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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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al jazeera america presents only on al jazeera america european foreign ministers meet for crisis talks after 700 migrants drown in the mediterranean. ♪ hello and welcome to al jazeera, i'm sammy live from doha headquarters and also coming up, saudi arabia says after 26 days of air strikes they succeeded in making their border with yemen safer. china's president is on his first official visit to pakistan with 46 dollars of investments and flying high in the capitol of the world where hundreds
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gather for a once banned sport. ♪ the italian prime minister is leaving calls for an emergency response to europe's deepening migration crisis and talks with ministers in luxonburg and they are still bringing the bodies ashore from the latest tragedy north of libya and happened when an overloaded vessel capsized on sunday with hundreds of people on board and survivors have been taken to the italian island of sicily and being cared for the u.n. for refugees. >> first of this little group of the survivors has been brought to the hospital here in catania
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and i talked to the director of the hospital and says that this guy from bangladesh a very young guy, is pretty well now and he is reporting that they were really many, many persons including children on the boat so he is confirming the terrible news. >> reporter: human rights group called the loss of life in the mediterranean a manmade tragedy and search and rescue mission saved 100,000 people at sea in 12 months and discontinued last year after dispute of funding and said it could not afford the cost of $140 million alone and it was replaced in november by the eu's operation triton with a third of the budget and resources, furthermore triton doesn't have full support of eu 21 of 28 member states actually
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signed up and uk refused for example saying it encouraged migrants to make the journey and eu meeting will take place in luxonburg where dominick cane is and what can we expect out of the eu minister's meeting there? >> reporter: well sammy, the meeting is well underway in the building behind me to my left and shortly before the meeting began the eu foreign policy chief spoke to the press and said she felt that having seen and witnessed the events of resent days felt for eui was imperative to act. >> i felt a moral duty to concentrate on our responsibility as europeans to prevent this kind of tragedies to happen again and again. let me say that the main issue here is to build together a common sense of european
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responsibility of what is happening in the mediterranean knowing there is no easy solution and no magic solution but there is a responsibility we have to exercise together as europeans and in consistent and coherent way. >> reporter: well the minister's meeting is going to be enhanced by the presence of interior ministers from the european union and a clear sign of the seriousness with which the european union is taking the events of resent days and charged with trying to find some solution but as we have been hearing that may be very difficult indeed sammy. >> all right, thanks so much with dominick cane there. forces loyal to yemen's president have been involved in fierce clashes near the presidential residence. they regained control of the complex in the southern port city of aiden from houthi fighters and the alliance said it destroyed most of the air defense capabilities and cannot
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be used by the houthis. >> translator: the operation of the houthi groups is becoming more isolated and cannot contact each other across different areas because we targeted communications infrastructure and equipment especially near the saudi border. >> reporter: meanwhile oxfan is criticized the coalition after a warehouse in the region was hit by an air strike and the organization said it shared detailed information about the location of its facilities and that the warehouse had no military value. grant is the head of the advocacy section and is live on the line from onman and good to have you with us the general line from saudi authorities is that they do not target any civilian targets. can you exclude the possibility that this attack occurred as a result of houthi fire or fire by some other groups in other
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words, how sure are you this was the result of the saudi-led coalition? >> the answer to that is fairly sure we have seen evidence that an air strike has taken place and i should say we condemn the air strike on one of our buildings as you say the cordinents and has been shared and contents of the warehouse had no military value whatsoever, it just contained water pipes and other materials associated with our work in the government and bringing freshwater to nearly 2000 people since 2013. >> on that point can you exclude the possibility that houthi fighters were using this warehouse or military groups were using the warehouse or the immediate area around this
