word of political reform or economic reform but in sudan now we would know that there is no power to the ncb, there is no power to any other institution. all the power in the hand of the president himself. so if you want to take the position he can take it. >> some of the people caught in the election say they do not want to legitimize it by participating. many western companies have not sent observer teams. dozens of other parties and 15 presidential candidates running against bashir, lit known and no
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threat to the president. catherine soy, al jazeera khartoum. >> police have opened fire in the capital conocre in guinea. unhappy about government electoral timetable. many blame on president alfa conde. people's democratic party has won the river state. goodluck jonathan is due to stand down after losing the election. some ballot boxes were stolen and voting material wasn't delivered. well on tuesday, it will be a year since more than 200 school girls were abducted in northern nigeria by boko haram. despite the global campaign to fee them most are still missing. but many hope nigeria's new government will finally be able
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to bring them home. haru mutasa reports from abuja. >> this boy is three years old. all he seems to understand is that school girls were kidnapped by boko haram a long time ago. his parents aren't far. they have been meeting every day along with other concerned nigerians. >> it's not okay, something terrible happened in nigeria and we should yeunt and unite and demand for the return of those girls. >> reporter: in april of last year force he attacked chibok and abducted more than 200 girls. every girl taken wanted to achieve something in life, that's why they went to school, even though the boko haram
5:44 pm
opposed education. some hope muhammadu buhari's new government would do something more to find the girls. others are skeptical. >> the new government will use the same army that the former government have used and there are many saboteurs in the army. >> reporter: a year is a long time. slowly reality is sinking in for some families. even if some of the girls are found alive their parents don't know what condition they will be in, how many are pregnant, how many have children or how many are safe. president goodluck jonathan's outgoing administration kept telling the people, the girls would be rescued soon. but for fathers brothers, sisters, soon turned into months
5:45 pm
and now 365 days. >> we are not here, haven't heard anything about them since they have been kidnapped. you know. >> reporter: many in nigeria haven't given up hope of finding all of them alive and they're asking the world to keep up the pressure and not abandon their chibok school girls. haru mutasa, al jazeera abuja. china has released five women's rights activists after detaining them a month. they were arrested for picking quarrels and evoking trouble. the five women were arrested on the weekend of international women's day. they were planning to straight demonstrate against the sexual harassments of women on buses. their lawyer says they are still considered suspects and that that movement will be restricted. a case in the u.s. state of georgia involving ten teachers found guilty for conspiring to
5:46 pm
help students cheat on exams is held on tuesday. the judge on monday were accused of the falsifying results for bonuses. another teacher convicted while she was pregnant will be sentenced santa later date. fighting has returned to eastern ukraine after a month of relative calm. killed more than 6,000 people. but violence did ease after a truce was announced in february. the foreign ministers of ukraine, russia, france and germany are due to meet in germany to discuss the agreement. a popularrist speaker has addressed a large crowd of pegida in germany.
5:47 pm
wildizaza posed his support to germany. >> if you love germany raise your alarm. if you love your husband or wife you must raise the alarm if you love your children you must raise the alarm. the threat that islamization poses. >> jean maria le pen made comments which prompted his daughter and party leader marine to tell him to step down. nobel prize winner gunter grass passed away at the age of 87.
5:48 pm
simon mcgregor wood reports on the life of a man many say is the moral conscience of germany. >> he was the german writer who most boldly confronted his country's nazi past while for many years concealing his own. he was propelled to fame by his 1959 novel the tin drum about a boy growing up in grass's home town of danzig. now the city of gdansk. another famous son of gdansk paid tribute. >> translator: it was a great intellectual, one has to say. when we were exchanging books i wrote in dedication to a gdansk citizen from birth and from choice. we were both from gdansk. we were sure the young citizen learned lessons from the past. >> write well into hiss his 80s.
