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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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just real reporting. the new al jazeera america mobile app available for your apple and android mobile device. download it now >> hundreds feared dead as reports emerge that another migrant boat capsized in the mediterranean. you are watching al jazeera. also on the programme - street to street fighting in aden. over 250 dead in a battle for control of the yemeni port more than 90,000 flee violence in iraq's anbar province president zuma vows to end
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xenophobic attack saying violence against foreigners is against south african values. hello there. fears that up to 700 people have drowned in the mediterranean sea after another boat carrying migrants capsized. a major air, sea, search operation is underway on the italian italian island of lampedusa. more on this from paul brennan, in kat annia on the italian island of sicily. what more do we know? >> well we are firming up details. an hour ago we werery tributing it to maltese media, now we've had the opportunity to the operations room in rome, and they gave us figures, that i can relate to you. as of 15 minutes ago they said 28 confirmed dead.
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their figure as far as how much were aboard were between 700-800 people. 18 ships are in the search and rescue area and there is one plane and two rescue helicopters on patrol out there, searching for survivors, and that the incident happened some 73 miles from the libyan coast. i can say that on social media we are seeing things. the prime minister of malta, his twitter account talking about a rescue account involving the navy and merchant ships. the numbers on the boat was 650 according to his figures. what is clear is that there is a major catastrophe involving a boat which is trying to make it out of libya and make it to mainland europe. the reasons we are not sure.
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we are not sheer, it may have capsized. the rescue boats came into view and the migrants moved to one side of the their boat, destabilizing it in the water. they are rumours, but it wouldn't surprise me. that's what's in the past. the excitement of the rescue boat. the migrants move to wave and attract the attention, destabilizing their own vessel. >> it's not the first time something like this happened. give us a sense of the scale. you can watch him and 700. as of a week ago friday. 10 days ago now, the italian coast guard is given figures of the it's around 11,000.
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safe arrivals. larger than norm not that much larger than normal. what is really unprecedented is the number of people that are dying. attempting to make the crossing from libya. in the first quarter of 2015 it was estimated, and it has to be estimates because many don't know. around 500 died in the first three months. a week ago we had 4-00 dying when a boat went down. now we have another boat and the estimate is 700 dying. figures are going up and up and up. >> for the moment paul brennan live in catania in the italian island of sicily. thank you to iraq, where the u.n. says more than 90,000 have fled fighting in anbar province. the iraqi army is involved in fierce fighting with i.s.i.l. fighters who control large areas of anbar and the provincial
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capital capital ramadi. what can you tell us about this? >> well, the u.n. says the situation in ramadi is dramatic and they are concerned about the people's safety. they say they are trying to deliver aid. there is no food there's no water. the people essentially are not only fleeing ramadi but the outskirts of the provincial capital in the north, and the forth the government is saying that's no water or food. reinforcements from the special forces is sent back by police. the situation is most of ramadi and 80% of the province is under
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i.s.i.l.'s control. >> we are getting report that not only are thousands driven from their homes, but reports many are denied entry into the capital, baghdad. what do we know about that? >> well barely that previously fleeing ramadi and anbar province, was stuck at the checkpoints surrounding the capital. run by the iraqi army and basically they are asking people to get a sponsor from baghdad. if a family has no spon sewer they'll be denied entry. security forces are saying they fear i.s.i.l. may j infiltrated the in -- may have infiltrated the people and want to crosscheck. there's an outcry by sunni politicians and religious leaders calling on the
