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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 18, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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>> at least 30 people die in car bomb attacks across iraq and a narrow escape for the u.s. cons lal in erbile. lath in erbile. consu.s.consulate in erbile. hello i'm nick clark. also coming up on the program. protests in south africa. i'm jonah hull on board
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lemoin a replica that hemmed win the war of independence more than 200 years ago. >> so then a series of car bomb attacks has hit two cities in iraq leaving dozens dead. in iraq, two dozen inside a car dealership in the east of the city. no one has claimed responsibility. and the united states has condemned a car bomb attack next to its consulate in erbile, in the kurdish territory. u.s. officials say no consulate staff were harmed. i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for this astack. kim vanel has more now from erbile. >> reporter: the car bomb went off at about 5:45 p.m. local time in the ankawa district near
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the u.s. consulate. we were close to the explosion when it happened, very, very loud. local officials are telling us three people have been killed possibly eight more. others injured two americans and other turkish nationals. erbile has been spared much of the violence with i.s.i.l. in iraq. meantime in baghdad at least 27 people were killed in bomb blasts, in the hababea district near a car dealership. u.s. kurdish and iraqi officials have in recent days applauded the gains that have been made against islamic state of iraq and the levant here in iraq but i think it's clear to say with these latest attacks it's early to say that the tide has been turned. >> iraq's baath party is denying
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one of its high ranking officials have been killed, izzat ibrahim al-douri, on friday afternoon an iraqi governor told reporters al-douri had been killed. al-douri was representas the king of clubs in the infamous pack of cards the u.s. issued on members of iraq's saddam hussein regime. violence started in the coastal city of durbin has spread to johannesburg. that's where charles stratford sent this report. >> reporter: this is a zulu war chant. these men want african migrants out of south africa. they accuse migrants of stealing their jobs.
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>> translator: these people must go and commit crimes back where they come from but they don't rob people where they come from. what does that mean? is that right for the government? those in government are just worried about themselves not us. we're not going to let this happen. >> reporter: fear is spreading in johannesburg. i'm in jennifers jeffers town. these men are locals. they have been burning tires a burned out vehicle here as well. quite a heavy police presence. the men we talked to have vowed to kick the foreigners out of this area. earlier police use rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas. this is one of two car shops owned by nigerians that were set on afoyer. the government has promised to put an end to the violence
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against foreigners. text messages alleging hate against foreigners. there's increased fear of foreigners here. >> because we're citizens it is getting beyond the margin now. >> i'm not surprised about this happening. because we are one africa. africa one. we are one africa and we love south africa. that is why we are here. >> ethiopia's prime minister is one of african leaders that have condemned the violence. >> as africans we all feel we have contributed for the liberation of south africa from the yoke of colonialism and apartheid so africans should come together and should live everywhere where they want to live. of course, based on the
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specifications of that specific country. >> reporter: no matter what the officials here and in south africa say, there is little to stem the migrants from south africa today. charleston stratford, al jazeera, south africa. during the centenary of the first major action in the first world war. >> undertaken preparations for a terrorist attack, in an anzak day in melbourne which included targeting police officers. a third man has been arrested in reference to weapons of offense. >> more than 7 million even before the conflict the country faced a large scale humanitarian crisis with over 60% of the population in need of aid.
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the united nations is launching an appeal so they can help people there. >> they have just released the humanitarian flash appeal. it calls for almost $274 million u.s. the needs of 7.5 people affected by the crisis in yemen. >> we have information of about 2 million people who are extremely vulnerable at this moment. we have food stock that could reach out to about 300,000 people in the coming days. right now we are -- our distributions are taking place in aden. we have had distributions done to about 2,000 people in aden. however, the security situation is so grave that the people who are out in there doing the distributions are finding it very difficult to reach out to
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those communities who need it. there are people who are displaced even sitting under -- living under trees because their houses and shelters are no more existent. >> saudi coalition spokesman called on all sides to respect missions. >> translator: we hope everyone will respect the aid operations. the houthi militias when they went from the airport to the hospitals they tried to disturb the aid operations and we called for everybody else to respect and observe all the channels that are open for contact and coordination. >> u.s. president barack obama has discussed developments in yemen on the phone with saudi king salman. meanwhile, the saudi led coalition has conducted more air strikes against houthi positions in yemen and elsewhere the ground fighting between houthis and militia loyal to abd rabbu
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mansour hadi has more. lls has abdullah al-shami has more. >> targeted by war planes east of the capital sanaa. the facility belonged to the republican guard which remains loyal to the deposed president ali abdullah saleh. strikes have also targeted presidential palace in ta'izz as well as military camps in other cities. >> translator: we are the sons of yemen we reject the houthis. we are willing to sacrifice our money and all of our belongings to defend our land. >> reporter: amid the violence
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are the civilians paying the price. more than 750 people have been killed. across the country at least 50 public buildings have been partially or completely destroyed. eight hospitals have been hit and 17 educational institutions have also been destroyed. the country's efforts and its main power station have also been damaged also bridges factories, farm lands and mosques. abdullah al-shami, al jazeera. >> only a third of the electorate cast their ballots president omar al bashir is expected to extend his position. >> took office in 2005, after 12
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years of civil war but he hasn't publicly declared his intention to stand again. hundreds of people have fled to neighboring rwanda, ahead of the vote due in june. russia says the arrival of 300 troops in ukraine going to train 900 ukrainian national guards over the next six months, as fighting continues with pro-russian rebels in the east of the country. rory challands has more on the reaction in moscow. >> you can probably assume that the kremlin is a bit more worried than they are letting on. they will see this as part of a continuation of nato encroachment on russia and they have always been against the joining of ukraine into the nato security umbrella.
