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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 15, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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the lead story say it will end the airstrikes on yemen. go to the picture top right people of the nile, all sorts of things there. we have a lot of background on al that's . >> marching to the nation's capitol. demanding justice for police brutality. raising the minimum wage. workers walk out of fast-food restaurants and why they say $15 is the bear minimum that they need to live. desperate for help targets rain down on yemen hospitals and they say they simply cannot keep up.
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this is al jazeera america live from new york, i'm tony harris. today's is part of a march to the nation's capitol they're protesting the police shootings that have killed african-american unarmed men. >> this afternoon's rally is set for 3:00 p.m. in 90 minutes here. and follows 24 protests over 4 hours yesterday. thousands of protesters taking to the streets this week. they're calling for more action pushing further debate about the use of deadly force by police against minorities. >> at least 25 demonstrations on tuesday stretching from california to new york. protesters want accountabilities and they want transparently. intransparentcy.
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five people were reportedly arrested. in oakland california, holding signs that read black and brown lives matter, hundreds march blocking traffic. in los angeles the protest continues, 15 people were arrested after blocking a commuter train at a downtown intersection. meanwhile in new york city several hundred demonstrators marched toward police headquarters. a police officer was assaulted by two protesters on the brooklyn bridge. the protesters allegedly fled. last week we saw video of a south carolina police officer
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shooting and killing a black man who was running from the officer. today's philadelphia rally is part of the march to justice, a five-state march. it kicked off on new york's staten island, and will wrap up next week in the nation's capitol. the group plans for proposals for congress. >> the march will move on to baltimore before wrapping up in d.c. on tuesday. the group is calling attention to the school to prison pipeline saying that more attention needs to be placed on education. >> so the protest movement in the country is alive and well. >> and many on social media having their voices heard. >> thank you. in arizona the police are defending what they did to stop an armed robbery suspect deliberately hitting him with a squad car.
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take a look. as you can see here officers were following the suspect back in february. as he--wow. as he fired his weapon into the air. seconds later one officer slams--here it is--from another angle, slams right into him. the man survived and faces felony charge. the officer said that the officer saved the man's life because he probably would have been shot and killed for not putting his gun down. iran's nuclear capabilities was a key issue today. secretarysecretary of state john kerry met with his counterparts. the conflict of ukraine has been high on the agenda as well. >> the foreign ministers going back to their respective countries now. the summit is officially over.
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they've been briefing the press following the summit. and ukraine is right at the top. it makes reference to ukraine and calls on all sides for their responsibility under the minsk agreement. but the strong word from russia and he expected russia to use its influence over the separatists to meet their minks commitments in full. that is something obviously we all know that the g-8 have said. and they say without russian participation what value can be put on this communique from the g-7. that's something that the foreign minister and secretary john kerry both talked about and the fact that it's at the top of this communique demonstrates how important it is
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from the g-7. >> tens of thousands of minimum wage workers are on strike all across the united states and around the world. fast food workers are among those walking the picket line. they're demanding raises to $15. that's more than double the current federal minimum wage. listen to this, the ceo has now made the minimum salary at his company $70,000 a year. >> reporter: when was the last time you got a raise out asking for it? that's something that is happening for a lot of folks at this seattle company who processes credit card payments. dan price decided that everyone here should make a minimum wage of $70,000. this was the scene when he sprung the announcement on his employees. [ cheering ]
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>> about 70 employee also benefit and get bumped up to that $70,000 level. 30 will be doubling or more than doubling their current salary just like that. how wild is that? >> it's extremely wild, i'm trying to wrap my mind around it. >> do you have more personal flexibility now than a week ago? >> especially in seattle where it's unaffordable to live and my student loans, it's going to change my world. >> how is he going to pull it off? we'll have those answers and more tonight. >> as alan mentioned you can watch the full report 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we'll show you the west lawn of the capitol in
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washington, d.c.. a small helicopter has landed. it's definitely not supposed to be there. i can make it out through the tree i suppose. there is no word on who was on board, why it's there. but we can tell you that the capitol building is on lockdown. president obama is praising the fix of how it pays doctors. it deals with payment structures of. the president plans to sign the bill. the president welcomed west african leaders to the white house. they were there to talk about the fight against ebola. the president said that more needs to be done to insure that the number of new cases continue to decline. >> now we are afocused on a shared goal. we can't be complacent. we have to be fully engaged in
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partnership with these three countries until there are no cases of ebola. >> there has been the testing of an ebola vaccine with the money coming from the united states. now to the war in yemen. they say that the rebel lines are starting to crack and along the saudi border tribal forces are volunteering to take up arms to stop from any fighting from smelling over. but the humanitarian crisis inside yemen is only getting worse. >> reporter: on the shores of djibouti they land, tired but relieved after a dangerous journey. they flew need the airstrikes in yemen. >> they brought what they could carry but they don't know what fate awaits them in the whole of
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africa. >> it was pretty intense fighting. throughout the day there was bombing in the city. and it was cut off completely one day before we got here. >> the u.n. refugee agency aid that although the numbers landing in djibouti are small they're expecting many more soon. people are escaping three weeks of saudi airstrikes. yemenis are also going hungry. they've faceed food crisis for decades. >> things are deteriorating at this time. we expect there to be a very serious food security problem with a lot of more people facing emergency situation. >> so far almost 600 people have
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died and more wounded in the fighting which shows no sign of slowing down soon. >> cheers in cuba after president obama moves to take the country off the terror list. but some in congress, as you might expect, say that it's a bad move. move.