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warehouse for any sort of combative activities? >> i cannot confirm around the warehouse there was combative activities but i can confirm that the warehouse itself only contained humanitarian assistance and humanitarian aid. >> what would the strike mean for your ability to help people in need in that part of yemen? >> well we are still struggling and have access as well as other areas within the country. the supplies in the warehouse have been funded by the eu and have the ability to respond to the growing humanitarian situation on the ground a situation that is deteriorating by the day. >> and coming back to a point which you mentioned there, you said photographic evidence are you able to identify, in fact, the national of the plane that
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carried out the strike? >> i don't have that information i'm afraid. >> thanks for your thoughts on that one. correspondent mohamed joins us now from saudi arabia just near the yemen border so mohamed tell us more about what you are hearing, i'm spoke as i'm sure you heard the offam spokesperson condemning a strike which he blamed on the coalition there, what is the narrative you are hearing from saudi officials when you speak with them? >> yeah we tried this morning to speak to the saudi officials but they told us that we should wait for the press by the saudi coalition spokesperson this evening and this is a path they have been following and want everything to be channelled through him to the media. however, this is not the first incident since the beginning of air strikes we have seen a camp for internally displaced people
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hit in sanaa and that is north of sanaa and that was on march 30 about 40 people were killed in that strike and until now nobody knows what happened and who is behind the attack because houthis denied they were behind it and the yemen foreign minister blamed it on houthis and said it was caused by rocket attack by the houthis. the day after that a factory was hit in aiden and scores of people also were killed in that factory, again, the same exchange of blame between the two sides and saudis said on both occasions they would launch an investigation, however, until now we don't have the results of those investigations and in any case the civilians are the victims. >> now we are also hearing a line of saudi officials that the border is a lot safer and tell us more about that the situation on the border and what does a lot safer mean and look
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like? >> yes, the saudis have been doing us everything they can to make sure no infiltration by the houthis happens but we have seen a couple of occasions when saudi soldiers were killed by houthi attacks from behind the borderline. this is a very dangerous situation for saudi arabia particularly with regards to the internal public opinion in the country because one of the objectives for these strikes is to make sure that the conflict in yemen doesn't spill over in saudi arabia and cause what it caused in 2009 when scores of civilians on the saudi side were killed by houthi attackers. however, we have seen also the saudis warning that they have seen two days ago heavy artillery and military equipment being moved by the houthis from sanaa and it's very close to the border with saudi arabia and at the same time that they say that
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their border is safer that they say houthis doing what they can to be in a shooting range so that they can shoot inside the saudi territory so it's always a dangerous situation for particularly for the civilians near the border with yemen. >> all right, so at least perhaps one of the objectives of this operation the saudi achieved and the borders a bit safer, any idea of a timeline, 26 days in this any idea of a timeline and whether an end to the operation is in sight? >> at the beginning of the air strikes the saudis did not give us a timeline for it and did not say this is a one or two week campaign but the objectives they set for themselves were very clear and to destroy the houthi capabilities of attack and push the houthis and loyalists away from sanaa and aiden and other areas they occupied since last
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september. it's very clear objectives have not been achieved and very clear the houthis are everywhere in yemen particularly in aiden and also in sanaa so the saudis have updated on that saying that yeah it's open ended now because we have to actually finish those goals and we have to complete the mission, however, there are diplomatic efforts going on since day one, we have seen russia and iran and other countries including china calling for people to go to the negotiation table and saudis always answer saying yes we need everybody and everybody come to riyad for negotiations and houthis should put down arms and withdraw from aiden and that has not happened and it's very clear that this war is not about to end soon. >> in saudi arabia thanks so much. the eastern orthodox church
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trying to find the ships kidnapped in syria and this is in aleppo providence in april 2013 and have not been heard from since. chinese president ping arrived in pakistan's capitol islamabad for the first state visit and expected to unveil $46 billion investments in energy and roads and buildings and the move is seen as part of beijing influence across asia and nicole johnston reports from islamabad. >> reporter: in the mountains close to border of china and pakistan china expanding the world's highest international paved road on the highway and expanding its influence. this is part of a $43 billion project called the china, pakistan economic corridor and will stretch in china's province