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obviously that is not going this far but they will not look on this particularly kindly at all. another thing the russians will be watching very very closely for is exactly who is being trained by these u.s. paratroopers. because included in ukraine's national guard are various irregular units who have been fighting against the pro-russian procrastinates in the east. and some of those are on the far right of the political spectrum. so if it is proven that brigades are included in this training program, it will give the russians a very strong case saying the u.s. army is training fascists and neonazis. coming up. soldiers could threaten the peace. a year after air launch kill 16. mountaineer gear up for a new
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season. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping. inspiring. entertaining. talk to al jazeera. only on al jazeera america.
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>> al jazeera america brings you a first hand look at the environmental issues, and new understanding of our changing world. >> it's the very beginning >> this was a storm of the decade >>...hurricane... >> we can save species... >> our special month long focus, fragile planet >> hello again, welcome back. the top stories here on al jazeera. a series of car bombings have hit iraq, i.s.i.l. has claimed responsibility for a failed car bomb attack on u.s. consulate erbile. in the kurdish region. south africa foreign minister ising is for support police in johannesburg has
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dispersed migrants after break ins in shops. saudi coalition has called on all sides to respect aid missions. pictures obtained by al jazeera suggests that wednesday's deadly attack on colombian rebels was a deliberate assault. the rebels deny breaking the ceasefire saying the fight was started by the armies. soldiers inside sleeping bags suggest they were killed as they slep. nightly territorial control mission. 11 soldiers died, prompting colombia's president juan manuel santos to call for an attack against farc. >> 20 injured in the area of la
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esperanza. , signs of the attack are everywhere. craters where the grenades fell and still the blood of the soldiers that were killed, doctors without borders the international red cross is here and other ngos to try and understand exactly what happened that night. the government here says that there was an ambush on part of the rebels and a clear violation of the ceasefire they announced back in december. well the farc said there was legitimate action following the military operations in the area. there are still more questions than answers about exactly what happened here but it seems quite clear that the final attack happened when the soldiers were resting in the coliseum in the center of the town. now many here are speculating that the reason behind the
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attack was to push the government to accept a full bilateral ceasefire. that is not going to happen in the country. the president already announced that air raids will resume against farc. another possibility also concerning this fact that the local column of the farc here may have decided to react to the military presence and attack the soldiers without their commanders knowing. >> well, colombian president juan manuel santos has warned the farc. >> translator: members of farc hear the national outcry. don't be deaf to us colombians, that the time to end the war has come. if you want peace you must show it with deeds and not words. >> argentina has started legal proceedings against three companies three of which are
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british, for drilling off the falklands. any exploration done without its authorization is illegal. britain and argentina fought a short war in 1982 over the islands. sherpa community killed on mt. everest focusing on their pay working conditions and safety. as a new climbing season begins, the sherpas hope their working conditions will improve. >> in this room, this woman has surrounded herself with pictures of her husband. a sherpa. >> i still can't believe it. it's hard to come to terms when
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you have not seen the body. his body was never found. >> reporter: the couple's youngest child is just 19 months old and the oldest is six. >> i'll make sure that my children are very educated. i will never make them work on the mountain. i've had enough. i grew up without a father. i know what it is like to be fatherless. now my children are fatherless. >> reporter: the avalanche was the worst single disaster ever on the mountain. this disaster focused a lot of attention how these sherpas were dealt with. angry sherpas refused to work bringing an end to the climbing season. year round the government and climbers have been forced to declare the men. $15,000 compensation, a new
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route has been explored to avoid avalanches. especially on the treacherous komu ice fall. >> the route we are using this time is the very old route. it is a little bit longer, maybe about two hours longer than the last year's route. >> reporter: but some mountaineering guides say more has to be done. summited everest eight times it's about engineering and technical standards. >> it's not about engineering. training standards and quality being met as well. >> everest the jewel of nepal's tourism, is open for business again. 30 teams have already set off for base camp. lying the ropes to guide the foreign clients. and now the debate of pay and conditions in the open, a new
