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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 20, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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expert it's plain as it has been for a number of days that they're going for big fuel dumps, places where ammunition is stored. >> yes and the think the rocket launchers are a big corn. it's the fear of reprisal that is they're increasing hi concerned about attacks inside saudi arabia and the use of targeted. not surprised to see an attack. they've always been a priority target. >> they can hit long range. >> you saw the size of the press conference that it is a priority for the saudis, they'll take the risk to attack the target like that. >> he made reference to vessels off the coach.
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he said that food would be allowed in, but if you say its food they won't believe you. >> there are fears that the you rainan ships are being used to open the block block aid. >> you reckon there is going to be a pretty fierce battle for that corridor, the supply line, which takes us up to that part of yemen? >> yes i think the key thing there is that there has been engagement going on in that region. a lot of the air campaign has been focused on that. that is a pretty key area. i think beyond that you'll see
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further attempts to cut off houthi force notice shout. again, along with the again a country severely challenged by humanitarian problems. >> you mentioned that there were planes carrying medical supplies stuck at the airport in sanaa more on that. >> i think this is going to be a growing issue over the next coming days. i think they're going to really focus on the humanitarian aspects. i think we'll see more and more destruction. >> thank you that's it for us for now.
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jer. >> searching for the missing in the mediterranean. another boat full of migrants sink as officials desperately try to find a solution. new details on arrests in minnesota and california, six people charged with supporting terrorism. and investing in cuba. american political leaders visit havana with a chance invest their money into the island. >> this is al jazeera america live from new york city. i'm randall pinkston. officials just wrapped up a an up an emergency meeting after another shipwreck this off the coast of greek. >> i would say that we have a new european level of awareness. that this is an european issue
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not of single-member states, and we need to act act fast and act united. it is not just a call from some, but a spots from all. >> rescuers today rescued boats of migrants. rescuers also working over the libyan coast trying to find bodies of what may be the deadliest migrant tragedy ever. this is the latest boat of my grand to wash up. police pulled a child to safety as others jumped into the sea. they are the lucky ones. three people are confirmed dead, including a child and that
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number could increase. it's not own what clear what caused the tragedy. one survivor said that 950 people on board the boat when it sank. those survivors are on their way to the italian port of catania waiting there are a group of volunteers and former migrants who understand their horror in their journey. >> it really is at the risk--it's very risk. >> i. >> this has ban deadly few days of vie grants trying to cross into europe.
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last year, 170,000 landed in italy. this year it's likely to be even more. the issue of who handled these migrants for asylum or or repatriatation is hugely sensitive with european partners have notpartners. >> there is no easy solution there is no magic solution, but there is the responsibility that we have to exercise it together as european. and in consistent and coherent way these calls for actions have been made before but with no results. but without a long-term plan for men, women and children will die at sea. al jazeera. >> new details this our about
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the his people over the weekend in a wide. ranging sweep in minnesota and. prosecutors say that the men were arrangeing flights to neighboring countries. >> what is remarkable about this case is that nothing stopped these defendants from pursuing their goal. they never stopped plotting another way to get to syria to join isil. they were not easily influenced. they have tried to leave the united states from our airport here in minnesota from jfk airport in new york, by bus by car, and by any means possible. these six defendants are part of
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a broader group. they have their friend abi nour. he has become a de facto fighter recruiter. he's in regular contact with his friends. he advises them, and he serves as a source of inspiration for those who want to replicate his success. to be clear we have terror rerouteing problem in europe. >> the men are scheduled to make initial appearance harass ins. now to yemen where a huge explosion hit the capital sanaa
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today. a cloud rose high over the western part of the city. a weapons' depot controlled by houthi fighters was the target for the saudi-leads airstrikes. some areas had to be evacuated. meanwhile, they athey're now running outs of basic supplies. >> aden is one of the many battle grounds. these men are loyal to president abd rabbuh mansur hadi. they say they've made advancements against the houthi and those loyal to ali abdullah saleh. with. help of the saudi-led coalition airstrikes they've managed to expand their control. >> they came and invaded our military. they you millated us, and they took our money. they women with their weapons. so many thatbring with them
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their weapons. many women have become widows, many children have become orphans. >> the united nations is hoping that the warring sides would agree to a cease-fire, but the leader of the houthis has rejected that call and showed no sign of backing down. >> the saudi regime has absolutely no right interfering in our issue. this is our problem. this is our country. this is our regime. and we should determine our fate and we should chose our government, and we as yemenis should decide our regime. >> pro hady forces may have gained parts of aden, but this is only one of many front lines. >> the humanitarian groups have
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called this area a ghost town. most are seeking shelter in baghdad, but the capital is denying many of them entry. officials fearing isil elements have infiltrated the grounds. we're getting a new sense of the impact of boko haram on nigerians. the united nations said that more than a million people have now need the group. boko haram has been attacking the region since 2009, but those attacks are becoming more frequent and more brutal. more than 1,000 civilians have been killed since the beginning of the year. gathering in perries to remember those killed in an attack in kenya. activists and students waive flags to.