5:49 pm
he was critical of danish cartoons depicted the prophet mohamed but defended sal manrushdie against fat aways.was. his role as the moral conscience of modern germany was critically damaged in 2006. in his autobiography . confront their past while spending so many years hiding his own. simon mcgregor wood, al
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jazeera. >> still ahead for you this newshour. sport, including rail rage. why international cycling could find itself in the stock. stock. >> i think we're into something that's bigger than us... >> that's the pain that your mother feels when you disrespect her son... >> me being here is defying all odds... >> they were patriots they wanted there country back >> al jazeera america presents the passion... >> onward.. >> pain... >> it's too much... >> ..and triumph... inspirational real life stories >> all these labels the world throws at you, that's what drives me to push.. >> of ordinary people
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>> i tasted the american dream, i liked it... >> living extraordinary lives... >> if we could multiply this program, we could change the world >> from the best filmmakers of our time >> i give al jazeera tremendous credit, because it's not traditionally what broadcast journalism does >> the new home for original documentaries al jazeera america presents only on al jazeera america >> welcome back. jo is here with sports. >> thank you mary ann. paris's dreams to host an olympics comes closer. the council joined french
5:52 pm
president francois hollande in supporting the bid. paris has had three unsuccessful bids in the last 25 years. the last was for the 2012 games which were held in london. are. >> translator: we're here >> translator: we're here toexpress the 2024 game. all the counselors have come to this consensus they all agree that this campaign must come first and we have got to make the job for the bidding team easier. >> the deadline isn't until september the 15th. there are plenty of other cities who have indicated their intent. rome has firmly suggested that they will bid. their last was in 1960 though turin did host a winter game. referendum could gain support be held in hamburg in september.
5:53 pm
boston been put forward by united states olympic committee ahead of l.a., san francisco and washington. doha is also said to be considering a bid. france's national rrl railway committee, has made an official complaint to prosecutors about the incident. arrived at the crossing ten minutes ahead of schedule. and entered barrier that was already crossing. closed too quickly for riders to symptom. the most press teeshous one day
5:54 pm
competition. >> the train riesked at 110 kilometers per hour. the driver had the foresite to apply the brakes. we don't think people can recklessly cross a level crossing. extremely dangerous. people need to stop at the barrier and that's why we're filing a complaint. >> spanish prosecutors are calling for a 27 month sentence, for joseph bartolumu club is accused of hiding the true value of the transfer to the tax authorities of more than $13.5 million. the prosecutor requested a prison term of over four years and called for the club to be put on trial. valencia has stayed on track
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goals from sofian f-aguli three points clear of seville and champions league qualifies spots. in england liverpool's chance of being in the premier league anfield up to fifth still four points behind man city. the champions league is back this week with one of the standout games of the quarter finals pitting real madrid. since that match in liz bon hasn't coach car lowe anchossi is playing down the possibilities of another international derby.
5:56 pm
>> we're not obsessed with beat beating our objective is not to beat athletico. but to win another trophy. first international inning since health issues forced him out of the ashes tour in australia 17 months ago. england recovered to close day 1 on 351 for 5. india's first ever top ranked tennis player says she hopes her success will encourage more women to take up sports in her home country. sonia mertza and martina hingis,
5:57 pm
herself a five time grand champion in singles has come out of retirement. cricket great sasha. >> women do play sport in india now, that has become a career option. but majority still believe that there are certain dos and don'ts for women for a girl what she should and shouldn't do culturally. i feel like this is the way of saying you got to let the girl do what she wants to do. i really do hope we have more women coming up playing sports. >> that's all the sport for now miriam. >> the address for sport is, that's it for the news hour, back with a full bulletin of news in a few
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minutes time. stay with us. >> i wanted people to know, this regime, was evil... >> fault lines investigates the impact of the u.s. involvement in south sudan >> fault lines al jazeera america's hard hitting... >> today they will be arrested... >> ground breaking... >> they're firing canisters of gas at us... >> emmy award winning investigative series... >> we have to get out of here... south sudan: country of dreams only on al jazeera america
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is. >> hello everybody this is al jazeera america. i'm david schuster in new york city. florida republican senator marco rubio will formally announce that he is running for president. step to the podium and announce in front of hundreds of supporters the freedom tower where the government used to process immigrants. rubio is 43 years old. he will be the youngest presidential candidate in 2016. he has only been serving in the u.s. senate since 2010.