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era, era of labor relations. sabina shresta, al jazeera. survivors remembering the victims of the so-called killing fields if khmer rouge. an estimated 2 million cambodians were killed during the rule of polpot. >> from the port of pizallo in sicily here is paul brennan. >> the sheer numbers involved in the current mediterranean migrant crisis risk overshadowing the physical crisis they endure as they try to make it to europe. but aid groups say the conditions are become worse and
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worse. this group arrived on the island of lampedusa. small children were among those hurt. aid workers described the injuries as the worst they'd ever seen. >> we found conditions usually due to the conditions on the boat that they are sitting in fuel and salty water and they are burned. nothing as bad as this. >> six months ago operation triton, to the dismay, hundreds of rescued migrants were brought on shore operation triton may have meant a circle back, the italian coast guard is still
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operating autonomously. it picked up 300 migrants from a stricken vessel. shown extraordinary compassion to the migrants. the port of pisallo received 30,000 without any protest or complaint. the mayor of pisallo says compassion is the only reaction to such a situation. are. >> translator: we can't push these people away, we have to save them. august 2013 we had one boat containing 45 corpses. seeing that was the most horrible experience of my life. 45 of bodies almost liquefied. >> europe still has no
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comprehensive plan to tackle the issue. paul brennan, al jazeera pisallo, sicily. >> she was the jewel of the french navy, lemoyne that sailed to the united states to assist. jonah hull reports from the french atlantic coast. >> reporter: some volunteer crew members have little sailing experience. enthusiasm got them aboard and a taste for adventure. they're about to set sail on a replica 18th century warship bound for the shores of north america. not just nis warship. lemoine was among the sleekest sailing ships of the day. >> she represents a very important part of french maritime history doesn't she?
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>> sure. this ship is one of the four of a series that was first of all one of the very best that the french navy ever built. >> built to take on the english? >> to take on the english sure, but also due to the fact it carried the marquis du lafayette to washington. carrying to washington the news that the king of france had accepted to go again at war against the british. that was the key of it. >> when she was built in 1779, the original lemoy isne, when she set off to help america beat the english in the war of independence they knew that the 66-meter 32-gun barracuda could outsail anything they couldn't
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outshoot. >> it took 17 years to build this ship of liberty. >> in light you need to dream. money comes and goes. we needed the money for lemoyne but it was found. everybody dreams about this ship. >> these are the crew's quarters quarters. >> what will the food be like? >> the food is very good. >> you're cooking? >> gosh, i took some weight, some pounds. the food is very good. >> okay. >> reporter: so well fed and watered they'll cast off on saturday, in the wake of history, jonah hull, al jazeera. gls 300 venezuelans down the
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years have taken their skills to major league baseball. but as rah reports the about comes oto an end. >> this is the last time these seattle mariners will practice in their home town. they have decided to move to the dominican republic. >> the work the academies do is done. our product is the individual and that talent is here. >> reporter: american schools across the country have been closing their doors. now new visa requirements jose scovar from the small coastal town of havana, knows everything to play major league baseball.
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approximates jose's two sons have followed in his footsteps and he lives a lifestyle that many venezuelans can only dream of. >> all that i am is thanks obasketball. if scouts don't get enough they go somewhere else. >> they take with them the opportunities for the young. recently signed by the atlanta braves but today his joy has been overshat owed that he will be one of the lafs to go. >> it's a terrible situation because our friends woan make it and it's frustrating. >> in the last decade 12 of the 16 camps initially operating in the country have left. a career in professional baseball transformed the lives of players and their family.
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whole communities also benefited. but for now that's likely to change. al jazeera aguirre. >> a reminder you can keep up to date with all the news on our website. lots of opinion comment and analysis. is the address >> on "america tonight", snuffed out ? quitting tobacco draws users who never started. maintain's christof putzel on vapping and lighting up. also tonight, a contaminated catch? >> i quit