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government to ease restrictions. there were around hundreds of families allowed in only after they were sponsored by the head of the sunni endowment. the people and the parliament are calling on the government to ease restrictions and let people in. >> that report from baghdad now, there has been fierce street to street fighting in the yemeni port of aden the defense ministry saying hundreds have been killed in the city since the saudi-led air strikes began, and reports that fighters loyal to abd-rabbu mansour hadi laid siege to an air base. there'll be more on the humanitarian situation. first we'll go to jizan, where our correspondent joins us live. what is the lates on the reports about abd-rabbu mansour hadi's fighters laying siege to the air base? >> this air base changed hands
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several times since the beginning of the air strikes, now it's besieged by the loyalists of abd-rabbu mansour hadi. understandably people inside are houthis and ali abdullah saleh loyalists. it's an important air base. it's been used for years by the americans to coordinate drone attacks on al qaeda within yemen. american advice - there were hundreds before the air strikes began, leaving in march. it is a strategic care base. 35km away interest the port city of aden which is the second important city and also the eyes of the government in exile, saudi arabia are on the city to be liberated. they want to government to shift to it. it's strategic for every party in the war. elsewhere in yemen fighting is raging on. in aden in hore mix street to treat fighting as you mentioned,
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and several dying, civilians and others. and tiaz, in the center and between aden and sanaa. the houthis and loyalists have been on the outskirts in the military bases. because of the heavy bombardment they have adopted a new strategy going into the center of the town and occupying places buildings, and trying to mix with the population even though the population of tiaz is no good host for them. it is a majority sunni population and they are pro-abd-rabbu mansour hadi. that is understandably the support of the air strikes. more and more people are joining those popular committees to try to defeat the houthis and the ali abdullah saleh loyalists. >> thank you mohammed adow
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reporting from jizan the united nations says 731 people have been killed since the strikes began, there's 2,754 injured. another 350,000 forced to flee between march and april. caroline malone has this report on the human cost of the conflict. >> reporter: these are some of the victims of war in a desperate situation? aden. most of the injured are civilians, including children. some are seriously injured, but are grateful to have survived. >> i'm injured. sting, thank god, i've had two operation, i'm waiting for another one. >> there's a shortage of food, water and medical supplies across aden despite aid. a lot of people left of the city to cape the air strikes. the saudi coalition is targetting houthi conditions. the exiled government allowed
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saudi arabia to take control of air space and territorial waters to get aid in. there are only three government hospitals open to treat the injured in aden. hospital beds are full. it's difficult to reach some of those stuck in the violence. medical workers say ambulances have been stolen and medics targeted in the fighting. >> translation: we are receiving between five and 20 people every day. some are injured. others in a serious condition. the ambulance couldn't reach them in time. >> the red cross says the situation is very bad in aden. it's the civilians paying the price. civil ahead on al jazeera - could columbia's 4 month old peace process with f.a.r.c. rebels be on the verge of collapse. inside a lab where they can make
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a human ear in a few hours. that's all ahead. our logo represents courage. fiercely independent quality reporting. >> to take as much aid as possible... >> and standing up for the voiceless. when you see this symbol respected around the world it means you too can now count on all the things we stand for. aljazeera america.