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all the way south through pakistan to the port city. >> when china pakistan corridor becomes operational, china would be directly connected to the middle east or the gulf states and to africa and this would be a big dividend occurring directly from the corridor. >> reporter: construction on a chinese funded deep sea port and cut the time it takes for goods and oil to reach china from the middle east from 12 days to 36 hours and there are all sorts of deals linked to it coal solar and wind and oil and gas paper lines and highways and rail ways this is one of the most impressive buildings in islamabad, $30 new convention center paid for by china and the countries have a long tested relationship, one that is based on cultural economic and strong
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military ties. china is pakistan's biggest supplier of weapons and helped develop the latest jet fighter the jf 17 thunder. >> pakistan is a country that has been plagued by problems from all around and unless on our own feet they cannot depend on us, china has been far more trustworthy and much more liable friend of pakistan and i think that that is known universally. >> reporter: the china pakistan economic corridor revives the old silk road that traders used centuries ago and the past and developing new industries for the future nicole johnston al jazeera islamabad. still to come on al jazeera political careers of golden dawn party members in greece could be facing a dark end, we will report from athens and we go
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back to see how people are dealing with the aftermath of al-shabab's deadly attack in kenya. ♪ >> they're still having nightmares >> if you can't straighten out your kids... >> they're mine >> al jazeera america presents camp last resort on al jazeera america >> this is the true definition of tough love
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♪ you are watching al jazeera and let's recap our headlines now italian prime minister leading calls for emergency response to europe talks in luxonburg after hundreds of migrants drown in the mediterranean sea on sunday and offam criticized after the
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warehouse was hit by an air strike and saudi arabia has not yet commented on attack and the spokesman said targets are chosen to avoid civilian casualties. chinese president ping arrived in the capitol islamabad for the first state visit and will unveil $46 billion of investment. south africa king good will is due soon in durban where he is expected to speak out against the xen xenophobic place and dozens of shops looted and torched and you are where the king is expected to speak and what will be his message this time?
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time? >> well it's interesting there certainly are not the amount of people here so far that were expected, around the stadium there are posters saying we are all africans on them and must be said in the build up to the king's arrival very little like remorse of what has happened, about what has happened with respect to the migrant workers over the last few weeks. there seems to be a feeling of celebration. we have spoken to some of the people in the crowd and it's very much a mixed message and spoke to one of the traditional leaders that are attending this talk by the king and he said that he thought that all foreigners all foreign africans in the country should actually move out, should go because they undermine what he described as the king's authority. we spoke to another woman, however, who was very remorseful and she said she thought that
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the violence was atrocious and those committing it should be brought to justice. another woman, south african lived in a community of migrant workers and actually had been forced to leave that community by the sheer numbers of migrant workers in that area. i mean the fact is that this country suffers and has major grievances with the governor, there is a massive disparity of wealth and go in joe joe johannesburg and the king and statements he denies making is literally a smart that started the violence and there is hope here today he can do something about quelling that violence. >> charles talking about some areas and have been talking to migrant workers, who have they been telling you? >> that's right, we were in a camp here in durban this
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morning, one of to camps and a thousand migrant workers from mozambeke and malowae and the congo and have buses and some promised to transport them out to go back to their home countries and we spoke to a gentleman from mozambique and married to a south africa woman saying how his shop had been bombed and torched and the men that attacked him threatened to him him if he didn't leave and fear in the camp and generally across south africa with the migrant population there was another reported killing in johanesburg and alexandria and a man smashed it with a monkey
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wrench and stabbed to death in mozambique and looting going on in businesses there as well so it is really hoped today certainly in durban that the speak by the king can go some way to stopping this violence because it is a huge embarrassment for south africa. >> let's hope so indeed thanks so much charles stratford there. the u.n. is condemning al-shabab attack that killed at least seven staff in northern somalia and exploded in the region four foreign nationals and three somalis killed in the attack. neighboring kenya they are recovering from al-shabab two weeks ago raid on university which killed 148 people was the biggest carried out by the armed group in kenya and prompted a security crack down and effected local businesses and mohamed explains explains. >> reporter: on the wrong side of the law, this is how police
