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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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respected around the world it means you too can now count on all the things we stand for. aljazeera america. ♪ ♪. >> also coming up, hundreds of migrants feared dead and mediterranean ship wreck and thousands more lives are at risk. europe charges the search giant google with abusing it's market dominance. and why dark matter may not be so dark after all. the study that is putting scientists in a spin.
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starting in yemen where the saudi led coalitions are carrying out air strikes in houthis targets that's the southern port city, heavy fighting the rebels accused of shelling residential areas killing at least three civilians. four sup effort political processers were also killed. on tuesday more than 300 arrived in east africa by sea. the offensive could yet turn into a ground operation saudi arabia and egypt have proposed large scale military exercises. do spite almost three weeks of air strikes saudi ambassador
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da arabia and it's allies have not been able to defeat the houthis militia and the toking fighting alongside them. it controlled the skies for the saudi led coalition hasn't deployed troops on the ground. it is reare lying on popular groups. they have gained some ground, in yemen's second biggest city adan and other areas in the south. we tell the houthis get out of here we are sick and tired of you and your oppression. this is a message to them and to iran, you will never be welcome here. >> here on the western entrance into adan, vehicles speed away traveling in the opposite direction ambulances headrd twos the fighting but can't get very far. >> there are injuries people,
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but they shot at us, we can't reach the injured. >> hospitals have been badly hit some like this one have no electricity. air strikes continue to target the main airport. there are reports weapons and reinforcements are being flown in to the houthis. the saudis say this is one of the reasons it is taking so long to defeat them. this is a war over control of yemen. control on the ground, is crucial. the saudis and their allies want to ensure president hattie can rule, they may have no choice but to send in ground troops. >> al jazeera. >> in the last half hour, saudi arib yeah's ambassador, has given more details about coalition campaigning.
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helicopters, medium weapons command and control air defense. as well as some of the strategic communications routs that they have used in order to try to take over yemen. >> our correspondents and on the border, in washington d.c. the saudi ambassador there also making a point about the u.n. resolution on sanctions against the houthiss what did he say? well as you might expect, he welcomed it, and he took it as a sign that the international community was united behind saudi arabia, now approaching it's third week, but beyond that, it was very much a
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>> about some sort of mass ground maneuver exercises on saudi soil at some point. whether -- again these are just -- the announcements that we hear from time to time, but very general and it is difficult to pin them down as to what is being concerned as the saudis approach that third week of bombing and frankly all that we can really show ever the it at the moment, is the u.n. warnings of the mounting civilian death toll and the agricultural organization as well as other mgos saying that yemen on the brink of a crisis. just in the last hour, warning that their feed crisis may be on the horizon. >> washington, d.c., to saudi arabia now. correspondent, is there any sign of talk? i know you are close to the military now that anything larger scale is about to happen? because of these mel tear exercises and what some people are suggesting that may mean.
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>> well, two days ago we were right at the border between saudi arabia and yemen, it is only 100-kilometers from where i stand and we have seen massive preparations. at that time there was no announcement yet of these exercises between saudi arabia and it's allies particularly egypt, but what we were told by the commander in p the field was what was saudi arabia wanted to make sure that houthis can no longer be inside houthis territory and also they are ready in case the saudi monarchy gives orders for a ground invasion, but now we are hearing about these exercises and we understand that the egyptians and the saudis would like to make sure that their talks are on high alert, and their troops know that they are going to face in case they are inside yemen. saudi arabia has a lot of territory, mountainous areas they have vast desserts and these troops coming from
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various conditions including egypt, probably need to familiarize themselveses with the territory that they are probably going to invade in case an order is given. >> in terms of free speech, saudi arabia -- i wonder if you hear anything from any sources within saudi arabia about how the saudi people feel? that many people to whom they feel particularly close because a lot of them have family in yemen are getting hurt and caught up in the conflict but there's not of their making. >> well, we didn't hear specifically any citizens or any civillen yeahs talking about this particular point but we know the history of the conflicts between yemen and the houthis. in 19 -- in 2009. war broke out between the two sides saudi arabia bombarded the areas the strong hold of the houthiss and the houthis decided to retaliate by infiltrated inside the