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the top stories on al jazeera, hundreds of people are feared to have drowned in the mediterranean sea after a boat carrying migrants capsized. there could have been 700 on board the ship the u.n. says more than 90,000 are trying to escape violence in the iraqi province of anbar. the military is battling the
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islamic state of iraq and levant in ramadi. there has been street to street fighting in the yemeni ports of aden. hundreds of people have been killed and injured in the city since saudi-led air strikes began 25 days ago more on the search and rescue operation in the mediterranean. al jazeera's correspondent is in the maltese capital and joins me on the phone. thank you for being with us. what can you tell us about the efforts to get to the boat? >> well good morning from the mediterranean. it is yet, again, a tragedy. it's described as one of biggest ever in the history of the mediterranean, which has been dealing with the crisis for the past seven years. as the details emerge of what is happening, we can give a bit of perspective to the enormousity of the tragedy. we have italy, malta and
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merchant navy ships in the area assisting, trying to find as many survivors as possible. the tragedy happened between midnight and 1 am when a portuguese ship was accosted by a fishing boat laden with 700 migrants. at one point the passengers aboard the boat moved to one side tipping the boat and sending everyone into the water. it was dark and it was terrible. the captain was talking to the coast guard via radio. as soon as the emergency was launched a number of merchant ships in the year they were together with helicopters and ships. from the maltese and italian naveies, tried as hard as they could to find as many survivors as possible. out of 700, only 28 survivors
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were plucked from the sea alive. while the search goes on. to give you, again, a perspective of how things are developing the prime minister of malta spoke with regards to this tragedy, saying that this is probably europe's worst tragedy since the world war ii involving innocent lives. he was involved about 1:00a.m. that the italians had been requesting the assistance of the maltese for the tragedy, and he said, and i quote - they are literally trying to find people alive among the dead, floating in the water. he urged the european union to come forward and do something and not waste time and words. there has been developments with the european union of being forthcoming by giving attention, it is high time to do something
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and to involve everybody within the european union. instead, a tragedy is unfolding in the mediterranean. and if the european union and the world close their eyes, they'll be judged in the harshest terms as in the past. when it goes inside when et did nothing. >> carl updating us there from malta president zuma vowed to end violence against migrants. it is against south african values. he cancelled a state visit to indonesia to deal with a wave of attacks in the past week. police fired rubber-coated steel bullets at anti-immigrant protesters of dozens of shops were looted and torched. charles stratford reports.
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>> reporter: this man came to inspect what is left of his shop. he came to south africa six years ago to earn money for his family in ethiopia. >> they take everything, money. it's tough. yes. lost it. >> he says his shop was attacked by people who accused migrant workers of taking their jobs. they stole everything he has, including all his savings. >> i don't know, these people is coming. they take the stuff, and in the fridge, money, clothes, this put - everything is took. i have children. i have wife. through my people i support me. why kill me? you kill me, you kill jesus, i kill you. no fighting. >> reporter: the other south african landlord says he's ashamed
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about what happened. >> criminality. nothing else but that happened. >> it's very obvious the level of poverty this neighbourhood. and people have real needs in terms of lack of jobs and the services here. that man decided to stay and save more money before returning to ethiopia. there are more migrant workers in south africa that have decided to leave. south africa's president visited a camp in durban where migrant workers are getting ready to return to their home countries. >> those that want to go home. they must know that when we arrange everything, when they stop violence they are welcome as they came.
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>> these people are heading back to malawi by bus. zuma's words mean little to them now. >> we are feeling good. they stay safe. we fret for this group. they want to kill us. how i must stay here. i can't manage to save the country. >> reporter: he says he has no choice but to take the risk. he can't go back to his family in ethiopia empty-handed it is making arrangements to evacuate nationals affected by the violence in zimbabwe. 3 million zimbabweans are living in south africa. up to 1,000 will be brought home later. president robert mugabe condemned the attacks of disgusting. >> the act of treating other africans in such a horrible way can never be condoned by anyone. >> a group linked to i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for
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multiple attacks in afghanistan. in total, 35 are known to have died. among the targets was a bank in jalalabad. afghan president ashraf ghani renewed calls. >> anyone with political differences is an afghan. i call on the taliban to say today is your day to choose. if you are an afghan and believe in islam, come and stand with your government. >> staying in afghan women who are victims of violence are struggling to get justice. a report sis while there's a legal framework in case, it provides limited options and details individual experiences of 110 women who are victims of violence. 5" of cases result in prosecution. police in australia charged a teenager on suspicion of planning an i.s.i.l.-inspired
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attack. five teens were arrested over a plot to attack an anzac day ceremony later this week. the victorian state president called on people to be unified. >> this is simply evil. we all stand against it. united today stronger and better than this threat. stronger and better than those that would seek to attack the things that make us uniquely victorian, and uniquely australian. let's all come together on anzac day and show that we do prove worthy of the sacrifice that many made. >> the man that headed mexico's powerful gulf cartel has been arrested near the border. >> jose re was arrested on friday causing a gunfight as members of the car tell was trying to free him and others. he stepped into the leadership fraction as the group was losing
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influence after the rest of key members. >> the columbian president called on f.a.r.c. rebels to show their commitment to ending a decades-long conflict and set a deadline for a peace accord. the fragile process is hanging in the balance after 11 soldiers were killed. it is the deadliest since they started negotiations in cuba. >> the soldiers were ambushed in this village as they slept. apparently surprised by an attack in the middle of the f.a.r.c.-sunni ceasefire. >> translation: we were awoken by the explosions. i jumped from my bed ran to my kids and we piled in a corner where we could feel safer.