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>> i want to show you these pictures again live pictures. the west lawn of the capital building. you look at the tree through and you can make out a small helicopter. it's not well betweened. and i don't know if that's a propeller blade or not but it is a helicopter, we're told. it has land: we don't know if it's crash landed or just an emergency landing. there is no word yet on who was who is on board but no emergency response at this point. clearly the helicopter should not be at the capitol and it is on lockdown. it's been two years since
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bombs ripped through the city's iconic marathon. the family of the youngest victim unveiled banners at the site where he died. and the city plans a moment of silence in an hour and is holding a day of service. three people died in more than 200 injured in the bombing. jurors in the conviction of the bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has been told not to attend any of the events. problempresident obama will take cuba off the terrorist list. but as we have reports some members of congress are not on board. >> the u.s. and cuba have been at logger heads for more than half a century. the historic handshake between back and raul cast barack obama
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and raul castro. >> i think it's really good. it's time that it happened 37. >> it's the most important step yesterday in the normalization of relations between the two countries. and it was selferred in 1959. the caribbean island was added to the least 23 later. cuba is welcoming obama's decision saying it should never have been on the list at all. >> we're not terrorists. we'requite the opposite. >> this implies development. progress in the economic and social areas. everything. this is great that this has happened. >> but it's not a done deal just yet. obama must get approval from congress before it takes affect.
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presidential hopeful marco rubio, who himself has cuban heritage, has condemned the move. >> well, the decision is a terrible one but not surprising. cuba is a state sponsor of terrorism. they harbor fugitives they help north korea evade weapons sanctions. i think it sends a chilling message to our enemies abroad. >> in 2011 an estimateed economic damage topped 1 trillion-dollar. >> there are things that will be eliminated. >> the liftic of the economic embargo is thought to be some years ago. they still agree to disagree on main issues. the latest move puts them one
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step close for leaving the cold war behind. >> economic worries in china today where officials reveal growth is start to go slow. the economy only expanded by 7%, the lowest in six years. that bad news isn't stopping the boomic stock market. >> china calls this stage of its economy the new normal. but there is nothing normal about its stock market. there is much more red than green on this trading room screen. in china red means gain. the markets are at a seven-year high and traders don't want to miss out. >> i'm very optimistic about the chinese stock market even though i know very little about stock and the economy. i think the stock market has a bright future. >> in one day this months more that $250 billion of shares were traded. that's equal to $200 for each
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person in china. this surging market is being increasingly driven by investors, like hunan who buy and sells shares by his mobile phone. >> i heard that the market went up too fast, so i want to wait for a while. >> many other new investors are pensioners often using their life savings to buy stocks, but many are inexperienced leaving them vulnerable to sudden shifts in an unpredictable market. >> we have to worry about investors who have potential risk. >> this is why many are buying shares. they don't trust the property market where there is an chronic oversupply of new homes.
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so the stock market is the only realistic investment option. managing a fund on behalf investors that is worth more than $50 million. >> the main reason for this bull market is the huge amount of money that has been flooding into it since the middle of last year, and all that money is driving the index. >> this week the driving stock market has been making headlines for other reasons. the mother of a young man who crashed his sports car crashing into another said that he bought the car with the money he made with china's accelerating stock market. >> well, today marks 150 years since america's 16th president died. we'll take you inside of an expect with a never before seen look into abraham lincoln's never seen before legacy.