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territory, and they have attacked quite a number ofville are ladies and gentlemens there and now these villages are ghost towns because they were completely -- not completely, but extensively destroyed. we have seen that damage, and we have filmed it, these villages are are still empty now brads they have been able to hurt the civilians there. so is there are fearses even if the people don't talk about them. there are fears that it will probably mean repetition of what happened in 2009. so the saudis in terms of talking about citizens they actually yes are afraid and they have a lot of an hangs of this war spilling over mohamed, thank you. >> well, this is general ahmad pretty much spot on, same time every day. who will give us a briefing from the saudi coalition point
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of view. and what is happening inside yemen with regard to the number of acing thats there have been within the last 24 hours. i welcome you for this daily briefing regarding the decisive storm. i hate to say everything goes according to the plans and the operations yesterday. in addition to the operations of today have put the houthis militias and their affiliated militant in a place those who are against the legitimate regime in yemen put them in a bad situation and we are saying those who understood
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the message i'd like to mention commanders of the brigade 137 and others. and this is a good indication, because the leaders of these army units are still there who feel that there's a responsibility towards the yemen people, this also stresses that people do understand the situation of the international community through the resolution of yesterday. that's why we stress that these leaders are urged to support the legitimate and others are still thinking they need to go back to the legitimate government and regarding the houthis militias describes things that are not
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controlled within military. >> the city of aid and other locations and these things were targeted for the coalition forces. in the last 24 hours. they have tried to redeploy some of the flames and we know -- the coalition forces know that there are some of these in the seven places and we need to say that these militias now have tried to move it and the situation is quite important to take certain decisions and you notice we have destroyed so
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many of these locations yesterday. we have noticed also that the movements inside the area, and there were concentrated operations on this side of the areas yesterday. and operations concentrated as i am telling yourd rahing a need to -- and we have certain in the day that -- have witnessed a lot of our operations yesterday we have mentioned that we have accurate information regarding the reorganization of the forces and we have hit these parts and we will be always careful guarding the movement,
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particularly near the saudi borders. in the effort there was some of the groups of those militias in this area, and we have targeted them yesterday. some of the weapons stalled have also been hit by our coalition forces aerial raids were carried out against them yesterday. some movements of their stance were also targeted from the north to the south. and we have seep this yesterday on the road, and they have been targeted in the northern part of adan so as not to be able to go deep into the city. yesterday also, we have dropped weapons equipment and medical supplies to the popular resistence committee and these have a lot of good
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impact force of impact on their operations on the ground. the popular committees are doing well, and we are achieving our goals. you will notice also, that these militias as i said, are now destroying the capabilities of the yemen army. despite the fact they are losing on the ground, so we can't understand what their positions as they have moved some of the plans and we have dealt with this matter, in adan these houthis militias are still in some parts. and they are doing their hid and run fighting, they are giving the citizens a hard time that's why we have
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dropped yesterday the assistance and support and equipment to the popular committee, the committees who have done a good job against these houthis militias, and patience should be there and we are sure that in the very near future, the yemen will be liberated from those criminals. this is a military convoy, or group on the military beacons and the choice was there no choice other than destroying them as prepare them from going to their -- the direction, these are also the ammunition stalls and tools and as i said there is a lack of petrol in the whole of
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yemen, and you can notice this big explosion because the militias of the houthis have to stall here. some weapons and amount in additions and petrol also. we have hit this area, you can see how big and massive is the explosion. and we always say that we will definitely hit all of these stalls in other parts of yemen. these are are the planes that were trying to move them from the place to other places and we targeted these planes yesterday.
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we have also noticed that some sign has been moved yesterday from it's place to another one in the area and we have targeted this missile yesterday also. this is another spot where equipment and ammunitions and vehicles are -- and we also have made this now the houthis have no morale terntives no save haren will be anywhere, you can notice how big is this explosion, and this indicated that the ammunitions and the equipment were big and massive in these and we don't know yet what do these houthis
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militias think and plan and we will need to make sure that the people are doing their job in hitting and targeting these groupings because there are more or less daily movements towards the southern borders. and we concentrate our attention in the area yesterday we have targeted some elements who are trying to attack check points on the boarders. and our ground forces of saudi arabia have managed to hit them and so i am glad the situation now is under control. and we can also see some here and there, and we are also deal with these things.