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>> reporter: days after the incident signs of a devastating attack are here for everyone to see. holes in the ground where the grenades exploded, or bloodstains stains on the floor, and the boot belonging to a soldiers. and the fear for the people who live here, that the war is back. this village is at the center of a drugs and weapons corridor. cocoa locals say the ceasefire and the government suspension brought relative peace. after a recent military anti-drugs ground operation, the villages feared the rebels would retaliate, and they did. >> translation: we had asked the soldiers to please move away. bombing will resume and bring violence. we need to talk to succeed. it's easy for people to say war is the answer when we are the victims. >> reporter: outside the military base people bring flowers for the dead soldiers. for some, the attackers wiped out what little confidence there was.
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>> translation: it's time to end the peace process. it's a lie. we are giving the rebels space to kill our soldiers. >> reporter: the government is giving them time to resolve the crisis. >> the problem is there are groups moving inflicting violence. it's hard to avoid these encounters. >> both the government and f.a.r.c. invested much in the progress, and say they want to final agreement. military escalation and other attacks risk a process that looked so positive. a misty upham study is -- u.n. study is warning the amount of e-waste generating is increasing by 2 million tonnes. 2 million tonnes of electronic waste was dumped in 2014. a sixth of it was recycled.
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the report says u.s. and china contribute the most and the discarded its include gold and silver components worth $52 billion. the increased waste is driven by rising sales and shorter lifestyles. >> it may sound like science fiction, but custom made human organs is a reality. ears can be made in a few hours. it's hoped hearts and live could be created. andy gallagher is in north carolina so see how the pioneering technology works. >> reporter: it's something people would not have thought possible. here, they enter new territory, the key to advances is 3d bioprinters to build organs, it takes about five hours for this machine to manufacture a human ear. >> this is made out of a
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biomaterial called pcl. >> reporter: pcl is used as a scaffold on which to infuse living human cells, a technique used to build bladders, heart valves and muscle. much of the work done is funded by the u.s. department of defense. the implications for patients everywhere is never far from researchers minds. >> we get the message that everything we do here will move toward human trials and hopefully enhance their life through the work that we are doing. >> reporter: luke benefitted from early research, given a new bladder more than a decade ago and lives a healthy life. the application for this technology is limitless. doctors say it may be a few years before bio-3d printers are in hospitals across the world.
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it's the human impact of the research that keeps scientists pushing and breaking barriers. in the future it's hoped the work will pioneer new procedures that may lead to construction of organs like the heart, liver and kidneys. the lab's director says kidneys. despite the process, there's a long way to go. >> you are never satisfied with what is done, because there's also so much ahead. that needs to be done so more can benefit from the technologies. >> but the strides made here by staff from more than 50 countries have already changed lives and are bringing hope to more. meanwhile, the launch of another french replica has been celebrated. the frigate "l'hermione" is a copy of the vessel used to take french troops and funds to american revolutionaries in
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1780. it set off retracing "l'hermione"'s trans-atlantic journey. it's expected to reach virginia in june. more on the website. get the latest on all the stories. to fires in america. "earth rise is next", for everyone else, international headlines. >> i'm sylvia rowley in the south of england where support for small scale sustainable fishing is catching on. >> and i'm russell beard in bangkok to meat a team innovative urban farmers turning air polution into


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