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>> the town of garissa is still reeling from that attack. people there want to move on, yet many still live in fear. >> this is how the police recereal the dusk to dawn campaign after the attack on garissa university. they have dozen of youth suspected of involvement in the attack. security camera footage shows one suspect led away by officials from the anti- anti-terrorism police unity. the owner of this pawnshop had university agency come for him. his brother said that he does not know where his brother is. >> we've been to every police station but cannot find them. they're sent to know ifwe don't
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know if he's alive or dead. the town's main supermarket was the first business to close. >> we've lost our people. we've lost our children. now we're seeing teachers going away doctors going away. >> lack of trust between security forces on the local population has been blamed for the worsening situation in garissa. town residents are calling for security agencies. >> it is they who can really help and the time now has come to face the reality. not to deny, not to live in denial but to look them in the face and address them.
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>> the leaders urge the population not to leave. there are fears that the massive flight of teachers, doctors and other professionals will severely effect the towns. al jazeera yes and no. >> straight ahead on al jazeera america, americans getting ready to visit cuba for the first time but how many of them are not going as tourists. how many are looking to see how they can vest in the country.
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>> part of al jazeera america's >> special month long evironmental focus fragile planet >> weeknights on al jazeera america. >> join me as we bring you an in-depth look at the most important issues of the day. breaking it down. getting you the facts. it's the only place you'll find... the inside story. >> ray suarez hosts "inside story". weeknights, 11:30 eastern. on al jazeera america.
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>> criminal gangs risking lives >> it's for this... 3 grams of gold >> killing our planet >> where it's blood red... that's where the mercury is most intense >> now, fighting back with science... >> we fire a laser imaging system out of the bottom of the plane >> revealing the deadly human threat >> because the mercury is dumped into the rivers and lakes, it then gets into the food chain... >> that's hitting home >> it ends up on the dinner plate of people... >> techknow only on al jazeera america >> the florida man facing federal charges after lapping landing his gyrocopter on the lawn says it was worth it. hughes than been ordered to wear monitoring bracelet in his home in tampa until a hearing next
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month. signs of change in cuba. two independent candidates openly ran for office. campaign something not allowed in cuban elections. but instead they were placed on the ballot after a show of hands by neighbors. both lost. new york governor cuomo the first sitting governor to visit cuba in 50 years. they're hopeful that a decades-old trade embargo can be lifted. >> the americans are coming. but not in the way the cuban government had for so long
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anticipate: these visitors are here from a washington organization to talk about mutual understanding and political cooperation. >> obama came to the realization that look f you do the same thing year after year for 50 years and it doesn't work, maybe you should try something new something else. and so we are now trying something at long last. >> many on both sides of the florida strait are anticipating. >> plenty more visitors will be coming from the united states, but they won't all be following the terrorist trail. many will be coming to invest in a way that cuba has not seen in more than 50 years. but the u.s. economic embargo cuba remains.
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restricting growth of the cuban but not act expected, toppling of the government. >> people are asking about the possibilities of investment in cuba. >> development of this container port west of havana while many smaller cuban businesses are already well placed and keenly anticipate the changes. >> we're not having just having foreigners here. we want them to meet and mix with cubans from every social and cultural backgrounds. and we as cubans want to talk, share and exchange ideas. for more cubans, however not much has changed not yet.