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deal a dusk to dawn curfew with the attack on the university. a massive security operation has also netted dozens of youth suspected of involvement in the attack. security shows it has been led away from officials of antiterrorism unit and mohamed was in his mobile phone shop when security agents came for him and his older brother said he doesn't know where his brother is. >> translator: we have been to everybody and all prisons and cannot find him. we have sent people to nairobi and we don't know if he is alive or dead. >> reporter: at the university where 148 people were killed this is a town still in shock and christians from the town
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have exodus and many businesses have closed. the main supermarket was the first business to close. it has been hit and we lost people and lost our children we are now seeing teachers going away. >> reporter: lack of trust between security forces and the local population has been blamed for the worsening situation. local leaders have been missing town residents urging them to call with security agencies. >> it's the problem of the region and it's they who can really help the role they have to play in addressing that challenge and the fact that the time has come now to face the reality, not to deny not to live in denial but look at it in the face and address it. >> reporter: leaders held talks with the non-muslim population and urged them not to leave and there are fears the massive flight of teachers doctors and other professionals will severely affect basic services in the town al jazeera, kenya.
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let's bring you now some pictures coming in from yemen, what you're looking at huge plumes of smoke there coming from an area near the capital sanaa and what is described as the largest attack since or largest explosion since the beginning of the saudi-led coalition operation in yemen decisive storm being the name. what we are hearing is that there is a base there and passably a missile base that has come under attack and it caused a huge explosion that has blown out windows from homes according to roiters news agency and we understand there is some sort of evaluation process going on people being moved out of homes, clearly a big explosion happening in a base close to the yemeni capitol and we will bring
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you more details on this as soon as we get them. finland's main opposition party is celebrating victory in parliamentary elections, the party leader took 21% of the votes in sunday's poll winning 49 seats in the 200 member parliament and the millionaire business man who only entered politics four years ago faces tough talks to form a new government. a teacher has been killed in attack at a high school in barcelona and police said it appeared the attacker used a cross bow although it has not been confirmed and have arrested the person suspected of carrying out the crime, four people were slightly wounded. now, china officially welcomes spring this week and in the eastern city of wayfang and means kites and hundreds gathered to take part in the celebrations and we explain. >> reporter: an swath of color
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against gray sky and a sign of better days ahead and nothing can stop people from ushering in the spring where kites originated thousands of years ago as an instrument of war. but it's become a sport and a source of joy now for en for people and kept the tradition alive from a decade long ban in the 60s and deemed unpure as part of a cultural revolution. >> translator: the difference between china kites is overseas and china focuses on the paints. >> reporter: it's a traditional art form that he has turned into a business using the strongest bam boo as framework and paper and silk as canvas for traditional painting and when completed each kite tells a story with shapes and colors the
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symbolizing harmony to prosperity to long life and they become flying works of art. tens of thousands of people come here every year for the quite festival and competitors for the honor of being recognized as a kite master. anyone can learn to fly a kite but it takes experience and special skills to master it to learn to dance with nature with grace, beauty and longevity and the dragon symbolizes china and nothing more exciting to look in the sky and see a master piece and once a year it's a giant canvas celebrating heritage china. now for something a little more high tech japan has its first robot receptionist. marked its first day at work at a major department store in tokyo on monday by greeting customers as they walked in the
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department store said it hopes the robot will be an effective tool in giving directions to customers and boosting store campaigns. and they also hope it will prompt an end to workers asking for pay raises. you can get more on the robots and other stories on al jazeera. ♪ >> the modern world has been tough on bees, raising uncomfortable questions about what we've done for the environment to threaten these vital insects. what the bees are trying to tell us, it's the "inside story".


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