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well it comes to the matter of time the maritime elements of the coalition forces are still doing the job, and inspection ships and preventing those houthis militias from getting any support, the results are good, and the mission is done in the best way, thank you very much. and it's now time for your questions if you have any questions. in the presser of the ambassador in washington, he ask questions regarding the iranian ships that are supporting the houthis militia, what do you think? i would like to thank mr. ambassador for answering
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this question, this is a military side, and we need to stress that the space the port under the control of the coalition forces regarding the iranian ships we have answered this question before. and we have mentioned that these ships said announced that they were going into the international water and we haven't seen any of them within the territory of the yes men, and we need to stress that we will never allow anyone who ever to support the houthis through smuggling or whatever, pause our air forces are what really deal with that on the spot. whatsoever the results there are. the other question was
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referred to by the ambassador regarding the ships that are still stuck in the yemen waters. ships stuck in the yemen territorial waters? unwith second. i'd like to thank his excellentsy and like to stress that there are no ships stuck in the yemen waters. there are also a ban and there is a coordination within the committee formed for this purpose, in order to facilitate the process of granting permits and inspection is there, visits are there and we need to make sure is that these -- that any equipment for any aid or support or whatever is not against -- or is not a violation to the lists of materials that we have prohibit, and i'd like also to
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say that or to stress that the coalition fors urge all of the countries organizations who still have ships there to deal with us through the electronic side in order to facilitate all the procedureses in case there is a sort of delay. the, toes are full responsibility and we conditioned find any delay processes. >> good evening a question according to -- >> beg dade general of the saudi coalition giving his daily briefing. pretty much the same time as he has every day for about 20 days ending there with the suggestion that there are no ships stuck in yemeni waters even though it has been put out there by a number of news sources that there are five
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merchant vessels carrying food unable to get into adan portion. or any other place where they can unload because they are being held back by coalition forces. and searched, he said that is not happening we will bring in from the royal united services incity tuesday think tank studies conflict. tell me about anything he said that was out of the ordinary. >> well, the only thing that he said which caught my attention, was that he said we don't know what the houthis are thinking or planning. and there's a part of a wider statement i don't know whether he meant to say that, buzz that's a worries admission because it shows there's a lack of intelligence. when you go into a conflict, the most important thing to do is find out what the intentions and the plans of
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your oliver say are. so that i think is worrying, that they are intelligence capability in terms of strategic intent and planning of the houthis and of course it isn't just the lootties of course it is president saleh's loyal troops so it is very complicated. >> i am reminded that was a military of defense in london giving daily briefings and that was the first time that the u.k. had ever seen or heard anything like that. there are other war that seems to have moved on, but not much here. >> not much. in fact this is much more aiken to the first gulf war with the briefing and showing those very photogenic clips of things getting blown up, and that's waywe are seeing here, 80 blown up, we are seeing
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sites being blown up, we are seeing ammunition dumps being blown up. all of this is designed to reassure the coalition that success is being achieved. but, of course, we don't know what impact these attacks are having in terms of bringing the houthiss and the rebel forces to some form of agreement. will the me ask you this, you mentioned he said we aren't entirely sure, and yet he said quite clearly, the houthis houthis militias attacks are sporadic, they are not really acting like a military, and the country has now become a face of no safe haven anywhere. for them. and yet even two months ago we were seeing pictures of members of the houthis militia coming in, and then moving further south and riding tanks and armored personnel carriers with sophisticated anti-le aircraft weaponry.
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this is not a rag tag army, is it? by any means because it has access to an awful lot of the yemen military supplies as well. >> yes. that's true. but this whole conflict, like the conflicts we have seen in the last two decades has the capacity to evolve so you are right they came in with tanks and sophisticated weapons but one of the things that has come out you mentioned twice there tank tanks that were static and running the part of the briefing that it talks about attacking tanks on the move what the houthis will learn, very quickly if they haven't already is to adapt. and the houthis are behaving in a spored rahic fashion because they are not a conventional force. they are an insurgency. they have the ability to adapt very quickly and that behavior is one that allowed them to find new ways of working which they will do almost certainly very quickly. >> you have been studying what has been going on for a great
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deal longer than this conflict and for a number of years now the western intelligence agency has been worries about the growth of al quaida, about other movements in the south etc., etc. will they be sitting back those other oneses watching these two big forces slugging it out and thinking this could only be a benefit to us. >> they will be rubbing their hands with three, because we with have seen this, we have seen in iraq, wherever you create ungoverned space wherever you create a conflict, it is there that these organizations grow very rapidly. and so what we have seen in the last few months, of course is the very effective anti-terror campaign of the americans were operating in yemen, which was killing many of the al quaida leadership, people and others who have taken out of the picture, that is now virtually stopped.
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certainly from yemen. and this is giving the extremist movements al quaida and isis, breathing space. it's allowing them access to areas of ungoverned space. and it's allowing them access to weapons. >> let me ask you this one quickly, i only want your assumption on this. could they be just simply joint military exercises or do they have something that happen on the ground. >> they are certainly preparing for a possibility of land forces. and you have to exercise before you actually intervene. >> thank you, thank you indeed, i am going to run through some of the points that have been made during the course of that press con can presence, houthis militias sporadic not really military ard cooing to the coalition spokesman, they have hit weapons stores we saw pictures of them destroying planes that were on the ground.
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no safe haven he said and you can get a great deal deal more on our website, that is al, the irhinian vows to end the air strikes it says more on that marching to the nation's capitol. justice for what they call police brutal tailty workers walk out why they say $15 an hour is the bare minimum they need to live. and desperate for help, as saudi led air strikes rain down hospitals say they simply cannot keep up. their calls for international aid.