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with all change comes uncertainty, about what will be lost as well as what will be gained. the americans are coming. while cubans wait with great expectation and some fierce of what they may bring. >> al jazeera, havana. >> in oklahoma the sheriff is speaking out in tulsa for the first time about the shooting death of an african-american man by white volunteer deputy. the sheriff said that his department is not investigating whether training records were falsified. he apologized to the family of eric harris. >> first i want to speak directly to the heiress. we're sorry your son was taken from you. and i'm sorry for all those involved. my alert foes out to you
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sympathies go out to those his family. >> a man died after one week after being arrested. he died of spinal injuries. he was stopped by officers on bike patrol last sunday. the police say gray was running away from the officers when he was arrested one hour after being taken in custody he was hospitalized. coming up on al jazeera america five years ago almost five billion of barrels of oil
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oil. oil. >> discipline... >> that's what i wanna hear... >> strength... >> give me all you got... >> respect.... >> now... >> bootcamp >> stop your'e whining... >> for bad kids... >> they get a little dirty... so what... >> dangerous... >> we have shackles with spit bag... >> they're still having nightmares >> if you can't straighten out your kids... >> they're mine >> al jazeera america presents camp last resort
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on al jazeera america >> this is the true definition of tough love >> protestors are gathering... >> there's an air of tension right now... >> the crowd chanting for democracy... >> this is another significant development... >> we have an exclusive story tonight, and we go live... >> well, the first runners have crossed the finish line at the 119th boston marathon. ethiopian won the men's race. security was fight to protect
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30,000 runners taking part. the annual event comes one day after the sentenceing phase of dzhokhar tsarnaev begins, accused of bombing the boston marathon den line. debate rages on whether the gulf coast is full will you recovering. america's tonight several days on the water speaking to a group of louisiana fishermen. >> what kind of fish are you catching in these waters. >> teresa and donald are members of the indian tribe native american community tucked deep in the wetlands of southern
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louisiana. for more than 40 years these waters have put food on their table and money in their bank at. >> what do you would you do if you weren't living off the water? >> what would we do? >> yes. >> you never even considered that? >> no. >> now they're being forced to the face the foss bald that their way of life may end. the fuss have so dwindled in number at a map this tribe. >> since bp we approach one of
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donald's favorite fishing spots. during the spill this area was covered in oil. >> 15 feet on the bank. >> 15 feet that went away. >> that's not all that worries them. since the bp spill they say they've been catching deformed fish. this is a picture of one. swollen red and missing scales. bp recently released a report tied to the fifth anniversary of this spill. it says there has not been any significant long-term impact on the marine life in the gulf, adding that the location of the spill in deep water and a massive response which followed mitigated the damage. five years after the spill fishermen all along the gulf coast have fallen on hard times. oyster men have been hit particularly hard.
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according disappearing habitat and fishermen blame the oil decisions made by the federal government during the crisis. one study published in the scientific journal "environment "environmental" said that dispersant has been multi multiplied by 50. >> they say that the effects are still quite visible. >> we know from the other spills that recovery takes decades, and some things may never recover. so the idea that at five years bp can declare the gulf back to
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norm is ridiculous on its face. this area of the gulf, which got the bulk of the oiling has seen a continued above normal rate of dolphin death. they've done studies capturing dolphins checking their health. what they found is shocking very sick dolphins. er. we can't bring back the dead dolphins the dead pelicans, the dead turtles. they're gone. but what we can do is improve the habitat improve the ecosystem so that those populations can eventually recover. cat island is a symbol.
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the oil came in. notit killed the mangroves. >> as the plants died, you can see that the island disappeared. it's sat. if you saw what it looked like just a few years ago it's sad. it's sad to. >> you can thank clear waters for the finding of cargo ship that sank due to high winds.
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and also visible is the rising sun which sank in 1917. i'm randall pinkston. thank you for joining us. al jazeera is next from london. >> the migrant ship runs aground off greece and two more boats send distress calls near libya. tough eu official calls it a problem all of europe must deal with. i'm david foster here with you on al jazeera. also coming up. a massive explosion of a yemeni missile bases blamed on the saudi coalition bombing campaign. south africa zulu king