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>> we'll give you another live look at the west lawn of the capital. it's not really a helicopter. we got a better shot. we've been able to take a look at it in the break. the capitol police are calling it a gyrocopter. it looks like it's a single-seater vehicle. one person was on board. that's all it holds. that person is now in custody. and it is not clear why the copter wound up there. the west lawn has been blocked for now as police continue to
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investigate. 50 years ago this morning president abraham lincoln died. in remembrance a new exhibition at new york's morgan library revealing some of lincoln's never before seen writings. del walters has more on president lincoln's life and legacy. >> was honest abe honest? >> yes, of course he was. >> there was hesitance. >> abraham lincoln was able to tell the truth but tell it obliquely. >> he was in a very much in a real sense much like today's politicians. this exhibit is entitled "lincoln speaks." it is agrab hamlin con in his own words. >> he treasured language. he read widely. he loved poetry, he loved
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shakespearean plays. >> what he said and what he wrote. sometimes raw and always to the point. like this note to union general ulysses grant. >> he sends in memo. aware that telegrams can be intercepted by the enemy. i just read your stats at 1:00 p.m. yesterday. i begin to see it. you will succeed. god bless you all. >> that thing that grant would succeed at was winning the american civil war. when lincoln wrote the telegram, hundreds of thousands of soldiers had died. the nation was coming apart at the seams. lincoln was not. >> was he a man of the people or a blue blood? >> definitely a man of the people. but upwardly mobile, and always self improving. he's intent essentially
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quintessentially american that way. >> he wrote with the conviction to end slavery. >> slavery, he made many comments going all the way back to the 1830s and '40s about how wrong slavery was. let me take you to one of the most interesting documents in the exhibition. >> the document discussing the slave dealer the death penalty. >> this man was executeed in 1862. he is the first slave trader to be executed making lincoln the only american president to execute a slave trader. >> did he now how unpopular that would be south of the mason dickson line. >> absolutely. he knew how unpopular it would be for some in the north.
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>> here is lincoln accidently involved in a long-distance engagement, which he does not want to be in. he writes this letter to a woman called mary owen whom he had not yet met. and in the letter he's trying to persuade her why she should not be involved with him at all. >> but he's engaged with this woman. >> ander yes and he wants her to break it off. >> it defines the time and a man who lost his life to an assassinateors bullet, trying to end slavery. >> order 252 issued in july july 1863. he said my black soldiers are equal to white. every black soldier killed by the confederacy a confederate
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soldier should be killed for him. >> the anti-slave reviews were they based on politics or personal feelings? >> well, deeply personal feelings and a moral depth that was profound. and he understood from the beginning--he understood black people as black people. people who were human beings and he understood that this was just pro foundly wrong. >> del walters al jazeera, new york. >> diversity has slowly made its way into major sports since the days of jackie robin someone. but hockey is still overwhelmingly dominateed by white house players. we talk about the state of the league. >> james and frazier blast each other. >> few from rougher than val james. his flailing fists were feared on both sides of the canada-u.s. border. but a constant barrage of racist
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taunts from fans helped send him into early retirement and turn his back on the game that had been his life. >> i couldn't watch hockey for ten years after i retired. every time i would watch it i would see these things and hear these things that were said to me at the time of my career and i just couldn't enjoy the game. >> in his book" black ice," he talks about the anger of being the target of that late red but james reclaiming his hockey past visiting some of the places he played. his new goal, helping others over come the barrier that failed him. >> we can shoes to be the crazy man, the guy who will make everyone feel like a piece of crap or we can choose to uplift and empower people. i choose to uplift and empower as many as i can. >> the firstthe number of
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non-white players have grown today but still only 4% are black. >> i'm not sure that we'll ever get to the point where you see the league, the 700 players in the nhl split down the middle between either white or black players. >> few in number, yet still some of the top stars of today's game are black or non-white. p.k.subban is one of the best in of the league's defenseman. >> i tell my boys and my two girls that is a distraction. if you allowed it to distract you. if you give it permission to be a distraction to you you'll never ever achieve your goal in life. >> the subban brothers and val james may have had different experiences but it's clear it's
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still around in hockey. >> for this sport to say it's clear of racism it will probably take another generation or two of players playing at the top of their game. >> before we go, one more look at the capitol in washington build weather police now say they have a person in custody after the helicopter went down, it's actually a gyro copter. that's what the capital police arecapitol police are calling it. they're looking for explosive devices, that's looks to be the case. it's not clear how the copter wound up there and the west lawn has been blocked off for now. that's all of our time. thank you for joining us. i'm tony harris. the news continues next live from london.
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>> you're with us for the al jazeera news hour live from london. hundreds of migrants are feared dead in the mediterranean since the number rescued since friday approaches 10,000. houthi targets under attack in southern yemen. saudi arabia and egypt discuss large-scale military exercises.